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1, Report #1386289
Jul 17 2017
07:34 PM
TKG Media (The King's Game, Million Dollar Metwork, and Project Royalty) FRAUD!!! This company is defintely a fraud, despite how cool Greg seems. They will hit you with fine print add-on memberships that you don't want and then refuse to give you a refund later.  Los Angeles California
 FRAUD!!! This company is defintely a fraud, despite how cool Greg seems. They will hit you with fine print add-on memberships that you don't want and then refuse to give you a refund later. They then denied me access to the product I genuinely did want (that I paid for) by restricting my site access and then later blamed it on server error. They will find out shortly that the customer is always right as we boycott all TKG Media projects including The King's Game, Million Dollar Network, and Project Royalty. Customer service is also practically non-existent, they take forever to email you back, their servers are often down, and their customer service reps treat you like dirt when they do respond! Call or text the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau at 213-631-3600 to report them as a Fraud if you have problems with them! TKG headquarters are located at 5550 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles 90036. Feel free to use part ofthe following message that I sent to the BBB to describe your own experience with TKG Media: FRAUD Alert: TKG Media at 5550 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles 90036. Fine print add-on memberships and refusal to refund when contacted about it. Also, denial of access to site for products I legitimately paid for as a personal attempt to settle the score with me because I had some choice words for their scammer ways and lack of customer service. If possible please warn all major credit card companies to not accept business on behalf of TKG Media. You can visit The King's Game channel on Youtube to see that many other have posted public comments to Greg C. Greenway's videos claiming the fraudulent nature of TKG Media! Best, [Insert Name Here]. Also, call your credit card company's Fraud Department if you have any problems with TKG Media and ask that they no longer accept business on behalf of TKG Media. Thank you, together we can teach these scammers a lesson lol. Best, Gavin
Entity: Los Angeles, California
2, Report #1398468
Sep 07 2017
12:55 PM
TKG - The Kings Game Hidden Fraud Charges LA Internet
Purchased online ebook for $7. Had hidden membership charge of $97 per month. I told them to cancel and refund. They told me that I had to log on as a member to cancel subscription. I canceled my debit card.  TKG Media refused to refund charge.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1383585
Jul 06 2017
02:09 PM
TKG Media Hidden charges. Internet
Purchased online ebook for $7. Had hidden membership charge of $97 per month. I told them to cancel and refund. They told me that I had to log on as a member to cancel subscription. I canceled my debit card and my bank, First National Bank, let them take another $97 out of my account using my canceled debit card. My bank refused to refund either charge. TKG Media refused to refund either of the $97 charges. Visa claimed that both charges were legitimate, even the one on the canceled debit card. Visa sent me photos of web site I had never seen, claiming that I made those purchases from TKG Media on that site.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1411774
Nov 14 2017
06:51 AM
TKG Media / Greg C. Greenway I ordered one product, and later they tried to charge me for a more expensive product
I ordered the Text Message Cheat Sheet, which I paid for and did download. However, a few week later TKG tried twice to withdraw ZAR 1416.57 (probably the cost of the upgrade) from my account. Luckily I had used a virtual debit card (called VCpay) that had a low limit on it, so no funds were withdrawn.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1389553
Jul 31 2017
06:23 PM
TKG Media/ Greg C. Greenway This was the usual low price-to-get-your-card with a hidden charge later scam Los Angeles California
This is a typical scam that charges you a small fee to get your bank card and then rips you off with a hidden charge later because you were unaware of it because they hid some sort of cancel button. This has happened before so I am aware of this scam so the check box must have been hidden well. At least the first company that pulled this over on me refunded my money. I tried to email tkgmedia as soon as I noticed the charge I did not authorize but I got an email from Lily informing me that I am going to keep being billed until I find the cancel function on their site.  I immediately called my bank to cnacel the charge but they are only investigating it. As a result, my current bank card was canceled. I just had a new card sent to me and went through the hassle of changing my account information on  EVERYTHING. And I am still discovering forgotten accounts with the old card number. Now, thanks the person running TKG media, I get to do it all over again. Just to be safe from another ripoff charge of yours, I will have to close my account entirely and start a new one. What a way to absolutely piss me off.  Thanks TKG media for ripping me off! Have fun with that $97 dude. Dave Portland, OR
Entity: Los Angeles, California
6, Report #1398710
Sep 08 2017
11:34 AM
TKG MEDIA Calif. they,TKG MEDIA, did! charged $97.00 to my Visa card.  California
Have called them 4 or 5 times! annd left messages, have NOT heard back from them and may have texted them too . Have asked them What ! this $97 charge is, and NO! Answer since last week. I will! speak to my Lawyer about poss. Lawsuit to Refund my money. Have found out from research that this may be a Monthly Charge. This is Unacceptable! and Intolerable,Sirs! 5505 Wilshire dr. Calif.
Entity: CA
7, Report #833763
Feb 04 2012
06:15 AM
World Financial Metwork Bank- Victoria Secret Foe the past three months I have been trying to make a payment by phone, however, every time I speak with a representative I get nowhere. I tried on several attempts to make a payment and have been gi Payments for three months not submitted even with confirmation number.. Apo, Nationwide
For the past three monthsI have been getting the run around pertaining payments towards my Victoria Secret Card. Also, I have reecived numerous confirmations, however, when I speak to a customer service rep. They act as if I never made a schedules payment over the phone. Also the confirmations that I received were not logged into their computer. This is hindering my credit because I have made several attempts to pay the company on time, however, the company seems to not want their money for some odd reason and I will be the only one who suffers from this.
