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1, Report #364177
Aug 18 2008
02:29 PM
The Center For Association Resources Rob Patterson Schaumburg, Illinois Schaumburg Illinois
It is refreshing to see that someone has finally spoken up about the blatant harassment of this organization. Many employees are so relieved to leave this company and not have to deal with Rob Patterson that they do not consider taking action. Working for this man is so emotionally draining that as soon as there is a possible out employees run and never look back. Not only does this firm break numerous employment laws ranging from overtime to discrimination they also have the decency to harass employees. The number of former employees is astonishing, never in my whole career have I heard of a firm that manages to have such a high number of revolving employees per year/month or even at times week! I have seen and heard racial, sex, disability and weight discrimination by Rob. Additionally, clients are repeatedly mistreated and at times harassed during the business relationship. Vendors are also repeatedly harassed and withheld payment. As a former employee I was not paid for my time. I considered taking legal action numerous times for the sake of any future employees but decided against it merely for the fact that I never want to be in the same room as this man. I was harassed repeatedly by Rob after my employment ended. While I have numerous exhibits of evidence I did not want to experience any further harassment because I did not want to subject myself to the emotionally draining process. If you are considering employment with this company I suggest you go elsewhere and not subject yourself to maltreatment it is not worth it. If vendors do not even want to do business with him, trust me you don't either! Anonymous chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
2, Report #809988
Dec 15 2011
04:26 PM
The Center for Association Resources Rob Patterson Run away as fast as you can! Schaumburg, Illinois
Would you like to work in an environment where there is a constant revolving door as employees NEVER stay for longer than a year? Would you like to be placed on video camera as you walk in and out of the office? Would you like to work overtime only to have it be taken away as Robert Patterson will INSIST and DEMAND you should take some time off at home therefore depleting your overtime pay? Would you like your desk to be gone through after hours or have food taken out of your desk because someone needs a snack after hours? Do you want terrible insurance where they claim they will pay half when in reality they don't pay for it at all?! Would you like to be paid nothing and told that whatever you do is just not good enough? Do you like people who are bi-polar, self centered martyrs who constantly feel sorry for themselves but treat others like garbage? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this is the place for you! If you answered no and have half a brain and some common sense then run far far away from the Center for Association Resources. True, the economy is bad, but working here wil give you nothing but stress, anxiety and headaches! This revolving door company is a joke. Employees who have worked there never last more than a year and neither do the clients. The website is completely false as it states all of their many many clients when in reality they have very few. Spending too much time on a client in their best interest? Don't even think about it unless the client pays enough. If they don't pay enough for the centers services, the client will get the bare minimum! Everything is last minute as the main focus of the center is money, money and more money. Getting new clients and their money but NEVER focusing on those clients once they get them. All clients are dumped on the worker bees while the cycle continues. Don't get caught up in this pony show. Keep your sanity and keep looking for a decent paying job with a decent boss.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
3, Report #971664
Nov 19 2012
11:56 PM
The Center for Association Resources Robert O. Patterson Do Not Use - Work Here Schaumburg, Illinois
I was hired here and feeling alone in my struggle with this man and his job expectations until I read these other reports. I am simply writing to highly advise anyone thinking of working here to NOT do so - hoping to alleviate you from a situation of feeling constantly confused, less than intelligent and down on yourself - all while having deal with someone who not only has a God complex but can do no wrong - you will always be made to think you are the problem and that you are doing a great deal wrong when you are there. I have experienced the following comments - isn't that what I pay you for, your not doing this right - I can't have this, there were a bunch of people I could have hired for this position, you don't listen, your notes are a mess, I am sensing irritation on your end - don't know if it's your pride or what, that's not how we do it here, I remember everything I hear, I have a photographic memory, I have to explain this to you so I don't die of cancer holding it in, it's all about the detail you have to get it right, I don't care what you or anyone else thinks of me, this is what bugs me about you - you don't listen - write it down, we already went over this you are wasting my time - don't make assumptions! The man is constantly late, he loses things, forgets what he tells you, has no regard for your time, when you ask questions you're made to feel like you are interrupting him - he expects you to walk in and know everything in one day - no room for error or to ask more than a tolerated amount of questions - when his internal equipment fails (FAX, copier, computer or server) its your fault. He creates excess work by not following up on his responsibilities - the employee turn over is very high as noted in the other posts so no one knows what is going on, the detail as far as folders and data is all mixed up, you are basically hired, harassed and made to feel less than you are - I knew after the second day I didn't like this man I should have quit then but I am not a quitter and strive to succeed - don't do it to yourself - I second or third or fourth he could honestly have bipolar disorder (seriously) as he doesn't even show a single sign of remorse and is very all over the board in his temperament. I am sorry all you other posters had to go through this same experience but thank you for posting - you gave me the strength to walk away from this without coming down on myself - its helped me come back up from this wretched experience!
