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1, Report #1395253
Aug 24 2017
02:06 PM
TheSMJ Enterprises miss represented what they would actually do, for e-commerce business Renton Washington
The transaction started in april. It was supposed be the  beginning of a internet marketing with E-Bay, which got started but soon began a long Process of up selling to other parts of the e-commerce, Which i was willing to imbark on but i've paid out 19,000 and all of the support has completley stopped. A Website was suppose to go live with dog products, which i've never been taught how to do download so i can begin selling and making back the money that i  invested. Everyone who i speak too say they aren't responsiable for that part of the  program. It keeps going back to the coach by he is telling me that it should be the person who developing the web site. I've tried to contacting Mark Schofner  the design manager his mail box is full and theyr'es no one that ill give me another contact number .This company gives a pass word to the client , So when the different company's within the network call ,it will be from all working together to make money from the client. They'res only a three day window to cancel, which doesn't give you enough time to realize it's a scam. Everytime the a specialist calls it's a lead in to spend more money. Right now im at a stand still. Im willing to do the work but no one wants to take responsible to help. My First contact was with Tyson Mc Millian i was told to write a  commitment letter Started the whole process
Entity: Arizona
2, Report #195296
Jun 07 2006
04:32 PM
New World Opportunites Enterprises - NWO Enterprises ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I just got hired by NWO on Monday. I didn't get a pitch as scarry as most of you, it all seemed pretty fair, until Tuesday. We were herded out into groups and lucky me had the only vehicle. We went to several parking lots and grocery stores. I can understand the hard work ethic, but I could not understand the way they degrade women. I was told to rub perfume on people because they like that! That is so sick, and it ain't happening with me! I actually dressed business casual, no one else did. And the neighborhoods they wanted to be in. Anyway, I was told yesterday that was a one time deal, just to weed out the bad. I figured that works, I almost up and quit yesterday. So I went in this morning, got told we were going to independant today, all the big shots are on their way to Vegas for the company reunion. So I thought, great, now I can contact real clients, and show them samples and real sell like a normal person. That's when the trainer told me know, we're going to take a ride. Right back to the Quik Trip. One QT manager came out (he was waiting for the group) and he said you are commiting crimainal trespass, turn around and leave now or I will call. I felt ill. I told one of the trainers that I was feeling well, please drop me off. I think they only did because nobody wanted to ride around with someone threating to puke on them. I was told to call them today at 5pm. OOOOOOOOOoooo they're probably going to fire me. Big deal! I really tried and I have bills to pay. And just for the record, I never sold any of their perfume. I refused to call friends and family and beg. Thanks for listening. They just opened a new office at 3601 W. Thomas in Phoenix this morning. So please beware. They like to hire women, and that is never good the way they encourge ladies to dress in a manner that get the wrong kind of attention, and it not nice neighborhoods. Thanks for letting me vent. Boo arkdale, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
3, Report #433192
Mar 11 2009
04:34 PM
Discover Enterprises Discover Enterprises Scam Oakley California
On Jan. 13 I received a phone call regarding a $200 gift certificate for WalMart. All I had to do is look at their products for 30 days. Information on all products and services would be mailed to me and I could cancel any product or service within 30 days before any would charge my credit card. The only information we received was for an Identity Theft Protection program - which we looked over and ultimately cancelled. We NEVER received ANYTHING from Discover Enterprises - nor did we ever receive any WalMart gift certificate. On Jan. 30 a charge was added to our credit card statement for $39.96 from Discover Enterprises (well within the 30 day limit to cancel) Because of my husband having major surgery during the first part of February, I really didn't pay close attention to the charge. When the second charge came, I called the company. When I asked to cancel the product/service (at this point I didn't even know what it was) I was told that by agreeing to the WalMart certificate and not calling back and cancelling within 10 days of the original call, I had somehow 'agreed' to a two year contract at $39.96/month (a total of $959.04) for a magazine subscription!! I have yet to receive any magazines and don't even know what the magazine or magazines are!! I DO NOT want ANY magazines and told the girl that. She told me that to cancel the order, I would have to pay a total of $383.62 - or 40% of the total. To add insult to injury, the girl threatened to send my account to a collections agency even though no mention was ever made of stopping payments! Darielk Litchfield, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Oakley, California