Entity: Apo, Nationwide
8, Report #10338
Jan 01 2002
12:00 AM
Home SHOPPING METWORK - C.R.S. is now going by C.C.S. THANK YOU -Keep up the good work
C.R.S. is now going by the name of C.C.S., the address is the same 61 W. Utah, Ste. 63, Las Vegas, NV. 89102. Thank You for having this info: I tried to look up C.C.S.SHOPPING NETWORK AND CAME UP WITH YOUR REPORT FIRST! THANK YOU Again-Keep up the good work-I'm glad you are here for the thousands of us that have been taken or just about taken from scam artist like this. Sincerely, Mrs. Otto burlington, wa
9, Report #1343857
Dec 20 2016
11:31 PM
TOP GAMES INC. Evony:The King's Return Spent over $2000 on buing in-game packages and the company just ripped med off and close the account with no reason Apia
Started playing their game Evony Mobile-The King's Return on my cellphone and with in a month I spent over $2000 to purchase in-game packs packs using google play store through my creditcard. The developer all of a sudden restricted my access to login without any reason and upon further inquiry they provided a fake excuse that I used a cloned credit card. I immediately contacted google play store and they provided the proof of all trasactions that were 100% legit and paid through my own credit card. The company targeted a few other players that were also spending a lot on in-game purchases and once you are denied access to your account you lose everything you have built including your army and your $1000s of dollars are goone. This scam was started by copmany targetting players with deep pockets in abid to have them spend more once their all army is gone by restricting access to their account. Evony has a history of scaming and ripoff players like this. Companies like these should be prosecuted and to escape legal consequences they always have a physcial address in some remote country that no one has every heared off. TOP GAMES INC. aka Evony Mobile-The King's Return,  THE RIPOFF!!!!!   Here is details of some of my transacions totalling $1800, which are not only 100% legit but also verified by google support...    Your Google Support Inquiry: Case ID [5-4614000015183]•Make Power Increase Faster! (Evony:The King's Return), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1341-2785-8623-09798, 12/13/16, Credit Card•Make Resource Gathering Faster! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1313-6133-8961-68937, 12/12/16, Credit Card•Kill More Monsters! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1346-5518-2077-84653, 12/11/16, Credit Card•Kill More Enemies! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1396-5422-4764-52758, 12/9/16, Credit Card•Kill More Enemies! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1334-4850-7164-80815, 12/8/16, Credit Card•Kill More Enemies! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1359-1249-7759-90617, 12/7/16, Credit Card•Make Resource Gathering Faster! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1301-1056-8775-57493, 12/6/16, Credit Card•Make Troops Training Faster! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1371-9678-8227-99439, 12/5/16, Credit Card•Kill More Monsters! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1394-4300-5707-43426, 12/4/16, Credit Card•Troop Train Super Sale! (Evony: Battle On), 26.99 CAD, GPA.1379-1190-5733-07309, 11/27/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 26.99 CAD, GPA.1386-0928-2233-42319, 11/27/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1337-8490-5750-92651, 11/27/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1365-2926-8952-59468, 11/27/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1347-0560-9011-24191, 11/26/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1327-9634-0326-39088, 11/26/16, Credit Card•Amazing Resources Package Has Arrived! (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1350-7333-0757-49295, 11/25/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 26.99 CAD, GPA.1380-2007-5843-65826, 11/25/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1343-5470-7745-46461, 11/25/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1308-8751-7123-96780, 11/25/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 27.99 CAD, GPA.1339-1592-7056-03746, 11/24/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1361-0791-1912-62338, 11/24/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1305-6016-9938-55378, 11/24/16, Credit Card•Kill More Enemies! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1353-0917-5164-72863, 11/23/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 27.99 CAD, GPA.1388-8482-1912-97436, 11/23/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1345-8820-6609-08964, 11/23/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1352-1367-2143-13049, 11/23/16, Credit Card•Make City Development Faster! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1308-3003-0663-62511, 11/22/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 27.99 CAD, GPA.1381-7750-4069-29236, 11/22/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1306-6292-2234-71522, 11/22/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1336-9919-1461-78569, 11/22/16, Credit Card•Make Resource Gathering Faster! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1361-6266-7068-34870, 11/21/16, Credit Card•Super Gems Deal! (Evony: Battle On), 27.99 CAD, GPA.1329-2278-5904-45987, 11/21/16, Credit Card•Super Gems Deal! (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1399-1880-4389-37409, 11/21/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 27.99 CAD, GPA.1347-3248-5046-82544, 11/21/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 13.99 CAD, GPA.1372-5023-3158-44300, 11/21/16, Credit Card•Thanksgiving Sale Is Here! (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1395-1078-3528-18852, 11/21/16, Credit Card•Make Troops Training Faster! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1361-6142-6207-20077, 11/20/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1330-8982-5729-11926, 11/15/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1339-6753-4061-76466, 11/14/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1394-4514-4751-80553, 11/13/16, Credit Card•Amazing Resources Package Has Arrived! (Evony: Battle On), 134.99 CAD, GPA.1387-5974-7987-66259, 11/12/16, Credit Card•Super Gems Deal! (Evony: Battle On), 134.99 CAD, GPA.1377-9748-6203-60456, 11/11/16, Credit Card•The Most Indispensable Food and Lumber Sale! (Evony: Battle On), 134.99 CAD, GPA.1340-3892-5882-62378, 11/9/16, Credit Card•Super Gems Deal! (Evony: Battle On), 134.99 CAD, GPA.1334-5972-9500-26006, 11/6/16, Credit Card•Amazing Resources Package Has Arrived! (Evony: Battle On), 134.99 CAD, GPA.1386-9880-3257-09065, 11/5/16, Credit Card•Super Halloween Sale (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 12.99 CAD, GPA.1361-7003-9665-41586, 11/1/16, Credit Card•Super Halloween Sale (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 12.99 CAD, GPA.1327-5166-1046-97910, 10/31/16, Credit Card•Super Halloween Sale (One Time Offer Everyday) (Evony: Battle On), 12.99 CAD, GPA.1396-7109-0493-70246, 10/30/16, Credit Card•The Ultimate Speedups Sale! (Evony: Battle On), 134.99 CAD, GPA.1367-3046-6876-16190, 10/29/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1359-8371-0855-15060, 10/27/16, Credit Card•Bounty Cave (Evony: Battle On), 26.99 CAD, GPA.1343-0502-2385-00636, 10/26/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1388-5289-8801-51124, 10/26/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1372-7621-8626-66248, 10/25/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1395-7714-5814-19430, 10/24/16, Credit Card•Amazing Resources Package Has Arrived! (Evony: Battle On), 134.99 CAD, GPA.1358-5759-9385-00277, 10/21/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1358-6041-7432-76860, 10/19/16, Credit Card•Super Gold Sale Is Here! (Evony: Battle On), 67.99 CAD, GPA.1371-0057-9749-95372, 10/17/16, Credit Card•Here Is All You Want! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1351-0076-8358-69629, 10/15/16, Credit Card•Hottest Gold Sale Has Arrived! (Evony: Battle On), 134.99 CAD, GPA.1306-4113-8245-68199, 10/14/16, Credit Card•Awesome General Enhancing Sale! (Evony: Battle On), 26.99 CAD, GPA.1314-6675-1969-85636, 10/14/16, Credit Card•Amazing Resources Package Has Arrived! (Evony: Battle On), 12.99 CAD, GPA.1366-4226-0652-50708, 10/12/16, Credit Card•Super Gems Deal! (Evony: Battle On), 6.49 CAD, GPA.1316-9174-5846-72884, 10/11/16, Credit Card
10, Report #1282078
Jan 24 2016
05:05 PM
King's Collective Not the job you apply for and paid below minimum wage. This job is a scam. Orlando Florida
This company is a pyramid scheme. They have MANY names. King's Collective and Movari Marketing are the two located in Orlando, but the company is a subsidiary of Smart Circle. The same scam is run all over the US in literally over a hundred offices all with different names that open and close regularly (SOME of the many names they go by include: Bear Claw Events, Revolution Management, Fortune Concepts, World Class Solutions, Prestigious Marketing and Management Group, Razor Sharp Marketing, Sky Incorporated, New Standard Management, Modern Marketing, New Vision Marketing, V.I.T.A.L. Marketing Solutions, Elite 10 Marketing, Trademark Marketing Group, Knight Arthur Promotions, Denver Presents, Colorado Promotional Group, Principal Marketing, Massive Dynamic Marketing Solutions, Del-Tex Elite Marketing, Skyline Marketing Group, Genesis Global Marketing, etc.) You can find these companies by googling the job description of any job posting King's Collective makes in quotes. You will find IDENTICAL job listings at hundreds of companies because Smart Circle recycles the job descriptions between the branches. The reason there are so many subsidiaries that do exactly the same thing with so many different names that open and close often is to avoid leaving a trail online of all the complaints they rack up. They all do the same job: try to get people to buy products nobody wants at a table at Sam's Club and Costco. The products themseleves range from average to poor quality, but none are actually decent products. I was assigned a product which I knew to be poor quality and felt terrible lying about how great it was to meet my sales goals.  The website is vague and just shows photos of young people doing broad business-type things and having fun. This is a red flag right there. It is impossible to tell from the website that the job is selling cheap products at Sam's club.  At the interview you will be told that you are Owner material and that they are promoting to management. You will be told that you can be making $75,000 within 6 months if you just work hard. Nobody makes that kind of money at this company, and you should never take a job where you are promised a position in a few months that is not the position you are interviewing for. They will tell you that they work with Fortune 500 companies which is another lie.  You will be sent to a Leadership Conference in Dallas where you will be given the kool aid in a cult-like reaffirmation that this job will make you rich. So much of this job is just buying into the brainwashing that you have potential for growth. Just about everyone is promoted immediately after being hired. This is deliberate so that they believe that they are moving up the ladder. No matter what position you apply for, you will be doing the exact same job. Public Relations Assistant? Selling products at Sam's Club. Event Coordinator? Selling products at Sam's Club. Marketing Assistant? Selling products at Sam's Club. Much of this job is driving. You will drive, on average, well over an hour just one way to get to the location for the day. Gas money alone and the damage you will do to your car doing that kind of travel is going to put you back substantially.   You will work 6 days a week, 13 hours a day standing on your feet, and be paid minimum wage. You will not be paid overtime. You will rarely sell enough to be paid commission. You will be paid $500.00 a week, which, for the hours you work is below minimum wage. I firmly believe Alexa Kino is a conwoman and ought to be investigated along with the rest of the management of Smart Circle and its many subsidiaries. 
