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51, Report #952742
Oct 09 2012
08:46 AM
Time Warner Cable - Northeast Ohio Gift Card scam Internet
Time Warner Cable was running an online special where if you switched to Time Warner Cable they would send you a $500 Visa gift card after you registered for it and paid your cable bill on time for 3 consecutive months.  Time Warner Cable said after fulfilling these requirements a $500 Visa gift card would be mailed approximatley 4-6 weeks later.  I fulfilled all requirements and have been waiting for my $500 Visa reward card.  I did not receive after waiting 6 weeks beyond the time I should have received the $500 Visa reward card.  I called Time Warner Cable and was giving a 800 number to call.  I called the 800 number provided and was told that my reward card was not a part of the phone number I was given and called, then she proceeded to give me an email address to contact regarding my $500 reward card.  I sent an email to the address provided and received an email back stating they would research and contact me within 3 business days.  After two business days I did receive a response from them stating that I qualified for a $200 reward card, not a $500 reward card, that a $500 reward card was not offered in this promotion!  The email went on to state:  Your account will be added to our next shipment and you should receive the card within 4 6 weeks.  What the heck?  I was told it was a $500 reward card and now they are telling me it is only a $200 reward card!  I certainly hope this isn't a runaround as well.
Entity: , Internet
52, Report #880747
May 10 2012
08:46 AM
Time Warner Cable Took money from my Checking account w/out autorization Austin Texas
On May 3rd i contacted Time Warner to see what offers for cable tv they had. To begin with the customer service rep. was extremely rude and made fun of the fact that he used words i didnt understand. At the time i was dealing with a crying baby and 2 barking dogs, so it wasnt that i didnt understand him, just couldnt hear too well. Then he asks me for a checking account number and assures me that nothing will be charged to my account. Hours later my account had been charged $165, without my concent, in addition this caused my rent check to be returned, with a charge of $35 from the back, and $105 from my apartment complex. To top it all off, i contacted them several times, and got the run around only to be told that i would get the original $165 back in 2-5 business days (still no credit to my account) and i was S.O.L. for all the other fees this had caused me to aquire. The only thing the call center rep could offer was this: well if you were a customer, i could credit your account with the other amounts, but seeing as you are not, theres nothing i can do for you. Great service provided by Time Warner.
Entity: Austin, Texas
53, Report #840705
Feb 17 2012
06:51 AM
Time Warner Cable ALL TWC CUSTOMER SHOULD READ FROM THIS Charlotte, North Carolina
To all Disgruntled Time Warner Customers please read: I see many complaints about TWC and their employees and the treatement the customers receive when trying to resolve issues.  I want to share some advice. Why would you want to be on the phone for 6-7 hours speaking with a cable provider and not getting anything resolved? Why would you pay for the priviledge to be treated like dirt? Why would you put up with being transferred to the various many departments throughout a company to complain about how you are treated? Let me throw some logic out to you..... If you are being treated so badly as a customer, have you given any thought about how their employees are treated?  Have you researched to find how many complaints are with various Federal employment agencies about this company?  If you have you wouldn't question why you are treated the way you are when you call. A company that could care or less about their customers certainly treat their employees far worse. Employees that make low wages and are treated like dirt are the ones you are on the phone with when you call. Obviously the company doesn't care how their customers get treated because they disgruntle the bejezzus out of their employees and then put them on the phone with the customers.  Now if there is an attitude from this company that they don't care about their customers, then don't be shocked when employees have the same attitude.  Myself and others included have received retributory acts against us for standing up for their customers.  To the point of just like a hot stove,  aren't going near that again.  I understand why employees in this economic climate will work for a rotten bunch like this, they have to get a paycheck from somewhere.   But what I don't understand is why customers insist on paying for the priviledge of this lousy treatment.   Do not complain to consumer rights agencies.  Becaue like employment agencies it's all mute and gets sweeped under the rug. If you really are sick and tired of TWC being a monopoly then stop allowing them to be. Go to your local municpal office, write letters to the local government officials in your area and demand that another cable provider be brought in  to the Carolinas or anywhere else they are. TWC does not have exclusive franchise agreements with their areas, which mean you can get another provider in that area to compete with them. DO IT!  Because not all cable companies treat their customers or employees like this.  I can honestly say I know of one that takes their Customer Quality Experience very seriously.  Their services always work because they spend the money to maintain their lines and nodes.  And their employees are treated well, because they are smart enough to know not to put disgruntled employees on the phones with their customers and expect to gain revenue from that.   So if there is one company that feels that way, why are you putting up with TWC?  dealing with outages why?  dealing with being on the phone with them for 7 hours why?  Putting up with your bill wrong and non-posted payments, and misapplied payments why?  Stop complaining and get going to your local county or town office.  Make a difference for yourself and your neighbors.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
54, Report #188605
Apr 25 2006
07:18 PM
Time Warner Cable ripoff fraudulent billing San Antonio Texas
Many years ago I lived in New Braunfels and had cable service with a company that was bought by TWC. At the same time TWC was changing things I lost my job and had difficulty paying bills. Cable was low on my priority list but did eventually get paid for a few months. Finally I received a disconnection notice from TWC. I had no money to pay for the next month so I just paid the balance due and let it be turned off. I was almost always out looking for work and hardly watched it anyway. Sometime during that month, a few days after the threatened disconnection, I realized I had no cable TV. No problem I thought. The next month I got a bill for the FULL month. I figured out the amount of days used and paid the bill, I also included a note as to why I did this. Then I started to receive threatening letters to send me to colections. I called to ask but was told that actually they hadn't turned the cable off. So they instead agreed to send a repairman out. It turns out that the apartment complex remodelers had driven a nail through the cable and grounded it out so I had no signal the repairman stated. I called back to TWC to let them know about it but they still insited that I owed for the entire month. I said hogwash. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused. A few days later I went through the same thing at TWC but this time a super did get on the line and reiterated that it was my fault they didn't deliver- not her exact words. I wrote a letter to TWC but received no reply. I called a few more times and then gave up. Now, more than 7 years later, I still am fighting TWC. Their responsibility was to provide a service. They acknowledge in the contract that they must provide signal to my TV. I expected as per their letter that service would discontinue on a particular date. Why don't they honor their end of the contract? Now several years later, I gave them the opportunity to get my business once again but they insist on my repayment of this old debt. I talked to several of their people and just decided to go to a dish. I guess they feel their arrogance is ok as they are the only cable company in San Antonio. I sure am glad dish TV exists so that I don't get screwed by this company any more. BEWARE entering contracts with TWC... Mike San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
