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1, Report #1422898
Jan 14 2018
10:23 AM
Intuitive Nova Intuitivenova, tarot nova, Jennifer Joy Curlette Seemed Sketchy Internet
I interacted with this woman when she was working a party I attended. She gave pretty vague readings and seemed kind of pushy. For all the gifts she claimed to have she seemed pretty oblivious to how uncomfortable she made me feel. I ended up googling her and found half a dozen aliases. Turns out she's been scamming people for a while, including friends of mine. 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1399014
Sep 09 2017
09:26 PM
Tarot Nova Jennifer Curlette, Joy Curlette, Urban Goddess, ETO, tarot, scam, fake psychic, witch, reader, theft, harassment Sacramento California
Tarot Nova is at least the third alias this woman has used to scam people. She claims to have twenty plus years experience reading Tarot and practicing witchcraft but she was very much a novice when she set up the first version of her business in 2014. She had read a few books and decided to market herself as a reader/priestess. We had a falling out after she gave me an unrequested reading claiming she was talking to the spirit of my grandmother, who had not passed away yet. She also pandered to racists in her business when they all got very angry over the existence of social justice workshops taking place in the business. There was quite a bit of unethical behavior on her part and instead of making amends or appologizing to anyone she disolved her nonprofit and reopened it as a private business, shunning anyone who did not feed her ego. A few months ago I found out she had rebranded herself as Tarot Nova doing psychic readings in Sacramento and Rocklin. What finally prompted me to make this report was last week when I was at the supermarket, she accosted me and would not leave me alone in spite of the fact that I asked her to go away multiple times. She has clearly not learned anything from the fallout of harming so many people and continues to show no remorse and revells in playing the innocent victim.  My advice to anyone looking for a readings is to stay far away from Ms. Curlette.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #471874
Jul 21 2009
01:45 PM
Tarot-revelation.com Misuse of talents Sherbrooke Canada
I use this persons services, having her tell me that she would have answers to help me in the future. When my sister finds that she has been reported for faud and my report matches the same as other people who went to her for help. Tracie Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Sherbrooke, Canada
4, Report #531249
Dec 01 2009
06:59 AM
Diane Trapi - Tarot Card Reader Tarot Card Reader Internet
I was looking at the MyLife.com site for classmates of mine when I ran across an ad for a FREE psychic reading from Diane Trapi in Canada. I have since found that she charged MANY people and has harrassed many also for money for her readings. I was shocked that she responded so quickly and now I know why - it is the same form letter that everyone else has received also.Please don't send her any money and please don't fall for her readings. I have never wanted a reading before, this was the first time, but also the last. I felt like her response was right on target. Now I see that it was just her way of playing with my heart and my emotions. My younger sister died in January and I didn't need more heart ache.Even though I didn't lose any money on here, please protect yourself or your loved ones from falling for anything she has to say. She is a true scam artist and should be stopped.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #617975
Jun 27 2010
07:01 AM
Diane Trapi - Tarot Revelation Diane Beware! Major Scam Artist At Work Internet
Avoid this scam artist like the plague! She sends the exact same pychic report to first time customers. She appears to have been in business for years and still uses the same report!  The only psychic thing about this, is that I can predict you will get scammed if you send her money. Thank goodness I checked Ripp-off Report before I did.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #617760
Jun 26 2010
07:14 AM
Diane Trapi / Tarot Revelation Diane It's 2010 And She's Still Scamming Internet
Thank goodness I didn't send this scam artist a dime! I received the exact same tarot reading that the others reported here. Exact, Exact, Exact! BEWARE!
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1357592
Feb 22 2017
08:09 AM
Fashion Nova Fashion Nova Scam Fashion nova Internet
 Ordered 2 outfits from Fashion Nova for my Birthday. Recieved the Package 02/21/17 hurried to open it to try ok my Clothes, come to find out they Sent me a Used Sprint Phone. I will never order from them again and I will take Further Action to recieve My Money back.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #459823
Jun 08 2009
07:09 PM
Scammed into a free Tarot Card Reading. But, instead used the same reading info and just changed the name and date on the reading itself. Got free reading, but then was scammed into buying the full version, by her followup emails... Karen tewksbury, MassachusettsU.S.A.
