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1, Report #1126814
Feb 26 2014
06:09 PM
terminix Terminix WDO Report Tampa Florida
 Terminix was schedule to come to my house for a Termite Inspection (WDO).  I scheduled the appointment but contact initiated by my mortgage company.  They did not show for the first or second scheduled appointments.  I complained to the mortgage company who was paying for the inspection and a manager called me.  The Terminix Inspector showed up on the third appointment.  After conducting the inspection we spoke and I was told that a board on the side of the house had termite damage but no signs in the structure.  I received a typed and signed report to that effect.  At the time of the inspection I was solicited for further services.  I told the inspector to give me a week to think about this one as the cost was $1,000. plus.  He called me back a week later and to my knowledge the WDO report had not been submitted.  I told him that I was going to pass on any further services at this time.  Two hours later I received a call from the mortgage company stating that I had to have termite service.  The report sent by the inspect stated that I had an infestation of termites in my wood fence adjacent the east side of my house.  I forwarded my the type reportto the mortgage company I received prior to turning them down on any further service.  Teriminix not trustworthy!!!
Entity: Florida
2, Report #1336675
Nov 04 2016
08:51 PM
Terminix Terminix Pest Control Thiefs Webster Texas
Back in August 2016 I called terminix to come to my house and check on my attic for possible rat manifestation. The salesman, Mr DURRETT, OTIS, came to my house on 8/11/16 and checked the attic and quoted me for $2000 for 5 years warranty on rat control. then he eventually reduced it to $1200!  I told him I don't need their service for roddent control then he asked me if I agreed to let them to a pest control for my house. I told him ok but I only need it one time and I asked him to make sure that it's not going to be a recurrent charge and he promissed that it's not recurrent and it's just one single payment of $83.94 and the tech would be there tomorrow morning . then he asked me to sign the little electronic reciept and this is what I saw when I signed it: Summary of Charges Product                                                 Amount     Tax        Discount      Total Amount Residential Inside/Outside Pest Control    $129.00    $4.94     $50.00         $83.94                                                                                                                                                                            Grand Total: $83.94   Purchaser Payments   By signing below, I, the cardholder, have authorized Terminix to process the one-time payment upon the completion of the initial service without further signature or authorization from me.   Right after he emailed me the receipt I noticed this: PEST CONTROL SERVICE PLAN Quarterly Service (4 Treatments) INITIAL SERVICE VISIT CHARGE *……………………………….……………………………………………………………………… $ 129.00 RECURRING SERVICE VISIT CHARGE*……………………………….……………………………….………………………………. $ 79.00 OWNERSHIP TRANSFER FEE*……………….……………………………….……………………………….………………………... $ BILLING FREQUENCY……………………………….……………………………….……………………………….………………..…. Quarterly   So I called him and asked him about this contract and he told me not to worry about it and the only charge that I will ever see on my bill would be that sinble charge of $83.94 and he asked me look at the part that says summary of chages and there will be no more charge and the recurrent service visit chage of $79 quarterly will never happen and it's just their internal documentation and has nothing to do with me. Today on November 4th, 2016 I got a voice mail from Terminix phone number: (800) 837-6464 saying their serviceman is comming to my house on November 8th from 8am-10am!  I was surprised and thought it was a mistake So I called them and this rude guy told me that I already authorised them to charge me quarlerly. I was checking my email and talking to him at the same time and asked him what the name of salesman was. His voice was shaking and he was extremely rude and threatened me to hang up on me since my signature is on their paper auhorizing them to come to my house quarterly and I have to let their serviceman in to my house! He also refused to give me the last name of the salesman that lied to me and got me to signed the Reciept which was in fact nothing but a fraudulent contract to enable them charge me quarterly for a service that I didn't want.  while I was talking to him I checked my email and found out that the name of the salesman was Mr DURRETT, OTIS. I asked him to let me talk to him and he went wild and angry and told me he will contact the cancellation department to call me and talk to me but he doubted that they would cancel this contract! I called my bank and explained the situation and they told me the charge may go through but asked me to keep all the documentation to despute the charge. Terminix cancellation department haven't called me yet and I will call them back making sure they cancel it.  I remember when this serviceman came to do pest control the day after I signed the suposedly reciept on 8/11/16 with fraudulent salesman, the serviceman looked filty and dirty and kept scratching his head and body while doing pest control around the carpets. He told me that he just came from a house that was manifested with bedbugs and no mater how many times he goes there, the bedbugs never end. I had to rate Terminix 1 out of 5 since 1 was not an option.  
