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1, Report #1399433
Sep 12 2017
06:29 AM
The Heights at Park Lane Northwood Ravin Management, Management company refuses to put cameras in parking garages so cars and items stolen repeatedly. They have no regard for the lives of their tenants that are exposed to having personal property and lives compromised. Dallas Texas
Northwood Properties manages the high rise building at 8088 Park Lane in Dallas, Texas.  They refuse to put cameras in the parking garages.  There has been apartment break ins and property stolen over the last three years.   I have personally had over $5000.00 in property stolen.  I turn in complaints and no one does anything about the losses.  They keep saying that they are not responsible.   I am fearful that someone will be hurt or murdered in the parking garage.  They have no way of knowing what happens because they refuse to install cameras.    I have filed numerous complaints to no avail.  Someone needs to make them accountable.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
2, Report #1220850
Apr 07 2015
08:37 AM
Best Buy - Park Lane, Dallas - SUPER rude people The staff here is so rude. Dallas Texas
This Best Buy is run by a bunch of rude idiots.  I'm not sure what the problem is there but the manager as well as just about every staff member are rude.  Plus, beware of their $200 computer service contract with Geek Squad.  They never get their work done on time and always have some reason for charging you extra even though they sell the contract as all you'll ever need to pay to keep your computer running in tip top shape.  Plus, it's never done always have problems when you get it back from them.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
3, Report #609434
Jun 02 2010
02:27 PM
Park Lane Seaport Park Lane, Park Lane Seaport Apartments, Riverstone, Riverstone Residential Group, Riverstone, Park Lane Boston Overcharging rent, Rude, Unfriendly, Bad Facilities, Charging me one month extra to my rent. Boston, Massachusetts
I have been living at Park Lane for just about a year now. It has not always been a pleasant experience. The first day i arrived at park lane to live we checked out the facilities to find the toilets flushing up waste from our neighbors toilets jamming them with unwanted waste. This happened on a Sunday and I called the management office to tell maintenance to come and take care of the issue. They informed me maintenance did not work on the weekend and would be away for the memorial day holiday as well. Somehow I found the the number of the maintenance gentleman and he was nice enough to come in off hours off pay roll to fix my toilet problem. If it was up to the management office and the maintenance center I would have had other peoples shit in my toilet for 2 days.  Things seemed to be getting better at the apartment through the summer until the winter started to roll around. As soon as the temperatures dropped outside, the time for hot water to come through the faucets or the shower would increase. Sometimes I would wait 25 minutes to get a luke warm shower or never got one at all. Not to forget the clothes never were properly washed as it would most likely be cold water only. Then we started to get problem like the smell of cigarette smoke coming through the ventilation system. I notified the management office and they sent up maintenance to take care of what they thought was causing the smokey smells as in their opinion it is impossible to be the ventilation system seeping cigarette smoke from my neighbors to my apartment. Maintenance came, claimed to have fixed the issue and it still reeks of smoke in my bedroom on Friday and Saturday nights to this day. So if your sensitive to smoke, Park Lane is not the place for you.  As the year continued I frequently had to call a plumber to fix the issues with back wash coming up our toilet from the neighbors with unpleasant surprises. According to an engineer and architect I consulted, this happens when weak and cheap septic systems are installed. Way to save money Park Lane, now i have to deal with other people condoms, tampons and sh*t. Lastly, I expressed my wish to exit my lease early back in December and January with several problem, but then just let it go because I couldn't be bothered to move. However, in march I received a note asking if i would like to stay at park lane and if i do they can offer me my place at x rate for another year. I was NEVER staying at this place for another year, I needed to hand in my 60 day notice by May 1st to let the office know i was vacating the apartment. I received another friendly reminder end of April to do this. I write a letter to the management office to notify them I will not be extending my lease and will be moving out June 24th and will vacate the apartment by the end of June as it says in my lease. Handed in the letter with my rent check at the concierge as per usual. Case closed done with Park Lane. Of course not. I received another letter on the 24th of May after returning from a family event stating I will not have to pay 1 month extra and can vacate until July 24th because I did not notify the office that I was planning on leaving. I thought this must be a mistake. I had asked them to terminate my lease early already back in January as well as submitted a letter May 1st. I went down to the office and sure enough They did not receive my letter and there for have to charge me extra month. I showed them a copy of the letter I had submitted, which I had a copy of. They called my a liar and said they find it hard to believe they received my rent checks and not my letter. They were not understanding nor did they make any attempt to fix or resolve this problem with me, yet were very