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1, Report #1402346
Sep 25 2017
08:20 PM
Taclight Concepts LLC Taclight SCAM Lakeland Florida
Did an Amazon survey and chose a reward for filling out the survey. Paid $4.95 for a tactical pen from Taclight on 9/11/17. On 9/26/2017 Taclight made an unauthorized charge of $49.95 to my credit card. I had already paid the $4.95 and did not order anything else from them.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1411597
Nov 13 2017
07:45 AM
Taclight concepts Onlinesurvivalgears Free taclight just pay $4.95 shipping Lakeland Florida
Offer was free taclight just pay $4.95 shipping. Shipping charge from Taclight concepts. Later received a charge for $49.95 from a separate company Online survival gears. Onlinesurvivalgears doesn't offer the flashlight I was shipped. They only offer a Taclight2000 which retails for $24.99. I disputed the charge with my bank but it appears they have their ass covered with 30 day trial, proof of delivery etc.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
3, Report #1401915
Sep 23 2017
12:10 PM
Taclight Concepts Purchased a flashlight for $4.95 and a month later was charged $49.99 for no reason with no warning. Lakeland Florida
 I was offer a free gift, a taclight, to finish a questionaire. I completed it and at the end i was informed i had to pay $4.95 shipping. I agreed to that and was careful that there was nothing else attached. The $4.95 was charged to my card and that was fine. Approximately a month later with now warning or explaination $49.99 was charged to my account from Taclight Concepts.
Entity: Florida
4, Report #1402174
Sep 25 2017
09:47 AM
Taclight Concepts I was asked to complete a survey and at the end of the survey I was offered the taclight gift. It stated I only needed to pay the $4.95 shipping and fee and I made sure there was nothing else. Now my account has been charged $49.95 for no reason. Lakeland Fl
I was offered a free Taclight to complete a survey. I completed the survey and then was asked to pay a $4.95 shipping fee. I made sure there were no other charges, agreed and paid the fee. I never received the Taclight and now my account has been charged an additional $49.95. I have blocked any other charges from this company, which cost another fee with my bank. This also caused my account to overdraw and that is an additional $34.00. So the item I never received has cost me $98.95. I am very upset and warn other people regarding this company.  
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1402203
Sep 25 2017
10:48 AM
Taclight Concepts LLC ROK7 Lakeland Florada Ordered and taclight for $4.95, which I was charged for on 8/22/2017 and then on 9/06/2017 I was charged an additional $49.99 Lakeland Florida Internet
This is one of those offers in the sweepstakes and one of the offers was the tacklight flashlights for 4.95 which was charged to my credit card and then later was charged an additional 49.99
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1400450
Sep 16 2017
10:24 AM
  On 09/01/17  I bought a light from TACLIGHT C0NCEPTS LLC  for  $4.95 . I  recieved the light a week later.                                       I did not order anything else from this company. On  09/16/17  a charge of $49.99 appeared on my credit card from  TACLIGHT CONCEPTS LLC.   Sounds like this company and the ROK7.com company , are working together ripping the people off  with bogus credit card charges.
