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1, Report #79280
Feb 05 2004
07:14 AM
Communications Data Services The Hearst Corporation Bad Bussiness Charlotte North Carolina
This company does not care for it employees in any way shape or form.They will at evry trun try and make you as missrable as they can.They let things go to far before they do something about it. People have called in do to the wheather and then been told the next time they had better think twice about doing it again because they will write you up for it. Wehave a sick time policy that we get 80 hours a year to use for sick days but they said that it is up to the Supervior on how they handle it. Andif you are sick on the same day more then three times oryou use 72 hours they put you on a 6 month probation. There are way to many things i could tell you taht have gone on at this company so i guess i will stop now. This is the worst company to work for in the world. And it is controlled by Women and they hate men. Jim muscatine, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
2, Report #635257
Aug 28 2010
02:43 PM
The Hearst Corporation Good Housekeeping Magazine Deceptive Renewal Invoice Red Oak, Iowa
Received a notice that Good Housekeeping subscription renewal had been processed and invoice was for $19.48/12 issues. In same envelope was offer to renew online ... Online renewal is $7.97/12 issues. D'Oh!
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
3, Report #639952
Sep 12 2010
06:47 PM
The Hearst Corporation Pay up, whether you ordered it or not!!! Harlan, Iowa
I have, in the past, hads a subscription to Country Living magazine.  When it expired, I decided I did not want to renew, so I didn't. I received a letter stating that my subscription was about to expire.  I did nothing. Just today, I received a red and white, rather intimidating letter from Mr. G.L. Valk, Vice President, The Hearst Corporation, P.O. Box 6000, Harlan, Iowa 51593-1500.  At the top, in it's own box, outlined with red, it said Past Due in caps.  My account number 04 4244 2489, along with third invoice with the payment due date and notification officer, G.L. Valk. I have never re-ordered, do not intend to re-order and will not be intimidated by these people.  What's next?  Barb, Eddyville, Kentucky
Entity: Harlan, Iowa
4, Report #391294
Nov 14 2008
12:30 PM
The Hearst Corporation The Hearst Corporation Invoicing Bureau Unauthorized renewal of Popular Mechanics Magazin Brooklyn New York
Unauthorized renewal of my subscription to Popular Mechanics Feodosia Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
5, Report #381589
Oct 15 2008
03:19 PM
The Hearst Corporation I received a letter from the collections manager of Hearst for money past due for a subscription I cancelled last month. Red Oak Iowa
I received a renewal subscription to House Beautiful with the information that my next magazine would arrive in Oct. I cancelled my subscription on Sept. 22, 2008 and asked to Not receive the October issue as I wasn't interested in renewing. I received a letter today (10-15-08) from the credit/collections manager stating that they have not received payment for my subscription nor have they received any indication of the reason for non-payment. That is untrue. And if they receive prompt payment my account will be in good standing and they will not terminate my account. Well, terminate my account because it is already cancelled. I feel like I am being harrassed by this company. Patty Kokomo, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Kokomo, Indiana
6, Report #472702
Jul 23 2009
02:41 PM
The Hearst Corporation INVOICING BUREAU, Hearst Corporation's Misleading Invoices to Sell Magazine Renewals - How to stop this Red Oak Iowa
Like many we have continued to get misleading invoices from The Hearst Corporation for renewing magazines. The last invoice was sent first class and on the envelope it read Dated Materials Enclosed and INVOICING BUREAU. The implication is CREDIT BUREAU. The letter reads: Your account with us has been brought to my attention. Your current subscription has come to an end and we still have not received payment for your renewal. This concerns me, since we can not guarantee uninterrupted service on your subscription until your payment is processed. (This section seems somewhat legitimate - the next section is inappropriate and uses scare tactics to sell the renewal) Please take a moment now to settle your obligation with us and we will promptly extend your subscription as you requested. Sincerely, G. L. Valk, Vice President The words settle and obligation bring to mind that there is an outstanding promise made by us to renew. Settle is a term often used in collections. We have received many of these letters with the same flavor from the Hearst Corporation. I imagine that it is quite easy for someone to misconstrue the letter to be a collections letter requiring payment to settle a promise to pay. We have good credit and pay our bills on time. This kind of letter tends to result in fear that our credit is threatened. I would be happy to learn that the FTC or some class action suit be brought to the Hearst Corporation as I am certain that thousands of people are simply paying because they believe there is a threat to their credit and the amount is only $15-$20 to settle the obligation stated by the Vice President of the company. I just called the Hearst Corporation and let them know what I wrote above. I asked if we could resolve this over the phone or if I need to find someone else to help us resolve this. The person on the phone said we would no longer get any more letters from Hearst Corporation of this kind unless they are already in the mail. The phone number is: 515-283-2578 - the auto attendant answers as Country Living but they had a list of all of the Hearst Magazines that are tied to our address and the letters that are going out. The person I spoke with was very polite and removed us from the list (at least that's what she said). I hope this helps those who have encountered the same problem. Roving Camano Island, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
