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1, Report #1402759
Sep 27 2017
03:28 PM
The buyers fashion club AKA Better4you Scam unauthorized transactions Internet
 I filled out a survey and was told i could get two items for the price of shipping. I got charged shipping and received the items that are junk. Next thing i knew i was paying full price for junk i didnt need. Why would i pay full price for something i cant even pick out?
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1394547
Aug 22 2017
07:11 AM
The Buyers-Fashion Club Bait & switch survey company. Offers cheap watch, then hits you with MAJOR fees Las Vegas Internet
My wife got an email seemingly from Amazon saying that if she fills out a short survey and pays 6 bucks in shipping, she can get a free watch. She did. And she did receive the watch. It was cheap. So cheap that six bucks is precisely what it was worth.  But then a couple weeks later, we see a charge for $99!! Apparently they are a bait and switch trial period scam company. Just so they can get your credit card.  Further, they are super shady in that they charge your card from some weed shop in vegas so that you don't recognize the charges as from them.   They are a complete scam. There is not one person on the planet that would knowingly and willingly take part in this trial company. It purely exists to con people via bait and switch and clever credit card tricks.  Don't get duped!!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1389178
Jul 30 2017
08:07 AM
The fashion buyers club Ripped off for $200 after being told will only be 6.99@ Internet
 I took an online survey and was told to choose a free gift after taking. I chose the men's watch for 6.99 shipping and handling which I was told about upfront. Then I noticed 99.79 taken out of my account for this watch! Received an emailed invoice. No number to contact so replied to the email saying I wasn't supposed to be charged for this. Got a response saying they were looking into it. Never heard anything else. Then I received another email saying I was being charged another 99.79! Still looking for a number to contact them. Any help would be great.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1385818
Jul 15 2017
08:56 PM
The Buyers-Fashion Club Doesn't inform you that your absolutely free items are only a trial. Dania Beach Florida
Just wanted to warn everyone. I received an online offer for several absolutely free items for just paying the shipping. I bought two items and paid the shipping at the time. Yesterday I received a bill amounting for a few hundred dollars for the FREE items. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THE BUYERS-FASHION CLUB. THEY ARE COMPLETE RIPOFFS. Here's all the details of their invoices below:The Buyers-Fashion Clubthebuyers-fashionclub.comDate of the two payments: Jun 29, 2017Ordered On: 06/29/2017 11:58amItems in Your OrderMens Watch (new)      Order Total: $6.99This is the order confirmation I received June 29, 2017. for the FREE watch. The 6.99 charge is for shipping, as their advertisement said. And paid in full at the time.Mens SunglassesOrdered On: 06/29/2017 11:58amItems in Your OrderOrder Total: $5.95This is the order confirmation I received July 14, 2017. for the FREE sunglasses. The 5.95 charge is for shipping, as their advertisement said. And paid in full at the time.These are the two BILL I received July 14, 2017 for my 2 FREE items.Items in Your OrderMens Watch TC (new)Order Total: $99.79Items in Your OrderMens SunglassesOrder Total: $98.99
Entity: Dania Beach, Florida
5, Report #1394518
Aug 22 2017
06:10 AM
Buyers fashion club They cheated me by fraud Internet
This is the same story another person wrote about. I did a survey for Amazon. After the survey, it had free gifts for doing the survey. I picked a watch for free and sunglasses. They were free but wanted money for shipping I sent it. Yesterday I get 2 bills for 99.00 each for a watch and sunglasses from a customer I have never heard of. They said I had a free trial that I never had and it runs out. Sadly I was conned. I contacted my bank and will contact the police when I figure out how. They have nothing to do with Amazon.  
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1409454
Oct 30 2017
11:52 AM
Buyers Fashion Club Failed to inform about how and where to cancel. Email address evidently false Nationwide
Buyers Club promised free presents for answering survey questions., and obtained my credit card number by charging for the postage for the presents.   Enrolled me in what they said was trial period in their club.  Membership could be cancelled within 40 days. E-mail they gave me was not valid.  My credit card was charged for $99.79.   A call to their number 8774538177 resulted in a promise to cancel.  I have notified my credit card company and am waiting for evidence of cancellation.    
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1393085
Aug 15 2017
10:56 PM
The Buyers Fashion Club MCC*BIGSTOREONLINECAT MYBEAUTFL I was offered a free watch and sunglasses for postage only. Then they charged me almost $100 each. Dania Beach, Florida
I use Amazon a lot so I wasn't surprised when I received a message asking me to fill out a survey and they offering me a free watch and sunglasses. All I had to pay was shipping. It was a gift for filling out the survey. I should not have fallen for it but I did. I paid the shipping and received a cheap watch and sunglasses. They were not worth the shipping price.  Now this company has placed charges on my credit card for several hundred dollars. They have charged me almost $200 for the watch and for the sunglasses. They have done this in two charges per item.  I did not recognize the name of the company and disputed the charges. I am hoping my credit card company will work with me to stop this type of fraud.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #160002
Oct 08 2005
07:32 AM
The Mobile Solution, Digital Buyers Club ripoffs and misleading customers Ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I had the exact same problem as Debra from Spring,Texas. I was mislead into believing that I had replacement insurance on my cell. I am still trying to resolve the issue and I am going to attempt to contact the appropriate corporate offices if it should help. If it does not help I will write a letter to the Arizona State Attorney Generals office and also inform Channel 3 News (3 on your side for consumers). Susan Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
9, Report #876443
May 01 2012
06:38 AM
The Closeout Club LIARS, LIARS, LIARS miami, Florida
Do not Buy anything from this company, they are huge liars.  My sister bought a truckload of brand name toys and she got garbage that can't even be sold in the market for $1,000. They show you pallets and merchandise that you are going to receive and when they ship it to you, you realize that they sent you garbage!!! I don't even understand how is this company in business still!!  Do not let this liars take your money.  I don't recomend this company not even to my worst enemy.
