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1, Report #235749
Feb 12 2007
10:47 PM
Sportime Tennis - Island Tennis LP Riffoff overworking employees with no overtime New York New York
Ive been working for this company for 11 month. I work for more than 40 hours every week. Ive never recieved time and a half for any hour over 40 since Ive been working with this company. Its stated in our employee hand book that, if we work over 40 hours a week, we'd be paid time and a half for every hour over 40 hour a week. this is very unfair. Im am entitled by the law to recieve my overtime wages. I was ripped off and I want Revenge. Jackie Bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
2, Report #721714
Apr 25 2011
08:10 AM
Entity: TORONTO, Ontario
3, Report #1101023
Jan 13 2015
02:22 PM
Adrin Himmelheber Adrin Himmelheber Las Vegas Tennis coach Worst Coach in the worlds Las Vegas Nevada
This coach takes advantage of his students, yells at them, makes them feel like they are worthless. He the most disloyal tennis coach in the world. He is not to be trusted and will lie to get whatever he wants. He could not keep his word, if his life depended on it. Most of his students usually leave him within a short period of time. He talks a big game, but he is a loser. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN WITH YOUR KIDS.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
4, Report #574805
Feb 25 2010
09:49 AM Tennis Magazine Subscription RIPOFF Internet
I purchased a 3 year subscription to Tennis Magazine for $19.99 for myself and a subscription for my daughter from on September 21, 2009 paying for the purchase through paypal.  Neither of us received the magazine.  I checked with Tennis Magazines customer service and they do not have a subscription on file for me or my daughter.  Paypal then gave me the email address and telephone number for the  A recording says the telephone number is not reachable PPS6180 and emails go unanswered.Current status: Only my money being returned or the subscription order being placed will satisfy this situation.  Currently it is unresolved.Tennis magazine has been notified of this website.If there is even one person who does not lose money at this website because of this posting it is worth the time and effort!
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #760733
Aug 04 2011
07:48 AM Send me FAKE tennis racket. intenet, Internet
They told me they were selling authentic tennis racket but when I received it, it was a very bad FAKE tennis racket.  It was not only fake but also different one.  I told them take back and give me money back but they said I have ship it with my own money and not giving my money back anyway.  Don't buy from the companies in China.  They often sell FAKE stuff.
Entity: intenet, Internet
6, Report #1277837
Jan 04 2016
03:36 PM
Paulina Tennis Houston
 Paulina tennis (Psychic) told me that I would see results in 2 days and I paid her $102.00. I told her that I'm not employed. She promised that she could help me. is alot of money for me and she promiosed that her work is exceptional. Once she receied the money I never heard from her, I called her but never returned my calls. She is a crook and a phony. I want my money back
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #369120
Sep 02 2008
04:48 PM
Christine Stewart Tried to Rip-Off my Diamond Tennis Bracelet with bad check East Ridge Tennessee
I read this article about Christine Stewart and thanked my stars that I didn't take her check!!!!! She responded to my ad for my tennis bracelet (worth $7500) I was only asking $2200. She wanted to come to our house and look at it. We had been warned to meet at a neutral area. We met her at Arby's in Hixson. She was driving a black Volvo and came with a rather thin guy. We didn't know if this was her husband or son. She said she was from East Ridge. They started telling us a story of how she lost her bracelet. It was insured and they had just received the insurance check for $4,000. She was excited that if she bought our bracelet, she would still have some money left. She tried the bracelet on and handed us a check. We said no. We would meet at her bank on Tuesday, since today was Sunday and tomorrow the banks would be closed because of Labor Day. She said she worked at Memorial Hospital in Unit 1 and would get us the cash by cashing her check at work and we could meet her Tuesday at the hospital with the bracelet. Well, we took her telephone number (which turned out to be bogus) and she never called. When I called the number that I saw in your article, her mother answered and said that she didn't have a telephone, but she would give her the message. The bad thing is she said please, please don't sell it to anyone else. So we turned down other calls because it was already sold. Why would she do that knowing she wouldn't get the bracelet? Cathy Hixson, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1242591
Jul 17 2015
