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1, Report #1403895
Oct 03 2017
11:41 AM
Tell-Tail Cockers Diane Donnelly Unethcial breeder. Dishonest and deceiptive sales practices. Lied about the product. Unethical manners. Olmsted Twp Ohio
 Diane Donnelly's cockers are not what she markets them to be. She promises and swears that she is dealing with show class dogs of very high quality breed. However, after purchasing one puppy from her specifically with the intent of having a show dog and breeding it, my puppy grew up to be non-standard size. At first I hoped for the best and still tried to have my dog compete. However after a couple of times, several reputable judges and handlers have stated that it is not a show dog. They said it does not possess the characteristics of a quality breed and show class animal. This made me very frustrated because when I was looking for a dog, Diane Donnelly put her dogs forth as very good quality and professionally breeded dogs. I paid the price for a professional show dog as well - $1,500. Not a price of a pet class. In fact the same reputable judges and breeders i know mentioned that this dog should not be breeded at all because she has bad genes. Now I intend to post reports about Diane so that everyone know that she is unethical person adn is dishinest. She should be avoided if you are looking for show quality dogs.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #759070
Aug 01 2011
07:53 AM
EJ COCKERS Earlene Johnson of EJ Cockers NO GOOG BREEDER HARTSVILLE, , South Carolina
Wow i see i'm not the only one that got a sickly Cocker Spaniel from Earlene Johnson 1725 Gamecock Rd.Hartsville, S.C. 29550  of EJ cockers  I got a male pup from her . He was sick and had ticks .  the Vet bills i got are in the 100's . He stunk and wasn't groomed. Ears was nasty in side.  I feel bad for all her dogs. . I was told by my Vet that your puppy come from a Puppymill . I just don't see how someone could do this to dogs. I hope people reads these and dont sale or get dogs from this lady. If all the people that got a sick cocker spaniel from This lady . Would please feel out one of these rippoff reports so other people can see what kind of puppymill breeder she is and i hope she gets whats coming to her.
Entity: HARTSVILLE,, South Carolina
3, Report #944963
Oct 20 2012
06:21 PM
Wunderland Cockers Alice Gettelfinger feel like she is presenting bad business practices, contacted her several times, very rude and constrantly changes her mind Internet
I came across this breeder through a internet website that she lists her dogs and puppies for sale at. I noticed that she always has adults for sale, because she is always buying and selling her adults. She doesn't keep her dogs for very long. I use to check back occasionally. The last time I checked back I emailed her about a black champion male that she had for sale. She said that she wanted $1000 firm. He was 8 years old and had been in poor health according to her website, so being mistreated before she bought him, I didn't think he was worth that much money. I told her this and she told me she would take $750 after a couple of emails back and forth or she would trade him for several puppies back out of him. She said she just needed to find him a home now. I didn't ask her to take less. I told her I would talk it over with my husband and get back with her. I finally emailed back because we had decided to pay the $750 instead of the puppy backs because of shipping.  While I talked to my husband she had changed her mind on the price and said that $1000 was the lowest she would take after she had told me $750. All I can say is that she lost a sale because she was what I felt was greedy.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #763759
Aug 11 2011
10:17 AM
Rockstroh's cockers Inferior breeding, puppy found dead at three years old Fort Atkinson Wisconsin
It has taken one month to even bring myself to look into this tragic event. Puppy was healthy until three years old. Had all shots and vet care possible. This was deemed congenetial defect. I would not even consider a replacement from this person.
Entity: Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
5, Report #1318084
Jul 21 2016
06:59 AM
Tell-Tale Cockers Diane Donnelly Took advantage of The Heart Broken False Advertising, Scam Artist, Liar. Olmstead Township Ohio
Buyer Beware!   I have a complaint against this breeder for unethical and very unprofessional behavior. She sold pet quality puppies at a premium show quality price. Her website clearly states that her puppies are $1200 for pet stock and $1500 for show quality yet charged us $2,000 per puppy after hearing our story of how broken our hearts were after losing our little girl only two days prior.  She assured us that both dogs were show quality both on the phone and in writing and yet on one of the puppies she has purposely blocked our ability to do a full registration knowing she is not show quality.  We now have a puppy that can not have AKC registered puppies should we ever breed her.  We paid $2000 for this puppy and we were misled and lied to.     She treats puppies like a commodity and not the living souls they are. It is all about money with her and she does nothing to check the references of buyers to make sure the puppies are going to quality homes.  She admits openly that she ships many of her puppies to other countries and I am sure she prefers it that way so there is very little feedback here in the United States.     We tried to resolve this entire matter by asking that she keep the $1500 per puppy and return the money she over-charged us (according to her own prices listed on her site) and she refused and demanded we drive all the way to Ohio from Maryland to return the puppies, giving us limited time to get there.  She knew we could not make it that trip by her deadline and she knew that this was an unfair solution. We simply want a refund of our over-payment of $1000  and the AKC registration papers to be changed so that we can fully register this puppy. We do not want to return the two puppies and want to give them the love they deserve.  We have shown our puppies to well known national  breeder and she has confirmed that Dianne Donnelly did not sell us show quality puppies. Her behavior goes against all AKC code of ethics.
