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1, Report #1244590
Jul 27 2015
11:30 AM
Timothy Sykes Timothy Sykes Challenge Rip off needs money for Lamborghini Miami Florida
Joined Tim Skykes Challenge, next day decided too much money and called for refund. Was asked to wait and Tim Skykes father called and gave me 3 months advance to make up mind. I had two deaths in family and couldn't participate. In January I started with the tapes and quickly decided this was a total rip off. I iimmediately called and requested refund, and was told sorry too late. I explained the situation of advance ano I did not sign agreement and would sign in January. Still was told by Glenn there would be no refund. I went to my bank and they were able to get half of the $5525.00, but they would not give the other half. At this point I decided I had been ripped off big time, and decided Tim Skykes needed the money for his Lambo and lifestyle he promotes. Very sad that such dishonest people are allowed to continue ripping people off.  I have joined numerous investment groups, and this is the only one I have felt with that would not refund your money, especially when just starting.  The sad result is I paid $2700.00 for a bunch of useless tapes that I returned!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #821668
Jan 12 2012
10:18 AM
Tim Sykes Timothy Sykes Being sued, Intentional false statements, Defamation, Negligence, Tortious Interference of Prospective Business Relations Hamden, Internet
Tim Sykes Falsely Accuses Fuse Sciences, Inc. of Engaging in a Pump-N-Dump Fraud - Mr. Sykes is being sued for following reasons: Mr. Sykes has NO clue what evidence is needed to satisfy the elements under a defamation cause of action. He repeatedly mentions research he conducted to prove Fuse Science, Inc. engaged in a fraud (pump-n-dump) and that they are incompetent. But his research pertains to irrelevant facts and third-parties that have nothing to do with Fuse Science, Inc. See Mr. Sykes statements on his website PUMP-N-DUMP ALLEGATION Mr. Sykes accused Fuse Science, Inc. of a pump-n-dump fraud. To establish a PUMP-N-DUMP fraud, Mr. Sykes MUST prove to the Court with probative evidence that Fuse Science, Inc. made material false and misleading statements to the public about its product, Enerjel, for the purpose of pumping up their stock price and that the public was misled by these false statements, which caused them to buy the companys stock. However, NOT once does Mr. Sykes provide any specific statements made by Fuse Science, Inc. about their product and its effects that have been false and misleading. Nor does he even make such an allegation in his post. Mr. Sykes merely accuses Fuse Science, Inc. of a pump-n-dump fraud and he uses references and links to data that are irrelevant and attached to third-parties, which have nothing to do with Fuse Science, Inc. In this particular case, Mr. Sykes needs to first identify the SPECIFIC words used by Fuse Science, Inc about Enerjel that were false. And second, Mr. Skyes will then have to take those false statements and show how the multitude of consumers on Amazon.com who received the product, used it and left positive feedback were misled about Enerjel (If the consumers would be misled about the product than investors would also be misled). Furthermore, and to avoid punitive damges, Mr. Sykes will have to show the court that he conducted the minimum research that a reasonable and prudent person would have performed to uncover the consumers/witnesses statements on Amazon.com prior to making those false statements. However, this task would also be impossible to accomplish because on January 6, 2012, Fuse Science, Inc. issued a press release on their website that informed the public that its product was being sold on Amazon.com. And prior to Mr. Sykes posting the false statements about Fuse Science, Inc. on his website on January 10, 2012, there were consumers/witnesses who received, used and left positive feedback about Enerjel on Amazon.com. The mere fact that Mr. Sykes has failed to even conduct the minimum amount of research before making those false statements may constitute malice, which was perpetrated for the purpose of financial gain (Shorting DROP and subscriptions to his website). As of January 12, 2012, Enerjel has been ranked as No. 8 on Amazons best seller list for body creams. See Amazons best sellers list.Therefore, since Mr. Sykes has NOT proven that Fuse Science, Inc. engaged in a pump-n-dump fraud as a matter of fact and law, he has committed defamation per se. See GERTZ v. ROBERT WELCH INC. 418 U.S. 323 (1974). Listen to the actual oral arguments from the Supreme Court:http://www.oyez.org/cases/1970-1979/1973/1973_72_617 INCOMPETENT ALLEGATION Mr. Sykes accused Fuse Science, Inc. of being incompetent on the grounds that their third-party credit card merchant failed to process his order. However, Mr. Sykes will have to prove to the Court that Fuse Science, Inc. was incompetent for hiring the credit card merchant and NOT merely that the merchant failed to process the order. In other words, Mr. Sykes CANNOT impute the merchants own incompetence on Fuse Science, Inc. unless he can prove that Fuse Science, Inc. selected a merchant that the company knew could NOT process the orders. However, since Fuse Science, Inc. utilized American Express to process Mr. Sykes order, which he admits, it would be virtually impossible to prove to the court that Fuse Science, Inc. selected an incompetent merchant to process its orders since thousands of merchants have used the service successfully for years. SeeJurliyue, Inc. v. Austral Biolab Pty., Ltd., 187 A.D.2d 4 3 7 , 639 (2 Dept. 1992). See also American Express Online Merchant Services: http://www212.americanexpress.com/dsmli faad94RCRD Therefore, the evidence against Mr. Sykes also disproves his claim of incompetence by Fuse Science, Inc. in selecting American Express to process its credit card purchases. And it further proves that Mr. Sykes has committed defamation per se against the company. See Ruderd & Finn, Inc., 52 N.Y.2d 663,670 ( I s t Dept. 1981) Therefore, since Mr. Sykes has benefited from his false statements about Fuse Science, Inc via shorting the companys stock and by promoting his website services to consumers of Fuse Science, Inc., the actual tortious behavior here has been MALICIOUSLY perpetrated by Mr. Sykes on Fuse Science, Inc. for the purpose of gaining financial benefits. Damages: damages are presumed under defamation per se and Mr. Sykes malicious conduct warrants an award of punitive damages against him.