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1, Report #108181
Sep 13 2004
02:47 PM
Mainstreet Telephone ripoff Villanova Pennsylvania
They claimed I 'signed up' for their service which is a lie. I answered an online survey that had nothing to do with phone service and they took or bought my personal info and used it to charge me for a service I have never used or wanted. I called and had them take the charges off. That was a month ago today. I just got my phone bill and it's still on there. Marc Aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Villanova, Pennsylvania
2, Report #127214
Jan 13 2005
11:12 AM
Ridley Telephone ripoff via Verizon telephone bill Internet
I called Verizon telephone company the other day to see why my bill is more than neighbors and found that the charge labeled USBI that I have been paying for two years is not a Verizon phone line charge as I thought. I called various numbers trying to get information but the only response I ever got was via email and that was from USBI saying they aren't the one billing me that it is for a Ridley telephone. I never heard of Ridley telephone and never authorized any charges from a Ridley telephone company. I work fulltime so I don't have a lot of time to follow this up down a trail of bogus numbers and information but I will make this a priority and will being calling the FCC about it today as it was a charge via a communications company. Diane Lancaster, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #142753
May 14 2005
08:31 PM
Express Telephone Major Ripoff with service Haltom Texas
This company is BAD...STAY AWAY. They said my service would be on in two hours they turned it on in FOUR DAYS!! They lied to me about the services I would receive. Said I would get an extended calling area for $10 more a month to call Dallas for no additioanl charge. When my phone was turned on I could not call Dallas without paying a local toll charge. They said I would be charged $39.99 plus tax. My monthly bill was $87 (FOR LOCAL PHONE SERVICE WITH NO LONG DISTANCE and only 3 calling features) I cancelled my service after three weeks and they sent me ANOTHER bill for $107. All of this after I paid $49 for activation. What a waste of money. I wrote BBB and come to find out they had 2600 complaints filed against them and replied to NONE of the complaints. They would not give me my money back. They keep you on hold forever with customer service.. until you eventually hang up. BUYER BEWARE Will Cedar Hill, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Haltom, Texas
4, Report #106832
Sep 03 2004
09:19 AM
Tralee Telephone Co. ripoff Universal Service Internet
I was billed by Tralee Telephone Company for: Universal Service Fnd: 1.24 and Savings Plus Mthly Fee: 13.90. They are web based and have no physical address even on their website. I consider this a total scam and will dispute it until resolved. My telephone company suggested I report it here as well. Betsy Salem, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #111323
Oct 04 2004
10:02 AM
Tralee Telephone Company rip-off! Cincinnati Ohio
I have attempted to reach this company to remove their services from my phones. I dialed the only number I could find on my bill and was on hold for over 10 minutes. I will continue to try reaching them. There is no physical address located on their website where I can mail a request. I fear they are a scam company. Leslie Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
6, Report #111273
Oct 03 2004
07:04 PM
Tralee Telephone Company ripoff Springfield Pennsylvania
I just got my phone bill and got charges I didn't approve of, 16.50........don't know whats going on but I will get to the bottom of out of USBI or Tralee Telephong co billing. Sheri henderson, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Pennsylvania
7, Report #92236
May 20 2004
08:24 AM
USBI, Tralee Telephone Co ripoff Internet
I recieved my Qwest bill and noticed a charge on my phone bill for 31.13. I was perplexed since I have Qwests long distance plan for 5cents a minute. I called the company and they told me that I had signed up for it on the internet (a calling card for 2500 minutes) I told them I want a copy of what I filled out because I didn't sign up for this he was like oh ok well we will cancel your account and call your telephone company and tell them to send back the charges. Which Qwest was more than willing to do. I have read on here about people that can't get a hold of this scam company here is the number I called 1-888-481-8724 and please call your telephone company and say USBI told me to tell you to send back the charges Now dont forget to call the number I gave and tell them to cancel your account. This is BS and Qwest was more than happy to help and they know exactly what is going on but can't make changes to your bill until you call. Carrie Yuma, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #84122
Mar 16 2004
04:36 PM