Entity: Olmstead Township, Ohio
6, Report #930387
Aug 21 2012
10:51 AM
Akela Cockers Melissa Sauls Sold Champion Sired puppy based on promise to send AKC Registration and then refused to send AKC Registration Internet, Pennsylvania
Melissa Sauls of Akela Cockers responded to an ad I had on PuppyFind for a show quality female cocker spaniel.  She sent me the required reservation fee on October 31, 2011, and the dog was removed from the market.  After receiving no further communication from Melissa Sauls of Akela Cockers, I contacted her via email regarding the dog.  Her daughter responded and claimed that her mother had some issues and was going to be unable to afford the price for the rest of the dog even though she claimed her mother wanted her very badly.  After a few months of sending emails back and forth, I offered to take 3 of the puppies Melissa Sauls had on her Akela Cockers website (and pay her $300.00) as payment of the remaining balance she still owed on my dog.  My business partner and I also drove all the way to PA to deliver my dog and pick up the puppies from Melissa Sauls' parents who met us in a parking lot after being over an hour late with 3 dogs that had soiled themselves on the ride.  They did not even give me a receipt which is where my troubles began.   My business partner and I drove home with the 3 dogs.  My business partner kept one of the dogs for show purposes and I kept the other two for breeding purposes.  Melissa Sauls knew from the beginning that I was a hobby breeder and would be breeding these dogs. She also knew that my business partner hoped to show the male she bought.  I have several emails from her stating she would register the litter (2 puppies born to the litter) and forward me the litter registration so that I could register the little CH sired female.   The other dog I kept was a red/white male who was already registered.  I had these dogs for a week when the male popped a cherry eye and I had to have that repaired ($175.00). During that procedure it was discovered that the male only had 1 testicle.  A fact I was not made aware of prior to the medical exam conducted prior to the cherry eye surgery.  I sent numerous emails to Melissa Sauls begging her to paper the female and also gave a report on the condition of the male.  I wasn't expecting Melissa Sauls to do anything about the cherry eye but wanted an explanation or even a comment about the fact that the male only had one testicle.  She responded to my emails at first with updates on my dog and how well she was doing and comments about the cherry eye but she never responded about the one testicle or the progress on the AKC registration. I even went so far as to offer to pay the litter registration fee just to get papers on this female.    We picked the three dogs up in March and in June I involved AKC who advised me that regardless of the amount of money I had paid to register each and every puppy from every litter and every dam and sire at my kennel, there was nothing they could do to assist me short of contacting Melissa Sauls and Akela Cockers.  I provided AKC with copies of ALL the emails from Melissa Sauls and Akela Cockers to which their reply was that it was my tough luck because I didn't have documentation showing the breeding of the puppy. My stance on that issue is this.  I gave AKC the name of the Sire and Dam. Both are AKC registered.  I was even willing to pay to have the dog DNA tested to determine if these were her parents but AKC never bothered to even respond to me after their June 12, 2012 letter so I sent one to them instead in August after I sadly sold the unregistered dog to a wonderful pet home.   I informed AKC and Melissa Sauls at Akela Cockers that I would be posting a notation on my website for any and every one who was considering buying a dog from her or out of any of the dogs she has bred.  She basically repaid my kindness by lying to me about getting papers on the CH sired female.  Melissa Sauls even went so far as to say she was only charging me $300 for the female to help offset the cost of coming to bring my dog to her parents and pick up the three puppies from her Kennel.  It burns my biscuits to think that I did this to myself by trying to assure that someone didn't lose their reservation fee instead of just keeping the money and selling the dog to someone else.  The very worst thing is that this woman, Melissa Sauls, at this kennel, Akela Cockers, now has my dog unless she's sold her.  The last time I went to her website she was decreasing the price of the dog.  I notice today that her website is all but removed compared to what it used to be.  There is only a homepage now.    I am very disappointed in the way AKC chose to handle this matter as well.  They are all about pushing people to register their dogs but when you report to them that someone not only sold you a dog on the promise of sending papers but that same kennel mentioned right on their website that they were reducing prices on dogs so they didn't have to register them, they say there's nothing they can do?  Well, it's too bad I don't work for AKC because Akela Cockers would have been on the top of my list for a kennel inspection.  Instead, it will probably be me they show up to inspect.  Also, if AKC doesnt have it in their power to prove paternity on a dog or lineagewho does?  DNA capabilities and having both parents registered with AKC should be all it takes yet AKC refused to get involved in the issues?  Please beware when considering buying ANY dog from this woman or her kennel.  It is my opinion that the business practices employed by people like Melissa Sauls and Akela Cockers give reputable hardworking hobby breeders like me and many others, the name puppy mill!