*I have contacted Fuse Science, Inc. about the derivative lawsuit against Mr. Sykes. As soon as I hear back from them, or as soon as the statutory waiting period runs out, I will file the lawsuit against Mr. Sykes. At that point, Mr. Sykes will have ample opportunity to produce his so called research on Fuse Science, Inc. during discoveryUntil then, you can Google my lawsuit against Paypal. The allegation against Paypal was that their anti-fraud detection software was creating millions of false positives and to handle all the false positives, Paypal was making intentional false statements to consumers and wrongly taking fees and rejecting transactions. Paypal settled amicably. See Mehmet v. Paypal.
Entity: Hamden, Internet
3, Report #1259930
Oct 15 2015
02:19 PM
Timothy Sykes / Profit.ly Tim Sykes Got ripped off for $400 on a membership and poorly made online-only DVD. Miami FL
I got into trading stocks in July of this year. I found Tim Sykes shortly after I started to learn from a few websites. I initially felt like he was selling snake oil and didn't believe his strategy would work. I traded on my own for a few months and had a little success. I wanted more so I revisited Tim Sykes at profit.ly and videos on youtube and got sucked in this time. I bought a membership for his Pennystocking Silver plan that would give me a daily watch list, chat room access, and access to a video library. This cost me $99. I also decided to buy his How to make millions DVD for $297 that was on sale. This video was really long and didn't teach much. A basic power point presentation with lots of bragging. I honestly learned nothing new on the DVD. What really made me mad was that the DVD is streaming only so I had to be connected to the internet to watch it and because it was so long, it was difficult to watch in segments. I deleted my profit.ly account and no longer have access to the video that I paid for and he doesn't give refunds.  Luckily I used a credit card and will file a dispute. I was a Pennystocking Silver member for about 1 month and found out some truth about Tim Sykes. I bought into a few of his alerts and noticed he always made money on these alerts, yet I would lose every time along with the majority of his students. This had me thinking, how could this be. Well, Tim is obviously buying into low volume, low float stocks earlier than he is alerting. When he sends his alert, the 1000+ subscribers follow like sheep driving the price up letting him exit for a small profit. I lost a few hundred dollars with a few of his picks. His strategy involves long and short positions. Being that he is short biased, most of his students follow the lead and try to short every penny stock that moves up. Students are blowing up accounts because of all the fees involved for short selling. The majority of students have smaller accounts like me and don't realize that the commissions, hard to borrow fees, and margin interest add up and take away from profits. When he does take a long position, he is essentially scalping like every other guru. This means taking a large position for a small percentage gain. If you look at the profit.ly trades for Tim Sykes or any other guru, you will see that he is taking usually less than 5% gains the majority of the time, but preaching on his DVDs to take 20-200% gains with pennystocks. Most people see that Tim Sykes is making $1k+ profits on a single trade, but they don't realize that he is using a $15k-20k position to make $1k. If you look at the profit.ly website where Tim preaches transparency with the trading community, it is a flawed system. You can manually enter trades or import trades from your broker. This sounds legit, until you actually do it. You have the option to not import or add bad trades giving others the illusion that you are a better trader than you actually are. I believe profit.ly is a snake pit for other cons in the stock market trading community. Everyone is trying to sell something for an inflated price. I am writing this because I started trading in the stock market with a few thousand dollars that I saved up. I work as a musician and have limited income. It was bad enough to pay market tuition learning the ropes, but to waste $400 on Tim Skyes showing basic techiniques like support and resistance, bragging about being rich, and pitching sales to his other videos and other gurus really made me upset. This guy is a marketing machine and not much of a trader. I am glad I saw the truth after a short period of time with Tim Sykes. Some of his students are completely brainwashed. They are longtime subscribers that keep spending money on his instructional DVDS and are still not making any profits. He brags about his millionaire students Tim Grittani and Michael Goode. Do a little research into these two traders. Tim Grittani has been involved with a few chat rooms, including Investors Live, and has said in interviews that his strategy is closer to Nathan Michauds than Tim Sykes. Michael Goode was a succesful trader that bashed Tim Sykes before he got involved with him. These gurus are getting paid by Tim Sykes to use their name for advertising purposes. Heads up, he owns Investimonials.com and screens negative reviews. So if you decide to investigate Tim Sykes for reviews on