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1, Report #1410498
Nov 05 2017
06:20 PM
Lothamer Tax Resolution Lothamer Tax Resolution Not Real Tax Lawyers Michigan
Lothamer tax resolution claims that they are tax attorneys.  All of their advertising and communications are revolved around misleading their victims into believing that they are getting representation by a duly-licensed tax attorney.  This is not technically true.  If you hire this firm, they are NOT your attorneys.Lothamer is a tax resolution firm, and not a law firm.  That means that they are NOT tax attorneysEven if they have people working there that happen to be licensed attorneys, that will never be your lawyer.  Only licensed law firms/offices are allowed to provide legal services.  If you hire them, there is no attorney-client relationship.  Tax resolution firms like this one (and most others), make their money by misleading consumers into believing you are getting something from them that they cannot legally provide (representation by an attorney).  On one hand, all of their advertising leads would-be victims to believe that, if you hire their firm, you are getting a tax attorney to represent you.  At the same time, they rely on the fact that they are not law firms so that they can do things that real attorneys would lose their license for.For example, a real tax attorney cannot legally split their fees with nonattorneys.  That means real lawyers are not allowed to hire commissioned salespeople.  This rule is important to protect consumers because commissioned salespeople (who have no training in the law) have a financial incentive to tell you whatever it takes to get you to sign up.  However, because this firm is not a law firm, they dont have to follow those rules.  When you call this firm for help, keep in mind that the person you are talking to is likely getting a cut of whatever fees you pay.  Also, that person is probably not a lawyer, and has never studied tax in law school.Then, if you find out that these tax attorney firms lied to you to get you to sign up, there's not much you can do about it.  Because they are not real lawyers, the State Bar has no jurisdiction or oversight over this firm.  You can't file a grievance against the owner of the company because he is not an attorney.  He does not have a law license to lose if he does unethical things (like real lawyers).  Same goes for the salesperson who told you what you wanted to hear to get you to sign up.  He or she doesnt have a professional license to worry about losing either. Under Michigan law (MCL 450.681), what this firm is doing is actually a crime.  It is illegal for a firm that is not a law firm (like this one), to use the title of attorney in their marketing.  This is because, even if attorneys do happen to work there, they can never be YOUR lawyer.  That is because the company that they work for is not authorized to be in the business of providing attorneys to the public - only licensed law firms can do that.Stay informed.  If you are interested in hiring a tax attorney to represent you, go to a law firm.
Entity: Michigan
2, Report #813516
Dec 24 2011
01:26 PM
tax resolution services ripoff encino, California
    After reading almost every report written about Tax Resolution Services I can verify that most of the things I have read are very true . Almost every description has happened to me during my experience with TRS. Stay away from them they are a huge RIPOFF !!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Entity: encino, California
3, Report #1259878
Oct 07 2015
07:45 PM
Tax Resolution Services Save Yourself A lot of Money Encino California
I decided to write a ripoff report cause I think after all is said and done for my husband, (I married into the tax issue),we certainly didn't get the bang for our buck! We paid over $8000. Up front, it has taken YEARS to finally have resolution, our story is very similar to the other ladies that filed the ripoff report.The resolution only occurred after I took the bull by the horns and made the calls to IRS myself, always having to get permission from my husband to discuss the issue, but he gave full power of attorney to TRS, and they never seemed to get the job done, not answering phone calls, (you NEVER get to talk to anyone, always leave a message), not answering emails,it was the most frustrating thing I've ever tried to handle.This by the way took several YEARS, he had 2 years old unfiled tax returns and I can say after I hired a local accountant for another $600 to recreate those years of business (he was self-employed at the time), then getting that info to TRS, that is the ONLY fruitful thing TRS did was make his personal and business filings for those 2 missed years. But considering the work my local accountant did for $600. Vs TRS for $8000+ my recommendation to anyone feeling they need assistance in this area, just go find someone local that you can keep in contact with, and address issues on a personal level. TRS sent me a letter I received today it is dated 10/2/2015, it was called their closing letter, just to inform me off the settlement I made with the IRS back in May 2015, I certainly didn't need them to reiterate the details I worked out with the IRS, i DID IT!Im not saying they don't help with anything, they gave me a temporary peace of mind, but they are horrid with follow through and when it's down to the actual negotiation they are awful, also if you are not understand ing the IRS agent you talk with if you call yourself, make the call brief and call back and talk to someone else! It took several calls to get to a person that really understood our situation and gave us the best advice, the othe complaint ant is right they just want to make the collection in a reasonable manner and make it work for everyone! 