55, Report #282699
Nov 03 2007
09:41 AM
Time Warner Cable Rip-off cable contractors Austin Texas
Time Warner Cable has a policy of ripping-off cable contractors. I will state some of the things that they do. (1) if you have an installation appointment that is not home, they do not pay a trip charge. The time and expenses getting to the address and sitting on the phone waiting for their dispatch to answer pays nothing. You must call them to close the job as a not home, give a description of the house and tag the door. Phone wait times can be up to an hour.(2) You get a handheld device called a C-Cor to close your jobs. The job will not close without a customer signature, the C-Cor system loses signatures. If you did not make and keep a duplicate receipt that holds personal customer info such as their email username and password, TWC will bill you $10 which may be more than what you made on the installation appt.(3) In the C-Cor you must enter certain things in the comments section, one of which is signal levels. If there is no signal due to a problem with the feed and you enter NO SIGNAL in the comments section, you will be billed $10 for not writing in the signal level.(4) during the summer TWC offers customers 5-9pm appts. So after starting with your regular 8am appts you can end up working a 12-14 hr day because of these 5-9pm jobs. Of course these 5-9pm jobs do not pay anything extra.(5) TWC at times will schedule contractors to work sundays, which again true to form does not pay anything extra.(6) The biggest issue is wait times when you call TWC dispatch. On some jobs such as picking up equipment you need to call their dispatch. There is not a special number for contractors, you get put into a queue with regular customers. This is really a special treat on 5-9pm appointments when you can easily be on hold for an hour or more. ShortStop Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
56, Report #303787
Jan 27 2008
11:59 AM
i called to set up service and make payment arraingements which i accomplished they came turned me on and took my m/o week later to see if i could get phone service and was informed they were turning me off because there was another bill after mine at my address and he would have to pay his off first before i could get service due to some kind of roommate clause they have and the m/o i gave them will be credited to my account made arraingements to pay that bill and mine and as it was over 300dollars i had to prepay the 21 dollars over the limit and first month before turn on which i did in advance over the phone so i could get it turned on. i set up the turn on arraingement and waited. no one showed up so i called again. was told they could not let me pay off both balances that he had to make the arraingements. i asked why it mattered who payed it off as they were still getting their money but they said no and of course they now have my prepayment of 50+dollars for a total of 75+ dollars now got ahold of genteleman to make arraingements and after setting up the arraingements they found another account he owed on but said it was for 500 dollars when he was at another address. after futher investgating most of it was for boxes not returned but had been returned and account was not updated so balance was only 88 dollars so the two bills were under the 300 dollar limit they set him up on arraingements and told him they would come mon morn. and he needed m/o for 28 dollars for first month which he went and got. they didn't come because he could not answer phone fast enough so i called that afternoon when i got there and they set him up for tues. on tues they called and came first to pick up the m/o and was informed it was not right amout so they could not turn it on. so i called when i got here to find out what it was about. and was informed he was suppose to pay 1st month in advance and 1st month payment arraingement in advance. so as we were trying to set up time to turn it on again she was reading the account summery and again the 500 dollar amount can up and we explained he had that checked out and it was only 88 dollars because of the equiptment charge. she said she had to review the account and would be right back. after more than 20 minutes on hold she came back and said he still owed the 400 dollars on the account as they deducted the month in advanced the had charged before he had it turnd off and due to the two bills which were now over 500 dollars there was no way they could help him at all and that until that bill is paid no one at this address could ever get cable again. of course they still have my money that will be credited to a bill that i will never even if paid off be able to cable at my address again. so after a week of trying to work out some kind of arraingements with time warner because i really wanted to get my cable back and more than 75 dollars and being misinformed but 4 reps i feel like i was treated unfairly and they took my money under false reasons and i want nothing to do with them any more. i now have dish network satillite Margie springfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Ohio
57, Report #331093
May 07 2008
10:06 AM
Time Warner Cable Con! Stay AWAY from TWCable. They are LIARS, CROOKS, & THIEVES! Irving Texas
I canNOT believe it. They are still doing it! I have not had internet service with this joke of a company in over a year & there it is... charges for internet service i did not ask for nor receive, posted on my bill for the past 3 months. My bill posted online by TWC looks as though a hacker or a retard composed it. Charges and discounts and charges again, duplicated repeatedly only to be double charged for the TV cable service I do have & then double charged for the internet service i do not have nor do i ever want. I should have stayed cancelled from them, but I went against my beter judgement and opted to stay with the cable TV service. Last time I had to call for 6 months straight to get the illegal charges removed for services i did not want nor receive from them. Then today, I noticed they did it again. The past few months they have been charging me for internet again. UNBELIEVABLE> . Fortunately this time I had to call today has only taken 33 mimnutes and counting... they are crediting account. They did this last time. Issued a credit, onlyt o see it reappear later. At leastthis time they do not transfer me around & have me repeat myself a hundred times only to be told they needed to transfer me again. I am at work, having to correct this issue with them yet again. This time, I am ending services altogether never to return. Final Credit as of today is over 80$. I plan to watch & report back if the credit reverses itself as it has done many times in the past by the crooks that manage TWC. M Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
58, Report #223264
Dec 01 2006
12:25 PM
Time Warner Cable worst customer service ever received Ripoff Kettering Ohio
