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1, Report #1386615
Jul 19 2017
08:36 AM
the academy of healing arts las vegas failed to issue diploma and closed down las vegas Nevada
I attended academy of healing arts las vegas back in 2008. I was excited to go to school and make a difference. at the time i thought nothing of it but the financial aid guy was very pushy and said all the right things. i got my financial aid approved and had 3 pell grants added. i attended my classes and actually passed all my classes with A's. 3 months in the school sent me to get my GED. i didnt have it when i signed up( which according to student aid its a requirement upon applying). i passed and resumed classes as usual. i finished my classes and my externship and went on to graduate in april 2009. graduation we walked and did the usual. they handed me a rolled up paper saying CONGRATS YOU DID IT! your diploma will be mailed in 3-4 weeks. ok cool there was alot of people to send them out to. fast forward a month, still no documents. i called the school every 2 weeks for what seemed like forever. the answer from them was always....we  are working on them, they are being sent out, blah blah blah. I called one day to follow up and was told the school was closed and it was now the milian institute. and they were not affilitaed with academy of healing arts they just took over the building and some teachers. After closure the school never turned over diplomas to post secondary education. only thing they had were transcripts which are useless when trying to get certified in the medical field. from 2010 to present i have fought with the dept of education to get some kind of resolution. they are useless. was told to do the borrowers defense and its now been 1 year waiting for an answer and all i get is its being reviewed. i sent them the 35 page report i found where the school was being investigated by the dept of ed. WHILE i was attending school. they were stripped of their title 4 rights. this means they could not hand out pell grants....i got 3. To sum it up upon closure the school owed over $2.5m to the FFLA and dept of ed. My loan servicer just keeps saying well you signed a promisary note. yea i did and i fullfilled my end of the deal. the school didnt. you were shady the whole time i was in and now im being punushed for their screw up. i suggest anyone who went to this school and had the same issues file a complait with Dept of Ed.
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
2, Report #771268
Aug 30 2011
11:02 PM
Academy of Healing Arts Job Placement lie Las Vegas, Nevada
As part of the recruitment pitch for me as student I was assured that job placement was included as a benefit of attending Academy of Healing Arts. Job Placement was used as a career changing benefit of becoming a student there as well as motivational edge. Job Placement Assistance is included in writing as a benefit of student advantage for attending Academy of Healing Arts. To prepared the student for employment the school boasts of drug screening policy and background check for students to enter the work force. During my time at the school I achieved both Perfect Attendance and Honor Roll status and graduated accordingly. After graduation I tested for my MOA (Medical Office Assistant) Certificate and was awarded Certification. Since graduation I have not been  contacted by the school to offer any assistance or potential interviews with potential employers. Nor have I been scheduled for a drug screen nor background check that would be indications that the school was committed to placing me in situation for employment. I have contacted the Director of Student Services. I have also contacted the Career Development Counselor, as well as Administrators higher on the chain of command. I have also applied for employment in the Healthcare field on my own via websites and Clinics and Medical Centers in Las Vegas. The Academy has not offered any assistance to me in my quest for employment in the Healthcare field. Not a single lead, nor contact person or employer. I indeed feel like I have been taken advantage of by the recruiters, teachers and administrators who represent the school by promise of career opportunity through job placement. I was a model student and I am qualified in according to the industry qualifications sold to me by the school and the school has done nothing but pushed me through the Academy of Healing Arts student trap as it does the hundred of students graduated per year with the false hope of Job Placement. Once they get you signed up for the Federal Student Loan which obligates the student to a debt of thousands of dollars the tone and attitude in term of what you can expect from the school leaves you on an island to fend for yourself. There is a sub-culture of former students in the same situation as me who have been left with the debt and nothing to show for it from attending school there as casualties of recruiters, teachers, directors, counselors and administrator's education pitch if not scam.  In email correspondence with the Director of Student Services and Career Development I was informed that the school was proud of it's 86% placement rate of graduate students and adamantly defended the claim. Why I was not among the 86% was a dilemma difficult for me to understand given my exemplary attendance and academic record along with professional attitude,  appearance and positive student demeanor.  It is obvious that the Director of Student Services and Career Development and staff are not impressed enough with me to claim me as the 86% students placed in healthcare positions by the Academy of Healing Arts.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