4, Report #709216
Mar 22 2011
08:45 PM
smartData Enterprises Client Beware of smartData Enterprises and Their Sales Pitch, Internet
I generally dont write reviews about providers, but thought that if someone provided their feedback earlier, I perhaps would have saved myself a great deal of aggravation. I started engaging with smartData Enterprises over 8 months ago on a project which was supposed to last 2 months. I understand that issues can come about during a project, but their sales guys are full of it. They will tell you want you want to hear, promising that they know how to program, and that your project can be completed in a specific timeframe. If you want a realistic timeline, youd better multiple the time they give you by three. We were promised that the sales person is also a project manager who would be overseeing the project. Dont believe this as as soon as we came onboard, we heard from their sales person only once more. I understand that this can also happen with U.S. based companies, but they flat out lied to us about the set-up and interaction. Then, the main person appointed to the project who is supposed to discuss the details of the project on a regular basis took a leave of absence. We were never sure if that was accurate or if there was something else going on as this was the individual who was involved in pre-sales discussions giving us comfortability with the project.  They placed another project manager who we were advised was soley focused on our project. Sure enough, when we he wasnt available all the time, we learned that he was working on other projects. Again, we would have been okay with this, but its not what we were told. In fact, half the time, you dont know whats going on as much of the staff shares the same skype ID. Its sad because you actually dont know who you are communicating with. You would hope that youre communicating with the same person who is working on your project, but we learned this wasnt the case when someone else who knew little about our project was suddenly corresponding via skype on the same username. I really assumed that the positive reviews on Elance meant that they are providing great work. But, it really isnt a fair assessment because this company is large, and when speaking to someone who worked with them in the past, they apparently ask that if you cannot give a 5 star rating, they would prefer no rating at all. They pride themselves on a being one of the largest providers on Elance, but their rating is a poor reflection as its skewed since many folks simply dont give a rating. You also get swayed in a bit by the competitive price, but dont get suckered in. They charge for their mistakes and before you know it, its the same price you would be paying a much more expensive firm which has better service, more accurate timelines, and can produce high quality work. Dont get me wrong, this is a sweat shop of programmers and they can program. But, whether or not, youll be happy with the end result and in what month or what year the work actually gets done is another story. Be careful if you have a serious project where timelines actually mean something to you.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #305996
Feb 04 2008
12:51 PM
On 02/01/2008 I ordered free cable TV on the internet through Davis Enterprises, after paying for the program I couldn't install it. I've tried numrous times to contact someone for help I've gotten no respnse to date. I would like at this point to get a refund if I could only contact somebody. Mark Wailuku, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1320196
Aug 02 2016
07:43 AM
Fox enterprises Fox enterprises filing a bogus claim against me Internet
 I was contacted by a litigation service stating that their client Fox Enterprises filed a case against me for a payday loan that was supposedly taken in 2013. I asked the litigation officer for information as to the case and all she would say was that a loan was taken out under the last 4 of my social security number. I researched the company and found approximately 6 phone numbers list and all of the were either no longer in service or was for an entirely different company. I have never received any correspondence in this matter now was ever contacted by Fox Enterprises. When asked for signed forms and documentation, the litigation officer only gave me options to pay or wait to be served by the local court.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #85868
Mar 29 2004
09:14 PM
Werner Enterprises ripoff Omaha Nebraska
