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26, Report #448891
May 05 2009
09:20 AM
Sabrina Grisom, Sabrina Grisom Roanoke Virginia
Do not rent to Sabrina When Sabrina got evicted by Sue Eggleston (540)598-8207 for unpaid rent and destruction of property, she told me she was going to school and helping her landlord sell her home, so I felt sorry for her and helped her rent a room from me as I was raising my 2 children by a dead beat father on my own. An expert con-artist Sabrins posed as a full time student w/2 jobs and made up lies from the start to move in right away without a deposit. She fabricated lies every week that ranged from not having been paid at work and having a block on her credit card, to ATM's without money to dispense and cancer disease. She kept 2 dogs in her room which she let urinate and defecate on her carpet 24/7 and did not clean any part of her occupied portion throughout her stay. Her behavior during the entire time was highly psychotic and extremely aggressive and went as far as blatantly abusing me, my family and all of my neighbors verbally and physically. After finally, being evicted by a Court of Law, Sabrina entered the property one night to leave thousands of dollars in damages to the home that included cutting up wire connections, broken windows, clogged toilets, graffitti and vandalism, as well as scrapes and dents to my vehicle. But please, do not take my word for it. Contact her long list of injured landlords such as Ms. Egglestong, listed above, and do get a criminal report and a credit report for an accurate history of delinquencies and bankruptcies incurred by Sabrina in her efforts to avoid paying her debts: Sabrina L. Grissom DOB:March 15, 1975 SS:xxx-xx-xxxx(((REDACTED))) but has also used SS:xxx-xx-xxxx for fraudulent purposes. She usually keeps pbox addresses to hide from creditors. Prospective 'suitors' should also inquire about mental illness, STDs and infertility issues. Roxana v-l roanoke, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Roanoke, Virginia
27, Report #591616
Apr 10 2010
12:23 AM
Peter Gutensohn deadbeat tenant Kissimmee, Florida
To the first guy who wrote about this, you're not alone. He doesn't answer emails so there's no point in sending him a letter, but I figured I'd add it. If you find a phone number or if you have one please put it in so I can give him a call. I also heard he's in Kissimmee, not Fort Lauderdale. Who knows? Sooner or later the law is going to catch up with this guy. I wish I'd done a background check on him *before* I had to write this.
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
28, Report #774238
Sep 08 2011
06:37 AM
Nevera Daughtry Bad Tenant Houston, Texas
Nevera Daughtry TDL #.11561544 This person approached me to rent a house I was trying to sell. I offered a six month lease. She insisted on a full one year lease and a discount off the rent for the longer term. She signed a lease that included specific requirements for payment on time, penalties for late payment, etc. Half way through the lease she started paying late and then partial payments. I sentseveral letters requesting she get up to date on rent. Then on August 27 she announced she couldn't afford it and was moving out. She moved out over Labor Day weenend, getting out of the house on September 6. She left owing rent for July, August and September. She left several items with minor damage and piles of trash and discarded furniture that she dumped at the street edge and across the street on neighboring property in violation of city ordinances. I now have to pay to have the trash removed or be fined by the city. This person is irresponsible, does not live up to her promises and legal agreements. Anyone stupid enough and willing to rent to her will regret it.