rude, called my a liar and are charging me an extra month. I have brought more business to Park Lane, why i dont know, but I did, always paid rent on time, had several problems and am now being called a liar and am being forced to stay 30 days longer, being forced to pay 30 days more because their concierge service is incapable of submitting a letter. If Park Lane really cared about their tenants and really didnt want to force me in to staying longer, pick up the damn phone and ask. Hi its the management office, your lease is up in 60 days and we just wanted to remind you that you need to terminate by today. Oh no, I will be leaving June 24th, Thanks Easy as that. They have bad numbers in the building and need to make money somehow, and this is how they do it. Stay far away from Park Lane if you want to have a good experience. Oh and also, there is no cell phone reception in the entire north side of the building.  So if you move to PL and have AT&T, make sure you have a landline.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
4, Report #1120787
Feb 04 2014
11:04 AM
Carol Buckner- Cedar Lane Trailer Park Rents to pedifiles without notifying other tenents. Enters your home illegally without 24hrs notice according to the laws. Strafford Missouri
 Mrs Buckner is a slumlord who has had atleast 6 managers in the last year. Getting home repairs is like pulling teeth. She allows her managers to do illegal entrances without 24 hrs notice according to the law. She also rents to pedifiles and refuses to inform other tenents of this. LOOK IT UP. 651 evergreen rd. Strafford,Mo. 65757. Her lease is also illegal and she denies any responsiblity for her own property. She also refuses to give back your security deposit at the end of your lease. You will have to fight her for it. She refuses to rent to black people but rents to child molesters, I don't get it!
Entity: Strafford, Missouri
5, Report #1186607
Nov 03 2014
07:22 PM
Park Lane Media Quality Media Fraudulent,Scam,Unethical Beverly Hills California
This company is a scam and a fraud. They were previously know as Quality Media. They had to shut down but in reality it is still the same company. This company let go of their employees without paying them what they were owed in May of this year.  The reason Quality Media had to lay off their employees is because  the sales for the company took a TREMENDOUS dive after unhappy customers started a yelp  page to complain how they had been ripped off by the company. This made it hard for Quality Media to make their high pressured sales over the phone, because smart business owners took the time to research the  company and passed on the offer based on the reviews of other business owners who had been ripped off.  When Quality Media's employees started to question why these customers were saying such things, Upper Management told the employees that these reviews were false in order to keep them selling a bogus product. Quality Media  uses a boiler room style approach and high pressure sales tactics to dupe small business owners into giving out their credit card info to pay for a service the business owner could most likely do themselves for FREE!!!  Then they will promise the business owner that they can remove negative reviews from their Yelp page and raise the businesses overall rating on Yelp.  Sometimes they even lie and tell business owners that they are calling from Yelp just to keep the owner on the line so they can pitch them.. Beware if you get a call from these people. The sales pitch will go something like this....You will get a call from a call center in the Philippines.They will ask for the business owner or decision maker.The business owner will then be transferred to a sales agent in Sherman Oaks,CA.They will make false promises about reviews and getting you more business.They will then pressure the business owner into giving over their credit card information with the promise of giving them a money back guarantee, a special introductory price or a free trial.They will tell you that there is NO CONTRACT and NO OBLIGATION to move forward after the first month.Once  they have your credit card info and your month of service is over the will charge your credit card for the full amount of service without even asking you if you would like to keep the service. They will not issue a refund, the only way to get your money back is to go through the hassle of disputing the charge with your bank.A COMPANY THAT DISPLAYS SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES WITH ITS OWN EMPLOYEES WILL NOT HESITATE TO SCREW YOU OVER AS WELL. The poor employees that were fired only stuck around because they  were told that they  WERE NOT working for a shady company and that these reviews were bogus. They had families to feed, bills to pay and could not afford to lose their jobs. These employees were then wrung for every drop of money the company could make off of them and then discarded to cut the costs of operation. Is this the type of company you want to  give your business to? And by the way, the reviews written from Michael B and Candice E on the Quality Media Yelp page are fake reviews written by employees because Quality Media could not find even ONE satisfied customer to write them a positive review. I would reveal their real names, but that would is uncalled for.    But know they are it again as PARK LANE MEDIA! I wouldnt give them a dime or a minute of my time.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
6, Report #822194
Jan 13 2012
10:54 AM
diamond enterpises usa inc. attemted to rent me a house located at 6328 66th Lane n Pinellas Park Fl , but my search of the property revealed the taxes are 3 years behind. Madeira Beach, Florida