Entity: Internet, Pennsylvania
7, Report #1381078
Jun 24 2017
07:55 PM
Premium Cockers Anderson YuvalAnderson Y J Paid for a purebred Cocker Spaniel and never received it San Antonio, Texas Internet
 I found the site Premium Cockers, I emailed them, Anderson Yuval emailed me back, we corespondented several times I called him once and we talked. I paid for the puppy at MoneyGram, he received the money and sent me an email stating the puppy was flying on Northwest Animal Express . Then my friend wanted to have them hold one of the female puppies so I asked him If he would. He told me to send 300.00 to Hold the puppy and do it on Saturday morning and then I'll send your puppy on Saturday. I went to MoneyGram and I told them what I was doing and they wouldn't let me send him the money because it sounded to them like he was holding my paid in full purchase puppy as ransom. They told me not to send the money. I called him and left 4 messages, 3 emails asking him to send my puppy out on Saturday and that I was told not to send him any more money until I receive my puppy. He never answered me and I have no puppy.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1374525
May 21 2017
08:40 PM
Cakebread Cockers Aimee Cakebread, Aimee Fowler, Aimee Webb, Aimee Atkins SCAM - Breeder of cocker spaniels El Mirage Arizona
12/16/2016  Aimee Cakebread from Cakebread Cockers contacted me to purchase a puppy that she was expecting to breed the end of Dec via FB messanger.  I was looking for a chocolate Merle male.  I wanted to have the puppy by summer for potty training reasons as fall and winter in Wisconsin cannot be great for this reason.  I posted this on sites looking for cocker spaniel puppies.  She saw my post and contacted me off of this post.   She offered me 2nd pick of the litter if I put money down to hold the puppy.  (Right up front I did not sign any contract)  As it was the week of Christmas she asked if I could put the $1000.00 nonrefundable puppy deposit down.  I read through all her contracts regarding the puppies.  I agreed to it as I assumed I would get a puppy or be refunded if no puppy was available for me to purchase.  She breed them on 12/19/2016.  She called me that day to talk over things.  (I don’t have actual evidence of this conversation so I won’t say what was all said)  I waited 9 weeks.  No choc merle male available.  One merle girl that I asked about as I had 2nd pick and the 1st pick went to a male parti.  She said I couldn’t take her as someone had money down on a merle female.   FIRST time she lied and cheated me.  She again called me as she wanted to discuss other options.  She mentioned she has another one preg. and was waiting for Ginger to be breed as she expected her to come into heat with the other girls.  I waited another 4 weeks.  She told me she breed her the middle of March.  On April 25, 2017 I contacted her checking to see if she was preg.  She never kept me updated.  She told me she didn’t take and that she had again gone into heat and breed her to Bo again.  I found out by her website that again she lied to me on the 25th as she had not yet breed her.  At this point I didn’t want to wait another 4-5 weeks just to find out if she was preg and then another 5 more to find out we didn’t have a choc merle male.  I asked if I could have a refund.  I told her since I know this was an inconvenience that if she wanted to keep $200 and refund the $800.   I know I didn’t waste any of her time or money as there was never a puppy that I chose to keep.  She refused.  I gave her more time to think about it and did discuss things with my lawyer.  I again gave her time to think about it…she responded extremely nasty as she was having medical issues.  (None of which I knew about).  I told her to take care of herself first and we would talk later.  I followed up a week later asking if she would consider a compromise.  She had a puppy from the first litter still there that was almost 12 weeks old.  I offered her $200 more for him as it is not what I wanted and flights have now doubled since the last time.  I only offered this thinking that it would not waste my money or time.  She refused again and was extremely nasty.  At this point I have no interest in giving her any more money.  I have contacted the Federal trade commission and my lawyer.  If anyone wants a dog from her let me know as you can have my $1000 deposit that I will lose at the end of the year since it is nonrefundable and only lasts a year!!!  After this all happened I have since researched her through court records in Iowa, Nebraska and Arizona.  She has multiple charges against her for the exact same thing.  She has lost multiple lawsuits but never pays what is due.  She has 4 names to look up Aimee Cakebread, Aimee Fowler, Aimee Webb, Aimee Atkins.  2 Business Names as she knows she has an issue  AJ Kennels and Cakebread Cockers.  She has lived in 3 states in the last couple years.  BEWARE!  Nicolette  West Bend, WI
