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1, Report #1375113
May 24 2017
11:17 AM
Tick Box Ripoff and runaround on refund Atlanta Georgia
I have been working to get my refund of $179.80 since April 2017. Which as a fact and holding proof of delivery with signature. I have exchanged over 60 emails to support@ticboxtv.com and receive lies and excuses only. I honored all stipulations of the money back gurantee to no avail. There is no way to properly communicate with this company as they have no open lines but rather a chat service on their website.
Entity: WORTHINGTON, Internet
2, Report #1399782
Sep 27 2017
04:12 PM
Tick Box Ordered from them. Tried to get refund for 6 months . No luck. Internet
 Like many others I went to return part of my order and have been trying to get my money back for 6 months. Can someone contact visa m/c amex and shut down ability to process cards.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1125255
Feb 20 2014
05:36 PM
Side Tick TV Violating Federal-do-not-call List Sandy Springs Georgia
This company is violating Federal do-not-call list laws. After requesting to speak to a supervisor, the line was immediately terminated. After calling back several times, the line again was terminated. I contatced the companies toll-free number, but the line is inactive. It proves to me that this company is defrauding consumers and extreme caution should be taken. Please report any illegal activities to the Federal Trade Commission website.
Entity: Sandy Springs, Georgia
4, Report #1138456
Apr 12 2014
11:37 PM
Side tick tv I was contacted about a 100.00 giftcard if i try sidetick.tv . i was not informed need a computer to view these and there are no new releases unlike netflix. internet
 My complaint is i signed up with sidetick.tv not knowing you need a computer for it. i am requesting a refund from the company and i was told i would get a 100.00 gift card for trying. well guess what i cant you need a computer. secondly i was never told they dont carry new releases. netflix carries new releases. i am demanding my 6.99 refunded back to me. 
Entity: Select State/Province
5, Report #258435
Jul 03 2007
10:03 AM
TV Box Set RIP OFF COMPANY! tvboxset.com Internet
Entity: Internet
6, Report #274069
Sep 11 2007
06:26 PM
TV Box Set.com Product was not delivered Internet
I purchased a boxset for a dvd collection. Took a week to process, then it came off my credit card. And then for 2 weeks I kept getting contacts that it was going to be delivered at certain dates. One of these emails had a tracking number with Canada Post, but their website says nothing was shipped. Went back to the site and the product I purchased does not exist any longer. And of course, no contact to my inquiries. Shannon Lethbridge, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Internet
7, Report #271312
Aug 30 2007
09:11 AM
TV BOX SET ,tv box set dvd Montreal Nationwide
I ordered the series Wonder Years from this company and when it arrived it was home videos taped from TV almost looked like a video camera taped the screen of the TV. The sound was extremely poor quality. So I email the company and saw that if I was not satisfied to send the DVD's back. There is no phone number and I did send the DVDs back and have not heard anything or received any compensation. Jeff Surprise, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Montreal, Nationwide
8, Report #290210
Dec 10 2007
01:30 AM
TV Box Set.com Blossom DVD Box Set - Paid for, Not received Internet
I ordered several DVD boxsets, from this website. I have received some of them, however, I payment was taken, in full, for all of them. I am still awaiting the delivery of one boxset that I ordered. As I had no contact information for them, aside from their website address and e-mail address, I sent an e-mail and attempted to visit the website. I was advised that the website was under maintenance, although now I am getting a bad gateway error message, and the e-mail address generated an automatic response: We're dealing with previous orders made, please be patient. That was over 2 months ago, and I am still being patient - I have had no further contact from the company. I am seriously concerned by the absence of the website! Nikki TorbayNew Zealand
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1379710
Jun 17 2017
07:07 PM
Tick Box Have been told several times since 4/21/2017 that my return of $65.00 is bering processed. Was told one time hat their processor was down and they wouldsend me a check. Waited two weeksand called. Finally got , who I was told, was aa supervisor. He checked my account out and told me that I didhave a refundof$65.00 comin to me and the he would expedite and get a check out to me immediately. this ws on 5-3-17. Iby Damon Atlanta Georgia.