Entity: Webster, Texas
3, Report #953545
Oct 10 2012
03:39 PM
Terminix Terminix Scottsdale Arizona. Inadequate trenching and drilling. Scottsdale, Arizona
Terminix sent a guy out to apply Termidor to get rid of Termites. The man drilled holes, then did the trenching and then proceeded to get out the sprayer equipment to apply the chemicals. I told him at that time to pack it in and leave. I told him that I would not pay for the job because the trenches were not 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep as is required by the manufacturer. The drill holes were also not deep enough to penetrate the concrete  (which I found out 3 days later when I tried to make the holes deeper) and in the other places where he did penetrate the concrete he stopped at ground level and went no deeper. If you hire Terminix be sure to stand over the technician to ensure the job is done. I am doing it myself and will never contact them again. Below are links to 3 videos I placed on YouTube to describe what happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyw3xsNZXh0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVR01tqrdXY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVR01tqrdXY
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
4, Report #1116356
Jan 17 2014
12:47 PM
Terminix terminix triues to rip-off old woman Norfolk Virginia
Terminix tried to swindle an old lady My neighbor, a sweet old lady, got a Services Proposal from Terminix (Tidewater Virginia) yesterday. What she requested: Place a few rat traps in the crawl space and a few in the attic. What Terminix tried to sell her: vacuum out all the ceiling insulation, disinfect and reinsulate; remove crawl space vapor barrier and replace with 10mm polyethylene sheeting; remove and replace crawl space entry door and treat for termites. All this for only $7000.00+ Oh, and a year contract! This type of sales should be criminal!! All this arose from some work on her furnace a few days ago. It was noticed that apparently a rat(s) had chewed up her return air duct, in the crawl space, which introduced debris and plugged the system. I suggested, after sealing the entry point that as insurance she should have a couple of traps set just in case the rat(s) were under her house or in the attic. Never did I think a reputedly reputable company would try to rip her off. I've examined the Poly in place and it is fine; there's nothing wrong with the crawl space entry door. Out and out lies told: Terminix uses a mold chemical that we guarantee no mold will come back. The Poly is all torn up. Crawl space ventilation doesn't do any good. And the rats can gain entry under the AC/heat compressor. My qualifications: Registered Industrial Hygienist, Registered environmental Manager, Certified Hazardous Chemical manager, owner/operator/maintenance of rental properties in Tidewater, 30+yrs construction experience. Terminix, remember it's not slander if it is true!
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia
5, Report #356718
Jul 28 2008
06:35 PM
TERMINIX Ineffective Staff and Techncians Scottsdale Arizona
Had Terminix for YEARS after calling them initially because I KNEW I had termite activity. They send out a technician who states you don't have termites, you have carpenter ants. So supposedly they spray every three months, ONLY spray when I'm not home which doesn't even put a dent into the size of the property as parts are inaccessable if I'm not home. I call again and tell them I have termites a year later, NOPE! No termites. I call them AGAIN after another year, YUP! You have termites. I pay $800.00 for the treatment. Thsi on top of the other $78.00 I pay every three months for the guy to come and spray three feet of wall. It is now 10 months later (I have a 12 month contract on the termite coverage) and they want $250.00 to renew again (ALREADY!). On July 10, 2008 I notice some sort of flying insect in my kitchen area AGAIN (they sprayed specially for this 3 times last year apart from the normal schedule) and called for a special treatment the guy says it's ants but I've never seen an ant with wings... TODAY on 28 July, 2008 these things are SWARMING all over the kitchen!!! They're going to say that they are the wrong kind of termite (as they've said before so that they can charge even more!). WHY did it take three years of them not listening to ME and on top of it ME diagnosing my own termite problem!!! I called them tonight (the answering service answered), they will have someone call me tomorrow.... Whatever!!! Do NOT use TERMINIX...they SUCK!!!! AND their techncians couldn't find their a@@'s with BOTH hands!!! Lisa Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
6, Report #460873
Jun 11 2009
05:40 PM
Terminix Deceptive pricing and lies. Plano Texas
I am an angry former employee. I worked there under the guidiance of Chris Sharp and Roger Williams. This is not an attack on them or Terminix, but it will help you get the best pricing if you decide to go with them. The company motto is God first. Chris Sharp has told his reps upon many occations to give customers the highest price, then pretend to call him to lower the price. This is standard practice. So what is wrong with that? Alot of the customers trust terminix because they are already doing business with them, so when you start high, and the person ask is it your best price and you look them in the eye and lie by saying yes, but if you need it lower I can call my manager, who will actually be his voicemail, then agree to change. that is very deceptive. Another problem with that is now your best customers pay the highest price because they think you are being honest with them. If you call Terminix never take their first offer. Always request a graph. That graph will have your linear footage on it. This is how you get the best price. 