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1, Report #1332463
Oct 10 2016
02:27 PM
taco bell slowest, worst taco bell ever thornton Colorado
This location is insane, pretty much any time 11:00 am it is busy and you can spend up to an hour waiting in the drive through line. even after placing your order the wait can still be as long as 40 minutes.
Entity: thornton, Colorado
2, Report #839988
Feb 15 2012
11:58 PM
Taco Bell Also, Ventura Associates Internet
I am one of the many people upset about the whole PSvita thing they are doing, people have went weeks without any response, and for the most part, I never file these, but for once in my miserable last few months i won something, and by miserable i mean my mother has been in the ICU for 9 weeks and this was a bit of a light in the cloudy sky, something for me to go, hey at least i won this. Sounds desperate? kind of is. I have along with many others called BOTH places, and we get NOTHING in response at all, literally no calls, it has been a week since i left my message which was suppose to be returned in at least 1-2 business days... now as i said i am not raging because i lost, infact i actually won on my first tray, and even have screen shotted it, granted that won't hold most of the time, i still have the box right beside me.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #57518
May 19 2003
10:50 AM
Taco Bell discrimination Washinhton Pennsylvania
i was emloyed at taco bell in washington pa for a year. my boss was black. she treated everybody fair. but as sonn as she left a racist white woman took over the place. she cut all the black peoples hours and gave them to the white people. that was unfair and i was treated unfair. i got suspended for arguing with a manager who hit me first while i was pregnant and caused me to lose my child an a whole week's pay. the lowered my hours so low i couldn't pay my bills or my rent. he didn't get suspended, in fact he got my hours while i was gone.i have decided to take this up with the eeoc. i have already filed a charge with them before with taco bell, but it got dropped as sonn as i got re hired. but they caused me and my family alot of pain. Shushawna uniontown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Washinhton, Pennsylvania
4, Report #1080040
Aug 29 2013
05:54 AM
taco bell no meat short pump Virginia
I have a major problem with portion size at taco bell. I went to taco bell in short pump and ordered a Grande meal which anyone who visits taco bell on even a semi—regular basis knows is ten tacos. I prefer the soft tacos myself so I ordered those at the drive through. My tacos were ready in a minute or two and I was on my way . However upon arriving home i found that eight of the ten tacos were just lettuce with two or thre slivers of sheese and a quarter sized smear of grease. The others were just lettuce. If that wasn't bad enough as I was eating the first taco (taco bell is a 35 minute drive away and I'm not going that far to return a few tacos) I felt something crawling on my hand. Upon inspection I realized the box with my tacos in it was filled with ants. Never again am I going back to that taco bell. Don't replace my meat with your ants it's just wrong.
Entity: short pump, Virginia
5, Report #1299118
Apr 11 2016
12:01 PM
Taco Bell False pricing Hilliard Ohio
Went to Taco Bell, April 10, 2016, placed an order from the overhead sign with prices.  Item was $2.59 it rang up at $3.00.  When I questioned the price and that I also had Golden Buckeye (which they honor).  I was told of that item rang up as $2.79.  I said no.  So then cashier was told to give me Sr. discount and item would be $2.51.     This is not right.  How many people just order & really don't check what is being rung up the same as what is advertised. 
Entity: Hilliard, Ohio
6, Report #1404327
Oct 05 2017
06:46 AM
Taco Bell Rips Off Consumers!!! Philadelphia Nationwide
Look at the photos of the tiny amount of beef that you get versus the huge amount that Taco Bell's ads allege that you will receive. It's called bait and switch. Taco Bell's food tastes terrible. It relies on cheap seasonings to mask the cheap ingredients, what little of them that you even receive. The food is also disgusting. It looks and feels like they spit in it and otherwise contaminated it. Taco Bell's store at 9990 Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, PA is the worst of the worst. Said garbage dump is always filthy and the workers are mean, slow, and nasty. But Taco Bell's other locations are just as horrible. Check out Philadelphia's government website for restaurant inspections. Unless you like mouse and rat feces, cockroach parts, and other revolting ingredients, you may want to avoid all Taco Bells.    