04:38 PM
Urban Tennis NYC, Pee Wee Tennis, Bryn Bryant Sports Academy, Cape Tennis Unprofessional, Scam, Fake, Dishonest New York City Internet
Bryn Bryant that owns Urban Tennis NYC, Pee Wee Tennis, Bryn Bryants Sports Academy, Cape Tennis (he changes his business name to avoide a trail) is the biggest scam artist I have every come across. This horrid person, is the lowest of the low and bullies his way to make money and running a business. I am writing on behalf of multiple parents/ lovers of tennis who have expreienced the same and I have personally witnessed his abusive tactics, rude and arrogant behavior and outright unprofessional ethic.  I advise all to stay clear of Bryn Bryant and all his alternative' business names,
Entity: Internet
9, Report #93597
Jun 03 2004
10:31 PM
Treasure Island Tennis & Yacht Club regulary runs a classified ad for servers, offering $300~$500 a weeks pay. This is a full on lie to attract new employes with experience. I have 1 year of, full time pay check stubs that prove this is false. Even servers who have been there for a year or more do NOT make this money. The staff and management know this is flase, yet continue to run the ad. Treasure Island Florida
Treasure Island Tennis and Yacht Club,regulary runs a classified add for servers, in the St. Petersburg Times classifieds, promising $300-$500 a week. This add is well known by the staff and managment to far from the truth. They problems finding and keeping good help because of the low wages,and poor conditions, relative to other hospitality jobs in the area. So, they advertise competative wages, in order to get applicants in the door. This has gone on way too long, they either need to pay there employess properly, or be honest and take what they get. John St.Petersburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Treasure Island, Florida
10, Report #82307
Nov 19 2008
12:22 PM
CROOK ON THE LOOSE. I want to warn everyone of a CROOK ON THE LOOSE named PAUL TYLER that is living in CHICAGO, Illinois working at various Tennis Clubs as a Tennis Professional. If you run into him, please do not fall for any type of rip-off business he claims to have. Many people in CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee have been looking for him for years. This man stole thousands of dollars from many people through a business he had named Paul Tyler Clothing Company. I had bought many custom-made suits from him and he took a last payment up front from me. I paid the money and never heard from him again. I am not the only person he did this to. Practically, the entire city of Chattanooga was looking for him. I know people have judgments against him. Unfortunately, I was never able to get papers served from the court because he disappeared and could not be found. He did serve time in jail related to this crime but that was for another person. He left Chattanooga, Tennessee to Cincinnati, Ohio and now is supposed to be living in Chicago, Illinois. It is rumored that he has recently been fired from his last job in Chicago and his whereabouts are now unknown. If you have seen this man please contact me by using the rebuttal box below. I would like to find this THIEF and would appreciate any help I could get. A picture of him would also be appreciated. CLICK here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Justin Chattanooga, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
11, Report #1435288
Mar 20 2018
07:59 PM
the47thdiamond hchandra Bought a $10,000 diamond tennis bracelet on ebay - total ripoff!! I even called Ebay support with remorse New York
I made a very foolish purchase from the47thdiamond a dealer on ebay with thousands of positive ratings. I was not savvy enough to see that the same name of buyer was used over and over to make up these thousands of positive comments.  If you read the negatives they are the legitimate buyers.    After I made the purchase, while waiting for the shipment, I looked again and then took a closer look and looked at the negative comments.   I got really nervous and called Ebay to see if there were complaints against this seller. They told me not to worry and that Ebay backed the products with moneyback guarantee.I wrote to the seller and told him of my concerns.  He assured me the quality would be good. He even offered to make a custom piece for me.  When the bracelet arrived the diamonds were of horrible quality.  They were yellow, mismatched, some almost brown. I was horrified.I was one of the lucky ones in that he returned my money on a very prompt basis, as I threatened to write very negative comments if he did not follow through. I did not want to make him mad so he would not return my money, so I agreed if I got the money back in a timely basis I would not leave negative feedback.Beware.  If you look at his positive comments they are the same names over and over. Look at the negatives if you want to see a real snapshot of what this person is doing.