Entity: Houston, Texas
29, Report #898210
Jun 15 2012
04:58 PM
hydrafundiii deposited money without my consent Internet
i was online searching loan companies an decided i didnt want a loan from any of them i went to my checking account online and found out there was 200.00dollars deposited in to my account i didnt authorize  anyone to put any money into my account. i want ot taken out now. i am not going to use it and i really dont want to close my acount. please help me>
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #912498
Jul 15 2012
07:04 PM
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #282257
Nov 01 2007
04:48 AM
Efforttrust They Over Charge Tenants Hamilton Ontario
You may not now but Effort Trust is over charging you all. Not only that they have hired a company called Event Security for all there properties. What this company does is INTIMIDATE young people from not going into Effort Trust Properties. I went over and spoke with the Event Security owner (very rude) he think he is a police officer all he is is a RENT A COP (his name is Tony) Anyway one day I was at 438 Hwy # 8 and he drives sort of a mini van (green) he went over and told some kids that were not doing anything to leave the property or he would take down there license plate and give it to the police. I over heard that and went over and told him you have no right to do that (he said) to me I have intructions from Effort Trust, the next day I called Effort Trust and they told me and I qoute we do not tell our vendors how to act we know that sometimes he steps over the line but he cleans up the place. What Event Security does is give the info on the license plate to Hamilton Police in turn the Police give him the info on the car (address who the car belongs to etc..) What he does with this just shocked me completly he writes up a letter and tell them they are banned for six months from going into the said property. Also his guards are not certified as Security Guards, I will be contacting the Ontario Security Guard Association on that matter (today or tommorow) David stromberg Hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
32, Report #309308
Feb 15 2008
06:26 PM
Homecomings Financial liars Tampa Florida texas
i have been a customer for homecomings for 2 years . bought my first home from another company who sold the mortgage to homecomings before i could even make my first payment. have had problems with ever since , lost payments, to later be found only after i paid a penalty. recently contacted homecomings to work out payment plan after being laid off of work. upon going back to work and asking for assistance from homecomings and getting thier famous run around of not our department or leave a message and we will call back. i was informed by a process server who served the notice to my 9 yr old son that i was being placed in foreclosure. tried to contact the attorney on record to no avail, finally met with a homecomings counsellor who informed me that even that i was back to work making more money than i originally had that i could not afford my home and they would accept my deed in leau of foreclosure . i agreed signed the paper only to be informed that my foreclosure is still proceeding as planned. they lie to you cant answer questions and by the way will charge off your account and put you in foreclosure while you are still paying them . interesting isnt it. Gene palm harbor, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #974296
Nov 27 2012
09:31 AM
Tina Roten Deadbeat tenant Peoria, Illinois
Tina skipped out from my rental house leaving a mess and damages totaling approx $700.00 Gave a sob story that her mom was ill to buy time. Gave breaks on rent at Christmas . A storm door had been ripped off the hinges and she agreed to pay for it but skipped out without paying.
Entity: Peoria, Illinois
34, Report #1190900
Nov 23 2014
01:53 PM
jrk properties late fees rocky hill connecticut
 After reading how this company robbed another tenant I decided to share my complaint. Because of payment schedule I was a little late with rent and when I found out about the late fees I hit the roof. JRK just took over this property and did everything by the books informing people of the change. Being a naïve person I did not read lease agreement as I should and when I did find about late fees they went from $40.00 to $150.00 with $40.00 marshals fee and $10.00 per day. This is legal robbery because if a person loan people money on the streets and ask this for re-payment he will be considered a loan shark which is a felony in most stated.
35, Report #1056753
Jun 05 2013
05:57 PM
redemptionklothin redemptionklothin liar! Internet California
I Bought a pair shoes from redemptionklothin. Them strap was a too short. So I sent message Strap is too short, can I return these shoes? to redemptionklothin. So redemptionklothin said That you just need to poke a new hole.. And I tried it. Because I thought it's a kind advice. I made a hole, so the appearance of shoes became strange! And then I couldn't return these shoes to redemptionklothin. Because I made a hole by redemptionklothin's advice! redemptionklothin say lie easily, take care everyone!
Entity: Internet, California
36, Report #1204240
Jan 25 2015
01:06 PM
Kimberly Teal Landlord's Beware Encinitas California
Landlord's beware. This women lied as to her background information and is a lawyer who will use her mumble humble to kekerp telling you why rent is not being paid. In addition after she moved in, she will move in her multiple service dogs and let them poo in the house. After spending thousands of dollars to evict her, you eill also be stuck with her utility bills. She has no morals and no conscience. I am aware of at least two other landlords which have fallen victim to her lies. How can an attorney in this state have an active license with such unscrupulous behavior?  the description of her not paying people she hires continues today as witnessed recently in 2014. 