I first like express until they started over charging me and once you cancel your service then they want more money from you. Well who ever is reading this I hope it don't happen to you because this telephone company is a joke! I thought it was only $69 until I received my bill it was $89 dollars; that's a joke! So anywayz that all Ninos NORTHRIDGE, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: HALTONM, Texas
9, Report #398374
Dec 05 2008
05:52 PM
USBI TELEPHONE Long-distance rip-off provider Internet
Our long-distance service provider was Qwest for which we pay $20. for unlimited long distince for US and Canada. When I received our phone bill last month there was an additional charge of $7.80. for long distance. I phoned Qwest and they said I needed to phone USBI to have their service disconnected. I did that and was told I had ordered USBI service on Sept. 9. (I would not have intentionaly done that) I asked to be disconnected from USBI and I paid my Qwest bill. Why should I be paying Quest for unlimited long distance and USBI for the same service? Surprise, I received my new Qwest bill today with an additional charge of $23.06 to USBI. So I phoned Qwest and they told me it takes up to 90 days to change service back to Qwest. But, I am still paying Quest $20. for unlimited long distance. That I don't understand. So, I phoned USBI to complain. But, they also told me it takes up to 90 days to make the change. All I can do is discontinue making long-distance for another 30 days. USBI is a telephone rip-off that Qwest should not bill on behalf of USBI! Jim Bozeman, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #400355
Dec 11 2008
01:50 PM
Cavlier Telephone phonty bills to collection agency Richmond Virginia
They came up with a phony bill and turn it over to a collection agency please call me at (((redacted))) Brulin columbus, MississippiU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
11, Report #441489
Apr 07 2009
10:10 AM
IOS Telephone charged exorbitantly for 2 minute phone call Nationwide
Making Connection through Charlotte NC. Flight on weather delay. Called wife to change airport pickup time. Charged $33.29 for 2 minute call. Telephone had no warnings about high fees. No instructions to ask for fee quote. No operator was involved. 800 number provided by my credit card company reached operator after 30 minute hold. operator refused to provide any contact information for equipment company. Operator claimed to be operator only and not connected to equipment company who set the fees. Internet search did not provide any information on equipment company. I will never again use a credit card to make a telephone call. As far as I am concerned, the airports are complicit! Keith Brookfield, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #192193
May 18 2006
03:11 PM
SHAME ON YOU...How dare you violate my rights by having my lines tapped. All the money you wasted to listen to my calls to my family and my boss. Tapping my lines must have gone on for well over a year now. I had to call the President of the United States to get him to act on this illegal act...ARE ALL OF YOU ON METH ??? DID YOU ENJOY MY CALLS . SHAME ON YOU. I REALLY KNOW WHO YOU ARE NOW THAT YOU ARE BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE PRESIDENT. Karla Yelm, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: YELM, Washington
13, Report #267317
Aug 14 2007
06:55 AM
Pioneer Telephone Let the Consumer Beware! ripoff Portland Maine
I signed up with this long distance provider quite some time ago as their international rates were reasonable. Part of their terms include email billing. They are to send an email when the bill is due. They provide a website to make your payments. We use their service to make occasional overseas calls. We don't use it for domestic service since the cell phone provides that for free. Therefore we don't get a bill EVERY month. Earlier this year, I received an email bill that showed the amount due with a due date approx two weeks in the future. Five days later I got a 30 day past due notice from Pioneer for that amount because the bill was actually from the previous month. I was puzzled about the 30 day past due, so I emailed the company asking why they didn't send out their billing on time. They responded that of course they always send out their bills on time. so I figured that it must have been my mistake, I must have deleted the regular bill or something. I paid it immediately and let it pass. Now, last week on August 8th I got a regular monthly bill. It says that I have an amount due on 09/05/07, or three weeks from then. Yesterday, August 13th (five days later) I got a 30 day past due I have been keeping a close eye on my email since the first incident to ensure I didn't delete or ignore any emails from Pioneer. I KNOW I didn't receive a billing for any amount that was due last month. I logged on to their website and sure enough there was an amount due last month, with an