Entity: Encino, California
4, Report #1437415
Apr 05 2018
11:25 AM
TOTAL SCAM ! DON'T GET ROBBED $4,000+ ! This scam tax relief companies merely file the EXACT same IRS Forms - that's it! They don't contact the IRS for you! They don't use tax law/strategy nor conduct legal hearings for you! YOU can do ALL this without wasting more money! Steps YOU can do yourself to attempt resolution with your (IRS) Federal Tax Lien: # 1: Complete/Send IRS Form # 12277; # 2 - Wait for response from IRS; # 3 - Dispute the lien with all three Credit Reporting Agencies; # 4 - Await correspondence. Under Internal Revenue Code Section 6502, the IRS has 10 years to collect that tax deficiency. Before the end of the 10-year period set forth in the statute the IRS can take the taxpayer to federal court and obtain a judgment (IRS.GOV). Again, several factors and legalities weigh into one's OIC being granted, so please research and consult further. To file your Offer In Compromise[OIC], complete/submit IRS Form # 433 for individuals or IRS Form # 433-B for businesses. GOOD LUCK. REASONS TO AVOID TAX RELIEF COMPANIES: 1.] These SCAM (tax resolution) companies charge ridiculous, HIGH fees - all to just file IRS forms, and they DON'T RESOLVE ANYTHING FOR YOU! If a tax resolution company is going to charge you $3,000+ for representation, you need to have a KNOWLEDGABLE, RELIABLE & TRUSTWORTHY agent/firm who does an up-front analysis of your tax problem and ACTUALLY provide you a FAIR, FINAL & REALISTIC FEE, not keep charging you with ongoing, outrageous fees - which these tax resolution companies will do, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CAN FILE THE IRS FORMS ON YOUR OWN; 2.] They have a tendency to keep charging you new fees once you've retained their (POOR, MISGUIDED) service - basically putting you in a corner with nowhere else to turn since you've already paid them A LOT OF MONEY; 3.] They give (REALLY!) BAD/UNQUALIFIED advice, and they will advise you to do the WRONG actions; 4.] They give DISHONEST advice and LIE: Their sales pitch is that they indicate that they'll qualify YOU for an IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) to settle a tax debt when they clearly do not qualify & OICs are RARELY GRANTED by the IRS! (SO WHY PAY TO THIS SCAM?). These companies TV commercials lie & are MISLEADING, SHADY sales pitches; 5.] Their TV ads state misstating urgency and use scare tactics: Tax resolution companies are sales people and telemarketers who harass those with tax liens, and they're notorious for lying and using false, intimidating scare tactics! Tax relief companies will often manipulate your emotions to make the sale. There's no reason to fake urgency, as an honest tax professional will present all options for you without emotion or scare tactics; 6.] High employee turnover: Tax resolution companies are notorious for having high employee turnover. As many of the companies are reliant on salespeople, employees who can't meet sales quotas are fired, so your case will keep getting handed off from representative-to-representative - all to further complicate your IRS situation and keep charging you MORE; 7.] They drop the ball”: They lack a track record alleviating, assisting, DOING MERELY ANYTHING for you, as many of these companies are famous for failing to follow through” with their obligation (false promises!); therefore, YOU are now facing IRS levies, wage garnishment; 8.] They go out-of-business: Running an effective tax resolution business requires a unique blend of great customer service with excellent marketing.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1131077
Mar 16 2014
01:09 PM
Tax Resolution Services Tax Resolution Services was contracted to help me with my tax problems. encino California
Tax Resolution Services was contracted to help me with my IRS tax problems. At first this company helped in a rather good manner. After several months I was handed to different people. The services became slower. The IRS started to contact me and I was told by TRS not to talk with them. Several more months went by and I was again given a letter by the IRS. After some time, my accounts were garnished and I was given a large personal lean. I sent e-mails, and made several calls to my person in charge of my account. My e-mails were not returned, my phone call were not returned. The person (B. Turner) was not calling me back. I think this company has taken on too much work. The only thing that do good is TAKE YOUR CASH.  Pleas do your resurch on this company before you use the.   
Entity: encino, California
6, Report #777903
Sep 17 2011
08:49 AM
tax resolution services Took $4500 from me Encino, California
I hired this company to help me with my tax problem, they said they could help but needed $4500 to get started. I sent the money to them and they now want more money and I don't have any more money and now they wont even call or take my calls or replay to my e-mail's. This company has not provided 1 ounce of help in my case, I made a big mistake in using this company, I asked for a refund and they wont even call me. If you want tax help don't use this company because they are a rip off. I should have given the money to the Irs instead of this poorly operated company. Here is what they say they do:We are Specialists in Solving Tax Related Collection Problems. Our services include: Offers in Compromise Innocent Spouse Relief Abatement of PenaltiesAppeals Representation and DefenseRemoval of Federal Tax Liens Removal of Bank Garnishments Financial Hardship Payment Plans Audit Representation Lifting of Levies on Assets including Wages and Bank Accounts Unfiled Returns Bankruptcy Discharge Analysis I have not found any of this to be true.
