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1, Report #896052
Jun 11 2012
05:14 PM
Time Warner Cable Terrible Customer Service carrollton, Texas
This is one of the worst experiences I've had in a while. Website technology has grown, and became more advanced, I'll give them this, but to make a website force the user to double login in order to pay a bill, and then to ask for a Customer Code which is apparently located on a paper-bill, and I am paperless, in order to verify the account I'm already logged in to?! What kind of over-the-top security is this? I then login to the Chat with Customer Service because I cannot stand the voice-activated services on their call-in customer service, I get quickly told that my problem can only be handled if i CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE! Wow, thanks Time Warner. And to top it off, the number he gives links me to the wrong department, so when I finally get through the first 15 minute wait, I have to wait ANOTHER 15 minutes to get to the right department. When I speak to this customer service representative, he asks me every security question in the book, and I answer everyone correctly. THEN, he springs on me that I have to call back form the primary phone number and that he can't release any information until I do so. I asked for the manager and wait for another 15 minutes. She was very rude and interrupted me over and over. It was such a waste of my time because the Customer Code was literally 4 digits and so basic. I could have just guessed it....This is the worst customer service EVER!
Entity: carrollton, Texas
2, Report #982750
Dec 16 2012
07:05 AM
Time Warner Cable and Internet, New York
I receive continuous service interruptions with cable and internet.  Placed 3 calls in one week for different interruptions. Escalated last call to a higher level supervisor and he offered no resolution - and was borderline sarcastic.  He would not offer any credit for service interruptions.  In additon, movies were deleted that were recorded on DVR. Very unhappy with TWC service and would not recommend TWC to anyone.  The worst of it is when calling to restore services is after I hang up, TWC calls back and tries to sell mores services.  This is unacceptable due to the fact that they keep adding additional service charges on a regular basis.  I keep reducing paid stations and the bill keeps going up.
Entity: Internet, New York
3, Report #1062092
Jun 25 2013
06:19 PM
Time Warner Cable Ripped me off Internet
I had them for over a year and when I had trouble with my lines they charged $45 for each time they came out and they came out over 9 times to try to fix the problem. I called the billing department and they took the charges off but the next day they shut my service off and said I have to pay over $1000 to have it back on over a $159 bill that was paid.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1220532
Apr 06 2015
06:53 AM
time warner cable terrible customer service Nationwide
 We had a service call scheduled to hook up internet, phone and tv service at our new home we were getting ready to  move into officially at the end of the school year.  We had to drive 1.5 hours to meet the tech, who had a window to show up between 2-3 p. It started out by Chris the tech 440-305-2449 calling between the hours of 2-3 (scheduled time) that he was not going to make it due to being delayed 45 min or so min away, and that it would be a couple of hours before he could get to us.  Later he called back to update us that he was sending someone else 9 miles away to take our call,  Fine.  The only problem for us this person never showed up.  Suspecting the worst we called Chris and getting no answer to our calls, we called Time Warner to find our service call had been cancelled.  We had to reschedule for the following Saturday. for all of this aggrevation, the Time Warner agent was only allowed to take our complaint and give us a $20 credit. We had sat there for over 4 hours waiting for a tech that never showed all for nothing.  The appointment had been canceled on a Saturday of Easter weekend.  We think that the tech just wanted to shorten his day and to be done, so most likely he just cancelled us hoping no one would be the wiser, and time warner would just think it was in error.   
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1351842
Jan 24 2017
11:44 PM
Time Warner cable Service Defiance,ohio Ohio
 I pay almost 200.00 dollars a month for phone,internet,and cable. The service I received is really bad one person says one thing and another says something else and trying to get a technician out to my home is like trying to pull teeth. Every other week my internet goes out and they say nothing is wrong. It's suppose to be the fastest internet they have and sometimes I half to wait ten minutes for it to load suppose to have over 200 channels when I only have 100 channels the only thing that works the way it should is the phone.
Entity: Ohio
6, Report #411827
Jan 13 2009
10:24 PM
Entity: Richmond, Kentucky
7, Report #286331
Nov 23 2007
05:34 PM
Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable poor billing practices Dallas, Texas Texas
I am a current cable customer of TWC. Fortunately for me we only have cable service with them. When we started this service we were also told they were the only provider other than dish dvr. That tells me they are monopolizing. We started our payment two months in advance. And we had crappy service instillation. It turns out after careful accounting we have never gone over 30 days late in any given billing cycle. The statement every month includes the following months bill and late fees as well. It always states you are late and all of the fees are due immediatly. We recieved a call from a rep today who said we would receive service interruption if not paid immediatley, even though the bill will not be 30 days late until December 7, 2007. After speaking with a billing supervisor and discussing the details and questioning their billing tactics. We realized they ar rude, inflexible, overbilling (THIS NEEDS TO BE WATCHED BY OTHER CONSUMERS CAREFULLY). Although we ended the conversation skillfully we are still not satisfied with their billing practices and how they utilize billing reps to threaten their good clients. Seems to me this is a very bad business decision on their part and they should re-examine the conversations, calls, and billing practices a little closer or they will be losing good clients to other media means. Noone should have to be bullied over a payment that is NOT late. Take what you need and leave the rest. R In Dallas, TX Abigstepup Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
8, Report #1137826
Apr 10 2014
01:02 PM
Entity: columbus, Ohio
9, Report #1129533
Mar 10 2014
08:51 AM
Time Warner Cable, Time Warner Cable LIES about service Raleigh North Carolina
I was contacted by Time Warner Cable to renew my contract.  I was promised a $300 visa card if I renewed but never received it.  I called several times buy only to be met with more lies.DO NOT TRUST TIME WARNER CABLE - THEY WILL LIE TO GET YOUR SERVICE.Time Warner does not honor their agreement and scams you into services.