Entity: Orlando, Florida
11, Report #623107
Jul 14 2010
11:32 AM
King's Creek Plantation Kings Creek King's Creek Plantation: Timeshare trap and scam Williamsburg, Virginia
 In Feb 2008 while vacationing in Williamsburg we were approached by a representative of Kings Creek Plantation. She offered us a $75 gift card if we came to their resort to view a 90 minute presentation. So naturally we said yes. We visited Kings Creek and thought that the place looked very nice; however we did not want to make any purchase. After a 3 hour presentation and after we said NO about 3 times the salesperson brought in her boss and the two of them agreed to lower the selling price and give us lot of gifts including gift cards and numerous free vacations. After all of the promises and all the pressure along with all the diagrams about how much money we would be saving on vacations, we decided to purchase the timeshare.  On our way out the door the salesperson gave us her personal cell phone number and assured us that she would mail us the trips and gift cards in the next couple of days. After leaving we never received any gift cards, and we only received one vacation that was far from free (it would have cost us $500 plus airfare). We called the salesperson and left numerous messages however we never received any sort of answer or return call. After approximately a year of paying on the timeshare I informed the company that I refused to make any more payment because I felt like they were not holding up their end of our agreement. The company then told me that none of the promises were in writing and that I had no case. The company then took the timeshare back and filed a motion in court to have my wages garnished for the maintenance fees. Over the past year I learned of several people who have experienced some of the same issues with Kings Creek.  I have also learned that over the past 4 years Kings Creek has been involved in over 700 garnishment proceedings. Predatory real estate lenders have found a new industry - the vacation / timeshare industry.
Entity: Williamsburg, Virginia
12, Report #949807
Oct 02 2012
01:11 PM
One King's Lane false advertising, product received totally different from that on the website Internet
I am so totally surprised that not more reports have been made against One Kings Lane.  Their website is spectacular.  The products are pictured very nicely and seem legit and on top of that, I've seen them advertised and/or mentioned on plenty of home decor blogs.  I stalked a lime green baroque mirror for months then finally gave in when it popped on on the website again.  It arrived on the estimated ship day (one month later) and I was SO dismayed when I opened the box.  The mirror was very light and had no weight at all.  The finish was a horrible pukey green and not a lime green as shown and advertised on the website.  It also looked as if the finish on the paint were hurried and that there were patches on the piece which weren't saturated enough.  The worst part is that it is a final sale.  How could an item which looks kinda/sorta but really nothing like what you represented be final sale?  The mirror looks jenky as h**l, I could've gotten something better, bigger, and more presentable at Home Goods.  So disappointed in One Kings Lane.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #907762
Jul 06 2012
02:45 PM
Jo Games Big Rebel Media LLC, Lazy Game, KH Media LLC Tricked me into signing up, giving credit card information, and donating a dollar. Wilmington, Delaware
-Spent time and effort signing up for something I didn't want -Tricked into giving credit card, email, and a username/password -Robbed of $1. I wanted to sign up for ARMA II free trial, a computer game.  I clicked a big button at the bottom that read, Sign Up Free Trial.  Turns out this was an advertisement that led me to Jo Games/ Lazy Game.   There was also a page that asked for a 1 dollar donation to Unicef.  I didn't want to donate, so I clicked the big button that said next.  Turns out I was supposed to click a small link at the bottom that read, Continue without donation.   So I was fooled twice.  Lesson: Be wary of big, fancy buttons. 
