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1, Report #975592
Nov 29 2012
12:31 PM
T-Mobile USA T-Mobile 4G Coverage Terrible Internet
I purchased a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII in July of this year.  Whenever I leave their very limited 4G coverage area, the phone does not reliably communicate.  It is unable to drop back to GSM or Edge.  T-Mobile's coverage is the WORST of any of the major carriers and this makes it all the much worse.  Do not fall for their latest unlimited usage plan.  It is only useful if you sit in one place with good 4G coverage.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #599468
May 03 2010
08:24 AM
T-mobile Usa Liers Boise, Idaho
T-Mobile is the worst company I've ever dealt with.  When you sign up the salesman tells you of all these great deals and even shows you on the screen  what you should expect to pay each month.  When you finally get your bill, it's way way higher...not just nickel and diming...but $40-$50 higher.  If you go back to the store, they say you have to fix the bill over the phone and are incapable of doing it there.  If you call...their system will show that it is higher (somehow) and  say that their system shows it to be correct and you have to pay.  Obviously this would upset you and you would want to cancel service, but they won't let you without paying a $200 per line cancelation fee.SOLUTION:  File a report with the FCC not the BBB.  Their score for the BBB is an F- and can't get worse so T-Mobile doesn't care about that...The FCC is the actual governing body that dictates good business practices and can actually enforce things. If you don't pay your bill and get a call from a creditor...make sure you write the creditor that you are disputing the amount and not to inquire anything of your account until they can Prove that you owe said bill.  It took me 6 months of arguing and jumping through hoops trying to fix all of my stuff...after I found out about the FCC...it took 3 weeks and we were done.  My entire family was using t-mobile and have all since switched to Verizon. (like it a lot better.)  All the contracts were past expiration and T-mobile still billed them for months claiming they should get a cancelation charges...pfft.  They didn't get it.  
Entity: Boise, Idaho
3, Report #708431
Mar 20 2011
02:46 PM
t mobile usa t mo T Mobile need to resolve this matter ASAP bellevue, Washington
when my new g2 just went blank for no reason.due to the warrenty t mobile sent me a replacement htc G2 during January. and once i recieve the phone i sent back the phone in the box with the returning ups label to the TMOBILE National return center. i just give to the ups guy who picked up all the shippment for my work everyday durin the week of january 17th. 2011. (i have sent out many ups package this way it never has any problems all thie year) Around end of January. i called to follow up my return old handset.since i knew that if they dont receive it within certain time i would get charge for a restocking fee and the customer representative told me that it doesnt take that fast for them to recieve it right away. and told me dont worry about it. During Febuary 2011.i got the reminder text msg from tmobile about returning handset. so i called customer service again. and they asked me when i sent it back? and they told me since they are moving warehouse. it might take longer than usual. the following weeks i got more reminder text msg.so i started getting worry. so i called again. and they told me just in case,they gonna file a research investigatione paper, to find out what happened and they will get back to me. however by the end of febuary i didnt get any call back or text msg from tmobile anymore. so i assume tmoble have resolve this issue and they have receieved the return handset On March 17th 2011. when i check my tmobiles account i have found out that they charged me almost $500 of restocking fee. and i have called them multiple time these couple days regarding this issue. since i thought they have already receive the handset. so i have threw away the return tracking number. and due to that they can not find the unit and only it only shows that the wearhouse still havnt recieve it yet for 60 days. and i also have found out that they did not submit a research investigate paper that they said they were going to during Febuary. since all research require a return tracking number which they dont have and they did not ask me. they only communicate with the wearhouse to see if they have it. and no claim was involve. and i have also called ups couple times they can not help me without tracking number since tmoble doesnt have any reference number for shippment either. however UPS told me they have to have the return tracking number since all shipper who work with ups should have a record of the label printout. im feeling that T mobile knew that i have sent out the handset.i have followed every steps and things that i suppose to do.however they do not offer any sincere help to solve this issue. i think its unfair and its not my reponsibility to pay for the mistake and errors that they made.
Entity: bellevue, Washington
4, Report #521588
Nov 09 2009
01:43 PM
T - Mobile T-Mobile USA Horrible Customer Service, Internet
I have been a t-mobile customer for 18 months and was treated horribly in the aftermath of the sidekick data outage. I have called multiple times to customer service and outright lied to. After finally filing a BBB report, I was told by t-mobile executive office, that since I can not prove what was said, that nothing will be done. I asked for copies of the phone calls since they are recorded and was told that was not possible. It was implied that again the customer is lying. Customer service reps can say what they want and t-mobile corporate says tough. I gave them the service reps name, badge id, as well as the time of the call. But t-mobile does not care. It wasn't even a huge credit I was promised. It was half the price of the phone that is no longer working due to t-mobile's error, and less than the price of the new phone i bought to replace it. I was offered ONE month of free service. One month. That is all. T-mobile said that is too much and is instead is offering me a 20 dollar credit. Twenty dollars for having no phone features for a month, a phone that will no longer retain data due to their customer service reps telling me to do a hard reset that ruined my phone, twenty dollars for being routed to closed departments, hung up on, and told I would be called back and never was. Twenty bucks. Big deal. Even the free month of service is really nothing, basically it's just giving me the phone i had to buy for free since it was not my fault that the phone didn't work. But t-mobile refuses to honor their customer service reps word. Nothing they say will be honored unless the consumer can prove it. I have been told that they needed to be sure that the phone was really misdelivered, code for: we need to be sure you don't steal phones. Never mind I spent 14 hours in two days just trying to get a phone that works, pretty insane if I actually got it don't ya think???I have been told that I have received too many credits already. Code for: I don't care how much time or effort you have had to spend because of our error. Your time is only worth 20 bucks a month. What you spent 40 hours in a month working with us... tough luck. I have been told to be patient. Code for: Don't expect it to work anytime soon, we have a global outage. However our payment processing center works 24/7.I have been asked do I want to remain a customer. Code for: You can leave anytime you like, for the bargain price of 400 dollars. Right now they will waive the early termination fee. Code for: we are so shortsighted that we can't see giving you a 125 dollar credit we promised you is LESS than the 400 early termination fees. Nevermind the monthly bill of 125 I would be paying if you just made me a happy customer.I will review the taped conversations and call you back if what you said is supported buy the tapes. Code for: You will never ever hear from me again and I won't even take the time to even look for taped calls. T-mobile customer service clearly gets it's strategy from corporate, and I wouldn't treat any customer like that. It isn't customer service, it's costumer inconvenience.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #395319
Nov 26 2008
12:13 PM
T-mobile Does not: 1. Honor Rebates 2. Provide proper sales of their merchandise (ie. does not tell give all information needed) 3. Have a lot of respectful and courteous customer service reps (they are few and far between) 4. Give new customers any proper attention, they focus more so on long standing customers and disregard new customers. 5. Fix phones when they are broken. If you have a new phone and it breaks you are out of luck (especially if you don't have the insurance that YOU have to ask about) Mustreturntosaturn Saint Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
6, Report #396916
Dec 02 2008
09:45 AM
T-Mobile USA T-Mobile Rebate Fraud DuPont Washington
Howdy, on 16th of October I have purchased a new Motorola Active Canary Yellow Phone directly from the T-Mobile USA Website as advertised on their company's website: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/ According to their promotion, I was to get a phone priced at $159.99 for only $29.99 after a $80 instant discount and $50 Mail-In Rebate. The offer required a 2-year extension of my service contract. My complaint is regarding the fact that T-Mobile's offer is fraudulent and the company 1) did not honor their Mail-In Rebate Offer, 2) Included a Hidden Charge of $20 as a transaction fee (not reflected in their advertised price of only $29.99), 3) provided rude and unsatisfactory customer service, and 4) extended my service contract by 2 years on the basis of an offer they did not fulfill. After I have carefully filled all the required forms by following the written instructions and sent ALL possible product numbers on the product box AND the envelope, T-Mobile sent me a Rebate Rejection letter stating that: The complete sticker panel submitted does not contain a valid T-Mobile SKU/Product #. The provided reasoning for my rebate rejection is not satisfactory and I am highly dissatisfied with T-Mobile's failure to honor the offer advertised on the company's website. I have been a customer of T-Mobile since the company started their US-based business in 2002 and I am highly disappointed with their treatment of such a loyal customer. As far as I can understand, my case is not isolated, and this is really sad: http://articles.latimes.com/2007/sep/30/business/fi-lazarus30 The end result of my transaction with T-Mobile is a $106.07 new phone charge added to my bill, 2 year contract service extension, and a rejected rebate offer letter for a phone advertised on T-Mobile.com for $29.99. By any standard the offer is fraudulent and I am dissatisfied with the company's service. It's not for the $50 that I am mad about ... it's about the way the company does business with a loyal customer that has been with them since they started their US-based business and the general deceptive policies that have been used to victimize a large number of consumers, as I can see from so many other reports. I will not let this go, because it is a matter of principle, I will go to BBB, FTC, FCC, and exhaust all possible channels to complain and announce the deceptive business policies of T-Mobile. I will then find another service provider even if I have to pay cancellation fees, because again, it is a matter of principle not to stay as their customer when they have shown fraudulent and deceptive treatment of their customers. Good luck to all of you and thanks to the Ripoff Report for providing the channels for Consumer Protection. Cassini College Station, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: DuPont, Washington
7, Report #440950
Apr 05 2009
07:37 AM
T-Mobile USA T-Mobile billing fraud Albuquerque New Mexico
