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26, Report #352811
Jul 18 2008
11:29 AM
TitleMax Of Georgia Repo my car when I was only late 7 days. Hiram Georgia
My Family moved to Dallas Georgia due to financial difficulty we needed to borrow $1500. A friend told us about Titlemax of course, we thought at the time it would be a good idea to pawn the title of our 1999 Toyota Camry. We did the loan was $1800, that we would pay $235 every month for 12 months wich would be a total of $2820 very high but at the time we really werein a financial crisis. We made our 1st payment July 2007 then so forth, we decided to move back to Florida which we advised them it was ok and we were paying on time. January 2008 we moved to Florida still making our monthly payment, I personally spoke to Terry the so call manager explained to him that I will be late that he would get my payment friday July 18th before 12:30pm. July 18th we were watching TV around 1 AM in the morning we heard a loud noise in the parking lot we looked outside sure enough our car was beeing towed. We ran outside the only thing the Tow truck driver can tell us we are beeing repo. I call the Police they told me that I need to call titlemax, I waited until 9AM Sharp to call spoke to the Rude, Unprofessional Manager (Terry) he could not even tell why my car was towed I was very upset, I was tired of their rubbish we argued on the phone for a good 20 minutes but he still could not give me a straight answer. I lastly ask him how much do I still owed he had the nerve to tell me that in order for them to release my car I need to $2210.72 don't forget about the $235 a month for 12 months I already paid. Thank God we called our parents we got the money to pay them to get the car back, as a so call manager he told me I need to send the money Western Union, I ask him do they have another way that they can get their money to them. He just hung up the phone. I managed to put the money on a friend's account and she went to take the money to them that same day of the 18th late very late I got my car back. Here's the Scammers address 5739 Wendy Bagwell Parkway Suite 101 Hiram Georgia 30141 (678)567-5231. Now I am waiting for my title when I called Terry he had the nerve to tell me how come I had the money now to pay after they had to repo the car, like I explain to him on the phone. I will make sure they get fix, Voodooo does exist specially where I am from. It is very hard in the USA to make it,and you go about robbing people like that, who would want to borrow $1800 and pay back $5000. They are so unprofessional talkig to them is like wasting your time and energy, they just want your money and that's it. I know the system won't do anything abput that, and they also know it, but guess what you really have customers from every where that doe snot believe in the justice system here. Please I would advice anyone that needs a loan please don't use Titlemax they are a bunch of crooks, the face they give you on the when getting the loan is not the same face/or attitude you get when making the monthly payment. When you call them they are never on the same page, the have differnt employees working there every week, they have no kind of training, what they tell you when you get the loan is not the same thing they tell you after. The craziest dilemma about this whole ordeal is they always want you to sign a new contract every time you go pay. Now I am waiting for my title like I told that dumb manager (Terry ) I am waiting until Tuesday June 22nd to get my tittle if I do not get it all hell going to break loose. I am from Africa the Dahomey descended(if you guys know what I mean) they will respect people. Shar Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Hiram, Georgia
27, Report #400473
Dec 11 2008
06:05 PM
EquityAuto Loan - TitleMax Do not go to EquityAuto Loan Macon Georgia
EquityAuto Loan is a new division of the TitleMax Company. The operate the same as TitleMax but under the State of Ga laws. They are not a consumer finance company as defined by the state. They are a glorified pawn shop and the state has approved them. They will soon be opening in TitleMax stores aond Ga. They will rip you off the same way TitleMax-TitleBucks-US Lending-Amercian Lending. They threaten to repo your car when only 3 days late. If you are thinking of going DO NOT LET THEM TRICK YOU into ripping you off. They tell you they report to the credit companies to help rebuild credit they do not. Rip off Macon, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Macon, Georgia
28, Report #758208
Jul 29 2011
12:29 PM
TitleMax Total Crooks, Absolute LIARS, SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL INSTEAD!! Elizabethton, Tennessee
TitleMax is a perfect example of a business with a license to RIP PEOPLE OFF!!. They pray on people in there very worst time of need and put these commercials on tv portraying their company as helping people in their time of need. This COULD NOT be further form the truth. Oh they are very nice when you come in and need the money, and tell you not to worry that they are there to help and to just call if you need ANYTHING. Well the first time you are a day late, no matter how much you have paid them, or how long you have been on time, they treat you like you are the lowest form on earth and demand the vehicle or the complete payoff. I worked for a friend that repoed for TitleMax so I know first hand how they operate. I refused to repo another vehicle when he had to go pick up a vehicle from a 20 yr old lady who was a single mother, working,and only owed about $375.00. She was 35 days behind and they took her vehicle while she was at work. The vehicle had a childs seat in it, her cell phone, and lunch bag. They sold the vehicle at auction for whatever it would bring. Recently, we were finacally strapped and made the grave mistake of borrowing $600.00 on our 96 Blazer. We have made payments for about a year and never missed or was late (other than a couple of days) until this month. The vehicle broke down on us and was our only transportation. We advised TitleMax that we were going to have trouble with our payment this month due to having to make repairs to get the vehicle useable again. To begin with we were told to stay in touch with them and to try and make or payment as soon as possible. My wife talked to them every other day for the past 15 days. Last week we found out that they had been calling all of our family and friends. A couple of days ago an employee came to our house and said that she needed to physically confirm that the vehicle was disabled. I showed her where it was parked in front of the garage and asked why she was here when we had just talked to the manager the previous day. She had a smart assed attitude so I told her to get off my property and to not return. Of course she contacted the store manager and gave her version of events. Later my wife called the store and spoke to Niki the store manager. After explaing what had happened and apologizing for the confortation, she was once again told by the manager to call her every other day and keep her advised of the status and they would stop calling our family and friends. Today we get a call before we have a chance to call them, and had to go thru the whole story again. My wife asked her what they wanted us to do now and she said that they decided that they were not goining work with us at all and that we could either pay the account in full or surrender the vehicle. My wife and I are both disabled and neither of us draw any kind of check. I am a disabled veteran and to say the least it takes all we can do to make it sometimes. That aside, NOBODY should be subjected to this type of businesses especially during these times. If you need money bad enough to resort to using TitleMax, You would be better off dealing with a Loan Shark in some dark corner somewhere. Just for your info, Tennesse residents should know that Tennessee is a non forced repo state. This means unless they have papers signed from a JUDGE, you DO NOT have to surrender your vehicle to ANYONE. Make them take you to court. If a Repo person comes on your property and does not have paperwork from the courts, you have the right in Tennessee, to tell them to leave your property. If they refuse, call the police. They are trespassing. Oh they may have papers, but they are only meaningless papers from TitleMax. Protect your rights. If the vehicle is blocked in, say by another vehicle, they cannot move anything or damage your property in any way to retrieve that vehicle. STAND UP TO THESE CROOKS!!!