We have been subscribers for less than 2 billing cycles. Time Warner techs have been no call, no shows multiple times. The customer service reps have lied to me. They have been rude. The supervisors will not even come to the phone. The reps are obviously trained to refuse to let customers speak to supervisors. I was told by one rep that he did not know who his supervisor was. This rep also told me, he was the top dog there at that time when I complained about waiting 12 hours for a tech who never showed up. My husband was told by Anna (a rep) that we could not get our phone service repaired for over a month. I immediately called back and got another rep who scheduled us for the next day, Yesterday, (for another repair) Our appt time came and went, I called and was told the tech is running an hour behind. This tech called a while later and said he was on his way. My son saw him drive by our house and when I called to find out if he were lost. He had already put in the computer that he could not find our home. He had just spoke to my husband on the phone, so if he were lost why did'nt he call back for directions? These all took place after the techs were no call no shows. I have not been able to get their corporate address so that I can speak to someone with a little more power.The customer service rep say theuy do not know any of that information. A tech unhooked our security system from the modem the last time he was at our home With out even telling us. This disabled our security system. The tech was too lazy to run another wire or install another modem. I called customer service and they said they would send someone back out,No one ever showed up. This is the most disrespectful company that I have ever dealt with. If anyone knows the corporate address or phone number I would appreciate it, or is their someone else that I could report them to. Thank you Tammy Camden, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Kettering, Ohio
59, Report #263600
Jul 27 2007
11:33 PM
Time Warner Cable Employment Agencies And Civilian Life/Jobs ripoff Cincinnati Ohio
I was working at Time Warner Cable as a Temporary from Accountants to You/Consultants to You Staffing Firm and was told that the company was looking to hire me on. There were a total of 5 of us. 4 girls and myself, and it ended up that after working for about 4 to 5 weeks, all but myself was selected to go through the company's training program which would last about 5 weeks. I had served 4 years in the US Navy, based out in San Diego where it is Every persons American Dream. It is different because it is truly an American originality, and the way people operated was totally different than any way of life in Cincinnati, OH. or in regular civilian life. I was a StoreKeeper 3rd Class, which a Civilian job in otherwords government job, you are not only well taken care of, but the laws, ethics, morale, and respectfulness is given despite what age, color, race, education, financial status, credit worthiness, e.t.c. you are or have, and because it is a Team-Oriented environment, I didn't have to deal with the humiliation and/or idioticism, wreckfulness, disrespect, unlawful hard to catch illegal activities in the US Navy like I have to deal with in Cincinnati, OH. I have been looking for a job for 5 years now in areas surrounding Cincinnati, OH. When returning back to my hometown in West Chester, OH., it is a regular routine thing to be welcomed back by the government. When I returned, it seemed like nothing really was noticed. I came back pretty much to a Dead hometown. It was a total change in the way things was being with the US Navy. The Navy Way of Life was a lot better than regular civilian life, I had a lot more friends, respect, definite path to lead on, and plenty of assistance and adventure. It was what I would call the Real Thing. The problem that I have is that it is just to hard to have to translate US Navy life to American Citizens. It is hard for them to understand the Other American world. You see, after High School, that is when I new that it would start. I was completely Brain Washed in regular American civilian life, because that is what it was because of the way my parents raised me. This is not to say that I didn't have a good life, but what I am saying is that I was only respected because of what my parents had done. There wasn't nothing I did in which most of the respect had went to my parents for what I did. Everyone will probably wonder what the heck were the respected about for what I had did or done before I went in the US Navy. Well when I decided to enter into the US Navy, it was funny because it was like Well, we won't have any more control on the success of our son. Well that didn't end up to be true. Now it is back to the regular way of life because every freaking time I want to talk about what I did, and try to scope what I did in order to try to narrow down a good Career field to get into so that I can get into a good category within a career field that will let me be able to transition and be on my own and also put together a Protection Plan, my father and mother, friends, and rest of family (which seem to have it going pretty well), cannot stand to not have a Say So , and also want to have control over me financially and also in a Tangible/intangible way, which deals in many different areas which if noticed would not be a good thing. The problem I have is, is that every time I try to come up with a way to get through their hard heads, it seems that every little thing I do, that they are doing something unlawful basically because they think they now what is Right , when actually is completly a big Illegality in regular government terms. Yes, I do live in their house. Yes, I am provided which necessities. Yes, I do have it pretty good, but please get a grip. It is not what is best for me, and it definitely does not work in my best interest as far as career, financially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually (which my father/mother/family mostly try to take credit for). Is there anything that anybody can do to assist or help? Is there any agreements about what I said in which happens to government employees, especially today? It is an extremely hard job to do and I believe not only myself, but plenty of other veterans and members need to have recognition and to be rewarded a lot better than they are. Dave West Chester, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Time Warner Cable
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
60, Report #238111
Mar 04 2007
06:59 PM
Time Warner Cable Bill for services not provided New York New York
Time Warner bill consumers for service that are provided 24/7 whether they are use or not. BUT when they know that there system is down do the give credit to those affected. No they do not unless you call. Of course when you call they automated system tells you that they are aware of the problem so you don't need to stay on the phone. If you do stay on the phone you will be on hold for hours and of course they do this deliberately. Today my internet service did not work. For 4 hours the denied the system was down. Then they determined that my cable modem was bad and made an appointment for a technician to change this in 4 days. Would they give me credit for 4 days. No, not unless I called again after the technician came even though they determined that I would not have service for 4 days. I think we need a law that requires them to automatically credit for system outages. Yes they know when their system is down and yes they know who is affected. Where are our politicians when they are needed to protect the consumers from this type of abuse. George Oxnard, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
61, Report #238156
Mar 05 2007
06:59 AM
Time Warner Cable Deliberate Overcharging ripoff Jackson Mississippi