My name is Boris. My T-Mobile wireless account is #xx58. On my T-Mobile's bill as of January 15, 2009, on the page 7, I have found 2 operator assisted calls associated with #646-736-9504, which T-Mobile priced for $175.70. I hereby state that those phone calls were never made by any members of our T-Mobile family plan. As per my conversation with Dave of T-Mobile customer service on 01/07/2009, one of these calls doesn't even have the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) which matches any of ESNs on any of your phones. Dave admitted that this is a billing error. However, he told me that he will remove this call from my bill only if agree to the rest of the bill. Both calls exceed 4 hours limit and second call was originating within 30 minutes after the first phone call started. According to T-Mobile, all phone calls automatically terminate after 4 hours by their equipment. That did not happened here. Why? Those phone calls are fake. The phone line is used by my 68-year-old father, who doesn't speak English and could not possibly place any operator assisted calls. He also doesn't know how to place a conference call. And this is the only possibility to place two phone calls from the same phone at the same time. Dave argued that my father could accidentally press all necessary buttons in the right order having for some reason the phone in the pocket, while he has a holster. Let me assure you that according to mathematical possibility theory the possibility of pressing accidentally and holding as required all necessary buttons in the right order is equal to zero. Especially taking into consideration that operator assisted calls are calls that answered by a human being and supposed to be cancelled if an operator would not get any meaningful request within a very short period of time. So that is not the case here. Also, it looked very suspicious to Dave and me that those phone calls were 4-hour-non-stop phone calls. Those phone calls don't even look real to me or T-mobile customer service representatives (I have contacted T-Mobile at least 6 times trying to resolve this issue gracefully). Those phone calls are billing fraud that T-mobile is so famous of. Later on, I found out that similar two operator assisted calls were added to my next bill!!! I had to cancel my father's line immediately. Please help me to remove the aforementioned phone calls from all my bills! These fraudulent calls have diminished our plan's allowance minutes by over 8 hours on current bill and result in heavily over usage. That means that the bill is incorrect at any point. T-Mobile customer service finally agreed that these operator assisted calls 99.9 % are not made by us but refuse to remove the charges associated with those call and adjust the bills accordingly. T-Mobile also refused to provide me with the information such as to whom those phone calls were made to. They didn't even tell me the name of the third party company. That violates the NJ state's Consumer Fraud Act through misrepresentations and knowing omissions of material facts. They said that they don't have this information. That is of course another fraud. The disputed calls are operator assisted calls. This, of course, implies that such calls must have been made thought a third party company. I state that after 3 months from the time when those fake calls were made, I have not been billed for any operator assisted calls by any telecommunication company. That fact is the 100% proof that we have never made any operator assisted calls during the disputed billing period, regardless to T-Mobile's billing records. Sincerely, Boris Fort Lee, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
8, Report #1065185
Jul 08 2013
09:56 AM
T-Mobile USA Inc. T-Mobile less service in more places. Bellevue Washington
I was a happy client of T-mobiles no-contracts service until December of 2011, when I tried to enable international features on my phone.  I called into T-mobile and was told by a representative could add the features if I added some money to my on-line account.    I log into my account and added money,  T-mobile automagically applied the funds toward next month service.  I called into T-mobile and asked if they could apply the funds toward the international service that I wanted.   I was told that I could not reapply the funds the way I wanted.   Then I was told the only way I could get my money back is if I closed my account and they could issue a refund check by mail.   I needed my cell phone for business and I am leaving the country the next day.  The underpaid hungry over educated associate from India explained they only way I could get the international service on my phone and maintain my service and not pay more money would to be to enter into a contract.   I said I didn't want the contract, and felt I was being extorted for my money or cancellation of my service that I already paid for.   To prevent interruption of my business and without resource to pay more, I felted forced to enter into contract so I could complete my business.    I wrote email and faxed a letter to thier legal department within the week, stating I did not want the contract and wanted to return to my monthly service. I received a legal response to my correspondence, stating that that T-mobile was right.   I am sure that the cost of the response to my letter severely eroded the profit made by extorted contract. Representing a corporation such as T-mobile legally must very rewarding.  I am sure that they keep there legal staff very busy, maybe that is why their service and policies suffers so much. Then my bill creeps up to ~$80 under contract while Tmobile offers ~$50 for non contracted customers. I get extra charges tacked onto for non-payment and If I don't want the service anymore I have to pay to get out of contract. The expensive Internet service I was paying for worked poorly for the most part and I felt ripped off.  I nearly stopped using the service when I moved to Wrightwood area in 2012, were I was unable to receive reliable T-mobile service at my primary residence.   Now I was trapped in Tmobile contract, were Verizon was the only carrier with reliable service in my area. Talking to T-mobile, they say I could work for them and help them improve their network for free. Perhaps you may consider this slogan -> TMobile less service in more places.  I averaged 2 bounces and one drop call when trying to resolve issues on the phone.    TMobile we don't care because we don't have to. I am looking forward to my termination letter and plan to fight them for my wasted time on the phone, bogus charges , coupled with fasle advertisement, poor service and total lack of human courtesy. 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #880917
May 10 2012
01:45 PM
T mobile True rip off USA, Nationwide
Made a deal over the phone with the royalty dept with a manager named sherry ... Ended up paying what we agreed on on the spot a month later on my next bill I payed for the full price of the new phone plus extra fees for a second time I have gotten the run around by reps managers and everybody I spoke to at tmobile I even got a number for the corporate office guess what they were not interested they only told me to write a letter ...im waiting on them to review the recorded conv with sherry the manager that started this whole thing and it's been a week and no answers yet ......just want to screaaaammm...some one please help this is a lot of money that they have charged me .
Entity: USA, Nationwide
10, Report #570987
Feb 19 2010
06:55 AM
T-Mobile, Tmobile, T-Mobile USA Sent final bill then try to charge me for another month Internet
February 17, 2010T-MobilePO Box 742596Cincinnati, OH  45274-2596Attention: Administrator CapacityRe: Final Bill To Whom It May Concern:I have been a customer for over 5 years with T-Mobile and recently changed my service due to not only your customer service representatives, but also due to the fact that your accounting is horrible.  I have not been satisfied due to being overcharged with incoming texts that I had blocked and were allowed to be billed to my account, (which I realize that you are in a Class Action suit over that one), unauthorized ringtones and I now have a problem ending your service. I called to see if your company would compete with your competitor on pricing for two phone lines that I have paid for over two years, and my single line for more than 3 years.  I previously had your pay as you go phone for two years because I didnt need a cell phone with many minutes.  Then my situation changed and I needed one with more minutes.When asking if I could get a rate that was competitive my result was that they could do $79.95 for two phones plus taxes that only included phone service for two phones.  NO text, NO web, NO email, just not what I needed so I changed service.  By the way your competitor had all those services and I am only paying $40.00/per mo. Which after taxes costs me only $48.02 a month.  BIG difference!The first phone line I had disconnected was the 816-200-9239 phone number and that occurred around December 23, 2009 after the contract ended on December 18th.  (Which I believe was another class action law suit regarding all the phone companies trying to pull that one, and then the Supreme Court of the United States made that practice illegal) Then because you could not compete with the amount I was going to be charged by the other company with providing the other services I turned my service over to your competitor on December 28, 2009. I received a letter for my Final bill dated January 4, 2010 stating I owe only $69.05 which should have only been for $59.05 due to an unauthorized ringtone that I was being billed on the previous months bill that I never ordered.  As you can see in my history I have never ordered one in the entire history of my time with your company.  Then I receive another bill after I received a final notice for $218.95.  When I called to talk with the customer service representative Eric L. Employee number 3181800 he stated that now my bill was $218.95.  So as I could see I wasnt getting anywhere with him I talked to his supervisor, Erica, Employee number 1270371 she was trying to tell me that I didnt pay a bill back in July and that it was from that.  Which as I explained I had all my receipts in front of me as well as your bills reflecting my payments being paid she did the big back stroke and then stated we bill in the rears.  I asked then why did I have to pay a month in advance when I switched and upgraded and bought the popular Razor when I stepped up from the pay as I go phone? (Which by the way I didnt get any credit for my remaining minutes when I switched my service to monthly billing) Then again she did the big back stroke and stumbled all over herself.  As I see it I owe your company only the $59.05 stated in your Final Bill.  So that is all you are going to get.  I will dispute and prove my side to any credit reporting agency.If your company had their scruples together, were competitive and had better customer service representatives you may not be losing your business to your competitors.  If you take a lesson from what Sprint has done to lose customers by their lack of customer service, and competitiveness then you will see how the public is now viewing your company.  I would immediately turn my practices around before your company no longer exists.  I have seen the pages and pages of T-Mobile on RipOffReport.com and your company has a long list of customer service problems as it looks for years now with no resolving these problems.  As I see it your company has no intention of taking care of customer service problems.  So if I find that you have reported the difference of what I think I owe and what you think I owe I will be also filing a lawsuit in court and I believe I will have plenty of people to go along with yet another CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against T-Mobile just by all the people on RipOffRiport.com. Just a little FYI from a small business owner! 