Returned Tick Box on 4-21-17 as keyboard would not funtion. Waited wo weekss for refund. Sent an e-mail. Was told they were having problems with their  processor. Wanted to know if I would accept a check. Told them yes. Received a check for $4.90. Told them that I had sent back a keyboard and tick boc. They owed m99.90 for tick box. Oneweek later received a check for $34.90. Called and talked to Supervisor Damon. After several minutes of explanation he told me that I was correct. They owed me a refund of $99.90 but since I had alrady received the check for $34.90 that he would expdite me a refund for $65.00. Waited two moreeks. Sent an e-mail No response. Waited another two weeks. Sent a-mail no resonse. They guarantee that you can gt a refund is not totally satisfied. I am not , as the key board did not work. All at onec I received another Tick Bos. Which I didnot order, nor want. I just want muy money refunded.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #277250
Oct 05 2007
10:19 AM
I made the mistake of ordering a box set of a favourite TV show. I was told my order would arrive within two weeks of purchase. I was given a date. Once that date passed and nothing arrived, I called them. At which point I was given the excuse that all of their Canadian orders got lost. They then gave me a bogus tracking number and new delivery date. Again that day passed and nothing arrived. I tried calling again and it kept going straight to voicemail. Every option I tried in their phone system to speak to someone was unsuccessful as it went to voicemail each time. It appears they stopped taking calls. I'm sure it is because there was an overwhelming amount of complaints that they were not prepared to answer. What a bunch of phonies! I cannot understand how a group of people can collectively agree on screwing the innocent masses on a regular basis and not be ashamed. I hope they get shut down as soon as possible and are exposed for the fraudulent b****ds they really are. Thankfully I was able to have the charge credited back to my credit card through a full investigation my bank did on my behalf. Don't be a victim....stay away from these despicable crooks! Miss E Toronto, OntarioCanada
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #319317
Mar 19 2008
10:31 AM
TV Box Set Stole my money Internet
I have been ripped off by this company. In June 2007, I ordered the box set of Becker for my husband for approximately $80.00 American. I never received the merchandise. Several e-mails did not resolve the problem. The company blamed the Canadian postal system and new customs regulation. It turns out the show was not out on DVD last year! The first season is going to be released on April 1st. This time I ordered through Amazon, a company I trust. I have now learned that the domain name is up for sale. Never got my money refunded. On other opinion sites (epinions.com), there are 52 complaints against this company. Seems they sell bootleg copies, are doing business under www.dvdcollections.tv and may have been busted. Don't count on getting any refunds. Roann Apalachin, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #259630
Jul 09 2007
12:49 PM
TV Box Set Bootlegged Copy of Freakazoid, I'm a Fool Toronto Ontario
I ordered a Freakazoid Box Set From TV Box Set. To my surprise I recieved it later than indicated by an email from this company. It was supposed to arrive on June 30th. I recieved it today July 9th. The case was bought at hardware store. The disks were scratched and covered in fingerprints. Over half of the disks didn't have anything on them. I am out $50. Buyer be ware. Do not buy anything from a website that does not have a telephone number for their customer service department. Many of the reports I have seen for this company are from a different state in Canada. Someone has to catch this person! Heidi Gorham, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
13, Report #266268
Aug 08 2007
08:18 PM
TV Box Set I Think I've Been Ripped Off Too Napier Quebec
I had a very similar experience. I ordered a box set from this company a month ago. It was supposed to have arrived a week ago, but as of this writing there has been no trace of it. They haven't answered any of my e-mails and their website appears to be experiencing permanent technical difficulties. The k Berea, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Napier, Quebec
14, Report #265259
Aug 04 2007
03:19 PM
TV Box Set Purchased DVD's online; product not received Internet
On July 12, 2007 I purchased a TV show DVD set from www.tvboxset.com. They charged my credit card in the amount of $55.98 on July 15, 2007 but I never received my purchase. My purchase was to be delivered between July 25-28, 2007. In my confirmation email was a link to track the shipment. On July 26, 2007 it arrived in Napierville QC and no additional information received. I tried to email them on August 2, 2007 but no response. On August 4, 2007 I contacted my bank to dispute the charge, and also put a 90-day fraud alert on my credit report. Stop this company before they rip off more people! Judy Glen Ellyn, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #268459
