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1, Report #941468
Sep 14 2012
08:17 PM
T-Mobile T-Mobile Scam Internet
I have 2 phone lines as family plan with T-mobile.  Last year November, I upgraded one line to a smart phone with data plan. I had been told that one line's contract will be ended by November 2013, and the other line's contract will be ended by October 2012.   Almost a  year later, I called T-mobile about my contract status, and been informed that T-mobile had upgraded my two lines  at the same time when I upgraded last year November.  This is completely a scam!  How can T-mobile upgraded the other line without my knowledge and permission!   Used to be I was able to see the contract status when I log into my T-mobile account, but now the contract status is no longer viewable in the account.  Whoever wanted to cancel the contract with T-mobile, and will need to pay for the early termination fees as 200 dollars per line; now what about T-mobile early upgrade our plan without permission or knowledge, should we charge them the early unauthorized account renewal fees?
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2, Report #774644
Sep 08 2011
10:28 PM
T-Mobile T-Mobile's blacklist Internet
I was having on going issues with my home phone service from T-Mobile.  After the 3rd call to customer service I noticed wait times went to 2 hours.Someone from T-Mobile finally admitted that numbers are tagged to go into long wait times even if there are no others on hold.  I have 5 lines with T-Mobile and all are under contract.  I asked since they are refusing to service my line if I could just cancel that one line with no penalty and they said no.I have learned if I block my call and enter another phone number in the automated service I can talk to someone, but this is total crap.
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3, Report #1046052
Apr 25 2013
05:02 AM
T-Mobile, T-Mobile Corporate Offices & Headquarters T-Mobile Corporate Offices & Headquarters; Horrified & Held Hostage by T-Mobile, Internet
T-Mobile Corporate Offices & HeadquartersJohn Legere, President and CEO12920 SE 38th StreetBellevue, WA 98006CERTIFIED RECEIPT# 7009-3410-0001-7550-7377Horrified & Held Hostage by T-MobileDear Mr. Legere, On March 10th, 2013, as my standard practice, I check my T-Mobile account via the internet.  However, upon review of my bill I was stunned to discover an amount of $408.87!!   That is when this horrid incident with T-mobiles customer service representative and store employees began!!First, some back ground information; on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 I was victimized by thief of my cell phone.  On Friday, March 1st, 2013, I visited T-Mobile store Owned and Operated by Wireless Vision Columbus, LLC 7704 and conducted transactions with Jason (store manager).  During this visit, I purchased a blackberry cell phone, changed my rate plan and was promised a reduction in the migration fee on the account!  I am sure you can understand my shock or maybe not, that on Sunday, March 10th, 2013 upon reviewing of my account there is a bill of $408.87 which included a $200 migration fee.  At approximately 12:40pm, I spoke with a customer service representative named Edward (whom I could not clearly understand due to his ascent) when I explain what was promised to me from store #7704 manager Jason. He put me on hold (did GOD only knows what) but returned to the phone stating that he notice that a reduction in the migration fee was to occur but he could not do it because the account notes were inadequate.  Edward stated that there was not enough information noted in the account and I must return to the store for the promised to be honored.  Because I could not believe what I was hearing and thought maybe I was not clear, I requested to speak with a supervisor.  I was place on hold again for approximately 6-minutes. Finally at approximately 12:59pm Supervisor Lester came to the phone and repeated, I must return to the store if I wanted the reduction in the migration fee! Supervisor Lester spoke with me and his accent was no better than Edwards but we managed through the call.  He repeated what Edward stated return to the store if I want the promised reduction in the migration fee!I arrived at the store at approximately 2:03pm, I am sure you are aware that the stores have cameras thus this can be verified by checking the store cameras.  I spoke with Justin Eastway (store clerk) about the lie customer service representative Edward then supervisor Lester had told me about the account notes were inadequate and the migration reduction could only be given by the store!  Well, Justin went into the account and read all the information with the representatives name that authorized the reduction.  Now I am even more upset!  When I inquire about Jason (store manager) I am informed he is off but should be in sometime Monday but unsure of the exact time.  This upsets me more and I request a full-refund of the all items purchased in the store.  Justin tells me well he would need to speak with Jason and proceeds to call him.  I could only hear one side of the conversation which was-- she is upset and wants to return all items including the phone (which was paid in full).  Then Justin tells me the only compensation Jason could offer me was $20 for my inconvenience but the store does not bear any responsibility in customer service errors. I explained I do not care and I want a full refund!  This is when the situation goes from a few minutes delay to 1-hour and 10 minutes detainment!!  