1) Take the linear footage of your home and multiply it by 4( Linear feet will be found on the graph). That will get you a great rate, and them a great profit. Know that when they come out they will try to charge you $6-$7 a linear foot. Alway do your own math. When they ask you what you want to pay that is your price and stick to it. If they as how you got it tell them that is your budget. Never by a preventative termite treatment. Terminix practice is not to sale preventative treatments, but alot of your have been sold them. Never buy off of fear and urgency. That is the best selling point for a rep. Condusive conditions are just that. There is a place in Texas that is a conducive condition for termites. You can get a free inspection every year from Terminix. Use that free inspection every year. You will not have to purchase preventative, you can save your money until they are spotted. That is only if you are taking the free inspections. They also have a Termite Inspection Protection Plan. It is a way for them to charge you $350 for a once a year inspection. The only use for this plan is if you find termites around your property, then clean those areas and call for a free inspection. The rep will gladly sale you termite inspection protection plan, and you can call them later for a free treatment. This is how you use greed to help you. If the saleman is truly honest he will not find anything and will not offer anything not needed. Another practice that was taught was you cannot tell old damage from new damage. Youu cannot tell if the termite tubes are truly active or not. These are also false statements. If a tube is present break it open, and if there is termites, then it is active. If there is not termites, then watch it. If they are active termites will come back and repair the tube. I hope this helps. I hope your termite problems are easily resolved. If you get a quote from terminix and don't like it call me and I will get it lowered. (((REDACTED))) P.S. You should probably be in the Dallas/Plano area. Reggie Allen, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Terminix CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Plano, Texas
7, Report #563535
Feb 02 2010
12:24 PM
Terminix Pest Control CINCINNATI, Ohio
About 5 years ago we invested in terminx, they put the stations outside and we took insurance out that if we seen any termites after they put there stations in that they would cover the cost of the damage, about a years ago we got new damage inside our house we had them come out to check the swarmers that came out of the wall they sprayed them with windex and told me when ever they come out of the wall to spray them with windex and it would stop them from coming out of the wall and thats all we heard from them my wall still isn't fixed we cancelled our insurance on the bait stations, we no longer deal with them its been about a year sence we cancelled them i was talking to my brother and he told me i could file a report with the bbb and told me how to find you if you need more information let me know.
Entity: CINCINNATI, Ohio
8, Report #121009
Dec 03 2004
08:28 AM
Terminix Stealing from employees Memphis Tennessee
Terminix will not pay comissions due salesman after they leave the company. They pay commisions 30 days after the end of the recording month, but if you leave, they will promise you your money and then not send you a final check. Steve gainesville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
9, Report #1170286
Aug 17 2014
06:11 AM
Terminix BAD SERVICE Nationwide
I used Terminix to treat my home for termites. I paid 1300.00 for one year of service. I was told after three months someone would come back and check my home. After three months, I heard nothing from Terminix and don't know if they come out to check my home. I decided not to renew my contract. At the end of my contract, Terminix called to get me to renew they said they checked and found signs of termites in the bate traps. I have a locked gate I don't know how they got in my yard. Since I didn't renew terminix wanted to remove the bate traps. They called several times. They called when I was out of town and I told them I would be home the next day and I would meet with them. I heard nothing from Terminix but I noticed in my back yard the traps were gone. I will not do business with Terminix again and would not recomend Terminix to anyone.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #996520
Jan 14 2013
10:30 AM
TERMINIX Deceptive Sales Representations Memphis, Tennessee
I cancelled a service which I determined was no longer warranted partly due to the $350.00 annual cost.  Received a call from Terminix Customer Retention Department offering the same service at a discounted price of $175.00 annually.  I agreed to this offer.  The representative further explained that as a condition of this offer, it was necessary for them to make a home inspection, after which I could sign the agreement.  OK.  The inspector arrived an hour late, and conducted his inspection.  Afterwards, he asked me to sign an electronic keypad and told me it was to confirm his inspection and finalize the discounted price agreement.  The following day, I checked my online Terminix account only to discover TWO $175.00 charges. (Does not take a brain surgeon to see that this adds up to $350.00!!) I immediately sent two emails (with no response to either) requesting a correction.  Called their headquarters, and was routed to their Cancellation Department. (How many companies have - or require one of these?)  Instead of resolving the situation, the rep attempted to justify the charges.  I immediately terminated ALL services. I paid nothing but aggravation, and no credit card on file with them for their auto-pay option. Good riddance.  DO NOT USE TERMINIX!!!
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
11, Report #1349777
Jan 14 2017
07:33 AM
Terminix Missed Appt. crescent city Internet
The appt. was made for Jan. 13, 2017 but know one showed up.  Called to reshedule about 5-6 times but representative was not able to schedule an appt.  