Entity: New York
12, Report #191749
May 16 2006
10:28 AM
Talbot Tennis ripoff poor quality unprofessional poorly managed frustrating service Marietta Georgia
I contracted Talbot Tennis to build a basketball half court in my backyard on February 11, 2006. It is now May 16, 2006 and the work is still not complete although when the project began the sales represenative stated it would not take longer than 45 days. During the process Talbot Tennis sub-contracted a concrete company for the pouring of the slab. I sustained over $2k in damages to my driveway as a result of the concrete company's employee lack of due care. I had to resolve with the concrete companies insurance agent which took more tha 30 days. Talbot provuided no help during the process and would not continue the work until I resolved and paid them the amount I withheld as a result of thei sub contractors negligence The project was poorly managed(if at all) and the ordering of materials created at least a two month delay. In addition to the project still not being completed,and to add insult to injury, I received an invoice for payment after I had spoke with the owner two days prior and we verbally agreed that the work was of poor quality and he would personally see that this matter was resolved. Anyone considering Talbot tennis, beware!! Make sure you have project schedules, specific materials to be used and due dates cleary agreed to in writing even though I highly recommend shopping around for a more professional organization. This is definitely a case of over promising and underdelivering with a complet disregard for customer service. There are probably may more professional organizations that are worth of your hard earned money. Lesson learned for me!!!!! George Stone Mountain, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
13, Report #1150681
May 29 2014
04:37 PM
robbins table tennis specialties bait and switch Clinton Township, Michigan Internet
Do not buy a Table Tennis from this company! This company will make promises and tell you what you want to hear but as soon as they have your money they deny everything they told you. You will be stuck with whatever you bought even if what they told you was a total lie! They are very pleasant until they have your money and then at that point all pleasantness is gone and you are on hold for ever thier voicemail box is always full and they even try and block your emails.BUYER BEWARE! 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1021066
Feb 27 2013
04:21 PM
Paulina Tennis She took $200 from me and disappeared, no phone calls or text. She is a crook houston, Texas
I am a single mother and Paulina promised me that I will see results in 2 days. I told her that $200 is alot of money but she promised her work is one of a kind. Well it was as soon as she collected the money, she never contacted me or text me. I called her, left her a message but nothing. She is crook which needs to eb stopped
Entity: houston, Texas
15, Report #430527
Mar 16 2009
10:38 AM
Asim Sengun Takes money for Tennis Lessons and disappears Chatham New Jersey
Do not give this man any money for tennis lessons. He lives on the streets and would steal from his family if needed. Trust me it has happened. Has ripped off many tennis clubs in the area and also many families. Is a compulsive lier and will tell you anything you'd like to hear. He has told clients that he has lost all his money in the Madoff scheme, his mom recently died and he went to France for her burial, to many other outlandish lies. The truth is he is a con artist who lives day to day stealing peoples money. If you hear of him do yourself a favor and stay away. Tennis junkie All Over, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Chatham, New Jersey
16, Report #519773
Nov 04 2009
09:13 PM
Northdale Golf and Tennis club,LLC Members at Nortdale Tennis club play tennis until the day they die.No way out of their supposedly annual contracts.Their lawyers are bringing their cases to the court by packs.and winning them.Hidden Tampa, Florida