Entity: miami, Florida
10, Report #1392403
Aug 13 2017
10:31 AM
The Byers-Fashion Club The offer for a free watch was because I had made an Amazon purchase and this was the reward for using Amazon Internet
The offer was for a choice of items free as a reward for a purchase I had made from Amazon. I would only have to pay the $3.79 for shipping and submit my VISA card number. The chosen watch came and two weeks later I was charged $99.79. When I called the number listed next to the charge in my bank statement I was told that the 14 day trial period had expired and that the full charge was what I had agreed to. Alex was insistant that this was stated in the offer. I requested that my account be closed and that no further offers occur. After some resistance to this request a cancellation code was given and a confirming e-mail was sent to my e-mail address.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1389882
Aug 02 2017
08:55 AM
Buyer Fashion Club Custom Fashions Like others, I responded to a free prize selection. Jewelry selection with Pay Shipping Only. One month later a $200 charge. Called them to dispute. All they want to do is argue about the fine print. Austin Texas
Responded to a Choose your reward. Selected jewelry and Only Pay Shipping and Handling. No product recieved so far. My credit card was hit today for $200. Called credit card company to dispute charge. They gave me the phone numbers to call. Called Buyers Club Fashions which is actually Custom Fashions, 12407 Mopak Expressway, Austin TX 78758...Phone numbers were...844 965-8166 and 844 529-5711. Talked to two people, Ivan and Luciene. Lots of lip service and the infamous You agreed to the contract and didn't read the fine print....Bla Bla Bla....Bottom line is that you have 14 days to review the order from the DATE OF THE ORDER... It has been 26 days since the order was placed and still no product to review.  So after talking with these scam artists for for about an hour I will take a 75% refund, cancel my account (what a joke) and chalk it up to experience. Oh, I will however complete a BBB report and a complaint to the Ohio State Attorney Generals Office. Buyer Beware of this company.
Entity: Austin, Texas
12, Report #847483
Mar 02 2012
04:45 AM
Smart Shoppers Savings Club Buyers Club? Flags were raised with regard to this company...every step of the way! Internet
BAD VIBES---3/1/2012---They solicited me on the phone this afternoon after I had checked a box on some other website offering coupons. In fact, their call came within half an hour after finishing with that online coupon thing. On the phone they told me that upon paying $6.95 for material they would be sending me (including a $100 Target gift card), I would also receive an email so that I could start reviewing their deals the same day. I was also told that if I did not cancel within the 7-day free trial, that I would be charged $64.35 on March 31, 2012.    Well, an email did come, but it did not take me to review their deals, but instead to a Sign-up Screen for the very same thing (this was the First Flag Raised). I then called the company and was told that I wouldnt be in the system until 48 hours had passed and that at that time an email would be sent so I could review their deals (Second Flag Raised).     Simply by chance, about 5 hours after signing up, I was checking my bank account online and saw both charges listed in my pending transactions (Third Flag Raised). Immediately upon seeing the charges already on my account, I did a search for Complaints Smart Shoppers Savings Club. That search led me to this site and many others, each with complaints about this company (Forth & Final Flag was Flying High and Flapping in the Breeze of Rip-Off City)!  BTW, the first charge of $6.95 was listed as Buyers Club and the second charge of $64.35 was listed as Shopping Club (which was not supposed to hit until 3/31/12, and only then, if I did not cancel the 7-day Free Trial).   I immediately called my banks 24 hour service # and explained to them the situation and requested that both charges be removed from my account. They filled out the necessary claim form and I was assured that matter would be resolved (p.s. I am not the only one who has requested this of them about this company, yet another Flag, eh!   BTW, as the company also asked for the 3 digit security code on the back of my card, I went ahead and had my card cancelled for I believe there is a serious risk of them trying to charge my card again in the future. I took this action primarily from reading horror stories from others about this company online!   Sum it up . . . and I know we all know this by now and so did I . . . what compelled me to fall for this type of scam is beyond me . . . IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...well, you all know the rest of that saying! TIP FOR THE FUTURE . . . check for the complaints first to avoid these types of scams. Best of luck to everyone who is in the middle of resolving their own issues with this company.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #110351
Sep 27 2004
12:15 PM
The Mobile Solution And The Digital Buyers Club Ripoff and Poor Customer Service San Diego California
On 3 July 2004 I stopped by The Mobile Solutions kiosk at Deerbrook Mall in Humble, TX. I purchased two new Motorola cell phones, along with a family plan from T-Mobile. When I was signing all my contracts I was told I had no choice, I had to enroll in the Digital Buyers Club for the first 90 days I owned my cell phones or T-Mobile would not accept my new contract. The Digital Buyers Club, I was told, was T-Mobile's cell phone insurance, replacement plan. I paid the first 90 days, signed on the dotted line, and then went about my way with my new phones and service contract. On 13 Sept 2004, like an idiot I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. I called T-Mobile to ask what the contact number was for their insurance, not having any idea where my original contract was at the time. T-Mobile transferred me on to Asurion and I placed a claim. Asurion made arrangements with the closest T-Mobile store for a loaner phone until mine could be replaced. On 14 Sept 2004, Asurion called me stating I had no insurance through them and that I needed to find my original contract to ascertain what if any