I saw a house for rent on craigs list with an address of 6328 66th Lane N Pinellas Park for 850 a mth, it was vague and showed no pictures.. I used google earth to view the property and found it to be ok so I sent an email through CL.. I got an immediate reply that said 800 to hold it, first, last 1600 and 250 deposit. I noticed the figures were off by 50 per month but I thought I'll take the 800... first red flag in a scam, they play on YOUR larceny/greed (old sales tactic) get you to hurry up with a transaction before the other party has time to think about their mistake, giving YOU a finacial gain of some sort... then came this, I explained I had bad credit with no rental issues ever, without ever even asking my name to verify what I was telling him he says, no problem, do you still want it?... of course I said yes but that I was shopping from out of town and would come over and meet with him monday to seal the deal. Without even asking my name or any information he said great... and I also told him I couldn't come up with the depost until into April, he said No Problem (Flag # 3, I fully expected for him to tell me to take a hike) but he was fine with that... then after my trifecta of red flags I decided to do some research on this character... well it seems his name and company name has quite a laundry list of complaints and issues, of which I'm adding another... when I checked his phone number area code I noticed it was NY/NJ area, another red flag, not just because it's out of the area, but that area of the country seems to breed these individuals by the dozens and for some reason they must come here on some gypsy wagon to screw over the people here, cause I guess they can no longer carry out their scams up north... who knows..Anyway, I reserched the property they were trying to rent me, and it's behind in taxes 3 years... I didn't bother checking out anymore... my gut instinct appears to be DEAD ON.. and this Rip Off Report site just validated it... Stay away from this thief, nothing good can come of his offerings. So glad I did a little reserch... Hey Keith... sorry man, I think I'll pass... Oh and one last thing... your curent assesed value is 47,123 for 2011... based on that assessment and the formula of renting at 1% of that value, your property's market rent would be in the 475.00 per month range... FYI
Entity: Madeira Beach, Florida
7, Report #142448
May 12 2005
08:36 AM
Park Forest Apartments, The Benchmark Group Refuses to give back security deposit claims everything was dirty: No pictures provided for proof. Ripoff Dearborn Heights - Also In Amherst, Dearborn Heights Michigan
We gave a notice that we were moving out (right when our lease was supposed to expire). We were then told that we had to pay for another month of rent because we had to give 60 days notice to move out. We paid this rent (even though we were no longer living in the apartment). When we turned in our keys, we knew about a few things that we may be charged for. (stains on the carpet, a missing key card, a missing mailbox key).... We received a bill stating that we had done $571 in damages to the apartment, and the balance after our security deposit was $271.00. We received this letter on May 9th. The letter also stated that if we did not pay by May 13th, they would take legal action to collect this debt. During our stay there, we were constantly bothered by noise. Our apartment was attempted to be broken in to (while I was home...scariest moment of my life). Another apartment in our building was successfully robbed. Other tenants at this complex were never notified of any attempted robbery, or successful robbery. (no notice was made at all to anyone who lived there) If you can avoid it, do not live at this apartment complex! Or anything managed by the Benchmark group either. They bully their tenants, and charge rediculous amounts of money for things like the dishwasher was dirty. I am now living in a house where I know I will not be treated unfairly. I wish there was something I could do to get around paying this $271 - But it does not look like that will be possible. It's unfortunate that we stayed there after the attempted robbery. I should have known to break my lease at that point! The only reason these theives were able to get IN to our complex is because someone at the office left the security gate open, and the theives were able to just drive in...instead of having to buzz someone to let them in.... I will never live there again, and I hope this helps others to stay away also! Nathan Dearborn Heights, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dearborn Heights, Michigan
8, Report #1170072
Aug 15 2014
05:33 PM
West plains trailer park Slumlords,meth makers and eyes for the dirty cops in Airway heights airway heights washington
This place is a hell hole my kids were always sick from the leaking toliet,windows and roof . Gary has cheaked out and that cow he calls a wife is the most worthless person shes abusive and will threaten you any chance she gets .  I went without heat several times during the winter they wouldnt fix it untill i threaten to get the city firemarshall involved ,  I even know one of my neighbors had no water for days in the winter and they had several small babies these people are the most sick i've seen they rent to the poorest people who are down on there luck then kick em even harder because they know think they can get away with it.  Like the other person said the clan will make your life there hell. Nothing but a bunch of tweekers with the dirty cops from the airway heights police department in their back pocket.  How long can 3 meth labs go un noticed by the cops before it looks fishy ? I think someone should be asking that question .  Stay away from this place it is not worth the cheep price.