Entity: LAKELAND, Florida
7, Report #1403824
Oct 03 2017
07:21 AM
Taclight Concepts LLC Did a survey and chose a free reward. Paid $4.95 S+H for a tactical headlamp. Then Taclight made an unauthorized charge of $49.95 to my credit card. FLA Internet Florida
Did an online survey and chose a reward for filling out the survey. Paid $4.95 for a tactical headlamp from Taclight on 9/04/17. On 9/19/2017 Taclight made an unauthorized charge of $49.95 to my credit card. I had already paid the $4.95 and did not order anything else from them
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1402622
Sep 27 2017
07:09 AM
Taclight Concepts I saw their popup ad online. Should have known this would be too good to be true. They charged you $4.95 but later I got charged $49.99 and never did receive any merchandise from them and it has been several weeks. Lakeland Florida
 I saw this ad online. They asked for $4.95 for a taclight. I was later charged $49.99. I later was able to get the $4.95 taken off my checking. Couldn't figure out where it was from. The $ 49.99 is still on my account and is listed as Taclight Concept 5999(Reference#72540008) I have never received any merchandise from this company and it has been several weeks.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
9, Report #1416828
Dec 13 2017
10:42 PM
Taclight Concept LLC ROK7 Promised to give a $50 credit after completing a survey. All you have to do is pay shipping. Lakeland Florida
This company seduce people to fill out a short survey then promised a $50 gift credit. They have a product that they claim worth $50 and you can have it for free. All you have to do is pay shipping. After a couple of weeks after recieving the product we we're charge $50 on our credit card. They have no contact number for us to reach or website. This company is a scam artist and should be shut dowm immediately.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
10, Report #1419982
Dec 30 2017
09:44 AM
TacLight Bell Howell Bell Howell Tac Light, Unable to find an address. Rip OFF Internet
Tele Marketers/Infomercials should be forbidden.  They all have something in common: Low quality and robbing you.  I ordered the TacLight over the internet. One for 19.99 and the secon one free. you only pay the S&H 10.00.  And, there is a $2.00 for website orders. SOMETHING NEVER SEEN IN THE USA.  Website orders are supposed to lower the cost since no human is working.  Then I contacted them over the telephone and found a more interesting offer.  I decided to cancel the Website order.  Two weeks later I received the website order.  They never cancelled the website order.  I called to complain and the operator said the return was at my own expense!  LOL  Never seen in the USA either.  In the mean time I saw offers at SAM's Club, Walgreens and other places where you could buy the same garbage and reurned if it did not was the expected.  The flashlight is a normal flashlight, I don't think the military use that cheap instrument.  The real cost in a recent trip to China is US$ 2.00.Somebdy should protect the public from these cheap advertised products. I got robbed with $30.00 plus the $2.00 for USING THE WEBSITE TO ORFER THE PRODUCT.A total ripoff to unprotected citizens
Entity: Internet
11, Report #359040
Aug 04 2008
01:38 PM
COR Concepts, CAP Concepts are FAKE!!! McLean Virginia
I was starting to look for jobs and uploaded my resume on the usual job websites and got caught to these scams. the first time i went for the interview thinking i was going for an 'account management' position.. WHAT A LIE! I was thrille dto get selected for the second interview and ended up getting driven around with another 'account manager(or so he seems to believe).. at one point i was standing in line at a dairy queen waiting to talk to the guy who was making the ice cream to ask him what phone service he was using and if he was using the service i was promoting, could i see his phone bill... CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW AKWARD THAT IS??? we kept pulling up at restautants and apartment leasing centers.. and basically just being a PAIN IN THE ASS to everyone! I got caught again this time to CAP concepts mainly because the guy who intervied me kept saying we are hiring you for a Manager position.. So i went for the second interview which was going to be from 12-8! (Nice work hrs right?).. we pulled up at some deserted shopping center somewhere in fairfax.. we started walking.. in the hot sun.. from door to door trying to cell a $30 coupon to anyone and everyone! At one point a customer at a CVS store threatened to call the police and say we are harrasing her.. thats when alarm bells started ringing.. My 'Boss' for that day was a lanky early 20 something boy who was convinced that he was going to be a CEO very soon.. he kept getting ignored and snapped at by angry consumers and shop owners.. i felt bad for him.. I had absolutly NO respect for him.. he was a total door ro door salesman.. it was SO embarresing.. At one point i asked him 'so is everyone here going to be a manager?' He sounded SO stupid when he replied yes cause we both knew it was impossible. And the worst part is these people dont get paid either.. its commission.. I finally couldnt take it anymore and told them i wasnt interested and went home after 2 hours.. what a load of crap. These companies are SCAMS. TOTAL RIP-OFFS. These people use the term 'manager' as bait and people fall for it.. if you go for an interview and there are 20 people more waiting at the lobby SAVE YOURSELF and just walk away. Sarah Washington, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: McLean, Virginia