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #988697
Dec 29 2012
05:16 PM
T-Mobile, T-Mobile USA Being charged $200.00+ additional fees for a contract I did not agree to or aware of Internet
I have been with T-mobile for over 5 yrs. now and on December 28, 2012 I switched over to another carrier. Much to my amazement I learned that I was now going to be charged a $200.00 cancellation fee for a contract that I did not have with them and that in addition to this I would also have to pay for the month service that I am not using because I am no longer with this company.  I spoke with several representatives via phone today and between 5 persons 2 of which where supposed managers there was no resolve. One mgr.  Charles admitted that there was no signed contract nor verbally either. To which my response was how then can there be a contract?  Apparently when my niece took over ownership of her own phone line on a family plan and went on to another they charged it to my phone without my consent. Then the next explanation is that because I am no longer with them and I am keeping my number with another carrier, they have the right to charge me for a full month of service when I am no longer with them. If that ain't bad business and wrong, than what else could you call this. I started with this company in  2007, the only contract I had was the first 2 yrs. I have not asked for any upgrades or renewal of contract. I was on a month to month unlimited talk and text to which they have charged me for and continue to do so and when I inquired of this they directed me to customer support which gave No answers , they were completely rude and would not give a straight answer and declined to assist me. I have written request and to no avail. I am quite dissatisfied and I don't see how these big businesses think its alright to make a contract with out QTIPS, there is no meeting of the minds nor was consent given or authorized. Beware of this scam, they lie to your face and make it sound like its a good deal and then they get you from behind!
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #767399
Aug 19 2011
08:14 PM
IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THIS DREADFUL, AWFUL, HEARTLESS, RUTHLESS AND VICIOUS SO CALLED COMPANY CALLED T-MOBILE, PLEASE FILE YOUR COMPLAINTS TO THESE AGENCIES, I DID.1.COMPLAIN TO THE FCC REGARDING TMOBILE.2.COMPLAIN TO THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION REGARDING TMOBILE3.WRITE TO YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPERS REGARDING TMOBILE4.COMPLAIN ON THE BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU SITE REGARDING TMOBILE.HERE'S MY NIGHTMARE WITH T-MOBILE:A little over a year ago, my family and I entered a T-Mobile Corporate store outlet in Woodland Hills, California, and spent over two hours looking through all the information provided to us by the sales representatives, including coverage maps which indicated excellent reception in the entire area where our primary residence is located. The sales representatives assured us that there should not be any major reception issues in the entire Los Angeles County area. Convinced that our reception where we live would be excellent, we committed our family to a two-year five phone family plan contract with T-Mobile with unlimited internet on each of the five phones for a total of approximately $170.00 per month charge. Although the coverage map assured us with a dark green color that the coverage at our place of residence, which is at 19823 Linnet Street, Woodland Hills, California, 91364, and the immediate surrounding areas, would have excellent service reception. There has not been any service coverage by t-mobile wireless phone services at our home or the immediate area surrounding our home. Today, over a year later, we continue to still have no service at our home and the immediate surrounding areas. We called and inquired about the lack of coverage at our home immediately after the phones were activated, and were told that the issue would be looked into and that the technicians can fix the problem. We never heard back from T-mobile, and service at our home continued to be nonexistent. We called again and inquired about the situation, and were told that a ticket was being created and that there were no notes on the system regarding our initial inquiry and that the technicians were going to look into it, will be able to fix it, and that we would be notified when all was good. Once again, we never heard from T-mobile. We called again and were told that a tower was down in the area and it should be up soon. But then again, we never heard back from t-mobile. About a year has passed, and we still do not have service at our residence or the immediate surrounding areas of our residence. I cannot make a call to my own home while I am standing in front of my own front door. There has been no bar visible on the phone at my home and the immediate areas, not inside and not outside for the most part, occasionally we get one bar outside, and as soon as we make a call, the bar disappears and the call is either dropped after a few seconds or it never goes through. We have a family plan with T-mobile, which includes five phones, 1500 minutes per month and unlimited internet for each phone at $10 per phone per month. the phones which reside at our home address have not been utilized much for minutes and have almost never been utilized for internet access, as the documented usage information will clearly indicate, minutes have barely been used and internet has not been used for over a year now, only two of the phones have been utilized due to the fact that these two phones are used by my son and his wife, who reside at a different address in Van Nuys, California. As a result of this nightmare, we have not been able to receive calls, make calls or access the web on three of our five phones due to the fact that there has been no service whatsoever at our home address since the day we signed up for our T-mobile service. All the while we have been diligently paying our $170 per month service fee for the family plan, and have been locked into a two year contract with t-mobile. In essence, we were led to believe that coverage was excellent at our residence, thus committed to a two-year contract, and when we called to find out why there was no coverage, we were led to believe that this situation was fixable and that it would soon be fixed. Neither of the above mentioned was accurate. The problem was obviously not fixable, and has not been fixed for over a year now, not even a little bit fixed, there is no t-mobile service at our home or the immediate areas surrounding it. This entire fiasco has favorably served only one entitys interest at us, the consumers expense, pain, suffering and eventual economic and emotional exhaustion, and that is T-Mobile.Please note that I write the following paragraphs without the intent of neither minimizing nor neutralizing what has been mentioned in the previous paragraphs above. But to add insult to injury, the following has occurred over the past month or so: T-mobile had never previously assessed any re-connect fees if my account went into partial suspension due to an inadvertent past due balance. My family was just not able to make any calls out, they would notify me, I would then call T-mobile, find out the balance outstanding and make a full payment, my account was then re-connected and life went on as usual. I have always paid my T-Mobile bills on time, except for a few instances. My account was recently partially suspended once again in early July 2011 because the June bill was past due, I called and made a payment as required to re-instate my account, I was never informed that there would be a re-connect fee assessed to my account or that the July bill was also late and would go into suspension in just a few days. Well, just a few days later, my account was once again partially suspended, this time, for the July bill being past due. However, when I called to make my payment, I was told that I now owed $560.00 for two months of service at $170.00 per month and fees. Therefore $170.00 for July + $170.00 for August + $200.00 (re-connect fees for June and July), this in addition to an additional $100 reconnect fee (for August) which will be appearing on my September bill, therefore it is actually $560.00 + $100.00 = $660.00 for two months of service July and August, and three re-connect fees for June, July and August. I informed them that on a prior suspension of my account for a past due balance, there was no re-connect fee assessed, and that when my account was suspended for the past due June 2011 balance, I called and made the payment and was not assessed a re-connect fee at the time either, and my account was re-connected after my payment was made without a re-connect fee. I was told that T-mobile had just started to charge a re-connection fee of $20 per phone for partial suspensions as of June 2011, and that an insert was sent to customers in their bills, and text messages were also sent by T-Mobile to that effect. Well, I never received any such communication from T-mobile, not in my bill and not by text message. In addition, I never received this bill where this communication was apparently sent as an insert to the customers of T-mobile. Many times it has occurred where my neighbors mail is delivered to my address, and I take them their mail, however my neighbors unfortunately have never afforded me the same courtesy. Therefore, my bill with the insert might have ended up at my neighbors home and most probably either returned to t-mobile or trashed. I also would like to re-iterate that a communication of policy change of this magnitude and importance, where a customer in a family plan with 5 phones stands to be charged a $100.00 re-connect fee every month their balance is past due, and they are partially suspended, this communication should have been mailed as a separate communication, notifying of the shift in policy, rather than just an insert in a bill, which might have looked like an advertisement and been discarded, or in the least it should have been printed in bold red letters on the envelope under a headline labeled ATTENTION or something of that sort. T-mobile got their customers used to not being charged this re-connect fee and then all of a sudden switched their policy with minimal notification and slapped customers such as me with $100.00 re-connect fees per month on top of the monthly bill. I called T-mobile, and was told that nothing could be done about these $300.00 in re-connect fees, and if I did not pay, then my account would go into a full suspension as early as 12 midnight a week ago, here we are a week later and my account is still in partial suspension. Scare tactics were used to coerce me to pay the $200.00 re-connect fees now!, and then be slammed with the other $100.00 re-connect fee in September. I called so many times and said that I was not aware of this re-connect fee, and was never charged such a fee in the past when my account was partially suspended, this is when I was informed that this re-connect fee for partial suspensions went into effect as of June 2011, prior to that a re-connect fee was only charged to accounts which were in full suspension. I spoke with supervisors, managers and the like, but to no avail. I still have $300.00 in re-connect fees on my account, and after August 25th, will incur another $100.00 re-connect fee on my account, so the $300.00 will turn into $400.00, and so on and so forth, until they place my account in full suspension, and charge me a horrendous amount for all 5 phones for breach of contract, and destroy my credit, and then take the full amount of probably over $1500.00 in charges, penalties and fees as a loss for their tax deduction purposes, and me, the poor consumer, and my family are left out in the cold with absolutely no cell phone service, while we are still being charged for the days not used, because we cannot make any calls. All I ever wanted to do was to pay my past due balance, to bring my account current, however my pleas fell on deaf ears, and T-mobile would not budge. When I mentioned to them that they probably would rather not have me as a customer because my plan is a good plan which is no longer offered to other new customers, and is a good plan for me but not good for t-mobile, and I mentioned that I was being discriminated against , since I am aware of other t-mobile customers who have been refunded fees, because their business was desirable to T-mobile due to the fact that their plan was not as good a plan as mine (my plan has $10.00 a month unlimited internet access per phone, and no additional charges for all phones on the family plan), the manager finally budged an inch and decided to give me $100 back, when I paid my bill, so $460.00 instead of the $560.00, but the $100.00 re-connect charge on my upcoming September bill would still stand, and I would have to pay that too. They have killed me, I got Ill from the stress of talking to them, and am still not well, the frustration, helplessness and anguish felt cannot be expressed in words. My family and I have had no phone service for several weeks now and can only receive calls, we in essence have been handicapped, hijacked and blackmailed into having to either pay the re-connect fees or continue to accrue bills and fees without service. My bill for July and August is approximately $340.00 for services that are not fully utilized due to my home having absolutely no service as mentioned above. We have suffered with T-mobile the entire time we have been in this contract, and continue to suffer from service shortage and emotional damage with this re-connect fee and threats of negative credit reporting, and charging the full penalty at cancellation of the contract for breach, amongst other things. Bottom line is we would have never ever signed up with t-mobile in the first place had we been made aware by their service coverage map, or their corporate retail outlet sales representatives that there is absolutely no service in my residence and the immediate areas around it, and we would have immediately cancelled this contract had we been made aware that this shortcoming in services would be a permanent affair and that service would not be made available at my residence or its immediate areas for over a year now, however we were led on to believe first with the coverage map and the T-mobile corporate outlet sales representative that there was excellent reception at our residence, and