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1, Report #859140
Mar 25 2012
06:36 PM
CBS The Price is Right Stan Blits Rip Off of selection of Contestants Los Angeles, Internet
Don't waste your time going to Los Angeles to see the Price is Right if you don't want to waste time, money, efforts, or vacation. Stan Blits selects the contestants and he's been there way too long.... He selects the same type every game and you're wasting your time if you don't fit in one of them. He picks one older man, one elderly white haired lady, two or three Blacks (because they get more excited), a few Bigged boobed girls, one young boy and that's about it. Californian's and Calif Highway Patrol and Officers also get selected. One of the pages stated that he preferred boys. He builds you up to think that you might get selected, but you probably won't. You will waste 6 hours of your time. If you only want to watch a taping of the show then show up as long as you have 8 hours and pay $24 to park, pay for their food and drink, because you can't leave. if you park anywhere else then you will be towed or ticketed. Stan wrote a book on 'The Price is Right and may have sold 10 copies. He really needs to go home and turn it over to someone else. He interviews people like he's a star or in a play messing with the contestants. Even if you answer all the questions and everyone around you says that you did great, you must meet one of the above criteria to get on the show. It's a waste of your time and effort.
Entity: Los Angeles, Internet
2, Report #433393
Mar 12 2009
08:59 AM
Ivm1 Entertainment - ivm1entertainment - blake kerington bus trip to the price is right Sacramento California
well eventually i recieved a call from blake and we set a date to go to the price is right we then had a minor problem because the show got cancelled for a couple weeks because the host of the show got really sick then we finally got the call it was on again we were picked up as scheduled and got to finally go on the trip it was still exciting for me and my family we had alot of fun with the other people that went on the trip with us although no one got picked from our group. as to weather or not ill go again or if ill get to ever get on stage who knows my only complaint about this company is the lack of communication and the issues of outstanding refunds tese are not very good business ethics if you cant fufill your agreements you better take care of your customers they cant always change their schedules and keep taking more time off work or travel across the country at short notice Patricia fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
3, Report #732361
May 23 2011
07:47 PM
Planet mobility The price is not right clinton twp, Michigan
I buy from a ramp for my wheelchair...the price was 127$ was free shipping...I click to be deliver in Qubec,Canadathe company call me and ask me for 20$ to ship to my address in Qubec,,I acceptfew days after I check my invoice the marchandise have a higher price 172$and when my parcel arrive down home UPS ask me another 42 $ for the shipping and the broker.So at the beginning it was free shipping and 127$ and at the end it was 172$ plus 20$ plus 42$I write a e-mail to the company and ask them to explain why the price change so much..they open my e-mail but no respond yet
Entity: clinton twp, Michigan
4, Report #75006
Dec 15 2003
10:56 AM
Price Is Right Travel ripoff! We've waited 8 months - where's our refund? Columbus Ohio
My husband and I were scheduled to go on a cruise for our anniversary. My husband lost his job and we were unable to go. The cruise was to be from September 22-26, 2003. We called and cancelled our cruise in March of 2003. Our letter of cancellation was in the office of Price is Right Travel by April 1, 2003, as required to obtain a refund. We have made at least 11 telephone calls to the Price is Right with respect to our refund. We were first told it would be 6 - 8 weeks from our cancellation. We were then told it would be 6 -8 weeks from the cruise date. Now, it has been 8 months since our official letter and more than 8 weeks since the return of the cruise, we still do not have out refund. I have spoken with Charles Smith, CEO himself and still have received no cooperation. They are now not returning my calls at all. Dawn Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
5, Report #140789
Apr 28 2005
12:58 PM
Pricerighthotels Beware Website charges when hitting the back button Big Rip Off Springfield Missouri