12, Report #284685
Nov 13 2007
07:26 PM
Sky Concepts Sky concepts Altamonte Springs Florida
For all of you poor souls who get seduced by this scam beware. Sky concepts called me for an interview and first of all when I arrived it's in a crummy run down office building with a bunch of kids working there. They tell you that they're only interested in hiring the best professionals to start there business. What they dont tell you is that they're a scam. You start as a business manager, or account executive pathetic door to door salesman. They make you believe they have big name accounts like staples and things of that nature when it's a company called quill which is a subsidiary of staples that's hardly known. If you want to go door to door and have to drive sometimes an hour to your territory without being reimbursed for your gas or cell phone then this is a great job for you. If you can make it through the kidnapping, which is them taking you on an ALL DAY interview to one of there reps locations and harrasing business owners to buy there products. after all that you finally have the opportunity to move up, if you want to start a sky concepts of your own by buying the rights to the name and scamming a whole new breed of suckers to take your position. these things should be illegal. Mr. d orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Altamonte Springs, Florida
13, Report #307181
Feb 07 2008
08:42 PM
Corporate Concepts Data Entry Position at Corporate Concepts Internet
AFter an initial email about a job offer I was asked to sign into Yahoo Messenger for an interview. All the preceding contact was via Yahoo. I received three International Money Orders at $850 dollars each from jerry D. Holbrook written on the Canadian Imperial of Commerce (CIBC) and payable by Chase Manhattan Bank Delaware. These money orders were not from the person I was taking to nor did they come from a business address. They were meant to pay for software to use for my employment at Corporate Concepts. One software program I was to buy with the funds( 10% of the received amount) and the remainder was to be wired overseas to pay for the remaining software. The funds were to be sent to an individual in London, England. Not to a business but to an individual. When I informed the company that it could take 2-6 weeks for the bank to clear I was queried on sending my funds in the mean time. I informed them that my funds would not be involved and that they should have sent the funds directly rather than using me as a middle man. Then I was ask to send at least $500. I told them I thought it was a scam. Immediately the person signed off. They did come back on later but as soon as I became visible again they disappeared. They may not reappear with this company or offer. but I am sure that they will be back. I hope to inform others so they can be warned about these m.o.s from CIBC. I see that they also have tried using the CIBC to buy things off the internet. I hope that person was not hurt. But if so I am sorry and thank you for taking the time to report it on the Ripoff Report. Chuck Stow, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #250450
May 25 2007
06:48 PM
Commercial Concepts Commercial Concepts- Atlas never printed! Twin Cities Minnesota
I was approached by a very good friend of mine to promote advertising for a Atlas. I gave her the names and addresses of Business Owners who I thought may be interested in advertsing. She collected over $10,000.00 in ads, utilized my Business name and repour to sell them. It has been over a year and we have not recieved any Atlas. She has made numerous calls to the person in charge and he doesn't return her call or he tells her the Atlas is in print and will be here in a week.... that was months ago! Please be careful when someone asks you to utilize their name when contacting people for advertising. I will NEVER do this again. Has anyone had the same problem with this Company? Please advise. Our next step is Court Action. Susan Saginaw, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Saginaw, Michigan
15, Report #6140
Aug 13 2001
12:00 AM
Ripped off by A.V. Concepts
Injury to Sammie Gairin Employed by A.V. Concepts 1917 W 1sst St.Tempe Az(480) 557-6000 Date of injury 053000 ICA # 20001610347 Time of injury 10:15 10:30 A.M. . immediately following a safety lecture Two employee's of Rhino Staging were to unload a liftgate style Ryder truckI was to direct them. When both guys are inside the truck one of them must hold onto the case as the liftgate is moving. This was not the case.'as the gate began to come down with a case that weighed well over 500 lbs.