additional amount due this month. What puzzles me is both amounts are added together and shown on the regular bill I got on the 8th that states the amount is due on 9/5/07. but the 30 day notice says I'm overdue for part of that amount. Now which is it? Due in a few weeks, or overdue? I pay my bills on time. I would have paid last month's bill when due if I had received the billing. It amounted to less than $25.00, which I am well able to pay. I paid this one immediately on receiving the past due notice. My point is, Pioneer doesn't abide by their own terms and conditions. If you use their services and get your billing by email, BEWARE! You MUST log onto their website on a regular basis and check for yourself whether you have a bill due or not. DON'T TRUST THEM TO SEND YOU A BILL according to their terms. I switched carriers this morning. I refuse to deal with a company that treats its customers like this. I read a couple of other reports on this website this morning, and the responses by the company employees show their attitudes towards their own customers. Paul Morrison, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Maine
14, Report #89244
Apr 27 2004
06:01 PM
Usbi Tralee Telephone ripoff Kalamazoo Missouri
I was being charged 15.87 every month for 5 months before I realized I was being charged to much by my local phone company. Come to find out its USBI that has this charge on there for no reason. You email them, they give you the run around. You call, you get a message. Now what's left, is my lawyer. That's the only way to get your money back, your local phone company says they have nothing to do with them, Yet there on your bill? go figure. Good luck to everyone, feel free to drop me a line if you would like to persue this matter with me.. Christina Glen Burnie, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Kalamazoo, Missouri
15, Report #98167
Jul 08 2004
08:37 PM
I am a Qwest Telephone customer. I recieved my bill to find that USBI, AKA Tralee Telephone company, has adopted my telephone and given me long distance service even though I have no idea who they are or how they did it. I called Qwest on the spot. They told me Tralee Telephone has been scamming people through crooked websites for quite awhile. I was also informed that one click of the mouse on any advertisment signed me up for long distance service with them, without me ever knowing. Qwest also told me that they take atvantage of any third party billing company, such as Qwest MCI etc. by just sending thier monthly fees to them, because they know they can do nothing to stop it. I was then informed to call Tralee and cancle the service. I thought WOW, I get to cancel a service I never knew I had! WHAT A JOKE! After exstensive research, I discoverd this is highly illegal and they are breaking several laws. It is called Slamming. Tralee Telephone has no real customers, and are pro's at this criminal practice. The best way to avoid Tralee Telephone Company from doing this to you is...NEVER EVER type your phone number in any website unless you are 100% sure who they are and what they do. (IF they can't get your phone number, you can't be billed). Anyone who has been Slammed in this manner either enterd thier phone number as contact information or clicked an option for them to do so. I have called the consumer fraud division, called the BBB and reported this to every place i could think of to inform all the honest people who did not know better like me. Hope this Helps, Josh pasco, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #97798
Jul 06 2004
02:15 PM
Mainstreet Telephone - horizon(chillicothe Telephone) ripoff on charges added to telephone bill without authorization Chillicothe Ohio
I had charges placed on the horizon (chillicothe telephone) by mainstreet telephone which I never signup for. These charges are unauthorized my me or any member of my family. I want these charges refunded on my next bill. I use my local cable company for long distance and internet services. Larry Bainbridge, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Chillicothe, Ohio
17, Report #604470
May 18 2010
11:22 AM
USBI - Mainstreet Telephone - Save4Less Main Street Telephone charged, false sign-up Internet
Received email on 5/14/2010 stating that my Save4Less Savings Plus Plan wass now being processed. I immediately emailing saying I had not enrolled and not to put any charges on my phone bill, but received no reply. Emailed again and still no reply.Gave my business phone number as my home phone number. Monthly calling plan would appear on my local phone bill. On 5/18/2010, I received another email welcoming and thanking me for enrolling in Save4Less's Platinum Plan. A pin number was included. Called on 2/18, told them I had not ever signed up, but they had my name and business number and had already charged my local ohone bill. This representative was supposed to cancel everything and also give me a credit for phone charges.  
