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1, Report #1402203
Sep 25 2017
10:48 AM
Taclight Concepts LLC ROK7 Lakeland Florada Ordered and taclight for $4.95, which I was charged for on 8/22/2017 and then on 9/06/2017 I was charged an additional $49.99 Lakeland Florida Internet
This is one of those offers in the sweepstakes and one of the offers was the tacklight flashlights for 4.95 which was charged to my credit card and then later was charged an additional 49.99
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1426848
Feb 02 2018
11:28 AM
TACLIGHT CONCEPTS LLC ROK7 Taclight made an unauthorized charge of $49.95 to my credit card. Lakeland Florida
Taclight Concepts LLC Did a survey and chose a free reward. Paid $4.95 S+H for a tactical lamp. Then Taclight made an unauthorized charge of $49.95 to my credit card.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
3, Report #1402174
Sep 25 2017
09:47 AM
Taclight Concepts I was asked to complete a survey and at the end of the survey I was offered the taclight gift. It stated I only needed to pay the $4.95 shipping and fee and I made sure there was nothing else. Now my account has been charged $49.95 for no reason. Lakeland Fl
I was offered a free Taclight to complete a survey. I completed the survey and then was asked to pay a $4.95 shipping fee. I made sure there were no other charges, agreed and paid the fee. I never received the Taclight and now my account has been charged an additional $49.95. I have blocked any other charges from this company, which cost another fee with my bank. This also caused my account to overdraw and that is an additional $34.00. So the item I never received has cost me $98.95. I am very upset and warn other people regarding this company.  
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1401915
Sep 23 2017
12:10 PM
Taclight Concepts Purchased a flashlight for $4.95 and a month later was charged $49.99 for no reason with no warning. Lakeland Florida
 I was offer a free gift, a taclight, to finish a questionaire. I completed it and at the end i was informed i had to pay $4.95 shipping. I agreed to that and was careful that there was nothing else attached. The $4.95 was charged to my card and that was fine. Approximately a month later with now warning or explaination $49.99 was charged to my account from Taclight Concepts.
Entity: Florida
5, Report #1402346
Sep 25 2017
08:20 PM
Taclight Concepts LLC Taclight SCAM Lakeland Florida
Did an Amazon survey and chose a reward for filling out the survey. Paid $4.95 for a tactical pen from Taclight on 9/11/17. On 9/26/2017 Taclight made an unauthorized charge of $49.95 to my credit card. I had already paid the $4.95 and did not order anything else from them.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1400450
Sep 16 2017
10:24 AM
  On 09/01/17  I bought a light from TACLIGHT C0NCEPTS LLC  for  $4.95 . I  recieved the light a week later.                                       I did not order anything else from this company. On  09/16/17  a charge of $49.99 appeared on my credit card from  TACLIGHT CONCEPTS LLC.   Sounds like this company and the ROK7.com company , are working together ripping the people off  with bogus credit card charges.
Entity: LAKELAND, Florida
7, Report #1418517
Dec 21 2017
04:00 PM
Rok7 Taclight They billed my credit card $49.99 after telling me I only had to pay shipping and handling of $4.95, as a git for taking an online survey. Lakeland Florida
I ordered a Free taclight after taking an online survey. All I had to do is pay $4.95 Shipping and handling. Order takes 7-10 business days. After 15 days, they charged my debit card $49.99 for free taclight. I tried to return the taclight to get my money back, but by the time I discoved the charge, it was past 30 days and they would not let me return it for a refund.I went to my bank to try to get resolution, they filed a dispute. Rok7 sent my bank a pile of unreadable printed documents allegedly proving that I had agreed to this. I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS agree to try a $49.99 flashlight. Some of the paperwork included that was readable was their Business description, We sell tactical Flashlights and charge $24.99 When I inquired as to why I was then billed $49.99, they claimed that the $24.99 was for a different flashlight. They claim they send the taclight out for a free 15 day trial, even though it takes 7-10 business days for the order to ship, they autobilled my account 15 days after ordering, whether you've received your order or not.They refuse to refund me my money, but offered me a $20.00 courtesy credit. How courteous of them after ripping me off!
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
8, Report #1401707
Feb 05 2018
04:59 PM
Instantly VIVID VIVID Repair Cream, VIVID, simply Flawless Cream Taclight Concepts LLC I ordered a Taclight for $9.95...they charged me $49.99...they will not give full refund Lakeland, Florida Internet High Point North Carolina
In early September I ordered a Taclight that was advertised for $9.95When I received my bank account info, they had charged me $49.99.I immediatley phoned them, and they said if I wanted refund, that I would have to return the light at my expense. I returned it onSept 15, 2017, they received it on 9/18/17.When I did not see a refund on my bank accoutn, i called them, because they told me that it would take a few days to post refund to  my account. 9/22/17 I phoned about refund...cust. serv. rep. said they had refunded $4.95...she said that they were posting a refund in the amount of 40.04. I said that did not total the amount it cost me, plus I had to pay the return shipping on it.She said there was a restock charge. They kept saying that I paid for it that I should have kept. Never have I paid $50 for a flashlight.this was totally a rip-off and don't know when I will receive the refund, minus The $5.