(closer to 900)the case rolled gaining momenteum and slammed into my right knee at this point I began to yell; What are you doing? The guy's both in the truck, attempting to move another case, immediately turned their attention as well as everyone else's in the warehouse to me and what was about to unfold. I don't know which one did it but they shut off the liftgate and made it worse. Now not only was the the case against my knee now, stopping the lftgate caused the case to tilt (come up off the rear wheels) all aof its was was now on my knee joint. Now I'm yelling ,hey get this off me, now. At this point I am really starting to attract attenton of the other staff now, one of them (in the truck) pusheed the button to star the liftgate moving again, but he pushed down instead of up. Their gate began to move downwards as it was crushing my leg with not only the case of equipment, but with hydrolic pressure too. Stop, stop stop it, I screamed quickly but not quickly enough some one in the truck shut off the liftgate (the controls were notwithin my reach there on the ground) . Still trapped by the liftge and case I thought it was over, no, not yet both young men were about six feet tall 175 lbs they seemed to realizejust what had happened (Danny Hously was first ?) began to come to my aid, realizing I was trapped both guys jumped from inside the truck bed apporx. 4 -5ft off of the on to the lft gate as the youngest one hit first I grabbed for him to get his 200lbs extra off of my knee, The one I worked with before noticed this and jumped off theliftgate as quickly as his weight beared down in addition to what was trapping me there. I do not know who finally released me but Danny H. lighting dept.) was there and said damn it you know this wouldn't have happened if we just use are guy's those rhino guys are dangerous. I tried to stand on my leg for a while , we had a very busy schedule, specially with my boss leaving town and later to have knee surgury of his own we had TRUCKS to load/unload [pull, inspect reurn exchange repair order in, design equipfor] the show must go on. Well, after someone got me a chair and some ice the new lady from HR came down to see if I wanted to go to the Dr. While arranging transportaton for me HR lady obviosly I could ride My HARLEY for a while I called my friends Scott Harkema and Mary to arrange transportatin home for myself. Dr''sMBI clinic dr. Joe Meloni Mesa MRI MBI dr. other than meloni Dr. meloni req. to creasmen Dr creasemean Ssurgury sched Surgury cancelled typo at state fund cancells surgury just before it was to begin Rescheduled surgury approx 2-3 weeks later Call as I was leaving my house surgicenter caught fire Rescheduled for later same day at good sam no antibiotic that I was not allergic to. Creaseman elects to operate anyway. described surgury to my sister as needing a great deal more than he expected preps me for further surgury does not remove tumor Creasemen on vacation see PA in his office assures me no infection present Start phys thearpy in about 1 week Phsy. Therapist stops program it seems to be doing more harm than good Dr. creaseman re-evaluates talks about further surguries and prescribes unloader brace. August released to modified work AV Concepts was going to train me like they had said to use their compter sys. Not just the repair restock order and maintaince of their facility I HUNG SIGNS MOVED OFFICES LOADED TRUCKS ORDERED SUPPLIES PICKED UP SUPPLIES YES I WAS WORKING FOR ALL THE DEPTS IN MANY CAPACITIES. BUT WHEN I RECEIVED A DEMAND LETTER FROM av CONCEPTS TO APPEAR AT WORK AND ONLY WORK 4 HOURS A DAYi WS SHOCKED. THAT'S NOT LIGHT DUTYOF LIMITED DUTY THAT'S UNBELEIVABLE I COULD JUST PAY THE BILLS ON THE 60 + HOURS A WEEK I WAS WORKING I SURELY COULDN'T MAKE IT ON ONLY THE 60% OF A STRAIGHT 40 HOUR THAT WORKERS COMP PAID ME. NOW It was getting worse. Injune 2000 I took in my first roommate. Here I am at almost 40 yrs old living in a nice house(parents, it was my inheritance) on a golf course with a new Harley, just accepted to law school Well when I got home from MBI clinic with cruthes and in a good deal of pain, how was I to know that I would not be able to even bury my parents poor little dog. She died that evening and I couldn't even buryher I called around and finally found someone who would dig the grave here at my (parents) house. I've never been on workmans comp before and didn't know anyone who hadmoney's tight and now I cant work for two weeks,or dso I though(now it's been over a year.yes ive tried to work even had to leave AV concepts workmans comp said so. You must take a job that will work you for more hours or they will stop paying you. AV concepts would only give me four hours a day , they (H.R.)saidi we don't have any light duty work here, you were just warehouse help what do you mean computer training.) One day over the few that I wasthere I stayed 15 or 20 minutes late clocked out and was waiting for my ride Karen (HR)came out to the parking lot and started yelling at me. Hey what do you think you're doing while holding my time card. II was stupified until I remembered that AV Concepts had sent me a paid holiday check for 7400 then called me and asked me to please return it, expalination well Sam you didn't work on the preceding day so you don't qualify for it. This was the way everything reguard my caswe has gone.cancel surgury stress related thereto, delay in surgury , surgicenter catching fire on my day, no antibiotics as a prophalactic for all arthroscopic surgury, Creaseman not available to discuss surgury with me (sister Toni) was out of town(creasmanhad explained the procedure to her they did they forget totell me anything else? Now my knee is no better than before the surgury,they sent me to Moscynski,22nd opp. Then to a PHD who said it was obvious that I required further treatment and I had learnecd to accommodate well. When you cant even shower without this brace on, having sex is almost immpossible you can do the one other thing that can just make everything alright because of that stupid case and thatliftgate truck you get I don't unbeleivably stresssed.. Then they repo my Harley I was physically sick for days it just tore me up hey Creaseman said I could be riding in two weeks before he did the surgury, but it didn't work that way now they say I'll never ride( canthold it up with just 1 knee) again I just want my life back. Now after selling off almost all of my inheritance, personal belonginmgs collections of guns, knives tools ,toys, cars, jewery, and almost any other thing of value that I could scrape together Ive filed chap 13 can't make the payments and they are forclosing on my home that's right Ill never ride again but that's ok I wont have a place to park it anyway.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