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #276237
Sep 27 2007
12:57 PM
Mainstreet Telephone - USBI Fraudulant Telephone LD Charges Blue Bell Pennsylvania
I noticed my phone bill getting larger so I called in to AT&T to find out why it has been steadily increasing and they mentioned a third party biller. I had never signed up for any additional services. I called the number - AT&T gave it to me, but it was also on my phone bill - and found out this is for a long distance calling card. The customer service rep, John, told me this was signed up for online and had the name of my roommate. The phone is strictly under my name, nobody else's. He said he could credit up to three months and I would have to contact corporate for more. (I had no idea how long this had been going on as AT&T could only go back three months.) Upon further research I learned this was going on for 6 months already! John gave me the e-mail address and mailing address (A PO BOX, typical!) and said these are the only ways to contact them. I did so on 9/19/07 by e-mail as well as regular mail. I would have cent certified, but cannot to a PO Box. No response by 9/24, so I sent a second e-mail. On 9/26 the e-mail was returned un-sendable. The CSR John failed to mention the e-mail included the NUMBER 4 instead of 'for'. Today I have sent another e-mail, again, requesting the money be refunded to my local telephone company and in the meantime, I have instructed AT&T to block any third party billers trying to bill my phone. Kelly N Woodridge, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
19, Report #287896
Nov 30 2007
08:19 AM
Pioneer Telephone - Global Crossing Pioneer Telephone Rip Off Portland Maine
Signed up for service, never got it,only took them one month to tell me, nor my $10 deposit back. Wrote of FCC, (useless) and got a copy of Pioneer letter stating they are keeping the $10 for all their hard work. Hard work? They did nothing nor did they provide one minute of service. John Fort Myers, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Maine
20, Report #100641
Jul 26 2004
03:56 PM
Tralee TelephoneTralee Telephone - USBI ripoff false charges on telephone bill Nationwide
on my telephone statement for May and June 2004, charges were includes for USBI. i called my local provider they assured me that USBI/ tralee telephone were not a long distance provider. i emailed them(usbi) with a responce that (DONT LOOK AT ME) i guess usbi is a billing contractor. the total i paid is $16.47 for May and i will not pat any more!!!! Mark wake forest, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #151303
Jul 26 2005
12:27 PM
USBI - Mainstreet Telephone ripoff for telephone services not signed up for with no explanation Nationwide
I received a telephone bill from my local company with an additional page listing miscellaneous charges and credits labeled USBI. It states that the local telephone company billed on behalf of: Mainstreet Telephone and charges were added for a Universal service fund and Mainstreet Pltinum Pln as well as taxes. There was also a statement that said there is no connection between local plan and USBI. Nevertheless, I called the local plan to complain and was told they have no control over the charges and that I would have to contact USBI. They did, however, say that as the charges were being disputed, I did not have to pay that portion. When I called USBI, they asked me my telephone number, the date for the charges and said they would cancel the service (which I never signed up for in the first place) AND THEN HUNG UP! I didn't even have time to get an explanation as to why or how these charges were added to my bill. The only thing that may explain this is that they may have called to ask about long distance, and though we said we weren't intersted in changing, they signed us up anyway. Melissa Albuquerque, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #340818
Jun 16 2008
05:23 PM
I have service with Vonage and i have two account and notice extre number in my account and you are bill for this number un awear be care ful and make sure you log in your account frequently .thay bill us for a year for a number that never used by us. Today June 16,2008 a new setuation my account have two new number i call the number and a lady answer the number i have screen shot of the extra number in the account can prove it be careful and be aware pay close attention to your on line account possible lig in every day. Gary Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #41656
Jan 15 2003
07:18 PM
United Financial telephone ripoff Nationwide Internet