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
4, Report #1210339
Feb 26 2015
12:45 PM
The Center for Association Resources Robert Patterson, CEO Horrible Boss, Horrible Person, worst work experience ever Schaumburg Illinois
All I can say is I wish I had discovered this site before my three month journey working at The Center and moreover for the CEO Robert Patterson.  The interview process was grueling to say the least, three in person meetings that each lasted two hours in length where the opportunities and role was discussed and many promises were made. Rob extolled his resume and dropped many names. I received and accepted an offer. Right off of the bat Rob was trying to pressure me to not give my current employer any kind of notice but to just quit. This should have been my first clue of what I was heading into. I started and was very excited about the journey I was beginning. Within a week I was re-thinking my decision but I kept telling myself, there's a learning curve here don't give up so quickly.  Rob and his other principal, a woman, routinely told me stories about how incompetent my predecessor was or anyone elese who worked there, with of course the exception of her son who left for greener pastures too. I didn't engage in too much of this and thought it was pretty unusual not to mention unprofessional but again, I just chalked it up to a learning curve. Shortly after I was hired, the client whose program I was to manage dropped them. I had a feeling in the conference calls leading up to the official notice that was given that this was something set in motion long before I was in the picture but this did not stop anyone from making me feel like this was my fault. The next move was to box up their materials and send them to the new association management company they contracted with. I had been there a week and had no idea what should go to them and what was to be retained. I asked for an invetory list and was told that I should know and that no one should have to hold my hand. I had never worked with or created any materials for this group so I really had no idea what I was looking for. But I solidered on and by the end of the week, after the way this man thinks he can talk to people I nearly quit then. But pressed on. Other responsibilites involved sending me to a storage facility to inventory and box up the material for other clients. When I dared ask any questions about some of what I was looking at again I was made to feel like an idiot because I didn't just know how many types of t-shirts the client sold in there bookstore, all while I am climbing around a hot storage locker, alone in the heat of summer. Next, because of the loss of this account, my role was changed to a sort of inside sales roll where I was to develop a list of leads and cold call them to solicit The Centers services. This was not what I signed up for but jumped in and made a go of it.  The final straw was when the time came for me to develop a budget for another account and program. I had stated several times in the interview process that this was not something that I had any experience with and would need a lot of guidance my first time out. When the time came for me to ask for help, there was none there, in fact I was told to figure it out because no one helped me. Then when I had the nerve to get frustrated by this I was led into a meeting where I was told I was combative and needed an attitude change. That was it. I sobbed all the way home and felt like a complete failure. Everything I thought I knew I was questioning because I could not perform a function that I clearly communicated I did not have any experience with. By the end of the week I had drafted a resignation. I placed all of the blame on myself, I was in over my head and thought it best to move on. I was prepared to be told to leave now but Rob insisted I give him two weeks. Intersting because he wasn't so willing to allow that for another company. In hidsight I should have exercised beign at will and walked away but I didn't. I stuck it out and was talked into remotely working to help bring in clients. I repeatedly would mention that the role at the job I returned too had changed and I would no longer have time for this but he would not leave me alone. Then I figured I would hold on until I received my W2 because I could see that being an issue. Our relationship finally came to an end when I consistantly could not work on this project and I just stopped hearing from him. There was no greater feeling of relief than when I left on my last day and that building got smaller in the rearview mirror. To finally be through with this man after all of these months was the greatest feeling. In my short time there, I witnessed everything that others have posted here exactly as it has been described. He is a mean and spiteful person. He is abusive to the point that I simply could not believe how he spoke to people on the phone or other colleagues in the office, including the other principal. I always had to ask him for my check on pay day and he routinely engaged in deceptive practices with colleagues and clients. It was all I could do to get away from the situation and him ASAP. This was a experience I could have done without. I hope that the Goolge ranking for this page stays right at the top to prevent anyone else from having to endure the sheer hell working for this man is. The fact that these stories are so consistant and span several years backs this testimony up.  