I am a cancer patient with three kids,on disability payment, with lost business,was robbed today for two thousands dollars in a small claims court, brought by Nortdale tennis club in tampa florida for failing to pay annual membership fee to them,and guess what;the shiny attorney has about tens of similar cases on his hands lof the same nature.looks like like some business is going on against some unsuspected fools like 2007 in june we stopped  by and asked how much is cost to play single tennis here.they said 200$ initiation fee and 80$monthly.we paid and  during the matches the administrator asked to sigh the authorization for the charge card. Then 6 months later i was diagnosed with an inflammatory breast cancer, doctors gave 2 month to live,lost our business, no money for food, sent them a letter asking to cancel our membership with return receipt, told them to keep deposit.they said we can't do this because we signed the annual contract and must to pay them until the year ends.kept charging our card monthly until we stopped payment took us to the court,we are still desperate now, fighting the foreclosure with the help of the cancer society,of course no money for a lawyer for this,on the court they even produced a page where it said that no way out for 12 months where we supposed to initial, but we even did not seen it, were sure that because of the deposit, it is natural to quit at any time, judge was helping the other lawyer, explained for an hour that we must to pay for something we signed.forgot to explain for what exactly we had to pay if we stopped attending this evil club.i feel there is some industrial rip-off of the people w help of their evil lawyer.9by the way, included fee for 700$)can imagine how much money he makes from each of us. I feel seek, I am sure, is there a lot of people who feel the same way.They steel money from us
Entity: Tampa, Florida
17, Report #960236
Oct 25 2012
07:43 PM
Michael Tennis Dr. Salvage D&R salvage Michael Tennis Dave Scottland Michael Tennis Dr. Salvage or D&R Salvage Gypsy steals material also goes by Dave Scottland Los Angeles, California
 Michael Tennis picked up several thousand lbs of material and never paid us he describes himself as a gypsy our company was told he lives with about 15 family members. Arrest warrants will be served on Mr. Tennis soon and there is currently an investigation with law enforcement on him and his business. If you let him take material without paying you will not get paid. He also uses the alias Dave Scottland.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
18, Report #1048590
May 05 2013
01:13 PM
Town of Golden Beach Florida Living in Golden Beach is a RIPP Off! Golden beach Florida
 Living in Golden Beach is a RIPP Off!I have been for several years a resident of Golden Beach. It has been a pure nightmare from day 1 to last day!Police claims to be good! Police is corrupted, opposite of efficient, misleading, abusive. Please do not trust them.Mayor is, having a poor team of also corrupted lairs, interested in only making themselves richer, RACIST, XENOPHOBIC and discretely obeying to Rabbi Amar Chai.This small town of North Miami Beach in South Florida, claiming to be a beautiful town where peace is welcoming you with famous and celebrities…in only the reality of Twin Pix miniseries, where everything weird is happening…and non-one knows! Police is blind.If you are not Jewish, do not live in Golden Beach, since rabbi Chai cannot stand non-Jewish people and will make your life miserable like he did for me. His little kids do not even like to speak to non-Jewish people.I moved there because I had truly respected for Jewish people, and I truly loved America. I got a pure hell. I never went through such a terror.I am a very tolerant person, I am the opposite of racist, and I hate discrimination. They abuse me like it has never possible to imagine in such ways…Please, consider this before purchasing a house in this town…I wish someone had warned me too.
Entity: Golden beach, Florida
19, Report #1323841
Sep 03 2016
03:14 PM
The Tennis Key - HAI NGUYEN Defrauded my company out of $18K. Mission Viejo California
Hai Nguyen DBA The Tennis Key repeatedly called my office everyday for three weeks hounding us for working capital. A few days after we funded him he stopped paying us and claimed that he is filing for chapter 13 bankrupcy and we're out of luck. This is AMERICA and we're not going to sit back and let this guy steal money and get away with it. We're in the middle of taking legal action but we also wanted to warn the general public. He acts like the nicest guy until he gets what he wants, then he goes ghost and won't even pick up his phone anymore. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COWARD. Take your kids to a respectable summer camp. 