thus signed the dreadful contract essentially locking ourselves in for two years with this terrible company. Then we were led to believe that the service shortcomings was fixable and that it would be fixed soon, thus leading us on to continue to remain with the company, this has obviously not occurred, and then to add insult to injury, although we have quietly taken it to the chin and continued in our service contract with t-mobile for over a year now, suffering tremendously in the process with the lack of service, we are now being slapped with these re-connection fees. T-mobile is a fraudulent company and their practices are to defraud the consumer and get away with as much as they can within the whelm of the law, and if you read most of the complaints filed against t-mobile you will observe that the average consumer is being defrauded and severely mistreated by this company. We consumers are human beings, with many stresses in our lives and the last thing any decent, hard working family needs, especially in these difficult times is for a monster company such as t-mobile with no heart or compassion to legally rob them of their hard earned and scarce funds, and leave them out in the cold to freeze to death in the winters blizzards. The customer service at this company treats people as though they were Rats with deep pockets, they are inhumane and arrogant in their discussions with customers, cold and adamant about making sure they part you from as much of your hard earned funds as they possibly can. The BBB has almost 10,000 complaints filed against t-mobile in just the past 12 months alone, and other complaint websites have countless complaints filed by past and present customers of t-mobile as well, this company is a disgrace when it comes to treating its customers like human beings and not animals. Please help me with my situation, as I have lost all hope of reaching any kind of understanding or resolution with the supervisors, managers and representatives of this god all mighty company. I wish to cancel my contract with t-mobile without penalty and receive a substantial refund from t-mobile for putting me and my family in this handicapped position of not having any service at our residence address while we were led to believe that there was excellent service there through their coverage map and their corporate office sales representatives, and then being led on by their customer service and their tech department into believing that the problem was solvable, and that service would be available at our home address, which never happened. The lack of reception at our home address is not off and on, there is always, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no service at our home residence. Sorry for this long complaint, however, I did try and explain my situation as best as I could with words. I am a 67-year-old woman, myself and my family have lived a clean and honorable life to the best of our ability. It behooves me that such a corrupt, unjust and ruthless company is allowed to operate freely within this or any other civilized society, with impudence, arrogance and without regard for fairness, humanity or justice for us the consumers, causing such pain and heartache to so many who have been burned by it in the process. T-mobile is absolutely no different from a violent thug who robs an innocent citizen of their very last dime at a street corner at knifepoint, and if they are not satisfied with the loot, kills them without a second thought or remorse with a quick and swift stab to their heart. This is just really a rotten and disgusting company. ONCE YOU SIGN THAT 2 YEAR CONTRACT, THEY'VE GOT YOU! AND IT'S ALL IN THE 50,000 WORD FINE PRINT. Thank you again for your audience. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, AND TELL ALL YOUR LOVED ONES TO DO THE SAME. IT IS DIFFERENT TO RUN INTO A DIFFICULT CUSTOMER SERVICE REP WHO JUST WON'T WORK WITH YOU, BUT THIS IS TMOBILE COMPANY POLICY TO DRAIN YOUR WALLET, NOW THAT REALLY HURTS, AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #293512
Dec 21 2007
01:07 AM
Tmobile, T-Mobile USA TMobile Flexpay is a SERIOUS RIPOFF!!! BUYER BEWARE Ogden Utah
I had switched two lines into a flexpay account with tmobile. With the flexpay, instead of having to pay a deposit, you have to prepay your monthly service upfront. I paid 150.00 for a month of service for a family plan. I realized that I wasn't able to have some features so I switched to a regular plan within two weeks of having my flexpay account. Tmobile told me that they would prorate the amount that wasn't used and send me a refund check for 60.98. I waited three weeks and never got a check. I called yesterday and was told by a different agent that on flexpay you pay for the month, so if you cancel you are NOT entitled to any refund. She explained that flexpay is just like buying a prepaid minute cell phone but Tmobile made a fancy name for it. I understand that if I pay for 50 minutes on a prepaid card and don't use the minutes I am not entitiled to a refund of the unused but flexpay was supposed to be a better alternative than that. Overall, if you were to pay a deposit you would be treated like a normal account and have all priviledges, but now Tmobile has flexpay to seperate good credit from bad credit. And they treat those with bad credit really bad. I asked where the 60.98 was going to go and she said that it paid the service that I didn't use. What a joke. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told they would call me back, which they didn't. Anyway, I have had Tmobile for several years and am satisfied with the service, however, flexpay doesn't pay. Buyer beware if you have bad credit stay away from Tmobile becuase they will take advantage of you. Stick with Cricket or something comparable. The Korean Ogden, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Ogden, Utah
14, Report #538969
Dec 14 2009
08:50 AM
T-MOBILE USA Won't give back money hey took off acct. Internet
I started a flex pay service with t-mobile and stopped using it. When I first signed for the service i signed up for easy pay after the first payment i called and cancelled the easy pay. acouple of months later i stopped using the service t-mobile charged my debit card 3 times. It was a flex pay acct.which is a month to month service so there is no disconnection fee. I filed a complaint with the bbb after i clled 5 times and they told me the acct was cancelled. Which it wasn't.  t-mobile resoponded by saying they would credit my debit card in the amount they took off. they didn't and know won't respond to my calls or the bbb e-mails. atached is the letter they elecronically filed. November 3, 2009FILED ELECTRONICALLYBureau Services ConsultantBetter Business Bureau ofAlaska, Oregon & Western WashingtonPO Box 1000DuPont, WA 98327Re: Christina Your Case No. 22223200T-Mobile Account No. 69418****To Whom It May Concern:T-Mobile USA, Inc. (''T-Mobile'') is in receipt of your letter dated October 30, 2009 regarding the above referenced account. In an effort to amicably resolve the matter T-Mobile canceled the account on November 3, 2009. On October 9, 2009 T-Mobile reversed a payment in the amount of $72.78. We have credited the account in the amount of $144.56. This will be refunded to Ms. Nail's credit card within 3-5 business days. Based upon the foregoing, we respectfully request that this complaint against T-Mobile be closed.Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at 877-290-6323 ext. 8015Very truly yours,T-MOBILE USA, INC.Mark J McCrain Executive Customer Relations
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #590963
Apr 08 2010
01:15 PM
T-Mobile USA Inc easypay ripoff specialists Bellevue, Washington
I got 2 cell phones for me and my husband with easy pay  set up to come out of my bank on the 2nd of each month. My husband got stationed to a new place so we moved to a new state. We moved here in hurry due to his orders and opened a new bank account to change his pay to because it is hard getting money out in another state. They told us he was going overseas this month and that they need his account number so that he can get a star card to have money overseas. I started transferring all bills to the new account because the army pay would be changed over to the new account. I called tmobile to change only the bank information and when i checked my bank it showed them trying to take payment out that same day. I checked my account online and it still said that it was scheduled to be taken out april 2, 2010.  I called tmobile and they said that it wont be taken out its just pending, and that it shows in their system that it will be taken out april 2, 2010. The representative said he was cancelling easy pay on my account and the payment would be stopped. Then told me i need to reenter my new bank information into the system so that it can be reset and then apologized for it taking it out incorrectly. I did as he said and resigned up, but it didnt fix it at all. It only changed the date on my bank from 3/30/2010 to 3/31/2010. The payment was cleared on 3/31/2010 with my bank. I called the bank and tmobile. tmobile told me they would put the money back as it was still showing it was pending being taken out april 2, 2010. I checked the bank again and it showed where tmobile put the money back into my account and the bank took out 19 dollars for a return item charge and also an overdraft fee for 19 dollars.  I called tmobile again, and they said they would refund me my fees. The next day 4/2/2010 I got another overdraft charge this time for 35 dollars since I still had payments coming out for things i paid for before tmobile took this money out early. I contacted them again and they told me that it would be fixed. Since they didnt do anything so far I was worried that more fees would come out so I rushed to my bank and wrote them a check to deposit money into the new account. They said that I would only have access to 100 dollars and the check would be held, and that I cant get access to the rest until the check clears. I called tmobile and told them of this problem. The bank informed me that the fees would be put back into my account. I checked and all 3 fees were put back into my account so I had all my money back I was just waiting on the check to clear now. I went and checked on 4/8/2010 to see if the check cleared so I can get groceries and pay tmobile finally, but guess what? I see a pending payment to them yet again. I called them and they said that they didnt see where they were taking anything again and that I am not set up for easy pay. I told them yes I know I am not set up for easy pay but they are still taking out money that was unauthorized. They continued to tell me they wasnt taking anything. I didn't believe this of course and faxed them a copy of the pending transaction. I also called my bank and told them what was going on and they said they would put it in process to stop payment and any future payments from them. I faxed them a copy of what i faxed to tmobile and also faxed them a copy of the sent history showing i faxed tmobile from my fax machine.  I am now sitting here with -105.46 in the bank and having to find whatever i can to feed my kids since I cant go to the grocery store. our car is sitting on a quarter of a tank of gas so I have no clue how my husband will go to work. Tmobile has caused us so much hardship just for this one messup that they refuse to fix.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
16, Report #589166
Apr 03 2010
09:45 AM
T-Mobile USA Inc defective blackberry 8320 smartphones Internet, California
To whom it may concern: I have had a blackberry 8320 for about 2 years. The first one (Gold) lasted about 6-8 months until it started the following: 1. going from bright, to dim, to bright, etc.... while the phone was set properly to stay bright, 2. shutting down in the middle of any task, and then re-booting only after removing the battery and re-inserting, 3. scrolling (acting like it is working on something) when i am just viewing, playing the brick breaker game, or any other task, causing disruption in viewing or using the phone. I have had 3 replacements since this original phone and they all do the same thing (except I do not have to remove the battery to get it to re-boot), causing much disruption when attempting to use the phone, etc.... After working with T-Mobile throughout this series of events, it came to a head with T-Mobile telling me that it is your (RIM) problem and I should contact you. I have tried updating, using new SIM card, batteries, and anything else to figure out how I can get a phone that works. At this point T-Mobile is forcing me to upgrade and pay for another phone with 2 year contract in order to get rid of the problem. As a T-Mobile for over 6 years, I find it insulting, and a rip-off for them to suggest that I spend more money, when I have been paying for services that are not being rendered by T-Mobile. At this point I am filing complaints against T-Mobile and RIM with the California State Attorney General, and the FCC, unless this can be resolved. I am asking for your help. I think the Blackberry is a good device, but am being misled by T-Mobile. Can you please help me? Thank you
Entity: Internet, California
17, Report #622631
Jul 12 2010
03:58 PM
T-Mobile USA Inc Fraudlent contract , Internet
T-Mobile issued a contract in my name, for my daughter and ex-wife for a cell phone without any permission from me or my being present to sign for the contract. The account was ended early, and T-Mobile decided that it was up to me to pay the $575.00 early termination fee. After repeated threats from them, I contacted them numerous times to ask them to produce a signed contract (by me)and that what they were doing, and had done, was in violation of state and federal law. I went from the paricular store all the way to the corporate level to try to get an explanation or answer as to how they can issue fraudlent contracts, when at the time, it was obvious that the person being assigned responsibility wasn't present. They responded by saying I would have to take it up with 'the credit agencies'. They kept their path and eventually turned it into a collection agency. I work very hard to maintain good credit and to pay bills for which I am responsible. Eventually, I ended up settling the account, which puts a bad mark on any credit report. this boils down to a very poor corporate ethic in the pursuit of the dollar, whether they go after the person responsible for the account or not.