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1056869
Jun 06 2013
09:03 AM
Taco bell Vegetarianism is NOT convenient for Taco Bell Lancaster Ohio
This is the message I sent on a Customer Feedback Form for Taco Bell (due to a 1000 character limit, it is shorter than I wanted.) I tried to call the store before visiting the website, but the phone was never picked up. I called three times. No one ever answered. I usually purchase a meal from Taco Bell (at least once a week). The majority of the time my meal is not correct. As a vegetarian, I request to have any beef replaced with black beans. Most of the time I am charged 30 cents extra because of this. I don't understand why I have to pay extra just because I am a vegetarian. I went to this particular location tonight as a convenient meal after work. I ordered Burrito Supreme without beef, substituting black beans (for which I was charged an $0.30). I also ordered a couple other items, with which I ordered a drink. The workers were very slow with production of my food and, as I observed while waiting in the Drive Thru, the orders before mine. After I paid and received my meal, the young man said Good night. and closed the window. It wasn't until I was down the road that I realized I did not get my drink, for which I paid $2.19. For me, this is the last time I will be eating Taco Bell. I am done. And I will be sure to share my experience.  
Entity: Lancaster, Ohio
8, Report #3328
Sep 13 2000
12:00 AM
Taco Bell's new ploy to bilk customers
I went with my children to our local Pittsburgh area Taco Bell. When I requested water to go along with my meal, the employee told me that they can only sell bottled water. Meanwhile, there's a sink right behind the guy and a water spout at the help-yourself beverage station! And why would I spend $1.20 for a 20 ounce bottle of Aquafina (does Pepsico own them?) when I could spend 89 cents for a small beverage and keep refilling it with water or pop at the beverage station?
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
9, Report #114529
Oct 25 2004
03:30 PM
Taco Bell Rips customers in Keene New Hampshire
Hi, On Friday October 22, 2004 @ 1:23 I went into Taco Bell, I was on my lunch break and wanted to get something fast. Well it did not happen at this store. I got to the counter placed my order for a Combo Meal, While ordering the cashier Theresa was starting a fight with another employee behind the counter. After placing the order I waited 20 Mins for my food, During this time another customer got his order ( which was wrong and he could not wait any longer, asked for a refund and left), The cashier was now in a total fight with this other employee. The on duty manager had come out saw what was going on and went back out back. Now come time for my order to come out, I was told they skipped my order, and was told sorry. Thats all and great but I never got my soda, and I was not going to ask Theresa for my cup ( I kinda like my head and did not want it cut off). I have e-mailed there Home Office ( heard nothing ), I also called and left a voice mail messasge for there DM ( I have heard nothing from him also). I'm not looking for free food, I just feel they need to change there ways. It is not just this Taco Bell this also happens in others. It is time they change there ways. I work in Retail and if I ever did this in the view of a customer I would be out of a job. Travis Fitzwilliam, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Keene, New Hampshire
10, Report #518754
Nov 03 2009
12:23 PM
KFC - Taco Bell False advertising Los Angeles, California
New 89 cent blackjack taco is SMALLER then the old regular (no longer available) taco that used to cost 59 cents. They raised the price by 1/2 (50 %) and at the SAME TIME lowed the weight of meat AND cheese - basically DOUBLING the pice - only in ANERICA! Also, the taco is MUCH smaller then in the TV ad. Complete rip-off!!