I was lied to and ripped off by my recruiter Roy. I was told that I would be hired on as a solo driver and at completion of orrientation they tried to send me out with a trainer. I have 8 years experience driving o.t.r. with no accidents so there was no need to send me with a trainer. I also was told I would start out at .32/mile and when I got my first check I was only being paid .25/mile. Thats what a rooky starts out at. They pull this crap were they pay you according to your last 3 years verifiable experience, so if you drove 20 years and you took off a year and a half in the last 3 years, they rip you off. If you do work for them, watch out. They will try to get you on one of there dedicated accounts like Dollar General or Family Dollar. Thats what they suckered me into. You will be worked to death unloading freight that is stacked to the ceiling and all the way to the rear doors(freight will litterally fall on you when you open the doors). Then after your empty, they have you rush back to warehouse to pick up another load that will deliver the next day. I was worked in the summer months til I almost had a heat stroke. The managers dont care thou, they think its funny. When I first started with Dollar General, I was told I had to ride with another driver were he could show me how to set up the rollers. He picked me up around 7:00pm at the Fulton, Mo. warehouse and he started to drive to our drop in Des Moines, Ia. He was so tired, he was weaving all over the highway. I was afraid to sleep because I thought he was going to crash. I told him if he was tired, that i would drive but he didnt want anybody else to drive his truck. He said he wasnt tired but he was eating ice and moving around like he was trying to wake his self up. He pulled into a weigh station on I-35 in Missouri because it was open and a car followed him in. The driver of the car ran into the station and told the officer that that the Werner driver almost ran him off the road. It takes 5-6 hours to unload a Dollar General trailer but the dispatcher tries to get you to log under an hour. Watch out, this company is crooked and not fit to work for. Junior Edwardsville, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
8, Report #16300
Mar 08 2002
12:00 AM
Netend Enterprises Ripoff business Orlando Florida
I had won an auction they had up on Ubid. They very quickly sent me a message about payment. I payed them the next day and sat back and waited. I had to send them two emails to get any information about tracking. I was given an answer with a USPS tracking number in it. The tracking number would bring up info showing the post office was notified the package was ready to be shipped. The problem came up when nothing changed with that info. Netend never shipped the product. I email them thru several email addresses aprox. 50 times and got about 4 response saying they would look into it. Still nothing changed on the tracking info. I finally got fedup and started asking for a refund. No responses were given to any of my request. Finally I reported them to the BBB of Orlando and got my credit card company to start a fraud investigation. My credit card company did refund the charges and investgation into Netend has yielded they have changed thier website to take off the actual address and names of people that run it. Garry Dallas, Texas
Entity: Orlando, Florida
9, Report #44458
Feb 06 2003
05:16 PM
Distributor Enterprises rip-off Florida
My friend and I got a mail telling us we can earn from $1,000. to $5,000. in a week folding and mailling catalogs we filled out the application and of us both a money order and mail to Distributor Enterpises They said before they send us the catalog we would have to send them a check of $195. each and in a couple of days they would send us the catalogs to get started. They said afther we have entered their payment system they will mail us three paychecks we did not get catalogs we were tired going to the mail looking for this big package they were suppose to send us. Distributor Enterprises is nothing but a big rip off. Please look out for that pretty green or yellow two page letter you will be getting in the mail telling you, you can earn a big paycheck at home in two week. Watch out! the prowler is on the run. Joycelyn Virgin Island, OtherVirgin Islands (U.S.)
10, Report #12649
Jan 28 2002
12:00 AM
werner enterprises not to be trusted
my partner and i was hired as a team with werner,co-driver quit current job to go to werner with me. went to a 3 day orientation and did not recieve pay for this was sent to atlanta for 2 classes and to get truck. i had to pay travel expenses for this myself. we went thru all thier crap and had to report every day to terminal to wait for a truck sat all day and after 15 days they still had no truck. co-driver was called into office and let go for a termination that was reported on his dac. that was also incorrect info.we were also harassed to have a $250. pet deposit the whole time waiting for a truck. never got a truck and never got a dime. then we had to pay our own way to get back home. i have no job now and havent had one for awhile because of them tying our time up with this b.s. and am out $600. in expenses. thank god i didnt give them a pet deposit the corrupt bastards.any, wanting to file a suit against them count me in. Patricia Seminole Florida Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on werner enterprises
Entity: omaha, Nebraska
11, Report #6414
Aug 29 2001
12:00 AM
ABI Enterprises ripoff
Hey Everyone, Same thing happened to me regarding mailing circulars. This is a horrible way to do business. Is there anyway to contact the better business bureau of Richmond, BC.