3, Report #1174749
Sep 05 2014
02:09 PM
Eric Wolf; Iceland Academy of the Arts Justin Case Iceland Academy of the Arts, Eric Wolf, Stopstealingphotos Reykjavík, Iceland Internet
Here's another nice internet stalking fellow who moonlights as a sleazy internet blogger on uses the blog above to stalk, harass, and invade the privacy of other photographers under false and completely misunderstood principles of U.S. Law.First things first, let me state for the record that intellectual property rights violations may only be pursued or properly threatened to be pursued by their respective holders under U.S. law. Blogging about largely fabricated and fradulent claims of intellectual property rights infringement is just sleazy defamation. The respective holders of intellectual property who are part of major corporations already have legal staff ready to enforce their IP rights where they see fit.This man is a bully, a creep, and an internet based stalker and nothing else! Do not allow his delusions of grandeur to convince you into taking any of his legal or other threats seriously!The Iceland Academy of the Arts should be accordingly embarassed to have such a person affilliated with what I am sure is otherwise a fine intellectual institution. Why do I also have a feeling that the internet bullying Mr. Eric Wolf engages in via is in direct violation of the terms of any employment contract he has with the Iceland Academy....It's probably under the morals or internet usage clause....    
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1425342
Jan 25 2018
10:04 PM
THURSTON ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS Joe Thurston Ripped me off for more than 1200.00 Kingston Massachusetts
I started at thurston sifning their contract. My 6 month contract end date was 11 30 16. I called the schools education fiancing dept. They refused and phone calls were exchanged. Joe personally called me himself to come in. Not only is he very intimidating, he is a bull s******. I came in meeting with Chris. He is an awesome individual by the way. I let them know i had some comditions and hadnt had an mri yet. He promised me all thus non sense about how he knew about my situatio. Went through something similar. I felt so much pain i was just happy someone related. Allegedly...he and chris pjt me on the table to do stretches and test my mobility and whatever. He said where my pain is is my piliformis. Thats no reason not to train. Im an ex elite cheerleader, so dont tell me if you have no degree in sports medcine or anything i dont know when im hurting. I trusted him and continued to train until i couldnt he redused to let me out of the contract. Took money every month out of my account for the next 7 months and there was nothing i could do about it. I went for that mri and met with an orthopaedic sergeon and both laughed when i said to them the source of my pain is my piliformis...was no where near my pain where this scam artist screws you. Stay away. Chris is awesome by the way.
Entity: Kingston, Massachusetts
5, Report #1054563
May 29 2013
06:01 AM
International academy of design and technology Pathological lying thieves wasted my time my dreams and hope, scam of the century! Henderson Nevada
 First of I want to say i should have known this school was a scam by the first time meeting the principal when he didn't make eye contact not even once, I was truly bothered by that and my gut told me leave now this isn't real. Then the second thing that made me believe this was a waste of time when the teacher was late like 20 min late ok then she made a big deal about turning off cell phones only to be interrupted by hers which she talked in front of the class then to top it off when I got the musical instruments and saw that the school was charging 70 fn grand I repeat 70,000 bucks for the cheapest of cheap equipment wtf I mean really then when financeal aid comes in where does the money go they said it goes to us but no I had to call and call and call and finally go into the office and demand some money which I have proof of recieving only 250 dollars f that that was enough to make me wanna die but last but not least when I finally decieded it was enough was after 1 month of watching you tube videos I'm sorry but paying actually walk out of class dumber is not what I wanted my future to be, so I had to tell the substitute teacher after our 3 week winter vacation that I didn't feel good. I stormed out of class they are billing me saying I owe them $3000 bucks well they could kiss my a$$. Thia place needs to be shut down it sucks that there is nothing a poor girl like me can do in this type of situation I don't have a job, I have no money and I didn't even get equipment worth pawning for 70000 bucks I better be getting something other then the crappiest of crap! They will never get a penny from me I would rather die!!!! F that school I hope someone anyone please help my situation I beg youTry his school needs to be investigated. Someone needs to do something, I am going to make a police report as well and I'm going to contact the news and see if they can help this isn't right! I'm so glad for this website right now. Thanks for reading and if u are thinking about iadt to guide you to get to your dreams you will be pushed further away from your goals waste of time and money and man I wish I never applied. Swear to god it was the biggest mistake I ever made!
