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26, Report #1236998
Jun 21 2015
09:37 AM
Terminix Deceptive sales practices Salt Lake City Utah Nationwide
6 months ago I had pest issues and called Terminix. They quoted me a basix service rate andwhen the technician came out he confirmed it wasn't a major issue that I had. I called afterwards and paid the bill of $57 and change and was told they should probably follow up in a few months. 3 months later a few pests had come back so I arrandged a second appt. Pest were almost non existant after a few more months but figured one more treatment just in case. At this time I realized I had not gotten a bill in a while and checked my Card account. EVERY month I was charged the $57 for the ntire 6 months. When I called they told me I was enrolled in the Ultimate Protection Package that I never agreed to. Signed up for basic service. I promptly cancelled but was unable to get any refund. What a rip off. Everyone needs to watch them closely and the funds they are taking. Buyer be ware with these scam artists.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #1216703
Mar 18 2015
06:15 PM
Terminix billed for unauthorized service. Largo Florida
I canceled my lawn spray service in July 2014. They treated my lawn in August 2014, then billed me $128. I called and complained, they said they would credit my account. They said they didn't process the cancelation in time to cancel the service call. I felt 3 weeks was sufficient time. In September of 2014 I received another bill, and I called again. I was assured again my account would be credited, it has not. I wrote them and filed a claim, their response was simplyClaim Denied. I have never been able to talk to a manager, or get a call back. My written response to them was After reviewing their bill for unauthorized service, and trespassing on my property, their bill has been denied. They have now filed a negative comment on my credit report. This should be illegal and penalized. I had no other issues or late payments with them for over 10 years. If I knew this is how they do business I would have fired them years ago. They actually had the nerve to offer me their same service at half the price I was paying. My response was, So how many years have I been overpaying you? In my opinion they use deceptive trade practices, lie, and are nothing more than a bully. I am still waiting on them to mail me correspondence proving their claim. They do acknowledge I canceled in July, and serviced my property in August. But I must pay because of their incompetence. 
Entity: Largo, Florida
28, Report #1360008
Mar 06 2017
09:53 AM
I have been under contract with Terminix since 2010, and to have a yearly inspection done.  To date, I have only had the initial inspection.  Appointments are made, but no one ever shows or calls to cancel, yet I am still paying the yearly fee.  Terminix never returns e-mails.  Very hard to get ahold of them.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
29, Report #806196
Dec 07 2011
12:54 PM
Terminix Terminix got caught NOT changing bait stations, cancels my contract and refuses to refund $1500!! Internet
I purchased the bait system for my home, and part of the selling pitch was that they would change the bait sticks (wood) every month. After several months they only left me one pink notice that they came out (I live 45 minutes away). I opened one of the traps to find weeds and roots wrapped around the bait stick which obviously was never changed. To inquire why they were not coming out to change the wood sticks like they were supposed to, I called them and instead of answering my concerns they immediately canceled my contract and would not refund my money. Basically they scammed me out of $1500.00.  Long story short, I contacted national Terminex and they told me to deal directly with the branch in question... who refused to help me. Interestingly, I ended up meeting a woman who used to work for them (at a different branch) and she told me that there is no way to truly get rid of termites. She said she knew my type of complaint because she said there were lots of people who complained that the Terminix man never came out to their homes, and said that he did.
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #1090131
Oct 07 2013
01:43 PM
Terminix Terminix 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is a SCAM!!! Laguna Hills California
I've never experienced such terrible service and customer service in my life.  The women in the office are rude and give you attitude if you call to complain about their terrible service.  I guess they are good at being defensive, since their service is apalling!  The absolute disregard for customer care and service is beyond terrible!!  Don't waste your time or money on this company!  In addition, I canceled our service with terminix and i asked for a refund of our last quarter's billing. and, surprise, surprise...I am still waiting to hear back from their billing department (four days later)!  It seems that their 100% satisfaction guarantee is a sham, just like their service.  This company does not about their current or former customers.