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #562645
Jan 31 2010
01:36 PM
T-Mobile USA, Charged cancel fee for my dead wife's phone Internet
My wife died suddenly in December 2, 2008. On December 10, 2008 I went to the store to cancel her phone one of two lines on the contract. They said I had to pay a cancel fee. I explained that I came home and found my 55 year old wife dead on the couch. They said I had to pay a cancel fee. I asked for a supervisor who said I had to pay the cancel fee. Then I was asked if there was anyone else I could give the phone to. I said No - my wife is dead I I need to cancel her phone. I still had my own phone contract with them. They refused to waive the cancel fee. I refused to do business with them.  Then they wanted cancel fees on both phones. After refusing to waive the fee on my dead wife's phone, they said Well you did not have to cancel your service.' A year later T-Mobile is calling me and now they have sent it to a collection agency. I want them to apologize for their callousness and complete lack of decency when I tried to cancel a contract only because my wife was dead. The insensitivity of their policy and staff is unacceptable. I would still have MY phone service with T-Mobile if they had showed some shred of decency when I tried to cancel my dead wife's phone service. I do not owe them anything on this account. They refused to waive the $200 cancel fee when I went in there 8 days after my wife died. That is the only reason I left T-Mobile. I want the entire balance dropped and I want an apology from T-Mobile for the insenstivity and lack of decency with which they have handled my account. Their response is to send it to a collection agency
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #565216
Feb 05 2010
06:54 PM
T-Mobile USA overcharge, impolite, hidden fees: Livingston, New Jersey
In June 2009, I wanted a $29.99 plan on my phone since I only use it for emergencies. In order to do so, I apparently needed to have my phone on a $39.99 plan for 3 months. Then, the retailer would change it back to the $29.99 plan, and I would get my $30 ($10 for each month) back. 3 months later, she didn't change my plan, even though I went to her a bunch of weekends to ask about it. Now it's February 2010, and she FINALLY changed my plan to the $29.99, after much calling and visiting. Instead of giving me back 8 months worth of $10 (so that's $80), she says that there is a $30 service fee to change my plan from $39.99 to $29.99. In the past EIGHT months, she had NEVER ever said anything about there being a service fee when changing plans.  In all, I've lost $80 + $30 = $110, so far, plus extra taxes and charges.
Entity: Livingston, New Jersey
20, Report #741812
Jun 16 2011
08:54 PM
T-Mobile USA, Inc. Trade Practices Violations and Consumer Fraud Portland, Oregon
Sanitized PDF version of this complaint published on Scribd.com: http://www.scribd.com/doc/55157418/Trade-Practice-Complaint-against-T-Mobile-USA-Inc Tuesday, April 26, 2011 [S] [Amended: 04.26.2011, 1:30 PM PST]; [Addendum: 05.10.2001]; [Typos corrected: 05.11.2011, 9:30 AM PST]; [Addendum: 05.13.2001, 11:30 AM PST]; [Addendum: 06.03.2011, updated 06.08.2011, 9:30 PM PST]; [Addendum: Friday, June 10, 2011]. Oregon Department of Justice Civil Enforcement Division Financial Fraud/Consumer Protection Section Attn: Enforcement Officer 1162 Court Street NE Salem, OR 97310 E-mail: consumer.hotline@doj.state.or.us 503-378-4732 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-378-4732      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 503-378-8910 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-378-8910      end_of_the_skype_highlighting [fax]   Re: Notice of Complaint, ORDOJ No. FF4169-11, T-Mobile USA, Inc., a German corporation; etal. Sanitized version of this complaint published on Scribd.com: http://www.scribd.com/doc/55157418/Trade-Practice-Complaint-against-T-Mobile-USA-Inc Today my T-Mobile bill was a little higher than normal at $190.24. When discussing the matter telephonically with their CSR, she stated that I was charged for text messaging and that my son had made an international call. The CSR also refused to provide me with answers to questions regarding that particular number on my account that I have assigned to my son. Since I have a Skype International number that can be accessed through any of my five registered telephone numbers, the particulars concerning the international call are pending a discussion with my son. My complaint against T-Mobile USA, Inc. [a German corporation]/AT&T, is relating to a bait-and-switch violation under the Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act [UTPA] and given their previous conviction and fine with my notice while dba VoiceStream Wireless, Inc. Two of the handsets on my account with three numbers are HTC G2 smartphones and my wife uses a simpler model cellphone. My son has unlimited features with a grandfathered application for texting. When I ventured forward with this more elaborate hightech handset, the T-Mobile CSR stated that I would have unlimited service including internet and instant messaging for an additional $30.00 a month. Beyond that contractual agreement there is only compounded culpability by T-Mobile USA, Inc. This was my agreement with T-Mobile USA, Inc. at the time when I purchased the new upgrade in good faith. With the likelihood that I am not the only customer within millions of consumers that T-Mobile USA, Inc. has dehorsed through contractual migrations, I opine they are collectively harvesting an enormous sum of spirited away funds through false charges for text messages. There is little if any difference between using email accounts and instant messages and the only person whom I occasionally text is my son. T-Mobile USA, Inc. is another corporation causing the financial theft of the U.S. economy and the deconstruction of the American middle class. On this particular occasion, the CSR refused to reverse the small fee for the instant/text messaging on my handset [removed]. Occasionally when I telephonically communicate with T-Mobile CSR, they read to me from their computer screen that it says here I am supposed to tell you that you cannot record our conversation. However, T-Mobile USA, Inc. does equally and oppositely record their customers when they call and willfully subverts the discovery process when caught in a lie by deleting those same voice records. For the purpose of documenting a record, I can further prove that T-Mobile USA, Inc., has since on or before January 20, 2006, knowingly engaged in ongoing coconspiratorial acts of espionage, terrorism and no touch invisible physical torture under the four principles of the CIA Torture paradigm against myself and the United States of America. T-Mobile USA, Inc. as a participant in ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations, continues to disseminate leaked classified federal government  information and documents protected under the same national security laws that applied in the outing of CIA Officer Valerie Plame Wilson. Lastly, T-Mobile USA, Inc. knew or should have known that its culpable actors continue to participate in the outing and political retribution of a former clandestine agent of the United States government and a FBI whistleblower who was validated on August 20, 2009. These actions stand as a conspiracy with known actors to passively sanction my assassination in political retribution and having been previously threatened by the Bush White House with their invention of a criminal charge if I moved forward with the publishing of my book that will be outlined in the forthcoming Blackfile summary report by the end of 2011. Amendment: 1:22 PM PST my son telephonically contacted me about the long distance charges applied to his number [removed]. [Removed] stated that his uncle in Hong Kong, text messaged him and communicated that he wanted to call him later on the phone. [Removed] answered the incoming text message in the affirmative and his uncle placed a call to him from Hong Kong. The T-Mobile CSR previously stated that no charges would be incurred for incoming international calls. However on the billing statement, T-Mobile USA, Inc. did charge for the incoming international telephone call and appears to be layering charges since my son only made one outgoing instant/text message to his uncle's initial and incoming message from Hong Kong. This also raises the question, how does a consumer or T-Mobile customer discern that an incoming call or text message is from overseas? Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if I may be of some service to you. Nuremberg Awaits! Bob Levin Former U.S. Intelligence Professional Standing for the Human Beings   Cc:     Public Utility Commission of Oregon           550 Capitol St NE #215           PO Box 2148           Salem OR, 97308-2148           503-378-6600 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-378-6600      end_of_the_skype_highlighting[Salem]           1-800-522-2404 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-800-522-2404      end_of_the_skype_highlighting[Outside of Salem, Oregon]           503-378-5743 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-378-5743      end_of_the_skype_highlighting[fax]           puc.consumer@state.or.us           T-Mobile USA, Inc.           Customer Relation Department                 1-813-353-6545 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-813-353-6545      end_of_the_skype_highlighting[fax]           Cindy Maes, Executive Customer Relations, 1-505-998-3796 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-505-998-3796      end_of_the_skype_highlighting [fax]           Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB], Review for follow up.             