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1, Report #1401560
Sep 21 2017
12:22 PM
Takeisha Bartels Ultimate girlfriend affair Scam on booth event $500 Las Vegas show Norfolk Virginia
 I want to report being ripped off for an event with th no further contact after I paid in full. All lines were disconnected. No answers just took the money and ran.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia
2, Report #1317790
Jul 19 2016
03:37 PM
Takeisha Bartels Ultimate Girlfriend Affair Scam, Fraud, held money hostage, horrible business, bad person Norfolk Virginia
 Takeisha Bartels and Ultimate Girlfriend Affair claimed to be holding an event in San Diego, CA. Event was supposed to be a women's expo. I paid $500 in Dec 2015 to be a vendor at this event. I checked everything and it seemed legit. In April I stopped receiving contact from Takeisha. Tried calling her business line and it was disconnected. Sent numerous emails and Facebook messages to Takeisha and Ultimate Girlfriend Affair. She never responded. In June she posted on Facebook that the San Diego event was cancelled and that we would receive a full refund. It's now middle of July and I still have not received a refund. Again left numerous voicemails and emails with no response. She has also done this to an Event that was to be held in Las Vegas and in Tucson, AZ. Takeisha Bartels and Ultimate Girlfriend Affair are a scam and fraud!!! Do not do business, no matter how fancy her Facebook events look. They ARE NOT real events.
Entity: Norfolk , Virginia
3, Report #246244
Apr 30 2007
03:28 PM
Bartels Research annoying phone call rude dishonest fraudulent Ripoff Clovis California
They would not give me any information as to how they got my phone number and actually gave me attitude. I have reported them to the government for calling me while I was on the Do Not Call list. Gianna Fresno, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clovis, California
4, Report #815924
Dec 30 2011
02:01 PM
Bartels Media GmbH Gunnar Bartels, MaxiVista, MultiMouse, ShareMouse, PhraseExpress Refusal To Assist, Refusal To Provide Relevant Information, Poor Customer Service, Insulting Potential Customers Trier, Other
By chance, I came upon a product created by Bartels Media: MaxiVista. The only issue is that it costs $50, money I don't have. It was then that I came upon a free version, MaxiVista SE. I figured this would hold me over until I got the money for the full version.The catch? It requires a password to install.After trying for hours to get Windows Mail to work (you could only use an external mail program to request it,) I gave up and sent them an email, to which I got no response.Fast forward to a week later, I had been trying daily to figure ways to get Windows Mail to work, I even installed a different external mail program, but still no luck, even when an email went through, I got a return that said it failed to send.Desperate for some assistance, I sent yet another email to the contact address listed on MaxiVista.com. I also located their company email address and was in the process of writing that when I got a response from the email address on MaxiVista.com, the following of which you can see in its entirety by following this link (it leads to an image of my first email and their response.)http://tinyurl.com/7sdrgchFiguring the company email would lead to someone different, I included this same image as an attachment and filed a complaint, as well as asking if they could assist me. A few moments after that, I got this rather interesting email (again, provided in the same format as the above.)http://tinyurl.com/7ng2tbxIn my week of trying to search for help with the password, after a week of trying to figure out what was going on, nowhere did anything say it was discontinued. Furthermore, these two emails I've shown were the only contact I've ever had with them.As you can clearly see, they never said it was discontinued. The website itself makes no mention of it being discontinued, as can be seen in this image.http://tinyurl.com/88x43v2For them to make snide remarks and assume I somehow know something that I didn't see anywhere is just insulting, and they will certainly not be getting any of my business.All I was asking for was assistance in password retrieval, and all they had to say was we're sorry, this product you're interested in is discontinued and I would have thanked them and gone about my way. However for them to treat me like this, it's unreal, and I hope eventually everyone sees this report and boycotts all of their products. They do not need any business until they clean up their act.
Entity: Trier, Select State/Province
5, Report #1012597
Feb 11 2013
07:59 PM
James E. Bartels Portland Attorney Wyse Kadish LLP Discrimination Portland , Oregon
Wyse Kadish LLP has been know for discriminating over the years. Mostly against gay, lesbian and none white people.  They will shy way from taking cases that involve anyone who is none white, lesbian and gay. It is very sad that at this day and age there is still this kind of discrimination.  Don't use Wyse Kadish LLP. Bruce Orr Portland. People come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and preferences, we are not all the same. 
Entity: Portland, Oregon
6, Report #1413835
Nov 28 2017
09:31 AM
Bartels Media Gmbh PhraseExpress Mouse Recorder ShareMouse The committed fraud, and stole our money. Internet
We previously purchased a license from them, all was fine until we had to contact them via email with general questions regarding maintenance and support upgrades. We had the PhraseExpress Standard license, and upgraded the manintenance/support on the license to continue receiving upgrades. However, when we emailed for instructions on how to upgrade our existing license to the Pro version, we were told to purchase the Pro license in full and our previous order/license would be refunded. So we did, when we emailed back for a refund confirmation number and email, we received rude and inappropriate responses from an unnammed representative. As of yet, we are out the cost of the initial license $34.95 and the Pro license $124.95. We had attempted to contact the merchant in which they processed their orders through Share-It (MyCommerce), but they have been no help and are clueless to the issue, and/or do not read all of the information provided in the emails sent to them regarding the issue. We have contacted our bank and filed a chargeback and are awaiting the results. This is a blatant case of fraud.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #633424
Aug 19 2010
07:23 PM
Ragdoll Cat Breeder Angie Bartels Angie Bartels wife of Jason Bartels, daughter of Robert Bastion, Sister of vet Dr, Bastion, My experience with her found her to lie about everything. Her cats are not registered ragdolls and in some cases, their eye and coat color cannot be ragdolls. She rips people off, collecting a princel somerset, Pennsylvania
I could say a lot about her but my main concern is that people like me are getting scammed. She works with a new partner since her first one got fed up and left. She advertises Ragdoll kittens on Kiijii but they are not. I saw her pretend that rescue cats were Ragdolls.  People think they are buying Ragdolls so they pay a lot of money and they are getting ripped off! She has registration numbers but they are not for her cats. She has a litter now for example with all different eye colors and Ragdolls can only have blue eyes unless they are a solid , then they will only have amber eyes. SHe is taking advantage of people. If you study the breed you can tell by the markings and eyecolors that her cats are not ragdoll. I just hope people see this. She needs to be shut down. If she shows registration papers, people need to call TICA ; as of right now I believe that all but a couple of her cats have numbers lifted from other cats. The number may not match the cat.