I called Time Warner Cable after a divorce and was paying all the bills with one income. I told them that I wanted the most basic service they have; not only from a money standpoint, but I do not watch TV a lot, so there was no need to get anything but the most basic service. An appointment to install was made and the installer showed up on time. He came in the house and did not say a word. He threw a lot of cable on the floor, and tossed 2 electronic boxes of some sort on top of the TV. This to me did not appear to be basic hookup equipment, so I asked if he was putting in the basic stuff only or what was he installing. He refused to answer my questions, and in fact never opened his mouth. About 40 minutes later he was done, and he threw the remote on the couch and stated theres your remote and he took off out the door. When the bill got in, I see they billed me for the most expensive hookup you can get. I called the company and told them what happened, and told them to come over here and take back all the equipment the guy put in. They came over and took it back. They absolutely insist that I pay for the expensive setup, despite the fact that I never wanted it and never ordered it. I had to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy later on, and saw that Time Warner Cable was included on that filing. If you want to get good service for a reasonable amount of money, DO NOT CALL TIME WARNER OR THEY MAY DO TO YOU WHAT THEY DID TO ME!! I will never call them again, and I am wanting to make sure other people do not go through what I went through with them. Bob maimi, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Jackson, Mississippi
62, Report #257972
Jun 30 2007
06:35 PM
Time Warner Cable Installation Madness!! Ripoff Chatsworth California
I received a promotional offer in the mail through Time Warner Cable. It offered three services and one bill. This includes Digital Cable, High Speed Online & Digital Phone. I called & requested installation. The new customer representative was able to get an appointment scheduled for the Cable portion in two weeks between the hours of 10 - 12pm. I was able to make arrangements for someone to be here at the address to accomodate the installer. I had a very important meeting that could not be re-scheduled. Upon my return, my dauther had informed me that the Cable installer had been there, but left without installing the cable because of a previous balance at the same address. He left no paperwork for reference. I immediately called the customer service number provided and spoke to a customer service rep who tried to help me to re-route the installer back to the location. However, after talking to her supervisor, the first availability would be the following day. At this point, one night without television reception wouldn't kill me. Twenty minutes later, I noticed a Time Warner Cable installation person on the telephone pole in the back alley of my house. I immediately checked reception --- all snow!! He disconnected the service!! As I ran around the corner to catch him, he sped off down the alley. I called the customer service line and spoke now to a different rep who informed me of three reasons why the service line was disconnected. First, because of a due balance ($41.77), The second reason was because the former customer had coincidentally called (during this interval) and voluntarily disconnected the service himself, and the third and final reason was insinuated that service had been received illegally and the address was receiving the reception for free. I was assured that the installer would be coming out the following day to install the cable. I received a call from the installer the following day. The heavily accented gentlemen had informed me that he could not install the service due to a power outage, and also that the computer was down. I would have to call and make another installation date. I immediately called customer service once again. I had the rep check to see if there were any power outages or computer failures in the vicinity of my zip code. The rep confirmed that there were none. I explained now for the third time what had happened. She was able to get in touch with dispatch to amend the situation. I was tranferred to a dispatch number to reach a particular dispatch rep. Of course I reached voice mail. He did however call me back to let me know that he was able to get someone out that day. After all of this, I had decided that I would cancel the Digital Phone and the Internet Connection since I had such a bad experience with the Cable portion. Well -- guess what happened? Because I made a change to the work order (completely separate from each other), the Cable installation was cancelled. Well, to make a long story short, I still have no reception, can't get anyone on the phone, and it will probably be this way for the next couple of weeks. I have a plane flight out early in the morning and will not be returning for several weeks.... How's this for customer service? I can't wait for another provider to come available so that I can once and for all get rid of this monopolizing company who play conspiracy games between their customer service reps and installers. It was out of spite that the reception was disconnected. It was also very unprofessional to outright lie to me. Much less three lies within the same conversation. Anyone???? GINA West Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chatsworth, California
63, Report #53903
Apr 22 2003
08:23 AM
Time Warner Cable ripoff Columbia South Carolina
I cant get local channels on satilight so i wanted cable so time warner said we will come out and they did but he said he had to run it from our next door nieghbors box and he had to make sure it was allright for him to do so fom time warner but he said it shouldent be no big deal and time warner told us on the phone that they would and now they wont and telling us that they cant but i know they dont wont to cause they dont wont to run the 500 ft of cable Linda elgin, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
64, Report #1083312
Sep 10 2013
11:39 AM
Time Warner Cable Bait and Switch Louisville Kentucky
I was an insight customer with phone, internet and cable tv.  My daughter moved in with us and brought her dish tv that was under contract, so I canceled my service for tv, keeping phone and internet.  A Time Warner representative came to the door offering all services for a great price (actually two prices) one for internet and tv and one for all three internet, phone and tv.  My daughter canceled her contract, and we set an install date.  During this time, the rep called to say it would be a little bit more $20 dollars.  I agreed.  The installation was completed and in conversation with a representative over the phone I found out the service was really going to be $55 more per month than what we were originally quoted for all three services.  This is clearly bait and switch as defined by the law and companies such as this should not be allowed public access licenses and I intend to follow up this complaint with a formal complaint to the FCC. 
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
65, Report #1116439
Jan 17 2014
04:38 PM
Time Warner Cable HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! AWFUL SERVICE!!! austin Texas
Time Warner is the worst company I've ever dealt with EVER! I've tried to get them to come bury the cable at my house for at least 10 months. I've requested this 10 times plus. I also asked them at least 5 times to fix their website so that I can pay my bill online. Still no response. Plus they jack up your rates once your a customer and won't give you the rates new customers get. They know there isn't another service in the area so they treat everyone like trash. Don't use this company if you have a choice.