insurance I had on my cell phones. Upon finding my contract I realized I had made a mistake and contacted The Mobile Solutions - Digital Buyers Club. This is where my nightmare began. It took me over 24 hours to get someone on the phone that didn't put me on perpetual hold. The way I accomplished this was to call The Mobile Solutions store at Deerbrook Mall I had purchased the phones from, and scream at the manager enough until he called The Mobile Solutions himself and had them call me. The young man I spoke to, Mark, seemed to really have no clue what he was doing, had zero phone etiquette, but eventually got me a claim number, and told me where to mail my damaged cell phone, this was on 15 Sept 2004. On 16 Sept 2004 I called The Mobile Solutions - Digital Buyers Club to make sure they had receive my cell phone, again I spoke with Mark. He assured me that they had indeed received my cell phone and that a replacement cell phone would be back in my hands via Fed-EX on 21 Sept 2004. On 22 Sept 2004 I again called The Mobile Solution - Digital Buyers Club, again spoke to Mark, I was beginning to believe Mark was the only employee they had. I asked Mark for a tracking ID Number for my cell phone since I had not received it yet. He put me on hold and then came back stating he really didn't know anything about my cell phone, or a tracking number. That he would call me back in 45 mins when the other person got back from lunch, because they knew all about that stuff. Two hours later I called The Mobile Solutions - Digital Buyers Club back. This time I spoke with Chris, and let me tell you Mark may have had no phone etiquette, but Chris sounded like some street thug. He was rude from the start! He informed me that it would cost me the original $35.00 deductible, plus an additional $45.00 for repair cost because I was the one who dropped the phone in the toilet, damaging it beyond repair. It was at this point I totally lost my patience and asked to speak to his supervisor. Chris informed me his supervisor was too busy to talk to me. I asked him to please then put me on hold until his supervisor was available. He said he would not, that I needed to make the payments via credit card and they would fix my phone. So I asked Chris if he was saying that The Mobile Solution - Digital Buyers Club was in fact holding my cell phone hostage for an amount of money that clearly was not on the contract I signed. He said for me to pay the money and I could have my cell phone back. I again asked to speak to his supervisor, and it was at this point that Chris threw me into voice mail. I hung up and called back, and guess what, I got Chris again. Again I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said lady just pay the money and you can have your damn phone. I again asked to speak to his supervisor, and again he threw me into voice mail. I hung up and took a short break to calm down. I then called back, and this time spoke with Trina. I gave a brief description of the problem, asked Trina to please just send my damaged phone back, as I could purchase a new cell phone for less than what they wanted to fix my damaged cell phone. I also cancelled my contract with The Mobile Solutions - Digital Buyers Club. Today, 27 Sept 2004 I receive my OLD, DAMAGED, cell phone via Fed-Ex. I know it is the same phone because of a scratch on the case I know I made, and low and behold guess what it works just fine. So I guess it just needed time to dry out. The moral to this story is this... You can purchase your cell phone and cell phone plan from where ever you wish, but DO NOT ALLOW THE MOBILE SOLUTIONS to talk you into some Digital Buyers Club; because it is not worth the paper it is printed on. Go with Asurion cell phone insurance. Thanks for letting my blow off steam, I hope this helps get some things changed! Debra Spring, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
14, Report #124024
Dec 22 2004
10:54 AM
The Mobile Solution, Digital Buyers Club Real story from someone literate. They teach dishonesty and pass it off as sales. Rip-off! Denver Colorado
Okay, everyone, here is the deal. First of all, I'm not surprised that most of you unhappy people worked for The Mobile Solution. It is true that they will in fact hire anyone. Obviously they will even hire people with incredibly limited speech and grammar skills. I worked for the Mobile Solution for a grand total of about 3 months in Lakewood, Colorado. I had been in the wireless industry for a few years prior to working at TMS (the mobile solution). Now, I read through most of the complaints from customers and employees and almost all make very valid points. One thing I would like to point out is that the company is, as a whole dishonest. And I am not bitter at TMS. I was a leading salesperson in the Colorado market, finishing in the top 3 all three months I was there. I also had a background in wireless, so I knew what it took to get paid regarding perfection on contracts. You all complain about it but remember, those are legal, binding contracts and if something is missing then they are essentially void if brought to light in court or a lawsuit. So yes, it is very important that you initial everywhere and have the customer sign everywhere. In terms of the dishonesty, I agree with whom ever said it was a personal problem. Because it was. I made a name for myself with my employees and within that company for selling a huge amount of phones and doing it honestly. I had next to no customer complaints because I was honest. If a customer was driving across the country and wanted no roaming, no long distance on their trip out there, well then they got sent down to the Verizon store. In my opinion a return was always worse than knowingly not selling a customer a phone. As for the company itself, I wouldn't mind seeing it crumble to the ground. It is a commonly accepted practice to teach dishonesty and pass it off as 'sales'. The Regional Managers and Market Directors, at least in Colorado, made used car salesman look like mother Mary herself. One in particular in Colorado is the Market Director Rick Griffin. This guy probably lies to his mother about his eye color. He routinely 'sold' people in the mall then tried to give me the sales, which I promptly refused. It caused quite a stir in the company and eventually