When using website I filled out the form to make a reservation however read the cancelation policy at the bottom. Once I read their policy I hit the back button and thought that was the end of it. Well, low and behold when I checked my email later I had a confirmed reservation! I immediately canceled it. It appears that once you fill out the form and even hitting the back button it processes. We tested that with an empty form and yes it tried to process the empty form. I email the and pretty much got told I did it and will pay for it. I didn't do it like they claim and they did charge my card. I believe these people and all these on line hotels booking services need to be investigated for bad business practices and fraud. I was able to get their physical location and phone number if anyone is interested. I will never use any of these sites in the future and will advise anyone who is considering it, not to. There is also another popular internet travel service, Orbiz, that drops high risk spyware on your PC when using them. Beware of the internet and all it's scams. Sheryl Sunnyvale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Missouri
6, Report #1248869
Aug 16 2015
09:56 AM
Shell Station Price Gouging Austin Texas
On its big signs outfront  this Shell station (Wm Cannon and Brush Country) always matches the 'regular' gasoline price of the Valero Station across the street from it but then gouges its customers by 'marking up' its mid-range octain and high range octain gas prices by over 50 cents a gallon over what the Valerio station charges.It counts on its customers being stupid and not checking the un-advertised prices on the mid-range and high range gasoline against the Valero station. I have delt with this Shell station  for months and never thought to suspect the owner of such misleading tactics. My car requires mid-range octain gas and last night after filling up my car at the Shell station I just happened to take the time to drive through the Valero station to check the mid-range octain price and was shocked to find that I had paid over $ 10.00 more to fill up my car at tthe rip-off and misleading Shell station across the street. I then decided to check the mid and high range prices at the Shell station on HW 290 West near William Cannon as well as the Exxon station on HW 290 West and Camp Ben McCullough Road. Both these stations had thier regular octain priced the same as the Rip-Off Shell station on Brush Country. But to my pleasent surprise they both had also discounted thier mid and high range gasolines consistant and fairly with the regular range advertised price. I would have paid over $10.00 less to fill up at either of these stations. The Exxon had the best price for mid-range and high-range gasoline by the way.
Entity: Austin, Texas
7, Report #853162
Mar 13 2012
07:58 PM
ups store #4138 price gouging, cheating you out of your money West Palm Beach, Florida
I went to this UPS store#4138, which is located in the Ibis shopping center in West Palm Beach, to return a merchandise, because this is the closest one where I live. I asked how much would the package cost, they told me the least expensive would be $19. I asked why is it so much, since it cost the company only $7.63. They told me because the company is getting a better price. What I totally understand, but still why would it be more than double for me? They said this is the price. It was a little bit fishy for me, because my wife once bought a book of stamps over there and they charged $5 over the price. When she questioned them  why, the answer was quick: They have the right to make money. They have the right to make money, but they don't have the right to rip off people. I took my package to a different UPS store, just for curiosity, where they charged me $10 for the same services. Obviously the owner of this store is a thief not a business owner. Just because his store is located next to an exclusive golf and country club, he doesn't have a right to take advantage of people and overcharge them. DON'T USE THIS LOCATION FOR UPS!! Let's see how he will feel, when he has no customers to rip off.    
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
8, Report #845524
Feb 27 2012
04:19 PM
Right Price Motors Artis Lee Everman car sales - autobody -salvage fraud foregery illegal use of the notary tamp poor condition of cars columbus ohio, Ohio
Right price motors car sales man forged. Signatures. Illegally using notary stamp he is not a licensed notary. The company sold a biohazardous car and did not tell buyer someone killed themselves in the car. The car was also not professionally cleaned
Entity: columbus ohio, Ohio
9, Report #451788
May 14 2009
10:52 AM
Meijers refused the scanning law for a sale item that rang full price. Holland Michigan