Entity: Mission Viejo, California
20, Report #632175
Aug 17 2010
08:40 AM
Kevin Kane Consumer Fraud. Harassment. My wife and daughter were harassed with physical threats and inappropriate behavior by head tennis pro when Kevin Kane, G.M., took a disliking to them after spending thous mount kisco, New York
My wife and teenaged daughter were harassed with physical threats and inappropriate behavior by the head tennis pro while members of the Saw Mill Club. The general manager, Kevin Kane,  had been made aware of our concerns about his employee's misconduct.  The harassment escalated to the point my wife felt it necessary to quit the facility. This club engages in consumer fraud.  Kevin Kane harasses members who he takes a personal disliking to after they have spent thousands of dollars in membership dues and tennis fees.  There have been too many cases where others have had this happen to them while members of the Saw Mill Club and they were all not of the jewish religion. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.    I believe the other complaints about this business are true given our experience. This is a disgrace and needs to be addressed. I can only imagine how Kevin Kane treats his employees who he takes a disliking to.  He has got to be removed immediately. I spent way too much money at the Saw Mill Club to have my family treated that way.  
Entity: mount kisco, New York
21, Report #733168
May 25 2011
04:22 PM
The Floor Pros are happy to take your money, put the floor down & run. Leaving you with glue tennis shoe marks, you can learn how to dance later. Brandon, Florida
After the floor pros (Arthur & son Bob) put the floor down it was late afternoon. The last part of the floor was left with tape, & a heavy box to hold down the last piece put down. The next morning I took a heavy box off a threshold to find it raised & crooked. Also, there were tennis shoe glue marks all over, every inch of the floors. I noticed the highs/lows in the bedroom. I called Arthur, told him about these problems. He gave me the impression that he did not want to come out & fix anything. He did call back & tell me that they would be out to clean up the glue marks, but he was not happy about coming out because it was to far. Arthur sent his son, Bob. I showed Bob, the threshold, he said it was because my tile was not even. I asked if it could be fix, he said no. I show him the highs & lows that I found, he told me its my sub floor. He did attempt to clean the glue marks. When he was about to leave, I said, did you check under the hutch because that was the last portion you did that night. No, he didn't, so we moved the table over.  When Bob left I sat down on my sofa, the light was hitting the floor that was under the table before from day one, & now I could see the scratch. Description: 11 inches long, stops abruptly, then starts again 2 1/2 inches up, goes 2 inches long stops abruptly, skips a plank, starts again 2 inches long. The next day I call Arthur, told him that there were still numerous glue marks, I don't like the threshold & there is a scratch. Arthur is angry now, refuses to come out ever again. Even if he did come out he would never fix a scratch because its not covered. Because I disagreed with him, at one point he asked me to pay him $50.00 for gas, he would send someone the clean the glue marks. He told me that his son already told me that the threshold could not be fixed & he would never fix the scratch. I told Arthur the next time he calls me, he had better be making an appointment for HIM to come out & see what I'm taking about. He told me he personally will never come out. That is when I contacted  Lumber Liquidators store. They were so kind & got the ball rolling with Arthur. Arthur did keep his promise, he did not come to see for himself. Bob & both the other young men, show up The guys worked all day removing glue marks. I asked Bob again about the threshold, he told me, I told you that can not be fixed. I asked about the scratch, how are you going to fix this, we have to replace the wood. The extra wood is in the garage, so they will have to come back. Arthur told me that his son sent him a picture of the scratch & told him, I did it. I called Bob out to look at the scratch with me, how does a person or object make a scratch that abruptly stops, starts again 2 inches up & skips a plank. He said maybe your dog? First of all I was told by Lumber Liquidators & Arthur that a dog can't scratch this floor. Now that Arthur has his money, my dog can scratched the floor. A human, object, or dog would make a continuous line, this scratch was in the wood before they put it down, it was late in the evening & its very hard to see until the light hits it just right. After, that I called Lumber Liquidators, again super nice. They said dont worry Arthur will take care of all your concerns, even the scratch.  Guess what? After that, the ugly threshold that was unfixable, is FIXED perfectly. Arthur would have had me live with that eye sore for the rest of my life. Shame on him.  The guys had to come back again to fix hollow spots & the scratch, which they did.  Missed two hollow spots, also he did not fill a hole that he drilled. Arthur's son Bob broke a little something of mine. I would have left this alone but today when I moved the heavy glue jugs from the part of the wood they had to replace (scratch) two planks are to high, you can see it, feel it with you hands & feet, and the dry mop gets stuck on it. I cant believe it!!! I'm so tired and sad with this whole job. Very unprofessional.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
22, Report #610276
Jul 31 2011
06:08 PM
Vetinox Vetinox, all natural pet products is a rip-off! Arthro-IonX does not work! Bogus Money Back Guarantee! Internet
I bought the Arthro-IonX product for my 11 year old black lab who has arthritis in one hip.  I used the product faithfully for 3 months and even increased the dosage when I didn't see any results.  The product does not work! Their web site has all positive reviews of the product, no negatives at all!  That was the reason I spend $111.00 for the product. When I contacted the company to complain, they told me to mail back the unused bottles for a refund.  It does not clearly state in their refund policy that you must return all the bottles, even the empty ones so they would not refund me for the two empty bottles that I had already recycled. It also did not state in their refund policy that they would also hold out shipping costs, even thought the product was shipped for free since I bought 5 bottles. They charged me a 20% restocking fee also. I feel they ripped me off and were less than honest about it! Don't believe all the hype on their web site, the product does not work as advertised!