Entity: Richmond, BC
12, Report #9151
Dec 12 2001
12:00 AM
ABI is a hoax
I too tried to buy into thier $4 a stuffed envalope oppertunity. I NEVER recieved a thing from them. So I called the phone number that came up on my credit card bill. It was a cell phone. I spoke with a woman that sounded very unscrupulous. She kept telling me to email and say that she wanted them to send me another (like they really sent out the first) packet. I got an email saying it was sent out. I waited 6 weeks and emailed them back, giving them the refrence number on my reciept and everything. I told them I believed their company to be a hoax and that I felt they had swindled my money out of me with false promises. A week later the money was back in my account. I am sooo glad I at least got my money back! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on ABi
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #216157
Oct 16 2006
09:15 PM
Shauck Enterprises ripoff Webster Texas
I went on a interview with So called promotional marketing company that had a ad on the internet that the will give you between 350 and 500 a week. This is a total lie. When they call you for a interview, my advice would be to not go. This could be the worse decision of your career. The manager seemed to be professional but turned out to be nothing but trailor park trash. This woman has to be the most unprofessional, unclassy, unorganized person I have ever seen. When youre in the interview she is going to do anything in her power to get you aboard.. (Lie, make idle promises, and false guarantee). She going to tell you that she does big name promotions which you will never see any of these items. The basis of the job is not business 2 business, unless you call going to telephone rd to a bunch of bars, whore houses, factories, and sweat shops business to business. Its almost like you are hooker asking people hey we are in the area doing a huge promotion, or did you get one yet. If you need a job I would suggest going to a grocery store, mcdonalds, or even a temp service before allowing yourself to work for a company that walks around town all day selling a cheap 10 dollar item (which you only get 20% commission if you collect taxes). The only thing positive about this the people. (poor people, the have a false hope that will never come true) Finally if you do take the job (god forbid ) have her put your $350 guarantee in writing, but good luck, because youre going to need it. Jeffery Webster, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Webster, Texas
14, Report #418044
Jan 30 2009
01:09 AM
HSC Enterprises Rip Off Company Malaga Spain
I have been ripped off by this company also, paid the money no goods arrived and cannot contact them either. Have emailed them at least 20 times. No goods have arrived and I paid for them by bank transfer on 28th Dec 08, to the tune of 181.82. I have managed to find a phone number though, but dont know if its the right one it is in Spain and is as follows: 0034 34976123687 not sure if the 34 is duplicated though also have managed to find another email address, but they have not responded either, the email is The bank transfer was in the name of Mr S J Coles Very clever to use a bank tranfer, as if it was by credit card or paypal it would be protected. Dont send any money to this person, i have bought off him twice before and received the goods, i think that was just getting you to trust him. If anyone has any joy with contact details or getting the goods etc please let me know, my email address is They also have a sister site, that is also off line as well, sorry cant remember the name Tony **** ManchesterUnited Kingdom
15, Report #597997
Apr 28 2010
08:09 PM
Safety Enterprises Beware niles, Ohio
I have read several reports on two seperate websites regarding Safety Enterprises and wanted to weigh in with a bit of advice for anyone considering employment with this company. Although there have been a handful of defenders most of the feed back has been negative. If you are considering interviewing with or working for this company here are a few things to keep in mind. The red flags are plenty: 1) the newspaper ad, and call to set up the interview are very vague. A legitimate company has nothing to hide, will answer the phone (nine times out of ten you get screened through the answering machine and your call is returned the next day), and will not attempt to cover up their door to door sales job by calling it office management. 2) there is no investment into you by the company. they do not pay you a salary, and will charge you $165 for a training kit. According to other reports the investment does not stop there. 