16, Report #399270
Dec 08 2008
03:54 PM
Digital Concepts faulty electronics Nationwide
I bought a key chain digital camera. It doest take pictures the way it advertises!The software I had to install didnt work properly either! My computer said every thing was installed, but the pogram still didnt work.The strangest part is the instructions I found inside the pakaging! There was a slip of paper that read If you experience problems with this camera, donot return it to the store! call the help line! why? Merchandise never includes this type of instructions unless it involves time periods in which it may be too late to return the product! Bottom line the camera was garbage!!!! and their malfunction instructions seem fishy! Saphireez akron, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #833422
Feb 03 2012
01:35 PM
Personnel Concepts SCAM Ontario, California
I have had the exact same issues that are reported here about Personnel Concepts.  I wanted to add that when they call they tell you what they'll be sending you instead of asking if you are interested and pressure like no other sales call I've ever had.  I am so glad I read the reports on here, I didn't realize they weren't related to the government and thought every business just had to purchase from them.  Additionally, I specifically asked if there was somewhere else I could get the posters for less than $150 (on top of the subscription I'd been sold six month before so that I wouldn't have to pay for updates for a year, further scam)...they told me you can not get the posters for free and basically just said to look for my bill in the mail.  Such a scam, shameful and deceptive practices. 
Entity: Ontario, California
18, Report #1179904
Sep 29 2014
10:57 AM
closeouts concepts beware! liars! wellington florida
Last month I trusted this company, after awhile back and forth I agreed to get pallets of mixed merchandise and toys, I wasn't too convinced but I don't know how I ended up buying, long story short I received all broken toys and a bunch of broken dirty coffee makers, set of glassware in pieces, non working lamps and so many things that when I saw them I got so frustrated thinking where I was going to be able to sell them. I though because of my inexperience on this bussiness they took advantege of me, but now I see that they do it all the time to people, thats there proffesion Rip off people legaly, beacuse they offer you by phone one thing and you get another , but legaly they protected because what the papers in the contract and the bill said, My only mistake was to trust them! Please make sure not to trust your money to this people, dont fall into my mistake.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1402935
Oct 22 2017
02:06 PM
Private Purchase Taclight for 4.95- 20 days later and additional $49.99 from your account 4705 Dimath Drive, Lakeland FL Florida 33813
Big rip off. The item (Taclight) sold for 4.95. The 4.95 comes out of your account as specified, 15+ days later another 49.99 comes out of your account under another name- this is fraud and must be addressed by authority. The light is not even a good light and doesn't work- so now under warrantee you should receive both charges? Where is the authorities when crooks are ripping off honest people. Go to your bank and cancel your card and get your money back. Let the authorities address scum.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1418517
Dec 21 2017
04:00 PM
Rok7 Taclight They billed my credit card $49.99 after telling me I only had to pay shipping and handling of $4.95, as a git for taking an online survey. Lakeland Florida
I ordered a Free taclight after taking an online survey. All I had to do is pay $4.95 Shipping and handling. Order takes 7-10 business days. After 15 days, they charged my debit card $49.99 for free taclight. I tried to return the taclight to get my money back, but by the time I discoved the charge, it was past 30 days and they would not let me return it for a refund.I went to my bank to try to get resolution, they filed a dispute. Rok7 sent my bank a pile of unreadable printed documents allegedly proving that I had agreed to this. I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS agree to try a $49.99 flashlight. Some of the paperwork included that was readable was their Business description, We sell tactical Flashlights and charge $24.99 When I inquired as to why I was then billed $49.99, they claimed that the $24.99 was for a different flashlight. They claim they send the taclight out for a free 15 day trial, even though it takes 7-10 business days for the order to ship, they autobilled my account 15 days after ordering, whether you've received your order or not.They refuse to refund me my money, but offered me a $20.00 courtesy credit. How courteous of them after ripping me off!