I quit. The point is, like someone else made is that any large corporation where sales and commissions are involved there are going to be alot of slime. TMS is no exception. I will make no excuse or exception for them. They are an awful company and I still have numerous friends working for and still being screwed over by them. Oh and one more thing, to Wendy, The T-Mobile direct store employee, you direct stores are AWFUL. In different ways, you are much, much worse than TMS. Telling people you can't do warranty exchanges, refusing to price match, selling phones for routinely $100 or more more than TMS, and contrary to what Wendy says, T-Mobile has a nearly non existant upgrade program. Where as Verizon gives you $100 credit towards a new phone not to mention bill credits. So in closing, do what ever you can NOT to buy a phone from TMS. You are probably 90% more likely to be unhappy then if you'd just gone to a direct store and paid $100 more. At least you aren't being haggled in the middle of a mall. Go to a direct store. Pay more. It is worth it. Take it from all the ex employees at TMS. Alex Arvada, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
15, Report #1215632
Apr 15 2015
06:57 PM
Buyers Cash Club All listed on previous Rip Off Report : Lawrence Pargo,Chris Maxon,Stephanie May, Eugene Peasley smooth talkers ask to invest in the compny and share in the monthly profits.Get 10% of all cutomer sales. Phoenix Arizona
Beware of these smooth talking scamers !!  They talk you into investing thousands of dollars in their company and become part owner and shareholder.   They tell you that you will share in the companies profits each month and also get a 10% commission on all sales made to your website which they provide. They advertise for you and get SEO for you also. Dont be fooled like my wife and I were, It`s all 100% B.S. By their sugar coated tongues!!!    They are decieving and deceptive !!! We lost over $6000 dollars and we aim to get it back and put these criminals in jail !!! I am now writing a letter to the Arizona State Attorney General to follow these scammers up.  If you are a victim also , do post your complaints also and lets join together to put these people where they belong !!! Behind bars !!!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
16, Report #245205
Apr 22 2007
09:03 AM
The Fashion Depot Group (Mel Stanger) Rip off dishonest, fraudulent wholesaler who give buyers fake tracking number and eat their money. Long Branch New Jersey
I bought some hip hop clothes from a company called The Fashion Depot Group.The clothes were worth $1900.00.I was dealing with Mel Stanger whom I suppose is the owner of the company.He gave me fake tracking numbers from USA postal services and everytime I called him to let him know that the numbers does not work he would shout on me and hung up the phone.I just feel that he took advantage because I do not live in USA.The last time I talked to him he said the box got opened so he ordered the post office people to seal it back and continue sending the parcel but up to now I have not recieved the package.I have all the evidence I send the money through bank wire transfere to his bank in long branch called commerce bank.He always shout at me ,which is painfull he took my money after all he shout at me.I tried his phone number but for the past week there was no answer .PLEASE ALL BUYERS BE WARNED HE IS A THIEF> Lavender canterburyUnited Kingdom
Entity: Long Branch, New Jersey
17, Report #742290
Jun 17 2011
09:18 PM
Universal Vacation Club Too all buyers beware.. Here is the crap I went through in 14 years of being a member of UVC San Diego, , California
   Jeanne K. Nushy                                                                           September  26 1994    President UVC    750 Second Street STE 100.    Encinitas CA 92024    RE: VDM #6282A VDP #12199A    Delinquent Maintenance Fees    Dear Jeanne Nushy    After my talk I have had with Shannon Horton on the phone September 23,1994, I decided to pay the delinquent maintenance fees, under condition that the problems listed below are addressed and resolved, so I can enjoy my vacations again with no problems. If they are not taken care of though, I will document all incidents and take the needed action as need be. I have read many L.A.Times articles in the travel section where VDP has advertised packages since May, 1993. VDP was offering a special including airfare and transfers for $359.00, and 7 nights accommodations. The people that LEASE there now have gotten the short end of the stick. And the club paper says members have more flexibility, that's an understatement. Some of these people taking the specials get units NOT in the hotel section, but units in the buildings with the best views of Banderas Bay and the pool area. Plus I put VDM #6282 up for resale on 02/08/89, and paid a $10.00 listing fee, which the club failed to list in the News between Amigos. I have also paid a total of $600.00 in maintenance fees in 1989, when the club decided to change its fiscal year from June to May, to Dec. to Nov. I also supposedly received a $60.00 adjustment in 1989 for having to stay in a hotel studio for 3 days instead of my large studio in the VDP. If Graziano will not accept this, and tell me like he did in 1989 That he does not want my kind in his resort, then that is fine, He can buy back the units from me, and I'll enjoy stress free vacations like the one I just returned from in Florida.    August 27, 1988    The first time at VDM I went on a bonus week I nearly got ripped off by the desk clerk for $50.00, for I asked for a studio with 2 beds, because my brother was traveling with me. Thank goodness that you had Sandy Hirschenson working there at the time, or I would have been out of pocket $50.00. Sandy made sure that the desk clerk was fired too for this incident. For I paid the extra $50.00 with a a travellers check, and it was missing when an audit was done. I also did a favor for a liner named Karlas because she couldn't sell 4 weeks in the VDP. She offered to take me to breakfast, but when she lost some commission, because she did not get her price, she got angry with me, and told me not to tell potential buyers that I got a great bargain for I held out with the liners. Hey if these people can't do their jobs, then why are they working? George Triggs told me not to worry about it and thanked me for he still made $8000.00  instead of $12000.00. And Karlas never honored her part of the bargain.    