Entity: Elizabethton, Tennessee
29, Report #779907
Sep 22 2011
08:54 AM
titlemax john w morrow jr pkwy, across from mall Gainesville, Georgia
I worked for titlemax for a few months...because that's all I could handle.  Their recruiter lured me in with promises of fast advancement and promotions and making a lot of money, talking all about their benefits and such.  Then at the last second they ask you if you're comfortable going out and finding past-due customers...after you've already said yes to everything else.  That should have been my first sign that this wasn't something I should be part of.  I quickly learned that feelings for customers were basically not allowed and that we must try to get them to borrow as much money as possible at all times, no matter how dire their situation would become 30 days later when the payment was due.  They claim 12.99%-9.99% interest however this is recurring every 30 days....the actual APR is closer to 150%...if you pay it off in a year...which they don't want.  If you're having promblems with titlemax all I will say is that every office is different and the people in the office make all the difference because those are the actual people who will lend you the money, and make collection calls to you; no one from corporate gets involved.  So, if anyone in an office EVER threatens you with a repo, or tells anyone other than you (references, boss, family) about your account information, including the fact that you have a title pawn, or even threatens you with a repo.... CALL CORPORATE.  They take this very seriously and the people in the stores will get in trouble for not following policy.  Grill them all the way because who knows what kind of lawsuit you could cause them...and let me tell you first hand...they've got the money to pay you off.  If you don't pay your bill on the day it's due they will call your home/work/cell once in the morning and once in the evening.  On the third day if you still haven't called back they start calling your references, once in the morning, once in the evening, and they will come out to your house.  They aren't coming to get the vehicle after 3 days but they are looking for you and for their collateral just so they know whats going on.  After you are 30 days late you're gonna be in trouble.....don't let it get that bad because thats when they really start getting serious and start running traces to see where you/the vehicle are and get ready for a repo.  I had to quit the job because it was just too much.  You meet awful people both doing collections and working with them in the office.  They mask themselves with trying to help you but in the end it's just another sleezy pawnshop....  If you read this and still need the loan badly enough the only advice I can offer you is to pay back the amount they tell you on your payback guide every time...if you can't make that payment then don't do it.  These are short term loans they try to trap you in for the long-term....  I don't recomend it...though some people are smart about it and pay back the whole loan in 30 days.  good luck
Entity: Gainesville, Georgia
30, Report #282328
Nov 01 2007
10:44 AM
TitleBucks,TitleMax Professional Scam Artist...Masters of Fine Print Augusta Georgia
TitleBucks should change their names to Rip off Pour helpless souls who have no other option but to get a title loan. Last year the starter on my car was acting up, since it was November and very close to the holidays, I didn't want my 4 year old daughter's Christmas to suffer because I'd spent all our money on the car. So I went to TitleBucks, I guess I can say I was a bit nieve, but I really had no other choice. The way they explained things to me was totally different than the way it came to be. It is now November again and I have paid them, faithfully every month, a total of $1,300 for an $1,100 loan. I have had my hours cut at work and was unable to pay on time this last month and they are now threatening me with garnishment!!! I went over all my old receipts and pointed out to them that my loan had been paid off and in no way could the $1300 only gone to interest!?! I was told that I either had to pay the account in full or they would send the state marshall out to my house to serve me with a writ of arrest! I can't believe this, If I'd known it was going to be this serious I would have just taken my chances on a lame Christmas. Is there anything I can do about this, because this just doesn't seem right to me??? Annivery Augusta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
31, Report #260361
Jul 12 2007
08:54 AM
TitleMax Needed the money now I regret it! Columbia South Carolina
I got lost my job a while back & we we late with some of our bills, mostly rent we talked about asking a relative for some money but we're too embrassed to do so. So we looked into getting a title loan. Latley I've been working (Not I will admit I'm not always perfect when it comes to being on time) getting there from work before they close is not always easy. Like most of you have said they do tell you that there is no grace period there, but if your late they will work with you, the store we got our loan at has gone though 4 different managers after we got the loan. I guess they were not being tough enough on customers. Well I lost another job but my wife still works we just moved again to a cheaper place to pay some things off. I went in the other day to tell then that I can't make a payment untill the 20th & it was the 10th I always hate going in there because of the way they talk down to you like your a child & belittle you. I understand what the contract says about no grace period but life is not perfect & things come up that you don't see. Right now I'm at the point where I want them to just take the car & be done with it. Our loan was for just $1,000 by the time we get done paying it we will have paied closer to $3,000. I do understand we got ourselves into this but it's like going to a bad car dealer that won't let up! Kevin Columbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
32, Report #264005
Jul 29 2007
03:01 PM
Titlemax, Major Ripoff Artists & Persistent Harrassment Ripoffs, Harrassment, Unfair Collection Tactics, Rude, Illegal? Tifton Georgia
Hi, I'm Theresa from Tifton, GA. In desperate times I took out a small loan at Titlemax for 1300.00 on my car title. For over a year I have made payments of 140.00 or more and they say I still owe them nearly 1400.00. I believe this must be illegal and unfair and need to know if there is any way I can get back my title legally. A couple payments have been late, but they have received them and charged late charges. I am now sick and cannot work and my husband's income is the only income we have in the home. We are really struggling to pay our bills and I am in fear of losing my vehicle. These people will call my family members and harrass them when they cannot reach me after I have asked them to please not call my family. They don't care. I was told by a friend that Titlemax was banned from the state of Florida for their illegal tactics. Does anyone know where I can find out if this is true? And can anyone tell me if I have any legal recourse? Thanks, Theresa Trese Tifton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tifton, Georgia