Entity: Washington
9, Report #732751
May 24 2011
05:21 PM
Memory Lane dba Auto Billing scum, Internet
Classmates is an on-line rip off company. Their business model is designed to bill you and make it impossible to get any response or feedback. Do not sign up or give them your credit card, you'll never get them to stop billing you. Once it auto bills, that's it and then they make you cancel again or they auto bill you again a year later. Stay away from these thieves.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1307486
May 24 2016
02:38 PM
Fast Lane Towing Filed a false insurance claim with my car insurance company- Identity Theft District Heights Maryland
I received a suspicious email from my insurance company claiming I filed an insurance claim; however, the car was towed from an apartment complex because it did not have the proper stickers on the vehicle. Fast lane Towing located at **** **** ****- District Heights, MD 20747, towed the vehicle on 5/5/16 from **** ****** ******- Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 and filed a claim on 5/22/16! I am not sure how this company was able to locate my car insurance policy, but contacted Nationwide Insurance and attempted to file a claim.. My insurance company denied the claim. I have notified the Attorney General's Office in Maryland and they are looking into this allegation... I am thankful my insurance company contacted me and denied this claim.
Entity: District Heights, Maryland
11, Report #1006129
Jan 30 2013
12:14 PM
Never Cold Call Again SCAM 8409 Pickwick Lane, Texas
I ordered this program thinking it might be something new and innovative in sales. Got the cd's and workbook but it was all about the guy promoting it and it was cold calling, just having other people do it. They charged me twice for shipping which I did not contest, but when I got the code to return and sent it back, they still charged my account even though their product was rec'd before the 30 days. I have filed a coplaint with my bank debit card and tried 3 times to call this company. There are only messaging real people here. Stay away. Do not buy from this company.
Entity: 8409 Pickwick Lane, Texas
12, Report #486988
Aug 29 2009
08:41 AM
Marengo Heights, LLC., Forest Hill Park Apartments, Alexander Arrow Forest Hill Park Apartments Marengo Heights, LLC Tenants are unruly and landlord turns blind eye to many complaints. Tenants blasitng music, fighting in hallways, disrupting the property. Teh landlord doesn't seem to care about problems he just es East Cleveland, Ohio
The landlord accepts tenants who receives subsidies and others pay full price for rent.  I moved into the property located at 14015 Superior Road apt#XXX East Cleveland, Ohio 44118 I signed a lease with rules that about tenant conduct etc. Every since April 2009 tenants on various floors including the floor that I live on literally blast their music, playing rap songs with vogar language, you have some tenants who like having sex with their windows open, other tenants who have dogs sometimes let the dogs poop in the hallways, the building stinks and my apartment stunk before I moved in it and still stinks.   There is a lot of unruly conduct going on at the property and the landlord does nothing, certain staff members refuse to do anything because they are pals with many of the people with whom the complains are being made apon. It is now August and this drama has been on going since April The property is a dump, the landlord should have another title but I will keep that to myself because what I have to say is not positive period The attitudes of some of the residents is just unheard of Thwo staff memebrs are as ghetto as they come, nothing gets done around the building until they get notification that the big wigs is coming in. This landlord doesn't think a filthy building is a problem, they do patch work on repairs and security is basically non existant because they have no real power to get the building under control I plan to post on major search engines my experiences here and it will be even more detailed once my term is up This property shoudl be shut down- it's a dump The landlord only cares about filling up units, he turns a blind eye to everything
Entity: East Clevleand, Ohio
13, Report #1189214
Nov 16 2014
06:34 AM
Park Lane Media Quality Media Ardy Afshar Mike Baer Rip Off Scam New Company Old Hustle Don't Trust Them Beverly Hills California
Quality Media is back under a new name, Park Lane Media.   The failed internet SEO/Reputation Management company has resurfaced under the same ownership.  Please do no fall prey to their tactics.  The cheating and stealing tactics of these rich kids of Beverly Hills continues with their childhood friends and early employees of Quality Media.   They will keep charging your credit card until you cancel the card.  They will lie to you over the phone.  They will not increase your Yelp star rating.  They will not do anything but prey on small business owners who don't know how to increase their social media presence.  They won't help you but they will claim they know how to help your Yelp rating. A company full of people with no moral compass.