Entity: El Mirage, Arizona
9, Report #1317419
Jul 17 2016
09:29 PM
Tell-Tale Cockers Diane Donnelly Fraudulent and Unethical Dog Breeder Olmstead Township Ohio
This well known Ohio breeder is fraudulent in every sense of the word.  She requires that you meet her at an offset location with cash.  She lists her price on her site at $1500 per puppy and states that they are Show Quality puppies. She told us that we were to bring $3000 in cash to buy two puppies and we drove 5 hours from Maryland to Pennsylvania to meet with her.  She had the puppies in a hot car in crates in 95 degree weather. She said she needed to go home as soon as possible because her dogs were caged in this heat with no air conditioning or shade.  Like these puppies, I think her dogs may be in unsafe conditions.We bought two puppies from her right away to get them out of the dangerous heat.  When  my husband and I got home we realized we both  had paid her too much by mistake and she knowingly kept the money without saying anything.  We called when we realized she had made out the receipts for too much money and she refused to give it back.  She has $1000 of our money and will not return it.   This is a breeder who treats dogs and puppies like a commodity and not the precisous souls they are. She is a greedy money hungry liar and cheat.  Do not buy a dog from her.
Entity: Olmstead Township, Ohio
10, Report #743675
Aug 12 2011
05:19 PM
EJ Cockers Earlene Johnson sold me a blk female cocker spaniel for 1,500 she said she was bred to her champ.male an she would give me AKC paper. if she didn;t take she would take off 500 . she would not take off the 500 Hartsville, South Carolina
843-383-9494 HOME 843-453-1859 CELL 1725 Gamecock Rd. HARTSVILLE, S.C. 29550 ej cockers Earlene Johnson.  sold me a blk female cocker spaniel . she told me she was bred to her champ male and i would get akc reg. paper. i gave $1,500. for this girl and didn't get her AKC paper and she wasn't bred to Earlene told me she all ways take . She knows she was bred.
Entity: Hartsville, South Carolina
11, Report #1378610
Jun 12 2017
12:07 PM
telltail cockers Diane Donnelly Cryptorchid pup by Tell Tail's Son of a Bee by Tell Tail's Instant Replay north olmstead Ohio
I wish I had read comments from this website before contacting Diane Donnelly to purchase a cocker spaniel puppy.  We would have kept looking and not purchased from her. She listed the puppy as Limited Registration but when questioned about what made this puppy not suitable to show, she stated there was nothing wrong with this puppy that would keep him from showing, that this is the only way she sells her puppies now.  When we took our beautiful pup to the vet, he was found to be a cryptorchid - testicles are retained in the abdomen.  We have printed out all of the e-mails between us and Diane so that we can take our complaints to the Ohio Attorney Generals office for deceptive sales practices. We have made Diane aware that we would be filing a complaint on this site and that we would contact the Ohio Attorney General office. Despite our pointing out that we were told by her that he had no defects when we purchased him, she has thus far refused to make any attempt to compensate us for the added expenses that will be incurred to correct this problem. Cryptorchidism is a genetic defect that is a serious flaw that will necessitate more involved surgery to prevent further complications- dogs with retained testicles are 10X more likely to develop testicular cancer and more likely to show aggressive tendencies according to veterinary websites.  A responsible breeder would have wanted to know this information so that she knows not to breed these two individuals together again to avoid another issue.  Tell Tail's Son of a Bee and Tell Tail's Instant Replay are both AKC Champions and from a line of champions.  The kennel has eye testing and hip testing certificates and we felt we were dealing with a responsible breeder.  Sadly, we find we are mistaken.  The e-mails from Diane have included the following: just get him neutered, when we brought up the risks associated with cryptorchidism her e-mail read in part OMG I suggest you get another vet, and her final email to this point reads If he were mine I would take him to a spay/neuter clinic where they do thousands of neuters at a very low cost.  None of these emails represent a responsible breeder who cares about the healt of her breeding program or the puppies produced by that program.  I would avoid her at all cost.
