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26, Report #1149959
May 27 2014
01:31 PM
The League Assured worldly riches,fame, fortune, love Dallas Texas
The League has now made it's way to all of us dumb cajuns in Louisiana. As I began reading this song and dance red flags were flying. In couriousity I read to the end just to see what the catch was.  After I reached the end I thought this is still not right. If it smells fishy it must be fish. My thoughts went back to the Bible.  I was reminded of Satin and his Legions. League/Legions to close too the same for me. God has blessed me more than I'm worthy of. God gave this dumb cajun enough sense to check it out futher. Thanks to You Ripoff Report, my mind is clear on this one. I hope others will hed the warning too. It is the same letter sent out to millions. We are all the same none better or worse  but hopefully smarter because of these reports. Flattery can get them rich if you allow it too. If it's worth having, it's worth the hard work put into it.  Hard work reaps it's own rewards.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
27, Report #1243267
Jul 21 2015
09:35 AM
The League Dallas Texas Letter of invitation to accept membership Dallas Texas
I received a letter yesterday 7-20-15 with the invitation to join this secret society of rich and famous people and I will be rewarded with their exclusive membership and unbelievable wealth and power. I will be able to control people too!  After I stopped laughing, I became curious and read this ridiculous letter. It's very generalized even though it makes it sound like they have had their eyes on me for quite some time. It made me mad. I wonder how many fall for this and sendin the acceptance letter to be harassed further I am certain.  This is not free, there will be worse to come with these kind of people. I am curious because I have gotten involved with Publishers Clearing House crap and have noticed since I started that roller coaster ride, I am receiving a large amount of scam letters and emails.  I wonder if anyone else has noticed this too?  This letter is generalized but makes it sound like they know who you are. Watch out for this liar. 
Entity: Dallas, Texas
28, Report #1367064
Apr 11 2017
08:29 AM
The League Me Too West Vlley City, Utah 84170 0629
Count me as another  long watched person selected for my many qualities. My letter gushing with praise was received April10,2017 and carried a 4 day deadline for return with my acceptance. Though I am a senior citizen and happily married and comparatively well off and with no major life set backs in my professional life since 1971 when I was fired for political reasons the letter harped on misfortunes and setbacks. Missed its purpose by many miles. First thought was to make complaint to Attorney General of state and to FTC decided to see how easily I could find truth on Google and found you site on first try. I expect they make big bucks from those who also play the lottery when it reaches $100 million and who might benefit from How To Make Friends and Influence People. Hope this helps someone.
29, Report #1370899
May 02 2017
01:07 PM
The League Won't cancel account, no mention of cost in letter West Valley City Utah
After I received the invitation letter I figured I'd see what it was all about, then I got a membership bill.  No mention of cost in the invetation, no cancellation options.
Entity: West Valley City, Utah
30, Report #1364411
May 04 2017
04:41 PM
The League Signed by Tom Want me to go rich, been watching ne and know me well. Nationwide
 Received letter saying they are the rich, the famous and powerful. They have been watching me They know lots an out me and believe I would fit in with them. I have 1 week to send the membership certificate #J100538597. It's free of charge. If I don't act won't be invited again.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1374631
May 22 2017
11:01 AM
The League Sent ma a scam letter West Valley City Utah
I received  a letter describing me to join this place called   The League  Of course i didn't fall for their little tricks as they wanted me to  mail or Fax the one   Membership  Certificate  back to them by Friday, May 26, 2017.  All it gave was their Fax number and P.O. Box number and no real phone number.   They are supposed to give Free Secrets.  It talk's about sending or Faxing the certificate will make me rich, once i get their   Secrets  LOL . 
Entity: West Valley City, Utah
32, Report #1076344
Aug 16 2013
07:23 AM
The League Secret Society Scam about the Illuminati Beechwood Ohio
 I also got a letter from this group. When they offered a free gift, I asked for it, thinking I had nothing to lose. My free gift was a pamphlet with testemonies from four other members, and they asked me to pay them something like $249 for a copy of some heirloom book. I faxed them and let them know that if they had really checked my background, they'd know that I don't have that kind of money, and if their members are really all that wealthy, why don't they send me the book for free. Haven't heard from them since.