7, Report #383077
Oct 20 2008
05:16 PM
The Hearst Corporation Unprofessional - submitted payment twice, once it was credited, the second time returned. Red Oak Iowa
The Hearst Corporation strikes again. This is not the first time for me. I received a bill in July saying I owed them money for Country Living as I had requested to bill me later - not true. I paid on line 7/7/08. I received another bill in September stating the same information. I paid again 09/18/08 on line. The payment was returned. Today I received a non-payment letter from them stating I still owed them money. Country Living is a great magazine, but because of unprofessional actions of The Hearst Corporation, people will cancel their subscriptions over this - I just did. Kelli Mountain Home, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
8, Report #373597
Sep 16 2008
06:42 PM
The Hearst Corporation Invoicing Bureau Unauthorized renewal of Country Living magazine Red Oak Iowa
We received a renewal notice bill for Country Living magazine, which I did not renew. Hearst Corp. is trying to enlarge their subscription base without permission from the subscribers. Do Not let the Hearst Corp. get away with this illegal activity. Fred & judy xxxxxx Bradenton, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #465803
Jun 28 2009
04:40 PM
The Hearst Corporation They sent me invoice for subscription I did not make. Red Oak Iowa
I received a payment reminder for subscription to Good House keeping that i never subscribed to. This is really annoying! Carla Santa Ana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
10, Report #466128
Jun 29 2009
04:22 PM
The Hearst Corporation false invoice for magazines I never ordered Red Oak, Red Oak Iowa
I received 2 invoices for magazines I didn't order. I did receive 1 magazine, but did not order or want. I will not pay these invoices. Kathleen Pahrump, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
11, Report #428375
Feb 25 2009
01:06 PM
The Hearst Corporation Asking for payment on a magazine I never ordered & they make sure you cant get intouch with them! Red Oak Iowa
Now I see Im not alone, but what do we do? I get a bill from this place, telling me Ive ordered Redbook. No, I did not. I go on-line to Rebook's cutomer service and cancel the service I never requested! I have my cancellation number and think everythings taken care of. Nope, a few weeks later another bill come from the Hearst Corporation, invoicing Bureau. Of course, no phone number, no real address. They really make it impossible to get intouch with them. In researching to find their number, I was not floored to see the number of others who are dealing with the same issue. Why has nothing been done yet? My credit is at stake. I dont know weather to pay the stupid bill, (by the way, I never recieved the magazine) or keep fighting this. What if I get yet another bill once this is paid, and they ask for more? Just how much has this company made from people who dont know what to do, and simply pay the bill? Do the company's they suposedly work for know what kind of buisness they do? I'm so frustrated that this kind of thing can happen... Ticked Off Martinsburg, WV Angie Martinsburg, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
12, Report #413695
Jan 19 2009
12:37 AM
The Hearst Corporation Third Notice Payment Past Due - Invoicing Bureau Scam Red Oak Iowa
I have received a third notice of payment past due from the Hearst Corporation for Cosmopolitan Magazine. They claim that in October 2008 I requested my subscription be renewed and be billed at a later date. I never requested renewal of the magazine, in fact, my subscription doesn't even expire until January 2010. Also I have always paid for my subscriptions at the time I requested service. I have never requested to be billed later. The notice sent to me by Hearst Corporation's invoicing bureau states that this is their third notice of payment past due. It also threatens to send my account to collections and report me to the crediting agencies. I would have liked to be able to contact the Hearst Corporation to resolve the matter. However, the notice doesn't provide a phone number or even a website. It merely provides an address where I should send them my money. Wh Anonymous XX, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
13, Report #412805
Jan 16 2009
09:33 AM
The Hearst Corporation Country Living Magazine Told subscription ran out and have to renew - PAST DUE Red Oak Iowa
Found info on this site help full - I have both email and snail mail notifications. The bottom of the email provided the connection to my snail mail notice - Same Company - Country Living is a publication of Hearst Magazines Division, Hearst Communications, Inc. 2008 Hearst Email Privacy, 300 W. 57th St., Fl. 19 (sta 1-1), New York, NY 10019-3779 On a prior report it directed you to the top of the tear off area of the mailed invoice and that is the location of your REAL expiration date - This info is also on the actual magazine but my subscription was a gift in 2007 - This looks like it could be the gift that keeps on giving, My one year gift is due to expire - MAR 10 (March 2010) That should do! This company is like a leach! - Check yourself! Bradley Clarkston, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
14, Report #974422
Nov 27 2012
12:35 PM
The Hearst Corporation B. Fichtel Sent me an invoice for renewal of a subscription to O magazine that I did not request/order. Internet, Iowa
I received an invoice for subscription services for O magazine for one year in the amount of $10.00. The actual total was $15.00 but, I was offered a $5.00 discount.  I did not request a renewal for the magazine and I never ask to be billed... If I requested a renewal of the subscription and my payment was delinquent, why would they offer me a $5.00 discount? The invoice was with a notice from the Credit & Collections Department.  The really sad part of all of this is they are exploiting Oprah.  They actually have the O magazine logo in the top left corner. I sent a copy of the documents to Oprah's office so she can get to the bottom of this scam.