the web, you will see fake websites that he made trying to sell videos or web content and only positive reviews on Investimonials. I have filed comlaints with the FTC and SEC regarding this guy and I urge anyone to stay clear of profit.ly and Tim Sykes. I am in the process of looking for other outlets to share this post since he has a tendency to have negative posts removed to hide the truth. Useful reading:http://www.modeeworld.com/forums/forum/money/stocks/67409-timothy-sykes-penny-stock-guru-or-scam-scamster-rip-you-off-and-take-your-moneyhttp://www.tradingschools.org/reviews/profitly-review/http://www.tradingschools.org/profitly-fake/http://www.elitetrader.com/et/index.php?threads/is-tim-sykes-really-a-scammer.261368/http://www.elitetrader.com/et/index.php?threads/tim-sykes.284260/http://beyonddebt.net/tim-sykes-millionaire-challenge/  ** Also beware of Nathan Michaud, Cameron Fous, and other trading Gurus. These gurus were once involved with profit.ly and Tim Sykes and are taking money from innocent people all over the world. It is really a shame that the trading community is full of cons and manipulation. **There are plenty of books and free websites to learn. Learn candlestick charts, patterns, and risk management. There is lots of free information at stockcharts.com and swing-trade-stocks.com. Chat rooms are good for gurus to pump stocks for their benefit.     
Entity: Internet
4, Report #460138
Jun 09 2009
02:11 PM
David Sykes Handyman from Hell Everett Washington
Saturday 5/30/09 Scheduled to come at 9 am for quotation, but called and cancelled. Sunday 5/31/09 Arrived at the house at 9AM for a consultation. Work began around 11:30AM-ended around 2:30PM Total time at house (working): 3 hours Work completed: Installed light over dining room table Installed ceiling fan in bathroom Installed bathroom light Notes: When they left at 2:30 they said they were going to Lowes to get supplies. They instructed us to rip up the flooring in the hallway and entry way as he would be having someone come first thing on Monday to do the floors. The agreement was that they would get the floors in on Monday, grout them on Tuesday and finish all other work on Tuesday. Informed me that the light bulbs that came with the bathroom light did not fit. David said that he would bring a contract the next day for us to sign. I gave him $700 for supplies. Monday 6/1/09 Arrived at the house at approximately 8:45AM, left at approximately 2:30PM Total time at house: 5.45 hours Work completed: Installed ceiling fan in Amy's room Installed ceiling fan in front room Patched hole in the kitchen wall Patched hole in the entry way (was not asked to do) Fixed bathroom door Notes: No one came to do the floors nor were they mentioned. They said the ceiling fan that I purchased on Sunday was broken, so I went to Home Depot to exchange. Tuesday 6/2/09 Arrived at the house at approximately 11AM, left at approximately 2:30PM Total time worked: 3.5 hours Work completed: Kitchen lights installed but stuck on Installed ceiling fan Finished installing light in the laundry room Notes: When I came home at lunch David proudly showed me the lights in the kitchen were installed. My 12 year old that was home, pointed out that the lights were on but did not turn off. David then went into some long explanation of how there was too much load on the breaker. I pointed out to him that the load was exactly the same as it had been before. He argued with me a bit and I told him that if he couldn't do it, to just take out the light above the sink. He said that he would fix it. David called in the afternoon to tell me that the lights in the kitchen were messed up because of the wiring that was in the house. He told me that it would be $100 extra in supplies to fix this problem. I agreed to pay. He asked if he could use our texture and texturizing machine. He was supposed to have purchased can texture with the supply money, but I said ok. Because David had not brought a contract and I was beginning to feel a bit awkward about this situation, I typed one up and left it for him to sign (which he never did). Wednesday 6/3/09 Arrived at the house at approximately 9AM, left at approximately 1:30PM Total time worked: 4.5 hours Work completed: Textured entry walls (textured the entire wall even though I asked for only the top portion to be textured) Textured the entry ceiling (even though I asked for it to be left alone) Tried to install bedroom ceiling fan (but said part was missing-which wasn't missing) Fixed kitchen lights Notes: I came home at lunch and was glad to see that my walls were being textured, although they didn't look exactly like I wanted them to, I figured I could fix it later with some sandpaper. David started talking to me about the electrical in the kitchen (again) and told me the wiring in the house was from 1972, 1976, etc. I pointed out the house was not built until 1979, to which he told me he didn't believe that, blah blah. He said that he had to call in an electrician to help them fix the kitchen electrical. He told me the walls would be done today as would my ceiling fan. Tomorrow the floors and molding would be finished. I asked him when the doors would be done and he said Yeah I was going to ask you where they are?. I replied to him that he was supposed to purchase the doors, he acted clueless for a moment, and I then said yes, that is what the supply money was for, right? Then told Harley (his helper) to note that they needed to buy 4 doors. He asked for the additional money ($100 in supplies) which I gave him a check for. I got home later that evening and found that only parts of the walls were done and my ceiling fan was not in because a part was missing. The part was circled in the manual; I found it in the box in less than 30 seconds. I was also frustrated because of the extreme mess they left from the texture AND they got texture on my couch. I noticed that the microwave was not