Justin calls back to Jason and states she wants a refund and I do not know how to do a refund.. After sitting and standing there in the store (which the cameras will show) for over 1-hour, several calls to Jason (who had promised to come into the store but NEVER appeared), another store representative (Brandon) started the refund process which Justin cancels and sends Brandon to take care of other customers, Justin eventually process the refund but its incorrect, again after 1-hour and10-minutes finally I receive my full-refund!  Then I am released to leave with my funds and copies (which I had to request) of all documents! This horrifying experience of being lied to by customer service, being held hostage by store# 7704 representative Justin at the request of store manager Jason, the additional expense of babysitting and finally being denied my family time is absolutely horrifying!!  My family and I have been T-Mobile customers between 9-11 years and have spent on average for approximately 5-years $200 per month.  This horrifying seizure/detainment was unnecessary and illegal!  If this is how T-Mobile treats long term customers of 11-year then I am very terrified to experience treatment at 15 years!  I can take my business to another company that will appreciate and respect my business and honor requests in a reasonable timely manner! Considering this exploitation and hostile behavior, I am due compensation and an apology!  Therefore, I am requesting that T-Mobile simply waive the monthly charges of $408.87, conduct an investigation, and provide me with an apology immediately! Please provide me with a written response by March 20th, 2013. Sincerely Horrified,CC: Dave Miller, Chief Legal Officer and General CounselMike Sievert, Chief Marketing OfficerI did not understand why he could not assist me!  Even when I explained that I am a long time customer of T-Mobile and he should be able to contact the store and clear up the matter.  Supervisor Lester told me NO!  I must do it myself.Please know, at this point, I am very frustrated because it is Sunday afternoon which is family time in my home.  I have four children, two of which are toddlers; the others are teen-agers who have commitments for school thus could not babysit.  Therefore, I had to locate a babysitter and drive approximately 30 minute from my home back to T-Mobile Store #7704 .This is when the situation goes from bad to absolutely horrifying - I was held captive in store# 7704 for approximately 1-hour and 10-minutes!!
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4, Report #521588
Nov 09 2009
01:43 PM
T - Mobile T-Mobile USA Horrible Customer Service, Internet
I have been a t-mobile customer for 18 months and was treated horribly in the aftermath of the sidekick data outage. I have called multiple times to customer service and outright lied to. After finally filing a BBB report, I was told by t-mobile executive office, that since I can not prove what was said, that nothing will be done. I asked for copies of the phone calls since they are recorded and was told that was not possible. It was implied that again the customer is lying. Customer service reps can say what they want and t-mobile corporate says tough. I gave them the service reps name, badge id, as well as the time of the call. But t-mobile does not care. It wasn't even a huge credit I was promised. It was half the price of the phone that is no longer working due to t-mobile's error, and less than the price of the new phone i bought to replace it. I was offered ONE month of free service. One month. That is all. T-mobile said that is too much and is instead is offering me a 20 dollar credit. Twenty dollars for having no phone features for a month, a phone that will no longer retain data due to their customer service reps telling me to do a hard reset that ruined my phone, twenty dollars for being routed to closed departments, hung up on, and told I would be called back and never was. Twenty bucks. Big deal. Even the free month of service is really nothing, basically it's just giving me the phone i had to buy for free since it was not my fault that the phone didn't work. But t-mobile refuses to honor their customer service reps word. Nothing they say will be honored unless the consumer can prove it. I have been told that they needed to be sure that the phone was really misdelivered, code for: we need to be sure you don't steal phones. Never mind I spent 14 hours in two days just trying to get a phone that works, pretty insane if I actually got it don't ya think???I have been told that I have received too many credits already. Code for: I don't care how much time or effort you have had to spend because of our error. Your time is only worth 20 bucks a month. What you spent 40 hours in a month working with us... tough luck. I have been told to be patient. Code for: Don't expect it to work anytime soon, we have a global outage. However our payment processing center works 24/7.I have been asked do I want to remain a customer. Code for: You can leave anytime you like, for the bargain price of 400 dollars. Right now they will waive the early termination fee. Code for: we are so shortsighted that we can't see giving you a 125 dollar credit we promised you is LESS than the 400 early termination fees. Nevermind the monthly bill of 125 I would be paying if you just made me a happy customer.I will review the taped conversations and call you back if what you said is supported buy the tapes. Code for: You will never ever hear from me again and I won't even take the time to even look for taped calls. T-mobile customer service clearly gets it's strategy from corporate, and I wouldn't treat any customer like that. It isn't customer service, it's costumer inconvenience.