While shopping at Meijers on May 11, 2009 we saw sale signs posted for 32oz Meijers milk for .85 cents, normally sold for 1.68. We pick up 1 and with the rest of our items we checked out. After getting home and putting our items away, we noticed that the milk did ring 1.68 and not the posted advertised price of .85 cents. We drove back to the store, which was 7 to 8 miles away. We made sure the sale sign was still up and took one with us to the service desk. We showed our reciept and the sale sign to the employee working at the desk. He checked it out and found that it was on sale, but not entered into the computer to ring the sale price. When he was correcting the error I asked for the scanning law, and was told it did not quallify for it. He said it was a price drop and not an advertise item, and that the item had to be ticketed to quallify for the scanning law. I thought that if an item is posted on sale and did not ring up the sale price that the law was there to protect us from being ripped-off. Am I wrong? Michkit Holland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Holland, Michigan
10, Report #693806
Feb 10 2011
08:04 PM
Mozy Mozy price increase for *existing* customers ridiculous Seattle, Internet
First, I want to be clear.  I completely understand that Mozy's Online Backup service is not breaking any laws, and it is completely their prerogative to raise prices as they see fit. However, I thought that it would be good for consumers like me to know about their business practices before they enter into a relationship with them... I've been a customer for years, backing up about 270GB of data or so.  I've stuck with Mozy through all their problems and ErrorCodes, not knowing if my data was safe or not, running tests and sending them log files, etc.  Horrible support throughout, but I was patient enough to allow them to finally fix everything to the point where it works perfectly...and now this! It is absolutely criminal after all the time it took (especially with MOZY's consistent problems) to upload my data, that I have to start from scratch with a new service.  I hesitated to stick with Mozy many times, but I figured since it was an UNLIMITED plan, that I only had to suffer through it once, and then I'd simply pay them $55 per year for the next few decades. I'm thinking that Mozy simply thought that all of the larger users who would have these insane price increases would decide that it wasn't worth the time and effort to move their data to a new backup solution.  Nice try with the handcuffs, Mozy, but not me. By the way, I understand a changing market (and in fact have been in storage since a big disk array was 4x2GB F/W/D SCSI drives that cost $40,000).  I probably wouldn't have blinked an eye if you came to me with an unlimited plan that was even double the cost, but this kind of price increase is just ridiculous and an insult to your loyal users who stuck with you through all your problems. I have referred my Father and his two computers, 4 different friends, and 3 relatives on to Mozy.  Never asked for anything in return (even knowing I could have become an affiliate...I didn't want to do that, I just wanted to be a nice guy and send people to the best), and of course never got any acknowledgment.  Now, the thank you is to be treated like this by Mozy. How much additional profit did they gain from those nine different computers (in addition to the 2 that I have, the second of which was paying for a different plan and only backing up 80GB), and does that cover the cost of my increased storage, considering how insanely cheap storage/management/infrastructure is these days? Now, in addition to yanking all 11 of these computers away from Mozy, I'll do the proverbial unhappy customer tells 10 people... thing, and make sure that nobody I know gives Mozy their business in the future. Oh sure, Mozy will still get plenty of business from the smaller clients who have smaller needs and who think the pricing is good...but clearly I'm not alone in running for the hills to get away from Mozy at this point. I tried to call to talk to somebody and give them feedback, and there is no phone number for MozyHome - only MozyPro.  I replied to the initial email announcement, copying live addresses at Mozy, and of course never got a response.  I then filed a support ticket to ask how I could speak with somebody, and the response was there isn't any way to talk to anybody on the phone, but here is how to cancel your account...have a nice day. Horrible, uncaring customer service.  Simply unbelievable - I guess they feel they are Google and it doesn't matter how they treat people. After working with one of the worst companies in the Business world (EMC) for quite some time, I guess I was fooling myself to think that Mozy wouldn't pull something like this. Unbelievable.