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
14, Report #217330
Dec 13 2006
11:50 PM
FreeLotto - PlasmaNet - Kevin J. Aronin FreeLotto, Lotto, Scam, Kevin J. Aronin, PlasmaNet, Inc., Grand Central Station, New York, Ripoff New York New York
I have just recieved an email as of (october 23/06) from this company: Kevin J. Aronin/PlasmaNet Inc./ This was the link provided in the email for me to use my credit card to purchase a subsciption to and for appropriate prize distrubution. obviously once I realized I had to enter my credit card number I knew something wasnt right. however the email is very convicing. Apparently it comes from sender (please reply before october 26/06) The subject is (Please Do NOT Delete - Important Account Information) It states very clearly that I have won 1 million dollars: Eligibility Requirement: Complete the Payment Directive Form on the following page. Upon submission of a winning entry in accordance with the rules of FreeLotto, it assures you that using the convenient F.A.S.T. service, [removed name] and only [removed name] will be paid $1 Million dollars in the Classic FreeLotto Game or any other cash that you shall be entitled to. Note that untimely response may result in forfeiture. Also, on the chart note that it states that I have active pending payouts, and the total of these payouts equal to $1,050,300 I have the email saved to my HDD, if anyone stumbles upon this email do not respond and definitally do not give them your money or credit information. I am wondering if there is any legal action that can be taken here, this email falsely claims that I have won 1 Million Dollars and even has my full name on it. It is signed by Kevin J. Aronin: Chairman & CEO. So what's the deal? This is still happening to people? Why hasn't this been stopped? Mike hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: New York, New York
15, Report #37306
Jun 04 2008
01:35 AM
PSS, Portable Systems Solutions, David Schultze ripoff cheat stole incompetent misled liar Phoenix Arizona
David Schultze contracted to perform networking services for us. Not only was he incapable of performing the services, but he has refused to return networking gear, a server, and software owned by us. Cole Scottsdale, Arizona
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
16, Report #1126240
Feb 24 2014
06:59 PM
Project Million Entertain Gerlad Demers, Robert Demers Failure to pay employees and harassmanet Sainte-Adele Quebec
As the following link will show, Project Million Entertainment (PME) is not to be trusted. I worked for them for 2 years and got a continuous string of empty promises, lack of payment and downright lies. They have ruined several people's lives and need to be dealt included is my
Entity: Sainte-Adele, Quebec
17, Report #359405
Aug 05 2008
11:01 AM
Team Beachbody Aka: Million Dollar Body &/or Product Partners, LLC Green Eggs and Ham? No! Says the Grinch! It is Scam I Am! San Diego California Internet
Placed an order in July 2008 with Team Beachbody; gave them my debit card # for three easy payments of $19.95 - that equal $59.85 for their product Hip Hop Abs workout DVD collection/package with all kinds of added extras thrown in if you ordered within the next 20 minutes kind-of-thing as a promotional offer if you buy now! I called the telephone # on the screed and placed my order. I was guaranteed it would ship in 5-7 business days;cost of S/H would be added to bill. Called back after 11 days passed;hadn't received it yet. I was told by the rep it was on backorder; they were waiting on some things. Okay, that's happened before; not unusually alarming so I accepted her excuse. 6 days after I talked to the rep I refer to above, I notice that a charge of $145.58 was pending against my checking account from Team Beachbody. Oh no ... this is not what I signed up for. What the heck was going on?! Needless to say, I was angry at their attempt to withdraw an amount that was nearly $70 more than I was supposed to pay even with S/H ... PLUS the promo package I purchased was being sold again at .... 3 easy payments of $19.95 -- this place was trying to not only take $70 more from me BUT also trying to take it all at once. Plus .. the product STILL wasn't here! I called Team Beachbody to ask What the heck is going on?! The rep told me he didn't know what happened. He said his system showed I placed an order on the 13th, the order was cancelled on the 30th [which I did not do], AND then it was reordered that same day (30th) only NOW as the Ultimate Package w/Full Pay up front. Oh no, I told him, this NEVER happened. I never called and cancelled anything much less reorder the upgraded version and agree to the more expensive price in one full payment! At this point, I told the man that I wanted my order - whatever it was he had in his system at that very moment - completely cancelled. I did not want his product nor did I trust their company; he assured me it must have been a system error and insisted I allow him to correct the situation. So, I did. It seemed all good at this point. He assured me the details were corrected and the following would now occur: $59.85 + $1.00 for a trial sample of some vitamin they offer [I had no problem paying an extra $1]; that comes to a total bill of $60.85 but I would have to pay S/H which would be added to my first installment payment. So the payment schedule was such: $36.92 would be the first payment against my debit card, a 2nd payment of $20.28, and a 3rd and last payment of $20.28. It seemed fixed at this point; or so I thought. Because Team Beachbody had pended the $145.85 against my checking account [when it wasn't supposed to in the first place], I had two checks that were charged a total fee of $68 to put them on hold until funds were deposited to cover them. The $145.58 Team Beachbody pended against my account was not cancelled soon enough and I was stuck with bank fees of $68 for something that should never have happened; my bank would not refund the fees even though the money for my checks were actually there because, at the moment those checks hit, Team Beachbody had pre-claimed $145.58 making funds short for my other checks. I called Team Beachbody to tell them they owe me the $68 my bank has charged me for their unwarranted and unauthorized attempt and pended posting to my account. Those checks should not have been put on hold and it was Team Beachbody's fault it happened; I wanted them to reimburse this bank fee. The supervisor I was referred to told me we don't reimburse overdraft fees ; I told him that's fine because I'm not asking for overdraft fees; I'm asking for holding fees that resulted becasue of your huge mistake. I was told he could not offer any recompense or reimbursement of the bank fees they caused. TeamBody has already pended their first payment against my account [again] and I still have not received the product after almost 5 weeks of having placed the original order. I informed the supervisor I wanted the order completely cancelled and he can keep their product; he told me it already shipped. Where is it then? I told him I wanted to return it if it ever got here; he proceeded to give me an RA # (return authorization) that I am to write on a piece of paper and put back in the box and ship it back to them - if I ever get it. I told the supervisor this was not the end; this was not going to go unresolved and somebody with the company better offer some resolution to the matter; he told me I needed to contact corporate and gave me a telephone # to call. So, I hung up and immediately called the # he gave me ... a number that was no good. I contacted my bank again; they suggested I contact the police and file a report of fraud; and they are making note of the company's practice in their own records for future monitoring of any transactions coming from Team Beachbody. Right now ... Team Beachbody's Hip Hop Abs has cost me $104.92 when it should have only cost me $59.85!! Anonymous St. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1247391