Entity: Los Angeles, California
11, Report #330417
May 04 2008
12:54 AM
Taco Bell FuelupForFree.com is a scam and a waste of valuable time.. Ionia Michigan
Taco Bell is giving out false information for free gas which will leed you to a survey that wants your personal information, and will ask you to full fill an order for different items to be considered. The other web site, some consumers have referred to on the comments section, will direct you to another site, that will require you joining up with Moutain dew before even letting you enter your code. It is definately a scam, a rip off, and a major waste of time... Someone should definately do something about this, it isnt right for them to continue to get away with misleading their customers like this..... Sexy Mama Ionia, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Ionia, Michigan
12, Report #1068157
Jul 18 2013
02:40 PM
Taco Bell Forgien Object In Beefy crunch Burrito, broke tooth Phoenix Arizona
I went to this Taco Bell location for lunch and ordered two beefy crunch burritos and a taco supreme. I took a bite out of one of the burritos and crack. Sharp pain shooting down my jaw into my neck. I spit out what was my tooth, and another hard object in the meat. It was about the size of a grain of ricr and hard as a rock. I attempted to chop it in half with a knife and it would not budge. This thing whatever it is was white in color and hard as a rock. I immediately photographed the strange object and now I'm headed to the dentist in hopea they can fix my tooth and the pain associated with the damage.    
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
13, Report #1247809
Aug 11 2015
11:11 AM
Taco Bell Unsanitary conditions in food prep areas Texarkana Texas
On august 7, 2015, at 12:08am, a customer took a photo of the food prep area in this restaurant. It was cluttered with food and trash, employees were no where around the area, most outside smoking, while customers were inside the lobby still. We have seen where many people, including the manager Faith Brown, taking up for the ones who had left the floor like this. Its all excuse after excuse. They have now been reported to the investors of the company and to the local division of their state health agency. Photos can be provided of comments and picture of area in question. 
Entity: Texarkana, Texas
14, Report #1258170
Sep 30 2015
10:41 AM
Entity: littlefalls, New Jersey
15, Report #809601
Dec 14 2011
08:01 PM
Taco Bell Toe Nail Clipping found inside Taco Bell Bean/Cheese Burrito! How Disgusting & Repulsive Hemet, California
I purchased a few Bean & Cheese burritos at our local Taco Bell in the Inland Empire last week. Taking 2 bites into a burrito I nearly swallowed what turned out to be a large Toe Nail clipping contained inside the burrito. The toe nail clipping had taken on the color of the beans which confirmed it had been cooked inside the ingredients as opposed to just being throwing inside the burrito before it was rolled up!I have several photos of the toe nail and subject burrito we took as evidence.In speaking with Taco Bells New York Office they showed little if any concern and made me the consumer feel like I was troubling them by reporting it and how could such a thing take place!This is disgusting in every way imaginable and who is to know if their are serious health concerns for myself and everyone else that was served up the contaminated contents that contained this Toe Nail Clipping
Entity: Hemet, California
16, Report #193609
May 27 2006
08:56 PM
Taco Bell ripoff at Taco Bell drive thru, not given change Roanoke Rapids North Carolina
I visited the Taco Bell in Roanoke Rapids, NC and went through the drive thru to make my purchase. The total came to $4.04 and I gave the clerk $20.04. She gave me my food (which is usually the last thing they give you after your change) and I drove off. I immediately realized I did not get my $16.00 in change and went directly back into the drive thru line to tell them. The manager asked me to pull around front or to come in and watch her count the register. I told her I would wait out front. She came out and told me their register was actually $2.00 short. I told her my pocket book was $16.00 short and I wanted my money. I told her I did not care what their register said, someone in Taco Bell had my money and I wanted it back. This was my last $20.00 that I have just wasted for 3 tacos. She said I could talk to the district manager who happened to be there, so he comes out and said well - our register is fine and it is our policy that if the register is fine , we cannot refund the money! I could not believe it. I then told the manager that not only did I not get my change, I never even got a receipt. So he said he would refund me the $4.04 because the policy is that if you are not given a receipt, you get it free. I took the $4.04 because otherwise I would be broke. I called a friend who tried to go talk to the manager to get the rest of my money, and he couldn't talk any sense into this manager. Also, the manager NEVER once apologized to me for all this mess. Meanwhile my tacos are saturating the shell and I have cold taco globs to eat instead of fresh tacos and He NEVER ONCE offered to replace that. It finally took a police officer friend of mine to go to the restaurant and say that if the change was not given, someone was going to get arrested because there was a theft. I got my $16 back - it took 2 people and a police officer to get it , but I was determined this was just not right and I could not let it slide. Warning to people who come to taco bell off I-95 in Roanoke rapids - watch out for this rip off in the Taco Bell drive thru. belle roanoke rapids, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