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5, Report #373258
Sep 15 2008
10:24 PM
T-Mobile Fraudulent Business Practices by T-Mobile Nationwide
I have been a customer of T-Mobile for about 2 years now during which time I've seen their sub-standard service yo-yo back and forth from mediocre to worse and back. Over the past 6 months it has deteriorated so significantly and caused so many problems that I decided I would cut my losses and get out of my family plan contract. When I tried to disengage I was told that I would have to pay a hefty penalty of $400 for canceling the service prematurely. I explained to them that the only reason I am canceling is because they failed to provide the service I diligently paid for every monththat I often cannot get a line out; that call waiting notification only works sporadically; that calls are automatically forwarded to voicemail for no apparent reason; voicemail notification comes through sometimes but never on a consistent basis if at all; text messages can come in anywhere from immediately to several hours or even days after being sent; coverage is absent in many areas of the Denver Tech Center even though they assured me when I was first thinking of signing up that I was in a strong signal area. Then, when they failed to persuade me to reconsider they pointed out to me that the T-Mobile contract small print stipulates that T-Mobile is not obligated to actually provide service. That's some contract! How can they get away with this? I have patiently spent hours on the phone with a multitude of T-Mobile reps who were dismissive and condescending, in my attempt to get service repaired and minimize my financial losses. I went as far as to upgrade my phones last August because the store manager at Park Meadows Mall explained that the low-level phones they themselves sold me were the source of my problem, and that all would be rectified by upgrading to a better phone. In the meantime I still do not get my call waiting notices, text messages or voice mail notifications in a timely or consistent manner and in fact, frequently get an error message when I try to make a call out saying that my call has failed. Duh! Unfortunately this translates directly into lost revenue for me. I use my cell phone predominantly for business and T-Mobile is making me look unprofessional as well as unreliable because of the numerous dropped calls, the inability to make a call at any given time of the day or night, and the inability to retrieve messages left for me by my clients. I have done everything that the T-Mobile techies suggested: cycled the phones, swapped SIM cards, done master resets, etc. all to no avail. I spent countless hours on the phone with T-Mobile reps while they transferred me from rep to rep to rep, often disconnecting me in the process (even though they swear they have do not have a dropped call issue!). Because they are unwilling to provide a direct dial number to a level two technician for help, customers are forced to go through the entire process from scratch over and over again when they disconnect you until you are worn out and bloodied and finally give up in disgust - which is probably exactly what T-Mobile is counting on. Today I was told by a T-Mobile rep that all cellphone services were lousy and transferring to another service provider would do me no good, but I could try negotiating with the store I purchased my service and phones from because they could leverage their commissions against the cancellation fee. So I went directly to the local T-Mobile store that sold me the service. No surprise there: nobody wanted to take responsibility for the shoddy service and broken promises. But they certainly made it clear to me that they would definitely penalize me for trying to unload a bogus service that doesn't do what its supposed to do. Where's the legality in that? The assistant manager of the T-Mobile store in Park Meadows Mall got very angry when I asked him how many lost potential customers it would take for him to break even on the $400 penalty they were going to impose on me? Because I would be sure to tell everyone I came in contact with about my terrible experience with their service. He was so livid that he physically followed me out of the store to wait and see if I was talking to anyone and then called mall security to harass me when he saw me talking to someone. I do believe that was in direct violation of my first amendment rights, but I was not about to take on the two burly security guards that answered his distress call. Since when is this type of bullying legal? Why isn't anyone standing up to this crooked, fraudulent company? I'd like to know what recourse I have. There are thousands of customers in our Denver Tech Center area alone who are being held hostage by this company, let alone all over the country. All you have to do is google T-Mobile complaints and you will read story after story from disgruntled customers who were outright swindled by these pirates. This is not right, and it certainly is not the American way. Please tell me that you will help. Tired of being victimized! Lone Tree, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #472200
Jul 22 2009
10:14 AM
T-mobile t-mobile bad business practices Sacramento Nationwide
I have a 2 year contract with t-mobile, I am 7 months into my contract. I have 2 phone lines I am paying for but only 1 phone works. 5 months ago my phone became defected, I received a new phone which was also defected. I lost my sim card and paid for a new one, for 5 months I have paid for 2 lines because the company says I have to to keep the other line going. They want a $200 cancellation fee for a phone I don't want to pay for because it doesn't work! Also they will not reimburse for the sim card or the 5 months of service on 1 phone, but will give me 1 month of free service on the broken phone! Please never sign a contract it gives the company the ability to take advantage of there customers.. I have tried to be a good customer when I find a product I like I stick with and have repeatedly tried to resolve this with no empathy..this company in breaking my bank monthly and we depend on one phone for work. Sencerly, Christy from CA Christy sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, Nationwide