3)during the preinterview presentation they tell the group about a four step training process to become an office manager, you ARE NOT an office manager you are a salesperson spending your own money to open a office peddling their crap to your friends and family? Why friends and family? because they provide NO leads. 4) no qualifications needed. why they wanted a resume is unknown because its on the spot you want the job I could have told them anything about my qualifications they wouldn't have cared. 5)Very unprofessional. The office manager and her second in command were...well go to an interview and you'll see. 6)disorganized as well. call their number for an interview four times in a day, leave four messages, and they will call you back four times like they never spoke to you before. The day i interviewed i called that morning because the recording gives you an address. didn't even leave a message, but still got a phone call a few hours after the interview to see if i was interested in coming in for an interview. 7) there stated goal is offices in the area of Ohio I am in to be Warren, Youngstown, Hubbard, Niles, and Girard. These cities are within approximately a half hour of each other, if that. Unless you are walmart or mcdonalds a business cannot saturate an area like that and succeed. 8) Been in business since 1992. You would think an impressive web site at least. Go to and check it out. 9)this is 100% commission based, which can work, nothing wrong with commission, however, when I asked what the rate was, the question was danced around. Little background, part of the training is selling $3000 worth of their stuff. When I finally got an answer to my commission rate question, you start out at 10%. Think about that, you only make $300 out of $3000. Alot of work to go through training, generate your own leads, and try to sell this stuff for $300. 10) finally, the number one red flag for me was during the group presentation we were told if we don't like any of the locations on the board, once training is completed let them know where you want to go. ??? so its my pick? how about Miami Beach, away from the Ohio gray skies? what company let's you pick your own location to set up shop and manage an office with no education or experience? how about one that is forcing you to burden the entire investment. I won't neccessarily say this is a scam, but you know the saying if it walks like a duck. At the least if you are someone interested in Safety Enterprises, be smart, ask questions, and know all of the facts. They will not tell you the whole story up front. So if you like pyramid schemes, and have alot of friends who are frivolous with their money and like to get drunk, start fires, and buy overpriced fire extinguishers than Safety Enterprises is for you. They won't get my $165 for all the reasons above. Tread carefully and remember if it sounds too good to be true its probably too good to be true.
Entity: niles, Ohio
16, Report #563485
Feb 02 2010
10:33 AM
Terebinth Enterprises. paint suppliers Minneapolis, Minnesota
I ordered some paint from Terebinth Enterprises in Minneapolis, MN online called Por-15. They took my money via credit card ($106.45) and never shipped me the paint. I emailed them and got no response, I called the number that they have on their website, which always says that their mailbox is full, so that you can't leave a message. The Better Business Bureau contacted them many times and they never responded. My bank also tried to call them and they never responded. This is a scam. So beware and don't order anything from them. They will take your money and not deliver the product.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
17, Report #684613
Jan 20 2011
06:12 AM
smartData Enterprises Scam company - Fraud Noida, Nationwide
They commit FRAUD by bidding low on projects they know they cannot possibly complete. Then, they waste your time with a "project manager" that has no idea what he is talking about and put up some static HTML page mock-up. Then, they will come back and tell you that whatever project you are trying to accomplish is impossible and the only way to do it will be to use whatever programming language you are not using which will cost much more. Then they will require a larger deposit and when you're not willing to pay it, they will convince you to cancel your project. Awarding ANY projects or paying ANY money to these SCAM ARTIST is not only a waste of money but will severely delay your project and waste more of your time than you can ever imagine. If they bid on your project, you're better off paying these SCAM ARTIST money to leave you alone. This company is a complete SCAM.