17, Report #141452
May 03 2005
07:28 PM
KFC - Taco Bell - Weaver Corperation Ripping off their OWN employees ripoff Grinnell Iowa
At this particular resturant, they have over 20 employees. -Out of all of these people 2 get some benefits. -If you get close to getting 40 hours, and you aren't specail, then they will send you home. -Out of all of those people, about one third get under 20 hours! Also, with the Weaver corperation, the ofiice messed up, and therefore called the RGM a liar, in turn losing a worker who has many many years of fastfood and managing experience. THEN (it gets better), after the RGM is in the process of quitting, there are 2 excellent men up for the position (if not as good as better than the RGM). The store supervisor decideds to hire a person who has absolutly no experience!! In summary, I have seen how the Weaver coperation chooses favorites while leaving others in the dust. I don't see any justification in this whatsoever. So I think that next time you think about getting a job, you check out who the owners are, and ask the employees how they like their job. Tiffany Grinnell, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Grinnell, Iowa
18, Report #154844
Aug 24 2005
01:13 PM
Taco Bell Didn't Try to Apologize for Burnt Food and Dirty Glove in Bag! RIPOFF Indianapolis Indiana
On July 15,2005 I took my daughter and her friend to Taco Bell and ordered through the drive-through. When we came home and my 12 yr old daughter looked at her wrap sandwich, it was burnt (black burnt). Then she said, mama, there's a dirty glove in here too! We all were upset and I went into the store and asked for the manager. As soon as the box was laid on the counter, he said, oooh, this is burnt and asked the staff to make another. After it was made I told him a dirty glove was in there as well and showed it to him. He laughed and wanted the glove back. I told him that this was serious and that I would follow through on it by reaching his district manager. I tried calling the 1 (800) number, but it had difficulties, then I left a msg on the survey line, and emailed Taco Bell. When I tried to call the store the line stayed busy for hours. All I wanted at the time was an apology and more sensitivity to a consumers needs. Oh, I still have the glove! Lesia Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
19, Report #216591
Oct 19 2006
07:44 AM
Taco Bell Give Us All of Our Order of Stop Charging Us For It ripoff Austin Texas
I don't know what is with these people here at this location Three times we go through the Drive - Through and three times we are being charged for merchandise that we don't receive. We caught them the first time but the second time, we didn't and we dodn't get them the third time until we got home and since we live about 35 miles away one-way, it would have cost more for the gasoline than it did for the food we were shorted. There is no excuse because these folks are all from the US and are native English speakers.. Not that non-English speakers don't mess up orders too but I am wondering if these guys aren't ringing up one thing on our receipt and turning off the cash resgiter tape printer so it doesn't show on the second copy ( the one that regional or corporate sees) and keeping the money! I tell you, every since they got rid of the cute little CHIHUAHUA in their advertising campaign, it just hasn't been the same... The Chihuahua would probably do a better job filling our orders and probably a lot more sanitary about it! Anonymous Fast Food Consumer Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
20, Report #352596
Jul 17 2008
07:51 PM
Taco Bell Of Cherry Hill NJ Horrible service & Employees could care less Cherry Hill New Jersey
DO NOT VISIT this Taco Bell. The night shift crew are complete morons who could not care less about filling orders in a timely manner, let alone doing their job. The tables are filthy, the napkin holders are empty, they always short-change you on your portions quantity in the taco shell or burrito and give you cross-eye'd looks if you complain. Employees talking on the cellphone to their girlfriends or smoking in the back doorway fire exit instead of doing their jop. Nobody at the counter or in sight in the food area after 9:00 PM you gotta yell to get the idiot employee's attention. Long lines 10 min wait times not uncommon. Counters and Floor of the food prep area behind the counter is filthy and cluttered. Once I even saw an employee putting together a burrito bare-handed no plastic gloves on in clear violation of County & Local Health Food Handling Safety guidelines! In short this Taco Bell Outlet noted above is a complete disaster and likely a threat to Public & Consumer Health too. The County Inspector should go there some night in plainclothes with a hidden video camera and he would have a field day observing violations. If you value your money and health do not eat here! Hfldcatman7 Haddonfield, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