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
6, Report #358711
Aug 04 2008
01:59 AM
Google Money For Profit, Grant Academy 00 OF 00, Ravan Media Deceptive and Fraudulent Charges Las Vegas Internet *NOTICE.. this ripoff has nothing to do with Google - many ripoff businesses use the Google name to fool consumers.
I ordered a CD and agreed to pay 1.29 for shipping of this free Cd. Next thing you know my credit card is being billed for charges I did not agree to. Including 39.95 for Grant Academy 00 oF 00 and 39.96 for Google Money Profit . I caught these charges early by checking my credit card online. The google money charge is listed as a phone order-I DID NOT ORDER anything by phone. If you recieve these fraudulent charges contact your credit card company early and they will put a stop payment on these charges. You unfortunately cannot cancel membership via internet. I believe it's high time the Internet got some first class POLICE enforcment. I find it hard to believe that Google has not got involved with this as it is their logo being used. Perhaps Google cares nothing for its reputation as long as a buck is being turned towards them. Hootnhowell Peoria Heights, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nationwide
7, Report #1301226
Apr 22 2016
11:29 AM
international academy of design technology Stanford-brown School cancels program mid-way forces into bach. program then closes down henderson Nevada
I am writing to report the underhanded practices of this university.  When we went in for the orientation we were told all credits would be transferable to a real college, LIES. Then when my daughter took a short break due to the five week on one weekend off then five more week schedule, she was told her program was cancelled. They forced her into a bachelors program to get more money. I feel if you sign up for a particular certificate program than you should be allowed to complete it. If they didn't want to continue to offer it thats fine but if your in then be allowed to complete it. They also made her accept several kits for classes at 400-500 each, even after she told them they were duplicates she was not allowed to return them. The accounting department could never give you a straight answer to any questions. We are now looking at over 20,000 in debt and thats just the parent share. My daughter is facing that if not more and now the school announces it is closing. How does that look on a resume and so much for any help with career planning. I want to sue these people or at least have the debt excused if anyone out there has a suit against them or knows how to proceed please contact me.
Entity: henderson, Nevada
8, Report #962852
Oct 31 2012
05:05 PM
Martial Arts by Larry Manth Larry Manth Martial Arts Academy The Academy does not do what it should Buffalo, New York
Larry Manth Martial Arts has an instructor that has a fake black belt.  Beware before you bring  your kids there!!