Entity: north olmstead, Ohio
12, Report #895555
Jun 10 2012
09:28 PM
Wunderland Cockers ACC'S Cockers Alice Gettelfinger / Alice Haycraft Gettelfinger Sells unsocialized dogs, doesn't give all AKC paperwork, slanders others breeders, lies, sells out from under you Ramsey, Indiana
Please read this entire post, as their is more than one situation that has occurred. Stealing, lieing, possible animal abuse and the list goes on. Alice emailed me to make a trade on a CH sired puppy from my kennel for a CH Sired puppy out of her kennel. We agreed to make the trade. She shipped her 7 month old puppy first. When I got her, she did have ear mites, but that is something that most breeders treat and don't make a big deal about. I treated her ears with mitaclear and moved on. I never mentioned this to Alice. I did however mention that this girl I received would not let anyone touch her. She said that she has had her for awhile now and doesn't know exactly why she acted this way. It took this little girl 4 months to even let me touch her and she is still very skiddish. She still won't let anyone else touch her at all. The picture below (blue roan cocker) is a picture of Dora in ALICE'S GROOMING SALON that Alice sent me . (Also, I had asked for a picture of her new CH male, and this is what she sent me! Can you believe this? IT SHOWS HIS RIBS! It does NOT look like she has cared for this dog! He is nothing but skin and bones.) However, on the otherside, I told her at 3 weeks my puppy had a hernia and she never said anything. I emailed her again at 4 weeks and she replied to the email but never mentioned the hernia. I emailed her again at 5 weeks and she finally acknowledged the hernia and was ok with the situation. I told her I would hold the puppy and have the hernia fixed at 12 weeks and she didn't want to wait for the puppy. She wanted to sell her. I told her I would send her another puppy from another litter. Again, she didn't want to wait. She wanted her puppy NOW. I had the puppy examined by my vet and have a VET STATEMENT that my puppy was extremely healthy at the time of shipping. Of course, the only thing he didnotice was the hernia. She texted me the night she picked her up and acted like she knew nothing about the hernia before I shipped the puppy. She said she was going to sue me until I showed her proof of emails that she had sent about the hernia before the puppy was shipped. 2 days later, she sent me a text saying that my puppy was extremely happy, she got along great, and she had her in a pen playing with her other puppies. About 1 week after that, another breeder emailed saying that Alice had told her that my puppy had unknowingly come to her with walking dandruff and a hernia. Alice had never mentioned the walking dandruff to me, so I was very confused. I emailed Alice asking about the situation and she was very irrate and wrote some very rude and insulting things in the email. Why would she put her with other puppies if she was in this condition? She would have been contagious and all of the other puppies would have been infected too. She did say she took her to the vet the next day and confirmed, so she would have knowingly put her with other puppies that she could have possibly infected. I was given written permission to change Dora's name, and Alice still refuses. When I finally let the situation go, I added Dora's name to my website Wunderland's Impossible Mission and Alice sent me a very rude email telling me to take her Kennel name off my website NOW. I don't know what she expected. She refused to give permission to change her name to AKC, even though she had given me permission prior to this. It is the dog's name, so it shall be on the website. I had previously offered to trade Alice a puppy for this puppy back and she refused, even with me paying shipping. I had also talked to her about trading an adult I had for sale, and she agreed, but wanted my dog and her papers before she would consider trading. I was going to make the deal until I found out that she has posted a very inaccurate ripoff report against me and my kennel. I can't believe I was going to try to satisfy this woman. When I talked to Alice on the phone yesterday, she told me that the puppy I sent her WOULD NOT come to her (now almost 5 months and Alice has had her since 8 weeks). This has me very concerned as puppies are extremely playful and typically love everyone that they are around, especially from such a young age when taken care of. I found an ad she has on Kijiji posting my puppy. I noticed that my puppy has used the restroom all over the grooming table. She looks terrified to me. In the second picture, you can't tell what was on the grooming table as they have used a photoshop program to cover it up with pink paint. (I have attached both pictures here too.) (Alice seems to be really good at distoring images, as she has previously STOLE information from my website without permission and used it on her own. When I confronted her, she promptly removed it and denied it, but didn't realize that I could track the images pathfiles for proof.) Lastly, I had bought a trio of adult dogs from her. I had sent her a payment through paypal AND paid for shipping. Alice received a better offer from another kennel. Alice did not tell me and SOLD all of the dogs to the other kennel without telling me. WOULD YOU LIKE PROOF FOR ANY OF THIS? E-Mail me, and I will get back with you with whatever you would like to know. DNL Kennel And yes, she will more than likely add a picture to this with my dog shedding on her coat and have numerous excuses for each scenario. That is what she normally does is fill people with excuses.  I have asked numerous times for VET PROOF, which she claims to have, but she has not sent it. She said she took her the day after shipment, which would have been a SUNDAY. Not sure about your vet, but my vet is not open on Sunday.