9, Report #582489
Mar 18 2010
10:15 AM
Diane Trapi / Tarot Revelation TAROT READING IS A SCAM! Every person gets the exact same reading.... WORD FOR WORD! Internet
My mother and I ordered and received tarot readings from Diane Trapi within one day of each other.  The readings were EXACTLY THE SAME... WORD FOR WORD!  This is an internet scam.  From my additional research, every person who has filed a complaint has indicated that Diane Trapi is sending the same reading to every person who orders it.  Do not use person for a reading as it is totally fraudulent!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #183184
Mar 25 2006
06:26 AM
Nova Pointe ripoff Ontario California
This company has a scam going, all I did was order the free sample for $1.99, to pay for shipping costs, I got my free bottle but then in about 1 week I received 2 more bottles and they used my debit card without authorization!! I went to my bank and filed a non-authorization use of debit card report, they tried to help me but now I need a copy of the receipt of the offer I agreed to, well I don't have that, what do I do now? They owe me $99.90 and I don't know how to get it back. Help!! Kathy Poland, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Ontario, California
11, Report #466041
Jun 29 2009
01:30 PM
Tarot-revelation.com Same Story here! She did the same to me, and in my personal circumstance it really hurts! Canada Internet
Diane did the same thing to me! Sent me the same email / reading that you others got, and in my circumstance it really fit the part!! What she wrote hit home so deeply in regards to love, depression, money especially! And when you are in such a down right rut, and someone comes along with good news who understands you, it really hurts to find out you were scamed. Its a cold heartless ploy, and she should feel very,very ashamed. And she wont be getting a dime from me! I opted to pay via mail, luckily for me. But not for others to come! Carol Troy, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #592317
Apr 12 2010
11:08 AM
Tarot Card Reading by Diane Trapiche I am the fool in the reading Internet
Unfortunately, I ordered the full report before reading the scam report.  I got the identical reading that aparently everyone gets as their first reading.  I feel foolish, and the scam reading seems, in retrospect, to mock the purchaser.  The machine behind this is smart, though wildly unethical.If you haven't bought a report yet, don't.  If you have, you're in good company.  Others were fooled also. 
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #554797
Jan 15 2010
11:52 AM
Tarot Card Reading by Diane Trapiche fake, uses the same reading for everyone Sherbroooke, Internet
I have received three e-mails from Diane Trapiche. The first one identical to another listed in a Rip-Off Report. I actually thought she might not be a fake until the third e-mail. She listed feedback from other users but at least two of them referred to her as Tanya. She had forgotten to replace Tanya with Diane. The negative aggressive sell was another tip-off that probably she was a phony. So I googled her and found these RipOff reports. Fortunately, I didn't fall for it and send her money.
Entity: Sherbroooke, Internet
14, Report #555876
Jan 17 2010
02:54 PM
Tarot Card Reading by Diane Trapiche I recieved the exact same reading that is posted on here internet, Quebec
HelloI am disgusted to see that my personal reading from Diane is the very same one that is posted here by another, and word for word. She probably does a cut and paste with the names so she can sent the same reading out to everyone. I decided to do a search for diane before spending any money on a more in depth reading.It is terrible that a picture of an older woman is used to also elicit your sympathy and a sense of honesty, since seniors are not what you think of when you envision a scammer. Dont waster any time, money or energy on this.