Entity: Internet, Iowa
15, Report #1092287
Oct 25 2013
11:09 AM
The Hearst Corporation Invoicing Bureau billed me for subscription renewal I didn't request; threatening collections if I didn't pay. Harlan Iowa
This company has continued to bill me for a renewal subscription to O Magazine, which I did not request.  The notice is titled, Credit & Collections Department which is intended to make one believe that their credit is going to be affected if the bill is not paid.   In fact, I was about to write a check to pay it, because, I did not want my credit harmed.    I decided to look on the internet, and found other complaints about this company.  I am not paying the bill!
Entity: Harlan, Iowa
16, Report #1095040
Oct 28 2013
08:50 AM
The Hearst Corporation Sent me an invoice for a magazine I didn't order Harlan Iowa
I received a letter from The Hearst Corporation stating: We extended you the priviledge of paying later for your subscription.  By entering into this agreement we anticipated that you would remit a payment when billed.  The balance outanding is now several months past due.  We have sent you numerous bills.  We must now insist that you send us your payment immediatley in the postage-paid envelope provided.  This is your final opportunity to resume serive on your subscription. I have not ordered The Good Housekeeping magazine.  There is no phone number, web address, or email address for me to contact them.  I only have a PO Box 6093 Harlan, IA 51593-1593.     This is a major scam that needs to be reported.  When I went to the their website after doing a web search, their web page didn't have any contact us site.  I found the Ripoff Report site because there were other complaints on the web regarding the Hearst Corporation and these letters that other people have received.        
Entity: Harlan, Iowa
17, Report #174214
Feb 01 2006
07:47 AM
Commation Data Cervices Bad bussines Ripoff New York New York
This company is getting worst to work for. You are supposed to be able to be cross trained in other departments but that don't happen for all, only for the chosen one. people coming in as new hires are getting raises every 3 months and people you have bee there for years are not making any more. People of 10 years or more are getting reviews only once a year and they only get between 7 and 15 cents for a years worth of service to the company. while the new hires are getting 25 cents every 3 months, so with in a year they will be up to or past the wages of people of 10 years or more. Now how do they think that is even fair to their long term employees? To give an example one guy has been on 2 suspensions and has gotten 50 cents in raises in the last six months, yet another one has only gotten 12 cents in 6 months for missing 4 days of work. This company does not care about you in any way. Your only a body to them and that's it. And your body better be at work dead or alive. You can't even see that company Doctor for a work related injury with out giving them your medicial records form your doctor first. Jim Muscatine, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
18, Report #711092
Mar 28 2011
11:43 AM
Hearst Corporation More Magazine Rip-Offs! Harlan, Iowa
I received an invoice from the Hearst Corp thanking me to choosing to be a part of their Continuous Service Program and saying they had recently processed my renewal to Food Network Magazine as they had previously notified me about.I never chose to be part of their Continuous Service Program (I've never heard of the Hearst Corp until this scam invoice arrived!), was not notified of their processing of a renewal for the magazine (I had already consciously decided NOT to renew the magazine when the REAL renewal notice was sent out) and I have no intention of renewing now.Once I received this invoice, it was difficult to find a phone number to contact the Hearst Corporation to complain and tell them I was not renewing, nor had I ever had contact from or with them in the past.Once I did search for the Hearst Corp on line, there are nothing but complaint registry sites listing a multitude of complaints for against them for this same scam involving several magazines and multiple mailing addresses for the Hearst Corporation.  Why are these people still in business????
Entity: Harlan, Iowa
19, Report #732789
May 24 2011
07:29 PM
Hearst Corporation G.L Valk, Vice President Hearst Magazine Scam, Payment Past Due Harlan, Iowa
I received a letter in the mail today from  Hearst Magazines, a unit of the Hearst Corporation that stated...When you ordered your subscription with the convenience of being billed later, we fully believed you would send payment upon receipt of your invoice. I never authorized a bill me later subscription.  This is for House Beautiful Magazine.  I paid $19.97 in full for a year subscription on 3-8-10.  One year later they are saying I authorized another year and I am behind on payment. There is no phone#, or email address on the letter or statement.  The past due notice has Sincerely G.L. Valk, Vice President P.S. to pay online go to The letter is signed Sincerely B. Jichtel, Subscription Services I never received an invoice to renew and after this, I am not planning on it now.