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
14, Report #439154
Mar 30 2009
01:27 PM
Lane Bryant, Lane Bryant giving me the run around Milford Ohio
When I got my free annual credit report, Boy, was I surprised to see that I had a Lane Bryant account and that I had paid nothing on it and was over 150 days past due and had been closed by Lane Bryant and that they had been unable to contact the consumer. Everything else on the report says pays as agreed never late because that is how I pay my bills. Well, my head was spinning as I tried to figure out what could have happened. Under charge type it said Instant Credit. Then I started thinking, it had been a long time since I had received a catalog, but the last ones I got said Instant Credit, my credit was pre-approved, but I never used it. I had purchased a skirt a couple of years ago, but I used my Visa. Now, I am always getting other people's mail and they get mine, but that is another story. Anyway, I got to thinking maybe one of those catalogs got delivered to the wrong person, and they thought, Hey, here is my chance to get some free clothes. and they used my name in vain. All, they had to do was fill out the change of address form, which would explain why I stopped getting catalogs, too. So, I alerted the Credit Bureaus, they promptly put fraud alerts on this listing and Equifax started an investigation. Through them I was able to get the mailing address for Lane Bryant's billing dept. and part of an account #, so I sent Lane Bryant a cerified letter explaining in detail what I believe happened and asked that they send me the history of this bill, and especially the new address where it is being mailed. I might mention too, that they do not have my unlisted phone number, they probably have somebody's number, but since I am not the one who applied for the credit they don't have mine. After reading some similar complaints here I am not going to give it to them. Meanwhile, I waited for a reply and waited, weeks later I sent another cerified letter. Equifax must have been having equally as much trouble because to my surprise and delight they erased this from my report. Just recently I got a mailing from Lane Bryant, but it wasn't what I asked for. It is a 4 page affidavit form asking my age, SS#, driver's licence, details of any police report filed , how many credit cards were stolen, places to list them, they also want a photostat of my driver's license and of course they want my phone number and they want all this to be notarized. They want to make sure I am who I say I am, they sure weren't that careful when thy granted the credit. These people know that if we catch the person who misused the order form, they will never get their money. They figure they stand a better chance of harrassing it out of me. They may have noticeed on my CB report that I have a MasterCard with a 0 balance, so they might think, Hey, I might just put it on that and make the whole thing go away. Not going to happen. Myrna BLYTHEWOOD, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Milford, Ohio
15, Report #412788
Jan 19 2009
10:28 AM
Spada Photography & Video Inc. James Spada is a scam artitst....He is not a professional Photographer or Videographer Arlington Heights Illinois
My husband and I hired James Spada to tape our wedding day and create and edited DVD with all the special effects, music, credits and a photo montage. This was supposed to be the final step to look back on our beautiful day together our wedding day. I was first contacted from James Spada through an email I agreed to meet with James at our house. I gave him directions. He brought a laptop and showed us examples of weddings he supposedly taped previously. He explained that he would not personally be taping the day. We thought that would still be okay since he would be doing the editing for the tape himself. He said he had a room out of his home. We talked about our kids he met our children. He seemed like a really nice guy. We gave him a $200 deposit. He mailed us a copy of our contract. We were excited that we found a nice guy to trust with our wedding memory. He said he needed the money before the wedding day. Another $1000 was paid in full before the day of the wedding. He called me to confirm the details of how the day would plan out for the wedding and the name of the videographer he was sending. The gentleman that showed up was very nice very professional. He seemed to work well and be helpful the entire day. His name was Rex. After 4 months and no video. With emails sent back and forth one time after I asked what was going on his email address was saying undelivered. So, I started to worry. He emailed me back in a couple days in a different email address. Said he just got back from vacation and not worry. So, finally he emailed me and asked me for my address. I gave it to him and he mailed me back all the pictures I sent him and the original tapes from the man Rex that taped my wedding day. I do not even know if these tapes have my wedding on them. He also sent a letter that stated. First of all I would like to say that I am sorry that this is happening to you and I hope this does not destract from your wedding day as that was not my intension. Your day should still be a beautiful memory for the rest of your lives. I am truly sorry. With that being said because of personal problems and financial I am closing down Spada Photography and Video Inc. and filing personal bankruptcy as well. I have included in this letter all the info you need if you wish to finish your album and video as well. I wish you all the best. Sincerely, James Spada and included a Chris Ducassie 847-902-9461 number. I called him and he has not returned my call. Victoria Tinley Park, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington Heights, Illinois