33, Report #287368
Nov 28 2007
10:45 AM
Titlemax Of Bristol #1 over charged intrest Bristol Tennessee
i got $2.500 on 4/23/2007 made all payments up till 11/21/2007paid back almost all loan in payments then had to sell car just to make it on ssi check,when i paid off i still had to pay almost $2.275 Jeff blountville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bristol, Tennessee
34, Report #1002931
Jan 24 2013
07:55 PM
Titlemax Of TENNESSEE TMX Finance thieft of personal property from repossed vehicle Jackson, Tennessee
I got a title loan at Titlemax in Jackson TN. On 01/14/13 i had defaulted on the loan & it got repossed well i went to pay the loan off && retrieve my vehicle on 01/24/13. Upon checking my vehicle i noticed that my license plate & my GPS were missing from the vehicle & was told by the place where the vehicle was being stored that Titlemax had these items. I then called Titlemax & they had some trouble locating my GPs but after speaking with the person over at the lot where my vehicle had been sitting for 10 days they managed to find my GPS & License Plate i ran back over to titlemax & got those 2 items back. Upon further inspection of my vehicle i notice that several personal belongings such as music cd's, phone charger, tools, a pocket knife & my taser gun were all missing as well. So i called back to Titlemax & was told by the store manager that the license plate & GPS were the only things removed by them. I know that the above named items were in my vehicle at the time it was repossed. The value of the items that were removed/stolen from my vehicle is approximately $500. I know that my belongings were removed by someone who had the keys because they emptied out my cd player. I am very upset & angry that obviously some of the employees of this company thi.k they could steal personal property out of a repossed vehicle. I did recieve a letter from TitleMax on 01/16/13 telling me the details of what i had to pay to get my vehicle back, it was supposed to include a list of my personal belongings but there wasn't one in their. Titlemax in Jackson TN is the biggest ripoff of a company that i have ever seen.
Entity: Jackson, Tennessee
35, Report #1035286
Mar 16 2013
12:57 PM
Titlemax Title Max owner Jerry does not care about Georgia State Law!! Atlanta, Georgia
Title Max owner Jerry is attempting to break the law big time when it comes to AutoPawns.  The Law in the State of Georgia says that,...The customer has the right to settle any disputes when it comes to Auto Pawn dealerships....  I am unemployed at the moment with no income and have spoken with Title Max franchise owner Jerry whom is very aware of my situation.   I had a payment of $95.00 that was sent to Jerry in January 2013 but because the premiem was supposed to be $95.87, he held on to the check for that entire month!!  Jerry of TitleMax would not credit my payment because it was a mere 87cent short!!!   His workers called my phone, left messages, emails, texts and everything else because of 87 cents!!  This was the most redicuoulsy thing that I have every done(doing business with TitleMax).  Because of 87cents they called and harrassed me and threatened to return it.   The second month was February 2013.  The payment schedule clearly says to pay $94.50 but when I sent the $94.50 to him, he returned it stating that it was supposed to be $95.87?   Just a dollar and some change and he returned the entire money order.  This wasn't the beginning of it.  Now in March 2013, I am still unemployed and owner Jerry was informed way back in February 2013 that,..March would be a bad month for me because I still do not have a job..  I made an attempt to give Jerry $50.00 in cash to cover the month of March because I am in a Financial Hardship and just cannot afford to gim him $95.87.  Jerry of TitleMax(2015 N.Druid Hills Rd)stated,....No can't do it....if it ain't for the full amount than I am going to have to turn your account in for collection(of your car)..  What does he mean he can't do it?  No where in American can ANY car dealer or business FORCE money out of someone.  I never forced the loan from him?  No I didn't so all these crap about AutoPawn dealerships getting the Police involved is a bunch of crap and lies and is only designed to scare you and nothing more.  Just to scare you. No police officer in America is going to listen to these con-artists lying about someone not making a payment if that person is doing all they can to rectify the situation. Once again the law in the State of Georgia says,...The customer has a right to settle ANY disputes when it comes to these autopawn dealerships...  ...The customer and not the pawn broker...  If Jerry of Titlemax wanted to insure that he received his payments, well then he should KEEP these cars in exchange for the loan.   A title?  Anyone can sell a car without a title and he knows it.  A friend of mine had to sell his car to pay off one of these TitlePawns brokers.   I would never do such a thing but you never know in the face of intense pressure by TitleMax owner Jerry. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
36, Report #1205190
Jan 29 2015
06:26 AM
TitleMax Repossess a car without a lein and No Title. Kennesaw Georgia
I  had paid off my TitleMax Loan and received  a receipt proving that the lien had been removed and my title would be sent back to me from the state. I received my title back and assumed these crooks(TITLEMAX )were finally out of my life. Nor did I have to fear repossesion or harassment from their calls to my ederly mother or showing up to my property for unannounced visits. About 2 months later this low life appears at one of my references home attempting to place my vehicle on his tow truck. Luckily I stepped outside to inquire about his position there. He used profane language with me and attempted to run me over with his tow truck screaming at me to contact titlemax b/c his paperwork that I could not see showed him that my car was in repossesion status. I stood in front of his door so that he could not shut his tow truck door insisting on him to call the police. This man lied and called his company instead of the police to ask about my car and the status. He threats to my life and caused my family to fear there livelyhood. I could not even go inside of my home to get the paperwork to or my title from the state b/c he would have stolen my car to tow it to some random drug addicted junkyard.....Thank God my ederly mother came out of the house and called 911 to get the police to assist us. The police made him remove my car from his tow truck and explained to him that he had absolutely no right to repossess my vehicle. Especially b/c I showed them my receipt proving that the lien was removed and paid in full along with my car title that my state mailed back to me. The police allowed me to file a report against this man and explained to me that Title Max needed to be contacted b/c they were not handling there business professionally. I did so, & Marie Silva explained she did her job and that repossesion place dropped the ball and were not reading there emails or paperwork. I would not send my worst enemy to this company. TitleMax should be out of business and be against the law.
