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1, Report #48232
Mar 06 2003
03:33 PM
Panasonic Telephones rip-off Secaucus New Jersey
I purchased a panasonic cordless phone for just under $60. The phone was a lemon. During phone calls I would fade in and out. The other person was always clear, they just could not hear me at different times during a call. The store where I purchased the phone was totally uninterested, because they only take returns within 30 days. Panasonic support informed me that I had no option of returning the phone. My only option was to ship (at my expense) the phone to the service center in TX. They would then send me a refurbished phone. This I did. Cost of the brand new phone is now approximately $74. The service center in Texas sent me another phone in exchange. It works. But it is obviously a second hand phone. Some of the number buttons have to be pressed really hard before they select. I have paid over $70 for a second hand phone. I do not think this is honest, and I am sure most people would not feel happy paying over $70 for a second hand phone. I then proceeded to send an email to panasonic describing my unhappiness, and I have to confess it was not the most polite email I have ever sent. Panasonic responded that my patronage as a satisfied Panasonic customer is truly valued. And my complaints were ignored and not addressed. My conclusion is that Panasonic just does not care. On top of that, they jokingly refer to me as a satisfied customer, when any sub-standard pupil in the 4th grade would have no problem in identifying me from my email as very dissatisfied. I hope my email will help prevent other phone customers from the experience that I have had. People should be aware of the risks in dealing with Panasonic. Michael Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
2, Report #382152
Oct 17 2008
08:35 AM
Vonage Ripoff Internet
Vonage - Had the service for months and never once received one phone call. Could not make phone calls. Tried to cancel every time I called in, but was continually not heard and directed to technical support. Now that I am determined to cancel they charge me an additional 109.00+ for their box - which has never worked and can be mailed back. Talk about being raped!!! Having to pay for something that never works and then charge an additional outrageous amount (especially in these times of tight money - I have a disabled daughter who we could use that money on medication for her - but now Vonage had taken it). I am going to tell everyone I come in contact with that Vonage is a horrible company and I work in an Emergency Room so I come in contact with hundreds of people every day. It's the least I could do to spare others this rip off. Zoopasmom Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1021250
Feb 27 2013
06:54 PM
everbuying return Internet
I bought a smart phone 7100 1GHz 4 inch HVGA screen dual Sim WIFI that describe it will work with GSM network GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz on Web Site at Jan 4, 2013. I have check that it will work in AT&T. I received the phone at Jan 30, 2013, but the phone does not work with my sim card. I have tried many times, but it just do not work. I contacted their support center, but they just told me to try. I told them the phone does not work and I need to return, but they do not want to return for me , just told me to try. Their return policy require the return must in 30 days after receive. According to their behavior, I believe that they are in stall for time and let me miss the return limit. I believe that it is a cheat Web Site.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1403860
Oct 03 2017
09:38 AM
Bessky_star Internet
 I want to bring to your notice my experience with bessky_star. I am new on eBay and decided to purchase a tablet. I selected a catalogue in favor of the above seller and i paid immediate since the item met my requirement. Immediately after payment was made, I got a message from the seller that item has been shipped already (to my greatest surprise). As a first timer, I was happy item will be received within 25- 30 business days. I waited and was in constant communication with seller. A certain day, she informed me that item has arrived my country Nigeria and adviced I go to the post office which I did only to get there and understand that such item has not. I couldn't agree less cos the seller didn't register the package nor provided me with the tracking number without which item cannot be accounted for. I informed the seller on the development at the post office only to hear from seller that it was held by customs. I asked customs of which country. Hers or mine. Seller declined and didn't answer. Up till now, I yet to receive the item I paid for and it's now 36 days and counting. Seller has not answered my mail since last week and worst still, eBay has blocked me. I really don't know what to do.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1395659
Aug 25 2017
06:39 PM
Great Call Cellular Telephones and service Sent me a defective smart phone! Carlsbad California