Entity: Ramsey, Indiana
13, Report #610286
Jun 04 2010
09:50 AM
Red Tail Painting's Do not have them paint your house shady work austell, Georgia
The painters came over and gave me a quote to paint inside and outside of house.  Sounded like a good deal.  Biggest mistake.  When the female and helper came over to paint they smelled like they where drunk and did drugs all day.  The work they did looked good but a couple weeks later the paint started to chip and fall off.  I called them several times and the female on the phone stated if there was a problem i should have not waited this long to call.  I would never let this company paint my house or any one of my freinds houses.   If you look on the web page they testimonals page only has 1 person saying good things about them.  Have they only did one good job.   jack
Entity: austell, Georgia
14, Report #977645
Dec 03 2012
10:59 PM
Four Paws N Tail Four Paws n Tail of Palm Desert STOLE MY MONEY! palm desert, California
Worst experience of my life. I bought my beautiful puppy here and one week later he had kennel cough, they refused to answer my phone calls to give me advice on where to go....Then after my dog was neutered, I sent them the copy of my receipt so that they would send me back my spay/neuter deposit that was a requirement when I bought the dog but he was too young to get neutered and THEY NEVER SENT THE CHECK! I called every month for almost two years, always was told Check is in the mail! It never came....I attempted to speak to the boss and she always was conveniently out of town. For more than 4 years now, they still lie to me and say the check is finally in the mail and it is all lies.
Entity: palm desert, California
15, Report #1393652
Aug 18 2017
06:12 AM
Premium Cockers Took my money through Western Union,told me to go to the airport,there was no puppy there,and no flight coming with a puppy.I got another e-mail telling me to send $990 US for the crate the dog needed to be flown to me in....said the money would be refunded later.I didn't dare to send anymore money.The airport advised against it.All messages and e- mails have gone ununswered.Im out $650 US ($909.50 CDN) plus 8 hours to travel to the airport that day,two ferry rides,all after working a 12 hour night shift. Clawson Michigan
 Paid Premium Pups for a puppy,went to the airport only to find there was no puppy.I got an e- mail asking for $990 US for this special crate to fly her in.It will be refunded back to me it said.The female pup is now a male.The airport never heard of such a thing,and advised me not to trust them with any more of my money.All my phone calls and e-mails went unanswered.The pup cost me $650 US ($909.5. cDN) I I travelled 8 hours,went on 2 ferrys,after working a 12 hour night shift,only to be SCAMMED out of my hard earned money.Louie Manaton is a thief , and Premium Pups is fake !!!!