Entity: somerset, Pennsylvania
8, Report #425044
Feb 17 2009
10:44 AM
Paintballvalley/Gary Bartels I was manager/ they have coupons people buy Nashville Indiana
For anyone to play paintball the cost is usually $45.00 a person. if you have larger groups the cost may go down to $35.00 a person but you dont get a break if u use the promo tickets. There could be a group of 5 or 500 with these tickets you are only to purchase paint $20.00 a bag but he raises it to $30.00 a bag...most people do not read price list that is posted next to where you sign in. Only if someone see's paint is suppose to be $20.00 and says something he will charge you the right price.They have promotional tickets they sell to church groups/ colledge students. They pay $5.00 for each ticket to start. The ticket gives you free gun rental and playtime and you are suppose to just pay for your paintballs. Which that is 500 balls of paint. It is $20.00 a bag of 500 but if you use these tickets he charges you $30.00 for a bag. it say 25.00 off u just have to buy your paintballs. usually a bag of paint is $20.00. Anyone with these coupons he raises the price of a bag of paint to $30.00 so he is not loosing as much. Also pays refs cash money. He pushes for people to tip the refs then he takes 25% of their tip !!! He only pays $18.00 for a case of paint and there is 4 bags He also pushes for the people to tip the refs at the end of session, where he makes the reffs give him 25% of their tips! This man is a very greedy and dirty business person. Rightcheeksting nashville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nashville, Indiana
9, Report #1141443
Apr 24 2014
03:06 PM
DIAMOND VAULT SARASOTA Ali ChokrLaRue ChokrMichael ChokrRachad ChokrAmir ChokrMartin SmithKim LambPaul LambLauren MoyerDebby Bartels ***DEALING IN STOLEN DIAMONDS!*** Sarasota Florida
* Upon being notified that the Diamond Vault of Sarasota, had my reported stolen merchandice in thier position (Two pairs of Diamond Earings valued in ecsess of $600,000.00), I called to inquire the whereabouts of, and was told they could not remember.  Although, their website promotes Diamond Earrings for sale, in the amount of $1,750.00, in Sarasota, Florida. Funny how they could not remember receiving 2 pairs of Diamond Earrings worth over $600,000.00 in 14+ tcw ..... Mr. Chokr hung up. The police where the ones to inform us that the Diamond Vault of Sarasota, FL were the Fence. (Buyers of stolen goods!!!!!) *THINK before you buy from this place.... maybe you'll have the Police show up at your door one day soon to claim others' personal property, that was sold to you by unethcial professionals ********* *(Currently being investigated with the Sarasota Sheriff's Department- If you have any information pertaining to this matter, or you too have been a victim, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 941-961-5800 / 941-861-4260 ) *********
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
10, Report #1218239
Mar 25 2015
11:49 PM
stumble upon . com Mark Bartels, Garrett Camp, Geoff smith Another deceptive internet company that steals your money and then cannot be contacted. San Francisco California
This company is just another internet based company that uses deceptive advertising and their payment page is designed to get more money than you the client is willing to pay. When I put in my credit card information for an amount it said my card was not accepted and try another card. I used another card and got the same message. At that point I decided that this company was not something for me. To my surprise I was billed for both of my payment attempts. This company is owned by some slick Bay area fat cats who could care less about their reputation. Just search who owns stumble upon. After trying to get an answer I was contacted by someone named Cori who told me that my money had already been spent on my advertising. Not only do they take your money without your permission the service is useless. If you happen to be in business and stumble opon Excuse the pun this company don't waste your time and money. They contact you right away when trying to sell you the service. After that, well we have all been there before with these rip off internet companies.
Entity: San Francisco , California
11, Report #1085726
Sep 19 2013
07:22 AM
Stephen Sullivan unethical lawyer and legal malpractice Red Bank New Jersey
1. I was looking for an honest attorney to represent me regarding legal malpractice. I was a victim of consumer fraud. The company/person refused to return my property to me, and they sued me for $7,500. I initially hired two attorneys, both of whom took my retainer and did nothing. Both times I found out from the court I was represented pro se. The second attorney did not even show up for a hearing, and a judgment was entered against me for the $7,500. I hired Keefe/Bartels to vacate the judgment, and to counterclaim for the value of my property. I had a witness who was deposed for 9 hours. The firm switched lawyers on me 3 times, and in the transition lost important evidence, both from my witness, and also important prices realized related to the valuation of my property. I only found out in February, 2013 that Lori Dvorak did not abandon me and the firm, but she was locked out and could not represent me. Keefe lied about the circumstances of her departure. When Keefe forced me to use Stephen Sullivan, Keefe said I would incur no other charges. During that time he processed thousands of dollars of my checks without ever deducting them from my bill. My #45 refers to these checks. At the time I did not care because of his promise of no other billing. He lied. Twenty-two months later, two months before the trial Keefe sent me a new bill for $22,356. They then tried to get me to simply drop my case. Keefe switched lawyers on me 3 times. He lost important evidence from my witness, and also regarding my valuations. The day of trial I was refused a jury trial as promised. The day of trial I was told they would not use my witness because you know your witness and the judge will look unfavorable on it. I could not win my case without any witness. The judge said I should have had a witness. He said the Court could not award damages since my claim did not include bailment. His counterclaim was worthless. I lost over $100,000 in property and I was charged $57,000 to get a $7,500 judgment vacated.  I was billed $59,000 to only get the $7,500 judgment removed. I lost all of my property worth $126,000.I feel Sullivan/Keefe Bartels either never cared about winning my case, or intentionally lost it rather than returning my fees to me, and subjecting themselves to immediate malpractice claims. After the sham trial, Angela Roper said she would represent me as I had a very strong malpractice case. After 2 years she returned my documents to me, saying she was too busy. I believe Keefe Bartels are guilty of unjust enrichment, as well as breach of contract. Their negligence caused the loss of my property valued in excess of $125,000. They were supposed to counterclaim at treble damages. According to the Judge, the Court could not award any damages since my counterclaim neglected to include bailment, and I should have presented a witness. Please note that I have hard copies of all files, including all motions, and some sample catalogs and their auction results which were supposed to be have been used at trial. Thank you for your review. 2.Stephen Sullivan was the third lawyer assigned to represent me by Keefe Bartels. Both he and John Keefe, Jr. told me Lori Dvorak abandoned both me and the firm without any notice. I was not given my legal right to have Lori continue her representation should I have chosen. I only recently learned that Lori was literally locked out of the firm. I was told that there would be no further charges since I had paid enough. Twenty-two months between bills, and two months before trial, they sent me a bill for another $22,356. They then tried to get me to simply drop my case. I note the following areas of negligence by Sullivan: 1.     Failure to allege bailment which totally eliminated any chance of obtaining damages in my counterclaim.        1.1 The judge commented that he could not even consider             damages since he and his firm had not addressed bailment.2.     Failure to use my expert and fact witness who saw the condition of my cards before they were sent to Lifson.2.1 The judge commented that this witness was necessary.3.     