21, Report #472704
Jul 23 2009
02:45 PM
KFC/ Taco Bell Rip offs employees treats them unfairly never work for this company Murphysboro Illinois
This company or just the store as a matter of fact rips off their employees. They are treated unfairly and there are alot of favorites going on. I for one would never recommend you let your teenager work there. I let mine and they were extremely stressed and unhappy. Please please please parents double check your kids place of employment. Too much stress is not a good thing. I can't complain City, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Murphysboro, Illinois
22, Report #610935
Jun 06 2010
06:16 PM
Taco Bell Shift Manager sends me home because of being late when everyone else was late Hialeah, Florida
Well I was late about seven late when the Shift Manager who's name is Efrain asked me why is was late. I completely ignored him because the Assissant Manager who's name is Luisa was still there. Because it was his shift, he sends me home and I ask him when he is late that no one says to him. His answer was that he is manager and he can do whatever the hell he wants. After that Luisa sends Efrain and me to the office. She tells Efrain that the still she didn't do the shift change yet and it was still her shift. He said he didn't care because she was about to leave. After he left the office, she told me what he said it total disrepect to her. Efrain got me mad for the last time. Everytime when there isn't a store or assissant manager, he does absolutely nothing. I work as a steamer on Drive-thru everytime I work. I work really hard to get the numbers up and when I end up having big orders, no one on the Lobby side wants to help when they have nothing to do. He goes to the office and talks on the phone to his friends. The other employee and myself suffer more on Drive-thru than any other. HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!
Entity: Hialeah, Florida
23, Report #186536
Apr 13 2006
07:06 PM
KFC - Taco Bell - Pizza Hut Ripoff 3in 1 incompetent, rude slow Largo Florida
My wife and I eat at this 3 in 1 all the time they are always slow and I'm used to that but tonight was h**l. We sat at the drive thru ordering microphone for about 6-7 minutes just for the employee to tell us to pull around. Then we order our food and tell them no lettuce. We drive home only to find out they screwed up our order and put lettuce on our food. So we drive all the way back to get it fixed and talk with the manager in the lobby. While we are talking a employee buts in and asks to take a cigarette break, he says no because they are busy and the employee and the manager fight back and forth while I'm standing there trying to my screwed up order fixed. My personal opinion that manager and the employee should be fired because they both don't know how to do there job. Josh Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Largo, Florida
24, Report #230203
Jan 12 2007
03:40 PM
Taco Bell Corp. Office failed to follow through with what was promised Ripoff Irvine California
I have a problem with the Taco Bell corporate office and I have a bit of story to explain why. I am tremendously frustrated and disappointed in their level of customer service. It all began when my husband, our two small children and I went to the Taco Bell in North Platte, NE in the beginning of December 2006 to purchase our dinner. This happens to be a Long John Silver/Taco Bell combo restaurant. We placed our entire order from the Taco Bell side of the menu and I had to repeat my order four times. Whatever. I would rather repeat my order 4 times than have it made wrong. I ordered a combo meal that had a burrito supreme and a taco supreme. On these two items, I asked for extra tomatoes and cheese with easy sour cream. It was the only two items in the whole order that was to be made in any special way. I paid for our order (around $22.00) and we went to sit down after gathering our drinks to wait for our order number to be called. They called our number. I gathered our food, sat down and began to eat. I noticed that my taco was made correctly but not my burrito. I went to the counted and explained to an employee that it was not made the way I wanted it. I then repeated my directions just for the burrito three more times. They remade the burrito and brought it out to me and again it was made wrong. I went back to the counter and explained the manager on duty that it was made wrong. He told me that in fact that it was made correctly because it was made it by him. I opened the burrito and showed him what was wrong with it. He then without a single word to me turned around and walked away from me. I am pretty mad at this point so we just get the kids and leave. Upon exiting the restaurant I called, the 1-800-Taco-Bell number and explained what happened to the person that was my customer service rep. She apologized for the experience and assured me that this was not Taco Bells policies. She also said that in about three business days that