Entity: Internet
12, Report #511272
Oct 18 2009
05:38 PM
Terminix Pest Control corportate pest control secrets, Internet
I was a pest/termite tech for a large company like terminix. People. Let me tell you. Terminix is known here in TN for planting termites to get you to buy the sentricon system. This system is about a 50/50 chance to prevent termites and most of the time if the lazy tech doesnt feel like checking your stations, which they do, your odds are even lower.  Go with a company that puts down TERMIDOR.  Its a liquid barrier that is put around your home.  Its cheaper and works hands down better.  It also prevents ants from entering your home.  It is a wonderful product.  These big corporate pest control companies are to into paperwork and corporate crap and has lost focus on pest control.  I have seen it first hand with Cooks Pest Control.  Yes most companies use Suspend. Another product that is cheap to buy and doesnt work worth a crap on keeping bugs out of your home. Tempo WP is another wonderful product. Costs more to buy but you pay to keep bugs out of your home. They make millions of dollars every year.  For heavens sake use products that actually work.  
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #384981
Oct 26 2008
01:01 PM
Terminix Fraudulent Practise, lies, deceipt and Fraudulent insurance adjuster Memphis Tennessee
For the last 6 months I have been living in a Structurally unsafe house,(and still do),caused by the fraudulent practises of this Company, I could write a book on this whole experience, though for now a few sentences may hopefully sum up this nightmare. I find some minor damage to my baseboard in two seperate areas of the house, I'm lalking about $100 in cosmetic damage, it's a conc. block house built in 1953, so I dont worry too much once I paid them $1,000.00 to deal with it, they came, they drilled, they pumped and poured (or so I thouhgt, I was not here when they did it), they did nothing to the inside of the house), and 9 months later I find that my only wooden stud load bearing wall which holds up a large part of the roof has been totally destoryed by Termites, prior to that they swarmed all over the house at night time, in my hair, in my bed in my clothes, truly disgusting. They have done in excess of $20,000.00 of damage, consuming all the baseboard throughout the house, all the door casings, three doors, and all the vertical 2x4 studs, my house is being held up by two steel shorings,Terminix admit liabilty though their insurance adjuster said the damage is only $4,000.00 and that's all they will pay, no allowances for building permits, building inspections, or a structural survey. I hired a consultant to help me, that was my last $3,000.00, Terminix too great pleasure in telling me that they had know the Consultant for years (well you get the picture), so think I'm in a hole here, dont know how to get out of it. Is there no justice in this country ??, please be careful out there. Andrew Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
14, Report #605792
May 21 2010
01:07 PM
Terminix International Won't cancel service temecula, California
Called to cancel future sprayings they refused saying a balance due bill is out.  Since we get service every other month and billing is by mail we must recieve bill send it out and be processesd by them hence there is only a 30 days out of 60 that both no service and no bill are in and thats if everything is done quickly if I sit on the bill untill due date its only about 10 days out of 60 that I can cancel in. Obvious scam and illegal tactic to prevent cancelation. I recognized this is a delaying scam so I replied I do not authorize future visits please make a note you are not allowed on my property.  She replied I cant stop service untill payment made.  I will make the note but they will still come out untill you cancel.
Entity: temecula, California
15, Report #585798
Mar 26 2010
09:54 AM
Terminix Pest Control Wrongful Billing Tampa, Florida
In March 2009, after my father's death, I took up temporary residence in his mobile home in Hudson, FL. A joint heir, I did so with the approval of the estate, for cleanup and preparation for resale. Terminix subsequently began billing me for services rendered. They continue to do so, despite my having moved out in October, 2009, and being bought out of the estate in March 2010. And they continue to do so, despite my advising them that all bills during this period were not my sole responsibility, but paid out of the estate (i.e., jointly paid by all three heirs). They even had the gall to send me a renewal form. And when the serviceman, Bobby Constantino, showed up, he hung around like he owned the place, refusing to leave in prompt fashion. It is he who continues to harass me, sending bills to me rather than to the executor of the estate.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
16, Report #752218
Jul 13 2011
05:58 AM
Terminix Hawaii Warranty Claims Ignored Wailuku, Hawaii
We purchased the Pro Plan warranty that guaranteed treatment for termite infestation and repairs for all damage from termites. After finding evidence of a dry wood termite swarm one year ago we repeatedly requested tenting.  The company refused treatment citing that they could not find any evidence of termite infestation. We found a new swarm in the house again this spring.  After repeated calls they refused to tent, and instead used spot treatment.  We obtained two qualified independent inspections that recommended tenting.  Terminix refused to tent. We also found extensive damage from termites.  The contractor sent by Terminix recommended using plastic wood filler to fill in and hide the damage.  When we refused to allow wood filler we ended up having to hire a different contractor to repair the damage. Terminix uses deny and delay tactics and has no intention of honoring warranty claims. Don't waste any money on a Terminix Warranty.