Losing evidence.3.1    I gave his firm several irreplaceable catalogs and other documents that were crucial to my case. Your firm lost them.3.2    His firm lost my witnesses notes taken during his deposition.4.     I went through at least three lawyers with this firm, each of whom had to be brought up to speed on my case. This leads me to conclude that you placed my case at the bottom of the barrel.4.1    Abandonment of a client’s matter and lack of due diligence.4.2    Payment for duplication of effort by various attorneys5.     Improper direct examination.5.1    He failed to ask me about how I determined the condition and value of my cards at the trial.5.2    There was no proper addressing at trial of the dozens of other cards which were trimmed and substituted. These were not indicated in his appraisal report(s) of my cards, the second of which was presented to the court.5.3    No redirect or cross examination at trial where you promised to address the crucial issue of trimmed/replaced cards.6.     Improper Cross examination of Lifson.6.1    Failure to refer to evidence that would have contradicted his testimony, including but not limited to his solicitation of my high quality, high-grade cards, and the inconsistency of his communications to me.6.2    Lifson’s letters to the Office of the Attorney General were never addressed. Lifson clearly lied, and clearly misrepresented the value of my high-grade cards.6.3    Sullivan never addressed grading standards, and the importance of trimmed cards.6.4    He refused to use me as an expert witness for my own property.7.     Lack of communications on a consistent basis as indicated by myletters and emails of 9/18/06, 12/18/06, 1/15/06, 7/23/07, 8/27/07, etc.8.      Up until the very day of trial I was promised a jury trial. This        was also indicated in my claim. Instead, I was told that we were        using a judge because that’s what the Court and the other         attorney wanted.9.     My last bill was paid in September, 2006. On January 4,2007 he informed me I would receive no further bills. Despiteyour promises, in July, 2008, 21 months later and less than 2months before the trial he sent me another PAST DUE bill of$23,637. It was then told to me that I should drop mylawsuit so I would not incur any additional bills.9.1 I was billed for thousands of dollars for so-called jury      preparation. There was no jury preparation.Almost immediately after Sullivan was assigned to me, I stopped receiving replies to emails and calls. More importantly, Both Keefe and Sullivan indicated that communication and evidence was not lost. After 4 emails and many calls Sullivan finally admitted that they lost my witnesses notes taken during his 8 hour deposition. He had taken 2 hours of important hand-written notes of all of my cards which were supposed to be used at trial. In 2007, I met with Sullivan for what was supposed to be a trial. I noticed that all of my Prices Realized from my auction catalogs were missing. The catalogs by themselves were worthless without these at trial. He just said he was sure they were around. These were to be used in support of my valuations of property. My many emails to him reminded him of their importance. He ignored them. Apparently, he did not care, since he never used any catalogs as evidence at trial. On the day of trial, Sulllivan told me that “we have decided to have a bench trial. I asked him who we was. He said the other attorney, the judge, and himself. I reminded him I had been promised a jury trail as indicated in my attachments to you. He declined my request. I then asked him which day my witness was coming. Sullivan said he decided to not use my witness. I asked why, and reminded him all the letters and emails proclaiming his importance to my case. He said, “You know your witness, and the judge won’t look favorably on it.” My witness took off from work two days, and Sullivan never even had the professionalism or courtesy to contact him. During the trail Sullivan said I could not refer to my witness in any way. So I had to ignore the questions about my lack of witness. Sullivan also never mentioned the value of my property. He said he would do so at cross examination. At cross examination he said “no questions.” I was literally hung out to dry! Immediately after the trial, I asked Sullivan how he could possibly not include bailment. He smiled and said “Oh well, we would have probably lost anyway.” I asked him for my catalogs, books and cards returned. He refused, and said he would return some of my property, but not all of it. I never did get everything returned, including some cards. The judge was presented with very little information to give me a positive verdict. However, he did say he could not believe that I did not know someone, even a friend who had seen my cards. I had witness who Sullivan wouldn’t use because he lost the evidence. The judge also said he could not award me any damages since my counterclaim did not include bailment. Isn’t my attorney responsible for this neglect? In all, his tactics at trial cannot be attributed to trial decisions, but instead to negligence, lack of due diligence Without my witness, without my evidence, and without bailment included in my counterclaim my trail was just a waste of time and money. Many important issues were just ignored at my trial. Essentially, I was just set up to lose my case. My efforts to seek justice have been compromised. I am very disappointed and very angry about his “representation.” I believe he negligently abandoned my case, and has violated professional ethics, as well as professional malpractice. My efforts to seek justice were totally compromised. More importantly, I have suffered the loss of all of my property valued at $126,000. The end result was I was forced to accept at trial a box of worthless trimmed cards which were not mine. Instead of being valued at $126,815, The trimmed and damaged cards I was forced to accept after trial are worth $3-5,000 market value. I do not believe that I lost my property due to solely to incompetence, and negligence. My important evidence was lost. Rather than returning my $19K already paid, and risking legal actions for malpractice, Sullivan proceed with my case which was not winnable. Hence, Sullivan is guilty of breach of contract, and unjust enrichment. I hope that in the future your site will take the necessary action that prevents other clients being treated like this by Sullivan.
Entity: Red Bank, New Jersey
12, Report #269462
Feb 24 2012
03:01 PM
Bill Bartels Tax Service ripoff Did not complete my taxes and does not return calls and he has kept my tax information St Paul Minnesota
Bill Bartels has all of my tax information and has not returned my calls nor my w2's. As of August I still have not been able to find if he filed for me or not. Because of his unprofessionalism I am unable to buy a house and also cannot continue school because I cannot get a student loan without this information. Shelly castle rock, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: St Paul, Minnesota
13, Report #1022798
Mar 03 2013
08:06 AM
Bill's Tax Service, Inc. Bill Bartels Tax refund established in February, disappeared until Oct, screwed up the entire filing and replied - I have too many customers. St Paul, Minnesota
I payed Bill for many years to prepare my taxes and included taking him to dinner at an expensive restaurant to show our appreciation. In return this year, we met in Feb, found out we had a decent refund and I was excited to think we could finally take a vacation. OOPs, Bill would not return calls, emails or answer his business front door until Oct, approx. 8 months later, one week before penalties. At that time, I placed a letter in his business mailbox asking for my money back due to no action on his part. I found out afterward he was hiding in the other room of the business, with lights out and a closed sign in the window, watching who was at his front door. Sneaky Huh? I was instructed to pay the IRS much more than I should have and did not have enough time or tax knowledge to do otherwise. Upon learning there was no refund, I hired a reputable tax service to clean up the mess. In our last meeting when I asked why he did not respond for so long, he told me was had an illness and had too many customers. When you hear that from your tax man, run fast the other direction. I did not run and now hope when this is all corrected, I get a vacation - the one I did not get in 2012.