When my old Jitterbug died on me I was glad to upgrade to a Jitterbug Smart Phone because it had email capabilities that the old clunker didn't have.  Unfortunately, when I received my brand new Jitterbut Smart Phone, whenever I tried to install my gmail account, it refused the password (which I know is correct because it works on my desktop gmail and in all my Kindle Devises email) saying:  username or password is incorrect. I typed in both the username and the password so many times it wasn't funny.Finally, I emailed Great Call and they passed the buck saying it was Google's fault and go talk to them.I shot back a reply that gmail works perfectly on my desktop and all my Kindle mobile devices so it has to be their phone and Great Call has not replied for half a day or six hours. My last email to them gave me my gmail username and password and I told them that I would make my Great Call Smart Phone go back to factory settings so that they could try out another new smart Phone and see if they could load my gmail account there.  If they could, then the one they sent me is obviusly defective and we could exchange. Incidentally, in my first email to them I asked how I could restore my new smart phone to factory settings so that I could set it up with an easier to remember pin number and Great Call Support totally ignored that question. I will update this if and when Great Call does the right thing by me.  I invited David Inns, Great Call's CEO, to take a vacation to Honoluu and come to my apartment and see if he could set up my gmail on this miserable excuse for a Smart phone.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #130553
Feb 08 2005
10:40 AM
USBI ripoff Philadelphis Pennsylvania
A client of mine wondered why he had long distance charges to Philadelphia, PA, he doesnt have Long distance. So I called Verizon and they told me to call USBI, I did and got operator 8106 and she tried to feed me some bull story and I told her no way. Those calls were not made and we will not pay them and I want a confirmation number to call my phone company. You must demand to have them removed. They will as long as you persist. They have to or you can take them to court. Also, your phone company can investigate. You can do it yourself and if they give you crap threaten them with a lawsuit. Jackie Jackie davisville, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphis, Pennsylvania
7, Report #160520
Oct 12 2005
02:38 PM ripoff wireless phone rebate scam Internet
I sent the the rebate form in certified mail and record shows they already received it. But they consistantly said they haven't received by an auto-generated email. Ya Brighton, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #65682
Aug 13 2003
01:34 PM
Southwestern Bell ripoff Houston Texas
Fradulent and Misleading Billing I have recently become a victim of companies trying to mislead customers and charge enormous money. Southwestern bell phone company ripped me off by sending me 730$ bill for just 2 calls to India. This story begins when SBC one day out of the blue sent me a bill around 100$ for adding some extra features on my account ..which I NEVER EVER asked for. My regular basic SBC local bill every month is always around $25/pm. I called them back to get this error rectified and they admitted making that mistake and removed those features from my account. No sooner had I got out of this mess.. the representative I was talking to put me a in bigger mess. My long distance (including International) carrier at the time was ATT to which I was paying 42c/min for calls to India. This represenative (wish I knew his name)spoke a clean white lie and tells me that did you know that ATT was charging me 5$/pm for in state long distance calls. I told him that I wasn't aware of it and that I dont make any in state long distance calls from land line because I use my cell phone for that. (ATT denied making that charge). He said that he could offer me the in state long distance for no monthly charge as against 5$ by ATT. And I agreed because I thought its better than paying monthly charge 5$ to ATT for something that I don't even use. Little did I know that by doing so I was changing my long distance carrier from ATT to SBC and that it would knock off my international plan with ATT. That representative did not want to inform me of the same. I am sure he would have shouted that out and loud it were knocking off my SBC international plan. Satisfied that I had settled the error they made earlier I hung up the phone. A few days later I made two phone calls to India one for about 1.5 hrs and the other one for about a 15 mins. Few days later I recieve this bill from SBC for about $730 as they charged me for calls to India at the rate $4/per min as my regular international plan of 42cents/per min had been knocked off without my knowledge. Till this date I have been trying to settle this issue with them but of no help. They are extremely adamant and unwilling to help. They have reported my non payment of the bill to the credit bureau and it is reflecting very badly on credit report. I have offered them to pay the bill at the SBC international rate of 55 cents/permin compared to 42cents/min for ATT, but they don't seem to interested. I am under no circumstances ready to pay 730$ for 2 calls as I feel I have been awfully cheated and mislead. Unfortunately I would have to file a lawsuit against the company if they do not settle this. Lalita houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
9, Report #108283
Sep 14 2004
06:15 AM
Trac Fone ripoff Internet Nationwide