Entity: Beechwood, Ohio
33, Report #1061810
Jun 24 2013
08:50 PM
The League 8 page sales letter promising me all my dreams to be realized by joining the secret society called The League Dallas Texas
A compelling sales letter that sounds too good to be true. Sworn to secrecy, I just had to search online about it and found this reporting site. I am reporting having received one of these top secret letters signed by Bill, typed, claiming to be among the rich, the famous, the powerful - and the creme de la creme of society... I feel terrible about it because it if I can be tempted by it, how many people will actually fall for it, that would be many. 'Bill' says under advice from counsel, I cannot reveal my full name. However these people should be stopped from using such manipulative techniques to swindle people. As that can only be where following the letters instructions would lead to.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
34, Report #1242005
Jul 15 2015
09:47 AM
The League, Dallas, Texas I received the same invitation from the League when I returned from a business trip yesterday.
  It was 10 pages long. The tone was very frightening. Here's just a sample of the power of the inner-circle secrets of the League, the invitation document claimed, including Control anyone, anytime, anywhere, and Know how to heighten your new powers and render all others completely helpless (p.8) This kind of advertising is incorrigible and unethical. I want to do what I can to put them out of business. This report is only the first step for me. The language and tone go way beyond questionable practices. I am not going to sluff this off. I must act. Thank you for your report. Outraged Dallas NationwideI received the same invitation from the League when I returned from a business trip yesterday. It was 10 pages long. The tone was very frightening. Language was used to perpetrate a lie, and lead the recipient of the letter to believe that the League had been personally watching the recipient for some time.  Here's just a sample of the power of the inner-circle secrets of the League, the League invitation document claimed, including Control anyone, anytime, anywhere, and Know how to heighten your new powers and render all others completely helpless (p.8) This kind of advertising is incorrigible and unethical. I want to do what I can to put them out of business. This report is only the first step for me. The language and tone go way beyond questionable practices. I am not going to sluff this off. I must act. I did not reply to the invitation, but it rattled me. I thank the other recipent for reporting this. I was searching online for how to take action, and this site appeared. I am grateful to find you. Outraged
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #628529
Aug 03 2010
10:04 AM
The Pet Adoption League Barbara Flanigan Pet Adoption League Director Took The Money And Ran Yukon, Pennsylvania
Being a lover of animals myself, I always associated people in most pet industries with good character - especially when involved with animal adoption and pet care of any kind. That was until recently. You see, one really doesn't get the full perspective of an individual until he or she deals with that person one-on-one.The owner of this pet adoption league opted to get involved with a situation that she was not prepared to handle from a standpoint of integrity...She recently rented me a mobile home of hers in the Pinellas area of Florida. Within a matter of about 22 days, this person's true colors made themselves evident.The original agreement, signed by both of us, was that I would pay$500 per month on a month-to-month basis, with the necessity toprovide a $500 security deposit to her. She received a total of$1000 from me, taking care of the deposit and first month's rent.After two days of living in the mobile home, the central airconditioning unit broke down. After being assessed by a professional,it was determined that a new unit was needed. The owner did not wantto pay the price offered, so she shopped for a used unit, leaving mein the home for a period of nine (9) days with no air conditioningin the unit, resulting in daily indoor temperatures that averaged105-110 degree during that time. Her responses to my notifying herabout this contained little or no empathy by my estimation.After this time, a used unit was installed. Following this longepisode, we agreed that I would be given $100 compensation for mytrouble and hardship. Also, we agreed that $400 would be the newmonthly rental fee for a number of subsequent months.Within a few days, I informed the owner that there was a plumbingproblem in the bathroom, explaining the problem in detail. Sheoffered no desire to invest to repair the situation. In aneffort to keep the peace, I bought the parts and invested hoursof my own time to repair the situation.A number of days later, the water heater broke down, to the pointof water gushing out uncontrollably. Naturally, the water main valveto the home needed to be turned off, as the water was being paid forby the park. I informed the owner. After being without water for acouple of days, the owner informed me that she was not going to repairit and that I would need to move out.All of the problems above transpired within a period of about 22 days.I was left with no place to live at that time, since my mind had beenset on allowing her the time necessary to fix the situation.After realizing that  this situation was over, I moved out... I wasleft with six (6) days of the month for which I had paid for that thehouse could not be lived in (I had actually slept there for two nightswhile hoping matter would be resolved). So, considering that six (6) dayswithout being able to live in the unit amounted to $80 (based on the$400/month) and the $100 promised compensation, I asked for this smallsum of $180 be returned to me. Her response? Basically, in her own words, she told me that if I wantedthat money, I would have to pursue the matter legally. I also presentedher with the idea that I would have agreed to a date in the futureby which she would pay me, making it easier for her. She opted to not respond to that request.There's an old saying that goes something like this: You can't beone kind of person and a different kind of business person. That's a wise saying that says a lot for individuals like this owner/landlordwith whom I had nothing but a troublesome time.If those pets at that pet adoption league could speak English, I wonderwhat else they would say about this person who proclaims to be honest.