Entity: High Point, North Carolina
9, Report #1403824
Oct 03 2017
07:21 AM
Taclight Concepts LLC Did a survey and chose a free reward. Paid $4.95 S+H for a tactical headlamp. Then Taclight made an unauthorized charge of $49.95 to my credit card. FLA Internet Florida
Did an online survey and chose a reward for filling out the survey. Paid $4.95 for a tactical headlamp from Taclight on 9/04/17. On 9/19/2017 Taclight made an unauthorized charge of $49.95 to my credit card. I had already paid the $4.95 and did not order anything else from them
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1402622
Sep 27 2017
07:09 AM
Taclight Concepts I saw their popup ad online. Should have known this would be too good to be true. They charged you $4.95 but later I got charged $49.99 and never did receive any merchandise from them and it has been several weeks. Lakeland Florida
 I saw this ad online. They asked for $4.95 for a taclight. I was later charged $49.99. I later was able to get the $4.95 taken off my checking. Couldn't figure out where it was from. The $ 49.99 is still on my account and is listed as Taclight Concept 5999(Reference#72540008) I have never received any merchandise from this company and it has been several weeks.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
11, Report #1416828
Dec 13 2017
10:42 PM
Taclight Concept LLC ROK7 Promised to give a $50 credit after completing a survey. All you have to do is pay shipping. Lakeland Florida
This company seduce people to fill out a short survey then promised a $50 gift credit. They have a product that they claim worth $50 and you can have it for free. All you have to do is pay shipping. After a couple of weeks after recieving the product we we're charge $50 on our credit card. They have no contact number for us to reach or website. This company is a scam artist and should be shut dowm immediately.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
12, Report #1411597
Nov 13 2017
07:45 AM
Taclight concepts Onlinesurvivalgears Free taclight just pay $4.95 shipping Lakeland Florida
Offer was free taclight just pay $4.95 shipping. Shipping charge from Taclight concepts. Later received a charge for $49.95 from a separate company Online survival gears. Onlinesurvivalgears doesn't offer the flashlight I was shipped. They only offer a Taclight2000 which retails for $24.99. I disputed the charge with my bank but it appears they have their ass covered with 30 day trial, proof of delivery etc.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
13, Report #1375736
May 27 2017
06:56 PM
Rok7 com Rok7 com charged my bank card $39.99, I haven't ordered anything from these people nor authorized them to charge any payment to rok7 com NOT a happy person!! Put my account in the hole and now my bank is charging me $35.00 for each transaction I had already made authorized payments to. 4 to be exact.. that's $140.00 in bank fees plus the $39.99 to rok7 com Lakeland Florida Internet
 Rok7 com charged my bank account $39.99. This is not authorized this payment. I don't even know what the hell they are selling if anything. On top of that I had already spent that money on other things. Now the bank has charged my account overdraft fees totaling $140.00 what the hell is going on? I want my money back!!
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1374390
May 20 2017
07:06 PM
ROK7 LLC getting charged 39.99 after I had paid shipping for my 'FREE PRIZE 2 sets of 3d goggles that I have yet to use, and may never use. Lakeland Florida
I went ahead and paid the shipping on my Free Prizes of two 3D goggles a month ago.  I made sure I wasn't signing up for any accessories or monthy memebership charges. They showed up, my kids are not interested in them. Then just today, I get a charge from them for $39.99 and customer service is only open from 9-5:30 M-F. I will be calling Monday at 9am Florida time.