Entity: Wailuku, Hawaii
17, Report #840108
Feb 16 2012
09:25 AM
Terminix Complete rip-off boca raton, Florida
Complete rip-off. They never called to let me know when they would be there, just a note on the door to call next time I was home. I called them twice to come back after service because they somehow missed a wasp nest next to my front door. I finally cancelled the service and they still continued to bill me. Stay away from terminix!
Entity: boca raton, Florida
18, Report #953756
Oct 11 2012
06:34 AM
Terminix Damage to property following service Fort lauderdale, Florida
When looking for a pest control service, we had considered Orkin, but decided upong Terminix on the merits of their sale rep who was knowledeable about our situation.  Even though they were more expensive, their sales rep assured us on what would work would be done.  Our designated appointment time was to start at 3 p.m. but started at 5:30 without an explanation as to why the delay.  They used a subcontractor to do the work.  Upon returning to our home, we found that they had left doors open, left secured gates unlocked and unprotected.  They had dug up flower beds and removed paving stones when we had been assured that none of this would happen.  When we contacted our service rep, he was appalled by the work done and said he would handle it.  One month passed, many phone calls were sent.  Emails and pictures were sent.  Two months passed and we were told to contact his rep.  Several phone calls went unanswered, emails were sent, unanswered.  Third month, we got the rep on the phone, made appointment for him to see damage.  He came by, took statement, looked at damage.  Several phone calls, one of which the receptionist told us that he did not work for Terminix.  This has now gone onto the fourth month, we are still paying for the service and have not heard from them.  We have sent them several estimates as to what the cost will be for the repair of the paving stones and flower beds being repaired.  Do not use Terminix.  We have nothing bad to say about their sales reps, but then, who would fault the sales rep.  His job is to be informative to get your business.  We find fault with their use of subcontractors and their inability to answer any questions as to restitution.
Entity: Fort lauderdale, Florida
19, Report #196526
Jun 15 2006
07:36 AM
Terminix BEWARE, RIPOFF KEEPS DEPOSITS Landover Maryland
Long story short- April 2006, Terminix came, inspected, we signed agreement, which stated that we had 3 days to cancel by signing bottom of form and sending to them by midnight on 3rd day. On 3rd day we signed cancellation, faxed to them (received fax confirmation). Have attempted on no less than 5 occasions since APRIL (its now June!) to receive refund of deposit. Keep getting run-around, i.e., we'll put a note in the system, oh it wasn't cancelled in the system yet, it comes from Corporate, it comes from the local office, it takes 4-6 weeks, no, it takes 6-8 weeks, blah, blah blah. I mean we're talking a few hundred dollars from a million dollar company and they're holding on to it like its their last dime! Bottom line, I gave them until tomorrow to have my refund to me or I am paying a visit to District Court. Anyone else similiarly situated? We can file suit together, show a pattern and hit them where it hurts. Lanae Camp Springs, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Landover, Maryland
20, Report #223755
Dec 04 2006
06:18 PM
Terminix, International Liars, Cheat and Thieves ripoff Quincy Illinois
Terminix ripped off my parents for years but my parents didn't want to start a lawsuit so late in life so in an attempt to thwart Terminix I also signed up for their pest control services. I set up hidden cameras in my house and often went and sat at a neighbors house or sat in my car parked up the street and watched my house when Terminix was there. Usually after knocking and receiving no answer the man would walk around my house and squirt some spray in a couple of places then be back in his truck and gone in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES. (I have a 2,350 square foot house all on one floor) As always, I continued to receive my quarterly bill in the amount of $60 regardless. Sometimes I would insist upon having the inside treated and that is where the cameras came into good use. I would have a neighbor call me and would make an excuse that I had to leave. In my set-up on this scenario I would leave a handful of change or some bills and change laying around my house in several places with the cameras trained on those sites. Low and behold I caught ON CAMERA 3 different Terminix men pocketing MY MONEY in addition to snooping through drawers, closets and my refrigerator in addition to not treating my house at all and usually leaving within minutes after I did. I had 2 other companies come to my house and do thorough investigations for termites and neither found anything, but when I had Terminix come do a termite inspection you can imagine how I was NOT surprised when the man came walking out of my basement with a piece of wood that had been riddled by termites! I asked him where he found them and he said in one of the corners of my basement. I asked him to show me where but he said I wouldn't be able to access it cause it was in a crawl space. (I am 5'5 130 pounds and he was about 6' and pretty fat) The termite inspector salesman went into a high pressure sales pitch and wouldn't take no for an answer until I told him to leave or I would have him arrested for trespassing and false pretenses. Then he told me that he had a wife and kid to feed and really wanted to help protect my house from future termite damage in addition to helping feed his family. When I showed my parents the tapes they were very happy that they had cancelled their pest control with this rip-off place, even after being threatened by the branch office that they would sue my parents for breach of contract. Our new pest control company is locally owned and very trustworthy, and have never done anything wrong either on camera or off! Before you call that so called reputable pest control company called Terminix you better do your homework and set up plenty of cameras for when they threaten to sue you. It'll stop them in their tracks real fast! Caitlin Quincy, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Quincy, Illinois