Entity: Laguna Hills, California
31, Report #1016738
Feb 19 2013
11:32 AM
Terminix Warranty is worthless .. it cost my seller $5300 to repair property that Terminix warranted Ventura, California
I'm a real estate broker in Oxnard, CA.  My sellers paid an annual fee for 10 years to keep their home free of termites.  The service was to include any required treatment and repair of damaged wood.  When the buyers of this property requested their own inspection, the local termite company submitted a report showing approx $5300 of treatment and repair needed.  Terminix was given every opportunity to participate in corrective action, but they refused to act in a timely manner.  Not wanting to lose the sale, the sellers paid the $5300 to the other termite company, and the house is now sold.  It has now been more than a month since the work was done, and despite MANY requests to Tony Beas (the Terminix branch manager), they have still not offered to take any responsibility for the work that was required.
Entity: Ventura, California
32, Report #1280346
Jan 15 2016
04:32 PM
Terminix Laguna Hills Terminix Termite Protection Guarantee Laguna Hills California
We hired Laguna Hills Terminix to tent a house we own in 1999.  Since then we have been billed an annual service fee that really means you can call them after you discover termites yourself.  They now tell me their contract says they dont need to inspect, and they have 6 months to do any treatment work if you happen to discover termites some day in the future.  They are counting on DUMB consumers like me to not read the fine print.   My home was under contract for termites for 7 years and I thought they were doing annual inspection services (like the invoices said).  After seeing termite damage showing up I called, another company and had it inspected.  They found active swarms and extensive damage.  Terminix said they didnt see anything and refused to come back.  I then Hired a THIRD company to inspect - and they found termites too.  I called YTerminix 12 times over 5 months and nobody ever came back to fix it or tent the house.  Finally I hired the last termite company that inspected to do the work, and make the repairs that should not have been neccessary.  $7100 lesson learned.  I took them to OC small claims court and they said under the contract we had 6 months to do any needed work, and the customer chose to get someone else to do it, so we aren't paying.  The judge say right through that since it was obvious I had called them and gave them every opportunity to fix the problems, and waited 5 months before hiring someone else.
Entity: Laguna Hills, California
33, Report #76616
Jan 09 2004
08:25 AM
Terminix International Company L.P. 17 Years of Protection and my Mother's Home is Condemmed. Memphis Tennessee
In April of 2003 my Mother had a stroke. She is 82 and suffers from alzheimer's dementia, cancer, COPD and diabetes. She now resides at Cape May Retirement Village in Wilmington, Ohio. She is a WWII Veteran (a Sergeant in the WAC's). As her son (also a veteran), and the only sentient, remaining member of our family (and having her Durable Power of Attorney) my job is to sell her home and use the money to pay for her care (currently about $4,000/month). I approached my employer of 3-1/2 years (in April 2003) and requested time off to deal with this unfortunate situation, under the Family Leave Act, and was informed I was not eligible. I was left with a moral dilemma. Make my Mother someone else's problem or step up as the last remaining family member and take care of our family business. I resigned my 55K/year job on May 7, 2003. I can get another job... I can't get another Mother. I secured a buyer for her home in August 2003, and then had to cancel the contract because upon inspection it was discovered that my Mother's home is seriously damaged by termites. The damage is so extensive that the house is not considered habitable by the Clinton County Building Department (the house is in Blanchester, Ohio). The home's value went from $92,500 to between $10,000 and $15,000... the value of the lot. What makes this so amazing is that my Mother has been under contract with Terminix for 17 years when she bought the home in 1986. She dutifully paid her yearly contract renewal fees (I paid the 2003 fee of $165). Mother bought her home from an estate sale. The Seller was the estate of the retired Blanchester Elementary School Principal, through Coldwell-Banker. A termite inspection was part of the sales agreement. Mother paid $38,000 for the home and then spent $24,000 to have the house totally redone in 1986. I have every original receipt. I have opened up the walls and found unbelievable damage which Terminix now says was pre-existing. The new damage was not ever noted in Terminix's original Inspection Report and they claimed that unless live termites were found, I was out of luck. In September, when the first evidence of termites was found I began to video-tape what we were finding. I hired my own contractor and began a selective disassembly process to attempt to find the extent of the damage. We have since opened up approximately one third of her home and have since stopped as termite damage is everywhere. My contractor and I found the live termites in the front of the garage/living room wall of my mother's house on October 16th, 2003 @ 2:15pm (on video-tape). I have about 50 or so termites still