U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]           SEC Office of the Whistleblower           100 F Street, NE           Washington, DC 20549-5631           1-202-551-4790 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-202-551-4790      end_of_the_skype_highlighting           1-703-813-9322 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-703-813-9322      end_of_the_skype_highlighting[fax]           SEC, San Francisco Regional Office           Marc J. Fagel, Regional Director           44 Montgomery Street, Suite 2600           San Francisco, CA 94104           1-415-705-2500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-415-705-2500      end_of_the_skype_highlighting                sanfrancisco@sec.gov           U.S. Federal Trade Commission           Office of Policy and Coordination           Room 383           Bureau of Competition           Federal Trade Commission           600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW           Washington, DC 20580           1-202-326-3300 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-202-326-3300      end_of_the_skype_highlighting              antitrust@ftc.gov           U.S. Federal Communications Commission           Enforcement Bureau           Attn: P. Michele Ellison, Bureau Chief           445 12th Street SW           Washington, DC 20554           1-888-225-5322 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-888-225-5322      end_of_the_skype_highlighting           1-866-418-0232 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-866-418-0232      end_of_the_skype_highlighting[fax]           fccinfo@fcc.gov Addendum: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Dear Alex: This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 3, 2011 in the matter of T-Mobile USA, Inc. with your file number FF4169-11. While travelling on business to Seattle, WA, I believe someone from T-Mobile telephonically contact me and left a message. Since T-Mobile has demonstrated a history of failing to honor their customer contracts, have lied, not acted in good faith, implemented dehorsing practices, and otherwise violated the Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act [UTPA], I will require a written response from their representative. Take note that I have owned this T-Mobile HTC G2 handset since the first of the year and purchased an unlimited service plan. The handset is obviously an extension of my computer system and has been used in a consistent manner since it's purchase. Intentionally I did not buy the limited gigabyte plan to avoid additional charges that would certainly be incurred through my labors as an investigative journalist and writer. Today is only the 10th of the month and as a matter of Cointelpro type harassment, T-Mobile USA, Inc. sent the text message included below. This demonstrates their anti-consumer nature while attacking their customers when they raise objections over T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s poor quality service and criminal activities. Incoming at approximately 12:48 PM PST. 889 Free T-Mobile MSG: You have used over 5 GB of data this month. Your data speed has been reduced for the rest of your billing cycle per the terms of your plan. Not only have I not gone over their stated 5 GB data usage, but my plan is unlimited. This was a softening and counter investigative reverse tactic. At 1:45 and 1:46 PM PST a T-Mobile CSR again telephonically called my handset and left a voice message that was translated through Google, Inc. Again they are welcome to communicate in writing and I fear they are now attempting to stack financial charges and fees against my account as a punitive action - I will not yield and this battle is as good a place as any to take a stand for genuine justice and the restoration of our nation against corporate fascism. Please alert Attorney General John Kroger that in my opinion, the State of Oregon should take immediate legal action against this outlaw corporation that is now considered a person through the nearly unprecedented wide ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 50 [2010]. Additional charges should be applied against the corporate officers of T-Mobile USA, Inc./AT&T with consideration given to compounded violations under Oregon's UTPA and the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance [AVG], signed by then VoiceStream Wireless, Inc. with previous admission of culpability under complaint 137420 FF3656-02 [see attached ORDOJ letter dated May 23, 2003.] In both this and the previous matter against VoiceStream Wireless, Inc., T-Mobile USA, Inc. has represented contractual terms that I have accepted in-good-faith. In each case and others, T-Mobile USA, Inc. has not acted in-good-faith while consistently violating the Unlawful Trade Practices Act of Oregon through the monopoly tactics of a continuing corporatist enterprise. Bob Levin Sanitized version published on Scribd.com: http://www.scribd.com/doc/55157418/Trade-Practice-Complaint-against-T-Mobile-USA-Inc Addendum: Friday, May 13, 2011 [Last updated: 05.14.2011, 7:15 AM PST] Dear Alex: At 8:18 AM PST, T-Mobile USA, Inc. communicated a short code 456 text message as shown in the image below that has replaced a requested adjustment of $8.40 plus tax to my account. This in no way satisfies the resulting harm caused me by T-Mobile USA, Inc., nor does it serve as a remedy for their ongoing layered violations of the Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act. The short code 456 text message that was sent at 8:18 AM PST, was received by me at approximately 11:00 AM PST, which further supports T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s actionable offense, false statement and punitive harassment as cited above in the Tuesday, May 10, 2011 addendum. T-Mobile USA, Inc. has dehorsed me through their deliberate misrepresentation and contractual fraud. Following T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s punitive sanction under the color of Cointelpro on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 and ten days into the month, their unlawful action and civil tort has slowed and disrupted my service and ability to conduct business and exercise Constitutional Civil Liberties under the 1st and 4th Amendments. With confidence I believe the State of Oregon has grounds to move against T-Mobile USA, Inc. through the Attorney General's Office and the Public Utility Commission. Currently I am reviewing literature from the Electronic Frontier Foundation concerning an amicus curiae or amicus brief with the possibility of representation and have communicated a request for an attorney referral from the Oregon State Bar Association. This will in no way interfere with the state's case against T-Mobile USA, Inc. A meritorious settlement amount to satisfy all damages will be forthcoming.  Addendum: Friday, June 03, 2011 [updated 06.08.2011, 9:30 PM PST] Dear Mr. Lackey, A source close to T-Mobile USA, Inc. has suggested that a SEC Whistleblower complaint should be filed against the company. Additional information has also surfaced requiring a modification to this addendum. This is in response to T-Mobile's letter dated May 13, 2011 that was communicated electronically to the Oregon Department of Justice from Ms. Cindy Maes, Executive Customer Relations, 1-505-998-3796 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-505-998-3796      end_of_the_skype_highlighting [fax]. To date, June 8, 2011, I have not received any letter from T-Mobile USA, Inc. Regarding the history and the content of the above mentioned correspondence, T-Mobile USA, Inc. has repeatedly demonstrated they are operating a continuing criminal enterprise beneath the veil of an alleged legitimate business model. Based on my previous complaint T-Mobile USA, Inc. has been cited and fined $22,500.00 for violating Oregon's Unlawful Trade Practices Act while doing business as VoiceStream Wireless, Inc. and was additionally required to sign an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance [AVC] agreement that became a document of record. They are again culpable for fraud, deceptive advertising and lying to your office. T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s violation of the AVC as a court order, I believe compounds their culpability and they must be charged accordingly. Under federal law T-Mobile USA, Inc. routinely makes Unlawful Use of a Communication Facility to affect these frauds and tramples The False Claims Act along with other laws that might apply when protecting American citizens and U.S. consumers. T-Mobile USA, Inc., a German Corporation is both a foreign and domestic enemy of the United States while repeatedly terrorizing its customers with unlawful trade practices and with me has committed multiple violations of national security laws through acts of espionage as stated elsewhere. These actionable offences recognize aspects of the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix as no touch invisible physical torture. Speaking with special knowledge of U.S. torture programs, these formulas recognize the Actus Reus of systematic systemic genocide with the Mens Rea and result of causing self-inflicted harm, which is the primary earmark of CIA torture programs.    T-Mobile USA, Inc. claims they made several unsuccessful attempts to contact me. No secret was made on my part that I would not answer T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s telephonic communications or their text message harassing threats with another layer of their lies concerning a limited 5GB data usage per month. T-Mobile USA, Inc. must be brought to justice and I will not yield in this matter, anymore than I did when performing my duty while serving in the FBI before two separate trauma accidents incurred in the line of duty caused my early retirement with a permanent disability. T-Mobile USA, Inc. must always be caused to respond in writing, audio recorded or both while a consumer is acting in good faith and mistakenly believing T-Mobile USA, Inc. is doing the same when in fact more often times than not the complete opposite is true. Another deception in T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s May 13, 2011 letter, makes reference to international call blocking and pressing the send button. However the $8.40 charge incurred that T-Mobile USA, Inc. has since elected to removed, is only one small point within the larger scope of their corruption. Ms. Maes failed to mention that the international call was an incoming text message from Hong Kong to my son's handset from his uncle. There is no way to know if someone is calling these handsets from an international number, transmission tower or Skype account. Furthermore, I own a Skype International phone number and often call various sources around the world to harvest real news stories that you won't discover in the mainstream U.S. propaganda ministries, like the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan having three reactors experiencing meltdowns, that radiation is twice as high as first reported after the earthquake and has entered the sea currents traveling west to east while expecting to reach the United States verses the rightwing drivel concerning Congressman Anthony Weiner.   