United Financial Telephone ripoff ripoff artists fraud Illinois Internet ..... The United Financial Telephone service called me in June, claiming that I can recieve a credit card with a $3000.00 credit limit within 15 days. The only catch was, I had to give a one time deposit of $299.00. The company gave a lot of promises, they even recorded our conversation. I thought I was offical when it turned out to be a pure SCAM. They took my money, my bank hepled me to get the name of the company, they also gave me an account #3488124, I have been tring to get this companies information sooner,but not. All I want is my money back, I really don't want to take this to a legal point but if this dosen't work, I will definately take this case legal. I deserve my money, it only right. Thanks Hannon Beach Park, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #643670
Sep 23 2010
11:58 AM
VoiceNet Telephone, UBSI Ripoff Fraud Scam, Internet
Imagine my surprise -- my phone bill gets automatically billed to my credit card so I  was completely unaware that, for over 18 months, a charge by USBI labeled as Voicenet Telephone had been appearing on my phone bill. I did some research online and found this is a fraud scheme. If you Google these two company names you will come up with a huge number of reports on their billing practices. I have been charged $15.12 a month ($287.28 in total) for services I never asked for and even to this day I don't even know what the service actually is that I have been charged for.I found out about the charges when I called my phone company to drop call waiting from my bill.  The operator pointed out a recurring charge that was being added to my fax number even though that number has had no activity in years. He researched the charge and said it had been added every month since April, 2009. He said ATT has had so much trouble from charges being added to customers' phone bills from USBI (which is a third party billing service for Voicenet Telephone), that for the first time in ATT's history, just 3 weeks ago they have started a program where they are able to block USBI being able to charge anything to a customer's phone bill. He also informed me how Voicenet Telephone obtains your information to start charging you. Here is how it happens. You get a popup on your computer. Once the popup opens it then releases a bug that obtains all of your information from your modem. The bug then cross references your phone number online to obtain all of your other information. The the company leeches themselves onto your phone bill and doesn't let go until you make them.I called the 888 number to talk to one of their representatives to cancel the service and to try to obtain a refund. I told her the information was obtained without my knowledge. She claimed that she has an internet form that I filled out and then she asked me for my home address. I was prepared for this question as ATT told me they would reverse the charges to my phone bill but in doing so it was very likely that Voicenet would try to collect via another method, namely mailing me a bill. I had to agree with ATT that I would fight the charges if they should come directly from Voicenet myself because after removing the charges, ATT had no futher control over the company. This all was agreeable to me so ATT reversed the charges and gave me a credit on my phone bill. Hopefully the aggravation will end here and I will not have to battle again with Voicenet any further but should it come to that I will have to handle it myself, if it means getting an attorney then so be it.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #157834
Sep 21 2005
09:11 AM
STi International Telephone Card - Texas Mundo Ripoff Internet
I bought a STi Texas Mundo card on the 19th of September to make calls to Nigeria. The PIN Number on my card is 699********. My first attempt to Nigeria went through but the call faded within the first 30 seconds and I cut off the connection. I was trying since then to make the call but could not make any connection. On several attempts I did not even getthe prompt from the STi System to input my PIN number. This of course suggested a system issue on the part of STi. I started calling their Customer Service line the following day but never got a response. The line just kept ringing. When I checked the ballance on the card the morning of 9/20/2005, I had a ballance of 1 Cent. I finally got through to customer service today 21st of September 2005 only to be told by one of their Managers (Leo Bartos) that their system registered me talking for 30 minutes and as such they could not make a refund. They just turned 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Be aware of this scam being perpetrated by the STi Telephone Card company. Adebola Bedfor, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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