living in a jar at my personal home, after almost 3 months. Terminix representatives have agreed in writing to replace the front wall and back wall of the home but nothing else. These walls are load bearing. Terminix makes no mention of the visible damage to roof rafters, ceiling rafters and fly rafters or suspected damage not yet found by the structural engineer. They want me to pay for the Structural Engineer's evaluation to determine the extent of the damage. They want me to pull the permits for construction. They want to be the Contractor of Record but make no mention of the scope or warranty of their repair work. The cascade damage to the remainder of the house (assuming there are no more termites) will make the cost of repairs more than half the value of the home. My Mother's house has now sat vacant for over 6 months. I cannot repair it. I cannot sell it. Mother's Tax Abatement now expires on 12/31 (She owns the home free and clear, is retired and on fixed income). I'm stuck with her 2004 tax bill with no abatement. My attorney informs me that we have a good case against Terminix, however it will cost me $10,000 to $15,000 in legal fees (expert witnesses, etc.) and take 2 to 5 years to litigate. As my mother's cash reserves are now almost depleted, I am forced to consider turning her over to Medicaid. I promised my Mother that I would use her economic resources to provide her with the best care she could afford, before I would dump her into the system. I might have to break my promise. Her largest asset (her home) is useless.! 17 years of Terminix protection did not work. Their Repair or Replacement Guarantee is not worth the paper it's printed on. This is not an isolated case. Please refer to the following website... ...get an education, like I did... www.syix.com/emu I am a formidable opponent. Screw me and I might take action. Screw my Mother, face the consequences. No regrets, no remorse, no holds barred. I probably won't get a dime for my Mother from Terminix, but I'm not going away... Terminix will be held accountable, either in the Court Of Law or the Court Of Public Opinion. At this stage, I give less than a damn. My attorney informs me that Terminix might take legal action against me, to prevent this story from reaching the media... TOO LATE!!!! I am 3 weeks into a feature story with WLWT Channel 5 News, Team 5 Investigates. The Reporter is Jesse Jones. We have over 5 hours of video tape over 3 days, and continue to develop our story to air during the 1st week of February. If we can generate sufficient interest we hope to push this story nationally on NBC before March. The Ohio Department of Agriculture, in Columbus, is sending a regional manager (2nd week of January) to conduct soil testing for the State to determine the types of chemicals, application rates and verify compliance with state standards. Based on the extensive termite damage, Terminix won't look good. I have also sent this same information to our Ohio Attorney General, Jim Petro, my State Senator, John Carey and my State Representative David T. Daniels. Terminix is a multi-million dollar, global, corporation. Their inability to protect my Mother's home from termite damage (their only job) has run my Mother broke. If I file suit they can easily run me bankrupt over time. Terminix knows this. So now I appeal to my government and the media. There are many generous people who might want to contribute to my Mother's cause. My only goal... Keep my Mother from going to Medicaid before this situation is resolved. Otherwise, Terminix is off the hook. My Mother looses her greatest asset. We all pick up the tab through our Medicaid taxes 2 years before we should (in my Mother's case). David Maineville, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Terminix
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
34, Report #585793
Mar 26 2010
09:47 AM
Terminix International Bobby Constantino Wrongful billing and harassment Tampa, Florida
In March 2009, after my father's death, I took up temporary residence in his mobile home in Hudson, FL. A joint heir, I did so with the approval of the estate, for cleanup and preparation for resale. Terminix subsequently began billing me for services rendered. They continue to do so, despite my having moved out in October, 2009, and being bought out of the estate in March 2010. And they continue to do so, despite my advising them that all bills during this period were not my sole responsibility, but paid out of the estate (i.e., jointly paid by all three heirs). They even had the gall to send me a renewal form. And when the serviceman, Bobby Constantino, showed up, he hung around like he owned the place, refusing to leave in prompt fashion. It is he who continues to harass me, sending bills to me rather than to the executor of the estate.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
35, Report #607982
May 27 2010
01:35 PM
Terminix Pest Control Unprofessional, Unethical and Rude. Miami Florida
Service tech did not show up on 3 consecutive appointments.  Terminix is the absolute worst service company I have ever dealt with.  Not only did they stand me up and lie about appointments, they proceeded to charge me $44 for services which were never performed.  They are thieves.  After leaving a voicemail message for Terminix manager,  I went in person to office to request refund.  The manager never saw me.  Do not use this company. 