Within the USDOJ press releases, other offending companies when charged at the federal level in the same manner that T-Mobile USA, Inc. should be prosecuted, are finding themselves paying on average between 3.0 and 240 million dollars in fines depending on the number of counts per violation. Some executives are also receiving long prison sentences. T-Mobile USA, Inc. would do well to remember that if this matter reaches the U.S. Department of Justice or possibly a qui tam lawsuit and their representatives lie to federal investigators, those actors will discover Martha Stewart's felony muffin recipe. That same reality is reflected within Ms. Maes' answer to the Oregon Department of Justice by her egregious distortions, deceptions and omissions of the whole truth with evasive claims to deflect T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s own culpability back onto the me as an innocent consumer who always acts in good faith. Oregon's Attorney General, John Kroger, should subpoena all of T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s recorded telephone conversations between their agents and me if the interpersonal data has not been destroyed. Regardless of T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s response in their letter, the truth is that on or about November 24, 2010, I purchased an HTC G2 smartphone for my son as an early holiday gift and agreed to purchase their unlimited data, email and text messaging features upon the recommendations offered by a number of different T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s representatives at both their store locations and call center[s]. On or about January 2, 2011, I believed in good faith that I was making the same identical purchase for myself after researching the HTC G2 handset on multiple occasions while speaking with a number of different T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s representatives at both their store locations and call center[s]. Each of those actors gave me T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s guarantee that I was receiving full and unlimited service for data, email and text messaging just like my son was already receiving. Every time their CSRs checked my account at the store locations or the call center[s], they confirmed this to be the case. Furthermore, I repeatedly asked the T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s CSRs if unlimited data, email and text messaging meant that my first smartphone was going to be an extension of my work computer and each time was assured the HTC G2 smartphone would be that and more. NEVER WAS I INFORMED OF ANY 5GB DATA USAGE LIMIT. Let me reiterate that since the purchase of my HTC G2 smartphone on or about January 7, 2011 and having always used it in the same manner, I was never previously informed of any 5GB data usage limit or anything other than unlimited data, email and text messaging. The first time that I ever heard of T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s claim of a 5GB data usage limit is reflected in the Addendum of Tuesday, May 10, 2011 that denotes an incoming text message at approximately 12:48 PM PST 889 Free T-Mobile MSG: You have used over 5 GB of data this month. Your data speed has been reduced for the rest of your billing cycle per the terms of your plan. This came as a form of harassment after my refusing to speak with T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s CSRs telephonically and requiring they communicate in writing. The modification to this addendum also rises from an attempt to communicate with a T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s call center CSR at around 5:00 PM PST on the above referenced date. On that occasion I was harassed and told my name was not on the account. The female employee was combative with a sociopathic and sarcastic demeanor that seemed amused when I stated my account began with VoiceStream Wireless, Inc. in 1999. Since I was unable to discover the problem that for the past three days has been causing all of my radio apps to skip and my internet access to do the same, I concluded the telephonic communication, asked the CSR to note the call, and stated I would contact T-Mobile USA, Inc. later in the evening. This must be what Ms. Maes considers customer service under the color of being borderline anti-Semitic. Around 8:30 PM PST, again I telephonically contacted T-Mobile USA, Inc., their CSR who was polite and I stated that the reason my HTC G2 smartphone was being interrupted and experiencing a data skip was because my account had exceeded a 5GB data usage limit. Again I explained that the first time I'd ever heard of this was 5GB dates usage limit was in a harassing text message from T-Mobile USA, Inc. after I refused to telephonically communicate with them and required T-Mobile USA, Inc. to respond in writing to a complaint still under action. The young man stated that other customers had been complaining of the same issues and said the only thing that I could do was to buy a recently designed new rate plan with a two year lock-in for an additional $60.00 a month per line that would provide 10GB of data usage. Not only did I decline, but given T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s culpable demeanor, I opine their complicit actions are intent on herding their unsuspecting, defrauded and possibly complacent customers into a financial trap that requires a sizable rate increase. This could be as a result of pending technologies on the horizon and drawing board with Microsoft's purchase of Skype that will likely destroy T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s business. One wonders if these unlawful trade practices are designed to herd their customers into being further gouged with an agenda originating from the acquisition of T-Mobile USA, Inc. by AT&T that is regulated under the Public Utility Commission and the Uniform Practices Act of 1939 [O.L. 1939 ch. 320]. T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s Modus Operandi for their ongoing crimes results by their Customer Service Agents verbally telling their customers and me they are going to receive unlimited service for data, email and text messaging at a given price. Secondly the T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s CSR asks the customer to listen to an automated message that the customer agrees to in good faith with yes answers while believing they are accepting the previously stated terms that are not carried over into the automated questionnaire. Thirdly, T-Mobile USA, Inc. then dehorse the customer through this bait and switch tactic, which at a minimum any first year law student would see as a clear case of fraud. Lastly, T-Mobile USA, Inc. willfully digs their own legal grave as they have with Ms. Maes' letter and in the same manner that found their company previously cited in Oregon when doing businesses as VoiceStream Wireless, Inc.  Around the time that Ms. Maes' letter was communicated to the Oregon Department of Justice, it seems that T-Mobile USA, Inc., has also started punitively disrupting my service and internet access. This has punitively prevented my ability to communicate and do research as an investigative journalist, member of the free press and a pending candidate for the State of Oregon's 1st Congressional District in 2012. Last night I wanted to listen to the podcast of my colleague Norman Goldman's radio program of which I am a financial contributor. The show is three hours long and since I could not listen normally through a radio app, I thought that downloading the podcast would only take a few minutes as usual; instead it took nearly five hours and skipped to prevent my listening later. Since that time, T-Mobile USA, Inc. has made my accessing the function buttons on my Facebook page impossible through the HTC G2 smartphone. Doing business with T-Mobile USA, Inc. compares with going to a restaurant and paying $80.00 for a steak dinner only to be served a photograph with a scratch-and-sniff smell area and the server telling you how great the image tastes. T-Mobile USA, Inc. as a business should be viewed as criminally insane.    Since on or before January 20, 2006, I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that T-Mobile USA, Inc., a German corporation has engaged in espionage against the United States while outing a clandestine agent of the federal government by disseminating classified government documents as a participant in the political sanctions brought against me as a validated FBI whistleblower for over a decade through ongoing Cointelpro operations and under the color of something cousin to evolved McCarthyism.    In closing with all of T-Mobile USA. Inc.'s flowery personal self-aggrandizements concerning what they believe are great deals provided to me as a customer since on or about 1999, lest we forget T-Mobile USA, Inc. has been advertising unlimited service for data, email and text messaging on television for an estimated cost of $79.00 a month and elsewhere for $50.00 a month with no annual contract, see the image below. After I purchased two HTC G2 smartphones in November 2010 and January 2011 for an estimated total of $300.00, T-Mobile USA, Inc. gave those handsets away for FREE over the Valentine's Day holiday weekend. Do not close this investigation against T-Mobile USA, Inc. Bob Levin Addendum: Friday, June 10, 2011 T-Mobile USA, Inc. and it's representatives, in this case Cindy Maes, have continually caused me to write several addendums with their intention of possibly frustrating this complaint against T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s ongoing Corporate Malfeasance in violation of state and federal laws meant to protect the consumers in Oregon and across the U.S. Cindy Maes and all T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s CSRs involved with my account, knew or should have known, which telephone number is assigned to each of my family members on my account. This telephone number association with each family member has recognized T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s refusal to discuss certain particulars with me over the telephone while stating the number is registered to a different person on my account. Those names are additionally listed on T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s website and my account page next to the numbers. With each handset upgrade, T-Mobile USA, Inc. has clearly identified the family member's name associated with the given handset number. Those corresponding identifiers were also stated within this and other complaints against T-Mobile USA, Inc.   Possibly T-Mobile USA, Inc. is monitoring my Facebook comments to the over 30,000 readers and other media colleagues who follow me on various websites. Regardless, on Friday, June 10, 2011, the published anniversary of my grandfather's delivery at birth by the personal physician of Edgar Allan Poe in 1898 and on the day I was helping my son to move from Oregon State University for his internship at the University of Washington, T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s Cindy Mae telephonically contacted my son's number ending in [removed] and left my name while discussing an addendum received by their office as a facsimile on that date. Not only does this demonstrate to two faced complicit nature of T-Mobile USA, Inc. and its CSRs, but it should cause each agency processing this complaint to realize that T-Mobile USA, Inc. will do nothing, but talk to mask their white collar continuing criminal enterprise, unless unmasked with legal action by the state, federal, ACLU, activist organizations or private law firms. As stated previously, I require T-Mobile USA, Inc. to respond in writing, since they have proven repeatedly that their verbal and automated business contract agreements mean nothing and are designed as doublespeak deceptions intended to defraud the American consumer.   T-Mobile USA, Inc. is a criminal corporation that was found guilty under previous action on this very account while doing business as VoiceStream Wireless, Inc. T-Mobile USA, Inc. is again culpable for multiple violations of law using the same Modus Operandi that resulted in a conviction, fine and AVC as a document of record and court order. Should any government agency drop this complaint against a culpable T-Mobile USA, Inc. and fail to prosecute T-Mobile USA, Inc.'s corporate officers in the absence of a corporate veil of protection while having been bestowed the equal and opposite protections of law with corporate personhood given the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United, then you might as well close down the courts, use the American flag for toilet paper and profess treason as the new democracy. The unlawful actions of T-Mobile USA, Inc. are part of what is converting the dream and promise of America into the assurances of a virtual death camp environment. T-Mobile USA, Inc. is still disrupting and fractionalizing my account services under the color of Cointelpro and the evolved blacklisting methods of McCarthyism. Sanitized version of this complaint published on Scribd.com: http://www.scribd.com/doc/55157418/Trade-Practice-Complaint-against-T-Mobile-USA-Inc