Entity: Kennesaw , Georgia
37, Report #1269105
Nov 19 2015
03:57 PM
Titlemax of Texas, Inc misinformed / spouse disabled Arlington Texas
 First and foremost my heart goes out too all people who have had the misfortune of dealing with individuals whom practice taking advantage of the helpless and needy myself and my spouse are living on one income at the present Point blank we are honest people my husband is recovering from having several strokes he would normally handle most of our business transactions at that time I was alone speaking with a manager He didn't explain too me How the whole process works the manager ask me how long did I think it would take me to pay the loan off I replied a year , needles to say he advised me that my payments would consist of 416.23 . Now we are paying 428. my husband ask me just recently when will this bill be paid off, we assumed 7-8 months when my husband spoke with a manager at the location which is no longer an employee we were advised that this loan was constructed on a 30 day loan when my husband spoke with the manager currently in position my husband expressed his dislike in a calm respectful manner and belive he surprised me the manager told my husband yes sir that's just the way it is.Currently my husband is trying to gather as much info as he can, because my husband feels that I was taken advantage of because I'm a female my husband did in fact ask the manager are there any other options or avenues we can take or pursue we were advised that either we pay the full balance within the 30th days or just keep making the 428 so far we are in the process of making our 5th payment but yet the 3641.36 remains it seems apparent that we will be throwing away money until hopefully we receive 3641.36 and that would be a miracle from the good Lord Christ , my husband doesn't even receive half of that balance we truly need help in this matter I would advise anyone too make sure you ask and fully understand what you are committing yourself too especially women , we are honest people not trying too cheat anyone but it's sad cause we and I'm sure others are being cheated done for now
Entity: Arlington, Texas
38, Report #1274041
Jul 19 2016
08:34 PM
Titlemax of Columbia Missouri Illegal Repossion Columbia Missouri
My name is Melissa Muse and I am a single mother of three children, one of which is disabled. Over the course of this past year I was diagnosed with Type 2 Bipolar Disorder, with hypo manic episodes, currently depressed. Along with osteoarthritis of the hip and lower back. With these two combined I have become disabled, so I currently live off a very tight budget.  With that said I needed to take a loan out and I was backed into a corner with taking out a title loan. I have become late and was sent out a Right to Cure letter, the letter had a payment deadline of December 8, 2015.  On December 1, 2015 I sent the payment requested in the letter via Western Union.  It has been a very crazy 2 weeks here in our household and didn’t even think about calling to make sure they got the payment.  I used my account number on the Western Union website and made my payment.  On December 12, 2015, I went to leave for the store to find my car gone.  Before calling the police I called the loan company, Titlemax of Columbia Missouri. They informed me that they needed to research my claim about my payment and stated that I needed to call them because they didn’t know I sent a payment in. I’ve used Western Union BillPay for a long time and have NEVER encountered an issue like this.  The company’s website states that they “conveniently accept” Western Union payments and nothing stating to call after I paid. They researched the issue and noted that I paid on the 1st.  They also told me because I didn’t call them they are keeping my car as a repossession. This car is our families’ livelihood, on top of taking myself to the doctors frequently I also need to transport my disabled son and my other three children to doctors’ appointments.  I don’t have immediate family here in Missouri and am very much alone with just my kids. I am disappointed that a company this size doesn’t have their payment options more organized. There is only ONE corporate office in this company and someone had to set up the Western Union account meaning that someone must also receive notification when monies are received. Everyone does, for one thing or another. I believe that my rights under the Missouri Statue 408.555.1 were violated, I paid the outstanding amount stated on the Right to Cure letter before the date given and they still repossessed my car.  When Titlemax was aware a payment had already been made to their company, my car should have been RETURNED. It’s 2 weeks before Christmas with addition, I have to transport my disabled son to Denver to meet up with his activate military father, who only sees his son 3 times a year.  I have NO idea how I am going to get to the airport now and have no way to purchase groceries or pick up medications at this point. Titlemax has left our family in a very horrible situation as well as broken the law. I need someone to help me fight this company since they feel they are above the law.