Entity: austin, Texas
66, Report #1112193
Jan 01 2014
11:01 PM
Time Warner Cable TWC TWC, Poor Customer Service, Charlotte North Carolina
Consumer's Original Complaint :3 Days 3 appointments and 12 Reschedules I have had Time Warner Cable for 14 years at this address, for the past 2 years I have had only road runner was going to come back to Time Warner from DTV the only problem is I have had 3 days worth of appointments and the dispatch and tech departments have done everything not to get my cable up and running, the first day came out and the tech said it was too dark that is because over 2 hours late, the second day was supposed to be the first customer and they bumped me all day long until they could not reach the tech, I am sorry we will have to reschedule, now third day they said the tech called which he did not I have been up since 6am waiting I finally called when they missed another appointment, I am getting the run around all I wanted was for them to connect my cable Consumer's Desired Resolution:I have lost 3 days of work just while Time Warner Dispatch department just pushes back scheduled appointments, and does not show up.  On the 31st was told my appointment would be first thing in the morning because they could not fix the problem in the dark the day before because they were 2 hours late to the appointment, on the 31st they called me one time to tell me that they were running behind was supposed to be the first install and continued to get pushed later and later I was the one having to contact them they would not call me.  About 9pm they said they can't get ahold of the tech and they would have to reschedule 2nd day rescheduled now on the third day was supposed to be the first install again on the Jan 1st called them after they missed the appointment, they said the tech called 2 times which they did not I have been up since 6am waiting on the call this company has no care for their customers time, and absolutely no customer appreciation This was just my report to the BBB.  It does get worse over the past 3 days I have spent over 5 hours on the phone with TW.  Today was the 1st they were supposed to arrive this morning from 8-9 when I called customer support they said the Tech called and there was no answer that being an all out lie due to the fact I was waiting by the phone since 6:30 in the morning when it was 8:45 I decided to call and see what was up that is when they told me that we will have someone call you but they will be out today.  The hours rolled by still no call, called back again even talked to the supervisor still no help.  The famous quote They will call you who is they and why can't you fix this right now?  This went on all day.  Finally when TW cut off time 8pm arrived I called back the system stated my scheduled appointment was now on Fri 3rd, no one called me to let me know anything so now I have waited 3 days all of which were scheduled appointments.  No one calls to let me know they can't make it, no one calls to say hey we changed your appointment.The Kicker when I had the computer transfer me to a person this person said, NO when you called in on the 28th we had scheduled you for Fri the 3.  Tried to say they had no record of any conversation with me at any time.  As you could assume I am livid, she finally finds the 20 pages of missing notes on the account to account for the past 3 days of postpone and 2 of those days yea we know it's scheduled but we don't feel your time is valuable, we don't even have to call you attitude.NEEDLESS TO SAY IF YOU DON'T READ MY ACCOUNT I STILL HAVE NO CABLE, TWC CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE, AND I HOPE IF YOU DO GET AN APPOINTMENT YOU BETTER BE A NEW CUSTOMER.  WHY? YOU ASK!  BECAUSE THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS THAT ALREADY HAVE OR HAD SERVICE WITH THEM!  TAKE MY WARNING GET ANOTHER CARRIER.  NO COMPANY ON THIS PLANET IS WORSE THAN THE COMPANY.  TWC.   P.S.   I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN A PRODUCT REVIEW OR DO I MAKE COMMENTS LIKE THIS.  NORMALY I WOULD BLOW IT OFF, BUT THIS COMPANY IS THAT EXCEPTION          CUSTOMER BEWARE Here is a list of all their phone numbers(877)566-4892800-892-2253704-525-5097  All of the (704) Numbers are to their dispatch TWC customer service can't call them and when you call them they transfer you to TWC704-525-5099704-525-5098
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
67, Report #974025
Nov 26 2012
05:17 PM
Time Warner Cable Billing Nightmare, horrible customer service, Middletown, New York
First, there were installation issues---the cable box did not work.  Confusion with the billing address I gave them vs. the physical address.  Now I am battling to have the automated phone payments I have made since August applied to my account, vs. another customer who used to have my phone number.  11/14/2012:  Service was cut off and I called to be told I am the one committing fraud by a customer service rep named Fred.  I then spent an hour on the phone with a supervisor named Celia as I reviewed my bank statements and the payments they debited.  She was able to reconcile the info that my payments were applied to someone else's account.  She said she would have it taken care of and it could take a few days.  I actually had a $30.59 credit according to celia, once payments were properly applied.  Service activated. Somewhere in here, I had a customer service person laugh at me when I told them the issue, another hung up on me and I did speak with Kimiki Smith-Williams in Collections who was useless and connected me to Customer service.  11/17/2012Service was cut off again...  Actually had a CS person laugh at me. Celia was on the line with another customer, but relayed that I was supposed to send Proof of the bank debits.  This was the first I heard this.  I was told that Celia would call me back. No call to my office line or my cell.  I called again 2 hours later, she had left for the day and made a notation that she called me, but there was no answer-an outright lie.  Spoke with Teresa--went through everything again and she activated the service.Copied and pasted debits from my account and faxed info to Rita Couton at a 718-726-5025.11/23/2012 No service again--Carlos, another supervisor assured me he would have the case escalated and look into who received my fax. He assured me that he would block my service from being turned off again. 11/26/2012 Direct TV connected and I called Time Warner Cable to cancel service and had to listen to  a recording that my service was disconnected due to lack of payment. I now owe over $200.00 according to the automated system. Yes.  I filed a complaint with the Public Service Commission and received an email that they recieved my complaint and I should hear from someone very soon--but of course, I never did. In all this time, several CS people, three supervisors and someone in collections, the issue is still not resolved.   I have wasted a lot of time trying to resolve a problem TWC caused.  Time I don't have during the biggest shipping months of the year for me.   I am frustrated and angry beyond belief.  This company should not be allowed to service the public!