Entity: internet, Quebec
15, Report #1175848
Sep 17 2014
02:54 PM
Adrienne Lidicky burgundysheva, Age of Tarot and Metaphysical Services psychic, tarot Internet
This is an individual that claims to be a psychic and sells her services online, frequenting sites such as eBay. I purchased a reading from this individual and never received it - the only contact I got was that I would receive my reading shortly. I then contacted this psychic and heard nothing back so I was forced to file a dispute with PayPal and eBay against this individual. Only then did I hear back from this individual with a barrage of e-mail threats. She also says she sent me a refund but so far I have received no e-mail confirmation from eBay or PayPal confirming that she processed a refund. This psychic is a fraud and a liar and I would steer clear from her.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #474001
Jan 09 2010
12:32 PM
tarot-revelation.com And Professional Tarot Reading By Diane Trapiche, Lets say that my feelings were founded because the tarot deskconfirmed that you really are a special being and also that a majortransformation is about to take place in your life... Canada
Ripe off she does send the same thing to everyone as you can see below: On Monday, I experienced a strange feeling about you. In fact , I performed your tarot reading with a very particular attention... Lets say that my feelings were founded because the tarot deskconfirmed that you really are a special being and also that a majortransformation is about to take place in your life... First the cards indicated that close people to you have been takingadvantage of you. Your basic honesty has been getting in your way.Many opportunities that you have had offered in the past have to be surrendered because you refuse to take advantage of others. You have a very strong capacities for understanding people problemsand you can sympathize with them. Although you are firm whenconfronted with obstinacy or outright stupidity. But I want to focus your attention about THE LOVERS cards;which is the main key card concerning your situation. The Basic Card Symbols is An angel, a man and a woman, two trees(in Waite, it is Adam & Eve with one tree having a serpent andapples) - in some decks one tree is flowering, but the other hasfruit. Also in some decks there is a man standing between two women. The Story of this card is a Fool coming to a cross-road, filledwith energy, confidence and purpose, knowing exactly where he wantsto go and what he wants to do. But he comes to a dead stop. Aflowering tree marks the path he wants to take, the one he's beenplanning on taking. But standing before a fruit tree marking theother path is a woman. He's met and had relationships with womenbefore, some far more beautiful and alluring. But she is different.Seeing her, he feels as though he's just been shot in the heartwith Cupid's arrow, so shocking, so painful is his recognition ofher. As he speaks with her, the feeling intensifies; like finding amissing part of himself, a part he's been searching for his lifelong. It is clear that she feels the same about him. They finish eachothers sentences, think the same thoughts. It is as if an Angelabove had introduced their souls to each other. Though it was hisplan to follow the path of the flowering tree, and though it willcause some trouble for him to bring this woman with him, to gosomewhere else entirely, the Fool knows he dare not leave herbehind. Like the fruit tree, she will fulfill him. No matter howdivergent from his original intent, she is his future. He choosesher, and together they head down a whole new road. Let's say that in the beginning, this card was only called LOVE.And that's actually more apt than Lovers. Love follows in thissequence of growth and maturity. And, coming after the Emperor, whois about control, it is a radical change in perspective. LOVE is aforce that makes you choose and decide for reasons you often can'tunderstand; it makes you surrender control to a higher power. Andthat is what this card is all about. Finding something or someonewho is so much a part of yourself, so perfectly attuned to you andyou to them, that you cannot, dare not resist. In interpretation, the card indicates that the querent has comeacross, or will come across a person, career, challenge or thingthat they will fall in love with. They will know instinctively thatthey must have this, even if it means diverging from their chosenpath. No matter the difficulties, without it they will never becomplete. The Lovers can be a confusing card as it is ruled not by anemotional water sign but by airy Gemini. The original trumpfeatured a man and a woman with a cupid above them about to shoothis dart. Later this became three figures, the interpretation beinga man choosing between two women, or a man meeting his true lovewith the help of a matchmaker. Still later, with Waite, we have anAngel above Adam and Eve. The Angel stands for Raphael, who isemblematic of Mercury and Air, planet and element of Gemini. Geminiis the communications sign. It's all about messages and makingcontact; also, as it is the card of the twins, it's about findingyour other self. In this regard, you can see that the Lovers cardbegins to make sense. Especially if you change it back to LOVE.Here is a card about perfect communication, about