Entity: Columbia, Missouri
39, Report #582791
Mar 18 2010
09:52 PM
TITLEMAX OF SOUTH CAROLINA TITLEMAX OF COLUMBIA #5 1400 Charleston Hwy Lied Multiple Times Charge 3 tow Bills West Columbia, South Carolina
In August of 2009 my daughter aquired a title loan with Titlemax .Yes she got behind,I went in to make a payment for her,they refused to give me a receipt ,I refused to hand them cash until I had a receipt,finally I got the receipt.In Oct  I made another payment for her,due to being laid off she had no finances to make payment herself.Went through same ordeal with receipt.Nov.Dec.payments weren't made.I went in again IN Jan paid 2 payments at that time I was informed they would take no more payments on her loan,total amount owed was to be paid.Well they sent it to in house collections,March 11,at 11:30pm repo company picked up my daughters jeep.Repo driver informed my daughter she had 10 days from time they retrieved her jeep to get it back.Once again she had no funds to pay this company so I get up the amount the loan agent told her on the 12th of March she needed to get her jeep back.I go in on Tuesday March 16th to pay the loan off,I was then informed loan amount plus repo fee,I didn't have repo fee so I left had to borrow repo fee,I return today with repo fee and loan amount and was informed then,there was an additional towing fee from repo company to Titlemax impound yard,so all total 1016.00 now due,jumped from 639.81..then added the repo fee 250.00 then their tow bill to their lot which is an auction company in Leesville Sc.Mid State Auto Auction.that tow fee was 125.00.So I get the total sum up 1016.00,start to pay the manger Tim at this location,and I ask for the title he said of no I can't give that to you,your daughter has to be here in person or he can talk to her on the phone,well she had already informed him to give me the title seeing how she lives out of state.Then I ask where is the jeep he then tells me.I say well I will have to send my daughter money to come on the bus to get her jeep we will pick it up from the auction company he Tim said no we can't do that it has to be towed to their office so there is another tow bill.And yes we got into it.I said oh and there is another tow bill,he said of no I will pay that tow bill.I said how can i believe that,he jumped out of his chair and said I'm done with you,call me a lie someone else can deal with you.I said I'm not calling you a lie I'm just asking.He then said you don't believe me ,I said I don't know you from ADAM AND I believe my daughter,he laughed said you believe your daughter over me,I'm the one with the jeep.Oh my goodness that man is rude.So now what do I do?
Entity: West Columbia, South Carolina
40, Report #1164567
Jul 23 2014
11:49 PM
TitleMax TMX, TitleMax, TitleBucks, Etc Repossessed Car for $122.00 on a $350.00 Loan- Does Not Comply with laws-SCAM- !! Tucson Arizona
I have been a valued customer at TitleMax for approximately 5 years and estimate approximately 5-10 separate successful and  completed Auto Title Loan Transactions in my Customer File.   3-24-2014- I initiated a New Auto Title Loan with- 1996 Chrysler Town & Country LXI Van.  I requested 350.00 to meet my families current hardships and I needed a payment that I was able to pay.   They offered me $700.00,  I declined offer , and requested $350.00   FAILURES  by  LICENSEE,  AGENTS,  and REPRESENTATIVES to PROVIDE LEGIBLE LEGAL DOCUMENT of PLAN TO SELL PROPERTY LETTER,  after Repossession, and Unable to Provide ACCURATE INFORMATION regarding the Contracts Terms,  Definitions,  and Disclosures.  I received a letter postmarked 7/12 with intent to sell after 7/21 and the letter was printed and the left side of page is blank and more than 1/2 of the Legal Document is unable to view or  read legal details included due to letter was printed with a printer thats cartridge was out of ink and too light to read.     Failure of  Licensee' s Agents and Representatives  INABILITY to comprehend or explain Basic Legal Disclosures , Provisions, or Legal Terms in the  contract and how these terms impact or affect a  customers legal  rights?   (Representative  stated that customers do not have any rights once the contract is signed).    Failure  of Licensee to assess and review loan documents and utilize tools or resources available to analyze customers file and data in a FAIR or UNIFORM Manner in relation to personal information on file, including customers  transaction history before being  able to make a decision of this extreme consequence and implementing new and updated policies that had not been previously used and  failure to notify current and long time customers of POLICIES, CHANGES, and UPDATES that would REPLACE or OVERRIDE any PREVIOUS OPERATING PRACTICES in the similar format or review and update past transaction policies that were in place and normal  and PROCESSES that were replaced and were  no longer in EFFECT.     At the time of this loan transaction I was unaware there had been  changes in Management , Staff,  Procedures, and  Policies at this location.   I had always had a positive transaction history and excellent service received.    New Management Failed to Accurately Review and Assess Customers Files in a Good Faith and Honest Format and Failed to Notify previous customers that normal or regular operating and transaction policies for this location or companies policies and routine practices have changed or are no longer in effect.  The tow truck driver ignored our objections and requests to stop  and would not allow us to pay the bill in the morning and said that we would be able to pay them and get it back as soon as the morning.   Again he was informing us of the unethical tactics of TitleMax and how they repossess cars for sometimes 50.00 to 100.00 based on 1-2 missed payments.  He also stated that there is new Management in charge and the policies have changed and if the Managers  do not do their job  TitleMax will have them replaced immediately and they will be without a job.   The next morning  I called them back and explained the situation and requested different balances and totals to bring account current..    Money Received- $350.00   Amount Past Due if I would have paid 7/10 to bring Current   $122.00   Total Amount Owed to Pay Off-  $472.47   Repossession Fee-  $285.00   Minimum Amount to Redeem $561.18  (3 Month Payment + REPO FEE   Grand Total 7$747.00  Full Payoff Including REPO FEE   I learned that auto title loan companies operating in AZ since the PAYDAY loans were banned now offer Personal Loans and instead of pay stubs they use your direct deposit info from a 30 day transaction history from your bank account and the add a auto title or registration as an added form of securing the loan in case you default on your personal loan.      7/23/2014 we paid $747.00 in order to get the car out.  They were ready to sell it at auction and were not notifying us of the sale date or location, and they never reprinted the 1/2 blank Intent To Sell Property letter after I notified them of the problem and requested another one that was legible.          