21, Report #268863
Aug 20 2007
01:45 PM
Terminix - Massachusetts What I didn't know hurt me Woburn Massachusetts
Signed agreement with Terminix in July 2006 because of bug problem. Was told by initial representative that the problem could be fixed. Bug problem became infestation. Representative wasn't regular exterminator. Regular exterminator only treated entry points where bugs might come in. Infestation persisted all summer. Bugs subsided in fall because of their nature - treatment by Terminix exterminator had no long lasting effect. By September I decided I was not going to renew contract when it came up for renewal in July 2007. In September, a separate representative from Terminix came out to inspect for termites and found a tube. I was led to believe that the termite service was separate from the pest control service - why? different contract, different personnel (initial rep and exterminator). I was never told that the same exterminator I had for pest control would be the ongoing terminite inspector. Had I known that I would never had signed up with Terminix for termite treatment - I'd have gone to another company. In July 2007 I cancelled my pest control contract mainly due to my dissatisfaction with the exterminator's performance and requested that I not have the regular exterminator do my termite inspection (I had just found out regular exterminator would be inspecting for termites). The management in the local office told me that I either used the regular exterminator or go to another company. When I called the Terminix national consumer complaint group, I was told that my termite contract had been cancelled by the local office. This was done without my concurrence. It was reinstated by the national consumer complaint person. Additionally, he contacted the local office and was told by the office manager that he would try to find someone else to do the inspection. I called the local office in late August, 2007 since I hadn't been contacted to set up an inspection appointment. I was told that my termite service contract had again been cancelled (without my knowledge). I went back to the national consumer complaint person who apparently had left Terminix sometime between July and August. The person on the line told me that between July and August, the local office cancelled the contract because they didn't have anyone else to inspect my home for termites. Instead of trying to work on my complaint, the complaint person transferred me to the local office and nothing changed. So I had to make a choice - pay over $1,000 to another company for termite prevention or be forced to have the exterminator I had for pest control inspect for termites. Money is tight so I very reluctantly went with option 2. My only consolation is that the inspection is one time per year. Anonymous Melrose, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Woburn, Massachusetts
22, Report #149522
Jul 12 2005
10:36 PM
Terminix ripoff charging for services not recieved West Sacramento California
I owned a four-unit building in West Sacramento and contracted with Terminix to provide pest control. The contract was that they were to come every two-months and I'd pay $130 for each visit. I cancelled my contract when I was selling the building. Now they are saying that I owe $65 for a half-visit or some bullsh**. I have never paid $65/month, it was always $130 every two months. When I cancelled, I was paid in full. They did not DO anything to make $65 off me, they are just trying to squeeze what they can out because they are dishonest. I have fought with them for three months over this, and now I'm tired of talking to a brick wall. Will aptos, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: West Sacramento, California
23, Report #1178654
Sep 23 2014
08:22 AM
Terminix Ripoff with Service Manager Ron Davis Philidelphia New Jersey,
Terminix is notorious for charging for services never delivered or poorly preformed, and mischarges. AND Terminix costs more, BUT instead of showing up each month, they show up every 3 months and do a rush job. I just won a fight with TERMINIX SERVICE MANAGER, RON DAVIS, WHOM IS IN CHARGE OF PHILADELPHIA, AND SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY.   Turned Terminix to the the BBB, Better Business Bureau for services never delivered, and finally won a refund along with BS excuses and a false apology from Ron Davis.  There have been government actions against this New Jersey and Philadelphia franchise.  Terminix reached an agreement to resolve 31 complaints filed with the New Jersey Division of Consumer and Terminix entered into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Under terms of the settlement Terminix admits no wrongdoing and agrees to issue full refunds, which means that this Terminix franchise was so corrupt that it essentially pleaded no contest and agreed to pay back customers it had rip offed to avoid further court costs. Terminix seems to have little to no control over their franchises, and Service Managers have little to no supervision.  Usually Service Managers are the only people who can fix bills, allow a clearly deserved refund, or even send legal confirmation of a refund, or even allow legal cancellation of services.  Service Managers act like they own their franchises, and continue to rip customers with impunity.  For any problem no matter how big or small Terminix will typically tell customers they have to talk to their Service Manager who has no obligation to call anyone back. Service Mangers can rip customers off at will by charging for services never delivered, botched jobs, or whatever.  