Entity: Select State/Province
10, Report #1367643
Apr 13 2017
07:47 PM
Time Warner Cable/ Spectrum Cable Spectrum Deceptive Advertising Columbus, Ohio Nationwide
Spectrum Cable is playing consumers for fools. I received a mailer around March/April 2017 offering a better Internet + Cable package than the 30MBps/no digital box cable I was currently receiveing ($115), for only $59.99 per month ** ( of course the ** states additional taxes and fees). Additional taxes and fees have ALWAYS been the case and are expected. I called and after a long hot-air sell, I was told I was getting a great deal and that my monthly bill would be around $99.99.  A whopping $40 in taxes and fees - and the cs person said this as if it is, and always has been the norm. I said, Whoaa...you mean to tell me that $40 in taxes and fees is supposed to be accepted as normal? This cs rep tells me that I have always been paying around that much for taxes and fees. I told her to look at how much i paid for the same service in 2015 ($59.99), and then in 2016 ($79.99).  I have been paying $40 in taxes in fees for these two years that means i only paid $19.99 & $39.99 for internet + cable for these years. That was NOT the case. Time Warner's service has not been great, but at least they did work with existing customers and create deals and packages for limited lengths of times, to bring increasing charges down. Now since they've changed to Spectrum, they are 20 times as bad. The CS people I talked to were horrible and did not help at all. I tried calling several times hoping I would get a hold of someone more experienced. One of the CS reps got an attitude with me and basically told me I've always paid this much in taxes and fees and that I didn't know what I was talking about. If a company is going to send out a promotion for $59.99, they need to offer that amount; otherwise, promote the so-called deal with an amount closer to what will actally be paid, and stop taking customers for fools. I called to see how much it would cost to have cable only, and they inform me that it will cost $99.99 -  more than having the bundle of the two terrible services together. After nearly 20 years, I am going to drop their company all together. Spectrum is disgusting, and there are only a few cable providers to choose from in Columbus, Oh. This is a prime example of why no competition is a disaster for the American people, and just like big government, it doesn't work. 
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #168303
Dec 17 2005
12:39 PM
Time Warner is billing me double for high speed internet. They came to my house and disconnected my high speed internet when they were not suppose to. Bad technicians made a bad booboo now they won't take it off, and make it so bad I have proof. Please watch your cable tech if he is doing the job right. Aaron COLUMBUS, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: COLUMBUS, Ohio
12, Report #1201991
Jan 15 2015
05:24 PM
Time Warner Cable TWCTimeWarnerTimeWarnerCable Free laptop scam London Nationwide
Do yourself a favor and don't sign up for nothing from these scam artist. We did everything we were supposed to do and even have reciepts to prove it. They keep giving us the run around saying they are sending our code or laptop and then after a week of not recieving anything we check back and its the same run around again saying we don't qualify however if they pull up the phone records which they claim were lost then they could see and one representative said they found a message in our account confirming.  NOT ONLY THAT! we also have reciepts showing our payments to confirm. We made all our payments on time and did everything we were supposed to do now they don't want to hold up to their end of the bargain and want to fight us tooth and nail over a crap laptop in the first place.  It's now not about the laptop its more about the fact they can get away with this type of stuff.. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY SPECIAL DEALS THEY WILL SCAM YOU RIGHT OUT OF IT! If you don't listen find out for yourself and you will be the one angry writing these comments. All it takes is a quick google or reading comments wherever you see Time Warner's named mention and you are surley to see CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS within the first few comments if not EVERY comment.  TIME WARNER HAS NO INTEGRITY AND DOES NOT VALUE ITS CONSUMERS. Also don't listen to the amounts when you first sign up because what they don't tell you is all the fee's for everything under the sun that they are going to tack onto your bill and expect you to pay when they first show up. You'll pay atleast a hundred if not more just for basic services and that's just the fee's.. Then comes the bill and the problems that follow.. IF YOU HAVE ANY OPTIONS OF OTHER PROVIDERS THEN DO YOURSELF A FAVOR BECAUSE YOU WILL PAY IN THE LONG RUN JUST WAIT AND SEE!