Entity: Clawson, Michigan
16, Report #894102
Jun 11 2012
08:55 AM
let me start off by saying i own a dog groomeing salon and i am also a Cocker Spaniel breeder . DNL Cocker Spaniels and i had a DEAL to trade. when we made the deal the pup i was getting was 1week  old . I traded my champion sired blue rone female WUNDERLAND'S IMPOSSIBLE MISSION (aka) DROA  for a buff champion sired female.  DNL SWEET DREAMS  , Before i shipped Dore to DNL Cockers i freshly groomed and gave her a bath she was also GOOD AND health . I told DNL Cocker's i do not want a pup with a UMBILICAL HERNIA i said this becuase i has 2 pups from the same sire as this pup and both of them had UMBILICAL HERNIA  and cherry eyes. DNL cockers told me none of the puppies had Hernia's i said okay i'll do the traded . Shipped Dora to her but keep her AKC paper until i get the pup.  Before the pup was to be shipped to me she said she didn't want Dora and she was shipping her back at me cost, i said NO WAY. i want the pup i'm not a rent a dog. and she said she has the puppy sold. I told her i will take her to court.  Well when it was time to ship the pup .. She said told me she had a  UMBILICAL HERNIA .  But i didn't get that e-mail she said she sent me.  Well when i got the pup she had a BIG   UMBILICAL HERNIA and WALKING DANDRUFF. I called her VET to ask why the DANDRUFF and the  HERNIA  was not listed any where on the health paper. They told me they seen them pups 10 days ago and they didn't see the Dandruff ans for the Umbilical Hernia she told us you done knew so we didn't put it on there. WHat Vet wouldn't list that. MY would . ANd my VET checked skin ears all over the dog / puppy. I hope if you deal with this kennel you have better luck then i did
Entity: ALTOt, Texas
17, Report #749005
Aug 12 2011
05:13 PM
The end of May 2011 Wunderland Cockers put a down payment on a champion dog.  She sent a 1000 dollar deposit.  The price for the dog was 2000 dollars bred to my champion male.  Her husband wouldn't let her pay that much so I decided to let her have the dog for 1500.  This was her last litter and you never know what will happen. Shipped the dog within 3 days. Since then she has complained and complained about everything. She is not pregnant, she was loaded with ticks/fleas (I had just had her groomed the day before she left), she has cataracts.  This was still the end of may she was due July 11th. She then took her to a vet, he said not pregnant, and has a cataract.  Second vet no cataract but not pregnant. In S.C. we wait for 7-10 days before pups are born and do an x-ray. So then she decided she wanted a different male to do a rebreeding than was original used. She would drive her back for the rebreeding because flying was too expensive. I e-mail her about the dog and ask her how she is doing. I received an e-mail back threatening me. You don't know who you are f***ing with etc..  She has used the internet so that if you pull up my web her lies are there about me. Filed a complaint with pay pal t get her money back. They sided in my favor after reading her e-mails to me. I have had things happen that I didn't like but that happens when your in business. Kept most of it to myself.  This lady is crazy! Please beware. Now she is taking me to court to get her 200 dollars back has GIVEN the dog away. Great move.
Entity: 6869 MAIZE DR. NW, RAMSEY, Indiana
18, Report #343365
Jun 23 2008
06:16 PM
Four Paws And A Tail Four Paws N' Tail Four Paws N' Tail Palm Desert Sells Sick Dogs and Gives no refund!!!! Palm Desert California
Four Paws N' Tail in Palm Desert California sold my family a sick dog. The Vet said they knew the dog was sick when they sold it to us. They would not refund $$. Many people have been ripped off by this business. Rj Rancho Mirage, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Desert, California
19, Report #710975
Jun 09 2014
02:54 PM
Castletop Cockers Zoe Tice Be aware of this breeder. She will make it sound like she screens her clients so her puppies will go to good homes. This breeder will not give you recent pictures of her litters. Internet, New York
Be aware of this breeder. She does not take recent pictures of puppies. Almost had me drive eight hours for a puppy that was the wrong color. She seems very unorganized and forgets what she tells you about planned litters. Just wanted to get my story out there and let everyone know to be wary of this breeder.
Entity: Internet, New York
20, Report #75248
Dec 18 2003
12:11 PM
Tail O' The Pup food terrible and overpriced Lake Placid New York
After viewing a PBS show on Adirondack eateries, my family and I decided to take a scenic drive and have lunch at Tail. The TV segment was sooo inviting and our mouths were watering all the way up there. When we arrived, it was pretty much as I expected: a road side eatery. The five of us ordered and it took about 20 minutes by the clock to receive our food (there were hardly any customers in the place at that time). We were very surprised at the small portions for what they charged, especially since the quality left a lot to be desired. Since we ate in the tent we were unaware of the lack of cleanliness, although I noticed that the building was old and dark. Previous reports do not surprise me. If I had read them before, I would have NEVER eaten there and I certainly will never go there again. Where were the health inspectors? I was raised in the restaurant business and if conditions were as described and patrons were getting food poisoning, the place should have been cited, fined, license revoked or something! The fact that this eatery is allowed to remain open smells of something more than just rotten food! Charlie Schenectady, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Lake Placid, New York
21, Report #17094
Mar 19 2002
12:00 AM