Aug 09 2015
03:18 PM
King's Moving and Storage Horrible job packing and they stole from us. junction city Kansas
I would like to say something good about this company. I had the utmost faith in them upon meeting the inspector that came first adn then the packers in Junction City. They seemed nice, professional and personable. Seemed... My Husband is in the Army So they were hired by the army to move us from Fort Riley Kansas to Fort Lewis in Washington. We were told that a crew of packers would come in the first day and it would take only a couple of hours since we had pre organized and had everything ready to go. Besides we did not have a lot of things compared to many moves. The inspector also told us that we would ahve the latest delivery date of the 7th of August. They packed us out on the 21st and 22nd of July. On the packing day two ladies showed up...2. I asked them if anyone else would be coming and they immediately told me oh yes they will have at least one more but likely two more come help. We walked them through everything showing them what to pack and what to leave alone, because they packed and loaded over the course of two days, we had to spend the night in the house after packing. We asked that they leave the televisions, cable (dish network equipment that we did not own) beds, a pile of things in the entryway of our home (my husbands laptop and his military clothing needed) and a certain closet and bathroom in the master bedroom where we were staging things that would come with us in our personal vehicle. As the day went on we kept having to go remind one of the packers to please not pack these items and pack everything else. I had to stop her and remove some of my medical equipment and my sons diaper bag and entire box of diapers myself. We thought it was taking an extraordinary amount of time to get what little we had to go packed. One packer upstairs and one downstairs. We were told several times the others should be here any time, so I did not call the company to complain yet. But what we were told would take only a couple hours turned into nearly an 8 hour day. We bought them lunch and drinks and were very courteous of their needs because they were there so long and frankly we felt sorry for them because their supervisor seemed to be leaving them high and dry for help. At the end of the day we went upstairs to do a walk through and to our dismay there was still a LOT of things unpacked! after 8 hours...! We were told oh don't worry this is how our company does it,the next crew tomorrow has to pack these types of things so we leave them. All of my sons outdoor play things were left all of my gardening equipment, None of the furniture was packed, Nothing in the garage was finished. It was a real mess.. I could not make sense at all of the order things were packed and left. They said again and again that it was the way it was done. So reluctantly we signed and hoped that the packers the next day could finish the job as we were on a time limit to be out of the house and relenquish it to base housing. After they left, we again started to walk through and go on with our evening trying to get our baby ready for bath and bed when we realized that the things we had asked to be left were packed, and the things we asked to be packed were left! They had packed our personal medications, our bathroom things (including our wet washcloth from the tub the toilet scrubber wrapped with the towel that was hanging in the master bathroom. They had packed all of the dish network equipment that we again did not own, left the tvs as requested but packed all the cords( I guess I had faield to feel the need to mention that cords should be left also)?? Packed all of the clothes that we asked to be left alone and left the clothes in another closet that we wanted packed. The first order of business was that we had to locate the dish network equipment.. we started opening boxes upstairs to find that otherwise we would have been charged for it. As we were opening boxes we were again flabbergasted at the packing or lack there of. There was no order whatsoever to the packing, the labeling on the outside was non existent and confusing at best. One box had nothing more than two small items with a ton of paper. So we had to open pretty much every box upstairs in order to find the equipment, and it was in a box labeled dog beds with a pillow wrapped in paper and other random items, we found a rubber tip off of a door stopper wrapped in paper lots of paper.... We were up until almost 1 am trying to locate just the cable equipment. We were just panicked, we had to then start to try to pull enough clothes out for ourselves and our baby to make the trip with. We then realized that they had not even bothered to really pack our clothes at all, they merely shoved them into our dressers, and put a piece of paper on top and closed the drawer. By the time were were done just finding clothes it was almost 3 am and we were overwhelmed and exhausted so we went to sleep, knowing the second crew would come at 8. We woke the next morning at 6 to get ready for the movers to come again and help us straighten all the mess out. We called and left a complaint with the Army Liason that we were very concerned how it was going, we were not able to track our belongings. They had not identified which crate they packed our computers in nor any other sensative items. We also tried to put in a call to the moving company directly, buit got no answer, nor a machine (what company has no answering service I thought) When they arrived we explained that we had to open everything, and why and that there was so much left unpacked. They said that they first crew was in fact supposed to pack everything but not to worry they would get it done and sorted out. They seemed so sure that we felt like we didnt need to call teh comapy again because they would handle it all. So sets off the second day of a VERY long day of packing. Although this time there was a larger crew (6-7) there was also more work than I think they anticipated because of the poor packing the prior day. They began looking over the boxes so that we could re-close them. We were still looking for clothes and medications we needed to take even at this stage. There was just nothing to be done at this point but hope and pray that it was all going to be ok. At any rate the movers split up, one went to the garage, several went upstairs and yet others started loading what was packed. We went over again the do not disturb areas and did our best to follow and watch