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
21, Report #259275
Jul 07 2007
09:32 AM
New Health Care Concepts, New Auction Concepts, New Mortgage Concepts, New Money ConceptsNew Supposedly companies sponsored by Michael Hilliard 1-800-713-3182 Internet
Received a call from 800-713-3182, trying to sell me things called New Health Care Concepts; New Auction Concepts; New Mortgage Concepts; and New Money Concepts. The called (Daniel) played a tape for me supposedly from Michael Hilliard touting what great money making schemes these were. I checked the name Michael Hilliard on Google, and found your listing of other 'companies' that Hilliard was associated with that turned out to be scams and I am curious as to whether these companies I was contacted about were also (or new) scams by the same author. Richard high point, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: 1-800-713-3182, Internet
22, Report #478444
Aug 11 2009
10:39 AM
Competitive Marketing Concepts - Competitive Consulting - Kismet Concepts complete waste of time... manipulative company Austin Texas
All of these comments are true. I recently graduated college and was excited about what I read on their job posting so I applied with a fresh cover letter and resume. I was called by Twee (Thuy Nguyen) to schedule an interview date and time. I arrived on the interview day with 2 resumes as they requested but was still asked to fill out a generic application even though most of that info was on my resume. There was also a 1 page quiz I had to take asking about above the line and below the line marketing and about my personal values. The first interview was with just one person, Joe Nolan in a tiny office. I expressed my concern about not knowing what exactly the job entails but Joe assured me that I would find out at the 2nd part of the 3 part interview process if I were to be offered to progress. The interview went great and I received a phone call that same night from Thuy. She said I was one of the top candidates and Joe wanted me to progress onto the 2nd part of the interview. Thuy suggested I wear flats since I'd be following someone around on the field. I showed up on the day of the 2nd interview and waited in the lobby with one other person who was in the same position as me. As I waited, one of the girls at the front desk answered the phone as Kismet Concepts... the office is WAY too small for 2 separate companies to be sharing. Anyways, after waiting for 30 minutes, a group of about 20-30 young individuals strolled out of a conference room. Katherine, who greeted me at the first interview, was also sitting at the front desk and as each person left, she said Have a great day, See you later, Bye and addressed each person by name. Weird. After that group left, Justin introduced me to Jonathan. He asked Jonathan what area he was going to that day and Jonathan replied San Antonio. Great, that'll give you guys time to talk. So away we went to San Antonio in his California plate Tahoe that didn't have working A/C. On our way to SA, we talked a little about my work experience and quickly switched gears to interests, hobbies, etc. After we got to SA, we did door to door solicitation for Quill. Jonathan showed me a map of his territory which was mapped out by zip code. I asked if he was the only one on this Quill campaign or if everyone did the same campaign at a given time. Apparently, everyone does the same campaign but in their own territories. At lunch time, he gave me a piece of paper that had a break down of the different positions and the benefits. From the top, Branch Manager (Joe Nolan), Assistant Manager (Justin, who is leaving for Sacramento in 2 weeks), Lead Account Manager (Jonathan), and Entry Level (me). The pay break down is as follows: week 1: $400 base, week 2: $200 base + 15% commission, week 3: 28% commission. To be promoted to Lead Acct. Manager, you have to get 9 accounts in 3 days or 8 accounts in 5 days with a $1600 production size. Looking at this paper and listening to what Jonathan told me, I gathered that the only difference with Entry-Level and Lead Acct. Manager is that Jonathan has to train others like myself but still has to do the door to door BS. He constantly reminded me that Joe is a great guy and would do anything to help plan out specific goals because having a long-term goal is what keeps people in this job. Jonathan's goal was to buy his mom and dad a dream home back in Cali. At this point, I had a