Aug 18 2007
10:13 AM
TV Box Set - Big Time Rip Off Operation Montreal Internet
I ordered the Centennial box set in mid July. I received confirmation with an untraceable number from Canada. I've sent several emails and never received a response. Webb site claims they answer all email promptly, this is another false statement. The only thing they're prompt at doing is collecting the money. They aren't providing any service whatsoever. They're getting rich off of people who think they're dealing with a legitimate company. They should be shut down immediately before several more people are ripped off. Gigi South Bend, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Montreal, Nationwide
16, Report #273806
Sep 11 2007
01:32 AM
TV Box Set Credit card charged - Nothing delivered Montreal Quebec Canada
I ordered the boxset of the sci-fi series Dark Skies (not available in the UK) and my credit card was charged on the 20th July with USD 69.99. Despite being advised by e-mail that the item had been shipped and my sending several e-mails requesting an update (and asking them to call me) they sent one e-mail stating that if the item was not received within one week they would refund my payment. I waited before requesting a full refund and have heard no more from them. The web-site is still operational and I would advise all potential customers to steer well clear of this incompetent (or worse) organisation. Peter RamseyUnited Kingdom
Entity: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
17, Report #272076
Sep 03 2007
12:19 PM
TV Box Sets Sells bootleg copies refuses to refund money for returned products Ontario Internet
I purchased the Ally Mcbeal series from this company. They said they were from the distributor. They shipped them with a label that said instructional video, I assume this was to avoid customs. They sets were obviously not from a distibutor. The quality was bad and most of the disks did not work. I contacted them and they said the set has never been released and these were from a private collector. (Nice way of saying bootleg) They said I could return them for a refund. I followed all of the instructions to return them. They were returned via UPS and signed for. Now I can not get anyone in the support department to return my e mails. I checked the Canadian better business bureau and they have had numerous complaints against this company. I wish I had done this before my purchase. I also found that they have lots of names and e-mail addresses and locations, another indication of fraud. The bottom line is these guys are crooks, they do not honor warranties, they violate copyright laws and they send you defective merchandise. Tj Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #271812
Sep 01 2007
01:38 PM
Tv Box Set - Garcia Media Group STILL WAITING FOR DVDS Montreal Quebec
Sept. 1/07 I ordered the complete Route 66 collection and I'm still waiting. They said by e-mail on August 17 they have a miscommunication with Canada Post and there's a two week delay. I'm now wondering if I'll get these dvds and what they will look like. Has anyone else ordered them? Apparently, they're not available now! I thought I'd save a lot of money. At Amazon, Route 66 is coming out very slowly a half season at at tiime. I got the best of eleven episodes which are great! Saloon singer Windsor, OntarioCanada
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
19, Report #279980
Oct 20 2007
12:01 PM
MP3MusicHQ.com BEWARE CHARGE CREDIT CARD WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION AND BLAME IT ON terms and conditions (the box you tick I agree to) Internet Internet
I started here: - http://compnetworking.about.com/od/p2ppeertopeer/tp/p2pfilesharing.htm where I was browsing information about downloading music legally. This article lead to a link for Winmx (I chose Winmx as it is for Windows): - FreeMusicShare.com/Winmx in an attempt to legally download music, I signed up. There was a fee $24.76 USD one time payment and unlimited downloading. I began the credit card payment but it never gave me a subtotal or total price, I was waiting for it to authorize but next thing I know I had paid with my credit card. They said they would email a confirmation so I thought ok I'll check my email later. - I downloaded songs which turned out to be a hoax and not what the file names stated (Mustang Sally by The Committments and Mustang Sally by Buddy Guy) The songs were not songs at all but inappropriate spoken messages that were pretty creepy and disturbing. - At the same time, my internet options suddenly changed. An extra tool bar appeared out of nowhere which I could not remove and it directed my searches to one site (Ask.com) I got scared and decided this was not worth it. I wasn't getting what I paid for. So I decided to cancel and I suspected I may have fallen for an internet scam. I could not return to the MP3musicHQ.com website because I kept being re-directed to ask.com. Similarly I could