I was a trac fone user for years. My battery died and I had to purchase a new phone. I have spent 9 days and 10 hrs on the phone trying to get my phone activated to no avail. I have been disconnected 7 times and lied to many times by the tech service (someplace in India) and their final decision was that I could send them the phone at my expense and maybe they could get it to work. From my experience with them if I send in the phone that will be the last I hear of them. I asked for a refund of the cost of the phone and my 100 minutes of airtime but of course that is against their policy. Their web site does not respond at all. John Matamoras, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #109517
Sep 21 2004
08:55 PM
Integretel - Corporatedevelopment ripoff California
I been charged on my phone for website services which I never asked for the total bill is 137.05. What is really odd during the time this was suppose to happen i was not even in town. I can prove it. I will be filing with the Att. General, FTC, and PUC in california. This is a total ripoff and i am not paying this bill. Since they claim this is for website services then there must be a domain that goes with them which of course is not on the bill. Bill Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #109752
Sep 23 2004
08:47 AM
Cingular Wireless ripoff Orlando Internet
September 23, 2004 Summary I am in receipt of a letter from Lisa Brown. She refuses to give me a credit for the two disconnect fees charged due to their mistake of sending the bill to the wrong address and for the three weeks we had no service due to their putting restrictions on our service. I would like the BBB to retain my complaint for 3 years. I intend to file multiple complaints in every city to notify every BBB and consequently as many people as I can about this reprehensible company and their illegal tactics. I intend to take Cingular to small claims court in the middle of October when I return to Florida. Thank you. Details My service was disconnected because we didn't receive a bill. When my wife called Cingular they stated the bill had been returned to them. So she mailed a payment without a bill. In the three years she has done business with cingular, she has never been late. The payment arrived on July 5th but was due on June 29th as the bill had been sent by Cingular to the wrong address. This was verified by a Cingular representative. On July 4th, the phones were disconnected. The phones remained disconnected for a period of two weeks (wife) and three (mine) weeks. During all this time, there was no service to either phone. I called Cingular and they made every type of excuse and lie such as the phone is broken, it needs a new simm card, your not in our calling area etc. I requested a credit and they denied it. Now they say they want two reconnect fees, which is ridiculous. My wife's phone was disconnected for 2 weeks after they received payment (we share the account. However, the phone worked fine until they shut it off. Finally, I spoke with a fellow who identified himself as Christopher Ingram on July 7th. He admitted the phone 'has restrictions barring all outside calls' which is what I truly believed from the get go. He said he took it off. Then I requested a credit for the 3 weeks since I have had no service and he said sorry, you have to pay. Why should I have to pay when I have received nothing - no service? They are just thieves and bullies. Furthermore, now when I tried, it's back to no service so obviously he got pissed off and put it back to restriction mode barring all service when I complained and threatened to file a complaint. I am so fed up with this rip off company; please help me with our account (phone number (407) 443-9976 and (407) 765-7561). I received the new bill and they are charging us $78.88 for two reconnect fees plus taxes. My wife called for several days and spoke with someone named Cesar Davila who jerked her around. I called on 8-4-04 and requested a credit for the reconnect fees. I spoke with Marsha Patrick and explained to her that the bill was sent to the wrong address, that they admitted this, that my wife sent another payment in, that it was received 5 days after the bill due date, and that there were two reconnect fees (for one account) and that I wanted a credit. She said she couldn't do it. I said you mean you wouldn't do it not couldn't do it. I said you have the opportunity to fix this problem or escalate it' and she chose to escalate it. I spoke to someone identifying herself as Sharon Lason (a supervisor). I again explained the entire story and she said also she couldn't waive the two disconnect fees. So I told her I would file complaints with the public service commission. I spoke with the office of the president of Cingular with a lady named Lisa Brown. I explained to her that my service had been disconnected due to a mistake on the part of Cingular. That the representative from Cingular had admitted that the bill had been returned and that is why we hadn't paid. Furthermore, they stated that the money took them 2 weeks to receive, which is ridiculous. More likely, they received it and misplaced it or did nothing with it. I told her I wanted the two outrageous reconnect fees waived and credit for the 3 weeks without service. She said she'd review the account. Later on she called back and claimed that we had been late in April. This is untrue as my wife has been consistently on time with her payments (remember we're talking about my wife's account, not mine). I told her I would continue to file complaints until the problem was resolved to my satisfaction. Apparently, both she and Cingular don't care. The next time they disconnect the phone when I don't pay this rip off bill, as far as I'm concerned the contract is terminated. Please help us resolve this nightmare, from this horrible rip off company. Thank you. Henry orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Internet