the district manager would call me to discuss what had happened and to refund my money for this visit. I thanked her and we hung up. The three business days came and went. I called back the 1-800 number and asked why I had I not received a call. They said they did not know but that they did forward the complaint to the district office. They said they would forward the file to the escalation team and they would take care of it and assured me that I would be getting a call from the district office. Yet another three business days came and went still no call. I called back the 1-800 and asked to speak to a supervisor. They refused my request and I had to explain what had happened to another CSR. Finally, I was allowed to speak to someone who said she was a supervisor. She said she had no idea what was going on with me not receiving a phone call and she would forward it on to the escalation team again and in a couple of business days I should receive a phone call. At this point after making three phone calls and twice being told the almost exact same thing I was beyond frustrated and I decided to give the local store a call. At the local store, I left my name and number for the district manager. I received a call the next day from Kevin the district manager (DM). He asked what had happened and explained that they had received nothing until that day from the 1-800 number. I explained the whole situation until that point to him. He apologized and assured me that this was not their policies and that he would make sure that he talked to the manager who walked away from me. He then offered me some gift certificates or coupons for food. I refused saying I just wanted my money back. He said that they were not in the habit of refunding money but he would speak to the other DM that had been there longer as he had been there a short time and was not sure what to do. The DM was very professional, friendly and nice. He called me back a couple of days later to tell me that they would be refunding $15.00 of my money. I told him that this was fine if that was all they were able to do and he said they would put a check in the mail that day. I received the check a few days later. A few days after the DM had called a person from the corp. office called me. I happened to be dining out with some friends and did not take down the details of this conversation. I do not remember the persons name but they talked to me about what had happened. I explained the situation to him and told him that the DM had called, resolved the issue (not exactly to my greatest satisfaction but did what he could) and mailed the check. I made sure to tell him that the DM was friendly and professional. I did not want this heat coming down on him in the event that something was about to hit the fan. This person apologized for what had happened and said that he would refund the rest of my money and send me some coupons for free food. I thanked him for the follow up call and gave him my address. He said it would take several days for the coupons to reach me but that I would receive them. It is now several weeks after that conversation and I have not received anything from this person that called from corp. office. I think that when a person says that they will do something they should follow through with it. Especially when in a position like this person. Therefore, I call the 1-800 number so they could help me. They said that they would forward it the proper route. I explained in detail that I did not have a problem with the local Taco Bell and did not want to be contacted by them The next day I received a call not from corp. office but the local Taco Bell and the DM. I explained to him that I did not have a complaint with him but with the other person. I told him that I explained to the 1-800 line that I did not want to be contacted from the local Taco Bell. He apologized to me and said he would look into it and see what he could do. He has not called me back and it has been at least a week since that phone call. I do not exactly fault him for not getting back to me. I am sure his busy and this is not really his problem. I am wondering if anyone at Taco Bell corporate office follows through. Maybe this post will help open some eyes. Amie North Platte, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
25, Report #271500
Aug 30 2007
09:06 PM
KFC - Taco Bell Have Hostile, Rude & Slack Service, Manager Does Nothing About It! ripoff Tallapoosa Georgia
this location sucks! they have approx. 20 workers on every shift, they cannot keep their sh** together! i paid good money on good faith. they screwed up the whole god damn order, the sub-manager was some high school blonde who only helps the good looking customers and says to hell with the others. the ice machine was out. i asked her nicely to get me said more ice. she said NO! and walked in the back. i called the store when i got home. the manager did'nt do sh** about it. of course he was a young punk. what kind of a place is this that treats the hard working paying americans like terrorists? they won't get any more money out of me! Taco Bell Sucks Tallapoosa, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallapoosa, Georgia

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