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
5, Report #1403680
Oct 02 2017
02:44 PM
The Center for Association Resources Robert Patterson Everything you read on other reports is true. Hoffman Estates Illinois
Working at The Center for Association Resources was one of the worst experiences of my life.  If you have read the past reports, which are a few years old, nothing has changed.  Robert Patterson is a horrible person and not someone you want to work for or hire as an association manager.  Working there: Robert Patterson was abusive and condescending. He would frequently verbally attack his employees for no real reason when he came into the office around 11:30 each day.  He told a book keeper who has MS that he moved to slow so he was only going to pa him half of what they agreed to, because he wasn't working fast enough.  He also regularly made fun of the way Indian people spoke, in front of an Indian employee. There is so much more, for example he threw a sandwich at the deli worker in the building because he didn't make his sandwich correctly, but much of it is cover in previous reports.  As a Client: Rob promises everything when he presents for their business, underbids the account then doesn't deliver on his promises because they are not paying enough for that level of service.  When a client starts asking for service that was promised, Rob will comment to the team that we need to horse break them and show them who is in charge and they are not an on demand client.  It is also common knowledge in the office that Rob is not engaged with his clients and completely relies on his staff to service and manage accounts. Take a look at all of the clients The Center for Association Resources has had, and all of the different people that have worked there and ask yourself, why are they all gone. The answer is Robert Patterson.  I think it’s great that we moved from politics to religion. (I really need a sarcasm font)
Entity: Hoffman Estates, Nationwide
6, Report #818440
Jan 05 2012
12:43 PM
Center For Association Resources A Fraud of a Company Schaumburg, Illinois
The Center for Association Resources is anything but.  They claim to provide services for associations, but have not the tools, staff, or resources to do that.  They have a tiny staff of largely inexperienced staff to manage the essential operations of association clients.  Unlike other reputable association management companies, they provide very limited services, despite what they promise to their potential clients.Staff are given no training on the clients to which they are assigned.  Clients have their account executive changed from month to month, mostly because staff either quit in disgust, or are summarily fired for being unable to get up to speed in a matter of hours, or days.The office is in a state of continual turmoil.  The CEO, Rob Patterson, shows up around 1pm each day, and proceeds to go from office to office, desk to desk, to berate employees.  No one is safe.  He believes that everyone is an idiot, or trying to cheat him.  Never mind that he hires people for minimum wage with little attention to actual experience.If you are a potential association client, you will be poorly served.  The Center has been fired by every ex-client.  Fired, with cause.If you are a potential employee, you are in for the worst experience of your life.  Patterson will hound you day and night, by phone or email.  He looks at every incoming email with an eye towards retrobution.No one should work for, or be hired by, The Center.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
7, Report #590087
Apr 06 2010
11:15 AM
Center for Association Resources Robert Patterson Expects people to work for free and harrasses employees Schaumburg Illinois
I wish I would of done my homework before working for the unethical misleading overpromising and undeliverable company.  It fronts itself as a consultant to Associations however it is a fraud.  As the other posts have said, Rob Patterson one of the principals, must either battle with a bi-polar affliction or he is just an evil person.  He demines every one he works with even his partner along with all his clients, in his words are no rodes scholars.  Please note, they do not pay their contractors and I spent a great deal of my time fending off calls from unhappy clients or unpaid bills.  Again stay away from this place.  I know he has gone thru 17 admins and 4 coordinators from Sept 2009 till April 2010. very fast from this organization.  They are a fraud! I do belive in Karma! Anonymous Chicagoland, IL USA
Entity: Schaumburg,, Illinois
8, Report #422575
Feb 10 2009
03:30 PM
Center For Association Resources, Robert Patterson Warning to Prospective Clients and Employees Schaumburg Illinois
I must agree with both of the previous posters. I too am a former employee of the Center for Association Resources, and in my time there, also discovered that Rob Patterson has no shame as a human being. While I didn't experience everything the first poster did (constantly drinking, blatant sexual harassment, etc.), I wouldn't put these things past Rob. He's a lawyer and certainly knows how to push the boundaries of the law to make more money while screwing over his employees AND clients. Please, if you are on the board of an association, DO NOT sign a contract with this company, they will not live up to their contract deliverables - I guarantee this. What is most important to Rob is getting clients, not retaining them. Once you sign the contract he no longer puts any effort into you as a client. He, instead, overworks underpaid employees without any respect for them. If you visit the company's website,, you can see his lies in action. The list of employees is completely off - an overwhelming majority of employees listed don't work there. PLEASE... do yourself a favor. DO NOT hire this company, and DO NOT get a job there. I know the economy's bad, but trust me, that place is NOT worth it. I feel bad for all current and former employees and clients of this company. Anonymous Chicagoland, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
9, Report #233991