Entity: Encinitas, California
37, Report #69670
Oct 21 2003
05:23 AM
Bill Turner & Kelly Brophy Turner Dead beat tenants, writing bad checks Yardville Hamilton New Jersey
Bill & Kelly Brophy Turner formerly of 106 Cynthia Way Yardville NJ are beat beat tennats. They have not paid rent since June 2003, eviction process was done then they filed for chapter 13. All the while Bill Turner bragged to me that this is what he would do and that there was nothing that I could do to remove him from the property. Bill was also arrested in July for writing bad checks and I filed a complaint in August for another bad check. Charges are pending in New Jersey. The Turner are well versed in landlord/tennant law and know every loophole inmaginable. They played the landlord tennant court until the day of eviction then filed chapter 13. It took another 6 week before the bankruptcy court to hear my motion to lift the stay. Now they are getting ready to move to Florida. From what I can gather they have done this same thing before. If anyone has or needs any information on the Turners email me. Michael Hamilton, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Hamilton, New Jersey
38, Report #45458
Feb 14 2003
02:47 PM
Charles Utley & Nicole Smith-Utley rip-off deadbeat nonpaying tenants of Brooklyn New York
Charles and Nicole are professional scam renters. For those who do not know them be very aware and please do not rent to them. They appear as clean,honest abiding citizens but they are not! They owe everyone from: Renter Center to utility service companies and have not paid rent in six months. The apartment that was never lived in until their arrival is now a pig's pin. The vapors that are siping through the door is enough to make one throw up. But you would never know this because looks are decieving. Just know if a couple by the name of Charles and Nicole Utley knock on your door looking to rent your apartment, don't hesitate to tell them it has been rented, already. Lynn Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
39, Report #15969
Mar 05 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: CONESUS, New York
40, Report #16908
Sep 17 2006
01:27 PM
Louis and Jennifer Carney Rip Off tenants from hell, Freeloader slobs Detroit Metro Area Michigan
Dont rent to Louis or Jenifer Carney. Tenants rented my home from Feb 2001 to Sept 2001. Tenants lived like slobs. Tenants had 7 other persons living at the home at one time. Tenants ruined the carpet. Had to spend $800 to replace carpet. When tenants moved out. Left carpet black. Tenants broke several windows hindges upstairs. Tenant tried to remove portable AC unit. They left human feces on the side of toilet. Bath tub was black, I had to get the tub reglazed. The pantry and refrigerator was never cleaned out by them. They ripped the wash basin from the wall. Never cut the yard or filled in the holes in the back yard their dogs left in the yard. Skipped paying the last months rent. I took them to court and won the settlement for $3000. Tenants never paid up. Right now trying to get the court to garnish their wages. He is a want to be rent a cop, and she works at the MGM Grand. Do not rent to these people. Bad Omen. Dont do it. I have before and after pictures of this house. Tom Detroit Metro Area, Michigan
Entity: Detroit Metro Area, Michigan
41, Report #212170
Sep 21 2006
09:21 PM
Chateau Apartments ripoff , harrassment, retaliation, lie, bully tenants, add fradulent & rediculous fees to tenants rents, doesn't do repairs in a timely manner Burlington New Jersey
This apartment complex known as Chateau Apartments owned by Sunset Associates / LCL Managment in the last few years since the current manager has been there is a horrible place to live . The new manager Allen , not only is he a bully towards the tenants but he is impossible , rude, obnoxious, out of hand , and completely out of control. He has numerous complaints against him from tenants , an yet nobody has done nothing aboout it. This man harrasses tenants , has tried to swirve his car and act as though he was gonna hit a tenant, has harrassed numerous tenants , charges fradulent fees to tenants rent reciepts , curses at tenants in front of their children, threatens tenants, lies to add fees to tenant rent reciepts to eventually try to evict them , ect. It is to the point that some of the maintenace staff is starting to act the same way . this is only been happening since the new management has taken over. This place has had numerous fires in the last 7 years , appliances are catching fire, the buildings are very old but recently are being upgraded on the outsides. The manager tries to chrge tenants for dmages that are caused by wear & tear out side of the building some times , when the tenants are not responsable at all. Alot of the tenants go ahead an pay when they shouldn't cause they feel as though since this guy is the manger they have no choice, or they are afraid that they will get kicked out , and most do not have nowhere else to go . Something should be done about this place .It is getting to the point that some tenants have made physical threats because of the managers conduct. Hyronda Burlington, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Burlington, New Jersey
42, Report #467296
Jul 08 2009
06:01 AM