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #464544
Jun 24 2009
12:03 PM
Time Warner Cable - Credit Balance Time warner Nightmare Irving Texas
I had a horrible event with these idiots that lasted months trying to get almost $600.00 credit balance returned to me. NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how did it accumulate? They were charging me for 2 residences and never disconnected my old house........ If you've got a problem with Time Warner Cable regular customer service can't or won't solve, you can try escalating it to the Executive Care team in the Office of the President. This is updated contact information since we last posted it, information TWC was nice enough to provide to us directly! TWC.COTP@twcable.com 203-328-0600 - option 2 Leader of Office of the President team: James Abott Ufm dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
14, Report #924770
Aug 09 2012
09:37 AM
Time Warner Cable Time Warner Service No-Show Internet, Texas
Time Warner failed to show up for an arrange appointment for repair of cable jack and did not even call.  There is a broken TWC cable jack in bedroom that was originally installed by them.  I was told that it would be repaired for free by a technician who was sent to repair my non-working phone line.  Phone line was repaired and I called in a work order for the jack repair. I was told by customer service it would cost me $29 to have a tech come and repair the jack, so I setup the appointment.  On 8/8/12, tech was scheduled to come between 4-6pm to rewire jack.  No one showed up and I never received a call fro TWC.   I called TWC to find out what happened and was told they would get back to me in a few minutes.  Never heard back from anyone.  On 8/9/12, I called  to get the problem resolved and find out when they could come to make the repair.  Spoke with a Cust. Svc. supervisor who informed me that techs do not repair lines in apartments and I would need to get an independent contractor to come and do the repairs, or they would provide a contractor for approx. $90.  First off, this is their jack that was originally installed by them, which they won't repair and want me to pay for.  I said maybe I should just change to another cable company and they said go ahead if I wanted to cancel my service with them.   This is poor business practices, customer service and a ripoff.  They refuse to correct the problem unless I fork over money for their mistakes.  Don't use them. After I made the complaint, my cable and internet stopped working for about 30 minutes.  REALLY!! 
Entity: Internet, Texas
15, Report #251295
May 30 2007
06:56 PM
Time Warner Cable time warner cable is nothing but liars Ripoff Eaton Ohio
i have had nothing but trouble with time warner cable all the operators say different things. i got the bundle package sept o6 reguardless we got alittle behind at the beginning. i came home one night they had shut my digital cable off so i called them and the operator told me that if i paid 143.00 that my service would be turned back on and it wouldnt be interrupted with the rest of my bundle so i paid them 200.00 still no cable and then the following weekend they shut my phone service off so when i called them they said i needed another 200.00 and some dollars to have that service hooked back up. so i took the cable box and the phone modem and gave it back to them and told them to keep me at regular basic cable and internet but since these interuptions my internet was more offline then online and i have had tech after tech here and finally june 29th they got it fixed and only credited me for 1 month of service due to there mess up. Then on june 30 i live in apt and they came down here to fix or unhook someones cable and they messed mine up my tv is all staticy in my living room so the one person i talked to said i should watch it in my bedroom then cause they cant get a tech here til june 6th so when i got mad and hung up and called back the other tech said june 5 then it was june 4th so i got really ticked by this point and called to speak to a supervisor and now i cant talk to a supervisor i was put into there computer til a supervisor can call me back in 24 to 48 hours i was never told this til i called back and then the operator told me to hang on that they would see if they could find me a supervisor and i waited on the phone for 20 minutes. ( im on a cell phone) so when i called back is when i got told 24 to 48 hours a supervisor would call me but i am still exspected to pay 74.00 by this sat or they will disconnect me after i just paid them 100.00 last wed what i was suppose to pay this company is not worth a crap and something really needs to be done. Yolanda eaton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Eaton, Ohio
16, Report #1169224
Aug 12 2014
08:44 AM
Time Warner Cable Don't use Time Warner Cable Arlington Texas
Never sign up with Time Warner Cable! Those insintives sound wonderful but you won't receive them. We were supposed to receive a $500 gift card within 6 months if we paid our bill on time, which we did. After 6 months and numerous phone calls to time warner....nothing!  It has been over 2 years now and we gave up. Who has time to wait and be on the phone with them for hour (s). Secondly, I have been receiving numerous phone calls from a collection company regarding non returned time warner cable equipment. It was turned in the the time frame that it was supposed to be turned in. Now I have the harassing phone calls and a $219 unpaid bill on my credit!  To all, do the right thing and go with another cable or satellite company. Time warner cable will rip you off!!!  