Entity: Encino, California
7, Report #344269
Jun 25 2008
06:42 PM
Tax Resolution Services Took my money and did nothing in return Los Angelos California
Looks like I am another victim of these people. They've taken more than $6000, convinced me to get behind on my morgage, car payment and credit card payments all to pay them for the work they never completed... Now my credit score went from 645 to 532, IRS filed lien, soon to levee, probably going to take everything I have... Probably the worst of it all, now I cannot get any other attorney to help me because I don't have the money for a retainer. Tanlk about being bent over without the vaseline.... How can companies get away with stuff like this with no reprecautions???? Michial Allen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angelos, California
8, Report #1100567
Nov 19 2013
10:05 AM
Tax Resolution Services,Co. How to Waste $7,500 and 2 Years Encino California
Financial hardship and my own stupidity caused me to end up owing IRS $90,000. The huge stress of this situation is undescribable! I was a sitting duck for the radio ads of Tax Resolution Sercices which invites you to allow them and their experts, former IRS agents, and people with inside knowledge to get you out of your mess. The ads were read by people I respected and trusted. They wouldn't deal with false advertising, would they?I contacted TRS and received the warm & fuzzy sales pitch assuring me that I had a good chance of success if I paid them $7,500 and let them handle the problem. I explained that I didn't have $7,500. Not to worry, can you come up with $2,500 now and pay $500 monthly? I talked it over with my wife and we figured if we delayed the house payment and tightened the budget we could barely come up with the money. We sent them $2,500 and signed the papers. TRS sent questionaires, and Powers of Attorney forms (we ended up giving POAs to at least 10 people at TRS) which we filled out. Initially we got the feeling that we were on the road to resolving everything when in actuality TRS was stringing us along until we had paid them the entire $7,500. Looking back, I can see that they had nearly zero contact with IRS.TRS then filed the paperwork for an Offer in Compromise, offering to pay $100 to settle my $90,000 debt. IRS then began requesting (thru TRS) more information about our finances. I responded to these requests immediately. Although TRS never sent me copies of the forms, I assumed that the reams of data I sent was being forwarded to IRS. At this point, we were coming up on one year with TRS. I was getting suspicious then because TRS was requesting documents which I had already sent. The person assigned to my account was also failing to respond to my questions. I was beginning to see evidence that I was only one of a large number of accounts which she was handling because she was unable to remember details which we had covered many times. For the next 6 months I received a monthly email from her that we were waiting to hear from IRS. At that point I received a copy of corespondence from IRS stating that an agent had been assigned to my case and that I needed to resend all data because what they had was too old. What??? Again I sent hundreds of pages of new data to TRS. Back to waiting and my monthly email from TRS. Around 18 months into this ordeal I get a copy of the filled in forms which had been completed by TRS using the data I had sent to them. I was shocked to see how poorly this was done! It failed to list many of my expenses and did not reflect my financial position at all. Of course they denied the Offer in Compromise. At this point I had spent 18 months and $7,500 and my $90,000 bill was now $96,000. But, don't worry, IRS usually denies the first offer. We will request an Appeal.A month later I get a certified letter from IRS with a copy to TRS giving a date for our Appeals Conference. They want to do a teleconference and request data that proves/disputes the info on their forms. The data is STILL very incorrect! I am now totally drained. I want to see if TRS is even paying attention, so I wait to hear from them regarding the notification which they received via certified mail. I do not hear a word from TRS and on the day  given by IRS to respond, I make the decision to go it alone. I call the very nice gentleman at IRS assigned to my case and have a long conversation. I requested a face to face meeting and told him that TRS is out of the picture now. At the meeting I bring in all my data and we sit there and go through everything in detail. He had a few documents which was the total of everything TRS had provided him with. Hardly any of the reams of data I had sent and resent and re-resent had ever reached IRS and the forms which TRS had filled out were wrong. He told me he would contact me the following day with a decision.As promised, he called me the next day and told me that I did not qualify for an Offer in Compromise and that TRS should have known this. He said that I had spent my money chasing a remedy which by law was never an option for me. Instead, he placed my debt into uncollectable status. IRS will simply drop all collection efforts.Epilog: Tax Resolution Services never responded to the letter from IRS. two months later they did contact me about a letter they had received regarding my state taxes. At that time I told them that they had ignored the IRS letter and that I took care of the matter myself. What, you talked to IRS??? That violates your agreement with us and cancels our contract with you! I then contacted the state agency and learned that the situation with them was identical. TRS had ignored phone calls and emails from them and they never received the info I had sent to TRS.I can find very little that I got for the $7,500 I paid to TAX Resolution Services. Their marketing preys on the fear of the IRS. I was so afraid that I was willing to believe that a company on the opposite side of the country could do a better job of dealing with the IRS by email than I could do myself if I only had the courage. Keep your money, or use it to help pay your debt, don't give it to this bunch of Jackals.
Entity: Encino, California
9, Report #1046988
Apr 29 2013
09:03 AM
tax resolution services elizabeth crawford no service encino, California
I hired TRS to file back taes and work out payment plan with IRS. Once my taxes were filed. TRS said they could not help me. IRS is harrasing me!
Entity: encino, California
10, Report #1163284
Jul 18 2014
07:48 PM
Tax Resolution Services TOTAL SCAM Encino California
This company is not closed but should be. I retained them to assist with a tax problem. I met with the person I thought would be assisting me.  As it turns out it was a salesman.  I was then turned over to an enrolled agent.  Though collection activity had commenced, it took her FOUR MONTHS to contact the IRS revenue agent.  Every time I called her for an update, she said she'd call me back. She never once did so.  I finally had to call her supervisor-- an attorney.  Same thing. Every question was met with an I'll look into it and call you back. He never once did so.  I was behind on tax returns and was quite ill and in the hospital. Instead of inquiring if I needed assistance, the alleged agent kept threatening me. After long periods where I would hear nothing, she would send me emails on a Friday afternoon demanding compliance by Monday morning.  In other words, instead of helping she was frightening me.  I requested a different agent.  It was refused. In the meantime I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown.  In speaking with my accountant, I realized they were not acting in my best interest and that I had lost all confidence in them.   I finally called the IRS agent directly and learned that the Tax Resolution Services Agent had been lying to me about the status of the case.  I also learned that despite their representations they never contacted the State Franchise Board re state collection actions. Due to their material misrepresetations and deceptive acts and practices, I terminated them in writing, demanded that they transfer my file to my accountant, and demanded a refund.  Although I have now sent multiple letters, they have failed and have refused to comply, notwithstanding their statutory obligation to provide me with my records and files and to return all unearned fees. This is nothing but a tax scam, aimed at taking advantage of people in desperate need of assistance. They charged me $10,000 and the bottom line is that they did nothing but make a few phone calls.  GO ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THIS.