Entity: Harlan, Iowa
20, Report #313307
Apr 21 2008
08:35 PM
The Hearst Corporation ,for The O Magazine, The never ending O Magazine subscription Red Oak Iowa
I have unwillingly subscribed to the O Magazine, after the first year. After the first year you are NEVER ASKED IF YOU WANT TO RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. You are sent a bill and it never ends until you keep paying, year after year. I am sick of it. Since November 2007 I have mailed requests to stop my subscription and they are ignored, only to be sent another invoice/bill. You can not go through the oprah web site and no phone number or web site is listed on the invoice. THEY THINK THEY HAVE YOU. I have lost a lot of respect for Oprah because of this situation. Wisconsinbea Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
21, Report #430279
Mar 03 2009
01:46 PM
The Hearst Corporation Sent Third notice invoice Red Oak Iowa
The Hearst Corporation sent me a notice claiming it to be the Third invoice notice for non payment of Cosmopolitan magazine. When I order Magazines I pay up front I do not do pay later option. I know this is a scam because I have the cancelled check to prove that I have made payment also any legitimate company would have a phone number so that you could contact them to have them receive payment. Rina Arlington, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
22, Report #1111809
Dec 30 2013
10:05 PM
Hearst Corp Seventeen Magazine Hearst Corporation Magazine Subcription Rip-Off Harlan Iowa
I just received a subscription invoice for Seventeen Magazine saying that 'Payment Now Due'  and it is addressed to my parents! I'm 48 years old lol!  I bought a year of Seventeen Magazine for my niece one year ago. I did not renew it this year and ignored all the subscription renewal bombardment mail. They did not like that.  Today I received a subscription invoice stating:Dear Parents of AJ,Our records indicate you ordered a gift subscripton several months ago. We fulfilled your order and mailed several copies of the magazine to your friends, yet we have not received payment nor any indication of the reason for non-payment.We are now at a point where unless we receive a prompt payment from you, we will be required to place your account in our Bad Debt file.In order for us to avoid taking this action, you must remit payment now.Sincerely,SeventeenCustomer Service REALLY???  I NEVER renewed this subscription, I just threw away the bombardment of mailings asking me to renew.  I'm surprised with all the complaints about this company, that they have never gotten fined or shut down.HEARST CORPORATION ARE BULLIES AND LIARS!!!!! They use scare tactics to bully their clients!!!!  Please do not buy and support their magazine.
Entity: Harlan, Iowa
23, Report #542353
Dec 19 2009
03:15 PM
The Hearst Corporation ,INVOICING BUREAU Cosmopolitan I signed up for free offer (not magazines), informed I would be charged $15, canceled it, got charged anyway. Red Oak, Iowa
I signed up for a free offer (not magazines). Then I was informed to receive my free offer, I'd have to pay $15 and receive 12 issues of Cosmopolitan. I didn't want to subscribe-- I do not care for Cosmopolitan. So I canceled the sign-up offer. I received an invoice. I sent it back to them explaining that I canceled the sign-up offer. I received another one now from The Hearst Corporation for collection of my payment to ensure proper crediting of [my] Hearst Corporation account. I googled the name to see if I could send an email to them, since they didn't include contact information and apparently didn't get the point of my note regarding my cancellation when I sent it through mail. I really do not wish to spend another 44 cents unnecessarily. Voila, this site appeared and I saw many similar stories.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
24, Report #1401244
Sep 20 2017
09:42 AM
The Hearst Corporation Sending 2nd Invoices for unpaid balances for gift subscriptions with very shaming language insisting that I owe unpaid balances. They have done this with Town and Country and Veranda magazine. Harlan, Iowa
 The Hearst Corporation is sending bogus 2nd invoice notices for gift subscriptions that people have never sent. They are trying to shame or trick people to pay bills for a subscription that was never requested. I have received this week a second unpaid account balance for Town & Country magazine for a gift subscription for someone I have never heard of. I also received one from Veranda magazine also a second notice for a gift subscription. Last week I received the identical invoice for House Beautiful for another gift subscription, also a Heast magazine. This is horrendous for a supposedly reputable company to use such sneaky tactics in the name of marketing. This is a scam pure and simple.
Entity: Harlan, , Iowa
25, Report #400646
Dec 12 2008
12:00 PM
Hearst Corporation, Country Living Magazine I ain't got no satisfaction... Red Oak Iowa
I subsribed to Country Living through StampinUP as I am a demonstrator. The magazine offered a great christmas package in conjunction with SU. I paid when I subsribed and now am getting invoices to say I owe money. The web address on the invoice gives no help at all. It gives links to all sorts of things but NOT to a site that will help in sorting out the payment request. I refuse to send a check to cover the amount they say I owe. Although the invoice looks legitimate, I am wondering if it is??? Maggie may Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Nationwide

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