working. After seeing how crappy the texture looked, I left word for him to leave the large wall in the entry way alone. Thursday 6/4/09 Arrived at the house at approximately 9AM, left at approximately 2:30PM Total time worked: 5.5 hours Work completed: Installed ceiling fan in my room Textured small portion of wall in living room Installed about 2' of flooring Notes: Thursday I managed to avoid talking to them at all. I was becoming increasingly frustrated. I had my husband speak with them and they said they would be done with everything by Sunday. They apparently complained to him about extraordinary supplies they had to purchase such as nails for the molding (I guess they figured the nails would fall out of the sky when they quoted the job). He mentioned to them that the microwave was not working; they said it was because of a blown fuse but they could fix it. The flooring in the hallway that he DID do was done incorrectly. The boards were not staggered so it would have looked incredibly stupid if he left it that way. He also said that the floors were uneven so he had to sand the concrete to install the new wood...even though the same type of wood was there before we ripped it up. I drew him a picture of how to properly install the floor and stagger the boards and told him to just install it and don't worry about sanding. Friday 6/5/09 Arrived at the house at approximately 9AM, left at approximately 1:30PM Total time at the house: 4.5 hours Work completed: Partially put in wood flooring in hall Textured walls in laundry room (very badly) Notes: Friday I was on edge about this whole thing-in tears literally the whole day. The prospect of spending a weekend with them in my house was very disturbing to me. I told my husband he needed to deal with them exclusively and he agreed. The hallway was done, there were a couple of areas that needed to be fixed, in addition they completely skipped the hall closet, which apparently we had just ripped the flooring out of because-not because we wanted the wood in It too. The hall still needed texture. The laundry room texture looked horrible and did not match in any areas. I was sitting on the couch thinking that everything they have said or done has been screwed up. Then it dawned on me, I bet the light bulbs in the bathroom DO fit. So I went and checked it. Voila, pushing down, THEN turning did the trick. Smart is, as smart does. Saturday 6/6/09 Arrived at the house at approximately 9 AM Notes: When they arrived at the house, I went in the bedroom and closed the door. I could hear them talking to my husband about something. My husband came in and said they needed to talk to me about the doors. They were saying the doors had been put in less than a year ago (I have lived in the house 8; I think I would know this). I went out there and David started telling me how the doors were uneven and needed shims. I said yes, you need shims when installing doors. He said, no, there is a larger space. That is when I lost it. I did talk angrily at him, asking him why he needed an excuse or explanation for everything. Why could he not just do the work and move on. I pointed out the light bulb and the ceiling fan and generally stupid mistakes they had made. I told him to leave the doors, that we would put them in ourselves. For him just to finish the tile in the entry and not come back-we would even grout it. Then I went in my room slamming the door. They packed up and left, threatening to sue us for the rest of the money (which by the way I never said I wasn't going to pay and which by the way he didn't earn because he didn't finish the job) Work completed satisfactory: Installation of: 4 ceiling fans 1 bathroom fan 4 lights Patching of 3 holes (2 of which were not contracted to do) Work completed unsatisfactory: Installation of wood in hallway (not complete and some areas need fixing) Texturing of walls (all look like crap) Things not even started: Entry way tiling and grouting Installation of 4 bedroom doors Things broken: Microwave/electrical Supplies he was to provide that he did not: 4 doors Molding for entire house (he did leave some behind) Work that I cut out of the job (because I figured it looked better undone than him doing it): Texturing wall in kitchen Texturing 2 living room walls Summary: This was probably the worst experience of my life. I kick myself for not forcing a contract upfront, for not getting more bids and for not asking for references. Not only was David extremely unprofessional, he was extremely slow-I forgot to mention that this entire time he had a helper-were talking a combined time of 42 hours to do what they did.... Honestly, I think he is good at minor jobs like repairing a hole in a wall, but the work he quoted was just way over his skill level. Lesa Kent, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Everett, Washington
5, Report #1067470
Jul 16 2013
12:46 PM
David Sykes handyman Individual from Craigslist Everett Washington
We recently encountered a fraud during the July 4th weekend and would like for you to investigate further - here is what happened - My wife and I had been considering replacing our deckboards and building stairs for a while and called a couple of guys for a quote from Craigslist. They came took a look at the deck on 3rd July and spoke with great confidence about what all needs to be done and how long it would take and quoted $1650 for it. Since they were pricing the job reasonably and seemed to possess the knowledge about decks we decided to go with them.  