all the while cleaning the house as we had to turn it back into housing the next morning very early. We again bought this crew lunch as they were there longer than anticipated. At close to the end of the loading my husband made the comment that his laptop bag was not there where he left it, nor were his uniforms We asked what had happened and we were told a box that the original laptop box (1500.00 dollar alienware) was closed and laptop was written actoss the security box tape so it was in there because that was policy for packing a high value item. It had been loaded and was not able to be located as almost all the crates on the truck were hammered shut at this point. But assured us it was indeed on the truck and was indeed intact. I was worried of course but there was nothing I could do besides take their word. And they again seemed so nice and honest. Finally at 3 o clock in the afternoon they were close to being done I had given lots of things away to them that I could not take with me because they had a van there with the moving truck they were placing items in there that I had given them. We were pretty mad at this point because there were STILL items left that I had wanted to take (my water hose adn gardening tools among other things) they left paper and boxes in my garage, carpet protector plastic in my livingroom that had to be disposed of, boxes in my upstairs closet and still packing paper in another bedroom. We spent the remainder of that evening cleaning the house and disposing of their trash at 7 pm we were again exhausted and we left on our way to the hotel. the next morning We quickly finished the task of cleaning the house and at this point were WAY behind schedule, and honestly did not have time to think about what had happened. We had a very long trip ahead and had to get moving.Fast forward to Washington. We were called by a company rep who informed us that it would be at least the 14th before they could get to our things. We protested because we were living in the house with nothing because we had been told the 7th was the latest possible date for delivery. She was very nice but un waivering in her timeline, said that they were just overbooked and too busy to get it there as promised. We went out and rented 2 beds and a couch that very day(the 5th). Costing us over 100 dollars because she assured us nothing could be done before the 14th. The very next afternoon (the 6th) Another lady called and asked if we could take delivery early on the 7th with confusion but elation I agreed because we wanted our things but was now out the 100 dollars for the furniture. The next morning they arrived. The unloaders were very nice guys. They were almost appologetic about what they were seeing unpacking things. Things were unlabled, mislabled, missing. My couch was clearly dropped or packed badly and has a broken board inside visibly poking out from the back of the couch, my king bed footboard is cracked and lost the varnish on two places the size of a dime, my office chair has a hole in the leather on the back. and worst of all my husbands laptop is not here!! We unpacked every single box to make sure. The original laptop box did indeed arrive with the tape on and laptop written in, the only problem is the box is empty. My husbands laptop, carrying bag, 80 dolalr gaming mouse are all missing, Along with my steam carpet cleaner and a few other minor things. Several boxes were crushed and damaged and other minor things like my sentsy warmers were broken. You can almost expect that sort of damage. but to steal intentionally??? Which is clearly what someone did. They took the laptop bag and taped up the box to make it seem it had been packed. We found Everything else that had been in that (do not disturb) pile, my husbands uniforms, the boots, the cable router, all packed into two boxes the laptop bag missing laptop inside. I am livid and heartbroken to say the least. We have so many valuable things on that computer, pictures of our sons birth, life. Videos of the same. Pictures of his deployments, his military records all scanned in. . Irreplaceable things.. Not to mention the value of the laptop alone. And we have no idea who stole it weather it was the first or second crew. And call me partial but to do it to a soldier? Thats low. We were so nice to them all. and so generous. I have tried to call the company several times and again no answer I will keep trying as it was friday saturday and sunday I have been calling. Next call to the police department to report the theft. As for now Steer clear there is a theif at King's Moving and storage in Junction City. To be continued.............
Entity: junction city, Kansas
19, Report #1229828
May 17 2015
09:05 PM
Christian Edwards - Million Dollar Challenge, William Bober Held a live webinar that was the same two days in a row completely misrepresenting that they were showing their system at work live, and selecting participants to get a free account. Internet
 The individual Christian Edwards and/or William Bober claim to offer a live webinar about how to make money like the big investors on Wall St. by offering their software free and demonstrating how it works live. They had a webinar two days in a row I attended and they were Exactly The Same, it's a recording. They claim they will start an account live and prove it works all while you watch and they won't ask for a penny which at the end is not true. They require you to subscribe to a 14.99/month hosting fee to use the free software. They also claim that the account they grew from $250USD to $18,500 will be given away to the first who purchased their hosting. As I noted it is a Recorded talk with Michael Bell in Chicago being an example of an attendee who is really digging this webinar and private messages his login info for them to grow live as well. There's a person from Australia too who messages in and the host comments that he's heard it's really beautiful there. They do have a backend group answering private messages with mostly canned answers- did you follow the link? Did you find the account? Just follow the instructions and fund the account. They keep stating that the attendees are depositing $250 when the minimum deposit is $500USD. This is a recording, I kept screenshots of the binary option group Ivory Options when they show Opti Options as the trader being used live. They keep claiming that the group is limited to 20 and I had two computers logged in separately and quit and rejoined with nearly a thousand participants waiting and if you're stupid enough to log out you would lose your spot. I got right back in using different credentials. This is a recording that's claiming to be live, no mention of the date, no dialogue that changes and I attended two each a day apart with NO change. Bait and Switch, yes. Live webinar, no. Beware as they try and have you fund an offshore account with a credit card. They even mention that if your card perceived this as fraudulent to call and tell them to let the transaction go through. Be careful, it appears to be one thing and is totally not what is mentioned. If successful you would spend a minimum of 514.99 and agree to recurring 14.99/month. Good luck turning that off. Only communication is through chat or Again Be Careful It is Not Live!!