October 29, 1989    First use of VDP facilities I was placed in a hotel studio instead of the large studio I purchased on August 29, 1988. My brother also accompanied me on this trip. It was not until Wednesday November 1, that we were placed in a large studio, that I had originally paid for. On this trip I went to the presentation this year, and a liner told me all the units in BLDG 3 were hotel studios. I had to hunt down for 2 hours a person to explain to me why I was not placed in the large studio that I originally paid for. I completely have no respect for Graziano, for he made mine and a family from Pleasanton CA stay a living hell. They had a valid complaint and so did I. Both of our groups received hotel studios instead of what we paid for, and the couple purchased a 1 bedroom unit for 4 weeks use.    October 28, 1990    No major problems this year, though I had to upgrade from a large studio to a 1 bedroom unit, for their were no large studios available on week 43, which was the week assigned to me in a floating contract. And I remember that this reservation was placed in April of 1990, which is 6 months in advance. The people at RECO told me that if I wanted to reserve this week, I would have to do it 1 year in advance. Which meant I had to place a reservation in October of 1989, to guarantee a reservation. Some people like me cannot make requests 1 year in advance, for some employers like mine do not allow this. So Jeanne is this your idea of FLEXIBILITY?    October 13, 1991    I had a large studio in BLDG 5 of VDP. These units are in no way as nice as the units in BLDGs 1 & 2. First complaint they have a refrigerator that is so small, it is only compatable for a midget. Overall the studios in BLDGs 4,5, & 6, are substandard, compared   to the studio units in BLDGs 1 & 2, in my opinion. Second complaint I have is the desk clerk tried giving me a hotel studio in BLDG 3 again, which I totally refused since I purchased a large studio. I also purchased a unit while BLDG-2 was under construction in 1988. If I had known that Graziano was going to take shortcuts in BLDGs 4,5 and 6 and put the small refrigerators in, I would have never purchased the unit to begin with. Like I said I DESERVE TO RECEIVE WHAT I HAD PAID FOR, AND IF I DONT GET WHAT I PAID FOR THEN I DON'T PAY MAINTENANCE FEES.    July 11, 1992    This year I had a unit in BLDG 5, one floor below the unit I had occupied 1 year earlier. When it rains the whole patio is flooded and it becomes totally useless to sit out there, for the water has no proper means of drainage. And the desk clerk tried giving me a hotel studio again need I say more. What irked me is that all of BLDGs 1 & 2 were closed for maintenance from July 11, through July 25, 1992. That's 2 weeks! In the bylaws it states that a unit may only be placed in 1 week maintenance for that year. I also have photos at my disposal to prove my point on this matter.    July 18, 1992    First time in unit 205 of VDM since purchase in April 1988. When I saw the unit I was quite pleased, for the unit was more comfortable and not so sterile as the units in VDP. Plus I had a nice size refrigerator that could hold more than 6 bottles of beer. BUT when I saw the bathtub, I was angry for Graziano had the drain and faucet torn up, so they only now function as a shower. But I assumed it was only being repaired. In August 1988 the bathtub was fine and working now it does not, even though I had a different unit in VDM. I also checked with other members to see if my unit was an isolated case, but they have had their bathtubs tampered with. The member in unit 105 was one example. What I fail to see is the bylaws where the developer has any right to make alterations to the units, after   they have been released to the club, and bought and PAID in full by members like myself. It took the vote of members to have TVs and microwaves in the units,so what right does Graziano have destroying the bathtubs without consent. And also the pool in the VDP was not available for the members from Wednesday through Saturday, due to pumps being out of order. So the majority of members and visitors ended packing the VDM pool area.  Graziano should have taken care of this. They should also get some reputable greeters LIKE BETTY WHO MADE STAY in 1990, a very pleasurable experience. Most of the TIBURONES that work there are idiots, and are are only interested in getting you into the HARD SELL Presentation, to make themselves $20.00. Stacy told me that the BUENAVENTURA trip was good, and I gave her a deposit for the tour, and attended the HARD SELL. Another person whos name is Lucilla, told me the BUENAVENTURA was dry-docked, and I told Stacy I would never do business with her again. The boat that was substituted was a TRIMARAN. Any person that has been on one of those boats knows that sea sickness is very common on them. In fact I warned some people about it, and sure enough they got seasick. I also lost half my $25.00 deposit, because I chose not take the trip. Bob Kistner should fire people like Stacy, for they are going to hurt them in the long run, and keep people like Betty, who was working on the property in 1993. I was also told they were going to be off the property in 1991, so what happened? As far as I am concerned, Betty and her friend Edna, were the only 2 reputable people I really care to deal with.    July 17, 1993    I just got in to Vallarta from Cancun and when I entered VDM #205 I noticed the bathtub was still in the condition of dis-repair as it was in 1992. I managed to take photos of the bathroom in 1992, and have enclosed photocopies of the damage. I wish I brought a camera this year, for Graziano had posted a sign in the VDP lobby stating that the hotel would not be responsible if people slipped and fell on the WET marble floor when Vallarta gets one of its heavy downpours. If Mr. Soverniego refuses to be responsible for his STUPIDITY of having an open lobby without doors, then it is his problem. Marble is  very slippery even when the floors have just been mopped. The Beach Palace in Cancun has the same floors, but the owner had common sense and good judgment, to have doors for entrance to the pool or from outside to the lobby, so when it rains, water does not build up in the lobby area. Graziano complains about the way Vallarta Dept of Public works builds drainage in the streets, but fails to EXERCISE GOOD JUDGMENT in his own endeavours. Better yet Mr. Soverniego should go build himself a penthouse at the VDP in Cabo San Lucas and stay there, for I never plan to visit that city in Mexico.    