I signed a contract with them without checking if they were licensed. They also asked for half down to purchase materials, so we issued a check for $850, that they cashed the same day. They were going to come in on Friday the 5th as per verbal agreement, but somewhere I accidentally mentioned Saturday the 6th. After they did not show up on Friday we texted one of the numbers they gave in the contract and that was David Syke's number. He kept insisting that we asked him to come Saturday and that he had signed up for another job for Friday. So we asked him to come Saturday. I had to take a job related trip Sunday which I booked last minute. Then I mentioned to him I won't be here Sunday but since my wife will be in town it would be ok. Then he insisted that the contract was signed with me not my wife (that was red flag 1 ). I've never heard of this before.  After this we asked him to return the check back. He texted back saying he'd return the goods Monday the 8th and give the check back. On Monday eve my wife called to ask him for the check. He said that he put it in the mailbox. After looking for it in the mailbox and not finding it my wife called him back and he said that he mailed the check and it should be in the mailbox. Without knowing this had happened I texted him asking him for the check and he texted and left a voicemail with bad language.  On Wednesday the 10th he kept texting me saying he needed to talk. I was in meetings and had my wife call him. He said that he was trying to reach me to check if we received the check.  Bottomline - We still have not received the check after almost 2 weeks. We lost $850 in the bargain. The only reason I see he has not absconded from the scene yet is because of the signed contract and his drivers license copy and a picture I took fo him when he visted us. We googled him after the fact and found a couple of reports on him - http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/david-sykes/everett-washington-98208/david-sykes-handyman-from-hell-everett-washington-460138 Anyone please help...!!!
Entity: Everett , Washington
6, Report #1093551
Oct 21 2013
04:10 PM
Jefrica Sykes @angelsmiles on IG Female Scam Artist manor Texas
BEWARE: of this lady, comes off as an angel at first. Her square demeanor will fool you as she slowly but surely tries to get you to buy her gifts and send her money for photoshoots and car payments. Flew her out her fron texas every expense was on me , few gifts not that it was a problem cuz l got it. After we had sex (unprotected) the night,before she left and in the morning l noticed a change in attitude when she returned home. She started asking for money for photoshoots and down payments for a new car. This is her scheme be careful.
Entity: manor, Texas
7, Report #1257643
Sep 28 2015
12:37 PM
Sykes Discrimination of employees las Vegas Nevada
Sykes has been trying to remive one of their employees since she was was hired.  They knew she owned a service dog.  And woas bringing her to work until Sony showed up.  The employee was sent home for 2 days and informed that sge would no longer be allowed to bring the dog to work.   Fast foward  several weeks and employee fell.  When she was released to return to work she was told that she had to also have a release from primary care dr.  Employee got the release but then was told she could not return to work in a walking boot using service dog for support.     All employee wants to do is be allowed to work and have her service dog with her. Linda   Las Vegas,  Nevada    
Entity: las Vegas, Nevada
8, Report #1373410
May 15 2017
07:59 PM
Sykes enterprise kingstree South Carolina
 Sykes in kingstree sc 29556 will do anything to get rid of you even if your sick they want you to make up a day. They don't even take doctor excuses when the doctor take you out of work. They expect you to do things on they they don't even care if you dont have a way to work they be ready to do anything to get rid of you. From a Sykes former employee.
Entity: kingstree, South Carolina
9, Report #1379565
Jun 16 2017
02:18 PM
Sykes Enterprises AIB Problems Tampa Florida Nationwide
 I was hired to be a work at home customer service agent. They send you a small computer that they call a AIB. Mine would never work right. I had my son try it and he is real good with computers. Called their help desk many times before they agreed to send me a new one. The new computer arrived with a post-it not that had Alpine2 and -3bears8Porridge written on it. My son used those to log into the computer and now I can use it as a regular computer when I am not taking calls. I went for about two weeks with no pay while they were swapping the computers. They're help desk is in the Phillipines somewhere and they are not good at all.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1091859
Oct 14 2013
12:12 PM
Sykes Enterprises Sykes Corporate Headquaters Sykes is a horrible company to work for do not work for this company avoid it if you can. Tampa Florida
 Do not work for this company they are horrible to work for. They give you hundreds of calls a day. They change everything you have to say on the phone everyday. They play favorites and they are very discriminative against workers. They lie about everything in their hiring policies. Worst place ever to work for. There are Sykes Enterprises everywhere so avoid working for them if you can.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
11, Report #393998
Nov 22 2008
01:58 PM
David Sykes - replicaco.com Took the watch back and no refund! Charlotte North Carolina
I sent the cheap POS watch back to ReplicaCo and Rob has promised me a refund for 3 weeks now. Not a word. These guys are total scam artists. Doug Divide, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
12, Report #996820
Jan 14 2013
04:25 PM
Shanel Cooper Sykes SCS Media Fraud Harlem, New York
Shanel doesn't owe me $1,000 or $6000 dollars. But her practices are pretty shady at worst, at best reactive and lazy. I ordered a 40 dollar book and ONLY got a call after MONTHS of waiting. I don't belong to any FB pages and don't consider myself a hater. I'm just one woman who deserves to have what I paid for. PERIOD. I DO believe that if I experienced this over a book. Then there are others like the women who are owed WAY more money than me. And I hope they can get every last penny of their money back.