finding somethingyour soul requires. In this regard, its most common interpretationabout being A Choice makes sense. When this card appears, you are being told to trust you instincts,to choose this career, challenge, person or thing you're sostrongly drawn to, no matter how scary, how difficult, irrationalor troublesome - without it, you will never be wholly you. It'ssudden and unexpected, and it means a compete change in plans; butthis is LOVE. True love. Go for it! The second key card about your tarot reading is THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. This card shows a wheel turning clockwise with rising or fallingfigures, beasts on it. Waite also includes a good many Hebrew letters and alchemical symbols. Often there is a sphinx perched atop the wheel. The Basic Tarot Meaning is the following: From out of hiding comes the Fool, into the sunlight, as if beingpulled up from some low, dark point on a wheel. It is time for achange. Staff in hand, he heads back out into the world, expectingnothing. But, strangely, things seem to happen to him as the hoursgo by, good things. Wandering by a water wheel a woman offers him adrink in a golden chalice, and then urges him to keep the cup, justbecause she likes him; as he wanders by a windmill, he stops towatch a young man swinging a sword; when he expresses hisadmiration of the weapon, the young man presses it into his hand,insisting that he take it. And finally, when he comes upon a rich merchant sitting in a wagon,right over one of the wheels, the man hands him a bag of money. Ilike giving away money, explains the Merchant, and I decided,just randomly, that the tenth person who walked past me today wouldget this money. You're the tenth. The Fool hardly thought he couldstill be surprised, but he is. It is as if everything good that heever did in his life is being paid back to him, three-fold. Allluck this day is his. Yes Malee, I understand yourself, and your presentsituation is about to let place to a new period full of luck,love, fortune and joy! With Jupiter as its ruling planet, the Wheel of Fortune is allabout big things, luck, change, and fortune. Almost always goodfortune. Honestly I don;t invent anything; almost every definitionof this card indicates abundance, happiness, elevation, or luck; achange that just happens, and brings with it great joy. As much as the Tarot is about what a Querent can do to change theirlife or self, there are cards like this one that admit thatsometimes you just get lucky. This card mean movement, change andevolution, but its primary meaning always seems to say that suchchanges will seem to come out of the blue, a stroke of good,unexpected fortune. you are going to get that money, that job, thatpromotion, that special person, that break you've been waiting for! Why such great events are announced to occur in your life on thefollowings days? What have you done; is it your destiny or a simpleperiod of luck? Let me explain you, it seems to happen as a karmic payback for all the good things you've done in life. Yeah , a payback, isnt it wonderful? Off course it is and you are probably extremely joyful too if you understand the whole impact it will cause into your life. We both know you act right and you are a good person and that youdeserved more so in other words you can consider that a bigpaycheck is on your way! Imagine living without any worries, simply profiting of your moneywith your friends and the love of your life. I know you wish betterthings for you and it's the perfect time to accomplish your mission. Understand that all your dreams can come true if you areproperly prepared. Nothing will happen by hazard, you need tobecome aware of your actual inner capacities. Life is a kind of fight and you are called to win! Keep in mind that I am present by your side to help you taking the best decisions. I have been able to detect in you a good psychic potential. You possess real premonition aptitudes. I think you could develop this special gift for your own advantage or maybe for other people around you later. With your intend, I can help to provoke the best conditions allowing a much greater development of your hidden psychic abilities. There is no magic there, every human have these unconsciousabilities. However most people never develop them. I can give you the right tools and the knowledge you need to affect your life forever. I think it's kind of my responsibility to get you out of thisnegativity spiral that block and hide the path of your inner balance. Do not allow fear or insecurity to dominate your perceptions, it could deteriorate your current situation.In fact we don't need to worry, instead we should work to eliminate the bad forces having a negative effect on you, the negatives thoughts patterns.Theses influences rule your existence for too long, take control ofyour reality while it's still possible. Every human possess a EXTREMELY POWERFULL SECRET to succeed in life. It's true but the problem is that most people don't even realizethat they possess such hidden ability. I will reveal and give you more details in your complete tarot readings. Enjoying life suddenly take sense when understanding these secret tricks... It doesn't matter if another person have tried to help you outwithout significant results, stay optimistic I have helped severalpersons before