June 1, 1994    Oh goody! I just received THE NEWS BETWEEN AMIGOS in the mail here are my latest peaves.    800 NUMBERS to contact club, use to have them but since VRI came into our forum we lost that, for RECO doesn't handle reservations anymore, except bonus weeks.    VRI's DATABASE does not keep records up to date very well. I contacted UVC 1 month before my 1993 reservation last year, for I still had not received my reservation for week 29. The person who took my change of address information, over the phone changed only one of my memberships #6282A, and failed to change #12199A, so I only received one maintenance assessment, instead of two. The solution is to query members   by their names, and not by membership numbers. Numbers work good only in single accounts and not multiple accounts. Any Knowledgeable, competent computer person would do it my way.     FLOATING WEEK RESERVATIONS Originally when I purchased these timeshares, I could only make reservations 6 months in advance. Then in 1989 it was increased to 1 year. In the newsletter, in now states that reservations can be made 24 months in advance. Like I said in the paragraph dated October 28, 1990: My employer will not allow that kind of scheduling I feel that I should have an equal chance to secure a week I desire, and not have to put up not getting it, because people who are financially independent can.      SELF SERVE ICE MACHINES I just got back from a excellent vacation in St. Petersburg Florida, where I stayed at the Days Inn Marina Beach Resort. If I wanted to get ice for drinks, I did not have to fight the idiot bartender to get a bucket of ice; for ice machines are present on the property, free of charge to the guests. I have always had this problem on the VDM and VDP properties,though.     JACUZZI IN VDM POOL This worked the first time I used my bonus week in 1988, in 1993 it was out of order. Was Graziano trying to take shortcuts again so he could pocket more of the maintenance fees?????    Sincerely   A former member    P.S. Please either get an assistant that can spell correctly, or get a software package that checks spelling, like MS WORD 6.0 or WORD PERFECT 6.0. It will even correct EXCERCISE to EXERCISE. Which was mis-spelled on both notices. Sent:    Sunday, September 03, 2000 9:25 AM To:    '' Subject:    Complaints To whom in the UVC or RCI Management this may concern, On August 31, 2000, I received a phone call from Ms. Shannon Horton (UVC manager of member services). The call was regarding my complaint from the unit I received in Cabo with an extra amenity (Jacuzzi), that did not work. Well I felt some hostility coming from this manager regarding what I expected to gain from this (Shannon's words). The fact is I never expected to gain anything other than making sure the unit #1720 was fixed, because whether or not I own in Cabo or Vallarta the maintenance fees are NOT reflected in separate accounts in the yearly audit. What I'm upset about is Ms. Horton's attitude on her comment, and thinks she needs to be counseled on her attitude. Let me put this in a little clearer perspective. In 1995 I upgraded my VDP unit from a large studio to one bedroom with premier membership privileges. Part of the sales pitch was that UVC was building a resort in Cancun. Before I signed any purchase agreement, I asked Mr. Kistner to give me something in writing. What he gave me, was a pamphlet titled the Vacation industry review for winter 1993. This is excerpt the comments made by Luz Maria Torres. Even as the Cabo San Lucas development gets underway. The Villa Group is already looking beyond its completion to the future of the partnership. I think we will be in Cancun in the next 4 years, Torres says. Although that will be harder to administer and take more resources to reduce the impact of distance, we would like to aim to Cancun to give a variety of locations to our members. They used this sales tactic once again on a couple of my friends in 1999. I told my friends they were suckered. When I questioned Bob Kistner in 1996 about Cancun, the new decision was to build full ownership condos named La Estancia in Cabo, instead of Cancun. Well let me tell you. If you are an American citizen like I am, There is no full ownership of anything in Mexico 500 meters from the shoreline. because foreigners are not allowed to own property in the vicinity I just quoted. And I will not be taken as a sucker for a second time, once is enough. When the sales staff in Puerto Vallarta uses this lie to sell timeshares, it is setting itself up for a rude awakening. Let me tell you Publishers Clearinghouse has learned an expensive lesson from their deeds of intentional misrepresentation. Whether I choose to go that route or not, I intend on liquidating my membership in VDP. And I will keep the VDM until my lodging rights expire in 2011. I have also attached  the complaint I just recently wrote, and the one from 1994 to refresh your memories. I don't complain allot, but I do complain when something is wrong. Sincerely To: Universal Vacation Club A California Corporation Re: Maintenance Fees for VDP Membership #8120 November 27, 2000 To whom this may concern Due to the fact that nothing has been resolved in the matter of fixing an extra amenity (Jacuzzi in Unit 1720) at the resort in Cabo San Lucas, I have no other choice but to deduct the reserve amount of $43.75 from my Year 2001 maintenance fees due December 1, 2000. This is because Shannon Hortons attitude on what do I expect to gain from this complaint, and the fact that Im not entitled to complain about extra amenities, because the 1 bedroom unit I upgraded to, didnt have an extra amenity anyhow. Let us see now. Here is what I purchased back in July 1995. A 1 bedroom FLOATING (not fixed) week, which means I have a different room every time I visit either the resort (VDP) in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas. There is no excuse for not having spare parts for the Jacuzzi, because I would have even complained if I received one of the one bedrooms in Vallarta, that have washers and dryers, if they were not operational. What about that Shannon? And I know there are a few units in Bldg-1 of VDP, which has those particular amenities, because friends Ive known since 1996 have stayed in one of the units. And like I said in my last letter, I was not able to verify whether or not the Jacuzzi in  #3201 was working due to a power failure. Ill resend that letter, plus the one I emailed to RCI Management. (That I didnt get a reply to). You people are paid maintenance fees EVERY year, and are expected to keep the property up. Which brings to another point. My brother just got back from Villa Del Mar in Vallarta, and informed me that both MAIN pools in VDM and VDP were down from Friday 10/20 Sunday 10/22. The Villa Del Palmar pool was down till Thursday 10/26/2000. It seems you people are more interested in keeping the WINTER season people happy, than the SUMMER season people. If Im not allowed to use my membership #8120 VDP in 2001, because Im deducting the reserves of $43.75. I will initiate civil action the San Diego small claims courts, based upon Breech of Contract, and Intentional Misrepresentation. On the grounds that falsehoods the were printed in a magazine pamphlet dated Winter 1993, and these FALSE sales tactics are still be used in Puerto Vallarta today, whether or not UVC decides to build a resort in Cancun. I informed Bob Kistner in 1996 to stop that sales pitch, but obviously he continues to do it.  I will ask the court for maximum award of $5000. I will also initiate a separate lawsuit if Im not allowed to use membership #6282 in Villa Del Mar in 2001, because I DO intend on paying all the REQUIRED fees for that membership.   Sincerely Shannon, Please forward this to your supervisor so that these issues are corrected. We arrived @ VDP- Cabo on 7/1/2000. We received room 1720. This room was a one bedroom had an extra amenity. One Jacuzzi on the patio. It did not work, and I had called the front desk to repair it along with the broken shower head in one of the bathrooms. The excuse I was given was there was no spare parts for the jacuzzi to be fixed, and the unit in room 1719 didn't work either. I also found out from a child friend of my girlfriend's son that their unit in the 2 bedroom unit they were given, did work. Rogelio at the front desk tried to give us a different room,(#3201) but due to the power failure on Wednesday 7/5/2000, we were not able to verify if the jacuzzi unit did function. Room 3201 was also in a noisy area above the kitchen and the pool bar, so we declined to take it. This gets back to maintenance. We were happy with unit 1720, and did not like being given the runaround that the jacuzzi could not be fixed. Contrary to your belief, whether my unit is in Vallarta or not. I purchased a Premier Membership in 1995 which allows me use of both VDP PV and Cabo, and that my maintenance fees from both VDM and VDP are put in a general fund to take care of all 3 resorts (VDM, VDP-PV, and VDP-Cabo). I want these issues resolved, for I plan on taking up these issues with Mr. Bob Kistner at the next owners meeting. Bob and George Triggs have always satisfied my needs, when warranted. I don't need anymore of these Graziano tactics because that guy can have his Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta. In fact it seemed that with the lousy maid service we had in Cabo, that Mr. Sovernigo had never really left the premises. Like you said VDP Puerto Vallarta is a well oiled machine. I would really like to see VDP - Cabo be a welled oiled machine like VDP PV. In closing I was pleased that Cabo had a breakfast buffet, and hope VDP PV had finally decided to offer that to the guests too.  
Entity: San Diego,, California
18, Report #565211
Feb 05 2010
06:50 PM
Premium Buyers Club PBCINC Membership Company Selling RIP off vacations, home & electronics Mississauga, Ontario
This company starts off by calling your home phone number, telling you that you that you have won a gift prize.   They describe 5 grand prizes, which are LCD Tv, furniture set, cash prize, vacations.   They ask you to go down to their location, which is a total waste of time, they waste 1.5 hours of your time, trying to get you to buy a vacation package for $3000+ dollars.    All prizes are accomadations to some resort, no one walks out with any real prize.    This is a SCAM, they try to convince you to sign up with their program.     I will update this with thorough information at a later time, once my investigation is complete.
Entity: Mississauga, Ontario
19, Report #1218790
Mar 28 2015
09:58 AM
Allergy Buyers Club Boston Green Goods Do Not Order from This Company!! Braintree Maine
I made the mistake of choosing Allergy Buyers Club to purchase an Air Purifier. The web site sounded good, and looked okay, but don't be fooled! They advertise for Fast Shipping....ships same day or next day, or if not in stock an extra two days. Not. I ordered my machine on 3/1/2015. It is now 3/28/2015 and no machine. I keep checking my order status on line and all it says is In Process. There was an email address if we had any questions, stating they would get back with us immediately. So, I emailed and asked why the long wait. No response. About a week later, I noticed my status said, In process - On hold. Again, I emailed asking what this message meant. Again, no response! Since then, the status just says, 'In process'. So, I found a number to call. Evidently it was the wrong doepartment, and they hung up on me. I found the Customer Service number for placed orders and called them. A recording came on stating there was a long wait, etc. Finally, they gave me an option to leave a message and they would return the call in the order they were received. Three days later, I'm still waiting for their call. I went back to the web site today, and the little window popped up asking if I needed help. I started writing to see if they could check on my order, and the window disappeared. They deducted the amount from my credit card within the first two days. They refuse any type of communication. My conclusion: I have been totally ripped off!!!