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #988631
Dec 29 2012
01:30 PM
Time Warner Cable Time Warner Fraud New York New York
Time Warner increased my bill by $100/mo, for my phone/internet/cable, because I called to have an appointment with Rival Verizon. Verizon registered the appointment unbeknowst to me, even though I did not authorize that I was switching or ready for any installation or change in service. I did not chose to go with Verizon because my apt  would not accept the wiring. I was socked by TW for having that apppointment with a new monthly fee of $275 dollars/mo., (my monthly is was $162, already way above the promo offers.) even though I never alerted them or cancelled services. My bill or internet account did not reflect or register why changes in pricing occurred. When I called they said it was because I had called Verizon, and they believed that I was about to cancel my service, so they cancelled it and I lost my previous 'pricing' When I said I never authorized or cancelled, they arrogantly said they still had the right to do that even tho 'It was a mistake'  and it is legal for them to use information from Verizon's system. Then they harrassed me with phone calls about late payment, , even though I could not get through to customer service lines to find out what this was about. Then, I asked if I could could cancel the phone portion of my Triple Play, and they refused unless I paid huge surchages. ie I no longer use the phone, but if I cancel the phone portion my bill goes UP!!! Ditto for TV or internet. So I must continue to pay a pay this large fixed fee, OR  pay astronomical fees for single services. I am buying services with RANDOM and EXTORTIONARY pricing methods -- plus bullying on the phone. 
Entity: New York, New York
18, Report #1175147
Sep 07 2014
10:31 PM
The following should serve nicely as a vehicle for you to see the clarity of Time Warner not providing help or service to their clients.  Their departments are intentionally segregated so no solution can be provided, and they give you a deliberate run around...eternally.  I can only hope that soon, with the inception of everything wireless, TWC goes the way of the dodo.  You people make me sick. User Guest_ has entered roomAnalyst Terry Frank has entered room Terry Frank> Thank you for contacting Internet Technical Support. My name is Terry Frank and I would be happy to help you. Guest_> great thank you terryGuest_>i signed up for twc cable today and need my correct username and pwGuest_>my order id is:Guest_>200290*****Terry Frank>Are you referring to the Internet user name and password ?Guest_>yesGuest_>i was told that along with my service, i have access to use any twc wifi nationwideGuest_>i would like my correct username and pw in order to use this wifi whenever i want Guest_>can you help me with that?Terry Frank>I will provide the detailsGuest_>tyTerry Frank>I need to pull your InformationTerry Frank>Please provide me the phone number associated with the account to pull your detailsGuest_>310-***-**** Terry Frank>Thank you Terry Frank>Please give me 2 minutes while I check your account details.Terry Frank>Thank you for waitingTerry Frank>I see your services are not yet active. You can use your TWC email address and Myaccount login credentials for the free hotspot accessTerry Frank>Yes, you can use your TWC email address and Myaccount login credentials for the Nationwide hotspot access. Terry Frank>But you need to have active TWC services Terry Frank>Could you please provide me the billing address and name on the account ?Guest_>Beverly hills CA 90211Terry Frank>Thank youTerry Frank>Please provide me the name on the accountGuest_>BETerry Frank>Thank you for the InformationGuest_>my account should be active, i provided a cc number and information required when i set up everything Terry Frank>Yes, I have crossed checked, I see you dont have active TWC services. I recommend you to contact our advanced support to activate your servicesTerry Frank>I will provide you with the contact number Terry Frank>Here is the contact number 888-892-2253 Guest_>i don't want a contact number. i have thatGuest_>i had that before we went through all of this.  what i want is my login inforation pleaseTerry Frank>Alright Guest_>i could have called the number before we started this, but no one ever answersTerry Frank>You need to use Myaccount login credentials Terry Frank>Go to https://myservices.timewarnercable.com/ and register thereGuest_>great. what are my credentials...Guest_>and how am i supposed to go to this website without internet?Terry Frank>You need to register firstGuest_>so register for me...Guest_>that's why i'm here...i need help Terry Frank>I regret to say you need to register from your end. Guest_>so you guys took my credit card number, gave me nothing, no service, didn't set an appointment, didn't activate my account, and now you can't help me register?Guest_>maybe just cancel my account then and refund any money i spent....Terry Frank>You can only use TWCWIFI hotspot with your Myaccount and TWC email address. Unfortunately, you need to have active TWC services.Guest_>I DO HAVE TWC ACTIVE SERVICESGuest_>jesusGuest_>I SET IT UP ALREADY WITH YOUGuest_>EARLIER THIS MORNING Terry Frank>If you have active services, you should be able to access the Internet through the TWCTerry Frank>Are you able to access the Internet through the TWC now ?Guest_>terry let's go through this again, because you're obviously not understanding...Guest_>Today, i went online using someone elses web connection and went to TWC.  i activated an internet plan.  I provided my CC information, name, address, and everything else asked of me.  