Entity: Middletown, New York
68, Report #983467
Dec 17 2012
05:19 PM
Time Warner Cable Gift Card Scam , Internet
Do not fall for the gift card scam.  On three separate occassions, I was promised $150 in gift cards for signing up with TWC.  I was even given the website and codes to enter.  On the second and third occassions I specifically asked if this applied to me since mine was new service and  the site indicated switch to TWC and was told definitely yes.  When I went to register for the gift card and had problems, I called and was told that I just had to wait until 30 days after service was established.  So....I waited. This time it took all the codes but said that I did not qualify because I was neither a student or had switched from another service.  Numerous times, I have contacted TWC and have been told that I was basically lied to, mis-informed and well, they are sorry about that.  Once the supervisor even put me on hold when I requested they check they tapes for specific agent and dates and was told the same thing - yes, we did tell you that but it doesn't apply to you. I have gone so far as to write the corporate office to no avail, not even the courtesy of a response.  This is after they messed up my order twice! Horrible, deceiving business practices.
Entity: Internet, Internet
69, Report #1068476
Jul 19 2013
01:58 PM
time warner cable billing snafu that nobody at TWC can or will fix lexington Kentucky
Time Warner Cable bought out Insight. For the past 2 years I have had only basic internet and phone service, and no cable tv. As soon as TW started the billing, my bill more than doubled. I tried calling TW several times, and spent a number of hours on hold, and getting transferred around. Each time I got somebody new on the line, I had explain the problem, and each person gave a different explanation as to the cause of the problem, but nobody could fix it. Finally, I gave up calling and tried to get somebody to fix the problem using the chat feature. The billing is still a mess. Somebody from the 'retention department' was supposed to call me a few days ago, and apparently that department is the only one that can actually fix this problem. Evidently all the other people I talked to could only sell more services, or give a lot of slippery double-talk while pretending to actually fix the billing problem. This company's service is a joke. Their 'commitment' to customer service is all talk and no action. Will be cancelliing my service soon.
Entity: lexington, Kentucky
70, Report #1064081
Jul 03 2013
06:47 AM
Time Warner Cable AKA formerly Insight Communications Did not show up for appointment Louisville Kentucky
My wife and I are in the process of moving, and I had an appointment between 5 pm and 7 pm for the technician to install our internet service. We are not moved in yet, but made sure we were there by 5 pm. We waited until 7:15 pm and no one showed. I called and waited on hold.   Meanwhile, my wife had checked her phone and noticed she had a missed call from the technician. She was outside and didn't hear the phone ring. They left a voice mail saying to call Time Warner. My wife tried calling the technician back several times, leaving two voice mails, but got no answer, nor did he call back.   I was still on the phone, on hold, for about an hour and a half until someone answered. Yes, an hour and a half! I was then informed that because no one answered the phone, they assumed we wanted to cancel our appointment. I wouldn't have made the appointment the day before if I wanted to cancel it.   They could have called back, or called my number, which they also have as a contact number. They told me they would call dispatch and call me back. They never called me back. I called back around 9:30 pm and they were closed! When it was Insight, they had 24 hour customer service. Not anymore! This is horrible customer service, and because of it they lost a long time customer.  
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
71, Report #1100471
Nov 18 2013
09:07 PM
time warner cable promontional ripoffs rochester New York
On nov 7th I decided to call in and add the tv services to my internet through tw while doing this the lady told me about the note tablet offer so I thought cool asked about the restrictions she told me all I had to do was call in the day they installed my services and register that being said I waited til 14th after the tech left and called in to find out the lady lied so after an hour long convo the lady tells me I have to keep my account in good standings for two months and for thw lady lieing gives me a 40 dollar credit ok no problem 2 months of paid bills sure which leads to this morning getting a automated call telling me I owed 300 dollars after being on the phone with them foe over an hour and arguing they rook off 89 dollars in actavation fees I still owe 212 for prebilled services and was never givin the 40 dollar credit which meant I was past due since the day I orded the tv services which ultimately disqualified me from getting the note they use these visa cards and tablets as pawns to sign u up fully knowing they will never give in return so I decided to cancel and go with dish maybe theyll hold there end of the bargain and give me the ipad theyve been commercialing about.
Entity: rochester, New York
72, Report #981210
Dec 12 2012
05:06 PM
Time Warner Cable Deceptive practices, horrible customer service, thieves! Internet
What I want to know is, according to Nicki, back in June of this year someone unauthorized, without my knowledge, changed my program that I had had since 2007 from Basic to Broadcast and from standard internet to Turbo? No one ever called me, no one contacted me, and no one had authorization from me to do that. I also want to know why the High Point office tells me that with broadcast  I only get 13 channels and the website and customer service and customer retention tells me I get 22 AND on your site you also show higher channels, duplicate indeed, but requiring digital, that I was refused the digital adaptors I was told I was entitled to pick up for free, and why I was basically accused of stealing by your customer service rep in the High Point, State Street office in front of a line of customers that was so full it was out the entrance door, and why your company has no regard, respect or  desire to retain a customer of over 20 years, and why your company refuses to make this right- Before I file my complaint with the FCC, the Public Utilities Commission and with my Attorney General, Roy Cooper? Janice From: CAR.Retention [mailto:CAR.Retention@twcable.com] Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 9:55 AM To: Janice  Subject: RE: Complaint! Good Morning Janice, The promotion you saw on our website is for new or single play customers. Unfortunately, you currently have broadcast and internet service so you would not qualify for this promotion. However, if you wanted to upgrade to turbo we do have a promotion that will give you a free turbo upgrade for 3 months. Please advise if you would like to try this turbo promotion upgrade. CAR.Retention From: Janice  Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2012 12:42 PM To: CAR.Retention Subject: FW: Complaint! I just saw on your site that there is a $49.99 per month package for Broadcast and Turbo