funny feeling in my gut but I thought it was just because I'd never worked in this field and felt uneasy. We did more door to door but didn't get any sales. On the drive back, Jonathan explained that this day was a good example of rolling a donut... a big fat zero. I asked him how long each of these campaigns last because at one point in the day, he explained to someone that he wasn't planning to stay in the office supplies business forever... which made it sound like he's been doing this for the whole 2 months that he's been with Competitive Consulting. He didn't give me a straight answer but gave me an example. Joe's been with the company for 4 years and he's been on the Quill campaign since the very beginning. Right before we arrived back at the office, Jonathan had me write 4 impulses of sales, 5 steps to sales, and 8 great work habits because they'd be on the quiz I'd have to take once we got back. That funny feeling came back. Is he supposed to be giving me the answers to this quiz? If he's allowed to, what determines who he gives the answers to? If he gives the answers to everyone, why the crap does this quiz even exist? I didn't ask these things and just went with the flow. After taking the quiz at the office, I had a final interview with Justin who was a complete prick by his tone. He mentioned the good qualities about me and asked if I felt ready to start working tomorrow. I decided to just go for it since I had nothing to lose so I answered Yes, definitely. Justin continued to look for reaffirming answers from me because if I were to take the position, Jonathan would be my coach and would put in 100%. If I wasn't ready and didn't put 100% into the job, I'd be wasting HIS time. He said that they'll train the right people even if they didn't have a college degree. In fact, he continued to rant that a lot of people WITH college degrees think that they deserve an easy job with easy money and lack the motivation to put in any effort. Everything he said had that negative undertone, but regardless, he said I can start working the following day and that Jonathan would call me later in the evening with info on what to bring. When I left, I was super excited and called all my friends but by the time I got home, I still had that funny feeling inside like something wasn't right. I tried convincing myself that this would be a new experience and that I could quit if it wasn't the right fit. Prior to sending in my resume, I did a credibility check online for Competitive Consulting and came up with nothing. I checked again and came across this website and 2 negative reviews on yahoo. I decided not to invest anymore time and effort into this pyramid scheme and waited for the phone call from Jonathan to let him know that I wouldn't be working there. I hoped to confront him about the reviews I read online too but I never got that phone call. If you have a college degree, don't waste your time with this company. You may learn a thing or two about sales and how to be a great actor but I personally think it's a waste with very little return. Jamie Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
23, Report #628084
Jul 31 2010
04:30 PM
Competitive Marketing Concepts - Competitive Consulting - Kismet Concepts Austin Business Consulting Same company, different name Austin, Texas
Before my job interview with Competitive Consulting, I googled them and found this information.  I am not one to believe everything online, so I called them up the morning of the interview.  I informed them that they have an entire file on RipoffReport.com.  I asked them to respond to the allegation that their is no actual management training program whatsoever and that the job is door to door sales.  The woman on the other line (Twee) stammered and put me on hold.  After a couple minutes, she came back on the line informing me that they do indeed to business to business presentations and basically did not refute anything.  So I canceled my job interview before I wasted my time.  As I continued job searching, I noticed that they have yet ANOTHER business name and website for the SAME EXACT LOCATION.  Maybe people were catching onto Competitive Consulting so they had to change their name again.  Now they are Austin Business Consulting but they are also operating as Competitive Consulting simultaneously!  The website for Austin Business Consulting is extremely professional.  Don't be fooled!  They are one and the same as Competitive Consulting.