They provided me with the order number i gave you above. Guest_>THAT IS ALL I GOT FROM TWC but my services were startedGuest_>now i went online, and i can't connect despite having started my services. i am not asking for another number or department to call, i am asking you, Terry Frank, a representative from TWC to assist me in making my new account workGuest_>what i need from you, is the information i need (login, password) to get back on this wifi Terry Frank>Did TWC Installed Internet service your home ?Guest_>please provide me with my username, and password, or active internet connection where i can then visit the myaccount site you gave meGuest_>no, they did not come out, i don't want them to. i will set it up.  but i do need my credentials regardless of their coming.Guest_>i paid, therefore my account should come with login and password credentials.  please give me thoseTerry Frank>I regret to say but you need to active Internet connection. You need to setup your Internet connection. You will be able to register for the Myaccount. We dont have Informatio about our Myaccount login credentials unless you setup your InternetGuest_>also, the website you gave me also requires a USERNAME and PASSWORD.  i don't know what they are for any of these portals. please provide. Terry Frank>You can do this, once you setup your Internet connectionGuest_>BUT I DID SET UP MY INTERNETGuest_>are you kidding me?  do you not understand what i'm telling you?  I ALREADY SET IT UP, i just don't have the CREDENTIALS.  PLEASE PROVIDE....Terry Frank>Could you please provide me your modem mac address or account number ?Terry Frank>A Modem MAC address is written on the sticker, at the bottom of the modem as 12 hexadecimal characters (0-9, A-F). It will be in the form of HFC MAC ID (also known as the CMAC, CM MAC, CMCI MAC, EA or Ethernet Address).Guest_>i didn't order a modem through you, i have my ownGuest_>i've ordered only the service through TWC Terry Frank>Please stay connected while I transfer you to dedicated departmentGuest_>see was that so hard? why did it need to take this long to do this?Guest_>i'll holdTerry Frank>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analystAnalyst Terry Frank has left room Analyst Richard has entered room Richard>Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Richard and I would be happy to help you.Richard>Hello.Richard>Thank you for waiting.Guest_>no problem. greetings richard.  can i have my username and pw now?Richard>I can understand your situation and will do my best to assist you.Richard>Can you help me with your service address?Richard>Can you please help me with your contact number? Guest_>already given: 310-***-****Guest_>Guest_>i signed up for twc cable today and need my correct username and pwGuest_>my order id is:Guest_>20029*****Richard>I would like to inform you that you will have to create a new online account to view your account information.Guest_>i already did.Richard>Can you help me with your service address? Guest_>i need the username and pw and i can't  create a new account without my customer numberGuest_>los angeles ca 90035Richard>Thank you for providing required information.Richard>I have checked your account and see that your account is currently disable.Guest_>yGuest_>it shouldnt be disabled since i just set it up todayGuest_>maybe just refund all funds paid if its not going to workGuest_>...? Guest_>cancelGuest_>?Richard>Do you have your account number?Guest_>JESUS!!!!!!!Guest_>I AM ASKING YOU FOR MY ACCOUNT NUMBERGuest_>please provideGuest_>this is the worst service i've ever seenRichard>I would like to inform you that if your account is disable then you won't be able to log in to your account. Guest_>what country do you reside in?Richard>We are located in India.Guest_>because you obviously don't understand.  i am asking you to enable my account.  i know its disabled, you told me that already. now, moving forward, please fix the problem.Guest_>my account should not be disabled. it should be active. i already paid and provided all required information. now, i need to make my service work. that's why i am reaching out to you, in support.Guest_>please FIX the PROBLEM...yes?Richard>I would like to inform you that we don't have the access to enable the disconnected account and in this case you will have to contact our customer solutions team over the phone.Richard>You can contact on this number 888-892-2253.Guest_>but they don't answer. Guest_>and i need to get online NOWGuest_>that's why i ordered servicesGuest_>please provide correct information and enable accountGuest_>what good is this department if you can't fix problems?Richard>Due to system maintenance, I am unable to directly transfer you to our sales chat team. Please click on the following link to open a new chat window so that you can chat with one of our sales associates:  https://sales.liveperson.net/hc/42897133/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=42897133&byhref=1&SESSIONVAR!skill=ecommerce-learn-english Richard>We are from billing department.Guest_>and that link will not work without a working internet connection, right?Richard>Yes.Guest_>so what good is it?Guest_>i'm not on the internet, remember?Richard>Then you can only contact our customer solutions team between 9 am - 6 pm PSTGuest_>so your department is basically worthless, yes?Richard>If you have any billing issue then you can contact us. Guest_>i am having a billing issue.  my account wasn't enabled despite paying. hows that? now fix... Richard>But as I have checked your account is disable and that's the reason I am asking you to call.Guest_>but i don't want to call. 1. they're closed. 2. they don't answer. 3. i'm using the online service instead.Guest_>you should be able to help me just the same as the phone number. and helping doesn't mean sending me to a link i can't use that is closed.  