Entity: Yukon, Pennsylvania
36, Report #629029
Aug 04 2010
01:28 PM
The Pet Adoption League Barbara Flanigan Re: Pet Adoption League Director Took The Money And Ran Yukon, Pennsylvania
Barbara Flanigan, Director of The Pet Adoption League, has failed to acknowledge any requests to repair the situation regarding the prior complaint against her. Please note that this person is being investigated to the furthest extent. She owes $180, an amount that I previously agreed on, as a result of the rental property dilemma that has been previously described. However, she will be held accountable for all fees involved in getting justice to be done.
Entity: Yukon, Pennsylvania
37, Report #1087077
Sep 24 2013
06:52 PM
The League Secret Society The League Flushing Michigan Membership letter and Membership Invitation Certificate Flushing Michigan
 I re  cieved a 10 page letter telling me I had been selected out of 20 other people to join a secret society called THE LEAGUE!  The letter is very manipulative and plays on your every emotion and makes you believe they have been watching you forever .  They promise you will owe nothing ever and everything is free.  The letter is sent from a man named only as BIll.  He claims to be one of the most pwerful people in the world and goes on to sday that he's in the news and on TV everyday.  He describes himself as being from the south with a Dad that died early and a drunk step dad who raised him with his mother.  As a Political Scientist I automatically recognized this person as BILL CLINTON.  all though it never says so, anyone who has studied politics and knows Bill Clintons history would recognize this person as Bill Clinton.  IT IS NOT BILL CLINTON.   This letter is just trying to make you believe that.  Ity's another way of sucking you in.  I worked on Mr. Clintons first Presidential Campaign in Genesee County, Michigan.  I almost got sucked in if not for this website.  I thought maybe it was posible they had been watching me since I worked on his campaign.  However after reading the other post about this scam I realized there was a lot more than 20 people being offered this TOP SECRET POSITION so it could'nt be very exclusive as it suggest.  I wonder if President Bill Clinton knows he's being used in a SCAM?????
Entity: Flushing , Michigan
38, Report #1190246
Nov 20 2014
11:22 AM
The League (secret/covert society) Author:Tom or Kevin et al Invitation letter to join a covert society called the League, promises instant prosperity, power, love, happiness Dallas Texas
After quickly scanning the numerous posts, warning people about the League/secret society (via U.S. postal letter), I felt compelled to add my own experience. This was an obvious scam, in my case, because the attempt to personalize the glowing praise and ego-stroking language, by addressing each person by a first name, was completely botched. The obvious form letter had the two inverted (used my last name, instead...e.g. John Smith, We know you are a good person, Smith, so.... This scam is especially heinous, not only due to its international proliferation, but also because (like most far-reaching scams) it preys on people who are either experiencing a devastating financial hardship (as a result of a tragegy or health crisis), or have been struggling with poverty for a lifetime. You would be surprised what you will believe, when you are desparate for help. The reason I felt compelled to comment, is that many people have expressed the fear that the League has been stalking or watching them for years. THIS IS BS!! The common denominator, among of of us who have been chosen, is simply that we have triggered a target demographic alert online cookies tracking our internet searches or our credit reports, or our credit info has been sold by a merchant or account we have done business with.   That's mystery, no surveillance...just BS. I wish we could file a class action suit -seeking damages-against these con artists, as well as the businesses and credit bureaus perpetuating the fraudulent activiities of this criminal enterprise- If for other reason than wasting 20 minutes of my life, just to warn people about them. For people who have actually paid the fees and made purchases, those people should be financially compensated for incurred costs, AND for pain and suffering.  