you and those who follow my directives always getastonishing results. Shame on me if you ignore my help because it would mean I have notbeen able to explain the importance of your actions in the next days ofyour life. If you could only REALIZE that your problems are disguised solutions.When these wonderful and remarkable opportunities will come to pass, you must be well prepared to seize them. So I offer you a COMPLETE TAROT READING. This secret reading will detail all revelations and the major changes coming in your life during this great period of luck and fortune I have discovered with many advicesto assist you emotional and rationally. You will notice that some situations can appear ordinary at firstglance. However, if you know in advance which signs or messagesto decode, you will find and profit from many unseen opportunities. With these amazing revelations, you are certain to completelybenefit of each occasion you would not usually remark. It willcontain many diectives, advices and instructions to assist youregarding your feelings and your emotions. This clairvoyance reading will allow you to avoid obstacles beforethey occur in your life. It will maximize your entire capacities. I will explain you how to get out of this negativity circle thatblocks and hides the road to your happiness. In addition, I will achieve your 'Full Personality Examen'.This special document will reveal: -The real cause behind your present situation.-The forgotten objective of your life.-Who you really are! There is no reason to wait any longer, it is time to celebrate,it's time to put together the best conditions to let you enjoy life. This kind of awakening happen once in life... If you don't change your present actions, your life will not change. Since to long, your positive and energy and your potential are kept being blocked. I must admit that Im not sure that you will be able to completely benefit from this exceptional timing alone. I don't want to scare you but you have to know the truth. This is the reason why I will send you the SECRET MAGIC FORMULA x13as Bonus. That very Ancient Formula will serve to protect you inyour everyday life from all the negative outsider waves of energy,it will also play a much greater role that you will discover onappropriate time... Moreover, I will calculate your LUCKY NUMBERS and find the properdates to utilize them. This will help you to win money as quick aspossible. Seriously, I'm not sure you deeply understand theimportance and the value of the next weeks to come. It's time totake action, we should not take any more risk by waiting longer. Because I treat you as my friend, here is your private link to benefit from my guidance and also to get all your Special Gifts! http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=I7Ygx&m=1jHfBVpdoaysgG&b=vNRQlh4cYnVicfdlZQ_yVg For the moment, simply decide what you really want. Are you readyto discover and accept to develop your infinite inner potential? Don't hesitate to much, don't miss it all... DianeXxxXxxxX;) P.S. Love is knocking at your heart's gate, waiting for you tounlock and open the gate once for all... No matter which direction you choose to go, allow Love to shinethrow you in order to always walk with the Light on to the Light... If you got this email by error, you can click the link below to let me know. Diane, 104 King Ouest #174 Suite A, Sherbrooke, J1H 1P6, Canada To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:http://www.aweber.com/z/r/?HJzMbExMtCwcTIysTGzMtGa0zKyMDJwsnA== Neva_meant Green Bay, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Sherbrooke
17, Report #68019
Oct 01 2003
03:42 PM
ASI ripoff Halifax Nova Scotia
In Response to Rose, As far as using real names hear? I am using my real name so why don't all you numbnuts use yours!! Freegan cowards..like shot down losers creepin' away with their tails between their legs. get the F!*% over it already. So your ass got canned! And to that jackass prick named Robert Staunton from bullshit VA, I've been happily working for this WONDERFUL,BEAUTIFUL,EXCITING,RESPECTFUL,JOYOUS,FRIENDLY company for close to 2 years now; And, listen hear jack-off...where the heck are you gonna find any satisfied customer who owes anyone money??? Gimmie a frickin' break Robert? Get off the drugs pallie! Sincerely, Really Mark and not some bullshit fake name!! NS, Nova ScotiaCanada Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ameri-Source Publications
Entity: Halifax, Nova Scotia
18, Report #410760
Jan 11 2009
01:01 PM
Standard Trust Lottery winnings Nova Scotia
A friends mother received this letter stating she had won a lottery. It came with a check made out for $4,920. This is the 3rd letter she got. She knew enogh to shred the first two but by the time the third came along she thought maybe it could be real. All I had to do was type in the words Standard Trust Nova Scotia to see the MANY rip off reports on this scam. Few things to look for are that the company on the check is different than the company on the paper. The name at the top of the VP Venessa is spelled differently than at the bottom where it is signed. The tickets seriel number is the same as all the other scams I was reading. She got the letter on around Jan 9, 2009. The letter is dated Jan 18, 2009. The check is dated Jan 19, 2009. Michelle Gainesville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia
19, Report #679037
Jan 05 2011
01:06 PM
NOVA PAY Total Rip Off Chicago, Illinois
Having just read ripoff report from Bobin New York i would now like submit my experience. After being offered a free trial on skin products, whilst doing online banking with local bank. I to paid $2.95 for shipping costs in good faith of receiving my free offer,only to discover i like so many others was charged $87.13 for an order i did not place or in fact received. Telephone number supplied by this company does not exist and have NO way of claiming my money back. Please be aware this was not a direct sale from Millenium Network,Inc but a free offer from a third party. The matter is now in hand with Trading Standards , solicitors and Fraud section of two high street banking chains.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
20, Report #641716
Sep 17 2010
06:45 PM
Bela Nova Scam the ordering of beauty products Baltimore , Maryland
I'm a new Avon respresentative as well and was immediately skeptical when I recieved a request for the below order and the story they came up with. I was not willing to place an order that I wasn't sure I'd receive payment for...when I asked for contact information they reforwarded the first email they sent that came from a Helen Matthew. I'm glad I did not take the bait and decided to do more research.   Thank you for your response,I am freelance model from  (CA) LOS> ANGELESi am coming down to winter spring for a photo shoot  and i> would need you to get this items for me:>> FRAGRANCE> Bond Girl 007...............(2)> ANEW ULTIMATE Age Repair Elixir.........................(2)> ANEW ULTIMATE Age Repair Night Cream 1.7fl oz.................(2)>> MAKEUP> Super shock Mascara black........(2)>> ANEW Youth-Awakening> Lipstick....................................(2)............(Sunset> pink)>> ANEW Wrinkle Zone Line Smoothing> Duo...........................(1)..............(Deep)>> 12-in-1 Eye Palette & SuperCurlacious Mascara> Duo................(1)................(Navy Blue or Black)>>   Do let me know the total cost plus the necessary tax I am to pay on> it.I would need to know the total of all the  products i requested and> also the name and address you want the payment sent to and also a> phone number i can reach you on.After  you send me this information i> would instruct my sponsors to send you the payment  which would be in> form of money orders or certified check  which you can cash instantly> at your bank .Please get back  to me as soon as possible so i can> continue with the purchase,i would be in winter spring soon so i would> pick up the items in person but i want you to have the funds in> advance,so send me the quotations and details needed to send you> payment.Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.>> 1- Name to be written on the certified check> 2- Mailing address , No p.o.box> 3- Phone Number> 4- City> 5- Zip Code> 6- State>> Selina Ramos> (Assistant Personnel Manager)> BELA NOVA MODEL MANAGEMENT> 206 N LIBERTY ST # 3> BALTIMORE, MD 21201
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
21, Report #914868
Jul 20 2012
08:21 AM
Hertz Hertz Canada Overcharged and ripoff Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rental Record ID# 927334100 I rented a car from downtown Halifax Hertz location over the last weekend, the staff members told me to drop-off the keys in the drop-off box and leave the car for them in the parking lot. I thought their system is reliable and they will check the drop off box on time as they have advised me when I picked up the car. I checked my bank yesterday and it showed that they have charged me for an additional day, while the car was in their parking lot, apparently their staff not checking the drop off box when they supposed to on Monday,. I called in and spoke with a staff member she stated oh I cannot help you, I will let my manager know, the manager called later on me and tried to put the blame on me stating that they checked in the car Tuesday in their system, and refused to help me or even check with his staff, if indeed they have checked the drop off box on Monday, the manager assumed that his staff didnt make any mistake and me the customer is the one to blame. I have reminded him multiple times stating I am the customer and I wouldnt call you if the charges are correct I found indeed that this manager doesnt know what is the meaning of a Customer and the customer might be right and there might be a mistake on their part. What I have found from Hertz Halifax the customer service I have received was absolutely terrible, the staff their do not use any words like thank you or sorry I am sure they need lots of training on how to deal with customers. I called their customer service line and the person answered the phone after me waiting for over 30 minutes Sorry I cannot help you at least she said sorry showing that she had received some training but the fact she said I cannot help you WOW what an experience with Hertz so far the customer service agent provided me with area manager phone number to call, after I asked to get the head office email and how to contact them. I called their area manager who stated that she will look into the issue and call me back, well I am not surprised so far no call back from them If it was someone else not checking their bank, easily wouldve been ripped off for the additional charges and lots of customers would really notice they have been overcharged my charges total should have been a total of $326.39 and they charged my credit card for $418.62