Entity: Miami, Florida
36, Report #561172
Jan 28 2010
08:41 AM
Terminix International SMAC-TMX tremendous over-charge and improper agreement Hamilton, New Jersey
The company's representative gave me a quote for TAP insulation and installation of automatic vents. Verbally, I was given a price of $150 per vent, and with two miniscule-size attic spaces the price rocketed to $1,900 + taxes. The whole job took 3 hours of low-speed activities by two gentlemen, during which time 5 vents were installed and (according to the application record) 4 bails of T.A.P. insulation were applied to two tiny attic spaces. Later, I did some on-line research and found that the automatic vents are ranging in price from $19-70 but there was not a single one priced at $150. When I called the Terminix contractor mentioning this matter and the fact that the contract was not itemized, he suggested to drop the price by $200 without itemization, which still left me suspicious. In addition, the above mentioned two gentlemen expressed their surprise by how little of the TAP insulation they have had to use - although they were told to bring much more. I do know that I was ripped off by TERMINIX. Not to mention the non-itemized contract which I believe not very legal/professionally correct.
Entity: Hamilton, New Jersey
37, Report #784902
Oct 05 2011
08:23 AM
Terminix SMAC Deceptive Practice to Senior Citizen suffering with Cancer SMAC, 800 Ridge Lakeblvd, Tennessee
3/20/11 Salesman Gab Woodard came to our home to conduct temite survey & price quote which we requested due to neighbors having termites past year.  He did his inspection then went to his car came back with computer generated map told us don't worry about the 3 day thing (to decide about contract because we wanted it) and we will have the men here tomorrow to do the job and they did.  We signed contract for termites and pest control which were encouraged to sign up for year extension at that time. We were also told the product was odorless but it presents with fumes for more than 24hrs after treatment. My husband, 67yo was unable to withstand the fumes due to chemotherapy/radiation for cancer and has heart condition with pacemaker. I am 61 and have asthma and the fumes are unbearable in basement where laundry is. When Steve Friedman & Ron Hoover came 3/31/11 to perform service Steve handed me a bag stating this makes a 5 gal bucket of the chemical for you to use.  My husband states he said to pour a cup full down each drain.  My husband had a weight limitation of carrying 10lbs due to his surgeries and 5 gal bucket would weigh 40lb; there is no way I could carry it. This means carrying up and down stairs to pour into drains or store some in some way and also pour into laundry drains.  We already were having difficulty breathing from their hour long treatment which stunk our home up.  Then we received letter from Terminix which stated they would not be responsible for past present nor future damages to property  - now what kind of guarantee is that? I called Supervisor Darren Elliott who was rude abrubt telling me it was additional $50 for that type of coverage and hung up on me.  Also I received and continue to receive emails from Ron Hoover scheduling pest control service when all he wants to do is walk around the house squit a little liquid and leave.  Previously June2011 I had horrendous time getting him not to come the week my husband was having major cancer surgery.  I tried calling the terminix main line and the operators were rude and abrupt.  Finally I emailed the terminix and did their reschedule even though we do not want services nor even want them on our property.  Finally in desparation we contacted Attorney General but as of yet nothing as been resolved.  Terminix SMAC still states we owe them money we already paid on the account stating we are behind when we have proof we paid.  This has been a nightmare and we already had enough stress with cancer.  Terminix lied to us, was rude to Senior citizens and what is worse a senior citizen who has been ill with catastrophic illness.  We cannot get them to stop harassing us by mail, emails and pest control visits.  We pray others are not taken in. Debra
Entity: SMAC, 800 Ridge Lakeblvd, Tennessee
38, Report #743770
Jun 22 2011
06:07 AM
Terminix Outside Sales Shipping and Handling Ripoff Lewisville, Tennessee
This company specializes in offering Reunion DVD's. You can see programs they put together on RFDTV. I ordered some DVD's from them thru their call center 800 number. After ordering, I decided to cancel my order, they offer a full refund if you want to return the items within 30 days. I ordered on Saturday, and called the moment they opened but couldn't stop the order. I had requested priority shipping. When I received my order, I returned it unopened. After many phone calls, I received a refund minus shipping and handling charges of approximately $25.00 rounded off. When I returned the order, I paid for priority shipping back to them so I know how much it cost. My cost for priority shipping with the Post Office and with Delivery Confirmation was $8.30. so they made roughly $16.30 charging for handling. That's a Ripoff!!