Entity: Buffalo, New York
9, Report #1198273
Dec 29 2014
05:33 PM
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
10, Report #644690
Sep 28 2010
02:16 PM
Premier Maritial Arts, Michael Peterson Premier Martial Arts and one of his offenses Florence, Kentucky
I would like all fellow kentuckians to know of my experience with the Karate School, run by a Mr. Michael Peterson of Florence, Kentucky. My son was a part of this school for two months and I started to asked questions about how everything was going? Sexual things started to come up. I went directly to Michael Peterson to ask him myself. He denied everything. I did a background investigation on him and his girlfriend. First of all, he has a criminal background, with assault charges, and a so-called snake ring investigation. He is a liar, cheat a thief. I asked to be refunded for my money and he would not. Do not believe anything he says. He does not have a PHD in anything.Here is a link to one of many charges:
Entity: Florence, Kentucky
11, Report #338234
Jun 08 2008
12:53 PM
Pacific Modeling/Acting Academy Mikael Loneman Of Omaha, NE/Los Angeles False Claims!! False Promises!! No Conscience!! Lying to hopeful children and parents Las Vegas Nevada
My son and I also fell for the shpeel that was given by Mikeal Loneman on behalf of PacificModelingActing. We paid upfront for worthless classes and false promises! I intend to hold Mikeal Loneman (the trust-worthy Midwesterner-was it Omaha? Sioux City?) accountable. (google turned up a Jerry and Mikeal Loneman of Plattsmouth, NE). I will not stand by while this mother of 4 (is that part even true?), rips off young children with big dreams and their loving parents!! I will contact every newspaper in the Midwest/television station what-have-you! Pacific is a rip-off scheme with Mikeal Loneman the actual face representing it! I will make her regret that she is a person with no conscience, because the buck stops here! We as parents must take action!!! Lisa Las Vegas NV., NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #403574
Dec 20 2008
08:36 PM
Pacific Modeling And Acting Academy - Stanley Robinson I worked as an instructor for the Las Vegas operation and was sent an email that my service were no longer need and I was never paid. Las Vegas Nevada
I have been reading the reports posted and feel terrible for these families. I worked with many of their children. I was one of the teachers at the Las Vegas school. I worked for a couple of months and then received an email stating that my services were no longer needed as the company was filing bankruptcy. In addition, I would not be getting paid for any of the hours I put in. I did not lose as much money as some of these families but I worked for PMAA as a second job to help make ends meet so I understand the loss as well. I recently spoke to the director from the Las Vegas school and she is going after Mr. Robinson. I was curious as if there was an active class action suit as would do what I could to help. I was completely blindsided by this company as well. Toni Henderson, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #240793
Mar 26 2007
10:25 AM
Wealth Intelligency Academy, Focus On Foreclosures, Russ Whitney, Cash Flow Generator, Whitney Information Network misrepresented the nature of 3 day seminar...if it's too good to be true IT IS! Las Vegas, Los Angeles Cape Coral, Florida
My husband and I recently attended the Focus On Foreclosure 3-day workshop for $199. We were excited because I though I was going to get a solid primer on how to start with Foreclosures. Instead I got a hard sell a la 'Time Share' high pressure sales. On Day 1, they instructed us to go increase the limit on credit cards and our home equity credit line...supposedly to see how easy it is to get money for your 1st foreclosure deal...but what they were doing was preparing you to buy their Wealth Intelligence Academy courses for up to $63,000! We attended day 1 and 2, then came home excited but with fear of getting into $30,000 we did research on the net...and found that in addition to multiple entries on this site there were other sites that spoke of all the 'shady'things this company and it's owner Russ Whitney have done over the we never made it to day 3...thank God! The title of the seminar was 'focus on foreclosures' but only about 20% of the material covered very hi level generic stuff on foreclosures you can find in a $15 book...the rest was a 'high pressure sales' job. I think we got the $199 worth of info to get us going, but regret having spent 16 x2 hours of our weekend plus the 'vacation' day I took from work to go sit and listen to a sleazy sales man lead you like a pig to the slaughter onn how to get into $30K in debt...if that's your idea of fun..then go fot it other wise steer clear. Maria Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cape Coral, Fl, Las Vega, Los Angeles, California
14, Report #255480
Apr 23 2014
09:18 AM
Fisher Academy Of Martial Arts - Fisher Self-Defence Center - Fisher Martial Arts Academy ripoff Trick you into contract provide substandard services force you to quit Danvers Massachusetts
I have made a mistake to enroll my five year old into the Fisher Style karate program. They have KIDS teaching other children in that place! And than they'll blame your child that he does not pay enough attention. Because the kid that teaches him is all over the place himself. And when the owner's wife takes charge, she's even worse! She'll actually stand there reading a book, while the kids are stretching ... for 30 minutes! And then one of the five year olds asks politely how much longer do we need to stretch, m'am? ... and her angry husband stroms in and puts him into timeout.... for ditracting other students?. DISTRACTING THEM FROM WHAT? And then finally, they suspend the child, by forbidding him to take any lessons, because they are unable to control his behaviour (as if they know what controlling child's behaviour even means). And what about all the money you paid for the contract? Well... tough luck! They'll just show you to the paragraph where it says they are allowed to terminate it at any time and for any reason and blah blah blah... I still go there, don't want them to know my name Danvers, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Danvers, Massachusetts
15, Report #1160953
Jul 10 2014
07:33 AM
 Save your time and money !!!!! DO NOT SIGN your kids here and if youre an adult and you decide to come to this school expect to be injured seriously !!!! The Master at this school DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN about the students all he wants is that MONEY and scamming students into buying unneccesary uniforms.  I and many other students have left this school for their faulty practices !!!!! 