7, Report #827342
Jan 23 2012
05:02 PM
T-Mobile T-Mobile Extortion Internet, Internet
I got the 39.99 1000/1000 T-mobile plan back in 2007 and kept the service, and the plan (until they grandfathered it) AND the same PHONE since then. I was on month-to-month (not the 2-year contract) for at least 4 years. I had always wanted to change to one of the unlimited no-contract offerings by other carriers, but kept putting it off. I finally decided on a no-contract T-mobile - still using the same phone from 2007. T-mobile made several free offers to lure me back, etc. But after experiencing the extremely poor no-contract version of T-mobile, at one point I told them, in a recorded phone call: If I had any other phone to call from, T-mobile would never hear from me as long as I live.  Eight days later, I got a letter saying I owe them over $200! Now, each and every day I receive phantom phone calls from T-mobile: they just hang up when I say hello.  This, after being on month-to-month for at least 4 years![Perfect payment record.] My conclusion is (1) The phone companies want to FORCE each of us to subscribe to their expensive $100 a month androidy plans, with the expensive phones, whether we need or want this level of service or not.  And (2) T-mobile apparently feels they are holding all the cards in extorting you, because if you don't pay them off they can and will mess up your pristine credit.
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8, Report #190293
May 06 2006
04:52 PM
T-mobile Unjustified T-mobile Cancellation Fees Internet
I purchased a phone and contract for 1000 minutes on Tmobile through wirefly.com. After using the phone for a week, we really liked the phone and service coverage and wanted to add a second phone to the acct. I called tmobile and asked for the same deal I got with wirefly. Tmobile said they couldnt do it and advised I call wirefly and cancel the original order and reorder 2 new phones and a different plan. Seemed like a lot of work but I wanted to stay with tmobile. I verified with the tmo rep that I had until the 23rd of the following month (march)to cancel the acct without a cancellation fee. I got my new phones, returned the old one and called into tmo on the 19th of March and advised rep of the return number and the delivery date that wirefly got the phone. CSR at Tmo advised that everything was ok and would make sure all I was responsible for was usage. On the 3rd of April, I got a bill with usage fees, activation, etc. I called in and spoke with Alice the CSR at Tmo and she advised that we would see the credits on the final bill at the end of the month. CSR again verified that I woiuld not get billed cancellation fees. I got second bill on 5/3/06 and it showed 2 months charges plus a 200 cancellation fee! I immediately called tmo and spoke with George, the CSR, he looked into the acct and could not figure out why I was being charged since it was clear on the notes that I cancelled the phone within the time frame. He spoke with his supervisor and informed me that I really only had 14 days to cancel and could not speak as to why the previous 2 CSR's told me otherwise. I asked to speak with his supervisor. Mary, the CSR Supervisor number 7253152 informed that there was nothing they could do because company policy was that unless I lived in California I only had 14 days to cancel service. Keep in mind I already had 2 other phones and service with tmo. I asked for some sort of notice from Tmo stating that I only had 14 days and not 30 and she said that tmo couldnt do that and that I had to take it up with wirefly. I asked them why since the service was with tmo and she said that because wirefly sold the phones they should have told me that I only had 14 days. I asked why 2 separate CSR's and even George didnt tell me I only had 14 days since the 1st call came in 7 days after service activation. She said she could not comment on the reasons nor could she provide me anymore information. Rafael Norristown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #975592
Nov 29 2012
12:31 PM
T-Mobile USA T-Mobile 4G Coverage Terrible Internet
I purchased a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII in July of this year.  Whenever I leave their very limited 4G coverage area, the phone does not reliably communicate.  It is unable to drop back to GSM or Edge.  T-Mobile's coverage is the WORST of any of the major carriers and this makes it all the much worse.  Do not fall for their latest unlimited usage plan.  It is only useful if you sit in one place with good 4G coverage.
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10, Report #998817
Jan 17 2013
06:08 PM
T-Mobile cancellation t-mobile cellular , Internet
T-mobile is naturally stealing money! I have switched to Verizon for better reception and canceled my family plan last summer. But T-Mobile continued to charge me for 6 (SIX) month after that. I have called them 4 (FOUR) times. They were doing cancellation with me on the phone EACH time, reassuring that everything is great now. But they have continued to charge my card after that month after month. After the 4th call they have refunded part of my money. But in the form of an AMEX credit card, which is not working in the places I'm shopping! And yes, they DID charge me for the canceled and refunded service a month later AGAIN! AVOID this robbers!