Entity: Seattle, Internet
11, Report #1281215
Jan 20 2016
11:51 AM
Price right Price right in Amazon seller Selling open items as new in Amazon Bronx New York
Aloha, Priceright, Sold me a camcorder Everio Gz-r10 in a retail pacakge,  previosly open by priceright , repacked in a very bad way, example the camera came covered with a plastic bag with multiple holes, and one end was close with an scotch tape, all the contesnts and accesories loose inside of the box, banging with each other, the box sounds like a maraca, nothing was tight and secure in the box. They supose to send and unopened, sealed, from factory product. I paid as new under Amazon policys and I got a product tha was obiously tampered with, and the owner have been lying and lying all over the process . I have the proof. tracking numbers, pictures, e-mails,  etc.  Thanks for your attention, Amazon is well aware of this issue but still dont see the big picture, they are protecting their own, my opinion. Again, Thanks a lot. this seller likes to go around the main issue to make his way, the typical smart guy, careful . Aloha and Greetings from The Big Island. Mana
Entity: Internet
12, Report #472371
Jul 22 2009
10:34 PM
BP Gas Station Cheaters! Warren Michigan
July 22nd - I hate cheaters! The BP gas station on the SW corner of Ten & Hoover (I believe the address is correct, but am absolutely sure of location) in Warren, MI, uses misleading advertising. Today the gas station posted regular gas $2.26 per gallon on the huge billboard facing both Ten Mile and Hoover Rd.; the pump, however, stated $2.38 for regular gas (and a lot of peole don't look too closely at pumps after reading big billboards, so customers could get ripped off). That's a 12 cents difference per gallon, which could add up, especially to those on a low income budget; the area, itself, I imagine is in an area where many people who are on low incomes live. I went inside to ask the attendent, and he said the lower price was only with a car wash, and then asked if I wanted a car wash (I said no)! I saw no signs anywhere in the vacinity of the gas pumps or on the billboard about cheaper prices being only good with a car wash (unless the signs are so well hidden no one can read them). This is misleading. Additionally, it rips off the gas station across the street (with $2.33 on their billboard), because people will gladly go for the cheaper BP gas (due to the very misleading sign) and it's way too hard to cross over the other side of the street, once there, because of traffic. When I told the BP attendent to only put in half the amount ($10.00 worth) of gasoline I originally told him and wanted half my money back, he acted rather perturbed. What nerve! I wish I would have went to the station across the street. From now on, I will always report such rip-offs, and not only rip-offs at gas stations! Martha bates Utica, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Warren, Michigan
13, Report #1146459
May 13 2014
08:10 PM
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
14, Report #697965
Feb 22 2011
07:49 AM
Sprint Sprints new legal strategy to overcharge existing customers Internet
Somewhat like the Baggage Fees forced on the American public by the Airline Services, Sprint has now  imposed an additional $10 monthly charge on all smartphone users, as soon as they upgrade or buy a new phone. No matter if you have a Simply Everything, Unlimited or the highest paying plan, as soon as you replace your smartphone, beginning January 2011, you will now be paying at least $120 more per year, on top of your existing bill. A very sneaky Sprint has figured out the way to get more from their existing smartphone customers who are stuck with a contract, some for 2 years! If you are eligible for that upgrade or simply need a new phone it is no longer a matter of just buying the phone, Sprint is charging every user who replaces their existing phone (regardless if already use a smart phone like a Blackberry) an additional $10 per month comes with it, supposedly for data usage (that you already were using on your old smartphone and definitely have been paying for). Try fighting this one out, Supervisors will not even take your call once you ask the CSR to transfer you, obviously they too know they have no valid justification to do this- Sprint is simply IMPOSING this new rip-off on existing customers, particularly those stuck in a 2 year contract. You literally have NO choice, try putting any new phone, regardless where you got it from, on your plan to replace your old phone and you will be charged those extra $120 a year. As far as I am concerned this is unacceptable as certainly was not part of my 2 year contract with Sprint, and I am only mid-way through,with a non-workable smartphone. I have no intention to pay $120 more for any or each phone on my plan.  I think this calls for a class-action lawsuit: if consumers are expected to honor the 2 year agreement but Sprint can tackle on new charges for services we are already paying for (data plans) than we are being screwed, royally. What a rip-off, I have been a Nextel, then became unwittingly a Sprint customer, for years and would NEVER of renewed my contract knowing this. I want out of that contract, there are many other providers who will want my business.     