12, Report #67964
Oct 01 2003
04:41 AM
Integretel payphone ripoff $20 phone call Internet
Charges for calls from a local payphone billed at $21.59 for 4 minutes plus a universal service fund fee of $3.23. Billing from Integretel totals $179.30 during one billing period. The previous month included charges of over $50.00 when I called they credited my account $41.30. How many don't call and keep Integretel rolling by paying the bill without questioning the charges? Everyone needs to review their bills and stop this kind of scam from continuing. Stephanie Oceanside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #117121
Nov 10 2004
02:01 PM
OAN Services, ripoff Saginaw Michigan
Entity: Internet
14, Report #27456
Aug 20 2002
01:35 PM
Panasonic ripoff Albuquerque New Mexico
We purchased a panasonic cordless phone 2 months ago. Now, the battery keeps going dead. We can charge it overnight, it will show its fully charged, but if the handset is off the phone for even only one hour, it goes completely dead. We were not able to take it back to the store of purchase, because they only take returns within 30 days. We were not sure if the battery is the problem, or if there may be some other problem preventing the battery from staying charged. so we called panasonic customer service (avg wait time calling there is 11 minutes!) We were told that the only option is to ship (at our expense) the phone to the service center in TX. They would then send us a refurbished phone that comes with a 90 day warranty. So they are only offering to replace our brand NEW phone with the 1 year warranty, with a used phone that has a 3 month warranty. this means i now would have only 5 total months of warranty coverage. this was not a cheap phone- it was over 100 dollars. we paid for a new phone and 1 year of warranty coverage, and we did not get that. i feel this is BLATANT consumer fraud! M albuquerque, New Mexico Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Panasonic
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
15, Report #38300
Dec 15 2002
02:21 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff Seattle Washington
I need someone to call me cause I don't know what to do about this thing cause someone called me and said I owed 362 something for a cell phone bill and I never got a cell phone but I know who used my name and where they live and how they got my ID and SSI. So someone please call me 253 473 1935 and please help me out cause I got enough things to worry about I don't need bad or worse credit. Michael Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: seattle, Washington
16, Report #51139
Mar 31 2003
02:07 PM ripoff scam Rocky River Ohio
I was contacted during a time while I was taking medication for major depression. I told the lady I did not want the services that she was offering ..... I was contacted by one of your sales persons about something that concerned long distance charges. At the time I was taking some powerful medication for major depression. I explained to the lady that I did not have a phone nor did I have any intention of getting one. I would appreciate it if you would take me off of your mailing list as I do not need your services. All of my purchases must be oked by my caretaker and she agrees that your services is something I do not need as all of my long distance phone calles are already taken care of. Olveda Imperial Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Rocky River, Ohio
17, Report #2746
Mar 21 2002
12:00 AM
Z-Tel Communications
I was contacted by a telemarketer for Z-Tel communications, a competitor of Bell Atlantic. I was told that I could have the same services with a few extras, for just a little bit more a month. I signed up. I had this service for one month. In that one month, I could not access voice mail on several occasions, could not access their web site, and for 24 hours could not accept incoming calls. I reported problems 3 times, then I switched to Media One telephone service, because of the aggravation. I received a bill for $87.57 on july 24, and called Z-tel to tell them i wanted credit for the days i could not use my service. I was then informed that I had $1000.00 worth of calls to Framingham mass, where my access number is for the internet. My understanding was i would receive phone service to 3 different area codes in massachusetts for one monthly charge. Now i am told that Framingham mass would be long distance, and they were charging me $69.99 a month for LOCAL phone service only. Keep in mind i only had this phone service for almost a whole month. Now im told i have to contact my internet provider, and have them call z-tel to tell them that it is in fact long distance.