Entity: Dallas, Texas
39, Report #1047226
Apr 30 2013
03:38 PM
The League Invitation to the league. Telling me I was special. Hiding his identity but came across like he was bill Clinton Dallas Texas
Basically got a 10 page letter inviting me into a secret society called The League. Some guy named Bill and he couldn't give his last name but all his hints lead you to believe he is Bill Clinton ie, reached peak of please, was considered most powerful man in the world, went to law school, scandal major scandal, Etc. anyway the goal is for you to send your response within 5 days of receiving the letter and they will send you all the secrets of this world on how to become extremely successful. Thu even try to make you think they know to a about you. Red flag right off the bat. Came here and noticed I wasn't alone and it's a scam.   
Entity: Dallas, Texas
40, Report #1080537
Aug 30 2013
01:32 PM
The League Membership invitation certificate Dallas Texas The League sent me an 11 page letter saying they can make me rich and famous Dallas Texas
 I recieved a letter in the mail today (August 30, 2013), about 11 pages long, claiming they can make me rich and famous and they have had there eyes on me for a long time. I read the first page and knew pretty quickly it was a scam, this is not the first letter I have recieved. These kind of scams make me irate, This guy is at home sending out letters and collecting other peoples money who acually work hard for it.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
41, Report #1353384
Feb 22 2017
02:04 PM
42, Report #296840
Jan 03 2008
08:52 PM
Uwant - The Millionaire League - Brian Wynn I paid for his Millionaire League Membership, Never recieved password! New York Nationwide
Ordered The Millionaire League Membership through Paypal and never received the password to get into the membership site. I have emailed two seperate email addresses he has listed explaining what happened, several times! Included receipt number from Paypal. I have never gotten a reply! He has a 90 day money back guarantee, too! One of the email addresses listed says, Email me for help! Terri Boise, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1088819
Oct 02 2013
12:30 PM
Northshore Animal League American shorthairs The northshore animal league provides obnoxious animals who break hearts Port Washington New York
The Northshore Animal league is a for-profit fake adoption agency in Port Washinton, New York. When I was younger, I adopted an american shorthair cat. The cat turned out to be obnoxious. It meowed very loudly all day long and had a mean temperament. They are kept in cages so the president can acquire money. They should be shut down. I'm sorry I ever met them and if you ever go there, you will too.
Entity: Port Washington, New York
44, Report #971074
Nov 18 2012
04:38 PM
Kannapolis Football League Not a good league for kids or parents Kannapolis, North Carolina
Kannapolis Football League is a youth sports program in Kannapolis NC that is owned by an individual.  The registration fee is $65.00 and if you want your child to have a trophy for it- that's another $10.00.  If you want to keep your child's jersey that's even more money.  But aside from the cost for everything- this organization is extremely unorganized and unprofessional.  Very little information was given to parents, such as correct practice times or when the practices/games were scheduled.  If practice was cancelled, such as on rainy days, we wouldn't get a phone call about it until 30 minutes before it was scheduled to begin.  What's more, there were certain times my child's team was scheduled to play games on Saturdays, and nearly every game day when we arrived the other teams were behind schedule, and we would have to wait an hour or 2 before our game would begin.  On the final game day for their superbowl  they were 2 hours behind schedule.  Then when the previous team played, the coaches sat around chatting for 30 minutes before beginning the final game.  It was only when parents in the stands began yelling to start the game did they saunter over and start the coin toss.  But the worst thing I saw by far was the bias of the head coach/owner.  There were several teams in the league, and he actually hand picked the best players for a particular team, then proceeded to coach that team himself.  Naturally this is the team that won the superbowl.  I found that very unprofessional. 