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #1003280
Jan 25 2013
11:50 AM
T-mobile T-mobile using bait and switch tactics Internet
I pay 99.99 for an unlimited talk and text plan, I added a third phone to my account and when I did I verified that it would be under the family plan and was told yes it would be.  Today I called about a problem with the new phone and when we got that fixed the rep stated that the she noticed that the phone only has 500 minutes a month and to add unlimited minutes and text it would be 25.00.  When I talked to a supervisor I told him that their employee verified that this phone would be covered under my current plan.  I still had to pay 25.00 more for unlimited talk and text on the new phone.  I have been a t mobile customer from 10 years but will drop them as soon as my contract is up.
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12, Report #995875
Jan 12 2013
08:22 PM
T-Mobile Fraudulent practices of T-Mobile Internet
Last year, my contract expired with T-mobile. I called them and asked to be switched to pay by the minute. I only use my cell phone for 200 - 300 minutes a month. When I spoke to their representative, the first words out of my mouth were I don't want a contract. She assured me that I would be month to month. She said that they had a plan that charged $19.95 per month for up to 300 minutes. I questioned her as to if this was a contract and she assured me that it was a month to month plan. I agreed and for the next year, I did not notice any problems. However, in July 2012, I decided to go with another carrier. I started receiving harassing phone calls from T-Mobile made by a computer 4 - 6 times a day, everyday. I finally called the company to see why they were harassing me. I was informed that I owed for one year on my contract. I explained my position and that I never signed any document agreeing to a contract but was told that the employee fraudulently enrolled my in a contract without my permission. But he also stated that there was nothing I could do about it. I wrote T-mobile management asking to see the contract but was informed that according to their records, I had a contract but failed to produce any documentation written or oral to substantiate their position. Since then, I have been contacted by a collection agency or so they claim and contacted by a man professing to be an attorney. So far, I have ignored their correspondence. Any ideas?? 
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #1233556
Jun 04 2015
03:13 PM
14, Report #1306193
May 17 2016
08:47 PM
T-Mobile T-Mobile is stealing Texas Nationwide
 In February of 2016 I was sent 4 warranty replacement device with all were defective. On February 28 2016 I packed all devices in separate boxes with separate shipping labels (provided by T-Mobile) and ship the phones back through ups . Today is May 17 2016 and T-Mobile is saying they don't have the devices which I know is a lie. T-Mobile needs to be called out on there stealing ways. I've had several reps tell me that they seen the phones and would apply credits to my account. Call back several days later to reps saying because the previous rep didn't note the account they could not honor the credits. This is happening to many time with to many devices. Somebody within T-Mobile is stealing and they are trying to make the customer such as myself pay for it THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #498895
Sep 22 2009
07:16 PM
T - Mobile TMobile Rips off Customers! Internet
TMobile has not renewed romaing agreements with AT&T to use their towers.  Therefore I now get 1 bar of service, 2 bars on a good day and tons of dropped calls.  I've tried to talk to them (still working on it) to let me out of the contract without penalty and they claim they are providing all the services they need to be.  They check your SIM cards, your phones, claim to send engineers our to their towers to check for obstruction, you name it, they tell you anything to keep you hanging on.  They had me try new SIM cards in my phone telling me it would give me more bars and now I get no service.  Locked up my phone.  I cannot get to names or contacats.  They had me try it in my sons phone to check the card, now his phone no longer works either.  I am waiting for a service tech  to call me this week to give me the engineers report and activate the new SIM cards but after reading all of the nightmares online, I'm not very confident I will get a resolution.  Something has got to be done about this company.  Taking people's money and are not providing the service the contract states; the one we signed on to.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #623455
Jul 15 2010
11:39 AM
T - Mobile bad customer service, Internet
I got a one cell phone line and cell phone with t-mobile and for signing up with them they said they would credit my account and should appear on my bill within a week. so after that week had passed and i didnt see no credit on there, i went back to the same store asked where it was. They said we are going put it on there dont worry just wait. well i never did see on there even after double and triple checking. About some later my phone broke and i went to store and the manager talked to  headquaters and headquaters said they if  i called them they could replace my old phone with a new one as long as we send the old one in. I went home and called the t-mobile headquaters. They kept giving me the runaround saying we cant give u new phone without telling me why. I talked to bunch of different people and they all said the same thing. Even when they told store mananger that they could replace my phone. so yeah it has very bad custmer service.