Entity: Harlem, New York
13, Report #1018862
Feb 22 2013
07:07 PM
Shanel Cooper Sykes SCS MEDIA Shanel Cooper Sykes Woman Habits Stitellos In The Kitchen Facebook Books Not Received No Refund Harlem, Internet
I am a 21 year old college student who was introduced to Shanel Cooper Sykes by a friend who sent me a link to one of her Youtube videos. I found her tips and advice for black women to be  inspirational and I humbled myself enough to fully receive her message. I felt like her overall message was what I needed to read and hear daily for self improvement because I have been physically, sexually and verbally abused by people in my past (ex-boyfriend, foster parents); had a rough childhood; no mother around to teach me how to be a woman. My self-esteem has taken a  great big hit with the things I have experienced in life and Shanel cooper Sykes just made me feel better with her words and wisdom. I felt like she was genuine and could help me become the woman I wanted to be. I was literally practicing the things that she was preaching. I looked up to her considering she is older and had her life together (confident, professional, and independent). As I said I'm a college student so my funds are limited but with the money I did have I decided to purchase some books from Shanel's website. I have not received them, it's been forever. No books. No refund. No response to my numerous emails or messages via Twitter.  I don't want to believe that she is a scam artist or con, but where are the things I ordered from you? Where is my money? Why have you ignored me so much? I just want answers.
Entity: Harlem, Internet
14, Report #1235186
Jun 12 2015
11:31 AM
Sykes Enterprises John H. Sykes - Founder Total Scam Company.... Terrible Software - No customer service - total bait ans switch company Tampa Florida
This company is a total scam company.   I think it's a front for something else.  I really do.  They don't provide what they say they will provide.  They take a deposit to set things up and then they block your phone number and never respond to any more of your attempts to reach them.  I found a few of their employees or ex employees (I'm not sure which)... listed on Linked In.  Wow - no shock there... other people complained too about those individuals and the scams and games they pull.  Do not do business with Sykes enterprises and do not buy their stock.  You'll be glad you read this warning.   Thank you for reading this message.  I hope it saves you a lot of drama. 
Entity: Tampa, Florida
15, Report #1098719
Nov 12 2013
10:20 AM
Sykes Enterprises Sykes Corporate Headquarters Tampa Florida Elaine Jones Gut feeling this was scam from beginning Tampa Florida
I was contacted in the early morning hours to create a yahoo messenger account so that I could be interviewed.  Ms. Elaine Jones interviewed me and right away, I felt uneasy.  There were quite a few spelling and grammar errors but I ignored them in the interest of the interview.  I was interviewed and told to hold while she gave my paperwork to the home office.  YAY!  I was hired!  Then came the rest of the story.  There were five or six software packages that I was required to purchase up front and they would pay me back next week.  I did not have any physical address for this company or any assurance that this job was real.  The amount they wanted up front?  $980.00!  Really?  I am currently working part time and trying to make Christmas for my children and they want $980.00 up front?  I don't have that kind of money and even if I did, I would feel nauseous sending it blindly without a guarantee of employment.  What happens after the week of training and they decide I don't make the cut?  They never offered a full refund or an employment guarantee or anything. She asked my age, gender and bank information.  I did not give her any personal details as I was already beginning to feel uneasy. I told her thank you for her time and for the offer but I was not interested.  She continued to write me back saying I would be reimbursed a week later.  I disconnected the chat at that point.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
16, Report #1100217
Nov 18 2013
07:01 AM
Sykes-Alpine Access, Gillian Rafsnider Improper dismissal training for Bonton training by trainer Gillian Rafsnider Denver Colorado
I went through the pain of the hiring process for Sykes/Alpine Access and the left hand didn't know about the right hand at all. Anyways I started training for Bonton with an instructor Gillian Rafsnider. She seemed ok enough, but the training was so rushed and we started with 29 people. The days were filled with so many tech issues that I never learned anything until the last few days. Then totally unprepared, uncomfortable, and knowing so little, we have a test that you must get 80 percent on, but you can get an answer wrong twice before it is a wrong answer, and then you can do it again if you fail. I passed, but it shows how little they care about your success. So Monday hits and here we are at home employees(threatened to telling customers we are in the Denver call center, NOT home in any state). We are doing three days of On the Job Training. What this means is we answer calls, and have no clue what we are doing, and we have to wait in queque for our trainer to tell us what to do with a customer complaint.After three days I had mostly one minute calls, and I had one call where 5 women all working at the same place want to order something, followed by one of them having their credit card bounced