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
41, Report #394266
Nov 23 2008
06:29 PM
Titlemax Of Valdosta repossed Vehicle with payment on the passenger seat. Money order address to them.. 5 day late Valdosta Georgia
Titlemax repossed my vehicle with the payment on the passenger seat addressed to them. ..I was told to pay the entire loan off in order to regain my vehicle.. I was only 5 days late. Once I redeemed my vehicle, Tilemax had a towing service delivery it to my house. When My vehicle arrive I was not home. but once I return the tires was flat.. one completely off the rim and Oil was leaking Eric valdosta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Valdosta, Georgia
42, Report #790719
Oct 19 2011
10:35 PM
Titlemax of Alabama d.b.a. titlebucks Horrible, crooked, misleading company. unethical interest rate. Huntsville, Alabama
First off, I want to say that I made the decision to get a title loan.  Nobody forced me to sign my name and agree to give my title as collateral for this loan.  With that being said, I do feel that I need to let others know that this Company, TitleMax of Huntsville ALabama, is nothing short of the Devil in disguise.  In April of 2011, Huntsville, AL( along with many other cities in the south) werre completely devastated by an outbreak of tornadoes.  Thousands of homes were lost, and many many lives were taken by these storms.  Huntsville has never seen this scale of destruction and were not prepared for the aftermath.  The entire city of Huntsville( hundreds of thousands) was in a total blackout for more thatn a week. I lost 2 weeks of income because every business was without power.  I needed  to make up that lost income so I heard  a friend say that he put his title up and received $1,000.00.  I found Title max in the phone book and was in their office within the hour.   Never was I told that my payment due  that I was told to pay once a month, only covered the Interest on my loan for the previous month.  In other words, my payment due every month according to TitleMax was $146.00, which $0.00 went toward my principal on my loan.  Ultimately it is my fault for not reading the fine print but I thought this company provided a service for those in need, while making a little profit for offering the service of a loan.  Instead I signed up for a lose lose deal.  I have been paying on my $1,000.00 loan since April 2011 and it is now October 2011 and was never told that I might want to try to pay on the principal to pay this off.  I happen to notice on my receipt that my Loan principal is still $977.00 after paying $730.00 in payments. So TitleMax has made $707.00 on me since April, and I still owe $977.00 on my loan...  HOW CAN this be legal people???      come on, I am almost afraid to walk in there now that I know what thieves and liars this company are.... I dont want to get struck by lightning or have to suffer Hells Fury just by unluckily being there at the wrong time( Because believe me, this company will pay for what they are doin.... God sees everything.. I just hope I have helped someone else not make the same mistake I have done.  God bless America and the hard working , honest men... Thank you  for taking the time to hear my story.  
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
43, Report #319555
Mar 20 2008
01:41 AM
Titlemax title max of sumter and region refuses to give me my title back for 6 months and occuring after pay off Sumter South Carolina
I paid my loan off in full 6 months ago and I still yet to receive my title contacted the ooffice on several occassions and was informed it was in the mail. Since I never recieved my title Icontacted the regional office where i was told that they had the wrong address and that i would be receiving it in a week well now its been another month and a half and i still yet to receive my title dont trust this company they do nothing but lie and if i dont receive it soon next step is contact a lawyer to receive it this has gone to far so dont take a chance they may never issue your title back to you. Also You pay alot more money than its worth I paid $120 on this loan for over a year and only borrowed $600 and still had to pay $400 to get my title back and yet still have not received it this is the truth i urge you to look away and not to ever use this company they will screw you. Ernest winston-salem, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Sumter, South Carolina
44, Report #258687
Jul 04 2007
02:58 PM
Titlemax repossed my auto after my paying back the $3000I borrowed +$1000. when I was waiting on a disabllity judgement ripoff Stone Mountain Georgia
In 1996 I was diagnosed with an illness, which I put into denial untill 2003. In Feb. 2003 I filed for disability, but didn't recieve a judgement until Feb. 2006. After liquidating all my assets I made a title loan with titlemax in Dec. 2003. I contuied to pay on that loan until Aug. 2005 with the help of family and friends and avoiding 3 foreclusures. In January 2005 I wrote to titlemax corparate office in Savannah explaining my situation and asking to negotiate the loan paid in full since the loan amount was $3000, the amount paid was $4000, but balance was still $3000. I had no respose from the corprate office nor local office at titlemax. After struggling to pay my creditors for 2 1/2 years I was forced to file bankruptcy in Oct. 2005 which included titlemax. In June 2006 I wrote another letter to the coraprate office of titlemax to explain my disability and fixed income. I also asked if the the account could be considered satisified since I have paid the amount I borrowed + $1000. Titlemax didn't respond until May 2007 with hasslng calls asking when I intended to pay the balance of the loan which I couldn't do. They repossed my auto on June 29th. I am physically and emotionally challenged but my therapist has encouraged me to fight which is what I'm doing. Mildred Stone Mountain , GeorgiaUnited States
Entity: Stone Mountain, Georgia
45, Report #1059354
Jun 15 2013
06:44 AM
titlemax always calling my job,cameby house,want me turn my car,in.when i told ihad been sick. birmingham Alabama
  always  calling  my  job.when  i  told    the  office  manger  i   was  out  work  on  sick  leave.  he  ask  was  any  thing.i  could do.  there   very  annoy  company 