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17, Report #599918
May 04 2010
10:03 AM
T - Mobile Migration fees Internet
I recently switched from an old family plan to to T-Mobiles even more plus plans.The Representative explained to me that there would be a $35.00 migration fee after discussing my current plan details including the fact that I had 2 lines. I assumed that the would be exactly would the agent said it would be given the fact that he was familiar with my account and new that there were 2 lines on it.  But of course when the bill came in the migration fee was charged twice, one for each line.  I feel that I was mislead by the agent who never told me the real cost of switching to the new plan would be $70 not the $35.00 he quoted.I called T-Mobile express my concerns and the representative just kept repeating that the migration fee was a per line fee.  If they had been straight with me in the first place I could have made a more informed decision.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #637811
Sep 05 2010
07:04 AM
T-Mobile Upgrade Headache Internet
My contract was over with t-mobile in July and I decided to upgrade my phone. I originally bought the HTC HD2 from walmart. After about a week I decided that I didn't care for the HD2 app market and returned it to walmart. Before I did, I contacted T-Mobile to make sure that they would reset my eligibility. I specifically asked if I returned my HD2 to walmart and then drive over to costco to get the Samsung Vibrant, would I be able to get the upgrade at costco, will this be reset in the system by the time I get there. After being put on hold the representitive said that he checked with the supervisor and that I will be able to go get my upgrade at costco's after I returned the HD2 to Walmart. He then went on to say that they just started being able to do this (reset the upgrade) last month. After that he reassured me I wouldn't have a problem and just to be sure, he would put it in the notes that I called and the supervisor said I could get my phone at costco. Great! The next day while at work, I went on t-mobile's website, just to make sure I wouldn't have a problem, I went on to the online chat and again verified that this would be ok. I emailed the transcript to myself as a record. Here is the transcript. You have been connected to ~Francine G. ~Francine G: Welcome to T-Mobile Chat service. My name is Francine and for your reference my rep ID is 132****. Please allow me two minutes to review your question. ~Francine G: Hi Joseph how are you? I will be happy to assist you with your questions. Which phone number is it that you upgraded? Joseph Wiggins: (((REDACTED))) ~Francine G: Thank you I will be back in 2 minutes. ~Francine G: Thank you for waiting. Ok after you come back from returning the phone at Walmart please call in and ask for Customer loyalty. They have to reset the system for you so you can get the other phone as an upgrade. Joseph Wiggins: Will I still be able to get it tomorrow at costco, immediatley after returning it to walmart? ~Francine G: You can, just call in once the phone is returned. Joseph Wiggins: ok, thank you  Well, that was all the confirmation that I needed. After work, I returned the HD2 to walmart. The walmart dealer called tmobile and had my status updated. I drove all the way out to the Livonia Costco, where they had the phone I wanted for only 99. with a bunch of free accesories. The dealer at costco, Darrell, went into the computer to check my upgrade status. It came back as not being elegible. At this point I explain the situation and call t-mobile. The person I spoke to said that the dealer just needed to do a override and I could get the phone. I handed the phone to Darrell so she could explain it to him and he then sent me up to the register to pay for the phone. I paid for the phone and went back to the dealer to get it activated. Darrell went to do the override but it wouldn't let him do it. T-Mobile was blocking it. So he gets on the phone with them and is starts arguing with T-Mobile. He asked to speak to a supervisor and was getting nowhere. Mind you that the rep told the dealer that I could upgrade. About an hour goes by and the dealer was still on the phone arguing with the T-Mobile supervisor. I'm fairly aggrivated at this point so I decide to call T-Mobile to find out what the problem was. I get through and I tell the rep what is going on, he says that I could only upgrade at corporate T-Mobile stores, that they couldn't reset the upgrade. I tell him that he must be mistaken, to check my account to see where the rep from yesterday put the notes in saying I could. He goes in and sees the notes, and he said he saw where it was in the notes, however, I was told the wrong information. I asked to speak with a supervisor and I get the same line from him. I argue with him back and forth for a while about it. After 15 minutes he said that for my inconvenience he would go ahead and honor the costco price at a T-mobile store. I said that was fine as long as you include the accesories that costco provided with the phone. He said that he couldn't do that. After about another 15 minutes of arguing with the rep, (costco was closed at this point) I asked the supervisor if I could just cancel the line and simply add a line to our family plan. He said that we could do that, he was getting ready to hang up but I asked him to talk to the dealer and let him know whats going on. The dealer tries to add a line to the plan and isn't able to. Tmobile had that blocked too. After about another 30 minutes the T-Mobile rep finally gets it unblocked and the dealer was able to add the line. After the phone was good to go, we had to go back up to the service desk, so they could change it to a new line price ($50. cheaper than what I had paid for it as an upgrade. Costco had been closed for about an hour at this point so it took almost another 30 minutes to get the refund. I was lied to by T-Mobile, by several reps and a supervisor. I am so dissapointed at T-Mobile. They really dropped the ball on this one. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #639455