Entity: Noida, Nationwide
18, Report #208175
Aug 27 2006
04:27 PM
PC Enterprises ripoff Internet
Answered stuffing envelope ad on the internet. PC Enterprises, their Freedom Marketing Kit. Ordered by credit card for the amount of 37.00. Ordered Aug.7,2006.Should have been here within 10 days. It has now been 14 working days. I have emailed them 6 times. I don't know where they are going,but somebody is getting them. Michelle CHARLESTON, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #262919
Jul 24 2007
02:05 PM
Nwo Enterprises Phoenix Arizona
I worked for a company called Nwo Enterprises in Aug. of 2005 at address 1917 West Glendale Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021 / with Boss man Curtis Matthews He gave me and everyone .... at that time....the name Curtis Matthews, which now finding out that Matthews is not his last name ! ? Anyways I recall opening the door to loud music playing, I was thinking hummmm okay but walked in anyways to the main lobby, were people tried to yell over the music ! And in a little bit I was called back for my interview . Well in the middle of my Interview I was asking questions, and the guy told me he wasn't sure how to answer my questions .... because he was new him self and thats when Curtis walked in and said am sry I need some stuff out of here. I then asked again for someone that could answer my questions better, My questions were never answered instead Crutis said woooo I like her... she knows just what to ask, your hired . I thought nothing of it I was just so happy Me being a snigle mom in all had found a job to support my three kids ! I was told because of the weekend I would start Monday, I said okay . I sat throught a training class where they told us all this bull- s**t about we would get paid 300 dollars plus bonus money and that at the end of the day we were going to compet in a little game for fun : who could sell the most perfums on the street the fastest and call the orders in after every sell ! I had sold 8 and this other guy sold 8 also, well they said he won the 300 dollars ! Long story short there ,the guy never got his 300 dollars fact we we're both told that it was Crutis's boss that had the ideal for the 300 dollars and that he would up date us when the check came in, never happened ! There was a trip out of town and we we're told it was a business trip . They get a hotel room in the back of the hotel and put 13 people in one room...YES ...4 people in one bed and 4 in the other bed and the rest was on the floor ! When we couldn't sell any purfume on the street that day we we're took to gas stations we're they would make us go up and lie to people saying we had a 3month old baby in the car and ran out of gas.... YES....!! I said No to that and that this had gone to far, then I was told I would do it or walk home from Tuson back to Phoenix !!! I left and never went back, they called my cell for months saying they we're looking for me, I was so afraid that I moved over 1,200 miles away from Phoenix Az ! I was told that in order to make my money I had to lie cheat and steal from people to make my money ! They would make us yell Juice my Boss over and over any time Curtis wanted to come into the class room I found that crazy and werid but at the time, yelling Juice my boss over and over again was a small price to pay for all the money that we we're promised !!! Please run the other way, selling purfume on the street with this company is against the law : YES against the law and Curtis and other few peolpe Robter and others at this company told me we we're doing nothing wrong and they had licenses that allowed them do to this ...NO THEY DON't IT's AGAINST THE LAW !!! Note I started going 30 to 45 minutes before Nwo would open to talk with Curtis about things going on in the company, when I would see Curtis pull up in a taxi every day and I ask him once what was wrong with his car , He said he didn't have one ! You would think that someone that makes all this money so called would have a car !!!! Please contact me becaus eit's hard to get in detail because so much bull- s**t happened and not enough space to write it ????? Haileys_mom Tye, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
20, Report #302931
Jan 24 2008
08:08 AM
R3 Enterprises Former Employee Orlando Florida
I also worked for this company approximatley 4 years ago dont have much to say but I always thought it was funny that you were told to solicit customers that had in plain view signs NO SOLICITING. As well as the fact that on road trips the cost of a hotel stay came out of your pay and you had to share a room with up to four other people. The only way to make money was to sign new contracts. Which was understood but with commission isnt there some kind of pack up for quota not meant. Like a minimum wage sort of deal. I agree with the last comment posted not getting 200.00 dollars even on some weeks was a big hassle if you had to take a road trip the next week. Where you had to take your own vehicle as well as food. I thought a company was supposed to pay for that type of thing but what do we know we're just simple employees. Evening meetings were a trip you may get one or two reps to sign a new account on home field but using your regular customers was pretty much a fluke. Because you only made real money creating business for Rob. You made good money when signing new contracts dont get me wrong but the impact you would have even if you as a rep stopped in to check and they placed a hefty order you would get squat. Whereas had they been new, you get heavily compisated. I always thought that was a little bit of a drastic drop in your money making. I just stopped going to work after I went into a building in downtown Orlando and was yolked up for soliciting in the building. When Rob was called, he urged me to continue to do what I was doing and argued with the security guard on how I was right and he was wrong for stopping me. That was it for me. Get that centreville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