Feb 01 2007
08:55 PM
Center For Association Resources Ripoff dishonest underpaid scammed underage drinking harrasment Schaumburg Illinois
Center For Association Resources, Inc.'s Rob Patterson, Chief Executive Officer of The Center has been scamming, misconducting, and harrassing people for years. A said lawyer who has never finished, will hire you at the lowest possible rate stating that they are a small company and that how is he suppose to live. Well for a person who drives a brand new BMW, soon getting a new one I would say he is doing pretty well. He also harrasses his employees. The office is a revolving door. He will send threating emails and will have you sign forms of employement that force employees to pay for travel expense bills as well as forcing them to sign complience to make sure he is covered. Luckily for me I refuse to sign any of his documents. Rob also promotes drinking in the workplace. He constantly promotes drinking. This is from a company that deals with allot of medical non-profit organizations. You will constantly see him drinking beer when in the office and constantly asking his employees to have some. His unprofessionalism goes as far as to make passes at his female employees putting them in a hostile work enviroment. His clients are sheltered from the chaos of his office. He goes as far as to hire a secretary and tells her to do three other positions otherwise she will not make it in a company. Having the police called to the office is a normal occurance. Employees have tried to file lawsuits against him but due to the paperwork needed to further employeement it is near impossible to convict him. If you have heard of this company and either are looking for employement or looking to be a client think hard about the troubles you may be faced with. Also be careful what you sign, he is known to put members from your business and label them as his. Be Aware. I hope this avoids a headache and a bad decision. anonymous Chicagoland area, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
10, Report #890755
Jul 21 2012
04:33 PM
Center for Association Resources Rob O Patterson Robert Patterson, Robert O. Patterson, Rob Patterson Center for Association Resources lied to during interview never trained stupid schaumburg, Illinois
Worked at the Center for Association Resources managing the nonprofit group, NAPBS.  Rob called me in for an interview and described all these wonderful things I would be doing with my degree and background, running conference calls and working with a lobbyist in D.C., etc. Hearing all of these wonderful things and seeing my background would be put to good use, I was naturally excited. It was only days later I found out I would be doing nothing but answering emails and cleaning up a 2 month administrative backlog created by him. During the first week he also stated we would discuss a contract at the end of the week. Worked the entire first week without discussing hours, salary, or what was expected of me. Finally Friday rolls around, and at about 4pm I asked to meet with him before I left for the day. He was completely dumbfounded as to why we needed to meet. We still had not discussed any hours or salary, but he figured we had... If i didnt print off all the tax forms online and turn them in, i would have been working for free. This is when I first questioned his sanity. Weeks later I asked him what his vision was for me in the company and how my background and degree would be an asset to the company. He responded saying employees are only an asset, if they do what they are told and that he never said anything about my background working into this position. Ummm, what? I was basically lied to during the interview and told outlandish things to get me in. This really makes me wonder how well his mind is... Rob also constantly emailed me at my personal email at all hours of the day. According to other reports he has harassed former employees, via their personal email account. I would come home from work, only to find 2 unread emails from Rob sitting in my inbox, with a Read Report attached to them to make sure I read his annoying emails. I never got a break from the place, even at home. I have also received threatening and disturbing emails from him, which makes me question his mindset once again.  During my time at the office, it became clear that he was not only inhibiting us from clearing up the backlog, but also contributing to it. I came in with no training and there were no directions as to what person possibly played what role in the company. I was just supposed to fix everything. Our only resource was sending out an email, only to have Rob intercept it (He was also in our inbox) and tell us not to email that person. He did nothing but sit in his office all day and stalk us from his computer. He would also go thru our inbox from the safety of his office and tell us what emails needed to be taken care of. Instead of taking care of a few of them himself, he would just forward them from our inbox to our same email so they would appear unread & new. He literally did nothing but terrorize us and make things worse. This got down to the point where EVERY email we needed to send out had to be approved by him first. Remember there was also a 2 month backlog of emails and a monthly journal that was overdue. Emails that could have been responded to quickly & answered immediately, were now taking days to respond. Now I understand why they were so backlogged....  I was expected to come in with the answers to fix everything. Too bad you cant fix stupid.
Entity: schaumburg, Illinois
11, Report #833128
Feb 02 2012
08:40 PM
Center for Association Rescources No Training AT ALL Schaumburg, Illinois
I just want to agree with the posters for the Center for Association Resources. I worked as a temp there for just a very short time and when I did something wrong I'd get told off. In my defense though, how was I to know! I was never given any training so I had no idea what I was supposed to do or not supposed to do. The CEO is a ...... (fill in your own word). He starts off nice and progressively shows his true colors.  