Entity: Encino, California
11, Report #1176629
Sep 13 2014
08:28 PM
20/20 Tax Resolution 20/20 Financial Consulting 2020 Tax Resolution 20/20 TaxResolution SCAMMED ME! Broomfield Colorado
20/20 Tax Resolution preyed on me using numerous out of town cold calling scare tactics.  They convinced me that I owed the IRS $107,000, although I had not received any notices from the IRS! It's stated in their Agreement with me, Client owes the Internal Revenue Service approximately $107,000 (hereafter, the Taxing Authority and the Liability). They told me I needed to pay them $4,250 up front (and possibly more payment later on).  I was behind on 3 years' tax returns due to having MS and going through a bad divorce. I felt even more vulnerable when they told me how much I owed the IRS.  So I paid them the $4,250. I had tried to call them many times afterward to find out that my Associate was not there or he would not return my phone calls.So, I finally went ahead and got my late tax returns prepared to find out that I only owed about $14,000 in taxes for those years! I know I was knowingly misled by 2020. If they had done a professional job, they would have initially asked a few questions. They would have found out that in 2007 I had sold a house that would have shown no capital gains once that tax return was filed. I also had a very small business that had little profit after deducting all of my business expenses. Also, I had exemptions, itemized deductions and Earned Income Credit due to being within the poverty income threshold those years. 2020, evidently, uses Gross assessments (used until the missing tax returns are filed) in their quotes to entice the average person who doesn't know better.Why would I have given them $4,250 to help lower the small penalties that I incurred due to the  tax liability being only $14,000 rather than $107,000 THEY QUOTED ME. I am a first-time tax offender and have medical issues. They did not even ask about any medical issues that I may have had anyway, which is one of the few reasons I will get some penalties abated anyway. IRS very rarely lowers the actual tax liability and it's easy to ask for a penalty abatement yourself.  Again, I HAVE RECEIVED NO LETTERS FROM THE IRS.Do not send any money upfront and do your online research on tax resolution companies!
Entity: Broomfield, Colorado
12, Report #1235874
Nov 17 2015
11:01 AM
Tax Resolution Service Tax Defense Partners Made promises of reduced taxes. Nothing was reduced. Encino California
I contacted this company in January 2010 because of back tax issues I was having with the state of California and the IRS. I had not filed tax returns for 4 years due to personal problems caused by a long drawn out divorce proceeding.The owner assured me that his company would be able to file my back taxes and have the penalties and interest fees reduced and that I would not owe the State or IRS anything near to what they were demanding.I paid the company $9,000.00 before they would even start on my returns.  I paid the amount within 3 months and was told that they were working on my issues.They continously asked for update after update of the same documents and from what I could tell where making no head way on my behalf. They constantly changed points of contact and I was never really sure if anyone was working on my case.After 4 years we finally came to a settlement with the State of California I owed them exactly what I had started out owing them 4 years previously when I first contacted them.  I was told by their representative that the state never lowers or does a compromise of taxes owed.Again more time wasted and more updates of the same forms were done and when the supposed compromise was done with the IRS once again I owed exactly what they had demanded 4 years previously.  Except now I owed an additional $24,000.00 in interest and penalty fees.I contacted the company and was told that they were going to try and get the penalties reduced. That was 18 months ago and I have had zero further contact from them.So now I am 5 years down the road and I could have had xxxxxx file my taxes for $3000.00 and ended up with the exact amount of taxes due with considerably less penalties and interest. 
Entity: Encino, California
13, Report #899372
Jun 18 2012
04:47 PM
the tax defenders tax resolution Kansas Widow ripped off Big Time Chicago, Illinois
I,too, feel the fool for ever thinking there were honest and hard-working firms to help those of us who owed over $10,000 to the IRS. Rightly or wrongly, I really needed to know if this money was owed by me to the gov't. I had responded to one of the several solicitations received in the mail. I found out later that my financial indebtedness was available on-line to anyone knowing where to look. I did pay $800. up front. Since I thought the services were at little or no cost to me, I did ask the woman on the phone what the $800.00 was for? She said to research my records re this tax problem. Okay.What could I do? this problem had gone on for too long and even my accountant could no longer help me.This endeavor was started back about 6 years ago. I even checked with Chicago BBB before I even made the call.All the time with them representing me, I sent reams and reams of copies of my tax returns, my bank accounts, financial records etc. These excursions for research and getting copies made was tiring and expensive. All of their fees were going on credit cards, as I didn't have extra money laying around.I signed a paper giving them power of attorney over all dealings with the IRS and was told to never contact the IRS either by phone, mail or in person. If I did, our agreement was off. They would not handle my case any longer.So, off to the races. There were a few phone calls with requests. I am disabled and the requests were to be filled and then faxed. I'm not in an office. I live in a very small town. And sometimes had no transportation to run around to get things done.I think alot of their problems stemmed from a bad communication mode. I surely did not understand some of the abbreviations given me, or legal terms to do with taxes and the IRS. And if I did inquire, I still wasn't sure what they told me. I am college educated, but had little expertise in using or understanding tax terms.I spent another $500 (on a credit card) to pay for further costs. I was asked to fill out more forms and give a