There are a few ways customers are usually ripped off, technicians often try to avoid spraying to save on  costs, and they spend too little or even no time on scheduled appointments (just signing off that work was done without even going to an address), and mischarges to your credit card that they refuse to refund. Here in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey the big problem is the Service Manager, Ron Davis, refuses to deal with or help customers.  A few Customer Service reps were supportive, and sympathetic but they had no pull whatsoever, while some other reps were rude and unprofessional. Terminix HQ in Memphis and Call Centers even left messages requesting Ron Davis call us. We wanted at the very least confirmation (letter or email) that Ron Davis would not bill us again.  Ron Davis would not even return calls or emails to Terminix.  WHY TERMINIX SERVICE DEALS LOOK REALLY BAD ON PAPER Quite simply most pest control companies make more frequent visits, have technicians spend more time per visit, spray more, and offer more services per visit.  Most pest control companies will send someone each month to spray inside/outside and offer possibly yard treatments.  Terminix instead usually offers to charge more to come out only once every three months.  They typically do a bad rushed job, and try avoiding ever going inside.  Terminix technicians usually try to spend less than 15 minutes per appointment.  Even if the Terminix contract requires more, and the representatives at the Terminix Call Center promised more, their techs deliver less, and usually so as little as possible.  OUR PROBLEMS WITH TERMINIX - Peter Stefanow, Terminix Technician We paid extra for an initial one time indoor spraying.  Our house was empty having just moved in with no furniture and all the rooms empty and wide open.  This should have been the easiest spray ever with free clear access to all the walls and baseboards.  Peter Stefanow, Terminix “technician” acknowledged he was supposed to spray inside all rooms, and the attic.  Instead he refused to even look at the rooms in the house. We asked why he refused to spray inside, and he kept making excuses telling us that usually don’t spray inside anymore calling spraying inside “Spray and Pray”.  This made no sense. We were being charged for was indoor treatments.  We then called a Terminix Call Center and told them, that we still wanted our inside treatment that we had paid for, and to never send Peter Stefanow back.  The Call Center apologized and was baffled as were we that he would not spray inside.  They agreed to send a new guy out, and never have Peter return.  Terminix sent Peter out again. This time he was even more useless than before, and seemed to be lying twice as much.  He still refused to go upstairs where the bathrooms and bedrooms were, and anytime I asked him to spray anything like the garage he lied and said he had already taken care of it the time before, which wasn’t really possible because the garage had been closed, and there was a closed gate around it.  Called Terminix back a third time and asked why they sent him back again. Again Terminix said they would send someone new to do the job right, and again they sent Peter.  This time I just told him to go away. After giving Terminix three chances to do a simple basic service we asked to cancel our contract and to be given a refund   Terminix offers is usually a laughably bad deal when compared to most other local pest control company services. Even if Terminix services are competent elsewhere if you are in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area you are receiving the services offered by Service Manager Ron Davis, and not what the Terminix ads, or the Terminix Call Centers promise.    Terminix is all about the bottom line: MONEY. Here are some examples: * As a former service manager, I can tell you that pesticides are rationed according to how well the branch is doing financially (so, for example, many times your pest control technician doesn't have enough pesticides to properly treat your problem because it's not cost effective for the branch to buy the stuff) * It's all about dollars per hour. Every single morning, the branch manager meets with his service managers about how the pest control technicians did the previous day in terms of time spent on service calls vs. dollars earned. If a technician spends too much time at your house, the managers will know it. When I was a manager, we wanted to see a technician spend no more than 15 minutes per service call. This, of course, is not at all sufficient. It takes at least 15 minutes just to inspect the premises for pest problems, let alone treating any infestations * The technicians are improperly trained. There is such a high rate of technician turnover at Terminix that new employees are rushed through the pest control and safety training. This mainly consists of watching a bunch of videos. Then, the new technicians will be tutored on exactly what is on the pest control certification test required by the state. They will be taught, in essence, how to beat the test but they won't really know anything about pest control when it's over. A popular saying among Terminix service managers is that their pest control technicians take the spray and pray approach to pest control. You don't want that. You want someone who knows how to identify pests and their behaviors before determining the best way to get rid of them. * Termite sales people are taught how to mislead you, scare you, and otherwise suggest that you have termites in order to get you to pay large amounts of money to treat the termite infestation that you allegedly have. If a Terminix sales person says you have termites, call a second company and tell them that Terminix said that you have termites and you want another opinion. The second company will likely tell you the truth if Terminix is lying- mainly because every pest control