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
12, Report #1356402
Feb 16 2017
06:18 AM
Medical Tourism Association Global Healthcare Accreditation This company offers online certifications for medical travel services but does not assist the customer or provide the tools and resources that was promised after purchasing the certification and membership. palm beach gardens Florida
I purchased a medical tourism facilitator license online for $1500 and a membership for $1500 from the medical tourism association. After you purchase your membership and receive your certification  through this company, you receive business  leads,  information and  have access to certain benefits which are supposed to help you start and grow your business. The company markets that they will train you in your selected field so you can run and operate your business. After purchasing my membership and certification from MTA , I made numerous phone calls and sent emails asking for the benefits that were promised.  Months went by after sending emails and calling and i got no response. After finally receiving an email  response months later from the person in charge(Esperanza Hererra), I was given a list of things that I had to submit before receiving these benefits. These things weren't menttioned before I purchased the membership. When i emailed the person in charge to ask them for assistance and to explain more about what they needed, they never answered my reply and I was referred to other staff members who didn't help me or answer my questions about the things that  needed to be submitted. Being that i've never worked in this industry before and I was recently certified, it was very difficult to properly submit the things that they wanted when I didn't know how to properly create and submit it. I've called numerous times in a 2 year period to ask for assistance with my business and my calls are returned in an untimely manner and my emails arent answered in a timely manner. Weeks go by after I make phone calls and send emails to this company and when I finally get in touch with them, they don't answer the questions that I ask and they won't even let me come to their office to speak because they always say that the staff is too busy and i have to make an appointment.  The staff is very dishonest and gives me the runaround every time that I call with an inquiry. They finally referred me to business affilaites towards the end of my membership and certification expiration to help me with different things that i asked for at a price that i couldnt afford.  Before my membership expired, the staff member in charge told me that I had to watch selected video podcast in order to renew my ceritifcation. After completeing this task, i called and sent several emails over a 2-3 month time period asking the person in charge about the renewal  of my certification and i got no reply. I was then notified by a different staff member who told me that the person in charge would extend the membership if it is expired and not to worry because the MTA works with it's members.    I have been given the run around by the M TA and they have been very dishonest to me. They do not assist their customers with the tools and resources needed to start and run a business functionally. They repsond to emails and phone calls in the worse timely manner that i've ever seen in my life and do not appear to care about me as a customer that has paid for their service. The manager and staff don't even have the courtesy to return my phone calls and answer simple questions that I  have asked about numerous times.  On the day that I called and asked to speak with the manager or person in charge, the staff told me that she was on a call and she would call me back. I never received the phone and then the manager  sent me an email saying that my membership was expired and said if i want to purchase another membership and certification, let her know. She also sent another email stating that the MTA already extended my membership 6 months after telling me my membership would be renewed after watching the video podcast.
Entity: palm beach gardens, Florida
13, Report #397247
Dec 02 2008
09:54 PM
Prime Capital Resources Center Had no intention of making good on the promise to send my loan after approval Chicago Illinois
Having a hard time right now making those ends meet, so after researching various companies on the internet, I found Prime Capital Resources Center. I spent some time reading their website and then completed their on line application. Within a few days I was contacted by Robert Reynolds, Registered Officer with this company. Mr. Reynolds told me that me that I had been approved for the loan I requested (minus $500, which was still OK for me) and that he needed my E-mail address to send me the loan contract and related documents. On October 23, 2008, I received the loan documents by E-mail, read them completely, then signed the various pages. At no time did I know what was in store for me. After sending back the contract, I was then told about a collateral payment of $948.18 needed by the lender to fund my loan. This payment was necessary and would be credited to the loan, so my first payment would not be due until 6 months after funding. I was baffled to have to pay to get a loan as my financial situation was not that good. I borrowed the payment from my second job's boss and made the payment through money gram on November 5, 2008. I contacted Mr. Reynolds and gave him the transaction number and then proceeded to inform me that the loan would be wired to my account within the next 24 hours, if it did not hit, please call him back. Well 24 hours passed and I telephoned Mr. Reynolds at which time he told me that he had made a grave mistake and that I been written a deal as a repeat customer, not a new customer and that I was required to send an additional $400, which I did have since I had just gotten my paycheck from work and since I was getting this loan, I went ahead and used my car note money and sent the additional funds (like an idiot I now see). Then the real horror started...Robert Reynold's telephone number was no longer working. I would dial the umber on the contract and the system would just answer saying Thank You, Good bye. I then figured they had some type of centrex or multi line phone system and began trying in succession until I reached someone now at the number I placed on this report. This time, a new person answered saying that Mr. Reynolds was out and he was taking my file. After telling this new person my story,he reviewed my file and proceeded to tell me