Entity: Lakeland, Montana
15, Report #1402935
Oct 22 2017
02:06 PM
Private Purchase Taclight for 4.95- 20 days later and additional $49.99 from your account 4705 Dimath Drive, Lakeland FL Florida 33813
Big rip off. The item (Taclight) sold for 4.95. The 4.95 comes out of your account as specified, 15+ days later another 49.99 comes out of your account under another name- this is fraud and must be addressed by authority. The light is not even a good light and doesn't work- so now under warrantee you should receive both charges? Where is the authorities when crooks are ripping off honest people. Go to your bank and cancel your card and get your money back. Let the authorities address scum.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1368042
Apr 17 2017
08:46 AM
ROK7 LLC ROK7 LLC4225 Frontage Rd NLakeland, FL 33810Email: support@rok7.com Scam -- hide wording for a recurring charge. Lakeland Florida
They provide an order form with, at the very bottom off the computer screen and in almost invisible font, a statement that you will be charged a recurring fee for a membership.   Nowhere else is that mentioned and the only reason is that they are able to deceive customers into agreeing to something they did not want by hiding that agreement in such a way that it is not seen. No not do business with them, ever.  I spotted the charge on my credit card as soon as it was made (a month after the order) and stopped it.  But they still have my cc number and I expect they will try it again.   Beware.   Avoid. Shameful scam.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
17, Report #1345983
Dec 27 2016
04:49 PM
Entity: Lakeland , Florida
18, Report #1428711
Feb 12 2018
09:18 AM
Rok 7 LLC Tac Light Concepts They charged me twice for a product I never received! Lakeland Florida
Back in September, I ordered from this company, tactacle flashlights and head lamps. They were having a special, like buy one get one free. I honestly can't remember if I ordered them from the t.v. ad or online. I have the charges from the credit card used. I never received these items.   It has taken me so long because I did google them and received a message that due to the storms, shipping was behind schedule. After that, I was going through a lot and forgot to follow up and now I have moved. I should have received them back in September when I ordered them, so my move has nothing to do with it.   I've left a message for them to call me back, but the answering machine doesn't sound professional at all for a company. Nor has anyone called or messaged me. They took $49.95 and 4.95 on Sept. 3, 2017, and then on Sept. 18, they took $49.95 again with a different phone number on my bank statement.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
19, Report #1400312
Sep 15 2017
01:20 PM
ROK7.COM Email from who I thought was Amazon take survey get free gift just pay $4.95 shipping. 15 days later card was charged $49.99 Lakeland Florida
 On 8-28-2017 I received an email that I thought was from Amazon. If I completed a survey I could choose a free gift and just pay the $4.95 shipping charge. On 9-12-2017 my card was charged $49.99. Called Amazon and was told they are not affiliated with this company and they would start a fraud investigation. Called the company and was told it was a 15-day trial period and since they did not hear back from me they charged my card the $49.99. Asked them to send me the original email so I could see where it said there was a trial period. They sent me an e-mail that was not the original without the survey. Called the company back and they once again said they would send the original. The second email was the same as the first which clearly showed the 15 day trial period. They will not send the original email with the survey.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
20, Report #1405738
Oct 11 2017
09:36 PM
ROK7 The company advertised I could get a virtual reality head set and just pay shipping. My bank statement stated I was charged shipping then later charged another 49.99. They keep taking money out I don't owe Lakeland Florida
 The company advertised a virtual reality head set and just pay shipping. It was on my bank statement thayI was charged the correct amount but then later in the month charged another $49.99. I want my money back.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
21, Report #1383090
Jul 04 2017
06:52 PM
ROK7 VR SO FAR I PAID $59.98 AND glasses were suppose to be free, just pay postage! Very light glasses! Lakeland Florida
Ad said VR glasses free. Just pay postage. Ordered 4/19/2017 Charged my debit as of today, 7/4/2017, still pending.  Trying to rip me off for $59.98 to date.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1413044
Nov 22 2017
11:01 AM
Rok7.com Fulfillment Center ROK7 LLC they keep selling falty Tactical headlamps Lakeland Florida
I have called them for the last 3 headlamps and they keped sending me a nother one saying that it was to replace the falty one but they were charging me. So today Icalled them and told them that I have recieved another one with a bad switch and this time they said they were going to refund my charge for the last one I recieved from them, but I still have 2 other lights that they charged me for and are worthless. that is a great way to do buisness in my opinion I don't know if all companys do buisness like this but I think it a very poor way to take care of your custemers and I don't think I have ever had a company that I have delt with ever treet a custumer like this. JUST MY OPINION!!!
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
23, Report #1369089
Apr 22 2017
12:33 PM
rok7 LLC unauthorized charges lakeland Florida
after advertising  virtual reality glasses for a one time payment of  $19.99 in feb 2017,they charged my card the next month of march for$19.99,then just yesterday april 21 they charged my card $39.99.The payments in march and april were completly un authorized .they are ripping people off . I have seen the rip of report of them doing this to others.I am filing disputes for both charges and hope that they get penalized !
Entity: lakeland, Florida
24, Report #1381250
Jun 25 2017
09:07 PM
Rok7 LLC Unauthorized debit Lakeland Florida
 This company is deceptive and dishonest! They claim to do one thing then later rip you off when they have your charge information. You will find unauthorized debits to your personal account. Avoid this company at all costs.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
25, Report #1080082
Aug 29 2013
08:42 AM
Personnel Concepts Invoicing for compliance posters that were not ordered Lakeland Florida
I ordered and paid for $15 worth of compliance posters. Then over 30 days later I received an invoice for $99.85 for posters I did not order Now the company is saying I spoke to some unkown individual and I ordered these posters, which is not true!! Now they will not let me return posters I did not order and didn't even realize I have in my possession I was in no hurry to hang the posters as we don't have any good location yet determined. Now they are saying I cannot return the posters and they are filing a dispute of charges and I will be contacted in 5 days!  Very unhappy and Very fustrated
Entity: Lakeland, Florida

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