Entity: Atmore, Alabama
18, Report #11605
Jan 15 2002
12:00 AM
COMMSOUTH horror stories
First, I came upon this site by accident. I was looking for a web address for CommSouth so I could complain to their senior management about their service. I have about twenty horror stories I could share but this one takes the cake. I have been double billed by CommSouth and then overbilled for features that I have asked to be removed. My ENTIRE balance is a bill that they have admitted to double/over bill. But get this, they told me to pay it anyway and wait for the credit. When I tried to explain to them that I don't owe anything but what they over/double charged me, they told me to pay it anyway or my phone would be disconnected. I told them that I would wait for the credit. They told me that I could wait for a miracle (exact words) and hope my phone stayed on in the process. Anyone else have this problem? Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Comm South
Entity: Dallas, Texas
19, Report #4580
Mar 01 2001
12:00 AM
Sundial's Cell Phone Rip-Off
I was looking to buy a Cell Phone, has for anything I want to purchase I looked on the internet. I found a great deal on a pre-paid Cell Phone and bought it. Once I got it the fun began. Sundail sold me a phone that can not be used in my area. When I called the to tell them, the assured me that was not true. After two weeks of talking to close to 30 different people and still not being able to get the phone turn on, I was told to return it. But that is when a new nightmare began. Sundail was nice enough to put a return Fed X shipping form in with the phone. I can only imagine they get a ton of returns. I returned the phone on the shipper they gave me and I even put in a letter telling who I was and why I was returning the phone, this is where it gets interesting. Over Two weeks later I get and email asking for the tracking # that I returned the phone on. When I ask why they need that since they gave the form they should have some record of it. Sundail told me that without the Tracking # I couldn't get me refund. I lost it!!! It has been over six weeks now and I don't have the phone and I can't even get my money back. I suggest to anyone who would consider buying a phone from Sundial to run don't walk the other way.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #7958
Nov 19 2001
12:00 AM
US-WORST or Qwest(for_your_money)
I was (and am continuing to be) ripped of by Qwest Telephone Company. The first (and in my opinion worst) was when I was slammed (changed from a LDC or ISP, without your consent) from VISI (My ISP) to MSN ... I HATE Microsoft, and ANYTHING they get their hands on! I called and complained, they appologized, and sent me a disconnection notice for my two cell phones, DSL and local/long-distance; I was not behind nor was I late (I received the disconnect notice almost a week before the bill was due). I had also, within 72 hours of this happening, just ordered a new cell phone (my old one got run over), they shipped the cell phone (a 600 dollar palm/phone hybrid with all the works) unsecured, un-insured next day air -- without the requirement to sign for it (I always demand signature deliveries... because of the other rip-off from qwest). I finally got the situation with the DSL straightened out (although I was still charged for 2 months of MSN service, and a double-transfer fee... about 100 dollars), it took a call to their tech support, who three-way called credit management, and I had the Attorney General's office listening in (they were quiet until qwest said well you were slotted to go to MSN... you should have called us before the transfer!). Today, I got 2 letters and 2 emails from Qwest telling me that by the end of the month they will be transferring me to MSN for DSL service... after I have called them and screamed about this already... The second one is that I order(ed) all of my phone equipment through qwest. I ordered a nice office phone, but the delivery driver didn't deliver... I re-ordered, called to have the original shipped back and thought nothing of it... till I looked at my phone bill 3 months ago and realized that I am STILL being billed for two phones, and have been since Feb. When I called to complain, I was transferred 3 times, and finally given a number that is no longer in service... no refunds yet, and it's STILL on my bills!