not get to my email (yahoo.com) to check the payment confirmation. It was as if my computer had been taken over by ask.com, I could not go to any other website no matter what I typed in the www address field/ or searched for. - Long story follows: suffice to say I documented everything that happened in the next five and a half hours as I tried to reach someone who could help. I also contacted my credit card company who told me to wait till the bill appeared on my credit card statement and then dispute the charge. - I finally reached MP3musicHQ.com who agreed to cancel my registration, refund my money (by the way they had erroneously charged me USD $34.64) They said the extra $9.88 was a tech support payment. Here is the bottom line: there is a cancellation/processing fee of $9.95 which apparently appears in the Terms and Conditions box which I ticked I agree to. Fair enough as I scrolled down without reading it all, it was massive. - Quote from the company rep (Carlo) who spoke to me: We did not charge you to download music, downloading music on the internet is free for everyone, what we sell is computer technical support, that's what you paid for. He also tried to talk me into continuing the payments (Which by the way had suddenly become monthly payments according to him). He asked if any one else used the computer at my house because they might one day need tech support even if I didn't, and their tech support was available 24/7 or I might need it in the future for any computer problems. - That's the story. I don't believe anyone behind this company means intentional malicious harm to anyone, but I do believe that they are in some way aware that they are doing something which makes people want a refund. Perhaps they will change their policies as a result of all the consumer reports. I wish them well and hope that they will add the correct information to their website in order of importance. We are a computer tech support company is the correct lable that should appear on their website. A clear statement of purpose is not too much to ask. I wasted a lot of time today dealing with this which cannot be returned to me. I documented all the steps, I'll keep all the notes in case I hear from anyone who will make this company stop taking advantage and twisting words to take money from people. They did not earn or deserve the money they took from me. It was unfair and it left me feeling that dirty business had just happened and that I had been tricked but they made me feel that I was dumb and it was my fault that I didnt read the fine print. Very smooth trained reps on the phone and on their instant chat customer service. - Reading the fine print and ticking the I agree box had nothing to do with it. They did not deliver the product, or authorize the total payment for my credit card and, of course, it was false advertising. - I will follow up with my credit card company as per the advice of the editor at Ripoff.com. Thank you for providing that, it's very good advice. thank you for what you do. Despite losing my whole Saturday, I feel better after a friend recommended your website. Anonymous AnonymousU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #258714
Jul 04 2007
07:16 PM
Tv Box Set, Rare Dvds Tv Box Set, Rare Dvds Billed for a product never received Montreal Quebec Canada
I ordered The Twilight Zone from TV Box Set who billed me as Garcia Media Group so apparently that is the new name or alias for Rare DVDS.com now, be warned. I tried emailing them but of course they do not respond. Beverly Fairview Hgts, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
21, Report #294084
Dec 23 2007
05:36 PM
TV Box Set, TV BOX SET charged $100 for 2 dvd sets and never delivered! ordered on 07/16/07 Quebec/Ontario Internet
I ordered 2 DVD sets from TV Box Set totaling $100.00 (u.s. dollars). I never recieved my products. I contacted them and when they replied I was informed that they were going to contact Canada Post and I would be notified as soon as my order was found. I have yet to be contacted. It has been about 6 months now with not contact from them or Canada Post. Dannette Reedsburg, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1422177
Jan 10 2018
12:43 PM
Platinum TV Box Pure TV Box Will not refund my money for the Tv Box and Keyboard Los Angeles California
I purchased a Platinum TV Box and mini keyboard and received it on December 7, 2017. I tried all of their trouble shooting tips and still would not work. I put in a ticket for instructions for a complete refund. After sending 2 tickets for the refund they finally sent me instructions to send everything back to the California address and stated I would receive a refund 3 to 5 business days after they verified everything was received. I sent it on December 15, 2017 priority mail and have photos of everything in the box.They received it on December 18, 2017. I still have not received my refund. I put in another ticket yesterday January 9, 2018 with no answers from the company or Tina Lee (that the website states is handling my ticket).