16, Report #1091265
Oct 11 2013
01:08 PM
Victory Lane Motors Victory Lane Motors CO SCAMMED us! Sold us a clear title KNOWING it had been salvaged before!!! Rockford Illinois
I have been scammed by Victory Lane Motors personally and I am looking for other people who have been taken advantage of by this organization who would like to see justice served.They sold me a salvaged vehicle from Hurricane Sandy with a CLEAN TITLE.  My main goal is to find justice for the people who have not been able to stand up to this law-breaking and abusive dealership.We're looking for ANYONE who has had a negative experience with Victory Lane Motors to contact us with your story.We have heard countless incidents where honest hard-working people from our community have been taken advantage of and we're offering you the opportunity to formally complain through our legal system. Please call us at:(((REDACTED)))
Entity: Rockford, Illinois
17, Report #1410696
Nov 06 2017
07:36 PM
City of Cleveland Heights Cleveland Heights Police fined me for parking at a place where I did business. Cleveland Ohio
Shopped at Coventry Food Mart on 2780 Mayfield. Came out to find they had issued a ticket for parking on private property. I was parked on private property, namely the Coventry Food Mart parking lot where I had just shopped! The employee, Kumar was just as baffeled. He said he did not call the police on me. (Obviously...)
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
18, Report #1111544
Dec 29 2013
10:30 PM
The Heights at State College Crooked and fraudulent misrepresentation of property and amenities State College Pennsylvania
This property has been promoting various amenities in their complex, yet to date, none are available. This was promised in the lease and tenants/students are forced to pay for services they are not receiving. They still advertise these services on their website and promotional materials, but it is all a lie! They dont have the clubhouse open, they dont have community events, they dont have a fitness center, they dont have a pool, they dont have a tanning salon, they dont have a gaming room, etc. All of which was promised at the time the lease was signed, yet they have not delivered on that promise. Tenants/students are forced to pay for these amenities that are not available to use. Dont believe anything they tell you or what you see on the website. It's all a lie!
Entity: State College, Pennsylvania
19, Report #716865
Apr 13 2011
04:18 PM
Memory Lane Rip off - recurring billing that you cannot prove you diasbled Internet
For any folks that used to be on and are considering using memory a word of warning. I think they have become a complete rip-off. They took an automatic renewal on me even though I am sure I turned that off. Folks that had signed in the past with classmates are liable to be billed for an annual membership in Memory Lane even if you have never visited the site without any warning at all. I told their customer servocer the day they billed me that I had not been to the site, never planned to use their site, and was sure I had automatic billing disabled.   In any event they will not consider refunding me even though I contacted then the day of the renewal and made it clear that i had not and will not use their services. They said - we got your money, tough.I am very disappointed.   
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #531244
Jan 28 2010
02:57 PM
NUtra Lane Arvada Co. I returned the 2nd shipment and was toldI would not be recieving my refund. But I can pick something off their online catalog, it doesn't exsist Arvada, Colorado
I ordered my first supply of slim seduction from Nutra Lane. I could tell within the first couple of weeks it wasn't for me. So, when my second shipment came in I phoned the company to get the return authorization number. Which I took it to the post office and sent it off. I decided to call them to find out why the $80.00 has not been returned to me, it's been 3 months. I was informed by Michelle, that first they never recieved it, second it was my fault I should have had a tracker on it... Then she found it in the computer where it had been returned, but, I would not be getting any refund, she was not a very nice representative. Michelle then informed me that i could go online and pick out $120.00 dollars worth of things there! This is the short version of this nightmare...BUT...I do not want any of their second class merchandise, I want my money. I know $80.00 dollars isn't alot of money to alot of people. I am disabled, I thought this would help me take off a couple of lbs. You see I can't walk so well.I won't let this go until I get my money.