Entity: St Paul, Minnesota
14, Report #66305
Sep 08 2003
05:20 PM
Bartels Property Management - Bartels Realtors, ripoff sneaky lieing backstabbing property management company Don't rent from them! Richmond California
I would like to start off by telling everyone one not to rent from BARTELS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT! I signed a 1 year lease for an apartment in January of 2002. Upon move in I discovered that the place had roaches, and I don't mean a few. It was like an infestation. This being my first apartment I did not want to move out, so I exterminated and cleaned the whole place myself. But I couldn't believe that these so called professionals would rent a place they knew had roaches! When I reported it to Bartels office they said they had already bombed the place twice! The drama continues when an ex-boyfriend of mine broke into my home one day when I was at work, thru a back door that was never fixed after I reported the lock as being broken. He broke everything in sight, including all the windows, doors and even put huge holes in the walls. I called the police and filed a report, and called Bartels to report the incident and ask them if I could terminate my lease early. They refused and also stuck me with all of the bills for the damage he caused to the apartment. I was also evicted in September 2002, around the same time when all of this occured. I told them I was not responsible for the damage he caused, and they should press charged against him in court. They refused and said if I did not pay for everything, it would be reported on my credit history. I am still paying these a@#holes every month and am tired of it. They even expect me to pay rent for the month of October 2002, when I was evicted in September 2002! Take my experience as a guide and never get into this situation! DON'T RENT FROM BARTELS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Stephanie Richmond, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, California
15, Report #1177264
Sep 16 2014
05:36 PM
Texas Pure H20 LLC Inaccurate estimates, unable to contact after agreement was signed, and terrible product Hudson Oaks Texas
The estimate provided was much less than what the invoice came to after the products were installed. The owner told me about numerous features of the water equipment but the product broke down after 2 weeks! When we called to have someone come out, we could never get any answer or return call. Now we are stick with a bill and a product we cannot use. 
Entity: Hudson Oaks, Texas
16, Report #7069
Oct 10 2001
12:00 AM
consumer credit services-financial card division ripoff taking money from my account
A representative from this company called my home offering some type of credit card. He explained to me everything about the credit card and it sounded great. After I gave him my checking account number he told me how much it would cost...then I refused the card. Two months later...they debited my checking account $100. And plan on taking $99.99 more 15 days later! This caused my checking account to be overdrawn and I am stuck with bank fees too! When confronted about this situation the customer service department said they couldn't refund the money until they listened to my original conversation with the representative. DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
17, Report #1184279
Oct 22 2014
09:32 AM
Robert Lifson Fraudulent and unethical behavior Watchung New Jersey
 (((redacted))) I invite anyone to contact me for additional information. BEWARE OF ROBERT LIFSONI consigned vintage high-grade baseball, football and non-sports cards to Robert Edward Auctions/Robert Lifson. He damaged some valuable cards. He said he would reimburse me. Instead he kept my cards, and sued me for my own cards!I had to get a New Jersey Attorney. I was charged $57,000 to get a $7,500 judgment vacated. The attorneys failed to include bailment in the counterclaim so I could not collect damages. I lost over $100,000 in property in addition to $57,000 in legal fees.Robert Edward Auctions has since been sued by others for fraudulent activities.I invite anyone to contact me for additional information.This is a letter sent to the Attorney General of Maryland:(((redacted))) October 25, 2004 Mac JacobsonOffice of the Attorney GeneralConsumer Protection Division200 Saint Paul PlaceBaltimore, MD21202 Re: MU-86499 Dear Mr. Jacobson: As you have requested I am responding to Lifson’s letter to you. Although I believe I have previously addressed most of the issues and my concerns, I will respond to his letter accordingly. I actually enjoy this opportunity, as I believe my response and supporting documentation will further prove his fabrications, falsehoods and untruthfulness to me as a consignor, and to you and your office as an investigative agency. 1) He solicited in June 2003. I reluctantly sent him my property based upon his misrepresentation of himself. Had he informed me that the auction was to hold 11 months from the date of contact, I would entrust neither he nor anyone else with my property. I assume he intentionally does not put the auction date in his advertisements, like Maestro and others in this industry do. 2) I am including as an attachment a copy of his advertisement in “Sports Collectors Digest“, Nov. 14 2003, page 79. (See #8 Below). This same ad appears in many issues of “The Wrapper”, and other periodicals. Please note his ad states, “If you have a significant high value item or collection that you are considering selling at auction, you can’t afford NOT to contact Robert Edward Auctions. His ad also states, “If you have high quality material to bring to auction...” This is the very ad and solicitation I had previously submitted to you on August 30. 3) First, I am forwarding the cover of his auction from March 2001. It clearly shows, “Robert Edward Auctions, a division of MastroNet”. In addition I am including the back page of a MastroNet auction. Again, it clearly shows his association. Finally, I am including a copy of my email to him dated June 15, 2003. I asked him about setting up with Mastro, because of the erroneous information he provided to my about his association. You will further note that he did not refute his association with Mastro in his reply of June 16. I am submitting to you another of his ads, which appears in “Sports Market Report”, January 2004, page 34 and 35. In his own words he refers to his association with MastroNet! I am also forwarding a copy of my September 18, 2003 letter to Doug Allen, the President of Mastro. I believe that he only began to inform the public about his disassociation with Mastro because of my complaints to them about his fraudulent activity, and his use of their name and reputation. As I mentioned previously, he only wanted high-grade, high quality material for his auction. He returned them to me because he said the cards were of such high quality that it would not warrant their inclusion and replacement of those in the set. He suggested that I have them professional graded and sold independently, or on the internet. He states my cards he damaged would not warrant a grade of “8” or higher. Common sense would indicate that if after damage he states they would be a “7”, then before his negligence they would warrant a higher grade, either an “8” near mint/mint, or a “9” mint. It doesn’t matter what holders he returned my cards to me. What matters are how securely they were packaged. In none of my communication from him does he ever state any of my cards I sent to him were damaged or trimmed, until months later. Please see as an attachment his email to me admitting that there was damage! I am including as attachments a “How to Use Condition Guide”, from a Beckett Baseball Guide. Beckett’s is recognized as one the foremost publications for grading and prices. You will note the difference between a Near Mint-Mint and Near Mint can be very minor.  