Entity: Halifax, Nova Scotia
22, Report #326066
Apr 14 2008
07:03 PM
Auto Exchange ripped off Halifax Nova Scotia
hi the auto exchange took my car a 2001 malibu on trade they gave me 2200 for it witch was sapposto cover my down payment and 5 months payments after having the new car for 2 and a half months and not recieving any paper work for it i call the company and was given the run around i called back a couple days latter and told them i wouldnt make my payments starting in 2 an a half more months if i didnt recieve my papers and plate for the car 3 days later i woke up and my car wasnt in the drive way so i called the police they notified me the company repoed it so i took my wifes car over to there office and they gave me a bs storie about my insurance witch had 4 months left on it from the transfer they told me i had to buy 6 more months of insurance because they require 1 year of insurance to reliese the car what a crock of s@%# so now im out of patience with them i called a lawyer and was told it wasnt worth the money chasing them and there in house financing company mae bank i come to find out the it was owned buy there brother now i have a repo on my credit report that shouldnt be there and cant buy a new car Derick134 dartmouth, Nova ScotiaCanada
Entity: Halifax, Nova Scotia
23, Report #181370
Mar 15 2006
02:10 PM
Nova Pointe LLC ripoff -scam Ontario California
This company was advised fifteen minutes after the authorization that the authorization on my card had been made by my fourteen year-old son. I attempted to notify them through their phony email address (cs@whiteovernight.com ) which they do not respond to, and their phony voicemail box (909-930-3060) which they do not respond to either, I finally got through to someone after finding a toll-free sales number and was told it wasn't their responsibility if my card was used without my permission even if I did let them know less than 15 minutes later. I cancelled my card that day and they have been trying to charge my account ever since March 6, 2006, the initial authorization was made on March 2, 2006. A woman named Diane was the rudest erson I have ever had the misfortune of having to speak with and basically told me that it was too bad they were going to charge me whether I had authorized it or not. When I asked what their responsibility was, she replied nothing, when I asked in what type of time frame they were supposed to respond to voicemail and email she had no response. She did tell me that my voicemail and email cancellations did not constitiue cancellations, stating the only way to cancel was to wait until Nova Pointe returned my calls and emails. Amazing. I was so sickened by this obvious scam and attempt at a shakedown. This company should have it's assests frozen and be subject to a class action suit for fraud. What they are doing is inexcusable, if a consumer attempts to cancel a contract within 24 business hours, that should be honored, if a consumer attempts to cancel a contract prior to shipping, it should be honored. Veronica East Hartford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #302624
Jan 23 2008
10:54 AM
Nova Marketing Should've seen right through it... Woburn Massachusetts
If I had come to RipOff Report before yesterday, I wouldn't have wasted an entire day of my life. I'm agressively job searching, and I applied for this company. From the beginning, I smelled scam, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. First interview went well, then I got called back for a second interview. I was told I would be taken out for the day, bought lunch, and shown the in's & outs. I had to take a day off from my temp job to do this. On the way to the event, I already felt like This is not the job for me. But, needing a break, I told myself to give it a chance. Standing there, in a suit, at a mall, I felt uncomfortable. Shortly before lunch, I said look, I really don't think this is right for me. So I was let go, but had to stay the full day, since they were my ride back. I was not even bought lunch. I wasted a day that I could've spent job searching, walking around a mall in a suit, waiting for 5 O'Clock to hurry up and arrive. Don't waste your time with this. Peter Merrimack, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Woburn, Massachusetts
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Dec 22 2012
05:43 PM
Nova Development $20.00 Rebate in your dreams Riverside, California
I purchased the Print Artist Platinum Edition software at Office Depot April of 2012. There is a $20.00 Rebate on the box. After filling out the form and sending the required upc lable and original receipt I waited for my rebate. Two months later I called them to check on my rebate. They informed me that I did not send the upc lable. I told them that yes I had and would send them a copy of the materials again. After three weeks I called them again. They told me that the upc was not theirs. I reported them to the BBB but they would not respond to them.
Entity: Riverside, California

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