Entity: Arvada, Colorado
21, Report #463540
Jul 09 2009
05:22 PM
NUTRA LANE RIP OFF Arvada Colorado
I odered this product on line and NEVER RECIEVED IT.after speaking to several different people at this company I was told that my trail 21 day period would start when I finally recieved the product.I called the last time on the 15th of June and spoke with a young man named FALI and told him that I STILL had not recieved my product and wanted to cancell the order.HE said that he would RESHIP the product and exstend the 21 day period to the 15th of JULY>HE gave me a RETURN # of LV0615-1968186 and told me to write that number on the package and return it when it came to me and that I would not be charged.YOU are all LIARES and DEcietfull.I was charged 79.90 for your product on the 18th of June.I live on SSI and you have taken part of my rent money for July, for something that I have NEVER RECIEVED> I am calling the better buisness bureau and my attorney. Terry hauula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Arvada, Colorado
22, Report #1197132
Dec 22 2014
03:49 PM
Park Lane Digital Marketing Concierge AKA Park Lane Media AKA Quality Media AKA Tablecard AKA Ari Afshar AKA Ardalan Afshar BUYER BEWARE Beverly Hills California
Park Lane was formerly known as Quality Media, as one of their employees. I can tell you with 100% honesty that this company and its owners and managers, ARI AFSHAR, IAN GREENFIELD and ARDALAN AFSHAR are crooked. Just look at the reviews left on their former Quality Media Page Once they have your credit card info they will not stop charging it, their billing practices are highly illegal and unethical, not to mention they manipulate and lie to employees to boost their revenue by offering bogus bonuses that the employees will never see. The employees are pressured to manipulate customers in giving up their Credit Card #. Their former name, QUALITY MEDIA, never paid taxes on any of their revenue nor income so the 30+ employees they laid off unexpectedly were left without un employment insurance to help get them by while job hunting. They didn't just rip their customers off, but their employees too.  Just do a google search on on their formal name, Quality Media to find out the truth. Here are some former experiences from their customers (KEEP IN MIND THEY SPECIALIZE IN REPUTATION MANAGEMENT) MikeV - Beware - this is a straight-up boiler room chop shop.  I worked as a subcontracted IT consultant there for several months and saw it from the inside out. Think of the movie Boiler Room and you've got the idea.  High pressure call center ripoff operation.   First off, the business model is predicated on something that Yelp considers illegal - doing manipulation or credit repair services on Yelp reviews.  This is akin to all the SEO ripoffs going on out there - anything that will manipulate your Yelp rating is being done using fake accounts and reviews to try to raise your score.  (just look at the only positive reviews on this business - one is by Mike Beyer, one of the partners, the other by some shill account with no other reviews....)  From what I observed, however, the majority of the business was done purely by billing people's credit cards, never doing anything with the customer's Yelp reviews, and never refunding anything requested and re-billing even when it was not authorized.  The company I was hired through provided over 20K services on credit and QM tried to stiff them with endless runarounds about giving them a check, etc.  Finally, the company just billed a pre-authorized use corporate card for the amount owed.  QM then tried to charge back to Amex, but was denied when the company I worked through showed Amex purchase orders, etc.  Scum, plain and simple.  Another vendor who flew out from NY to do several days programming work was also stiffed and has never been paid.  A former COO who worked there while I was there was let go and not paid.  20 + employees were let go while I was there and several told me their final paychecks bounced.  CONSIDER THIS:  If Park Lane Digital Concierge could really do anything to improve anyone's Yelp reviews, would they themselves have a 1.5 star rating average over 19 reviews?  Yeah, not too likely.  Stay away - stay FAR away.  They have only kept their doors open this long by stiffing vendors, firing people, and not paying bills.  They are unquestionably going to disappear completely soon. David C - I found this company online and call them to ask what type of services they do provide. They promise me to manage my business social media and advertising with yelp.From first day and first call they charge on my credit card without providing any type of service as of today they still charging on my credit card. I called my bank to dispute the charges hopefely they will be able to collect my money back.This guys are crooks dont trust this company they will charge your card every month without your authorization. STAY A WAY from crooks.
23, Report #1057814
Jun 10 2013
04:50 AM
The Vernors Store / Sent donuts 8-days past expire date and would not refund money Madison Heights Michigan
I ordered several food items, one of them being a 6-Pack of Krispy Kreme donuts.  I placed my order on 5/12/13, but for some reason my order was not shipped until 5/15/13, and I received my shipment on 5/23/13.  The donuts were rock hard and they expired on 5/16/13.  I emailed and asked that I be refunded for the donuts, and I received a response telling me that they receive the donuts 3-days before the expire date, and that was it.  No mention of the refund I asked for.  I sent a 2nd email asking again for a refund, and also asked why they sell the donuts if they expire in 3-days and it takes 9-days for standard shipping.  I also pointed out that on thier website it states if a customer receives an item that is past the expire date, the item will either be re-shipped or refunded.  I received a response to my 2nd email stating they ship donuts to Iraq all the time and receive no complaints, and once again, no mention of the refund I asked for.  I sent a 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th email and received no response.  I tried to call and the line goes straight to voicemail.  I cannot reach them by phone, and the last email I received from them was telling me about sending donuts to Iraq.     