Lauren Thompson Coggin, lauren Thompson Coggin @ Donald Earl Coggin Tenants That Just Don't Get It Wilson North Carolina
First off I did everything for these two people, we gave them the world and I suppose this is what I got, but we rented our house on sept 29 2009 and they moved in, the electricity was left in my name so if anything happen I would still have that and they had the electric turn off out of my name and put in there name and left me with a $300.00 light bill. Had window unit air conditioner $150.00 taken when they moved out and curtins taken from the windows. We had things in our barn worth around $200.00 probably more taken from it. The carpet was so nasty, and left the house nasty and left things in the house that just was junk. We tried to work with these people they called after four months and said that Donald had lost his job, well you know how the economy is so we work with them. Rent was $920.00 a month they paid the month of Feburary $670.00 so March they did the same $670.00 and then april they called again and paid $620.00, we told me that was it no more to pay the full about in may or get out, and the entire time we told them to bring the rent up to date, but we tried to work with them so when in May they knew they could not pay they would not get out of the house. I was not until June 9 2009 they got out. Another thing she did email me one time to tell me that I contacted a Lawyer and found that you really dont have a leg to stand on because we were making payments over 3/4 the amount agreed upon Her very words. Whhickman north wilkesboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilson, North Carolina
43, Report #475284
Jul 31 2009
10:41 AM
Mac Venice Holdings & Portobello Management, The Chelsea Apartments On Formosa Ave They harass tenants and act like the Gestapo Los Angeles California
The resident manager of the Chelsea Apartments on Formosa Ave, Lusine Khachatryan is related to people in the property management company Portobello Management. Whenever tenants call Portobello with a complaint from the Chelsea Apartments the secretary directs the call to Lusine's relatives. If a tenant complains to Portobello about anything they start harassing the tenants to get them to move. The resident manager has 5 people living in a 1 bedroom apartment. 2 adults and 3 kids. She constantly harasses other tenants for having an occasional guest and accuses the tenant of having someone extra living in their unit when they don't. She tells the tenant they cannot have their guest park in the tenant's parking space. The manager regularly has overnight guests herself and tells her guests to park behind a tenant in the tenant's parking space. This blocks the tenant in so they can't leave without tracking down the manager. There have been times where the manager and her guests leave in the manager's car, and leave her guest's car blocking in a tenant so the tenant can't leave until the manager and her guests return hours later. There have been many security problems like groups of punks hanging out on the property, broken doors and locks. The resident manager of the Chelsea on Formosa and the management company Portobello know this. Because of this there have been several thefts and a tenant was physically assaulted (then they started fixing stuff after the fact to cover their butts). When tenants ask for repairs they are not done. They will raise the rent too without making the repairs. They think they are above the law. Because of nepotism and because they know it is often easier for a tenant to just move rather than spend extra time, money and energy they don't have to fight them. I hope others can be warned by this and when it comes time for them to find an apartment to live in that they make sure not to choose one owned by Mac Venice Holdings, or managed by Portobello Management. L420 los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
44, Report #430325
Mar 03 2009
12:12 PM
Fathima And Tyrone Jones Terrible tenants that don't pay rent and destroy your property Victorville California
These people lied on their rental application, had friends pose as their references and employers. They stopped paying rent after two months and never paid a deposit. They destroyed my house and left outstanding bills for the utilities. They had to be evicted and then accused me of being discriminatory and slandering them for posting the eviction notice on the window (the Sheriff actually posts the eviction notice, not the landlord, that's how stupid these people are). They also associate with criminals, as evidenced by letters from inmates that they left at the house, along with a ton of other trash and junk. Do not rent to these people. Brenda Victorville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Victorville, California
45, Report #586651
Mar 29 2010
05:38 AM
Francis E. and Jodi L. Taylor Deadbeat Tenants. Failed to pay utilities, stole audio and networking equipment from resident. Gainesville, Virginia
Beware renting to Francis E. or Jodi L. Taylor in any state.  We had to go through the courts to evict them from our property.  They ruined out marble countertops, stole audio and networking equipment, and left without paying an $8K plus judgement.  We were told by their last employer that they moved to Florida..  Florida landlords please beware.  These people are deadbeat renters indeed! 