i checked.Guest_>i want the service i paid forRichard>I would like to inform you that they are only available between 9 am - 6 pm PSTGuest_>or just leave the window already so i can rate all your services with a 1 and cancel my account. Guest_>i bet you would LIKE to inform me of your s****y news.Guest_>you are TERRRRRRIBLEGuest_>customer service - 1Guest_>overall service 1Richard>I can understand your concern.Guest_>clearly you can't Guest_>clarity and understanding of issues: 1 Richard>I am sorry but I can't help you because you have recently ordered the services and only sales team or customer solutions team over the phone can help you.Guest_>then i want to cancelGuest_>i bet you can't help me with that 'billing issue' either though.  you are worthless.Guest_>they pay you a salary for this? really?  can i have a job like this too? just type, provide no help, and collect money?Guest_>sign me up for that...Richard>Chat support does not enjoy the authorization of account cancellation yet. Cancellations are solely handled by Customer Solutions which is not available through chat yet. Customer Solutions may be available through chat in the future. Until that time, all cancellation requests are being processed through phone support only. Richard>You can get hold of a phone representative at 1-888-TWCABLE ( 1-888-892-2253. They will process the cancellation with immediate effect, and also prorate the bill to ensure you are charged only for the number of days you have used the service for.Guest_>ENJOY? interesting choice of words.  You LIKE cancelling services?Guest_>I should post this on the web so everyone can see your shitty service.  i think i will.  YELP.com, here i come.Richard>I can understand your concern.Guest_>no you can't.Guest_>you stink.Richard>In this case I will transfer your chat to our escalation team. Guest_>this chat has already been escalated.Guest_>YOU ARE the escalation, first i spoke with dead beat degenerate Terry Frank...also no help at all.Guest_>I'm not sure who is worse, Terry Frank, or Richard.Richard>I would like to inform you that I will transfer your chat to Tier 3Guest_>USELESSRichard>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analystAnalyst Richard has left room Analyst Alex-T3 has entered roomAlex-T3>Hello, my name is Alex with Tier 3 support. Thank you for taking the additional time for us to address your inquiry. Please allow me a moment to review the details of the inquiry you and I will be addressing.Guest_>Just bump me up to Tier 5 so we get something done.Alex-T3>we do not have a tier 5\Guest_>well tier one and two were useless...Alex-T3>when did you order your online package?Guest_>can you see the entire chat?  may i suggest you actually read it prior to attempting to poorly diagnose ...Guest_>i have already designated the answer to that question in the window, please read first. Alex-T3>earlier this morning correct?Guest_>bam! smarter than tier 1...let's see about tier 2Guest_>may i preface this by saying the only right answer is a username and password which i paid for...Guest_>or i rate everything from time warner a 1 and more than likely cancel all services immediately .Guest_>let's see if tier 3 can 'save the day'...S**T for brains, the whole lot of you at TWC Alex-T3>so its because you ordered online that we cant see the services at the moment, online orders typically take 24-48 hours to show in our system. You did pay for it I am just unable to retrieve that information at the moment. Without the services on the account(i.e. the online order I wont be able to get that username and password) Guest_>well i suggest you figure it out and pronto, because i need to get online or i'm cancelling.  you can extend my free 30 minute 'trial' of online services if you like, for the next 48 hours...Guest_>until it populates on your end. go ahead and do that for me and i'll let this one slide...Guest_>get me online.Guest_>prontoGuest_>TIER 3 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Guest_>the top minds coming together to provide resolution care of the TWC extended and advanced training program.  Nobel laureates, look out...TWC is coming. Alex-T3>ha, unfortunately I wont be able to, our ecommerce team is the team in charge of all online accounts and information, essentially the reason Im not able to see you in my system. But They are away for the night, and I have no access to any of that unfortunately.Guest_>sounds intentional.Guest_>i wager, they give each department only enough information to help with nothing...sound right?Guest_>ecommerce team can't help with connection, connection team can't help with billing, billing team can't help with anything...sound correct?Guest_>because the last gentleman said he was the billing team, and provided no assistance.Guest_>and the first person may as well have had a potato for a brain.Guest_>and you, TIER 3 BABY...no help at all. Guest_>1 hour, complete waste of my time (and yours).Alex-T3>I understand, I wish I could put the order through, but I can only do with the access twc gives meGuest_>sounds like your assessing everything, but in America, this would have been ended a long time ago.  You don't care though, just keep those hours running...get PAID!!! RIGHT?Guest_>and TWC gives you no access to ensure you help basically no one, right?Guest_>enlighten me alex...when was the last person you DID help.Guest_>today? help anyone today? Alex-T3>I do, but this is an online order in our system they dont show up for 24-48 hoursGuest_>you help no one, but that TWC cheddar (money) keeps rolling on in, doesn't it?Guest_>well then create something to HELPGuest_>earlier today, it gave me 30 minutes free on the wifi as a trial.  give me 10 more so i can get my work done tonight.Guest_>7 day TWC access pass, 19.95.  Give me one of those please.Guest_>FREEGuest_>cover the cost of my problems since i signed up and you can't help me. Guest_>you don't have to pay, do you?  