because they already used it. Happens all the time with the Bonton system. My other long call was a woman who asked for expedited shipping and not only was it late, but it never shipped. So here I am trying to figure out what to do. I ask Gillian Rafsnider what to do? She tells me to give free shipping and fill out a reorder request. The lady wants me to email a supervisor for that request as well. At the end of the call the lady went from hating Bonton, to thinking I did all I could to help her. I get off the phone, rejoin my class in the last 15 minutes. It is 5 PM EST, we say our goodbyes. An hour later Gillian calls my personal number and butters me up with how I am, and stuff. I knew she wasn't calling for anything else but to fire me. She tells me my call times are too long, sorry. I am under trained, ill prepared, brand new and this is the excuse?? Funny thing is that she tried to tell me it was a group decision. My team lead emails me the next day and says welcome to Sykes!!  I emailed her back and said, well if I am rehired let me know, but your trainer Gillian Rafsnider fired me for no reason at all. She wrote me back and said, oops, sorry. Disregard, I just heard about this now.The right hand has no clue has noted, the pay is horrible, the system is terrible, and out of 23 people left I was one of the most competant. I honestly think this was personal because I asked too many questions, or who knows. One important thing was the hiring wasn't that bad, and to give somebody access to all these customers credit cards, email, address, and security codes and their idea of customer trust is threatening my job if I tell someone I am not in a Denver call center right now??
Entity: Denver, Colorado
17, Report #1281818
Jan 22 2016
06:15 PM
Kelvin Fallon - Sykes Enterprises Kelvin Fallon, Kelvin Sandra Fake interview. Asked a lot of info. Internet
 Asked me to log on for interview , asked for information. Didn't give him/her anything that wasn't on my resume, short of the name of the bank I bank with (no account info). Something seemed off, everything I state was public knowledge. I began to do research. Told me about receiving a check and equipment, by this point I felt rather silly and confirmed through research. They told me to report tomorrow (a Saturday). I called the bank to notify the fraud department. They said I was smart to leave it at where I did.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #564279
Feb 03 2010
08:35 PM
Timothy poles BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!! Internet
Re: 2007 honda cbr 1000? Wednesday, February 3, 2010 11:29 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified Nathan Crawford <populasa@gmail.com> I almost was taken by this but then i copy and pasted the vin in the search bar and saw all the reports similar to the email that i got from him. THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!!!!!!THE AD WAS ORIGINALLY ON CRAIGS' LISTHello,     The price is $2850.This bike is a real 'head turner' and it will make you proud, it is in excellent condition,never been involved in accidents, only 5,800 miles, VIN:JH2SC57017M301874 clean and clear title,no mechanical problems,no scratches,flaws or any kind of damage,all functional and it will need nothing in the near future.     I have the bike sealed at DAS terminal in Philadelphia,PA ready to be shipped out will take 4-5 days through DAS and it will be free,my previous buyer(his loan did not get approved)already paid for it and DAS didn't want to refund him the shipping fee.I cannot meet face2face I have a new job in Tucson, AZ I would like to use Autotrader Vehicle Purchase to take care of this deal, smooth and safe. Let me know if you have any other questions, hope i didn't miss anything.    More pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/erpechere/2007HondaCBRCBR1000Rr?authkey=Gv1sRgCOiEpZiSy5aSQw#slideshowThank you, Nathan.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #403569
Dec 20 2008
07:54 PM
Dr. Timothy York - Dr. Timothy R. York Creates malocclusion rather then correct them. Folsom And Sacramento California
Unfortunately, Dr. York does not do bite studies. As a result my teeth are straight, but severely maloccluded. I have seen specialists in 3 other states and 1 in California. Every one of them said something to the effect that what Dr. York did to my teeth was very bad and it would be difficult to fix. When I went back to him to get some impressions made I told him about the problem with my teeth. He asked if my teeth had moved, which they hadn't since I am diligent about wearing my retainer. He then states to me, oh, you were the one who wanted to get them off early, I have no idea what he was talking about. Perhaps this is his way of saving face. I would never have requested them off early. Unfortunately, because of this severe malocclusion I am having several other dental problems. Do your research and avoid this orthodontist at all costs. A dentist I saw in New York asked me if I had actually seen Dr. York's degree in orthodontia, because to mess up as bad as he did he didn't think Dr. York had one. Siobhan sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Folsom And Sacramento, California
20, Report #176179
Feb 14 2006
12:17 PM
Ayanna Sykes homewrecker that bears children by married men ripoff Brooklyn New York