Entity: Lewisville, Tennessee
39, Report #190547
May 08 2006
05:43 PM
Service Masters, Terminix Ripoff Keeping insurance premiums and cancelling coverage Glen Burnie Maryland
On October 21, 2005 I gave my 2 week notice to Terminix International at the Glen Burnie, MD branch. They had me turn in all of my equipment and terminated me on the spot.They also took premiums for my insurance coverage from my wages; then the proceeded to cancel my coverage as of midnight the 21st of October even after they took the premiums out of my check. On or about October 24, 2005 my son had to see a Pediatric Cardiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Thankfully he was cleared and released. We gave the doctor's office our B/C B/S card paid the co-pay and left. But the claim was denied and is now in the hands of an attorney who is proceeding with collections against us. Upon contacting Service Masters, Inc. (parent company of Terminix) they advised me that they cancel all benefits on the last day of employment and DO NOT refund premiums taken from payroll checks! I told them that sounds like fraud or even theft. On this past Saturday May 6, 2006 I received a refund check for premiums. I will not cash this check as I see it as an admission of guilt. I am seeking counsel to litigate this for me now. Kevin Forest Hill, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Glen Burnie, Maryland
40, Report #196944
Jun 17 2006
11:27 PM
Terminix/ Service Master Cheats/ Liars/ ConArtist All Around/ NoGood/ Crazy Idiots Memphis Tennessee
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH IDIOTS AND NEVER GET SERVICED!! YOU ONLY GET ONE WARNING. 1. Customers are repeatedly stood up for service appts. 2. You can have termites flying around in your house and no they are not coming out to service you, duh. 3. There is no 24 hour service so stop asking, that is only for commercial companies, basically. If bugs are not literally crawling all over your body and your whole house looks like bugland then they will not be coming. One lady had to take her children to the emergency room, because she had been bitten by spiders all night and her arms were fat and swollen like you don't know what. 4. Don't ask for Saturday appts. you might get one scheduled, but that does not mean the technician will show up and service your home. 5. I worked there so I know first hand what goes on behind those closed doors. 6. When you call for service, there are no discounts, and sometimes your pest concern is exagerrated to the fullest to ensure you sign up for service, they get paid to get you to sign up of course. 6. You are not under contract, but you must cancel at least a month before service is up, or they will keep coming, and you will be charged. 7. They can service you late, but if you pay late it will be sent to a collection agency, rest o.k though, because that does not go on a credit report, so use terminix up. 8. If you are elderly, please have someone else check out these technicians, because they have no respect sometimes. 9. Termites in your home, DON'T CALL TERMINIX, they don't care. And neither do the termite technicans, they left all the rotting wood, at a elderly womans home, they were suppose to take it away, but they told her to have a bonfire and left. 10. Terminix, bought out a lot of pest control companies(smaller ones, were you got good service) and so many of them have cancelled service due to poor service. 11. If you call to cancel service, you sometime don't get cancelled.(Wondering why you're still getting billed?)They will tell you your local office has to do it but, they really don't have to, thats so they can talk you into staying. I cancelled everybody who asked because the company is so crappy, we're suppose to say we apologize for the inconveniece and all that crap, but I didn't because they don't give a damn. 12. There are too many mishaps to keep listing them all... 13. Basically, terminix has been and will be sued on so many levels, they damage property, they don't stick to there claims, they lie to the customers and tell the employess to do so also. I can't say that every Terminix will be like this, but at the Main Branch-we get the calls from every state Terminix services or really don't service. Precious Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
41, Report #333055
May 16 2008
06:38 PM
Terminix Many excuses why not to honor long term contract. Aiea Hawaii
We have a termite contract on this house for at least 10 years. During the years The home was supposed to be inspected but termite damage progressed. Inspectors would spot treat but termite damage would get worse. I showed them the damage and droppings, but each time they said they would report that they found no live activity, yet they found live termites. The last time on 3/25/08 the inspector informed me that I should collect the termites if they are in the home and when they are swarming and show them and then they would schedule to tent the home. Two days ago I collected at least 100 termites by placing a bowl of water unter a lamp. It was one of those nights when termites are everywhere in the home crowling into my clothing I wore and even into my ear. Today the inspector came and told me that those were Ground Termites and not Dry Wood Termites for which we have a contract. I told him that I knew ground termites had tunnels and that there is no termite tunnel on or in this house and because they were flying and crowling In the House that these were Dry Wood Termites having emerged from wood inside