21, Report #89266
Apr 27 2004
08:33 PM
S.W.A Enterprises ripoff Melbourne Florida
I have recently found S.W.A I was told that I would be getting paid every week during training 400/weekly!! Afirca (the boss) told me that we were going to go though 6-8 weeks of training. She also told us that its Dog Sh**. Afirca said that she wasn't looking for sales people and that she wasn't looking for employees she was looking for managers and employers. She said that she couldn't make any money off me or the other four girls left from training out 30 people. But really she was making money off of all of us. She would have us go out on the streets or malls any where she knew that people requently go and spend money. She called it hustling which it was. She wanted us to SELL the bottles of perfume for at least $20 per bottle, but to SELL them higher to make instent cash so i SOLD my bottles $30-$60 per bottle and kept the cash gave her the $20 and kept what i had left over. Now, Tell me if i came up to you with this bottle of perfume and said its the same thing as the real stuff in a plain box and a 32 oz clear bottle and said its only $30. You smell it and yes it does but a little water down though. Then i tell you if you buy this bottle of perfume i'll go ahead and give it to you for only $20 would you but it???!!! NO! What got me to stay as long as I did was that Afirca said that not only will I have my own office but I would be able to bring home any where from thousand dollars a week up to thriteen-thousand dollars a week. She also told me that they (her) would set up a savings acount and put a dollar per bottle in it, so if I waited a year I could go out and buy any type of car i wanted in cash. Thats when I stopped and said to myself this is full of sh**. The first day (monday) she wanted to FARR my friends and family meaning to have them order perfume and pay me the money upfront. She said that it would take 7-10 business days to get the bottles. Two weeks I finally got the bottles my freinds and family order after demanding the bottles. Back up for a moment, when we did FARR she made it a contast who ever sold the most bottle would win one thousand dollars. No body one any money. She traied saying that someone did and never came back to collect it. Whatever!!!! My husband said from the get go something is wrong its not that easy. Well it's not that easy now i'm stuck with bottles that I paid out of my own pocket just to try to get my self promotions and win contests with. I never seen any money and I feel that she is going to get away with this. If the company has been around for 28 years and have 12 hunderd and 47 locations and nothing has happen then nothing is going to happen. All we can do is have faith and hope that a lawyer sees this or hears about this does somthing if not they will never stop. Samantha 32926, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
22, Report #31226
Sep 26 2002
06:00 PM
SD Enterprises ripoff Louisiana USA
This company (SD Enterprises) first got $299 from my bank account back in August of this year. They were using a different name then, but the 800 476 4828 phone number was the same. We got that stopped. We got our money back. Now it's september and they've done it again. I cant find the name of the company. But calls to the 800 476 4828 number get put on hold. There's only my wife and I at the house. Neither one of us would ever have authroized a debit like this. Can you find out who this company is? I need to stop them from doing this stealing. PS: I'm currently in Alaska Dick H DeRidder, Louisiana
Entity: Louisiana
23, Report #99381
Jul 17 2004
07:50 PM
Kurtz Enterprises ripoff Internet
I had a fraudulent charge of $14.95 on my most recent Visa Card statement from KURTZ ENTERPRISES #4 775-5518149 SC. The transaction date was 7-10-2004 (post 7-12-2004). The phone number only leads to an unidentified answering machine which asks to press 1 to leave a message and press 2 to leave a fax. Frankly, I wasn't going leave them any information since they obviously already have my credit card number. I see from at least two previous posts that I am not alone in this fraud. I have completed my Billing Dispute form for my credit card and I will be mailing it off Monday with a copy of a page from this web site showing I am not alone. I hope they can stop any more people from getting taken by this scam. Donald Mt. Carmel, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #150524
Jul 20 2005
09:00 AM
Maak Enterprises ripoff Internet
July 2, 2005, I ordered two (2) boxes of Frontline flea products and as of this date - NO PRODUCTS DELIVERED TO ME!! I received an email with a confirmation number and a link to check on my status, but I can't get to it. I feel this is a total RIPOFF company!!! Pam Mansfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1316517
Jul 12 2016
03:50 PM
Paz enterprises ZE' Unknown Beijing Internet
I had ordered 4 pairs of sunglasses for a total of 43.00 which never came, I sent e-mails but no one e-mailed me back, filing a report with my bank to get money returned. 
Entity: Internet

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