I also forward a copy from “Sports Collectors Digest” that shows for example the value of card 123, Sandy Koufax in NM is $685. Yet this same card is valued at $1800 in NM/M and $10,000 in Mint! I am including Card Valuations based on some of the most popular collector periodicals and price guides. He states, “Even if there had been any where to the corners in transit, it would have had to have been an issue involving tens of dollars, as opposed to hundreds or thousands of dollars.” He says he has been in business for many years. Even beginning collectors quickly learn the value of the grade of the card.Again, he has provided misleading and blatantly untrue information to your office. After my complaints to Mastro, and after I demanded what I thought at the time was fair replacement value, months later he indicated my Koufax was now mysteriously trimmed, as were “some”, “many”, and “about a dozen” of my 1952 football cards. Actually, he says “they are very obviously trimmed”. As the expert he portrays himself, wouldn’t he have noticed this damage to my cards particularly the Koufax card, upon reception or shortly thereafter? I told him I offered the Three Stooges set, and that set alone to Mastro. They declined only because the #1 card and two others were not NM/M and Mint condition like all the other 93 cards in the set. This was still a very high-grade Nm/M set.4) On October 6, I revoked my permission for Lifson to include any of my property in his auction. Another copy is forwarded for your convenience. His response stated that he “would demand shipping fees...related expenses(?). We will incur no shipping expenses”.Later that month he again begun sending emails saying he wanted to return my property. I responded by sending him the same letter of October 6. He later reneged on his proposal and said he would not return them to me. I wonder a consignor lives in Hawaii or elsewhere, they are obligated to fly or drive at their expense to retrieve whatever property Lifson decides to return? In his response of Nov. 2, 2003 he also indicates that he will reimburse me for some of the shipping expense if I drive to New Jersey! In essence, he knows that it will be more expensive in gas and tolls that his reimbursement is worth. 5) Again, I submit that if my Koufax card were trimmed, he would have brought it to my attention either before returning it to me, or after I returned it to him. It was not trimmed when I owned it. It mysteriously became trimmed on October 3, 2003! I never gave him permission to grade any of the three cards he damaged. He is correct when he says that “these doctored cards have little monetary value.” They only became “doctored” while in his possession. 6) He tells you I am a non-professional with respect...He has had no prior experience with me, and knows nothing about either my professional background, or my years of collecting. I submit that I have been grading cards for over 15 years. In addition I have been a contributor to Krause Publications for over 30 years. I have been an active collector for 45 years! 7) He repeats himself. My response to #2 above easily addresses this issue, and this misleading and untrue statement! 8) I have contacted “Sports Collectors Digest”. (See #2 above). I was never informed that this complaint was dismissed. It was agreed that since I would pursue legal action that it would be more appropriate to wait until a final resolution. I pursued this complaint at an early date to insure that there would be a record of contact. 9) See #3 above regarding his association with Mastro. Obviously, if I knew he had been associated with Mastro, I had no reason to believe otherwise. However, he still confirmed his association with Mastro in June 2003. During my telephone conversation with Lifson, I inquired specifically about two non-sports sets from the 1940’s and 1950’s. He called me back the following day, and said that although he had no Victoria Cross Heroes, Lowney Co., Crackerjacks, he had some Plane Cards by them. He further stated that although he had over 1,000,000 cards in his inventory there were mostly sport cards.  As your office has suggested, I have also forwarding my copy of my complaint to the United States Postal Inspector, and another copy of my letter to you of October 6, 2004.This letter included most of the same attachments Lifson sent to you. This includes his letter of September 10, where he apparently feels it is perfectly legal to now dispose of my property. He portrays himself as a victim, seeks recovery of “any costs incurred”.In his letter to you (#8) he has the audacity to inform you he is preparing legal action against me! I’m also forwarding a copy of the letter written to me by George Golumb, his attorney. He states, “If you (I) sign a release I can retrieve my property in New Jersey.” He says his clients haven’t damaged me. If I even would agree to this, I would            lose the value of the cards he damaged, and lose value of “some”, “many”, “about a dozen” cards he admitted were now trimmed. I wonder how many, if any of my original cards would be returned, particularly after I would waive damages? I believe the following to be true:He is guilty of a breach of contract.Active concealment and misrepresentation. The transferer was intentionally deceived as to the identity of the purchaser.Good faith and fairness.Bailment issues. He was under law duty bound to return my cards to me in October, 2003. Furthermore, he is obligated to return my identical property.Care of property. If the property is damaged or destroyed, the bailee is liable for the loss.Acceptance of goods. He had a reasonable opportunity to inspect my property for any damages. I feel the information submitted to you clearly shows Lifson in violation of the laws of the State of Maryland, and probably Federal rules laws and regulations as well. As I indicated in my letter to Steve Durst, US Postal Inspector, I now have additional information provided by Mastro that easily shows that I undervalued my cards. Any future actions will reflect this new information available to me. The auction catalogs from Mastro and Lifson, as well as the price guides referred to are available to you. In addition I can provide expert testimony as to the specific condition of the three cards before they were damaged, and to other cards. Please feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions. Clearly, I have been a victim of fraud. If you office chooses to ignore this issue, I feel Lifson will feel free to continue to defraud the residents of Maryland, New Jersey and other states. Sincerely, Anthony  These articles appear in the internet under “Robert Edward Auctions.” Robert Edward Auctions Offered Rare Baseball Card Stolen From Baseball Hall of Fame; Swiped Card is Rarer Than The T-206 Honus Wagner Card Featured in New Cooperstown Exhibit// Share|// By Peter J. NashApril 23, 2010 “1891 Jos. Hall Cabinet Card of “Smiling” Mickey Welch”Appearing as lot 100 in Robert Edward Auctions’ Spring sale of baseball cards and memorabilia was a rare baseball card of Hall-of-Famer “Smiling” Mickey Welch. Welch won 315 games between 1880 and 1892 and was known as one of the greatest right-hand-pitchers of the 19th century. His 1891 cabinet card, which was slated to be sold at auction on May 1st, was produced by Brooklyn photographer Joseph Hall and is encapsulated in a plastic case and graded “authentic” by card grading company SportsCard Guaranty (SGC). The auction house headed by Robert Lifson describes the card as “the first example we’ve ever seen” and notes that “the reverse displays tape remnants, surface paper loss, and handwritten notations, one of which (the name “Bob”) is in red marker.” The card is quite possibly unique and far rarer than the $2.8 million-dollar Honus Wagner card put on display at the Hall of Fame this past weekend as part of the collection of MLB owner Ken Kendrick- there are at least fifty T-206 Wagner cards known to exist. The problem is, the possibly one-of-a-kind card of “Smilin’ Mickey” that was on the auction block appears to be the property of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.Evidence of the theft is revealed in the paper loss and apparent vandalism exhibited on the reverse of the Welch card. Both the auction house and the card grading company fail to disclose that the damage to the back clearly indicates  information previously written on the card has been removed. In addition, the reverse shows the name “BOB” written in red marker in the upper right hand corner but, upon closer examination, it appears to have originally been “PD.”  “PD” written in red marker on the reverse of a photo is a designation found on images that are “Public Domain” in the collection of the National Baseball Library at the Hall of Fame.  The altering of the “PD” to appear as “BOB” and the additional paper loss on the reverse illustrate a clear attempt to conceal tell-tale ownership marks.The Welch card has been “slabbed” in an encapsulated holder that was originally developed for 20th century issues of traditional baseball cards, however, in recent years 19th century cabinet cards like the Welch have been graded in holders to enhance their value for collectors of graded material.  