Sep 10 2010
12:29 PM
T Mobile Tmobile lies about services Internet
I've been with Tmobile for over 5 years.On July 28, 2010, I called tmobile to inquire about a charge on my daughters cell phone.The customer service rep then looked over my acct and said Right now, you are paying $15 a month for your families texts and for only $5 more, you could all have unlimited. I told her I had actually just seen a commercial about that special. So I said Go ahead that sounds great.Well, I just got my bill and noticed a $24.95 charge for 'unlimited'. I called about it and the guy that answered said, No, its $24.95. We haven't had the $20 unlimited text plan in over a year. I told him when I signed up for this it was on tv just a month earlier!He then said, Well, your plan doesn't qualify for that.Notice the change in his story now??Then he said he would look in this woman's notes to see if she wrote anything about the $20 plan. What do you know...he saw NOTHING. Geez, so surprised there.SO what's the deal Tmobile?? You have customer reps selling people on a certain special and then changing it???? I'm going to AT&T.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #799976
Nov 19 2011
08:58 PM
T mobile Nesbit, Mississippi
I am walmart employee and I had an additional phone line but when it was activated they gave me 2different accounts I get discount through walmart so when thet gave me the 2nd account the discount would not be on the second account so I have 2phone bills I have called tmobile twice and it was suppose to be taken care of now I have 2bills and 1of the bils does not have the discount now I have received a letter they will cut my phones off I have been paying the bills except they sent me a paper bill with a different account Jackie Nesbit, mississippi
Entity: Nesbit, Mississippi
21, Report #640511
Sep 14 2010
02:11 PM
T-Mobile Billing , Internet
Beware of T-Mobile and their billing practices.  I have 4 TM lines with a friends and family plan.  So the idea is that the phone has 5 numbers that I can call without using minutes.  I usually paid in the neighborhood of $150 for the plan.  Then in July I get a $400+ bill and I call customer service to see why.  They cant fully explain my bill to me and get within about $60 but its still way to high.  They tell me to go to a retail store.  So I go there and the woman there cant fully explain it to me either.  She gets within about $30 but cannot explain the bill other than to say the minutes are there.  Where are my free minutes?  She cant explain.  She looks at my account and tells me that Ive been a customer for a long time (6 years) and that Ive never had any courtesy credits.  She says Im the perfect candidate for these credits but I have to call customer service to get them.  So, I call back to customer service and Im basically treated like a war criminal.  The woman there, Victoria, tells me Id better pay and she doesnt care why the bill is so high, I must have made the calls and tells me I will be shut off soon. The thing that I never even thought to bring up is that Ive moved.  I had been living apart from my family for a couple of months with a new job and had been calling back to home using my 5 friends numbers.   I have to get to speaking to one of my clients, who works for Verizon, and HE IS THE ONE who tells me that T-Mobile has no towers here, so they are paying roaming to some other company and my 5 friends numbers, at that point, would cost minutes on my plan! So why is it, T-Mobile, that you run NATIONAL ads touting your friends and family plans when they are not valid everywhere? And why is it your phone bills are so complicated that even YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES cannot understand them?  And finally, why do you have such crappy customer service?
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #719770
Apr 20 2011
07:02 AM
T Mobile Scammers!!!! Internet
I had tmobile for two years and after my two years was up I cancelled my phone with them.  I was told that my contract was cancelled and that I was done.  I thought that was true until I get a bill from a collection agency for $249.00. I was furious and called T-mobile to find out why I was charged that amount. I was then told that my cell service had never been cancelled and I was behind on my bill.  I then told them to officially cancel while I was on the phone.  I then requested to speak to a manager. Told him what was going on. He became very rude and told me there was nothing he could do to fix the issue because it had gone to collections. I then informed him that there should have never been a charge nor should it have gone to collections.   T-mobile scams you out of your money. Don't trust them ever.  I can say that I would never go back to them again. Id rather be cell phoneless. 