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #979221
Dec 07 2012
08:13 PM
Orthopedic Motion Inc. Price Gouging! In the United States, laws against price gouging have been held constitutional at the state level. Las Vegas, Nevada
Orthopedic Motion Inc. is a Ripoff!! Orthopedic Motion Inc. are price gougers!! In the United States, laws against price gouging have been held constitutional at the state level and we are legally protected from companies like Orthopedic Motion Inc., yet they continue to break the law by price gouging. I purchased an Aspen Vistatx Neck Brace 12/6 for $317.00, Twelve hours later, i checked and the same Aspen Vista Neck Brace (same model number) was being sold by numerous retailers from $59.95 to $64.95 plus $8.95 shipping. That same day, i called Orthopedic Motion Inc. for a full refund on my still factory sealed Aspen Vista Neck Brace. They declined. Saying your paying for a fitting. A fitting? The guy spent 10 seconds with me and turned 1 knob a quater inch! Orthopedic Motion Inc. is a Ripoff! Avoid Orthopedic Motion Inc. at all costs! According to a web search on the laws protecting us consumers against price gouging, Orthopedic Motion Inc. is in complete violation, not to mention that Orthopedic Motion Inc. is probably in violation of the stat's refund polices. Please remember, Orthopedic Motion Inc. are price gougers and a complete Ripoff!!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
16, Report #1280125
Jan 14 2016
04:20 PM
Holiday Cruise Line Jimmy Duparrier Agent #FT4653Frank Hartman Agent# FT 6756 I dailed the toll free # for The Price Is Right to enter for a prize and Jimmy Duparrier advuised me that I had won a 2-day cruise to the Bahamas for two for the price od port fees@$59.00 each.  Ft. Lauderdale Florida
He went on to tell me how I could add two days on the island for additional fees at the Lucayan Hotel because the boat would leavw but return to pick us up because it saile daily.. He tokk my credit info and turned me over to Frank, who advised me that I would get free hotel accomations in Fla. if I arrived earlier for the cruise so that I would not miss the boat and also free car rental for that tome as well. I would have 18 months to make thia trip and would get a discount with the airline with by a corporate discoun. I also upgrade my cabin to an outside cabin for another fee and told me I would be e-mailed all of the info within 24 hrs..Dialed # given on The Price Is Right in order to regisiter for a prize and was told by Jimmy Duparrier that I had won a two day cruise w/ Holiday cruise for two and only had to pay deportation fee fo each @$59.00 each.He took my credit info & told me that I could include a hotel stay on the island for a fee at the Lucayan and be picked as booked. I had 18 mths. to take this trip with a 60 day pre booking. Was transfered to Frank who advised me that I would get free hotel lodgings upon my arrival @ Ft. Lauderdale and free car rental for the same time period and he suggested that we arrive a few days earlier so as not to miss the boat. 
17, Report #1397812
Sep 04 2017
11:22 AM
Scott Mazzo- price right auto-ccash for cars Scott mazzo I saw this car online I called up and talk to Scott Maaso the owner of price rite auto. he told me the car was gorgeous that it ran. meant I needed nothing that everything worked beautifully. that an old man he traded it in for a higher end car, so when I wanted to send him down the money he would not except PayPal so I had a wire down through him which should've been a red flag from the start.warning stay away from Scott Mazzo Wellington Florida **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
i saw a Cadillac on eBay when I called the number on the eBay listing Scott mazzo ran the business picked up the phone and informed me that the car was in mint condition I could drive it anywhere. an old man had traded it in and it was a beautiful car. So when we made a deal that I was going to buy the car the listing mysteriously disappeared on eBay. I questioned him about it and he said that the listing expired I should have seen this is a scam right there but I missed the sign. he told me he would accept a wire with the money from my bank account however he would not except PayPal only a wire transfer from my bank. that here's another scam. I should've seen it coming. once he got the money all bets were off. I never heard from him again his phone always went to voicemail and price right auto would not pick up the phone. For 13 days the car was lost in transit with no communication from Scott Maza. at that point I contacted the FBI and filed a report with him and also with the Better Business Bureau and Florida. finally after 2 1/2 weeks to call I showed up at my house it was a total wreck. the battery was dead it had a broken rocker. I'm inside the engine The coil packs were missing the engine was dismantled the exhaust system is broken it had no breaks you need a master cylinder two broken brake lines .he must've taken the good tires off that were in this article because I had to buy new tires or a $500 cost. the air-conditioning didn't work it cost May $2500 to get this car running and it still won't pass inspection in New York because the check engine light was on. as soon as the car arrived I kept calling and calling and calling to know avai.l finally Scott Maza left me a text message only after I left a voicemail saying that I contacted the FBI and filed a report against his business as well as the Better Business Bureau and Florida. to visit David Chi stores are running correctly and Scott Maldow has ceased all communication with me except to say he's filing charges against me for slander which all I did was tell the truth