Entity: Gainesville, Virginia
46, Report #591760
Apr 10 2010
12:38 PM
Several tenants have complained about the Landlord, Patricia Sams, and her handyman Tommy Denmark, sneaking into their apartments through the back doors and nosing around. Items sometimes go missing.The landlord ignores tenant complaints and frequently refuses to repair or replace things like leaking pipes, peeling paint, broken radiators, dangerously defective and ancient wiring.The landlord hires vagrants off the street to perform unlicensed renovations in vacant apartments. She lets them have the keys to apartments and doesn't change the locks when new tenants move in!It is rumored that the Fenimore's handyman, Tommy Denmark likes to inspect young women's apartments when they aren't home.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
47, Report #633326
Aug 19 2010
03:01 PM
Its a shame that people you once trusted could write false information on a website to try and damage someones life and reputation. Its a shame that the ones you thought could be trusted quickly turn on you when rent is due. I rented out one of my Florida homes to Sam and Genivieve Baker thinking they were people I could trust. Not only did they lie about who they were but, they took total advantage of me. They have lied to me since day one. This is what happens when you rent to people without running a background check, which I'm gulity of. Since I do not live in Florida, I asked Sam and Genivieve Baker to manage my properties. THIS WAS MY BIG MISTAKE! They paid their full rent for their first month ONLY but, it was also the last month they paid the full rent. I decided to take a trip to Florida to see what was really going on. I felt like Sam and Genivieve Baker were taking advantage of our property management agreement and as I antisapated, when I arrived none of the work they stated had been done and I as any landlord would I have, had to put a stop to it. The following months they made fraudulent and outrageous deductions. One month they had so many deductions, they stated, I owed them $300.00. I did agreed to deduct from the rent for the second month but, when they continued to come up with fraudulent & bogus charges for the next month I became aware once in Florida, nothing was being done to the houses as they so stated. I informed them that I no longer needed their help with property management. Sam & Genivieve Baker created fictitious invoices and are liars and thieves. They expected me to deduct money from their rent. This was Sam Baker's way of not paying rent because he was fired from his job and he and his wife decided to free-load off my property. Had they paid their rent in a timely manner, I would not have had to continuously ask for money that was owed to me. It was well past the 1st of the month and they continued to disregard their lease and any late payments. Any landlord would demand they pay or get-out. After several weeks of waiting and attempting to work with them because I knew they had a family and Genivieve Baker was unemployed as well. I decided to follow through with the eviction process. Its sad that people could go as far as accusing someone of drug use and late night parties. THIS IS NOTHING BUT LIES AND SAM & GENIVIEVE BAKER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES to stoop so low and accuse people of using drugs when you both know that is the most ridiculous accusation you have stated. Sam and Genivieve Baker have nothing better to do than to try and bring people down. Sam Baker is wanted in Utah for A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION stealing assets from his ex wife. He was married to someone who had money in the past, once she left him for cheating with GENIVIEVE BAKER. They stole her possessions and moved out of town. Sam and Gen Baker thrive off bringing people down. Sam just finished a book which is full of malicious stories regarding his ex wife who supported him while he took advantage of her. Utah Police Department emailed on his whereabouts because he is