Entity: Los Angeles, California
23, Report #15632
Mar 02 2002
12:00 AM
SKYBOX TV DOES IT AGAIN! money disappearing from my account!
I guess I'm not surprised that I have found so many reports regarding SkyBoxTV on this site. I ordered from their Web site last December (free installation, two receivers, first month free, etc. etc. etc.) Immediately after I placed this order $39.99 disappeared from my account. Shortly after that Dish Network also took $39.99. After a few weeks I received my certificate. No-one called to schedule an appointment for installation, and no equipment showed up on my doorstep. Repeated emails and calls to SkyBoxTV were useless, well, maybe worse than useless because in early January they took an additional $189.00 from my account. I even had a Dish Network support person try to contact them on a conference call and we got someone claiming to be the president of the company and he said not to bother him. Dish Network finally got an installer out and I got my satellite TV, but they nailed me for $160-odd in January as well (apparently they never heard of SkyBox TV's great deal). If anyone has any suggestions as to how I might get my money back I would appreciate your input. Regards, Jim K. Highwood, Illinois
Entity: Miami, Florida
24, Report #14781
Feb 21 2002
12:00 AM
Trying a different approach with the skybox tv ripoff
Earlier this morning took and kept trying to contact Skybox again and again. Gosh, how much does it really cost to pay someone to answer a phone, especially with such a gooooood scam going on. Realizing that SkyboxTv did not quite live up to the contract with me. Hey, they were fast on the gun removing 39.94 from my account to insure that my box came within 3-5 days. That would insure that I would have 15 days to install it, uhhh, I can not live up to my end of the contract due to the fact that they did not live up to theirs. They voided and nulled any contract by LYING about their word. Thanks for other responses I had read earlier. Went and changed all my accounts today. Also, found them on a site today and wrote the webmaster there about the products they carry and sponsor.http://www.satellite.providers.net/ anyone interested can slick on there and you can send an email message. Also my daugther said something about if they did not live up to their end of the agreement it nulls and voids it. That would fall under the paying of 39.95 for 3-5 day shipping and handling. Skybox tv has left such a bad taste in my mouth now,... needing to spit... BUT, they were my first online deal and believe me they will be the last. Remah Roanoke Rapids NC Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Sky Box TV
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #14672
Feb 21 2002
12:00 AM
skybox tv took my money and ran
On the 1st of Feb, 2002, I seen a 'wonderful' ad for a free system in my inbox. Taking and talking it over with my family, we decided to go for it. Gave them my card numbers for the money owed on postage and handling. Look, wow, after 2 weeks, still not arrived. Called and called and CALLED. Finally after 4 days of calling, the phone was answered and I talked to a young presentable man. He was so knowledgeable that he did not even have to know my account info or anything to tell me that my system should be here by the beginning of next week. Sorry to say, he LIED. It is now Thursday and this is toward the end of the week. Still playing with the only number I have to call skybox tv with which is 1 888 268 9729, and once again no answer. Guess this is a scam. How do I stop them from STEALING my money out of my account? One thing for sure, I have learned never to act on any offers online EVER again. Remah Roanoke Rapids North Carolina Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Sky Box TV
Entity: Nationwide

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