Entity: Portland, Oregon
21, Report #814112
Dec 26 2011
08:20 PM
T-MOBILE USA Misleading sales Albuquerque, New Mexico
When it sound too good to be true then it is. This was a RIP-OFF I would had never seen coming! My story start with T-Mobile who if any one had told me this I would not have believe it. I have bee told for a long time by part of my family that have T-Mobile they are the one to go with. I have to say I was taken in by T-Mobile when it was a low part of my life. This start off when I was in the hospital I had to get a new because the one I had did not work well and I was paying $150.00mn. So I call T-Mobile and told them that I do a lot of my work on the phone I do Food Ministry for my church and use my phone lot. I need a phone that I can see that have big numbers and don't drop calls. I was told on we have a phone for you that you will like I also told them I can't be without my Cel Phone because I have a defibrillator and don't know when I have to use my phone. I was told no problem you want have to worry about that.. So I get my phone. I had just got out the hospital and when I start to have problems and start to call T-Mobile back never did any sales person tell me what phone I need or try to help me. Each time I call I had been calling for 2wks now. Even doing Christmas I call and was told they would help me up to 12-29-11. This is just not right if they would give me my money back or give me a phone I can see to use, that is right for me I will be OK.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
22, Report #944974
Sep 21 2012
09:03 PM
T-Mobile USA Trying to screw me out of a five hundred bucks! Internet
Allow me to explain: a couple months back, I received an over the air update for one of my handsets on my family plan to upgrade the OS to Ice Cream Sandwich.  The update appeared to install successfully and the phone rebooted like it said it would. Then it rebooted again, which I found odd because it said it'd only do that once. Maybe it had to install other stuff while booting and had to restart, I'd consoled myself, but the phone rebooted again, and then again ad infinitum. Something was definitely wrong. I should explain that I have accepted OTA updates on my tablets and other handsets before, so I've got a pretty good idea how this stuff is supposed to go--and this wasn't it. In fact,  I knew exactly what this was--the bootloader was trying to load Android, but for some reason couldn't, and therefore it did the only thing it was programmed to do: try again until the end of time. I was stuck in a boot loop, with a soft bricked device. Having bought this handset only a few months earlier, I took it to the T-Mobile store where I got it and told them what's up. The customer service representative that I spoke to, who seemed super friendly, told me not to worry about it and that they'd send the handset to their warranty department, after which I'd receive a working replacement. I walked out the store, and a week later I received a working replacement as promised and actually felt quite satisfied I'd made a good choice to stick with T-Mobile after so many years instead of shopping around for another carrier. A couple months pass, and everything seems peachy until I notice my usual hundred twenty dollar bill is suddenly four hundred. Obviously some sort of mistake, I told myself as I phoned customer service to find out what the hell is going on. I waited, and waited...then finally got someone. Their customer service representative explained to me that there's a surcharge for a smart phone that wasn't returned to their warranty department. The same bloody handset that I had to give to their store rep so a warranty claim could be initiated for my replacement. The replacement I'm at at moment using to talk to the customer service rep. I explained the situation calmly, but the drone on the other end was limited to basically say we offer reasonable payment plans to pay your outstanding balance. It was the same spiel, awkwardly rephrased, over and over until I demanded a supervisor. For that I was punished to wait forty more minutes, but I remained persistent. When I got a manager on the line, I explained the situation that the minion customer rep drone couldn't resolve, and she said she'll look into it. I wait a bit more, but then she comes back and tells me to go back to that store and speak with the supervisor there. All that waiting, and all I get is being deflected to someone else. This being a store that's twenty miles away from my house, with gas prices the way they are. I try again, this time with another customer representative who was able to do SOMETHING. She said she'd open an investigation report on my account at the store I bought/returned the defective handset from, and then temporarily reactivated my line so she could call me back with the report. I wait a week--nothing. I call them again, speak to yet another customer representative who detailed the same payment plan drivel to me with a disturbingly clinical detachment to the fact they were trying to screw me out of hundreds of dollars for TWO mistakes made on their end.  I demand a manager, who also ultimately tries to cleverly deflect me back to the store after I wasted so much time, and after their rep lying to me about opening an investigation she said she would. I explained that I was basically giving 75% effort to get this resolved, and if they couldn't even meet me at 25%, I couldn't possibly see any way I can do business with them. She offers to put me to customer loyalty and see what they can do for me, and perhaps in a desperate bid to make me give up by sheer frustration, I was punished to a bloody HOUR AND EIGHTEEN MINUTES on hold--after which the drone on the other end explained the customer reps on the store aren't meant to initiate any warranty claim on my behalf and are supposed to tell me to personally ship any defective handsets to their warranty department for an exchange. Then--get this--he says go and speak to the manager at that store again! So, basically T-Mobile: 1.) Soft bricked my handset with a faulty OTA update that clearly wasn't thoroughly tested. 2.) Then their store rep lied to me and probably stole the defective handset from me. 3.) Deflected me and made me play phone tag with their customer representative drones--and then they expected me to pay them five hundred bucks for inconveniencing them after so many years of silence. I was beyond hysterical and simply laughed in honest horror, and then asked my service with them be terminated immediately. The only thing that stopped me from telling the loyalty drone, or any other drone I came across, is the fact I knew at the end of the day they were just that--regular people like you and me who were only cogs in a bureaucracy, following a travesty of a script ill wrought by C-Level executives--fat and lofty in their ivory towers with only a tangential interest in human affairs. Perhaps I should have been more careful and shouldn't have trusted the OTA update, or what their store rep told me about the warranty claim--but why in the hell should I construct a measure for testing an OTA update and have to basically screen the trustworthiness of THEIR store employees every time I must enact a transaction at THEIR places of business, and then be expected to pay for THEIR mistakes? I'm taking my money elsewhere.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #183926
Mar 29 2006
11:38 AM
T-Mobile USA fraudulent billing, made service change charges retroactive Albuquerque New Mexico
On 1/29/06 I called to change my service plan to a more expensive one. They said the change will be effective 1/31/06. My next bill showed that they had made the change 1/31, but that they are charging me for the higher rate retroactively back to 1/5. I called and they explained it's their policy to backdate any change in charges (only if the change is to a higher priced plan I'm sure) to the start of my billing cycle, which is the fifth of the month. I said I don't care what their policy is, that they are charging for services they were not providing for those 26 days, and that I don't accept it. I threatened to take it to the media, BBB, and the attorney general. I must have made five emails & phone calls and made no progress. They dug in their heels. I forwarded all correspondance to the Oregon Attorney General Consumer Fraud Dept. T-Mobile credited my account within two weeks! Your atty general can't represent you and litigate for you, but they can place pressure on these thieves to do the right thing. Too many complaints and they can be fined or even forced out of business in extreme situations. Leonard Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
24, Report #183375
Mar 26 2006
02:59 PM
T-mobile Usa refused to exchange defected cell phone Albuquerque New Mexico
I purchased a 2 year contract and a Samsung x495 cell phone from t-mobile store located at 297 Boston Post Rd.,Orange CT on Friday March 24 2006. Next day my cell phone stop working. I called t-Mobil customer service and their rep suggested me to go back to the store for exchange it. I came back to the store on Sunday March 26. Lady named Lashley??? refused to exchange it because some indicator under the battery showed that there was moisture. There was no rain or snow in my place for a couple of weeks, I did not take it into the shower etc. From the store I called to the t-mobile customer service and talked to the lady named Ellen ID 1049207, who can not, or probably did not want to help me. She offered me to PAY FOR ANOTHER PHONE. So, according to the rules and regulations of t-Mobile I have to buy a new cell phone on a daily basis. So, now I have: - 728 days of contract with t-Mobile left - Broken Samsung x495 phone - No any desire to recommend anyone to deal with t-Mobile Mikhail milford, ConnecticutU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
25, Report #961887
Oct 30 2012
04:35 AM
T-Mobile USA TMobile Deceptive Fraudulent Tactics used against customers, Internet
I called T-Mobile USA cancellation department to cancel one of my multiple out-of-contract lines on October 20, 2012. The Customer Service Rep at the cancellation department lied to me on 4 counts offering me a brand new Smart Phone for FREE if I would keep the line. He lied to me within the same hour on 4 different counts to get my lines renewed and back on contract. Sadly, i believed him. Later on while speaking with a different customer service rep, i realized that i was duped by the other one who had me renew my lines fraudulently!!! Now, they tell me i cannot go back to my old out-of-contract plan and that I wont get my promised product credit. They are notorious scammers. I hope our COLLECTIVE ACTION by spreading the truth about their LIES, and unethical and fraudulent practices will bring about some result.. T-Mobile USA's deceptive, fraudulent scamming tactics is UNACCEPTABLE!
Entity: , Internet

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