Entity: Wellington, Florida
18, Report #198786
Jun 29 2006
01:46 PM
The Right Move movin ripoff theft broke almost everything that wasn't stolen late delivery they pissed on our stuff changed price Bronx New York
Me and my fiancee moved from upstate New York to Seattle in August 2005. Unfortunately we did little research on the moving company we selected and listed below are the significant problems we had with the Right Move, based out of the Bronx: 1) After booking the move online and sending in our credit card information for the deposit, we did not get confirmation back from them. We called once times a day for almost two weeks and sent eleven e-mails before we got the confirmation. Several times when we called the voice mail boxes were full and we never got to talk to the same person twice. 2) The people who came to load our truck showed up six hours late. 3) We had specifically asked if the truck that made the pickup would also be the one that made the delivery. We had been told that our belongings would stay on the same truck all the way to Seattle. The people who were loading the truck told us that this was not the case. Our stuff would be unloaded at their warehouse and reloaded into a seperate truck with other another families belongings. 4) We again spent several weeks trying to contact the Right Move to confirm our delivery address. Dozens of phone calls were made and messages left and no one answered and voice mail boxes were full. 5) The delivery date, once confirmed, was changed by them to include anytime within a given week. Then we were told it would be coming the following week. We were told our stuff was definitely in transit. The date for delivery was later changed to the following week. And then again to another week. When it was six weeks late we found out that our goods were still in the warehouse in the Bronx. 6) We eventually received our shipment over seven weeks late. 7) The delivery had been subcontracted to an independent family of movers. The people who showed up to move our entire household of good into our new apartment were a twelve year old boy, his petite mother, and his father who claimed to have back problems. 8) They requested $1800 more than we had originally agreed to pay. We refused to pay. We felt bad for them because it seemed they were also becoming victims of the Right Move. But at the same time they seemed incapable of committing the service we had paid them to do. 9) I ended up doing the brunt of the work while the movers took long brakes and went down to the 7-11 for snacks and drinks. 10) We suffered over $1200 in damages to the goods that we received. All the boxes we got were either wet, open, punctured, sat on, kicked in, or emptied then repacked. One box specifically smelt of urine. 11) We had $3000 worth of items missing from the shipment. Including 2 computers, a tv, a dvd/vcr player, a stereo, a mountain bike, a floor lamp, and another box of misc. electronics. All the items were clearly visible of what they were from the outside of the box. The indepentdent family of movers claimed to have never gotten the items from the warehouse in the Bronx. 12) After spending several more days trying to reach the Right Move we were told to file a claims form and await a settlement offer. The offer we received was for $187 for $4200 worth of missing and damaged items. That was the last we heard of them. We contacted our insurance company and they offered us around $3500 to replace the stuff that had been stolen. Apparently the insurance company may have put some pressure on the Right Move and got some money out of them but we don't really know. What angers us most is how nice we were to the original movers. We bought then drinks, pizza, gave them a ride to the gas station to buy a map, and tipped them each $200. Under no circumstances should anyone use this moving company. They are thieves with no backbones. Robert Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Report list of other Moving Companies Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on National Moving Network and other various transport companies ripping off the consumer
Entity: Bronx, New York
19, Report #995270
Jan 11 2013
02:23 PM
Travelocity Jim - Travelocity Customer Service Represenative/Booking Agent Travelocity is using the bait and switch scam to get more than double the money. I tried booking a vacation package to vegas and right as I click the final book button the price more than doubles its Internet