Entity: houston, Texas
16, Report #1071981
Aug 01 2013
06:20 AM
Green Eyed Witch, Witchy Sister Hood, Global Witches, PROFESSIONAL Women's Power Lunch Network katz0411, Katherine Rodriguez, Neco Morales,,, http Fake Practitioners of The Religion of Santeria/Lucumi and Fake Palero and Fake Practitioner of The Religion of Palo Las Vegas Nevada
Week ago. I knew something was wrong when I didn't see no results with there work .My candles I put on with all my faith worked better than what they do. People like us so desperate that really need help and looking for a way out of everything alway going wrong my two year seeing things and scared and daugther feeling and seeing things and everything going to s**t everyday .
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
17, Report #1069992
Jul 25 2013
10:04 AM
The Green Eyed Witch, Katherine Rodriguez, Neco Morales,, Global Witches, www.witchysist Selling and Giving Away Of Consecrated and Blessed Elekes Through The Mail, Fake Santeria Practitioners, Fake Palo Practitioners Las Vegas Nevada
Katherine Rodriguez of stated that her and Neco Morales of are giving away and selling consecrated and blessed elekes through the mail. Katherine Rodriguez also says that she is having elekes consecrated and blessed by her Pdarino who she says is a Babalawo and that her and Neco are going to send those to people through the mail. First of all, in order to receive consecrated and blessed elekes, one needs to receive them in person through special ceremonies done in the Santeria/Lucumi/Lukumi religion from an Iyalorisha/Babalorisha Santera/Santero. Certain things need to be done to the person receiving the elekes in person during the ceremonies. Second of all, Katherine Rodriguez and Neco Morales are not initiated as an Iyalorisha/Babalorisha Santera/Santero, so, they can't consecrate or bless anything to any Orishas at all!!! Third of all, Babalawos can't give someone elekes!!! They can only give someone an eleke blessed and consecrated to Orula/Orunmila and even that has to be received in person through special ceremonies!!! 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
18, Report #1077152
Aug 19 2013
03:47 PM
 Beware of buying the Nightife VIP package. I tried to book the package for the weekend of 8/23- 8/26 and when it came time to give them the credit card, they told me that the free bottle with table at Moon nightclub was for TUESDAY NIGHT ONLY.  Nowhere on their website does it say that it is only for Tuesday night only!All they did was apologize and say that they appreciate me giving them the information and that they will change it.  However, I'm not buying it. I don't believe they will change it. I have a hard time believing they did not know that the ad was VERY DECEIVING.  Imagine somene paying online with a credit card, thinking they will have their table reservation with a bottle on a Friday or Saturday night and having someone tell them that it's only for Tuesday, after they have taken their money of course.... SHADY! If I didn't call and speak to someone to ENSURE that I wasn't going to get screwed, it would have happened to me.Palms, you lost a customer for life.  Beware people.. Apparently with the Palms, you can't even trust their terms and conditions.  And with all the competition that there is in Vegas, this is what they do to people who want to stay at their property.  They didn't even try to rectify the situation.. Just an apology. I will say that the woman on the phone was very polite.  She did check with her manager, and of course nothing happened. 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
19, Report #527447
Nov 23 2009
07:03 AM
Don Norris Academy Of Silversmithing Colorado Academy Of Silversmithing Silversmithing Little Value lots of unhappy students Internet
Really bad instructor, arrogant, no students finished projects, talk, talk, talk about stuff other than silversmithing, advance class taugh same stuff they had in beginner class. Pushed other stores supplies, not mine. Very low margin to store. Students didn't learn how to polish, students had to pck up their jewelry another day after he finished them. To many students in class to effectivly teach even if he didn't jabber all day about other stuff. I will never use or recommend this guy for anything again.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #208765
Aug 30 2006
11:10 PM
Broadway Arts Media Design (BAMD), Ripped off graphic designers and web designers. FRAUD. Las Vegas Nevada