history or explanation why I didn't pay my taxes, didn't file in a timely manner and also why I might have reason to think their (the IRS') figures may be wrong. Then I was to send to them a picture of me standing in front of my house!!!!!???? What the heck? I sent them a copy of why I couldn't or wouldn't pay may taxes. But never found someone to take my picture in front of my house. So, with that small bit of non-compliance, I figured I was on my way to a resolution with the IRS.By then my house had two liens on it, my checking and savings had been levied. I lost over $600. in that deal. I did not know the difference between lien and levy. Then the IRS levied my pension from my being a survivor of a spouse who'd worked for the government (Air Force). That was approximately 15% of the monthly amount.Yes, they were aware of all this. I did get the levy lifted for one whole month. Later I asked why it got lifted. The Tax Defender person said that I didn't make enough money that month for them to levy!!!! I was so exasperated with them all. Was I not on a fixed income? How did I not make enough money...I knew they'd get it by extending the levy.Then came the letter from Alex Harris, one of the owners of the firm. He sent me a letter of the cheerleading type. If I could fill out 20+ pages of forms and send them back to them, preferably in a box, I would be near the resolution I was seeking. I felt so hopeful. I had surely experienced many negative effects on my health due to stress from this long-term procedure.These papers when I received them were very in depth questions. I remember spending 48 hrs. two times in my quest to fill them out correctly.During this time I once had tried to reach the firm by the 1=800 number and it was no longer in service!!! They had changed their address once during my time with them. The firm's name changed to Tax Resolutions. I managed to get their new number. I would call them from time to time and keep them up on my progress with the forms. Then I was called one day saying that an attorney from their firm would call on such and such a day at a certain time. So, I was sure to be near the phone. He called over 2 hrs. late and I let him know so. My time was worth something too. And I had become assertive at times with these people. So he got my wrath. I don't even remember what he called about.I never was told their would be a certain deadline for my info I was to give and send to them in a box. But one day I got a phone call telling me that one of the BIG GUYS was going to call me on a day which was it turns out, was the day before Christmas Eve. Well, he did call. Told me in no uncertain terms that they would no longer be handling my case. They'd dropped me!!! His only comment was that when 2014 came (and that would be quicker than I realized, he said) I wouldn't have to worry about owing the IRS. What on earth could I say in response? And what did the prophetic year of 2014 mean?I never cried 3 whole days before. I suffered from long-term depression and this treatment of me after many years, just drew me down into a state it took a long time to recover from. I called my kids and told them what had happened. They lived a long distance from me, but helped me with my workings with this tax relief organization.I still have the liens. The levy ended, but I still am scared when my pensions come to my checking account and savings. You don't ever get over someone taking all your money. I haven't.So once again, some hayseed from the midwest got raked over the coals by the BIG GUYS.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
14, Report #1328974
Sep 19 2016
12:29 PM
On  Friday September 9, 2016, I contacted TAX DEFENSE NETWORK to help with resolving my tax issue.  After an lengthy indept 3 hour telephone consult and approval to take my case, the representative said they would call back.  It is now Monday September 19, 2016 and they still have not called back.  So much for there GOLDEN STAR CLIENT designation. Fortunately, I found a number one rated company by googling 5 top companies in tax resolution.They are in the process of resolving my issue and I can say for now and what I have seen they are #1 in this field.  No question about it.  So if you are ever in this situation, check out my suggestion.  At any rate, stay away from TAX DEFENSE NETWORK!!! 
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1423888
Jan 22 2018
12:47 PM
Guardian Tax misleading and intimidating staff at Guardian Tax Longmont Colorado
11/29/2017 i spoke to Juan Duran, Guardian Tax in Longmont, CO. by phone. He listened and had convinced me Guardian could help with my tax debt. He told me it would be 3000 dollars. I told him i didnt have it. He offered to split the payment in two parts at 1500.00 each; one payment 11/29/2017, and the next payment 12/28/2017. He advised me by giving power of attorney Guardian would take control and get things moving to freeze the tax payments I was making, assess the tax bill, and work on getting a proposal for settlement submitted. I spoke with the case worker, forwarded bills, tax documents, etc. By the time 12/29/2017 arrived the case worker was still reviewing documents, asking for explanations from me with the documents, more documents still without a proposal to date or a freeze on the tax payments (my account was charged 400.00 december payment). Juan Duran was calling for payment and I was informing him I was not comfortable with making the final payment yet. I wanted to see more action and results before I made the final payment and have no leverage in this matter with Guardian Tax. He began pressuring to me to stay to my word commiting to two payments. I told him to stay to his word and show me results. We went back and forth about the amount or level of work done at this time. He treatened me with saying my case would be closed and no other work would be done. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and he told me this would not go beyond him. I told him what he could do with the prior 1500.00 I paid and hung up. Later in the day a person named Eric claiming to be the President of the company called me leaving a voice mail. I called Eric and went through the same drama about what level of services had been rendered. I never got Eric's last name; He threatened to close my case and I told him what he could do with the 1500.00 i already paid.