about closing costs or escrow fees of $475 that needed to be paid...I hit the ceiling and exclaimed that I had already come out of pocket and that this was an exercise in extracting money from me...but like the desperate person I was hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the loan finally appearingin my account...I borrowed money and sent this payment. Got back on the phone and told Billy to check to make sure that no more fees were needed. He assured me, confirmed my bank information and said wire would hit by 10am the next morning my time (im on the west coast). That NEVER happened....another phone call and this time I got a supervisor who told me that $500 more was needed...again, the blood pressure went up and I was screaming, but I sent it - borrowing again from a family member, who was assured that with my proceeds, she would receive a full refund. Now it is December 2, 2008, I sit with no money, bill collectors calling and on Friday, November 28, 2008 I cancelled the loan and demanded that my (total with wire fees) of $2,458.97 be refunded to me immediately. Billy told me they don't wire, but send a check, now I can't get anyone on the phone and I filing this report and will contact officials in Illinois to report this scam company. I feel like a complete idiot and now, I can't make my payments, my car note is late - they are threatening repossession, my family members are upset and angry with me, my boss is being very patient as I have shared this story with him. Do not fall for this company...if you learn anything from my long story - DO NOT use Prime Capital Resource Center - they are nothing but money extractors and scam artists. Bowling **** Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
14, Report #707449
Mar 17 2011
05:38 PM
Intelliglobal Resources Training Center Company also uses the name Metro Modern Management SAP and Project Management Training and job placement scam Hosuton, Texas
This company is a scam and is run by Maurice Iyalla. The owner of the business represents himself as a SAP project manager with many years of experiences. Based on what I have seen and what I have heard from others who have taken his training, he does not even have experience in either SAP or project management. This is a game to make you believe that he is a successful project manager with SAP knowledge.     The company does not have its own physical location but the owner does operate the business in his apartment complex using their conference room.  I don’t even think that the company is legal. Once you meet with the trainer/owner, he tells the individual that he provides training in SAP all modules including the SAP server and Project Management. He also tells the individual that once they are done with the program that he would provide them with a resume and placement. This is all a lie and a scam.   If someone is interested in SAP training he will tell them that he provides SAP all modules training including providing you with the server. The truth is that he has no knowledge of SAP nor does have access to any server. Instead of telling the individual the truth about not having knowledge of SAP, he will try to convince that individual that Project Manager is the best fit. He then tricks the individual into believing him that he will train and provide them with a guarantee placement. This is just a scam so that you can pay him over two thousand dollars.   Once you pay him the money, he provides you with a form that has what you will be trained on. On the first day of class, he provides the individual with some project management materials that he copied from the websites or other individuals. He would start with the introductory of project management, but does not proceed with the other sections of the training that he has claimed to teach. If you asked questions beyond that, he has no knowledge of any other areas of project management.   Once he collects your money, don’t bother calling him or emailing him because you will not be getting any responds from him. He will ignore your calls or any questions you may have for him. He tells the individuals that he would provide them with a resume and placement. Again this is a scam. He will not provide you with a resume or placement.  He just uses this line as a way to get your money. Once he receives your money, you will not be hearing from him.
Entity: Hosuton, Texas
15, Report #91150
May 22 2004
01:22 AM
Discount Buyers Association Of America ripoff, took my money, now I am broke, can't make any money in this business and they wont give it back Venice Florida
knowing nothing of this business,they claimed I would be putting thousands of dollars in my pocket within a few weeks, I borrowed $5000.00 to start my own bisiness with their help,Idid everything they told me to do. poured over $2000.00 dollars more money into advertising and office equipment, and have not made a cent.they told me i must send them the $5000.00 right away they were only accepting 16 new people. iwas unemployed,desperate,and believed I could do it. i spent about 4 months trying,but could not make any money,so i called to ask for my money back and they just kept giving me sales pitch baloney. I just want my $5000.00 back so i can pay back the loan which is extremely high interest and they refuse to give it back. Thomas north richland hills, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Venice, Florida
16, Report #1090629
Oct 09 2013
09:28 AM
I was contacted by the Remendy Center in New port Beach California by mail in 2012. They informed me that i qualified for a lower interest rate and principle reduction.I submitted all requested documents for their review ,to verify I qualified for the services they were offering. They asked for three post dated checks totaling $3995.00 All three checks were in sequential months.They called one day prior to verify funds were available. Once the third check cleared all communication ceased. 10 months went by ,when i recieved a letter from the Remedy Center stating I had 24 hrs. to send the offer I had recieved from my lender or all would be void. I recieved no such letter and called my lender and they knew nothig.It's been a year now and i see no other option but to seek leagal assistance.I was informed by an attorney that i may seek up to three times the amount I paid The remedy center.Don't give up if this has happened to you . Follow up with an attorney to see what your options are,they count on us just to do nothing .....Let's let them know that WE will not just sit here and let them get away with this....We will take action, they will pay.