Dan Holmgren is the sole owner and operator of, Broadway Arts Media Design (BAMD). We were contracted to design and develop websites, large scale banners, and a series of business cards. He has since refused to pay the balance due and has gone so far as to repeatedly outright lie about making payments and has kept us waiting for checks for weeks now. He is a fraud and refuses to make good on his balance and promises. We strongly advise all other graphic designers, web developers, and artists, as-well-as any potential customers, to avoid being defrauded by this individual and his company. Further, it has come to our attention that he defrauds his customers by claiming to offer services he does not have the facilities to provide or any apparent intent to ever do so. Avoid at all costs, or it will cost you! Ripped Off Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
21, Report #422621
Feb 10 2009
04:41 PM
United Wealth Institute - Dynamic Wealth Academy, The people who have ripped you off in Utah, will now attempt to rip you off in Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada
United Wealth Institute 6045 S. Fort Apache Road Suite #110 Las Vegas, NV. 89148 800-423-9161 This is not a new company. This company may appear new but it isn't. This company originally started off in Utah as: Dynamic Wealth Academy 1787 East Ft. Union Blvd. Suite 112 Salt Lake City, UT. 84121 After Dynamic Wealth Academy this company just moved to another location and slapped a new name on their company. There have been 3 other names for this company in Utah. Platinum Wealth Group 6905 So. 1300 E. Suite 130 Midvale, UT. 84047 888-978-0994 Fortune Academy 1192 East Draper Parkway Suite 513 Draper, UT. 84020 Academy of Wealth Sandy, UT. Each one of these companies are really one and the same. They offer the same scam repackaged under a new look. The co-founder of United Wealth Institute is G. C. Hess. The co-founder of Dynamic Wealth Academy is Carlton Hess. Coinedence? No. If United Wealth Institute is a new company, than why do they use the exact testimonials word for word as Platinum Wealth Group and Fortune Academy? Coinedence? No. United Wealth Institute is trying to deceive and lie to everyone. Don't fall for their deception. There have been many disatisfied people with this company, don't be another satistic. This company is bad. Anonymous Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
22, Report #382437
Oct 18 2008
03:43 AM
Grant Academy,, Business Funding, Grant Search, Easy Grant, Two Part Investments They have billed my credit card seperatley for the last 10 months, Las Vegas nevada
The companys mentioned above all are the same company, they have stolen $442.19 by charging my credit card falsley repeatedley over the last 10 months.I will not rest till I have settled the score if I have to go to Las Vegas to do it. Fred Colorado springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
23, Report #1337393
Nov 09 2016
09:42 PM
Academy Day Trading Todd Rampe Stay away from Academy Day Trading (IMO) las vegas Nevada
Academy Day Trading, promoted by Todd Rampe, is a self described provider of training for trading.  They are not active traders themselves.  They have put together a glitzy piece of software called the Pro9 system.  Their marketing speel is very enticing and sucked me right in.  This is what I found.  They watch several instruments during the trading period and then report on the one that made the most money had one successfully followed the rules and traded it.  Since they are not actively trading, the fills are not realistic.  For example the EMD futures market is thinly traded and so getting filled usually means 2 or more ticks slippage (sometimes as many as 4 ticks).  They always show an optimum fill since they are only looking at a chart and not actively trading it.  The trick is to be able to spin the wheel of fortune each time and pick the right instrument for the day.  For live trading they are pushing a site which was being run by Steve Dewitt who has been involved in several schemes reported as not worth participating in.  Now the room is being run by Scott Dahlquist.  I was looking at his reults using the Pro9 system and they seem to be dismal.  I paid Todd Rampe and Academy Day Trading $1999 for the Pro9 elite system and lost money and asked for a refund.  They refused to honor my request for whatever their technical reason was.  I would advise that you hold on to your money and use those resources that successful traders who are actually trading provide through YouTube and other Internet sources.  Of course, one could probably be successful if one were lucky enough to choose the particular instrument each day that ends up making money.  That crystal ball is not provided by the system being sold.