Entity: Austin, Texas
24, Report #543734
Dec 22 2009
12:25 PM
Competitive Marketing Concepts - Competitive Consulting - Kismet Concepts deceptive/purposefully vague interview process/pyramid scheme pay structure Austin, Texas
First off, I'd like to echo every other sentiment found on these reports, I experienced exactly the same thing, right down to the same confused/sad individuals who were interviewing me.I had seen their ambiguous sales/management trainee hook posting on several sites (I responded to a posting on Craigslist and read that others had seen it on Careerbuilder/Monster) so was slightly confused about it but wanted to take a chance, especially given how difficult it was to find a good job.  I showed up for the interview and noticed several others waiting, which I view as a good thing given that there should be competition for a job otherwise it's not going to be worth anyone's time, but in retrospect I just feel sad for the other people who were also convinced to show up.  After filling out a generic questionnaire which asked little beyond what was already on my resum, I was brought in by the head of the company who told me that my resum/extra curriculars looked great and very fitting for the job.  I was flattered, of course, but immediately started to become suspicious because (not going to lie) I'd just finished my Bachelor's in English Lit and had little to no extra curriculars whatsoever.  I asked quite a few questions about the nature of the business and was told that they believe in a grassroots approach to business, which I can respect.  I didn't know this meant going door to door and they purposefully avoided telling people until the second round - field work, I assumed, meant business to business and not cold calling people in the middle of the hot Texas sun.I hesitated when my team manager (or some other title they give to those crazy enough to stick around) and a few other people were all planning/arguing about who needed to waste gas this time to drive to the field, but went with it.  I didn't have anything else to do and am a decent salesman so I figured I could try it.  I was desperate for a job.What followed was one of the most hellish 6-8 hours of my life.  Between my team manager arguing with his girlfriend on his cell phone over 50% of the time and the fact I was wearing a suit to my second round interview,  by the end of the 0 sale day I was pretty frustrated.  At lunch, talking with the other employees I realized that the majority of them did not have college degrees, which immediately made me feel like I was either wasting 8 hours listening to this nonsense, or that I had wasted 4 years continuing my education.  I decided the first was more appropriate.  Meanwhile, this was also the portion of the interview where I learned how the pay structure worked, which ultimately they guestimate how much you might make the first week, after you've progressed to team lead/after you've been working their 2 years and get to open your own version of this scheme in another state.  I asked them what the difference was in pay structure between the first and second tiers and they couldn't give me an answer (hint: there is none) beyond more experience yielding higher commissions which led me to conclude that this was the worst pyramid scheme ever - the suckers at the top are just as big of suckers at the bottom.As far as the actual work-knocking on people's doors and begging them to upgrade to a different cable package, I had never seen such aggressive and rude salesmanship.  I am generally a very polite person, so when I hear No, I am not interested I understand and respect that, but my team leader (as I imagine some do in this 100% commission situation) continued to press the issue, going so far as to insult a few customers (to their face, more than that behind their back once we had passed that house) who were only justifying their reason for trying to get us to not come to the door at dinnertime.After walking around suburban neighborhoods for 6 hours we headed back to the office for the 3rd round interview, which was basically just a pop quiz/few remaining questions to see how much I had payed attention.  Unfortunately, there was little about my manager's relationship problems on the quiz, so I BS'ed the majority and wow, I was hired.  Amazing.  I declined the position, respectfully, and thanked them for giving me a chance at the interviews.I don't have a problem with this type of work, I imagine a lot of their employees do quite well and feel fulfilled, but the ambiguity and deceptiveness of the interview process frustrated me to no end.  It wasn't the job I was looking for, and if I had been able to decide that without wasting my and their time we'd all be much better off.
Entity: Austin, Texas
25, Report #275035
Sep 17 2007
05:01 PM
Employment seekers beware!!! Here is a trio of companies Emerald concepts, eventive promotions, eventive concepts, with the same physical address!! 10512 meadowglen lane, Houston Tx 77042. I applied for emerald concepts and a fellow Jim Krawezyk with Eventive promotions interview me. He gave me a super vague idea of what they do, failed to tell me about all the 13 people they have been looking for during several weeks on their web sites. promised sky-high commission only, (4,500 per week) told me that the training will take six months (without compensation-commission only) and after three sentences did hand me the business card which read Eventive promotions instead of Emerald Concepts (they both have identical read-out on the web) I e mail him to tell him to destroy my personal information left with my application. He E-mail me back with another company and an AOL adress (Eventive concepts) Interviewers do not waste your precious time and look for legitimate job offers, they do not want to tell you is commission only on the phone claiming to be only receptionists. The company offices look like my home's garage. Ed XXXX houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas

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