Entity: Longmont, Colorado
16, Report #1454353
Jul 31 2018
04:10 PM
Tax Tiger Scammed me out of $3,600 Carlsbad California
I had an installment agreement with the IRS in the past and was looking for options. On December 7, 2017, I contacted Tax Tiger out of their Carlsbad, California office to discuss my options.  I was scammed by Tax Tiger into believing my tax balance was going to be resolved with an Offer in Compromise by the IRS. I presented Tax Tiger representative, Brad Bolduc, my financial information and after he analyzed my financial information, which included all income and expenses, he informed me that I was a great candidate to get an Offer in Compromise from the IRS. I owed the IRS more than $30K so getting that balance lowered significantly made sense.  Brad stated that in order to use their services, it would cost $5,000, which can be paid upfront or in monthly payments.  I chose the monthly payment option, as I was not doing well financially. Brad tried to make me pay upfront by asking me to liquidate some funds out of my 401K but no way was I going to do that.  Attachment provided.  Once I paid that first installment payment, I gathered all my financial information, including copies of 3 months worth of bank statements, credit card statements, payroll information, and drove down 30 minutes to their office and hand delivered it myself.My tax situation after paying Tax Tiger about $3,600 after 8 months has gotten worse.  The IRS agent told the Tax Tiger Enrolled Agent,  Kimberly (Kim) Carnochan, who was working on my case that I would not qualify an Offer in Compromise due to my income and to make matters worse, the IRS ended up filing a lien against me!  I was told by Brad that Tax Tiger would halt all collection efforts from the IRS as Tax Tiger would be acting as Power of Attorney so why would the IRS file a lien against me???  I was told also that I didn't need to communicate anything to the IRS as Tax Tiger would do all the talking for me, while they were Power of Attorney. Attachment provided.After I discussed my issue with Kim about the IRS not granting me an Officer in Compromise and the IRS filing a lien against me, she was rude and unapologetic to me.  Kim was also very rude to my wife who contacted her after getting the notice of the lien filed against us by the IRS.  Kim had nothing to say when I told her that Tax Tiger misrepresented me, and did an incorrect analysis of my financials from the beginning.  Tax Tiger should have turned me away after reviewing my financials and they should have been honest that I was not a great candidate for any tax resolution, let alone, an Offer in Compromise. Today is 7/31/2017 and I tried calling Tax Tiger at their Carlsbad location at 858-225-4310 three times in order to get my money reimbursed and all three times, no one answered.  I called at 10:00am, 1:00pm, and 2:00pm. This is very shady that no one in the office would answer any calls from me. The last call came from my work phone in case they had caller ID but to no avail.  I'm demanding to get full reimbursement from Tax Tiger of $3,667.20, which is comprised of 8 monthly payments of $458.40.  Those monthly payments I made to Tax Tiger could have gone to the IRS on a new installment agreement.  Now the IRS has filed a lien against me!  Tax Tiger is a fraud and it's not the first time I have heard or read this after I did a more thorough search regarding them these past few days!This is from an attorney that I contacted : Taking your money isn't the only way Tax Tiger hurt you. Filing the offer in compromise suspended the collection statute of limitations against you. The State of California has taken aggressive action against tax resolution scam artists. They shut down Roni Deutch, and disbarred her.  Attachment provided.For those of you who are still willing to take a chance, do NOT pay anything upfront!I have notified the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint! There should be a class action lawsuit against Tax Tiger!
Entity: Carlsbad, California
17, Report #1418139
Dec 20 2017
01:48 PM
I filed my taxes on jan 24 2017. Was NEVER explained how much I would be paying for there fees or anything. Was DENIED any copies of my paperwork till the IRS excepted my return. Was treated POORLY UNPROFESSIONALLY talked to so very RUDELY. Was never explained to the proceedings or process of there actions. Was LIED to about the AMOUNT of my return. It is now DECEMBER 20 2017. And STILL NO CHECK or money.11 months later and still no money. I mean these people are a joke and are STEALING people's money. It isn't fair about what they are doing and HOW MUCH money they are taking from hard working Americans. IAM filing a suit against them and it's ridiculous at how they are getting away with it. I am so upset about this and do not understand how crooks like this can operate businesses where all they do is fradulently steal from their customers. They request that the IRS refund be deposited to their bank account and steal a huge portion of it and then give you whatever they want to give you. Please anything you can do to keep these theaves from stealing from us hard working people, will be greatly appreciated.
Entity: Lakeland, Florida
18, Report #381507
Oct 15 2008
12:40 PM
Advantage Tax Resolution, Inc. Numerous breach of contract, did not deliver service that were paid for Beverly Hills California
This company says to deliver services dealing with the IRS. They promise to negotiate with the IRS penalties and interests and also negotiate a payment plan amongst other things. This company has several complaints with the BBB and on none of the them have they satiisfied the customers. Most of the claims are for failure to deliver services the customer paid for. You can almost never get to speak with somebody on the phone. Most time they will send you to a voice mail to leave a voice message that never gets returned. They told the IRS that I had the entire amount to pay but needed more time . I never authorized them to tell the IRS that and besides if I had the money to pay I would have not paid Adavantage Resolutions $4200.00 to represent us. It does not make sense. After over a year of trying to deal with them and obtain a resolution the IRS garnished my wages leaving me with 200.00 to pay mortgage, pay bills and survive. After several attempts to contact Advantage to demand action I was finally told I needed to wait another week because they were moving. I could not wait any longer for the IRS to continue to take all my pay check so I visited a local office to discuss my case. I was able to work out a payment plan and also have the garnishment released. It took me 2 hours to do what they did not do in over a year. This company should not be in business. I wish I had the money to hire a lawyer to sue them and try to get my money back. If somebody knows of any way I can take action against this company, please let me know. I am more than wiling to help to ensure nobody else is taken with their fraudulent activities. $4200.00 is a lot of money and we, the consumers, are being taken advantage of everyday by this company. Any assistance is appreciated. Margie Stockbridge, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
19, Report #889171
May 27 2012
08:01 PM
Randy M. Hirsch - National Tax Resolution Experts Advise on false exemptions and deductions Internet
I hired Mr Hirsch to do my taxes. He was rude and unprofessional from beginning to end. This would have been fine, had he done them correctly. I specifically asked if an expense could be written off as educational. He assured me that it fell within the allowed parameters set by the IRS.  As it turns out, it was not. This major error took me from a refund of several thousand dollars to OWING THEM MONEY!!! After I received the notification from the IRS, I attempted multiple times to contact Mr Hirsch via phone and email. He didnt even have the common courtesy to return my calls/emails or to offer an explanation or refund for his serives in any way. DO NOT USE!