the house. I showed him droppings in the Garage and storage area but he said they were old. There is extensive damage in this house yet they keep repeating that there is no live activity. Once they find live activity they simply just spot treat that area and that is it. Todays report said: We found signs of live activity, but it also said No Live Termits. No treatment was scheduled. This expensive contract is a complete rip-off on the public and should be investigated. People make these contracts trusting a company, they in turn have a fiduciary responsibility to live up to that contract and not come up with multiple excuses to wiggle out. I should also mention also that no Inspector ever goes into the attic, making a thorough inspection already suspect. Doris Aiea, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Aiea, Hawaii
42, Report #248720
May 15 2007
06:51 AM
Terminix $2,000 Termite buffet - Here ya go boys, see ya next year! ripoff Evansville Indiana
There was obvious evidence of termites in our house because I found them. Terminix didn't have to talk much to convince us to buy the plan. However, the agreement states the technician is to come quarterly to check the bait. We realized one day, we hadn't seen anyone and it had been several months. After calling the 800 number, actually having to get nasty about it, it was discovered the technician did come, but checked only 3-4 of the traps and there are probably 20. The technician was supposed to come out last week - NO SHOW! He didn't call, no message, no nothing. Terminix employees are horrible people. They scam for hundreds of dollars then sit back, take your hostile phone calls and then sit back, go to sleep until the phone rings again. And do you know how many times I've heard, oh, we're sorry that happened. It won't happen again, that technician is no longer with us. What the ..?! Why can't Terminix JUST DO THEIR JOB! Trina Bloomfield, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
43, Report #272139
Sep 03 2007
08:41 PM
Terminix I was charged for services i didnot recieve Ripoff Augusta Georgia
i was charged a full payment of service from terminix. they didnot enter my home to service my home, because i worked long hours. therefore i could not arrange for them to come in to service my home. but 3years later i recieve a collection from i.c. system stating that i owed terminix 67.00 for services i never did recieve. first of all when they service your home you have to sign your bill and pay every time techinican comes. Tina Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
44, Report #1136227
Apr 04 2014
08:37 AM
Terminix Failed to show for appt. Failed to call about no-show'; Didn't perform regular maintenance. Bothell Nationwide
--- Letter to Terminix (04/04/14) ---You folks are unbelievable!  All of this started Friday w/ your failure to show for a scheduled appointment and no call all evening to let us know you couldn't make the appointment.  As a result, your lack of consideration and professionalism forced us to miss a very close friend's birthday celebration.We made multiple calls that evening and were told we'd receive a call back; as you well know, we never did. My wife missed a call from Terminix early on Tue morning advising that someone would be out between 1700 - 1900 that evening.  Well that wasn't going to work.  That was the same time slot promised for Monday and you folk didn't show.  We didn't have a whole lot of confidence you folks wouldn't no show once again and not bother to call.I made multiple calls to your worthless call center, got hung up when I told the CSR I wanted to speak to a manager.  I never raised my voice, nor used an profanity.  Unlike you folks, I was professional..I wasn't dissuaded.  I called back and once again asked to speak to a manager.  Finally, at approx. 0823 Tue morning I spoke w/ Danny (Phx call center).  He listened to my account of what transpired and I explained that the problem was with the wasps on the roof coming in thru the skylight and the tech was going to need daylight hours to effectively assess and treat the problem.  Danny told me the Branch Managers handled all the scheduling and he would have to get hold of them to try to find a better time.  He added that he wanted them to hear my complaint.  He hen put me on hold, as he tried to conference in one of the Branch Managers (Becky or Stuart).  Danny apologized that he couldn't reach them, but took down my direct cell (((REDACTED))) and said one of them would call me back . . . which, as you well know, then never did.I called back a couple of hours later and spoke w/ Larry.  He kindly listened to the whole story once again and was also very apologetic.  He then explained that it could take up to 24 hrs to get a call back.  Not sure why Danny didn't tell me that.  Larry again took down my cell phone # and said he'd have one of the branch managers call me back.I then went to your web site and filled out a request to be contacted.  I didn't get any response on that until the following day, Wed (response below).Here we are now on Friday and I have yet to hear back from Becky or Stuart.It's obvious at this point that you folks simply don't care about the individual homeowner customer.  You've grown into just another national chain -- similar to the behemouth Telecoms -- and could care less about us.  I just wonder if you, Becky or Stuart would feel the same way if this happened to you personally.. . . Your're FIRED!!!!You're not the only game in town and I have choices.  I just made mine.