Entity: NEW PORT BEACH, California
17, Report #1054008
May 26 2013
03:01 PM
 These fake lawfirms change their names almost daily.  None of the names they use are companies, lawfirms or are anything other than names for that matter.   The common things are the name and then the website they will point you to with fake testimonials from satisfied.  They say they are a lawfirm; But if you look you will not find the attorney they refer to as listed with the CALIFORNIA STATE BAR at their address.  They have had over 15 names listed at the: 4500 Campus Dr., Newport Beach, Ca  92660The following is a list of their names and websites:www.REMEDYCENTER.ORGWWW.HOMEREMEDYCENTER.ORGWWW.THEHOMECENTER.ORGWWW.NATIONALREMEDYCENTER.ORGWWW.REALTYLAWCENTER.ORGWWW.NATIONALLAWCENTER.ORGWWW.PRUDENTLAW.ORGWWW.NOVATIONLAW.ORGWWW.THEREMEDYGROUP.ORGSECURED PROCESSING, INC.Some of the names behind these group of names are MATT BRINKS, BRIAN LEVINE, ANDY WEISS, BLAKE KRUMME, JON COHEN, DENISE, JOHNSON, MIKE ZADEHGOOGLE   REMEDY CENTER LOAN MODIFICATION SCAM OR ENTER           REMEDY   on      WWW.RIPOFFREPORT.COM The bottom line you will see from all the complaints is the people and their fake names and websites will take your money and do nothing. 
Entity: NEWPORT BEACH, California
18, Report #1080491
Jul 03 2014
01:20 PM
remedy center aka Home Remedy deception bt misdescribing company's abilities and function re home refinance Newport Beach California
 After paying a $3,995.00 fee for a home loan modification became unavailable to answer anq questions regarding progress despite over 4 weeks of efforts and leaving messages. Answering service claims that anyone I asked for was 'unavailable' and they would leave a message for them to contact me. They also claimed to be in direct contact wiyth the 'underwriters' providing the funds to 'underwrite or achieve the loan mod. Initial receiving clerk 'Steven Morales' then referred me to an 'UNDERWRITER'  (Robert) who provided the funds to make the loan mod possible. During conversation with 'Robert' of the 'Underwriting Department' he (Robert) claimed to directly represent the actual 'underwriters' who provided the funds for the initial home purchase.  'Lisa Kilgore' from Processing Department contacted me claiming to handle my account personally. I have photos of the cashed checks proving that I paid them what I stated above. I also have multiple copies of emails between them and myself.  
Entity: Newport Beach, California
19, Report #1267153
Nov 10 2015
06:58 PM
20, Report #1389490
Jul 31 2017
02:17 PM
National Association of Sports Nutrition The Trisystem Center fraudulently charged my credit card Internet
I'd highly advise you not to give this company your money. They're labeled as either National Association of Sports Nutrition or The Trisystem Center. I signed up for a 1-year membership in June 2016. I never opted in for autorenewal, nor did I give them the permission to save my payment information. I was charged for a 2nd year in June 2017. I emailed their support team saying I wanted the membership cancelled, my money refunded, and that I never gave anyone permission to charge me for a 2nd year. The owner responded saying he was not going to refund me. The fact that the owner responded to something that's supposed to be a National Association says enough. It's probably a 1- or 2-man show. It took a month to dispute it with my credit card company and finally get credited. The credit, by the way, was due to my credit card company having my back. The Trisystem Center/National Association of Sports Nutrition continued to refuse my refund even after he wasn't able to provide any evidence that the charge wasn't fraudulent. The best part is that all of the pages on their website are '404 page not found' as of just a few days ago. Their new website is 
Entity: Internet
21, Report #399390
Dec 08 2008
11:56 PM
This is to inform you of the official release of the 2008 Promotional Sweepstakes Lottery held on June 28th, 2008 in the 2nd category. A ticket with serial numbers PLC 00011065528 attached to your name drew the lucky winning numbers 5-8-12-14-24-31-44. We have made many unsuccessful attempts to contact you regarding this winning. You are entitled to the sum of $248,000.00 US dollars. This is from total prize money of $1,488,000.00 US dollars that was shared and presented among 6 declared winners. Please note that all the participants were selected through a random computer ballot system drawn from over 500,000 names. Your claim number is PLC/MA-0055 and in accordance with our disbursement policy your prize award money has been forwarded to our clearing / disbursement institution to release our funds to you either by certified check or money order or wire transfer to your designated local bank account which you will provide. To expedite the processing, enclosed a a check of $4,985 UR dollars which has been deducted from your winning. You will be using some money on this first check to pay for the applicable Taxes on your winning ($248,000.00). The tax amount is USD $3,975 (THREE HOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS ONLY) to be paid via MONEYGRAM WIRING FACILITY located at Wal Mart. Please do not attempt to use this check until you call and speak with the claim agent MRS. MICHELLE ALLEN at 1-647-833-1810 for further clarification and instructions on claiming your winning. NOTE: If w do not hear from you within a specific period of time, we shall assume the enclosed check amount as lost and winning unclaimed. The check will be cancelled and declared null and void. (CLAIMS/DISBURSEMENT AGENT) MRS. MICHELLE ALLEN 1-647-833-1810 Congratulations Yours truly, Chris Eggleton (Promotion Mangager) OFFICE HOURS 10:00 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M. EST. MONDAY TO FRIDAY 11:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M. EST SATURDAY Gail Tunkhannock, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Calgary, Alta T2A OP6, Pennsylvania