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1090347
Oct 08 2013
10:38 AM
Tax Resolution Services, Co. Severe Negligence, NO Action Company, SCAM ALERT Encino California
I have been working with this company for almost 2 years. I signed a contract with them back in January 2012. My bank account was promptly debited for the fees they charge to represent you.  To date I have had no action whatsoever on my case with them. The IRS is harrassing me daily, certified letters, liens on my bank accounts, and phone calls. My calls to TRS are not returned, emails are not answered. The only return contact I have gotten is every now and again they will email me saying they are still waiting for the IRS to assign us a revenue officer.  I got a phone call from an officer with the IRS last week saying he was my revenue officer. I told him I had been working with TRS to represent me. He said he had contacted them months ago to request form 2848, which is the power of attorney form for them to discuss my case with him. He said they have never given him that form. I looked through my records and found that I have 3 different 2848 forma which I had signed and sent back to TRS, and they have never even provided that basic information to the revenue officer.  Do not use this company, under any circumstances!! They prey on people like myself, a business owner that has been impacted by the economy and fallen behind on taxes. I have been scammed. You are better off, sitting down with the IRS and making payment arrangements and agreements with them. This company does nothing but take your money. BUYER BEWARE!!
Entity: Encino, California
21, Report #591081
Apr 08 2010
05:31 PM
20 20 Financial Services, 20 20 Tax Resolution, 20/20 Tax Resolution, 20/20 Financial Services, Boulder, CO, SCAM, RIPOFF OLD WIDOWS, NOT RELIABLE TAX COMPANY, 20 20 HUGE MISTAKE, 20 20 TAX RESOLUTION TAKES MONEY FROM OLD LADIES, 20 20 TAX RESOLUTION TAX SCAM Boulder, Colorado
20 20 Tax Resolution is a TOTAL SCAM.I can't believe it. I gave 20 20 Tax Resolution Experts my financial information after being pitched on their services. I paid these scam artists at 20 20Tax Resolution Experts $5,500 to do my taxes and to negotiate a tax settlement. That was in 2009. Now, the IRS is sending me letters, I'm getting tax leins, and my credit is shot, all because of 20 20 Tax Resolution Experts.. I asked for the work, they sent me my financial documents and told me I had to come up with another $2,500. What a rip off!!! 20/20Tax Resolution Experts are experts at SCAMMING people. Do not trust them. I spoke with a man named Andrew Stevens on Septemper 14, 2009. When I called back to 20 20 Tax Resolution Experts, they told me no such man has EVER worked at this 20 20Tax Resolution Experts. I tried going on their website, but there is NO ADDRESS. Total scam outfit. I'm contacting my Attorney General in Ohio and filing a complaint. I am an 86 year old woman on disability with a big tax bill from my deceased husband's estate. How could 20/20 Tax Resolutions Experts do that to a little old lady is beyond me. No address on site, total scam. Beware of this site:
Entity: Boulder, Colorado
22, Report #1459269
Sep 03 2018
10:22 AM
Fidelity Tax Relief Vaughn Martin A Tax Relief RIP OFF company! Irvine California
I received a random phone call from this tax relief company and the sales representative enthusiastically explained to me that their tax relief agency would investigate my IRS case and clear my IRS debt for a fee of $500. So they had me fill out paperwork for the $500 for 3 weeks of payments. Once that was completed I received a phone call from another gentleman named Vaugh Martin stating that I would need to pay $1700 for them to go ahead and take care the balance on my IRS report. I then spoke to one of the tax managers named Chanelle Alvaro who no longer works for the company and told her I wasn’t going to pay $1700 unless I received a document stating that your tax company would clear my IRS balance to $100 or $200. She sent over the document and then I proceeded to start making payments as well as given them other needed documents they requested upon request for IRS purposes. The payments were $350 a month which started February of 2018 until completion in June. After hearing that Chanelle Alvaro no longer worked for the company from a new manager named Arica Hall, Ms Hall sent an email over to me explaining to me that I had to jump into an installment agreement with the IRS and pay them the whole IRS balance back starting in July of 2018. In August I received a letter from the IRS stating that Fidelity Tax Relief explained to them that they will no longer be supporting me as one of their clients.