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #884125
May 17 2012
11:23 AM
T-Mobile Tmobile, Internet
My name is Shannon. I was a T-Mobile Customer from September 2011 to March 2012. I cancelled my account on 3/26 due to a change in my T-Mobile contract that I received in my March bill. The notice indicated that my contract was being changed and that I would be limited to the amount of data usage while roaming. In the 6 months that I was a customer with T-Mobile, I had to send my device in for replacement 4 separate times. One of the replacement devices sent to me had a cracked screen and when I had to return it less than 24 hours later, I was charged for the cracked screen. I spoke with a supervisor on 3/26 who explained to me, falsely, that the computer system would know that I was canceling my account because of this change in contract and I would not be charged my ETFs. I was very skeptical of this because I do not believe that your computer system is that intuitive. I asked the supervisor to notate my account to this effect, which she agreed to--- of course, I learned today that it was not notated as she promised.  As I expected, I received my bill today and two ETF charges are on my account for a total of $400. I contacted customer support who refused to help me. I spoke with Leon, a supervisor (116802950), who informed me that I was not eligible for the waiver of my fee because I hadn't incurred any charges because of the change. I explained that I cancelled my account prior to the new contract taking effect because I did not want to be charged. He still refused to assist me.  At this point, I am quite frustrated with T-Mobile. In the 6 months that I was a customer, I was lied to numerous times, my service was less than quality, and my customer experience was horrid. On top of that, I cancelled my contract because T-Mobile made a change to my contract that I did not agree to and T-Mobile is now failing to honor their own terms and service agreement by waiving my ETFs.  T-Mobile's Executive Customer Support, Euguene and Jay are absolutely horrible. They did NOTHING to fix the problem or even assist with the situation. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and with the AG's office, both of which have done nothing and stand by T-Mobile. 
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #946641
Sep 25 2012
07:02 PM
t mobile tmobile rip off warning, Internet
T Mobile notified me by text that my phone was in roaming and I had the option to cancel my contract without a termination fee.   When I called to cancel my service, I was told I would be charge a Cancellation fee of $250.00 and there was NO way to waive the fee.    Since I was notified I was in roaming and had the option to cancel my plan, I have had the following Issues: 1.       they keep shutting my phone off even though my bill is paid in full 2.       I cant update my phone, I get an authentication error 3.       I can only text intermittently 4.       I can use the internet only if I am in a wifi area 5.       When people call me, my phone doesnt ring 6.       I dont get a missed call notification. 7.       When people call me, they cannot get my voice mail.  a.       They hear my caller tunes play, then they get a message stating please enter the 10-digit number of the party you are calling b.       When they enter the phone number and then the voice mail system hangs up on them. c.       If it doesnt hang up the caller is told that the number is NO LONGER in service. 8.       When I dial out the call does not go through, I do not get an error message.  It just fails to connect. 9.       When someone calls me it goes to voice mail immediately and they cannot leave a message. 10.   If I happen to see the call coming in and I try to answer the phone, the call drops 11.   If it doesnt drop, only one person can hear the other. 12.   If it doesnt drop, and you can both hear each other, you also hear VERY loud static.  So loud you cannot hear what anyone is saying. 13.   I am TIRED of tmobile staff NOT fixing the issues so I can actually USE my phone 14.   I am TIRED of tmobile staff telling me all these issues are because I am in ROAMING.   15.    I have lived her for 3 years and have not had issues like this in the past I dont feel i should have to pay a cancellation fee when tmobile doesnt provide me with FULL use of my phone.  I do NOT feel i should pay $150 per month for a phone i cant use.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #946708
Sep 25 2012
09:59 PM
T Mobile Fraudulant charges Internet
T Mobile has been fraudulantly charging for a $30.00 per month data plan for an old phone that cannot accept a data plan and a data plan was never discussed for it. T Mobile owes $300.00 in back charges and will continue to charge until 12/2013. Furthermore, the phone is so old it does not work properly, and their records show it is not able to be upgraded until Dec 2013. The new smart phone bought last Dec 2011 is showing ready for an upgrade. I spent about 3 hours trying to rectify the problem and get restitution by going to 2 locations and calling the corporate office today. The final resolution offered was $60.00 credit if I agreed to accepting a $10.00 per month data plan on the phone that cannot accept a data plan. The corporate customer service manager said that the store manager could have given more credit, but the store manager, Alma P.  would not come out and talk to us. She told the salesman to tell us to come back in 2 days. The way it is now, T Mobile plans to continue to charge $30.00 per month through Dec 2013 for a phone that cannot use a data plan and is so old it doesn't work properly anymore. That would mean I was charged $720.00 over a 2 year period for a data plan I never discussed, signed up for and the phone cannot use. Furthermore, I have to keep or pay out the old phone that should have been up for renewal. We have had T Mobile for 14 years on a family plan, and this is horrible treatment of a long-time customer.
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