nothing but a crook that takes advantage of people and is looking for a free ride. Sam Baker NO ONE WILL EVER ALLOW YOU TO LIVE RENT FREE. LANDLORDS BEWARE ...I dont even think SAM & GENIVIEVE BAKER are their real names. They dont have bank accounts or use any credit cards. On several occasions Sam and his wife Genivieve couldnt even afford food and had to borrow hundreds of dollars from me to cover their expenses. I am a family man myself, and did not hesitate to loan them money which was never returned to me. Once things didnt go their way, and he realized he couldnt afford the rent he quickly turned to what he does best. DEFAMATION!! Sam and Gen you need to move on with you lives and move out of my property. Im still waiting for your lawyer to call me. These accusations are false. It's a shame that two people could continue to lie to new tenants Holly Bohn and Micheal Weiss. You both seem like very nice people but it's unfortunate that you have fallen for their deception and false accusations.
Entity: St Augustine, Florida
48, Report #228004
Dec 30 2006
06:37 PM
Tracy Fairchild - Denise Yuhas Ripoff Bad Tenants Do Not Rent to these people Norfolk Virginia
Warning-Do not Rent to these people. They destroyed my house in Norfolk, Virginia. They had to have their employer, Auto Express, guarentee the rent. They disconnected the sewer pipe and let human waste run under the house. They did not pay electric and jumped the electrical box and stole power from a neighbor. They broke out every window pane in the hosue. No pets were allowed but they kept three dogs and let the dogs urinate on the carpet. They poured grease on the lawn and rode dirt bikes in the front and back yards killing all grass. They let the water over flow in the bathroom so that the floor and wall needs to be replaced. They did not pay rent the last month and then broke into the house and stole the refrigerator. These people are filty and will destroy your property. They buy beer but do not pay their bills. Be aware. They both work for AutoExpress on Sewells Point Road in Norfolk. Mini blinds were destoyed and rags were hung in the windows instead of curtains. Neighbors reported drug use. Do not rent to these people. Carol Dover, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia
49, Report #244950
Apr 20 2007
08:46 AM
Christine Adams - Corey Adams - Crystal Adams The Adams family are dead beat tenants! ripoff Eau Claire Wisconsin
A Judgement of $3,240.00 for Chris and Corey Adams remains due since 9/14/2005. Interest still adding. A Judgement of $1,011.34 for Crystal Adams remains due since 10/18/2005. Interest still adding. These tenants had every excuse in the book about the whole world being against them. I guess they felt it was ok not to pay their rent and damages and then disapear. S&J PROPERTIES Weyerhaeuser, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
50, Report #244952
Apr 20 2007
09:17 AM
Kari Kressin - Merdith Larson - Christopher Larson Tenants who gamble away the rent. ripoff Eau Claire Wisconsin
These tenants may keep a clean house but can't seem keep away from poker machines. After many chances, excuses, and out right lies, the truth came out why they had so much trouble paying their rent. They owed us $2,235.00. A deal was made with them during Court Mediation to reduce their total to $1500.00 and avoid judgement if they made payments of $150.00 per month untill paid in full. The judgement ended up being only $202.00 for court costs. They did not make any payments and disappeared. We learned we could not file for the complete due amount again, and could only ask for the $1500.00. At present a judgement of $1500.00 plus interest remains due since 9/14/05 to us. WARNING LANDLORDS: In the state of Wisconsin it is better to get the whole amount of judgement and then make a deal with the tenants. Have them pay up to the amount of the deal, then remove the judgement. S&J PROPERTIES Eau Claire, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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