This woman and my husband planned together to conceive a child, a son especially and that is exactly what I'm dealing with. I was devastated when I first found out that I became almost crazy I could'nt sleep I couldn't eat I lost a total of 47 pounds which I needed to lose but thats' besides the point. The fact still remains that my husband has a relationship with this individual that did not care about the people involved and who would get hurt in the process. I have three daughters and besides the youngest one they were deeply hurt by this action these 2 people tokk upon themselves. Is there anyway to hold both responsible?The mental anguish pain this has caused not just on me but the entire family.The cycle continues it's so dysfuntional It is very sad for someone like myself. What do I do? How to I handle this? Where can I run to? Yvette bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
21, Report #586201
Mar 27 2010
12:27 PM
Timothy poles 2000 suzuki gsxr-750 austin texas craigslist, Internet
I responded to an ad in the craigslist in austin texas for a 2000 suzuki GSXR-750. I got the same response as all the rest listed here. Its crated up at das in miami and im at a new job in tuscon and cant meet face to face. Thank goodness for this site. Buyer beware. Sounded too good to be true and was.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #563574
Feb 02 2010
01:34 PM
Timothy poles MOTORCYCLE SCAM-CRAIGSLIST tuscon, Arizona
My husband found a bike he was interested in on craigslist.  We received an email that sounded all too good to be true.  Glad Ripoff report is available.  This is the email he sent: The price is $2600. This bike is a real 'head turner' and it will make you proud, it is in excellent condition,never been involved in accidents, only 13,600 miles, VIN:JS1GN78A9Y2101294 clean and clear title,no mechanical problems,no scratches,flaws or any kind of damage,all functional and it will need nothing in the near future. I have the bike sealed at DAS terminal in Philadelphia,PA ready to be shipped out will take 4-5 days through DAS and it will be free,my previous buyer(his loan did not get approved)already paid for it and DAS didn't want to refund him the shipping fee. I cannot meet face2face I have a new job in Tucson, AZ I would like to use Autotrader Vehicle Purchase to take care of this deal, smooth and safe. Let me know if you have any other questions, hope i didn't miss anything. More pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/erpechere/Infiniaa?authkey=31nRcFtTdnc#slideshow Thank you, Tim.
Entity: tuscon, Arizona
23, Report #565420
Feb 06 2010
10:26 AM
Timothy poles Motorcycle, CBR 1000RR, Jacksonville, Craigslist Internet
Found this guy on the Jacksonville Craigslist with an offer too good to be true. You just have to follow up though. Just be skeptical the whole time. As soon as I read that he lived in AZ, the bike is in PA, and he listed it in Jacksonville, I knew something was up. So, I cross referenced his name with the email he used and found this site. Very cool tool in combating scams. I got the same email everyone else did. In a case like this I'd insist on using escrow.com to keep the transaction safe, but after reading this, I'm sure there never was a bike in the first place. Ah well, we can still dream can't we ;) from Nathan Crawford <populasa@gmail.com> to Dennis <#########@gmail.com> date Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 11:41 AM subject Re: 2007 Honda CBR 1000rr CBR mailed-by gmail.com signed-by gmail.com hide details 11:41 AM (30 minutes ago) Hello,     The price is $2850.This bike is a real 'head turner' and it will make you proud, it is in excellent condition,never been involved in accidents, only 5,800 miles, VIN:JH2SC57017M301874 clean and clear title,no mechanical problems,no scratches,flaws or any kind of damage,all functional and it will need nothing in the near future.     I have the bike sealed at DAS terminal in Philadelphia,PA ready to be shipped out will take 4-5 days through DAS and it will be free,my previous buyer(his loan did not get approved)already paid for it and DAS didn't want to refund him the shipping fee.I cannot meet face2face I have a new job in Tucson, AZ I would like to use Autotrader Vehicle Purchase to take care of this deal, smooth and safe. Let me know if you have any other questions, hope i didn't miss anything.    More pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/erpechere/2007HondaCBRCBR1000Rr?authkey=Gv1sRgCOiEpZiSy5aSQw#slideshowThank you, Nathan.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #276279
Sep 28 2007
01:04 AM
Timothy D. Jones Sex Offender Peoria Illinois
Timothy D. Jones D.O.B.-10/11/1979.Description:Male- 5 feet 2 inches. 147 pounds. Race:White,but has very dark skin almost looks biracial or Mexican. State of Conviction:Iowa-Victim was 5 years of age at time of conviction,Timothy was 21 years of age at time of conviction. Crimes as listed on Illinois Sex offender Registry:Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse
Entity: Peoria, Illinois
25, Report #281252
Oct 27 2007
11:17 AM
Timothy E. King, Iowa Nationwide
I am a young lady helping support my mom. I invested in Timothy E. Kings Success Manual for $199.95 and later found out that he had stolen it from some one else. He is a con-man who gets our email and phone and calls constantly to try and get more money and begins to threaten me when I tell him no. He has been reported to several companies for filthy language. He is a cyber-Stalker and has made my life a living nightmare. BE AWARE! Sadie Stephenville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Iowa

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