We're being victim of the old bait and switch tactic, or should I say scam! I used travelocity's website to book a Las Vegas vacation package which included round trip airfare and hotel for me and my girlfriend for $895(website shows $813 but we opt to upgrade to a suite in our hotel. I started booking the vacation package upon seeing the great deal that was being offered on their website. On 1/11/13 I was able to find a package for me and my girlfriend that departed Spokane, WA and arrived in Las Vegas. Our package included our stay at theHotel at the Mandalay Bay Resort, which was suppose to include 2 free show tickets of our choice from a list they provided ranging from Chris Angel's Believe, to The Beatles:Love Cirque du Soleil, because we'd be staying for 3 nights or more. We also selected to have an additional charge which included ground transportation from the airport to our hotel, and again when we were leaving for $28. First off in order to get the free ticket voucher for the show we have to pay for our package upfront. This didn't bother me too much however going back and fourth between two different websites made me feel a little uneasy. (they make you book, purchase, get confirmation code from a seperate website which I beleived to be MGM's website, then go back to your original booking page on travelocitys website and insert the code to get the vouchers) Anyway right as I get everything all finalized and click the final green Book Now button the price almost doubles due to availability issues. I understood this at first and tried again an hour later thinking maybe I clicked something twice etc. Well what do you's back to the original price $813. Again I went through the process and this time made 100% sure everything was entered correctly. The whole time I had 2 passengers. the original was $406 per person. With everything done correctly I get to the final stage. Here is when I upgrade to the V Suite which makes it jump to its final $895 mark as well as the shuttle to airport (so far all is fine and dandy). As you may have guessed the final moment its jumps its price again to $1200. So here is when I think something is fishy...I call the customer service again, as I did previously once shocked at the last minute jump in price. This call goes to the same exact customer service rep. Some guy named Jim. He tells me that he sees the price as $1200 and to try again later. So later that evening I try again only this time have my girlfriend call and pretend to have an issue with selecting transportation. Of course we call BEFORE making that final click as again the price drops back to $813. With that price displayed on my computer screen, my girlfriend says she wants to finalize everything and this times tells him not to include transportation. She asks if the total was the right total and if there were other charges and he says no and that the $813 is the final amount due. He tells her to try again after giving instructions how to use the website, once again it jumps to $1200. I call back and tell him whats going on and he says that its just an availability issue. I ask how come their website always displays the $813 and not the $1200 and he gives no clear answer other than availability and timing. I find it strange that we are connected to the same customer service rep. You'd think with as many people flying on planes and staying in hotels that travelocity would have a large staff to properly handle the high volume of calls. I need help figuring out how to do this right and get the deal promised like their website say, and how to make travelocity own up and fix their obvious devious attempts to bait and switch people who are guilible and excited for a decently  priced vacation. What do I do? I have very good antivirus and firewalls on my computer. And I doubled checked the web address to make sure it wasn't a worm posing as travelocitys website. All indications from myself and my buddy who is very educated with computers say that its travelocity legitimate website. Someone please help!
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #669948
Dec 14 2010
01:57 PM
Price Shuffle Price Shuffle is a fraud...... Internet, Internet
Price Shuffle charges you $149.75 when you sign up to use the site!!!!  You are not asked and they don't tell.  Everything they say is a twist and a turn for cover up.  They need to be stopped!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #1002578
Jan 27 2013
05:00 PM
King Soopers Kroger-King Soopers Deceptive Pricing and Despicable Customer Service Internet
After my shopping I attempted to check out at the self check. I scanned a jar of Mt. Olive Kosher Dill pickles that I thought was $1.49 and upon scanning discovered it rang up at $3.49. I terminated the transaction and went back to the isle. Upon deeper and closer inspection of the pricing tag that had 3 different numbers on it, I discovered that the $1.49 amount that was located on the upper right corner of the price ticket was actually the savings and not the price. Now very irritated and angry, I approached the inattentive and disengaged worker standing like a deer in the headlights at the self check registers and demanded to speak to someone in charge about deceitful pricing. Ed Sather approached the register and I explained to him that their pricing was deceitful with three different numerals on a sales ticket that forces you to stop and meticulously read the ticket in order to not end up paying more that you wish at the register and therefore being ripped off. I also told him that I had half a mind to alert the Fox News station KDVR in Denver at Tip line: 303-566-7575 about their deceptive pricing practice and Ed Sather found this humorous and laughed at me. I am registering this experience online like I told him I was going to do. The management at the King Soopers store located at 4503 John F Kennedy Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO 80525 sucks, is rude, non-empathic, exhibit poor customer Customer service and partake in deceptive pricing in an effort to rip off their customer. I will go out of my way to discourage the many others I know not to waste their time and money shopping at this despicable store.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #284067