In the case of the Hall of Fame’s Welch card, SportsCard Guaranty’s encapsulation of the card didn’t enhance its value, rather it preserved a crime-scene for the authorities who will ultimately investigate the theft.  Further investigation into the matter has revealed that in 1957 the Hall of Fame received a donation of a group of Joseph Hall cabinet cards featuring the 1891 New York Giant players, including Mickey Welch. Records also indicate that in 1967 the cabinet cards were photographed by the library and a set of negatives were preserved. The inscription which has been defaced and vandalized on the reverse of the card most likely   read: “Negatives 2/2/67.” That same inscription appears on another 1891 card in the Hall of Fame collection, referring to the set of negatives documenting the Joseph Hall cards in 1967. One of the negatives in the set is believed to bear the image of the exact same cabinet card of “Smilin’ Mickey” Welch being offered in the current Robert Edward Auctions sale. It’s solid proof  that the New Jersey auction house was selling the Baseball Hall of Fame’s donated property. The Hall of Fame declined to furnish copies of the negatives when requested for this story.Sources indicate that Hall of Fame officials are currently conducting their own investigation into the matter. In regard to the issues related to the theft of the Welch card, Brad Horn, the museum’s senior director of communications, stated that the Baseball Hall of Fame would not comment on the situation.Other reports from sources indicate that the FBI is also investigating the theft in conjunction with an existing Federal probe into other stolen items sold by Robert Edward Auctions in the past. In addition to offering the Hall of Fame’s Mickey Welch card, Robert Edward Auctions has previously sold and handled several other items documented as stolen from the New York Public Library’s A. G. Spalding Baseball Collection . REA head Robert Lifson has also made a recent public confession that he was once apprehended while attempting to steal baseball material from the New York Public Library collection. Lifson was also the special consultant to Sotheby’s for the 1999 sale of the “Barry Halper Collection,” which also included many items stolen and suspected stolen from institutional collections, including the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 2007, Lifson sold the remaining collection of the deceased Yankee minority owner Barry Halper in a consignment from the Halper estate. That consignment from Halper’s widow, present Yankee minority owner Sharon Halper, included two stolen items from the Boston Public Library and at least one from the NYPL. The FBI and Boston Public Library confirmed that  Halper’s widow and Lifson were compelled to return those items.Even more troubling than the theft and proposed sale of the Welch card is the possibility that other rare Joseph Hall cabinet cards of New York Giant players may also be missing from the Hall of Fame collection. In 1983, the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) published an image of an 1891 Joseph Hall cabinet card of pitcher Tim Keefe and credited it to the Hall of Fame. The card appeared in a “Special Pictorial Issue” of baseball photography entitled, The National Pastime: A Review of Baseball History. Haulsofshame.com recently requested to view that 1891 cabinet card of Hall-of-Famer Tim Keefe as well as others featuring Hall-of-Famer’s Roger Connor and James O’Rourke.  The library staff, however, could only locate the O’Rourke card, which featured a “PD” designation on its back in red marker. Original contact sheets from SABR’s 1983 photo shoot at the Hall of Fame feature several images of  the 1891 Joseph Hall cabinets including Keefe, Connor and O’Rourke. The Hall of Fame declined to answer inquiries as to whether other 1891 cabinet cards were missing from the collection.    Million Dollar Litigation Rocks Memorabilia Industry Posted on April 11, 2011 by DaMMAgecontrol.com As first reported by veteran reporter Michael O’Keefe of the New York Daily News, Corey Shanus, a New York attorney and noted sports memorabilia collector, is suing the most prominent sports collectible auction house, the New Jersey-based Robert Edward Auctions (REA).In the suit filed in Manhattan courts, Shanus alleges that several pieces of nineteenth century memorabilia he purchased at auction in the early 2000s were later examined by experts who stated that they were not created until at least the 1920s. Shanus is seeking over one million dollars in damage in a move that is seen as yet another potential black eye for the auction industry.Shanus’ lawsuit and accompanying allegations are yet another link in the chain of public image problems for the auction industry that began with Operation Bullpen, an in depth investigation by the FBI that found evidence of forged autographs, counterfeit memorabilia, and shill bidding. The equivalent to baseball’s steroid scandal, the result was the closing of Mastro Auctions, the biggest target in the room.Like any good drama this story has an interesting cast of characters, with Peter J. Nash being chief among them. Nash, also known as “Prime Minister Pete Nice” in the hip hop community starred with 3rd Bass in the late 1980s. Following his career in hip hop, Nash entered the memorabilia industry and quickly amassed a considerable collection that was quickly overshadowed by considerable debt. Nash was the source of the items, having used them as collateral for loans that went unpaid.Robert Lifson, head of Robert Edward Auctions and formerly of Mastro Auctions, was quick to appear on several websites focusing on vintage sports cards and memorabilia to dispute the allegations and promising a counter-suit against Shanus to recover damages. It seems a long, costly courtroom drama is about to unfold. As more commonly found in a criminal preceding the case will be decided by experts representing the multimillion dollar collector who allege the items are counterfeit, versus experts representing the multimillion auction house who allege they are genuine.Due to the fact that an auction house is only as strong as its reputation, it seems unlikely that the two parties would settle out of court as is common in many lawsuits of this nature. However, news of the lawsuit has done little to damper the interest among collectors anticipating the 2011 Robert Edwards Auction, but a defeat in the courts could be felt in 2012 or beyond.It should be noted that the lawsuit seems carefully timed to coincide with the release of the 2011 Robert Edward Auctions catalog, considered by many collectors to be the most significant auction of the year. Michael O’Keefe is no stranger to the controversies surrounding the sports collectibles industry, having previously co-authored The Card, which details alleged fraud in the sports card grading field.  Protecting Yourself Against High-Dollar Memorabilia FakesThe dangers of buying fake sports memorabilia are not confined to online retailers with limited sales and low positive feedback scores. What? A feedback score of 33 percent from three buyers? But he's selling an authentic Strasburg game-used jersey from two weeks ago. Even though he's on the disabled list. What a deal! High-dollar memorabilia from well-known collections and respected auction houses can also be suspect.Case in point,  New York attorney Corey Shanus brought suit this summer against Robert Edwards Auctions, LLC (“REA) and Robert Lifson (Owner and Managing Member of REA) for allegedly selling him fake sports memorabilia. From the complaint filed in this case, it seems that between 2002 and 2009, Shanus made a number of purchases from REA and MastroNet, another company owned by Lifson. These purchases included an 1861 Grand Match Trophy Baseball, which MastroNet called a “spectacular trophy ball from the earliest days of organized baseball that “found a home in the fabled Barry Halper collection.Shanus paid $60,861 for the 1861 Trophy Ball. Yes, that ball probably cost more than your car or, possibly, both of them that are in your garage.But wait, there's more. Shanus also purchased an 1853 New York Knickerbocker Trophy Ball, which MastroNet described as the “earliest known trophy ball in existence and, “in our opinion, simply the finest and most historically significant trophy ball in existence, let alone to ever be offered at public auction. Shanus paid $161,992.45 for it.Think