Entity: Madison Heights , Michigan
24, Report #1098680
Nov 14 2013
09:20 AM
Coastal Habitat for Humanity Maureen Mulligan Coastal Habitat for Humanity Discriminates the Disabled Spring Lake Heights New Jersey
Coastal Habitat for Humanity scheduled an appointment with the applicant on September 3, 2013 at 10am with Felix Acevedo but Mr. Acevedo did not show us, did not cancel appointment, call to re-schedule, or call to apologize. Mr.Acevedo has a track record for doing this. The applicant called to re-schedule for September 24, 2013 at 10 am. The first words out of Mr. Acevedo mouth was that all the repair work would have to be paid back to coastal habitat, the applicant said that she wasn't sure that she could pay it back because she is on disability, Mr. Acevedo said that Coastal Habitat could not help her and that was said before the repair work was even looked at by Coastal Habitat. The applicant spoke to Maureen Mulligan in hopes of getting some help but Ms. Mulligan refused to help the applicant because of her possibility on not being able to pay back. Ms.Mulligan and coastal habitat never discussed business with the applicant, never explained programs, never came to a monthly payment amount, did nothing but reject the applicant. We have read Coastal Habitat for Humanity mission statement, their site online at and have found no justified reason for Ms. Mulligans refusal to assist applicant. The applicant wrote Ms. Mulligan a letter post office certified mail but Ms. Mulligan ignored it with no response. tracking # 7011 1570 0003 3773 5114  Coastal Habitat has served the community for 20 years and have assisted over 100 families, since 1994 assisted 90 homeowners with their neighborhood revitalization initiative, construction 14 homes in 13 communities, anticipated helping almost 100 homeowners with Superstorm Sandy. Coastal Habitats financial donations from Wells Fargo, Wegmans, United Way, Coldwell Banker, Provident Bank, NJ Natural Gas, Ocean First, TD Bank, Stephenson Group, Citi and so on, with a surplus of over 3 million dollars, the accomplished work vs donations vs years in community seems a bit light, perhaps an audit is warranted. The applicant asked, or shall we say begged, Ms.Mulligan coastal habitat, to help with repair work to hher front porch, 2 storm doors and hand rails inside to help with her disability. Ms.Mulligan, Coastal Habitat for Humanity refused her help. Perhaps Ms. Mulligan should read Coastal Habitat mission statement to familiarize herself about exactly what the organization she's employed at stands for. The applicant was not given the same and equal opportunity as others haverreceived by Coastal Habitat and as far as we can determine is the definition of discrimination.   
Entity: Spring Lake Heights , New Jersey
25, Report #1342758
Dec 12 2016
02:00 PM
ABC Plumbing, heating, cooling and electric The Biggest Crooks Out There! Arlington Heights Illinois
I want to try to save anybody and everybody that I can from making the big mistake of hiring this company for any of their services. I used to work for the company up until about a year ago until I just had to quit because I was fed up with all the lies, deceipt and poor workmanship that was happening at the expense of the customers.   The company loves to boast that they are a family run business but that family that runs the company are only concerned with lining their own pockets with money as opposed to truly helping out the customer. Time and time again customers would call the company to complain about how they ended up paying twice as much and sometimes even more with ABC than if they would have gone with another company.   Customers would also call to complain that they had put a negative review on Yelp but that review would mysteriously vanish after a short period of time. There were also various incidents in which customers would pay thousands of dollars to have something installed or fixed and they would have to end up calling back the company sometimes even two, three, four and even five different times to keep having people come back out there to fix the same problem that occurred in the first place.   We would also have customers that would call ABC Plumbing for one issue and after the plumber/technician/electrician had left, another problem would start to mysteriously occur. I have spent many years of my life in the customer service business and this company by far is the worst when it comes to customer service for the customer as well as how deceiptful they can be.   ABC was constantly arriving late to customers homes and often had to reschedule appointments even when a customer had taken a day off of work for service and they even had on several occasions ended up sending the technician to a completely different residence and the technician didnt even know it was the wrong residence until after he had finished up with the appointment and was back in his truck.   I truly do hope that you can end up taking my advice and stay as far away from this company as possible. 
Entity: Arlington Heights, Illinois

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