internet available to me as an existing customer. I am interested in that package but I also want to make sure that the local office here in High Point, NC on State Street is aware that this is offered and that I can get it. I believe I would need the 2 digital adapters that I was originally told I could were free to me and that I can pick those up. Would someone who knows what they are doing please call me? Janice  From: Janice  Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 3:00 PM To: 'CAR.Retention' Subject: RE: Complaint! Thank you but since then I have no downgraded back to Broadcast & standard 15 mg internet to $55.55 per month...Why? Because in checking my account yesterday and after being assured that the $89.90 price I was quoted for Everything including taxes, fees, boxes and remotes WAS the price, my bill changed 3 times between yesterday and this morning and went to $97.00 a month instead. So, I have spoken with CR again and downgraded, turned in my cable boxes, remotes etc. The CR rep I spoke with told me clearly, and I have verified again with your CR department that I would have 22 channels. When I took the boxes into the local office, I was told that no, I would only be getting 13 channels on Broadcast! I have to ask you, does anyone know what they are doing and what is supposed to be? I plan to watch my bill on my account to see if it again changes 3 times as it did yesterday. Honestly, after being a customer since 1989, I now feel that TWC has no regard, respect nor desire to truly keep customers and is doing everything in their power to alienate long term customers with confusion, misinformation, aggravation and frustration.  Again, I am going to long for any alternative to TWC and when I find it, I will be delighted to cancel everything with you in hopes the entire company goes bust! Janice  From: CAR.Retention [mailto:CAR.Retention@twcable.com] Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 2:40 PM To: Janice  Subject: RE: Complaint! Hello Janice, I do sincerely apologize about the treatment you received at the Time Warner Cable store. I will definitely get in contact with the customer service representative management team concerning their behavior. I am pleased that someone was able to assist you in retention with getting the essentials package and keeping you as a loyal customer of Time Warner Cable. We do appreciate the 20 years that you have allowed us to be your cable provider. CAR.Retention From: Janice  Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2012 5:53 PM To: CAR.Retention Subject: Complaint! As you will see below, I had an online chat with an analyst on Wednesday evening to report the loss of channels that I had been receiving since I move to my address at 910 Lakecrest Ave, Apt F, High Point, NC 27265. You will see the transcript of that chat. Also, not included in the chat, the young lady told me that my previous promotional plan expired in June and that someone had changed the plan over to a different plan that caused an increase in my monthly billing from $57 per month to $64 per month. As she instructed, I went into my local office on State Street, High Point, NC today to pick up the 2 free digital adapters she said were being provided to me. The office was full of your customers and there were 2 women and 2 men behind the counter. I asked for the 2 free adapters and explained the situation but when the one lady pulled up my account she said I could not have them because I wasn't supposed to have been getting the 4 channels that were recently  upgraded to digital and hadn't been paying for them. She further went on to say that she was going to have to schedule an audit truck to come to my house to find out why I had been receiving those channels and not paying for them. Of course everyone standing in line heard this and I was mortified that she basically accused me of stealing those channels. I politely told her the story again and that if I had been getting those channels that it was something TWC did and not me. I did ask about changing plans and the black man give me a price of around $110 per month to keep my turbo RR and have digital tv. That was an increase for over $40 per month! I said that I would go home and call customer retention again and speak with them and the black woman said well, you can do that but you won't get a better price than he ( the black clerk) can give you. At that I did reply that I would call anyway and that I had recently seen an ad for Dish TV at $19.95 per month for over 200 channels and that I was going to call them to which  she made a remark that I could go home and call Dish TV if I wanted to. As I was leaving the office lobby, everyone in line was watching as the woman had not only accused me of stealing cable, and she was going to send the audit truck out, she also spoke to me as if I was lying about this transcript and anything I had been told!  Ironically, I did get someone at customer retention and did get a better deal . The young woman who helped me apologized to my for my being embarrassed that way and the accusations made publically and the statement of sending out an audit truck and the way I was treated by this woman and the behavior of the black lady clerk in the STATE STREET location in High Point.  There was a white man there as well and I can assume he may have been a manager or something but he seemed either too docile to step up and handle this or he was not knowledgeable enough to help me and simply backed away.  In speaking with the Customer Retention representative when I got home, she said that the woman had indeed scheduled and audit truck for tomorrow ( Friday) to come to my house but I believe she may have been able to avert this. I certainly hope so as the only access to cable connections  are in my neighbors attic to which I have no access at all. I am extremely angry about this incident and the insinuations of theft! I am writing to you so that you will know that although I have been a loyal TWC customer for around 20 years, that obviously TWC does not value your long term customers enough to train these clerks to treat your customers with respect and not embarrass them. I am 62 years old and on SSDI so monthly cost is extremely important to me and I would not know how to steal cable in the least! I do not appreciate having my plan changed without my knowledge back in June and I do not appreciate being given LESS than I had for MORE money per month! I can't wait for the day when TWC has much more competition in this area! From: chattranscripts@twcable.com [mailto:chattranscripts@twcable.com] Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2012 8:37 PM To: jr Subject: Time Warner Cable Chat Transcript Chat Transcript [8:19:37 PM] Nicki > Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Nicki. Please give me a moment while I access your account.[8:20:07 PM] Janice_ > I am receiving the no signal on channels, 35,39, 41 and 72. The screen looks scrambled... It was that way all day yesterday and all day today.[8:20:24 PM] Nicki > I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and will be glad to assist you with the cable issue.[8:20:33 PM] Nicki > May I know how long are you experiencing this issue?[8:20:55 PM] Janice_ > Since yesterday morning.[8:21:08 PM] Nicki > Thank you for the information.