Entity: birmingham, Alabama
46, Report #1039316
Mar 30 2013
12:59 PM
On November 2012 i took a loan out on my title with titlemax to get my kids Christmas gifts. I was paying on time and etc. never missed a payment. I knew i wasn't going to be in a bind for long so I decided to wait until my tax check arrived so i can pay my loan in full. So once i let them know that i will pay them later in the month past my due date and I was going to pay in full, Title max started charging me $50.00 a day late fees, and started harassing me plus tried to repo my car. In the end i was told that i owed them d**n near ten grand. I only borrowed three grand! So i read the contract and i noticed loopholes in their contract. I hired a lawyer. Here is why. In the contract of Title max they state you waive your right to sue them and take them to court and etc. BULLS**T!!!! It is your legal right to get yourself representation if you feel as if you are being violated period!!! Title max say that so they can legally f**k you over and etc. They want your car they never want your money. Title max give you money to put you deeper in debt. They know you have bills to pay and etc. They will take your car steal shit out of your car and sell it the next day.My lawyer saw more loopholes than what i read. I took a $2700.00 Cashiers Check addressed to Titlemax to my lawyer and he mailed off his letter with my check. TITLEMAX TURNED BITCH THEY TURNED WHITER THAN CASPER!! Ladies and Gentlemen Titlemax never want to go to court. They have a bad Rep!!! They lose over 85% of their cases filed against them. All Of a sudden they accepted my cashiers check and made sure my title is clean and free of liens. My attorney gave them fifteen business days to get my title back to me or we will sue that ass for all they have. So we on standby and what do you know. My title came back faster than they you run a mile.  I learned a true lesson. I went through so much hell with these folks i don't even ask my parents for money. NO ONE!! In reality yes these people are loan sharks. They lost more money fucking with me here is how? I moved somewhere new never giving them my address, I changed my number, And them tow truck drivers they kept sending to my old address costs them a thousand a trip. My neighbor said they came by five times. Plus i gave my references the heads up on what these people were trying to do. GET A LAWYER AND NEVER GO TO THE TITLE MAX OFFICE AGAIN IF YOU ARE GOING THROUGH A SIMILAR SITUATION. Let your Lawyer get your title back. Title max cannot contact you once you have a lawyer, If they do Contact your Lawyer ASAP!!! Title max tried to side swipe my lawyer and I when they got the letter and check. Stating and i quote We need you to come down without your lawyer to sign this settlement agreement. NEVER DO THAT!!!! Tell them to contact your lawyer. You will Get your title back faster than you know it. But have the full amount that YOU Think you owe not what THEY say you owe. With a lawyer and the full amount of money past the loan they gave you then its settled. Don't be a dumba** and pay two grand when they loaned you four!!! You lost already but when you have the amount they loaned you plus a few hundred over then its done! These people day is coming. They think we are all dummies and deadbeats and poor people that cant make it but when you show how vicious you are intellect wise you become a threat to them. You are dangerous to their pockets in the long run. If you cannot afford a lawyer Go to LEGAL SHIELD, or legal aid websites. Trust me when i tell you shit gets done. They said i owed them $8473.64 on a three thousand loan? Subtract that amount from $2700.00 that's how much i saved and that's how much they will never get from me. PROTECT YOUR SECOND MOST EXPENSIVE THING YOU EVER BROUGHT AS AN ADULT......YOUR CAR.
Entity: CHAMBLEE, Georgia
47, Report #1375541
May 26 2017
11:26 AM
TitleMax They came to my business and robbed my van and all equipment in it in the middle of the night. Plano Texas
Borrowed $600 and now they want $1271 to repay loan.  They are charging me 211.83% in interest. Then when I missed a payment, they came to my business without notice in the middle of the night like cowards and took my van.  I have been making payments for over a year now and the balance does not drop. These people are complete ripoffs!!!  I know there are other out there with same situation and I know we can bring a class action lawsuit and put these ripoff cowards out of business in Plano.  They don't belong here anyway.  They prey on innocent people and just keep charging outrageous interest.
Entity: Plano, Texas
48, Report #841590
Feb 19 2012
07:08 AM
titlemax theyll take your TITLE and rip you off to the MAX -titlemax oak ridge, Tennessee
    I went to Titlemax to get cash for my title,after reviewing information,going over paperwork & approval,titlemax offered me $500 for my mini van so I excepted it. While this was back in July of 2011,it is now february 2012 and I'am still paying on this loan,as I pay $83 every month on this loan and have been paying that amount since august of 2011.Which is a total of $492 on past,paid monthly payments.     As I contacted Titlemax to obatin my current pay-off balance they had informed me that it was $405.28. Therefore,after paying of this balance & adding the total of the past months payments,a $500 loan from titlemax 7 months later had actually cost me almost $900.00.      Another problem that I had with Titlemax was that they were very rude and disrespectful.When working with the loan agent she informed me that usually on a $800 loan,you end up paying $1,000 or within that nature. She was very friendly as I was just begining to work with them. As I later found out that when it was within a week of my monthly payment I would get texts messages & phone calls non-stop. If it was on the day my payment was due, they would try to contact me which seemed to be almost every hour on the hour.      I just learned my lesson and glad I was able to pay the loan off and not be bothered with that stress. Never again will I go to them or recomend them to anyone. This place does not need to be lending out loans and expectiing the world in return.They have a way of trying to make you feel as if they own you or they will heavily over charge on a loan.