Entity: Braintree, Maine
20, Report #475912
Aug 03 2009
06:09 AM
Universal Buyers Club - Magazine Virginia - Amacore Protection - Budget Savers $1 from acct to mail you buyers saving info. Then after a month they will charge you for that service if you don't cancel. Well, I called to cancel and they still charged me but, not just one they charged me a different amount for each company name but they are all the same company. Richmond Virginia
These companies call you to send out this information to you about saving 50% off what you purchase at different retail stores. They offer to send this info out to you if they get $1 from your acct. to mail the infomation to you. They also tell you for trying this service out you get a $25 walmart gift card free with the information they are sending you. None of it is true. The 50% savings in only on items that they approve and you have to order online through their website. Not through the website itself that you are shopping with. Then And, it's not 50% off; its 20% the $25 giftcards that you purchase. Also, the free $25 dollar giftcard that you receive just for taking a look and the package. You don't get it until you fill out info to do a survey. Whih takes 7-10 business days to receive and then the giftcards may ship in 2 to 6 wks. Complete rip off. I called and cancelled my membership with all these companies. They still charged my the monthly amount.One company Amacore protection I never agreed to sign up with that company and they still removed money from my acct. The Main Company is Universal Buying Club all the other companies branch off from that one. That's how they got access to my acct. Laconia Belle Chasse, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
21, Report #1410600
Nov 06 2017
11:16 AM
luxury fashion silver city,nm i ordered a watch expecting to pay shipping only. however they automatically put me on an unwanted watch of the month club and are charging my credit card without my permission and charging exuberant amounts for inferior watches Silver City New Mexico
i was on e bay which by the way i am in the ecommerce business. during with time i was offered to take a 30 sec. survey and would get a prize only having to pay shipping. i picked a watch and gave them my card info thinking it was only for shipping. susequently, i have found out these scam artist hsve put me on a watch of the month club, which i did not request and are illeagally charging my credit card firstly more than the shipping fee. secondly, i found out without my permission i am on this watch of the month club, which cost outrages prices monthly for inferior watches that are not worth $10.00.         my complaint is they are illegally charging my credit card, for somthing that i did not request. supposedly, this was supposed to be a prize for the survey and i was only supposed to pay shipping on my prize. secondly i am now on a watch of the month club that i did not request. thirdly, they are charging my credit card without my permission.     these people are scammers and i am disabled. i feel they are taking advantage of my disability.
Entity: Silver City, New Mexico
22, Report #1194174
Dec 09 2014
12:34 PM
Fashion Fabric Club Denver Fabric They charge overnight shipping cost but take over 30 days- and they don't care! St. Louis Missouri
The time it takes them to process orders is outragious but I could handle that if they didn't rip you off with the outragous postage charges where they make over 50 per cent profit on the postage and send everything the slowest cheapest way possible. They are not interested in good customer service. They use more then one storefront and give the same horrible service and excessive postage charges in all of the storefronts. Denver Fabrics is the same outfit. They must have opened another store name to try and avoid all the negitive feedback but the websites are exactly the same and the service is unmistakable. USPS deliveres priority mail to Alaska ( 5 days for delivery max) at the same cost as eveywhere else in the USA about $15 but they charge me over $50 and it takes a month, when told that they said they didn't care, they would charge what they want for postage. Returns are a lost cause.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
23, Report #1407410
Oct 19 2017
08:01 PM
Luxury fashion Misleading advertising to join club Silver city New Mexico
 This company operates under the amazon name. They offer gifts for completing customer surveys for the price of 6.99 for shipping. If you do not cancel within fourteen days ypu are billed for a watch every month for 99.00 without being able to return items for refund.
Entity: Silver city, New Mexico
24, Report #8261
Nov 28 2001
12:00 AM
I am from a small town. We don't have a lot of places to shop outside the local walmart, but one day we got a Fashion Bug. I went there with a friend and purchased 2 pairs of jeans. I took them home and my friends mother had to take in the hips on the first pair because the didn't fit right. So i decided to save her a headache and take the second pair back. At the store the sales rep was extremely rude. I explained there was nothing wrong with the jeans i just wanted to return them. The sales rep asked me if i had worn them. I said no i hadn't even taken them out of the bag and all the tags were still attached. She accused me of lieing she said Well they smell like smoke i said well probly because i am a smoker. Then she actually had the audacity to pick up the jeans spread the legs and smell the croch! I almost died of embarrassment! I have never been so insulted in my life. I couldnt even talk to her without screaming. I kinda lost my cool but in the end i got my money back, and no one i know will ever shop there again! Crotch sniffers i swear!
Entity: STERLING, Illinois
25, Report #844659
Feb 26 2012
09:49 AM
Buyers Club Lisa: ID: 6692 Got $35.11 out of my checking account and lied about delivery of $1000.00 Walmart Gift Card and othert offers. Mount Vernon, Texas
Was called at my home phone number and told that I won a $1000.00 Gift card from Walmart for a survey that I completed online. Lisa ID: 6692 said that by 2/25/2012 I would receive my gift card and other offers from them in a mailed packet to me John Davidson. It is Saturday evening and I never received the packet with the gift card and the two phone numbers that I was given no one ever answers except a computerized voice giving options. The phone number on my caller ID was 303-222-4266, that was for the offer of walmart gift card.When dialing this number I get just a beeping sound like the phone number is out of service. Trying to find out more, I took the first two phone numbers and got a name and address for 866-537-4728. The other number 855-213-8752 I cannot get any information on that number but that it is and 800 service. I do not know if name and address actually is part of the scam. John D Bellevue,Kentucky 41073
Entity: Mount Vernon, Texas

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