about that. For the price of a home mortgage, you could have, wait for it, a trophy ball. Shanus also purchased additional high-end items, including a Silver Trophy Ball from REA for $105,000.Most of the items Shanus bought were allegedly part of the Peter Nash collection. However, several red flags about that collection prompted REA to hire Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) to inspect the items in 2006. After two weeks, PSA concluded that a number of items in the collection were fake.In 2009, REA auctioned off a number of these Nash pieces and included the following disclaimer, “‘The Collection' is sold ‘AS IS' and with all faults. The sale is made without recourse. ‘The Collection' includes items that may be authentic in part…. It doesn't take a lawyer to read between the lines of this warranty.Shanus saw the warning and became concerned about the validity of the Nash pieces he'd bought before the disclaimer was added. He consulted Lifson, who responded there may be potential problems with certain items from the Nash collection, and that there “might be questions as to the authenticity of items that Lifson had previously obtained from Nash. Shanus then had forensic tests performed on his items, which confirmed they were indeed fakes.To put things into perspective, if you feel sick that your house is no longer worth what you paid for it because the economy isn't doing so well, you can keep faith in the fact that your house still has value. The value of a fake trophy ball, however, is a lot closer to $0. A house that's dropped in value can still be lived in. A fake trophy ball, besides being presented as evidence at trial, can be used as a really tacky doorstop.This suit is still in its early stages. When the defendants moved to dismiss the action, Shanus filed an amended complaint. The court gave the defendants extra time to respond to the new complaint. Once the defendants answer the amended complaint, we will likely get the defendants' side of the story (the above all comes from plaintiff's amended complaint). Regardless of whether RAE or Lifson did anything wrong (if they believed the items were authentic when they sold them, it could be a difficult case for the plaintiff), the lawsuit highlights that Shanus' problems with high-end, fake sports memorabilia is just the tip of the iceberg for the baseball memorabilia community.For example, the complaint references that the 1861 Trophy Ball, before it was part of the Nash collection, was part of the famed Halper Collection. For those who don't know, Barry Halper had one of the most prolific sports memorabilia collection in existence. He even contended that his collection was better than Cooperstown's. The Hall of Fame even acquired a number of items from the Halper Collection including what was believed to be a Shoeless Joe Jackson uniform.Unfortunately, experts have started to contend that a number of these items, including the Shoeless Joe Jackson uniform, were fake [Editor's note: While there may be a lot of truth in the article, it should be noted that Peter Nash wrote the linked Halper article while having ongoing litigation with Halper's representatives]. The Hall of Fame even conceded the Jackson uniform was not authentic and it has since been removed.These recent stories highlight a serious concern with the sports memorabilia market. If the most prolific collectors (Shanus) can be duped, and if some of the most iconic collections (the Hall of Fame, for crying out loud) contain fakes, what can us mere mortals do to protect our collections?As I wrote earlier, for any purchase, use common sense. If it's too good to be true, it is. For high-end merchandise, use your own independent authenticator prior to purchase. Additionally, for both low- and high-end memorabilia, there are a number of legal remedies if you find you have purchased fraudulent items. Most reputable sellers and auction houses will offer your money back (for a limited time) if you can prove the item isn't authentic.However, if you feel bad about your purchasing a fake Babe Ruth autographed baseball for $50, look on the bright side. It still has more value than a fancy fake trophy ball because at least you can still play catch with it.The information provided in Paul Lesko's “Law of Cards column is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues commonly encountered in the sports industry. This information is not intended to create any legal relationship between Paul Lesko, the Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides & Barnerd LLC or any attorney and the user. Neither the transmission nor receipt of these website materials will create an attorney-client relationship between the author and the readers. The views expressed in the “Law of Cards column are solely those of the author and are not affiliated with the Simmons Law Firm. You should not act or rely on any information in the “Law of Cards column without seeking the advice of an attorney. The determination of whether you need legal services and your choice of a lawyer are very important matters that should not be based on websites or advertisements. 
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Jul 18 2017
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EDITOR’S COMMENT:  Ripoff Report strongly believes in the First Amendment, especially when consumers are truthfully warning other consumers about potential frauds, scams, rip-offs or the like by shady individuals or businesses.  Ripoff Report is by consumers, for consumers…and we want to keep it that way!  Unfortunately this Report was posted and, upon additional information, appears to have been primarily for the purpose of bullying or harassment.  In many instances Ripoff Report will reach out to the author of the Report to obtain further information.  In other instances, enough information is provided to Ripoff Report to warrant redactions without reaching out to the author.  Ripoff Report is working to combat tactics that are perceived to be cyberharassment, cyberstalking, cyberbullying and/or what is generally considered a “revenge post” as we do not condone such behavior. The Report was brought to our attention and, upon review of compiled information (which will be done on a case by case basis without any obligation as resources allow), and at Ripoff Report’s sole discretion, information that did not conform to current policies and/or the identifying information relating to the individual(s) and/or business(es) named in this “Report” and any subsequent comments thereto have been editorially redacted as indicated by the following “(((REDACTED)))” or (((REDACTED DUE TO PERCEIVED HARASSMENT / REVENGE POST)))”.CONSUMERS:  Be kind.  Keep it honest.  Keep it fair.  Stick to the facts.  Do your research.  Keep the dirty laundry in the laundry hamper…not on Ripoff Report.PLEASED TO SEE SUCH EFFORTS?  YOU CAN HELP RIPOFF REPORT COMBAT THESE TYPES OF ISSUES:  Ripoff Report, as resources allow, is working towards combatting Cyberharassment, Cyberstalking, Cyberbullying and/or other problems such as what is generically called “revenge posts” that can be riddled with personal commentary and/or allegations that can be serious.   Ripoff Report would love to be able to timely address each and every review request we receive, however, this takes resources.  If you think this is a worth-while endeavor, we encourage you to make a donation so that we can expand the resources that we can devote to this project.  You can make a non-tax deductible donation by clicking HERE NOW or learn a little more by visiting our “Donate to our Efforts” page.  The more resources we have, the more resources we can devote to this project and other forward thinking and positive initiatives like it.Thank you!~ Ripoff Report TeamNOW TO THE EDITORIALLY REDACTED POSTING(S):I note the following areas of negligence: 1.     Failure to allege bailment which severely limited my chance of obtaining damages.        1.1 The judge commented that he could not even consider             damages since your firm had not addressed bailment.2.     Failure to use my expert and fact witness who saw the condition of my cards before they were sent to Lifson.2.1 The judge commented that this witness was necessary.3.     Losing evidence.3.1    I gave you several irreplaceable catalogs and other documents that were crucial to my case. Your firm lost them.3.2    You firm lost my witnesses notes taken during his deposition.4.     