22, Report #131420
Feb 15 2005
08:21 AM
Government Grant Association ripoff - guaranteed grant for 5000.00 Clearwater Florida
This is a rip-off! These guys with deep accents begin tell me that i have been awarded a grant since i had been trying to get a grant i figured this is it WRONG!! anyway i give them my information and the money would hit my account in a few weeks. Well after about a week no money but 299.95 had been deducted from my account. I hope everyone else will be alot smarter than i was. Be careful with your personal information. If anyone can help me recover my loses i would appreciate it. Dondemonico Ft Gordon, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
23, Report #1113913
Jan 08 2014
01:41 PM
Home Remedy Center Dennis Serna was my Senior Loan ProcessorAKA National Remedy CenterAKA American Remedy Center Beware accepts your money will do not work with your lender newport beach california
 Homeowner beware !American Remedy Center, AKA Home Remedy Center, AKA National Remedy Center is a scam operation.  Beware if whoever says they will assist you with a loan modification or any service with your lender.  Here's what I learned the expense hardway.  My lender will do all services with me and if I do need legal assistance, I suggest you work with a local real estate attorney in your area.  After this ripoff, I strongly suggest you stay away from the National firms or #800 numbers or internet services that say they can assist you with financial concerns.  My greatest learning is I will only work with a local Attorney or CPA to assist me with money matters.Oh By The Way American Remedy, AKA Home Remedy Center, AKA National Remedy Center stated they had offices in my State of Flordia.  I went to visit the local office and it's just a mail pick-up center. Please check with the Better Business Bureau or websites like Rip Of Report before you do business with those who work via the internet, #800 number or large National Firms to assure they are doing the best for the consumers in your community. It's terrible so many scam operations are allowed to do business in our country preying on those in financial need and these folks are glad to take your last dollar although your facing foreclosure.  What type of person is Dennis Serna the Senior loan processor for Home Remedy who just quit answering the phone and won't accept calls.  Oh never mind, they changed the phone number so I can't call anymore!   If you have had this experience you have to get involved and share your experience with others.  Also share this information with the Feds at as well as your State Attorney General.Finally, call your lender and start with their process and if that doesn't seem to be working for pursue legal assistance.
Entity: Newport Beach, California
24, Report #307390
Feb 08 2008
02:58 PM
National Alliance For Associations/Association Healthcare, Alliance Association Healthcare Alliance Association Healthcare is on the rip-off scam in Minnesota! Turnersville New Jersey
This company is definitly a scam. My son is the one that gave me the info on this supposed Healthcare company Alliance Association Healthcare from a fax sent to my ex wife's residence. Because I am currently unemployed we don't have any healthcare benefits and they advertised really cheap benefit programs. I did end up sending a enrollment form to a person named David Anthony. On that enrollment form it asked for SS#'s, checking account routing # and account #'s. I gave them my SS# and 2 of my sons SS#'s. I became suspicious when I did not see a address or phone and fax#'s. There was no web address either. I then Googled and found the rip off report and freaked! I then had to scamble to change all account numbers close and reopen accts etc. They still have all the SS#'s and I am really worried they will either sell those numbers or try to use them to open accts and whatever else they can do to rip myself and sons off. If anyone else gets these faxes or e-mails or flyers do not give out any info to these thiefs. In fact if you even see this scam report it immediately. I think these people move from state to state as people catch on to there B.S. Please be careful and don't get duped! John minnesota Jordan, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Turnersville, New Jersey
25, Report #477750
Aug 08 2009
06:27 PM
Payday Loan Resources Center Committed FRAUD!!!! Withdrew Money and will not return it. Nationwide
This is a SCAM, They go by the name: payday loan resource center. Its on online payday loan my husband applied and now they are taking money out of his account w/out our authorization. HE WAS DENIED THE LOAN!!! BUT THEY ARE TAKING MONEY OUT???? Why??? This company is fraudulant, they also have a few other numbers same company too, 866-781-7652/866-955-0833 oh and they threw in an id protection at it (after they used my husbands personal info to take money) Why do we need the stupid Id protection if we never reseved a loan. They state you signed a contract for it yeah right and charge you an additional 31.85 a month that number is 866-781-7649. All these numbers are tied to the SAME COMPANY!!!! My husband is deployed and I am having to deal w/ these creeps. I called them and got the run around they wanted my husbands social to look up his account I refused to release the info and she hung up. SHADYYYYYYYY So pissed off Longview, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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