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1333743
Oct 18 2016
09:42 AM
terminix 100% satisfaction guarntee or your money back binghampton New York
in august i called terminix to get rid of carpenter ants , they charged me 214.92 . since then i had them at my home 3 more times due to the problem still existing, the last time they came out they were supposed to put out ant baits , they did no such thing due to the driver stating he had a differant truck. i found at least 30 to 40 more ants in my home and sent an email to terminix to refund my money or take care of the ant problem , no reply , i scheduled a date on line through there web site ,no reply this is going on a week until i called them by phone and cancelled the contract at which time i asked for a full rfeund , they stated it would take 24 to 48 hours to get a reply. they did not reply untill i called them on oct. 18th and stated there will be no refund due to the fact that when they did call they wanted to come back out to reevaluate the problem ,i told terminix that i already took care of the problem myself. since i used the off the shelf product i have not seen any ants. i believe they will not refund my money due to the fact i would not let them back into my home. they should have evalueated the problem in the first place .they are unprofessional and i will never recommend  there services. big rip off
Entity: binghampton, New York
46, Report #1214578
Mar 10 2015
07:30 AM
Terminix Servicemaster Fraud Misrepresentation bad advise poor service ill informed lied cheated ripped off St Petersburg Nationwide
I was recommended insulation in the loft to keep bugs out. I was quoted $1500  I later found out that I already had it and that I didnt need MORE !! I have been trying to reach someone at Terminix, however Georgie on the Corporte reception was EXTREMELY rude, unheloful, impoilte and refused to put me through to the CEO office.  Overall I am left $1500 down and very upset. I also paid $1500 for another service which I am not sure if I needed either and plus heavy monthly fees and other annual fees.  I am very very unhappy  I would NOT recommend Terminix at all
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1375722
May 27 2017
04:30 PM
Terminix Dayton ohio Took advantage of elderly. Lied to us. Dayton Nationwide
 We hired Terminix to get rid of the water in our crawl space. They told us that we needed to encapsulate the crawl space. So we hired them. We still have water in our crawl space. In fact it is worse because the encapsulation traps the water.vit has no place to go. I contacted Terminix and they came out to look At it. They said they didn't tell us it would get rid of the water but will fix the air in the crawl space! Who does that? When that didn't work they said w never told them we had water. That is also not true as their salesperson took pictures and sent them to me showing the water in the crawl space. I also have a email that I sent to the salesperson confirming that I didn't need a sump pump and this would take care of the water. He responded that we didn't need a sump pump and yes encapsulation would reduce water. I have tried unsuccessfully many times to get them to resolve this. Now I'm told I will have to remove the encapsulation to install the sump pump.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1392155
Aug 11 2017
07:54 PM
Terminix Sold me worthless termite insurance, fabricated need for tenting, overcharged, refused refund Kailua-Kona Hawaii
In 2014 several of my neighbors were getting their houses tented for termites so I decided I'd better get an inspection.  I called Terminix.  They came out and found no Termites but said that everyone is sure to get them eventually so I bought an insurance policy which I understood would provide me with a yearly inspection and cover the cost of tenting or treating any future infestation.  I was charged about $30/month and kept paying it for three years. In May, 2017, I found a bunch of termites in a window sill in my kitchen.  They had wings so I knew they had swarmed.  But since they were inside my house, I was afraid I'd had an infestation for some time and this was evidence of it.  I called Terminix.  As others have complained, they did not show up when they said they would, but when they did, I showed them the dead termites and pictures I'd taken earlier.  They walked around the house on the outside and then informed me that I had termites and should tent the house.  I said, I was sure glad I had bought the insurance.  The agent said, Oh, these are dry wood termites.  You're only covered for ground or Formosa termites.  I didn't remember there being any such conditions explained to me previously, but sure enough, when I went back and found the contract that's what it said:  ground or Formosa termites.   Terminix gave me an estimate of $4,200 to tent the house.  By the way, they didn't just give me the estimate:  They said they would call me with the estimate after they worked it out at the office.  They never called, so I called them.  A couple of times.  They finally got back to me and said they would call me.  Then they called and said they'd lost their original paperwork and would have to come back.  