[8:21:08 PM] Nicki > Let me check this for you[8:22:37 PM] Janice_ > About a week and 1/2 ago, someone came out and went into the attic in the apartment next door. He inadvertently disconnected my service but I caught him and he reconnected it. It worked fine up until yesterday when I again heard someone in the attic of the apartment next door but I didn't see any TWC truck or service person. then[8:23:06 PM] Nicki > I see.[8:23:07 PM] Nicki > I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.[8:24:12 PM] Janice_ > When I moved here in 2007, they had to come out and run all NEW cable to my apartment because the old cable was not giving me enough signal. NOW, this is happening all over again! I am wondering if the guy connected me to the wrong cable again???[8:24:19 PM] Nicki > PLease try the below steps once.[8:24:36 PM] Nicki > Please disconnect the black coaxial cable connected directly coming from the wall to the TV for 30 seconds and reconnect. [8:24:39 PM] Nicki > Once done, please do a channel scan / re-scan through the menu settings on your TV. This should prompt the TV to pull in the updated frequency to display the channel(s) again. [8:24:41 PM] Nicki > Please let me know once done.[8:24:41 PM] Nicki > I am online with you.[8:25:29 PM] Janice_ > OK, I have 2 TV's one upstairs and one downstairs....and it's the same problem on both TVs...[8:25:44 PM] Nicki > This shall resolve the issue if the issue persist  I will schedule the service call for you the technician will come and fix the issue for you.[8:25:55 PM] Nicki > PLease do it on both the TV's [8:25:57 PM] Nicki > I am online with you.[8:25:58 PM] Janice_ > Hold on.[8:26:02 PM] Nicki > Sure.[8:28:48 PM] Janice_ > nope. same problem. Still nothing on 35, 39, 42 and 72.[8:29:28 PM] Nicki > Are you getting all the other channels?[8:29:33 PM] Janice_ > yes.[8:29:42 PM] Nicki > Okay.[8:29:44 PM] Nicki > Let me check this for you[8:29:54 PM] Janice_ > oops, its out on 41, not 42... both TVs[8:30:11 PM] Nicki > Okay.[8:31:00 PM] Janice_ > Unless you have changed those channels to premium channels I should have those. I have basic. It was this very problem before that caused me to drop all but basic![8:31:16 PM] Nicki > Yes, I am checking the same.[8:31:17 PM] Nicki > Please allow me a couple of minutes.[8:34:22 PM] Nicki > Thank you for your patience.[8:34:30 PM] Nicki > Channel 35 CMT, 39 C-SPAN, 41 truTV, 72 Lifetime Movie Network are moved.[8:34:37 PM] Nicki > We are upgrading some of the analog channels into digital format. If you have not subscribed to a digital cable box, you will not be able to receive these channels. We have send notifications to all our customers mentioning this. This upgrade was needed to allow for Time Warner Cable to stay on the cutting edge of new services available to our Digital Cable customers. [8:34:42 PM] Nicki > No need to worry, you will not miss any of your favorite channels. [8:34:48 PM] Nicki > We are providing you a Digital Adapter free of cost to access these channels. [8:34:57 PM] Nicki > You can order it through a live agent at 855-286-1736 or pick it up at front counter location at any of your nearest payment center. [8:35:04 PM] Nicki > Please note, a digital adapter is not a set-top box and does not support advanced features such as SDV, VOD, IPG, or CableCARDs. [8:36:09 PM] Janice_ > ok, the only notice I got was that I could go buy a new modem if I wanted to or keep the one I had....nothing about a digital adapter...[8:36:26 PM] Nicki > I am sorry to hear that.[8:36:26 PM] Nicki > By moving these channels to digital we are freeing up bandwidth so that our valuable customers can enjoy crystal clear, quality viewing along with the very best features that Time Warner Cable has to offer including On Demand, Start Over, Look Back, more HD and 3D channels, and even faster internet service.
Entity: Internet, Internet
73, Report #976244
Nov 30 2012
03:22 PM
Time Warner Cable Duplicate Billing New York City, New York
Time Warner Cable of New York made a duplicate charge to my bank account and debited me twice for the same bill. When I notified Time Warner Cable they told me not to worry, their Finance Dept. would reverse the charge and although I engaged in a live chat with their service representative, and was in contact with 3 other representatives over the course of five business days, they insisted that my account had not been debited twice because the Finance Dept. and their system said so, even though my bank account had in fact been debited. They denied the fact that my account had indeed been debited twice and told me it was not their problem but the bank's problem. I contacted the bank and they reimbursed me for Time Warner's error and filed a claim against Time Warner Cable of New York.  
Entity: New York City, New York
74, Report #1041525
Apr 07 2013
06:59 PM
time warner cable TWC rip off Diamond bar, Nationwide
I switched from another company to TWC to take advantage of their promo of $200 gift card but after I did that, all I got was a run around and no gift card.  I made numerous phone calls, which I have record of, to get the redemption code and I was assured that I would get it every time I called.  But it's already been a month and I still have yet to receive it.  After being assured that I would get the redemption code, now I am getting a run around.  I am now past the time that I am supposed to turn that number in to get the gift card.  I spent $50 to switch over and now I can't even get the gift card that I was promised.  It's a rip off.  They are ripping me off of my money.  I did some internet research and seems as though I am not the only one who is being ripped off.  This needs to be investigate by the government.  I wish a law firm takes over this matter and start a class action law suit.  If there's a lawyer out there who wants to sue this company, please contact me.  Our names are Christopher K**** and Young Ja K**** and our number is (((redacted))). CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Diamond bar, Nationwide
75, Report #1202825
Jan 19 2015
07:47 PM
Time Warner Cable Poor Customer and Cable Service/Slow Internet Cincinnati/Anderson Township Ohio
I have had numerous problems with Time Warner Cable.  First of all, I have frequent cable outages every month.  It doesn't matter if the weather is bad or not.  I will be watching a show or movie and all of a sudden the screen will freeze and the picture will go out. I have been given 3 new HD DVR  boxes and the problems are still happening.  The HD channels don't appear to be in HD and the picture isn't very clear. The digital channels have lines and interference in them.  Whenever I call customer service or tech support, I can never understand a word they are saying and they can never help me. They just tell me to reboot the box which never fixes the problem.  They will do anything to not send a tech out.  It seems to me like there is a problem with a line in the area.  On top of that I have poor internet service from them too. It is slow and never the speed I was promised.  I pay over $105 per month for this kind of service and I expect better.  I will probably just go back to an antenna if service isn't improved.    
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio

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