Nov 29 2007
01:57 PM
Parts Train Low price Guarantee or Price Match Carson California
the company offers a low price guarantee match or beat on their website and gives all the details to qualify. However, after you place your order they then send you an order summary stating in order to qualify for the low price guarantee you must have placed an order by phone with a direct sales representative. This qualifier (after your order) disqualifies the online order just placed on their website. This information should be available on their website as part of the criteria to qualify, but it is not. I had no way to know that the order had to be placed by phone until after the order confirmation was given. Also, along with the confirmation is a disclaimer that once your order confirmation is given, it can't be canceled. Mike Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carson, California
23, Report #925386
Aug 10 2012
12:21 PM
Mott's Contracting Services 8418 N Boulevard Tampa, FL 33604 Price Gouging on Roof Repairs Tampa, Florida
We had a couple of minor roof leaks.  My husband called the roofer that installed our roof 5 years ago and they referred us to Motts Contracting, since they don't do repairs themselves during the busy season.  We trusted Mott's because of the referral from Alvarez roofing who we have used for 10+ years.   Motts told us that it would cost $185 for them to come out and diagnose the situation and that this price would include minor repairs. When Mott's arrived, they found that squirrels had eaten the lead from around my 4 roof vents -apparently a common problem.  2 of them were more severe, the other 2 were minor.  He quoted me $400 each for the 2 severe vents and $90 each for the 2 minor repairs.  This sounded WAY TOO HIGH to me.  I asked what was included in the $185 hoping it would cover the minor repairs.  He said some sealant, but that he would need to buy lead boots for the 2 minor repairs at $90 each additional.  At that point, I told him that he was ripping me off and that even though their website said free estimates, I would pay him $50 for his trouble and he could keep his *&^%$ sealant.  Thankfully he left, telling me that while he felt I owed him the $185, he would not pursue it. I had another roofer (also licensed/insured) come out to provide a free estimate.  He quoted $200 including materials for all 4 roof vents!!!  He said the boots would probably only cost $10-$20 each!   Well, at this point Alvarez Roofing has lost my future business for referring us to a thief!   And I will NEVER call Mott's Contracting for ANYTHING - they are apparently a GC themselves. If you ever come across Mott's Contracting - RUN!
Entity: Tampa, Florida
24, Report #877143
May 02 2012
03:31 PM
Fastrak Fuel Mart King Road Fastrak Bait and switch. cash vs credit pricing Portland Milwaukie, Oregon
I've learned about this gas station on and I'm highly disappointed in it.  This gas station 's prices are always reported there regularly by someone. I believe that person is a station owner.  The lowest prices are always reported first. So, when people search for gas stations in their area, Fastrak station in NE Portland or Milwukie always come up on top. The prices are only valid for cash payment.  When you actually show up, the credit card pricing can be as much as 25 cents per gallon higher.  It's not uncommon for stations to charge 5-10 cents higher, but Fastrak is the only station that has a higher price gap than anyone else in the metropolitan area to bait customers with cash prices and sting them with outrageous credit prices after they've already driven there. Conveniently, it appears they make every effort to hide credit prices from gasbuddy so drivers can't see what they're getting into. I feel that this station is using cash prices to attract customers and milking those who pay card.  Charging 15 o 25 cents a gallon more, depending on the day, when nobody else in the area charge moe than 10 cents a gallon more is an indicator of the outrageousness.
Entity: Portland Milwaukie, Oregon
25, Report #353080
Jul 19 2008
02:37 PM
Delta Gas Station East Hanover Price on the Gas Pump is lower then price charged East Hanover New Jersey
My wife went to the Delta Gas station of East Hanover on 07/18/08. The price for Regular unleaded gas was $3.839 per gallon When I looked at the receipt the price showed she was charge $3.919 for the unleaded gas from pump #02 B. About a month ago I was also over charged when I purchased gas at the Raceway gas station on Route 10 in Livingston NJ. I did not do anything about it because I thought they may have given me the High Test gas instead, until I looked back at that receipt and saw it was Regular unleaded. If this is happening to me, it also happening to many other that are not aware of this fraud. Oddjob East Hanover, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: East Hanover, New Jersey

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