Once again they didn't show up on the day they said and had to reschedule after I'd waited around half the day.  They said they'd give me a discount since I'd been paying for 3 years and quoted me a price of $3,800. I wasn't happy.  So I asked my neighbor who he had used to tent his house and he told me Hilo Termite.  I called Hilo Termite and spoke with the owner who is also an entimologist.  I told him how I'd found a bunch of termites from a swarm in my window but no other evidence.  He said they could have come in from outside and that he would never recommend tenting a house based only on that evidence.  I asked him to come do an inspection.  They weren't going to be in my area for a month so he recommended I call Hawaii Fumigation, a competitor of his who he said would also probably be cheaper since they're on my side of the island (I smelled integrity!).  I called Hawaii Fumigation and told the lady my story.  She said she'd heard lots of complaints about Terminix.  She said, We don't send a salesman to do the inspection, we send a technician.  They get paid by the hour and have no incentive to sell you anything you don't need.  The technician they sent inspected my property and told me he saw no evidence of termites.  When I told him I'd bought an insurance policy that turned out to only cover ground or Formosa termites, he said, those are the same thing.  He also said that ground termites almost never come up to my elevation and that in the 10 years he's been working in Kona, he'd never seen ground termites up at my elevation! About a month later Hilo Termite came to this side of the island and also inspected my house with the same result:  no evidence of termites. I asked Hawaii Fumigation for an estimate for tenting my house if I had been infested.  They said $2,500...$1,700 less than Terminix, and they were honest and told me I didn't even need it! I called Terminix and laid all this out to them and asked for a refund.  They refused.  The manager insisted that I had termites.  He also said he saw no possible motivation for someone working on commission selling me insurance I didn't need or finding termites I didn't have.  Really!  We argued about it and I said, alright, I want to talk to someone who's had ground termites in my area or anywhere at this elevation.  He said he would have to check with customers to see if they would be willing to talk to me or let me see their houses.  I said fine and he promised to call me the following week.  That was two weeks ago and he's never called. Fortunately I have been paying for my insurance contract with a Citi Visa card.  Never thought I'd have anything nice to say about a credit card company but they were great.  I am disputing all the charges and have already been refunded the last 6 months.    
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #348374
Jul 07 2008
02:57 PM
Terminix Pest Control after 2 years and hours on the phone we now have a smashed lawnmower and hatred for terminix Sacramento California
possibly one of the most dangerous ripoff companies around, they almost killed a 2 tear old kid as they sped away from the scene, after smashing our lawnmower. we got as far as to have the truck return, with a different driver.(possibly the first one wasnt authorized) who sweared she would go to the bank and pay us for our mower. well 2 years is long enough to wait, mabye her boss should cover it? besides the girl shouldnt have to cover for the man who did the destruction to begin with. due to the time we wasted on the phone already we believe we have been ripped off by these a--holes and they are not responsible for thier drivers. BEWARE of them, they can do anything they want and thier boss covers for them. no regard for property and human life, they need to be stopped. Victim sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
50, Report #937617
Sep 06 2012
02:21 PM
Terminix, Terminix Pest Control Unreliable, not responsive, not dependable, does not show up for appointments, will not return phone calls Landover, Maryland
Terminix does not show up.  We had an appointment scheduled between 1:00-5:00 p.m. and the technician never showed or called.  After our 3rd call, we were told that the technican was on his way and would arrive in 20 minutes. We were also told that his Supervisor would be calling us shortly.  Well, 30 minutes later we started calling again because the technican never arrived and of course, the Supervisor never called.  And, after 7 times of calling and it now being 5:00 p.m., we decided to call their Executive Office to complain.  The Executive Office is suppose to attempt to reach the Supervisor and find out what happened.  I told them that I did not want anymore service from them with the exception of the current Termite Policy that I had and that I would take my business elsewhere.  We cancelled the appointment with Terminix and will now use Orkin to address our pest problem.   If you have a pest problem and need service, do not call Terminix or they will string you along all day and not show up.  And, the office staff is absolutely clueless, they don't even have the number to the Corporate Office or to a Supervisor who will answer the phone.  
Entity: Landover, Maryland

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