Entity: Kannapolis, North Carolina
45, Report #1047231
Apr 30 2013
03:37 PM
The League II received a letter from The League asking me to join their secret group so that I could grt there 56 page package containing the Secrets of the League. No phone number, just a fax number. They claim to know so much about me and I deserve this.. Dallas Texas
 I received a letter from The League telling me how they know about me and I have been choosen to receive 30 day membership.. It brags how you can change your life and mingle with famous people.. They want me to fax over a document signed by me to except.They keep saying how secret this is. I truly believe it is a scam. If anyone else encounters this PLEASE REPORT!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
46, Report #1055841
Jun 03 2013
04:20 AM
THE LEAGUE 10 page letter invitation to join; stating my personal character traits enable me to be included in The League and that upon receipt of my acceptance nomination page I would receive a 56-page packet containing SECRETS OF THE LEAGUE absolutely, FREE of charge. Dallas Texas
I received a ten page letter invitation certificate letter from The League with a personal invitation number. I moved recently and unfortunately, wouldn't have made their deadline to return the acceptance of my nomination.  Bill states I have meen on their radar for quite a while, that I am entering into the most important phase of my life Receptivity and my response is an opportunity that will change everyone who's close to me also.  Apparently, based on everything they know about me (and that's alot more than mentioned here and a lot more than I can possibly realize), I am an exact fit to carry their legacy forward.  Really.  By the way Bill, I am a believer. Yea, I am old and wise also. Jesus has given me the chance Bill.  I am not open to joining The Leagues ranks... I also have no interest in joining and being ready to meet with an esteemed member of the League.  No secret gatherings for be, I don't drink even the finest wines or champagne and I have no desire to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.  Thanks for the invitation.  I shall not be sending my overdue acceptance, besides, you have moved on to the next person on your list of 20.  The only solemn oath I believe to have taken belongs to God The Almighty Father, my Savior and Lord.  
Entity: Dallas, Texas
47, Report #1222209
Apr 13 2015
02:55 PM
I received several letters before thy asked for money soI sent them $139.95.  Letters kept coming. I knew then that a scam was brewing. I agreedto go to a seminar. I do not remember how much that was .  Bur now they have a personalized  book j J ust for me for $99.00.  Now way!  I have notified the local authorities. At72 yrs old I should have known better.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
48, Report #1267630
Nov 12 2015
06:58 PM
THE NFL (National football league) THE NFL BETRAYING THE PEOPLE NEW YORK Nationwide
The NFL continues to side against the population who made it great. Every year they take away viewership from the vast majority of football fans now taking Monday night and Thursday night Football and giving it to the cable networks for billions of dollars in which the NFL pays no taxes. You heard this correct. This mega money machine who does not care a bit about its fans as long as they pay has completely turned their back  on  those who cant afford cable networks. Today with 40 percent of the population living paycheck to paycheck and the cable companies ripping the population off by not making channels available to those with basic packages, the NFL has sided with these money hungry wolves and have no care for the parents trying to make ends meet, the veterans who come home and are ignored by our government and our children who the majority of them live in the homes of the population of those who do not have cable networks which the NFL has chosen to Rob the people of the sport. If they at least paid taxes then from the billions they earn per year you might say there is a benefit. Don’t be fooled by their commercials of how much they care. They don’t. They only care about your money. They dont care about you or your children. You dont see any of the Millionare football players anything about it eather.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #605736
May 21 2010
11:23 AM
Miss Janet's Children of the Future Dangerous to Small Children! League City, Texas
Miss Janet's Day Care staffs their two-year old room with unqualified and constantly rotating personnel. Also, this site is managed by an individual that has no discernible qualifications in the field of child management. The environment is unsafe and non-nurturing. After six months, they have failed to curb my child's behavior, although my child is under their care for nine hours a day. They have not only failed in potty training our two-year-old, he regresses in their care (at home, he is well behaved and regularly uses the toilet). To add insult to incompetence, they summarily ejected our child from their site without hearing our cause, an admission, in my opinion, that they are incapable of caring for the small children in their custody! This place is a tragedy waiting to happen!
Entity: League City, Texas
50, Report #1108982
Dec 21 2013
11:30 PM
The League person named Bill tried to get me to believe I could join an elite group and make millions. Just a scheme. Dallas Texas
2013-12-22This person signed Bill to this letter stating that he knew everything about me and has and is still following my every move. So he states-he knows my life situations. First of all, I do not like someone saying they are following me. This a form of harassment and I am at the time already registered with the people against such people. It states for me to sign a document and so that I can become unbelievably rich, famous and knowledgeable. That I can and will belong to a group stronger then the Skull and Bones.I am not falling for this . I was a Bulk Mail Tech with the USPS for a very long time and can spot these frauds traps in a second. First thing that you can spot is that it is in a envelope with red, white and blue trim to look official. This is not real. No such thing that looks like this. They make it appear that it is a specific envelope for Domestic First Class mail. Second--this has been mailed first class presort which means that they had to send thousands of them out to get this rate. Third--there is no return address in envelope. Do not stand for this scheme. I am taking mine and turning it into the United States Postal Inspection Service and to Local Law Enforcement. I suggest you do the same to stop these thieves.If it seems to good to be true it probably is!
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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