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1012987
Feb 12 2013
01:47 PM
High sierra management/Sherri Carey partnered with Colorado Management Associates Inc. 5 offices in Colorado reported on ripoff. Now in Houston. scam, deceptive trade practice, strongarming, liar, hiding behind state law,and crooked attorneys Houston, Centennial, Denver, Littleton, Aurora, Internet
The town home community Westwood Village has 302 units that pay $230.00 monthly into an out of state account. The amenities we pay for do not exist, and the landscaping if old muddy covered sidewalks and prehistoric vegetation. They are supposed to maintain the roof's and housing exterior. A look shows this is not  being done. Roof underlayments are rotted, there is only spot repair. Following hurricane IKE in 2008 the HOA management company said notify your insurance companies. State Farm said your homeowner association is responsible for the roof(per bylaws/covenants that is correct) so claims were denied. Mine was fixed out of pocket. Recently my management company said if I want repairs it will cost me an additional $1800.00 that I must pay their contractor of choice(I declined because their work is inferior, and besides I have paid the association since 1994 every month. This pissed me off! Today I contracted with a company to replace my entire roof because it needs it. The High Sierra (Colorado management affiliate wants me to sign a document making me responsible for the two roof's adjacent to my home(corruption,strong arming,and totally in disregard for the law) but as we all know there are no laws to control them. I did not sign the document. I am hoping in some way this will help put them out of business forever! These not for profit corporations are started by the developers, and only benefit them for tax purposes. Poor people are stuck with the greedy crooks who step in and take over, and senior citizens go hungry with no food on the table,and still have to pay the board every month. Whom don't know what they are doing.
Entity: Houston, Centennial, Denver, Littleton, Aurora, Internet
24, Report #1257206
Sep 25 2015
03:57 PM
Fyves Rip Off tennis shoes Internet
I also ordered a pair of detroit lions shoes for my husband back in April.  I contacted the company who stated that the shoes were special  order and would be on their way in about 3-4 weeks.  I tried contacting the company again, no respones to my emails or phone calls.  My order number is R1929828054 is there a way to get money back for these since I have never recieved them?  I have also contacted the bank to see what could be done.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1256883
Sep 24 2015
07:19 AM
Urban Tennis NYC Someone should charge him for fraud New York New York
Over the summer of 2015 he took over our neighborhood tennis court and proclaimed that the local highschool gave him the permit to do so. You can read the article Here is his crime in detail to minds of steel, they are not the sponsor of the event. Check out the EIN. You can go to and look it up. Here is the link to The EIN expired in May 2011. So this guy fills out a NYC Department of Education Permit, pretend that he has a non-profit to teach kids tennis, steals an expired Tax ID to use for his permit filing, and makes tons of money by charging weathly West Village tennis players and establishes a pay to play system in a poor neighborhood in the lower east side. And no one goes after him.He is still teaching at PS2, another lower east side school. Same rich West Side clients, paying measly $12/day to keep kids off the playground so he can make $300-400/hr.  

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