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
24, Report #311580
Feb 24 2008
11:53 AM
JKD Extreme Martial Arts Academy Ordered a pair of Discipline Jaewoo Mid Martial Arts shoes from their website and never received them. Lake Worth Florida
On February 4, 2008 I ordered a pair of Discipline Jaewoo Mid Martial Arts Shoes from them and never received them. I have attempted to contact them through several email addresses and get no reply. Attempted to contact them by telephone number on their website and only get voicemail and never a reply back. Filed a complaint through PayPal which I used to pay for the shoes and on February 24th the case was decided in my favor but no funds were in the account to I did not get my money back. Do not do business with this rip-off company. Tim Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lake Worth, Florida
25, Report #681499
Jan 12 2011
07:59 AM
international academy of design and technology iadt took my money, credits wont transfer anywhere else tampa, Florida
I will try to make this short and sweet. After attending the International Academy of Design and Technology for 2 and a half years and earned about 93 credits I realized the school was a scam. I realized early on this school seemed sketchy, but being the first in my family to go to college I had nothing to compare it my experience to or anyone to talk with about my skepticism, so I decided to stick it out and try to finish. I eventually quit when I realized the school wasnt going to take me anywhere.I had to join the military when my student loans became too much to pay off, but hoped some of my credits would transfer to a military degree. I realized not all the credits would transfer, but hoped my years of effort would not have been a complete waste of time. After the military got with the school and reviewed what little information IADT would give out, which they had to force out of them to begin with, the military said the school seemed sketchy and many red flags popped up when reviewing the information.The fact that IADT was so guarded about giving out simple information required to transfer credits such as teacher credentials made them believe the teacher didnt have acceptable credentials. When asked to produce the appropriate credentials IADT threw some law at them and told them the information wasnt allowed to be given out, even though almost every other school in the US gives out this information everyday in order to get credits transferred. 60,000 dollars in debt and a few years later I have to start from scratch. If I were the only one with the exact same experience I may think twice about my complaint, but I have gotten with many people that attended the school and this seems to be the exact same scenario over and over again. Please heed my advice and choose another school. Make sure you choose a school with appropriate accreditations and the teachers will most likely have the appropriate credentials to teach the classes. One other side note.When I attended IADT I took a computer class which was required and completely useless, it taught us what the desktop of a computer is and how to navigate around a computer. If you dont know how to do this simple task in this day and age you seriously need some help, but I digress. I sucked it up paid for the class and passed it. The next quarter rolled around, they renamed the class, had the same book, same instructor, and even met in the same classroom and required me to take that class over! They claimed it was a different class because it had a different name and different course number. They said it had more information they added that I had to learn therefore I needed to repay and retake the exact same class. This made me realize this school really is in it for the money. This was one of the many things that made me decide to discontinue my education at this school.
Entity: tampa, Florida

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