company hates Terminix. We used to have sales people that took live termites to people's houses, hidden in a jar, and show then show them to the customer as proof that they had a problem. Totally unethical. * Don't buy the Sentricon termite bait stations. It's a waste of money and it is not at all effective. They do not draw termites to them- the only termites that get in there are the ones that happen to be burrowing right near the bait stations. Other termites could just as easily be drawn to the wood of your house. It's a scam. * Always - ALWAYS - be home when Terminix pays you a service call. They will try to convince you to take the service when you're not home. Don't let them. The technician will come there, do nothing, sign the paperwork and put it in your door. * When you cancel your account, get it in writing. If necessary, drive to the branch location and make the customer service rep give you a copy of the canceled contract. Terminix is notorious for continuing service, saying it was a misunderstanding, and then sending you to collection when you refuse to pay for service that you did not want because you had already been assured that your account was cancelled. * Area managers and Branch managers are encouraged, and shown how to, refuse to compensate you for any damages your house incurs from termites- even though you are supposedly covered under their guarantee. In short, Terminix is not only the most unethical company I have ever had the displeasure of working for, but they are well known to their competitors in the pest control industry as being the most underhanded company out there. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY  
Entity: New Jersey
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Feb 01 2013
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Terminix paid bill but turned over to collection agency , Internet
Terminix billed us repeatedly for a service for which we already paid, and then turned us over to a collection agency.   We telephoned Terminix after each billing to explain that the bill was paid and they agreed our balance was $0.00.  Yet Terminix continued to send bills.  Today we received notice from a collection agency that our account was turned over to collections and that we have 30 days to pay.   Here is the situation:  In our 2012 annual house inspection Terminix claimed there was a fungus underneath our house. We could not find the fungus.  We hired another inspector and he could not find the fungus.  Our house was under contract to be sold and this false report of fungus scared the buyer.  In order not to lose the sale of the house we agreed to have the house treated for the non-existant fungus, and to put in a new vapor barrier that Terminix claimed we needed even though we already had a vapor-barrier in place. We paid Terminix in full the $800.00 on August 27, 2012 for the fungus treatment and vapor barrier.   Terminix required this full payment before they would spray the house.  They sprayed the house on August 28, 2012. Terminix continued to send us bills for the Vapor barrier and the Fungus Treatment.  We called the company each time we got a bill and explained that the bill was paid.  They agreed that our balance was zero and claimed they would not bill us again. We were extremely upset today to receive notice from Nationwide Credit,Inc that our Terminix account was turned over to this collection agency.  We called Terminix and a representative named Darlene said we would have to call the collection agency and straighten this out ourselves.  We then called the Terminix corporate headquarters and have not received a reply.  Out credit rating is being ruined by Terminix over a bill we paid before they even rendered service.  Why are we suffering because of Terminix's mistake?
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Feb 01 2013
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Terminix paid bill but turned over to collection agency , Internet
Terminix billed us repeatedly for a service for which we already paid, and then turned us over to a collection agency.   We telephoned Terminix after each billing to explain that the bill was paid and they agreed our balance was $0.00.  Yet Terminix continued to send bills.  Today we received notice from a collection agency that our account was turned over to collections and that we have 30 days to pay.   Here is the situation:  In our 2012 annual house inspection Terminix claimed there was a fungus underneath our house. We could not find the fungus.  We hired another inspector and he could not find the fungus.  Our house was under contract to be sold and this false report of fungus scared the buyer.  In order not to lose the sale of the house we agreed to have the house treated for the non-existant fungus, and to put in a new vapor barrier that Terminix claimed we needed even though we already had a vapor-barrier in place. We paid Terminix in full the $800.00 on August 27, 2012 for the fungus treatment and vapor barrier.   Terminix required this full payment before they would spray the house.  They sprayed the house on August 28, 2012. Terminix continued to send us bills for the Vapor barrier and the Fungus Treatment.  We called the company each time we got a bill and explained that the bill was paid.  They agreed that our balance was zero and claimed they would not bill us again. We were extremely upset today to receive notice from Nationwide Credit,Inc that our Terminix account was turned over to this collection agency.  We called Terminix and a representative named Darlene said we would have to call the collection agency and straighten this out ourselves.  We then called the Terminix corporate headquarters and have not received a reply.  Out credit rating is being ruined by Terminix over a bill we paid before they even rendered service.  Why are we suffering because of Terminix's mistake?
Entity: Internet, Internet

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