Entity: Irvine , California
23, Report #1435280
Mar 20 2018
06:38 PM
Americas tax office Prestige tax office Huge Fraud, Very Unprofessional, Scam Indianapolis Indiana
I dealt with Americas Tax Office and it was huge mistake. They are so unprofessional, unorganized, and do fraudulent activity. They changed their name to Prestige Tax Services because they were shut down The 1st time under Americas Tax Office, I was in the middle of the Tax season and poof I couldnt do any taxes any more because of them, they dont pick up the phone not returning calls or emails. I have clients that have not received their funds yet because it was submitted through them and its now holding them up....They lie and say its 50$ for shipping and handling of tablets instead of saying the Tablet is not free. They didnt keep me updated on anything and even now ive not heard from them in weeks.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
24, Report #454135
May 21 2009
01:53 PM
Tax Masters, Where Are All The Satisfied Customers???? Tax Resolution Rip Off, Fraud Houston Texas
They are extremely smooth and overly friendly. They could sell snake oil to a snake. After the pitch, comes the close. They get you to authorize a deduction of funds on your bank or credit card; will even set up future debits. Then they say they will send you a Power of Attorney Form. This is illegal. If a Lawyer accepted a fee without your signature, he would be disbarred. The correct process is to fax or e-mail or U S Mail a terms and Conditions letter to which you approve with your signature ---BEFORE----- you pay any money!!!!! Since all of this is done over the phone, you have no proof of anything you may say later after they get your money and refuse to refund it. They will stall, refuse to return calls, tell you you have to apply for a refund, tell you that in Texas, a verbal agreement is binding and you are not due a refund. The Better Business Bureau will help you very, very little. Your Bank will say they cannot help you. This is untrue. You can file a disputed transaction. You can call the FBI Internet Crimes Division. Wire Fraud IS A CRIME. Dont stop, dont give up. Call the Attorney General in your state and in Texas. TELL your bak you did not authorize charges and they will put a hold on the transfer, but do it quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tax Masters Felons Gastonia, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
25, Report #1057146
Jun 07 2013
06:49 AM
Clear Creek Tax Tax Resolution Scam Greenville South Carolina
My name is Anthony Rock and I am a former employee of Clear Creek Tax Resolution. I quit my job a couple of weeks ago due to the fact that I have solid proof Clear Creek has scammed several people out of money. I worked there for about 3 months. During training, they tell you that they want you to harass people all day long no matter how msny times they hang up on you because eventually you'll get them to open up and talk to you when they get tired of all the calls. I harassed the same people every single day. I was trained to believe that no matter what somebody tells me, they are lying and don't believe anything they say. I have a 3 hour training session recorded on my cell phone and the entire time the guy who trained me is telling us that everybody we call is a liar, tax cheat, criminal, etc... They told us we can call as much as we want because when it comes to business to business phone calls there is no such thing as a do not call list. The sales manager, Chris Regan and the president of the company, Chris Markwell, both would yell at us if we were hesitant to call somebody back who hung up on us. I saw them both harass people continually throughout my time there. And the people who are calling you saying they are Senior Tax Directors, thats a joke. You should see the people they hire and who's actually calling you! I know nothing about taxes, they gave me a one day crash course and thats it. I lied to people personally several times because Chris Markwell would listen in on some of the calls and tell me exactly what to say to the person. At one point, there was a mentally retarded person who Chris Markwell and Chris Regan were harassing every day because his family owned a business who had tax problems and when you call their home number he would answer and they thought it was hilarious to make fun of him and even tried to get him to steal a check from his parents so he could write it to Clear Creek. At another point, there was a 90 year old woman who had a tax problem and one of the closers pretended to be her dead son when he called her because they thought that was funny. The lies that we told people to close deals was just outrageous. 95% success rate, we can remove ALL penalities and interest, money back guarntees, we have 50 actual tax attorneys working for us, etc... All lies. During my time working there I came across at least ten people that had been personally ripped off for several thousands of dollars. I called Kelly Labelle, who is the payroll manager at the Colorado Office and asked her How does it feel to work for a company that scames people out of money? Her response was You didnt have a problem with it when you worked for us. Everybody who works at Clear Creek knows its a scam but most people need the job and so they look the other way. They say its a one time fee to handle you're case. Thats the biggest lie. It is NEVER a one time fee. Just look in the contract under the disbursement section. It's very open ended and leaves room for them to contnue to charge you. The explanation they gave me when I asked why people end up getting charged more after the original one time fee was that everybody lies about how much they owe in taxes so if I close a deal and the person told me they owe ten thousand dollars but then the attorneys get their case and they actually owe a million dollars, its going to cost more to handle that case. Because the way the fee is figured out is by how much the person says they owe. If its ten thousand then usually I'd say its going to cost a thousand to handle it. A million dollars would be up around 6 or 7 thousand to handle it. BUT then Chris Markwell told me they dont know how much its gonna cost to handle the case until after they look at everything. So why am I even quoting fees in the first place?! Nothing about this company makes any sense and something needs to be done about it immediately. They prey on people who are scared and vulnerable. They have no morals, ethics or values what so ever and its disgusting. I just found out that the office I worked for In Greenville South Carolina is closed now because they weren't making enough money. Thank God, now there's still two more offices left in North Carolina and Colorado. I apologize for rambling on but I've been wanting to tell everybody about this company ever since I quit because what they are doing is immoral and illegal. No matter what they promise you, DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY you will regret it. 
Entity: Greenville, South Carolina

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