Tail o the Pub, Owner: ED ripoff null RayBrook new york
The Tail O' the Pub is the last place i would send anyone to dine. They are very currupt, rude and dishonest there. I ordered one meal and a beer. After waiting way too long, (in the off season there were only three other tables at the time) my meal came. It was the wrong order, still no beer. I alerted the staff to the mistake on their part, they got very angry, they said you did order this, and we gave you your beer before the meal, both were lies, I said let me talk to the manager, they after arguing this point gave in. manager comes over yells at me some more, telling me that I had infact ordered what they gave and again that I had recieved my beer before my meal. They cleary saw the untouched beer sitting on my table. (I must have forgotten to drink the beer, yea right!). You must know that we are arguing over one dollar, they say they will call the police, becuase I was refusing to pay the one dollar mistake, I say bring it on, call them , give me the phone i will call them. They finally say why dont you forget the dollar and just leave, fine ok never again will I eat here and I will tell everyone I can about what a bunch of lying, thieving dirtbags you are their! ED shame on you, youre business is a disgrace to our community! mike Saranac Lake, New York
Entity: RayBrook, New York
22, Report #1365700
Apr 12 2017
04:19 PM
speed daddy sold me tail defective tail light they dont want to exchange Rowland Heights california
I purchased a set of L.E.D tailights from speed daddy and when i received them i took them to a mechanic shop they charged me $40 to remove the old once and install the new once. Once they were installed we found out that lots of L.E.Ds were burned on the tail lights so another word they were defective so i called there customer service number over and over and over no answer for 4 days  machine pics phone  call puts you on hold and then after 4 minutes disconnects the phone call. keep in mind i purchased thru e-bay  so finally i e-mailed speed daddy back and forth they said whats wrong with lights i said the leds are burned they said send us pics of lights i said what different dose it make they are defective either way i need a new set of taillights they said there policy is that they dont exchange there defective product i can send back for refund but i already paid 40 to install and i have to pay 40 more to remove so i can send back to them so i am loosing $80 just for installition and removal plus i paid $90 for lights  so all together cost me $170. So as i recommendition to any one out there that is on E-bay trying to buy products from sppe-daddy do yourself a favor and dont waste your money and time because this company is not legit and i dont understand how E-bay is doing business with a crook like sppe-daddy.So i decided that i am just going to eat the light and leave them on my truck until i find a company that is honest.I am not asking for anything free just what i paid for a good working set of tail lights. am i asking for to much.?? 
23, Report #1100409
Nov 18 2013
05:41 PM
Tom and Joy Higgins Higgy's Cockers Tom HigginsJoy HigginsHiggy's Buyers BEWARE!!!! Horrible Breeder! Known for Harassment and Evil Threats against man and his pets! Council Bluffs Iowa
Tom Higgins and Joy Higgins Higgy's CockersBUYERS and BREEDERS BEWARE!This man Tom Higgins contacted me to buy one of my beautiful red and white cocker spaniel adults. I learned the Tom Higgins runs Higgy's Cockers Puppy Mill. I refused to sell him my pet because all he wanted was to breed her. Since I have received several harassing and threatening emails from him. Each email get progressively more intense. I have repeatedly requested him to cease from contacted me. He refuses. So I have contacted my local police department and the local police department in Council Bluffs, IA to assist me with protection from this voilent crazed man.  Please beware!!!!! You don't want to purchase a puppy from a puppy mill with such horrible public relations! Or you could find yourself subject to his target!!!!
Entity: Council Bluffs, Iowa
24, Report #79545
Feb 07 2004
12:55 AM
Tail O The Pup ripoff ..The Tail Need's some Long Deserved Attention! everything that has been said about COKE HEAD ED IS TRUE Sarnac Lake, Lake Placid, Tupper Lake New York
As a former employee, I can honestly say everything that has been said about COKE HEAD ED IS TRUE. Every thing from serving rotten food, to paying employees in coke, to acussing employees of stealing, to avoid paying unemployment insurance. It's time someone took this scumbag down Chris Colton, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Sarnac Lake, lake Placid, Tupper Lake, New York
25, Report #2621
Jul 07 2000
12:00 AM
Chasing My Tail no technical support
On March 7th, 2000 I purchased, online, a copy of Internet Alert 99 but when I tried to install it I could not, I got this message: Could not initialize installation. System dll s missing or corrupt. Since then until July 2nd, 2000 Ive been e-mailing technical support at Bonzi and getting the same response: the give me a new Access Code to their server to download the software and each time Ive downloaded the executable only to have the same thing happen. You would think that having told them that Im getting the same problem that they would suggest something else to do. The same person by the name of Kimberley, always responds with the same message the only thing that is different is the access code. I twice asked for a refund of my money, I think that they should grant this since I never got the software installed. It is not as if I did and its functioning badly. Please see for your self what Ive been subjected to. Dr. Lowe
Entity: Nationwide

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