I went through at least three lawyers with your firm, each of whom had to be brought up to speed on my case. This leads me to conclude that you placed my case at the bottom of the barrel and merely assigned it to whichever inexperienced associate you happened to have hired.4.1    Abandonment of a client’s matter and lack of due diligence.4.2    Payment for duplication of effort by various attorneys5.     Improper direct examination.5.1    You failed to ask me about how I determined the condition and value of my cards at the trial.5.2    There was no proper addressing at trial of the dozens of other cards which were trimmed and substituted. These were not indicated in his appraisal report(s) of my cards, the second of which was presented to the court.5.3    No redirect or cross examination at trial where you promised to address the crucial issue of trimmed/replaced cards.6.     Improper Cross examination of Lifson.6.1    Failure to refer to evidence that would have contradicted his testimony, including but not limited to his solicitation of my high quality, high-grade cards, and the inconsistency of his communications to me.6.2    (((REDACTED))) letters to the Office of the Attorney General were never addressed. (((REDACTED))) clearly lied, and clearly misrepresented the value of my high-grade cards.7.     Lack of communications on a consistent basis as indicated by my letters and emails of 9/18/06, 12/18/06, 1/15/06, 7/23/07, 8/27/07, etc.8.      Up until the very day of trial I was promised a jury trial. This was also indicated in my claim. Instead, I was told that we were        using a judge because that’s what the Court wanted.9.     My last bill was paid to you in September, 2006. On January 4, 2007 you informed me I would receive no further bills. Despiteyour promises, in July, 2008, 21 months later and less than 2 months before the trial you send me another PAST DUE bill of$23,637. It was then suggested to me that I should drop my lawsuit so I would not incur any additional bills.The above is in addition to the lack of communication from your firm about which I complained numerous times.In all, your tactics at trial cannot be attributed to trial decisions, but instead to negligence, lack of due diligence and inexperience. As I expected, without my witness my trail was just a waste of time and money. Many important issues were just ignored at my trial. Essentially, I was just set up to lose my case. I have spent much time and money sending and discussing the same information to different attorneys with your firm, which has resulted in duplicate billing. My efforts to seek justice have been compromised. The end result was I was forced to accept at trial a box of worthless trimmed cards which were not mine. My records will show I could have accomplished as much years ago without your firm’s representation.I am very disappointed and very angry about the results of your firm’s representation. I believe your firm has negligently abandoned my case, and has violated professional ethics, as well as professional malpractice. My efforts to seek justice were compromised. More importantly, I have suffered the loss of all of my property.Your firm has retained possession of my property as follows: various Mastro and Heritage auction catalogs and their auction results; various printouts of those catalogs auction results; some 1955 high-grade baseball cards; Sports Collectors Digest Certified Card Price Guide; the book Sports Collectibles Digest Baseball Cards Questions and Answers. I want the immediate return of my property. 
Entity: Red Bank, New Jersey
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BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORKS - BHN brighthouse Allows primary contract holders to mislead and abuse sub-contracted laborers. Auburndale, Florida
Bright House Networks utilizes contracted companies for the majority of its' rsidential and commercial installation of Video, VOIP and high speed internet services. These contracted companies have mislead and abused the work force by missclassifying employees as sub-contractors.  This classification is simply an effort to avoid providing workers compensation insurance, health insurance, unemployment and overtime pay. The cost of tools, fuel, vehicle maintanance, commercial auto insurance and liability insurance also become the burden of the missclassified employee.  The treatment and control placed over these workers does not constitute sub-contractor status. Bright House Networks is in need of an overhaul in regard to this situation. Being a family owned corporation BHN must see the need to provide the workers that come into direct contact with their customers a fair opportunity; this will only occour when the current business model is revised and brought into compliance with state and federal laws. 
Entity: Auburndale, Florida
20, Report #48397
May 14 2014
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Wizard Of Claws mistreated abused and ripped off, Pembroke Pines Florida
MYWizard of Claws sold me a female papillion puppy in July 2002. In November my puppy, Tara went blind. Within 2 weeks she died. My contract with Wizard of Claws stated that I had a one year guarantee on congenital and heriditary defects, however I had to use their veterinarian, Dr. Jan Bellows, who's specialty is dentistry. I abided by the terms of our contract, spent over $2,500.00, $1,000.00 of which went to their veterinarian and the remaining to specialists their vet referred me to. The eye specialist could not determine the cause but was sure it was neurological. The Neurologist determined just hours before her death by way of a cat scan that it was congenital hydrocephalus, and stated that the chance for survival was slim. Toy breeds are more likely to have this condition. My papillion was a little over 4lbs. As the bills mounted, the harder it became to reach anyone at Wizard of Claws. After she passed away, they ignored me altogether. I had to have the neurologist hold her body from the time of her death on Dec. 2, 2002 until December 4, 2002 until I couldn't wait any longer for Wizard of Claws to return my calls. I finally arranged for her cremation, and then went to Wizard of Claws and waited for the owners to return. Upon Jim and Gilda's return, Jim was very rude, insulting and hurtful. He screamed at me, tried to get me to leave and actually accused me of killing my own puppy, claiming that I could have slammed her head in a door or dropped her on her head, and told me that he has had people hurt their own puppies and then go back to him and try to hold him responsible. I said that I would be surprised at what people do. While I sat there hysterically crying and begging him to believe me, his wife Gilda, his employees and a customer who was also going to buy a papillion from them. Needless to say, the customer tore up the contract and left. This angered Jim even more and he then yelled at me for losing his customer. A cording to the contract, they should replace my puppy in the event of a congenital condition and pay for medical. They did replace my puppy with another beautiful little girl, however they refuse to reimburse any of my $2,500.00 and insist that they didn't even have to replace the puppy because there is no proof that it was congenital. The neurologist has even written a letter for me stating that it was. I have tried to resolve this nicely with them and have gotten nowhere. I recently hired an attorney to write them a letter however they still insist they didn't even have to replace the puppy for me as there is no proof that it was congenital. Dr. Bellows is apparently giving legal advise along with his expertise. If he is such an expert, why didn't he find it? Why did it take 2 weeks and the third doctor to determine what was wrong? I won't even go there. Florida Statues include a pet lemon law. According to the statute, Wizard of Claws, cannot tell me what vet to use and they are responsible for the replacing the puppy and medical up to the cost of the puppy, $950.00. Abiding by the contract, which I did, they do not limit the cost of medical. Jim told me that I should never have spent so much on a dog. This puppy was my baby. I have yet to look at her photos that I had developed. My mother told me they are adorable. I still cry when I think of her. Those 2 weeks were the most difficult 2 weeks of my like. I slept on the floor with her, held her while she went through convulsions, cried and prayed. Teresa cooper city, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida

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