Entity: oak ridge, Tennessee
49, Report #1185833
Oct 30 2014
11:03 AM
TitleMax of Texas TitleMax of Texas Approved my loan in one location for low interest rate then transferred me to another location that has a higher interest rate and was charged money to reapply for a loan again Austin Texas
In November 2013, I applied for a loan off my vehicle from TitleMax located on Burnet Road in Austin.  The people there were nice and were helpful in rescheduling my payments if needed due to my travel schedule.  All my payments were made on time and was advised that there were no penalties for early payoff.    In September 2014 I went into the Burnet office to make my payment and they told me that they couldn't take my money because they were transferring my account to TitleMax of Texas on Springdale Road in Austin.  They could call me to tell me that I had payments due in a day or two but not one person from this office called to tell me that they would no longer be servicing my loan.  This, from my home, is a 50 minute drive.  I was told that they didn't know why they had to move my account, that it had something to do with some new program that they are going to be implementing.  I asked about the new program and Lucia, General Manager of the Burnet location stated that she didn't really know that it has something to do with me having full insurance coverage on my car.   I asked what I needed to do to stay at their location that the other location was too far out of my way.  They said they can not help me that all loans are being transferred to this other location oiutside of Travis County lines.  I was told they would call the new location and let them know that I was coming over to make my payment the following morning and that all my documents would be transferred over there.    I get to the new location the next morning and NOBODY knew anything about me coming there.   They charged me $33.00 to file a new title transfer fee for the lien to change it to their name instead of the Burnet Road one.  I, had also been advised by the Burnett office that the Springdale Road location only charges you for the interest rate not taking your principal amount down at all, unless you pay over the amount and tell them it is to go to the principle.      Everything that is stated on the website and that I was told at the location on Burnet no longer applied to my loan EXCEPT for the Springdale location would honor the interest rate of that Burnet had given me of 3.9% -- as long as I am not late or I do not want to borrow more money off of the account that I had paid down.  At that point it would jump up to their rate ranging from 8.9 - 14.9%.  I spoke with 2 managers and 3 different agents while at the Springdale location, none could tell me why I was being moved except that they are outside Travis County lines where the other store is within city limits.   I am being ripped off by these people, I now notice on my paperwork that the Lender is Ivy Funding Company LLC with an address in Savannah, Georgia.  I asked for the district managers name and number of both Austin locations, both stated they would give their district manager my name and they would return the call that they aren't allowed to give out the number only their first names.  I called the 1-800 number for the home office in Savannah and asked to speak with a supervisor there and the man answering the phones stated that he would take my name and number and email it to a supervisor and they would call me back within 24 - 48 hours.  Are you kidding me?  You can't even call the home office and speak with a supervisor?    Today, on 10/30, after driving an hour to make my payment at the Springdale location (VERY INCONVENIENT), I decided to call the Burnet location and told them I wanted to know their loan process and interest rates because I had a jeep I would like to bring in and see if I can get a loan off of it.  Vanessa stated that I can bring it in with proof of income, drivers license and clear title and they could do my loan today.  I asked if it mattered if I had full insurance coverage or not on the vehicle, she stated it did not matter that they can do the loan today.  Do I want to make an appointment?  I said not just yet thank you.   Once arriving home (an hour later), I called the Burnet location again and spoke with Lucia, the General Manager, and told her I wanted to know why they had moved my loan if they were still doing loans there per Vanessa and I's conversation.  She stated that they are doing a new type of loan but it isn't in their system yet. (The same thing she told me two months earlier when she moved my loan to the much farther location on Springdale Road).  So, I told her that Vanessa had invited me in to do a loan on my Jeep stating what I needed to bring with me and that everything could be taken care of today.  Lucia states then that the Jeep would then be moved to the location on Springdale Road.  I said so, you are telling me that your location has done NO loans for 2 months?  For 2 months they have done no loans and they know nothing about this new program that they are being told they are going to start doing.  She said that is correct.    If that is correct, then why was I told to go in with my Jeep by Vanessa to do the loan today?  I asked for the district managers name and number.  She stated that they aren't allowed to give that info out - that she can take my name and number and have him call me.  I said no thanks, I have heard enough bull between the two stores and their lack of knowledge and inconsistency with the rules that are stated on the website -- that I was going to write my complaint letter with all the names and people I have spoken to from all 3 offices (the two in Austin and the home office in Georgia, to the Better Business Bureau of Texas and Georgia, the Texas Attorney General, the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner, the Internet Crime Complaint Center for fraudulant advertising, the Federal Trade Commission and some of the local television stations.    Then I found the Ripoff Report and decided I would write here as well.  I am going to write to anyone and everyone that will listen.  Hopefully, there will be more of you in the Austin area that will do the same. 
Entity: Austin, Texas
50, Report #1334339
Oct 21 2016
09:08 AM
Title max Titlemax Cairo Georgia
 I borrow money from title max and I'm just paying the intest they said, I'm paying almost 5000 for a 1500 loon. When I first got loan the date were due on 1st then went to 31, then when to 28 , sometime the 27th. They make me come in and sign another contact because they did let me now days was changed. They put my payment on another person account and told me they didn't get it. After three month past they fine there mistake, but I had to file a fault with money order company, they so messes.
Entity: Cairo, Georgia

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