GIVE ME 20 of TWC's money...get me on the internetAlex-T3>I have to get you to talk to someone in our ecommerce team department tomorrow when they are available thats the only way to get you online. I dont have access to give internet for free, again the twc access pass is through another department and they are closed as well. I wish I could do one of those but I dont have any of those accessesGuest_>what time is it over there in india?Guest_>10:45am? Guest_>would you like to shed some light on why any department is closed at 10:45AM on monday morning?Guest_>For shame....What would Ganesh say?Alex-T3>Im in Colorado and its 10:25 pm, I have no problem doing that, but all the department with those specific access are closed Guest_>I HATE twcGuest_>i loath your company.Guest_>cable.  i can't wait until everything goes wireless and you're crying on wallstreet begging for a hand out.Guest_>TWC should be coated in brown gravy and locked in a room with a drunken wolverine who's high on pcp.Guest_>CURSES!!!Guest_>CURSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guest_It’s time for you to go now so I can rate you and everything you stand for 1’s.  I can already smell the negative swarm around this potentially viral PR meltdown.  You guys suck.  Please, leave now…Farwell, I bid you adieu.  My goal will remain destroying you and everyone at your organization.  I hate you TWC, I hate you vehemently.  Analyst Richard has left room
Entity: Internet
19, Report #7318
Mar 08 2002
12:00 AM
Time Warner Cable of Keene, NH Ripoff ..Cable prices go higher, but the service gets worse
I would like to offer my own report about Time Warner cable of Keene, NH. I have read another report about them on this site, but would like to add my own thoughts. Time Warner was bad when they were Paragon Cable. Then they were bought out, and we thought great, there is hope. I think things only went downhill after the buyout. Before we had digital cable, in the days when cable internet connections were getting popular in other areas, I called TWC to inquire about when to expect cable internet to be offered in the Keene area. I was told by their tech expert that I was confused, that Internet was only available through a telephone based ISP! They hadn't even heard of cable connections! A couple years later, after inquiring about cable connections several more times, I was told they would be offered as soon as digital cable came to Keene. Well after several months of constant cable interruptions while new lines were run, digital cable was finally offered. I received a notice about it, and it stated that I could digital cable for 1 month without an upgrade fee, and I could switch back anytime I wanted. I said yes, and they sent someone out with the new box that is required. I immediately found out that changing channels was extremely slow, and channel reception was terrible. Digital cable was actually worse than analog here! I called about switching back, and was told that I couldn't, since analog cable was being phased out. Nice lie, TWC! On to the cable internet connection. It is now a few years after digital cable came to town, and TWC still doesn't offer cable internet connections. Besides the generally horrible customer support, lies, and lack of cable internet, the prices are extremely high. Our newest upgrade is a new channel guide. With my old guide, I was able to search for programs based on channel, time, type of program, program title, or several other ways. Different types of programs were listed in different colors, telling what type of program it is. The listing also showed if the program was just starting, or if it had been on for a while. Our new, upgraded guide just shows a channel list, and doesn't tell anything about the program unless I actually select the program and read about it. No quick scans of the listing anymore, and no way to search for a specific program, or type of program. This is our upgrade? Cable prices go higher, but the service gets worse? What kind of company is this? TWC, its time you start treating your customers better, or every house in Cheshire County will have a satellite dish on it! Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Time Warner Cable
Entity: Keene, New Hampshire
20, Report #317284
Mar 12 2008
12:34 PM
Time Warner Cable cable, customer service, billing errors, poor scheduling Brecksville Ohio
Time Warner Cable is by far the worst service company I have ever dealt with. When I lived in Avon Lake, Ohio, we had cable through ComCast with no issues to report. One call to set-up service and that was it for 2 years. Then Time Warner bought ComCast and all the otehr smaller cable companies. From that point, phone calls to Time Warner were frequent for many reasons. Then we moved to Brecksville and ordered Time Warner for our new house...more headaches. Here is a list summarizing some of the specific problems we had with Time Warner. 1) When Time Warner bought Comcast, our service (digital cable) kept shutting off and we had to call at least three times to get the signal re-sent to our box. 2) Cable internet always went down requiring a call to Time Warner. 3) Many customer service reps are unfamiliar with the products they sell and they offer very little in the way of technical support. 4) We have never been able to talk to a supervisor or anyone that actually cares about the customers needs. 5) We estimate that we have spent easily 24 hours on hold for customer service in three years. 6) For the service in our new house, we had to schedule a techician to come out three times due to errors in scheduling. 7) We have been over-charged on our bills with no explanation as to why. No supervisor will talk to us and the customer service people are clueless. No way for us to get a refund. 8) There is no way to make a meaningful complaint at Time Warner. They provide no contact numbers to get in touch with anyone. 