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
21, Report #1214
Feb 02 2000
12:00 AM
Pac Bell phone
A person from Pacific Bell called to ask if I would buy this cordless phone with all these features and so I did. When I got the phone, I put it away until my daughter's birthday.(about 2 or three weeks) We gave it to our daughter and followed all directions and within the first week, it was not working. I called and they told me a few things to do that weren't in the manual. It didn't help, so I sent it back. I got the replacement phone and it didn't work either. I sent it back asking for my money back and they said they couldn't do that because it had been more than 30 days since the first shipping. So they sent me another phone. What am I supposed to do? Keep sending the phones back? And what happens when they stop sending replacements? I spent over $200.00 for this phone. The model is CIDCO CL980. I would like to warn people not to buy these phones from Pacific Bell, because they are not good phones and you won't be able to get your money back from Pac Bell. The phones are NOT worth the money.
Entity: Sacramento, California
22, Report #1215
Feb 02 2000
12:00 AM
Pac Bell phone
A person from Pacific Bell called to ask if I would buy this cordless phone with all these features and so I did. When I got the phone, I put it away until my daughter's birthday.(about 2 or three weeks) We gave it to our daughter and followed all directions and within the first week, it was not working. I called and they told me a few things to do that weren't in the manual. It didn't help, so I sent it back. I got the replacement phone and it didn't work either. I sent it back asking for my money back and they said they couldn't do that because it had been more than 30 days since the first shipping. So they sent me another phone. What am I supposed to do? Keep sending the phones back? And what happens when they stop sending replacements? I spent over $200.00 for this phone. The model of phone is the CIDCO CL980. I would like to warn people not to buy these phones from Pacific Bell, because they are not good phones and you won't be able to get your money back from Pac Bell. The phones are NOT worth the money.
Entity: Sacramento, California
23, Report #1220
Feb 05 2000
12:00 AM
Sony Telephone
Purchased a Sony cordless phone model number SPPSS961 in June 1998. In January 1999 the phone started cutting out, breaking up. In March 1999 I contacted the Sony Electronics Customer Service 800-805-9136, they had me move the phone to a different location in the house, tried that and then they had me discharge the battery/recharge the battery. The phone still would not work properly so they had me send the phone to the repair center in Overland Park, KS. The phone was tested for intermittent trans/sending, the battery was replaced and the phone was returned to me. The phone worked fine until December 1999 and then started doing the same thing again. The phone had a one year warranty, I was not charged for the test or replacement battery. I was told that the phone was out of warranty and I would have to pay for any service/repair and parts this time. After paying $259.00 for the phone, the life expectance of the phone should have been longer than seven months. I don't think the problem was found and the replacement of the battery was just a temperary fix. I don't think they have done me right,if the phone had been repaired correctly the first time, I wouldn't be having the same problem again.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
24, Report #1340
Feb 21 2000
12:00 AM
Telephone Repair Charge
My phone went dead, called USWest repair, they sent repairman out, checked line outside house, said ok, checked phones in house and found one shorted out, unpluged shorted phone. No repairs. Serviceman was at house less than 15 minutes. Charge was $80, that figures out to $320 per hour, no other type home service charges that much. I fully realize there is driving time and overhead for the truck but the rate is a rip off.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
25, Report #3560
Oct 10 2000
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS Rip-OFF
I bought 2 Sprint PCS phones for over $200 each. One never worked properly with a drop out rate of about 80% of the calls. Each time Sprint customer service was called, I had to wait at least 30 minutes. They told me that I needed a software upgrade. Try that for a while...stilll didin't work. Several times, supervisors tole me that they would send a phone return kit. They never did. Then they said it was out of warranty (after telling me several times to try this or try that for a while). Sprint customer service has been completely uncooperative. I have cancelled my Sprint long distance (used over 15 years) and am cancelling my Earthlink (Sprint owned) account.
Entity: Nationwide

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