9) A service call to our house usually requires one of us to take an entire day off of work because we are given reduculous time frames (8-5pm) when the technician will arrive. Sometimes they just don't show up and never call. Or they say they've showed up and we weren't home when we were home all day. I'm sure that the fact that the NCAA national championship game with OSU was on had nothing to do with that! Customer service is not a priority at Time Warner. Other companies like AT&T (who we are switchin all service too) go out of their way to serve you. I have actuall phone numbers for my local service managers and technicians so they can be contacted directly. They make follow-up phone calls to make sure service is complete and functioning, etc. If I had to call my other services (gas, water, electric, city) as much as I have had to call Time Warner, I would not be able to work a full time job as I would be on the phone for most of the day. I am so grateful for Companies like XXXX and XXXX for still respecting the customer and providing a good service for the hard earned money I spend. Time Warner is expensive and you get nothing special for it. So long Time Warner...you will not get anymore of my money! Rxrcool Brecksville, OhioU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company, ..plus, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name
Entity: Brecksville, Ohio
21, Report #1089167
Oct 03 2013
09:38 AM
Time Warner Cable TWC Cable, internet, phone service Fayetteville North Carolina
I have never received such horrible customer service. They are rude, avoid my questions, and constantly put me on hold. Everything is separated into different departments so to do one thing they constantly transfer me to different departments and I hold for more than ten minutes for each one. on one transfer, the automated system kept hangin up on me. It's so ridiculous. They are constantly raising their rates and dropping channels without notice, and services always seem to blackout. Since starting services with this horrendous company, I am now paying higher rates, at least 30% higher! and receiving less channels. Does that make sense to you? Unfortunately, in my area, Time Warner Cable is a monopoly. They are the only cable service provider. my only other option would be satellite tv. At this point, I would rather not have cable then deal with them wasting my time. I'm canceling my services today, but since I couldn't get that done over the phone, I am more inconvenienced since I'll have to drive across town to their office. Don't make the same mistake I did. Stay far far away from this company!
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
22, Report #1125442
Feb 21 2014
01:14 PM
Time Warner Cable Cable TV Provider Rochester New York
 In early January I thought I would give TWC a try for my internet service and home phone.  I was sold a bundle package with intelligent home security.  I was told there would be no installation charges and the bundle price was $89 per month.  I had my services installed on 1/9.  On 1/16, I received a bill that was due on 1/15 for $221.  It included all kinds of one time installation charges.  At that point, I decided to cancel my services, finding my option of TWC as untrustworthy to be fact.  I scheduled the uninstall for the intelligent home for 1/20 and returned all other TWC equipment on 1/21.  After several calls to customer service I was told that I would not owe anything because I was within the 30 money back guarantee window.  On 1/24, I received a bill for $243.  I got on the phone again and after several calls, was told the same thing that I did not owe anything.  Today I receive a bill from Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC, a collection agency, for $243.  At this point I am very upset that this ordeal is not over.  So I went in the TWC store in Rochester, and spoke with Stacey.  I was there nearly an hour and she said that she got everything straightened out and that my bill was zero.  I hope that this is the case I don't not want to get another bill from TWC and I do not want this collection agency to hurt my credit rating that I work so hard to maintain.  I have really learned my lesson not to trust TWC every again I will never try your services again.  This whole situation could have been avoid and dealt with in a much more customer friendly manner. 
Entity: Rochester, New York
23, Report #1081477
Sep 03 2013
10:07 PM
Time Warner Cable Insight refused to fix cable service Louisville Kentucky
lost service to my business early in the day. They would not send someone out because they claim we were in a outage even though thier system stated we were not in an outage. Called second time to see about outage and set up an appt. and was told I would receive call 30 minutes before they were to come out. I called company 3rd time talked to someone after 3rd attemped to get somone. I recieved three different menus when I called. have a time period and I recieved another call and could not switch over fast enough to answer. they did not leave a message or any information. I called again to see about my appointment and was told it eas canceled. They reopened my apptment and I tried to get a time on this and got Nothing but a run around till I got an update which was I was canceled till the next day, There were no supervisors to talk to we could get a call back in 24 hours. In the meanwhile I have spent my whole evening and a day with my business down.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
24, Report #1236934
Jun 20 2015
04:31 PM
Time Warner Cable double charging for cable and negating TV settings and accessories Arlington Nationwide
Time Warner cable has redigitized free or free with basic cable service channels forcing you to pay monthly for a convertor and remote for every tv in your house plugged into the cable outlet without a super convertor or dvr. Use of this box does not allow use of settings in your tv such as channel skip. This cable box plays all channels listed as free or free with basic service. TWC is, by forcing us to use this new convertor box, double charging us for cable service. William, Arlington, Texas
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1374799
May 23 2017
06:50 AM
Entity: Nationwide

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