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1289822
Feb 24 2016
07:12 PM
Entity: Sicklerville , New Jersey
21, Report #1005179
Jan 28 2013
09:27 PM
One King's Lane Don't Walk Away, but Run From This Crime on the Internet san francisco, California
Purchased over the internet, from One King's Lane, a reproduction of a painting for $590.00.  Reproduction was 36 by 36,framed with glass covering.  Item was shipped in a box.  I opened the top of the box, lifted the painting 2 feet out of the box and then slid it back in.  The frame was extremely cheap.  The glass or plexiglass, painting and thin cardboard backing were out of the frame in areas.  There was no rear sealing to the painting. The glass/plexiglass, painting and backing combinded were approximately 1/8'' in total thickness.  Quality of the painting itself was blurry with washed out coloring. You would be better off buying a watch from a guy on a street corner.  Beware!  Tell your friends.  ONE SUCKER'S LANE
Entity: san francisco, California
22, Report #1207245
Feb 06 2015
03:19 PM
King's First Stop Auto brags about how great they are, how they put the customer first & how trustworthy they are but my experience disproves all their self inflated diatribe.  This business has somehow managed to stay in business for 33 years, probably the father of the current owner Brian King started it.  They manipulate all the real reviews on other sites like Yelp so the real King's way of business is never exposed.  My experience with this Rip-Off shop completely fufiulls the warnings I recveived as a cjild growing up about Unethical aauto repair shops. I originally went to King's concerning issues of my car stalling & not starting after stalling.  I left my car with them in mid Oct. 2014, it was there for approximately 2 weeks.  When I left it with them I spoke with the owner's son Cody King & he stateed that they would do a Comprehensive Diagnosis on my car to locate the exact problem.   I received a phone call from Cody King who stated it was the fuel pump & throttle sensor.  I had replaced the fuel pump not even 8 months earlier, but believed him because of his so called Comprehensive Diagnoosis they did.  I asked Cody King if this would definately fix the problem & he answered yes. So going off of their so called Honest word I agreed to the repairs. I go in to King's First Stop Auto to pick up my car with a new Throttle Sensor & new Fuel Pump as Cody King stated would fix my car.  As I was making the final payment with Cody King I asked the owwner Brian Kinbg if this had fixed the problem & was my car ready to go?  Brian King stated Yes and it fixed my vehicle as they had stated.  I took my car because I had several errands to get done in Layton & surrounding cities.  I had the car for less than 1 hour, 45 minutes to be exact, before the exact same issues I took the car in to get repaired for.  I contacted Brian King via my cell phone & informed him that the exact same issues had started again.  Brian King stated We will take care of you and sent a tow truck to pick me/car up to take back to King's. After arriving back at King's First Stop Auto I was ignored by Brian King (owner) & Cody King(owner's son for 20 minutes before they acknowledged I was back.  They took so long the tow truck driver left & put the invoice along with my keys on their counter.  I had several important errands I had to do this day, which I fully informed Brian King of when I picked the car up.  When Brian King finallly found time to acknowledge me stated I don't have time to look at it right now, but we will take care of you.  Brian King then states I will call you later today to let you know what is going on.  Brian King never called me back as stated on this day nor offered a loaner car like so many other repair shops do.  I ended up having to pay $47.00 for a taxi to run my around Layton for some of my impoirtant errands.  I had to cancel everything outside the Layton area because of this.  Brian King never called me back for over 4 days and I had to initiate a call to get ahold of him.  So once again I was without any transportation, missing very important doctors appointments with no communication from  Brian King who stated my car was fixed.  I was out of a car at this point for almost 3 weeks, out the almost $500.00 I paid King's for a service they did not provide as stated. Keep in mind that Cody King stated that during the two weeks they had my car a Comprehensive Diagnosis would be done to find the exact problem.  The only things that they stated were found were the Fuel Pump & Throttle Sensor.  Which Brian King & Cody King both stated fixed the problem & my car was ready to go.  When I finally got hold of King's I got Cody on the phone, this is after no contact as promised fronm Brian King (owner.  Now Cody King was stating that all the plugs & wires had to b repaced at the tune of another $276.00.  On another call with Brian King after the call with Cody King I was told now I had to replace all of the fuel injectors.  At this point I have been without a car for over a month & a half missing very important Drs appointments. When I finally got fed up with their Rip Off tactics I went to Kings to pick up my car.  To my surprise when I tried to take my car I discovered how they truly treat their customers cars in an unsecured lot.  My car would not start because the battery was dead, after jumping the battery the car would not start in the P position which it did before King's got their unethical hands on it.  The starter switch had been broken by the great mechanics at King's First Stop Auto and had to be styarted in the N position.  My car ran worse than it ever had as I drived it home from King's First Stopp Auto. After I took my car to a reputable Auto Repair shop after King's I called Brian King to confront him about the condition of my vehicle.  Brian King took zero accountability for the unethical & disgusting way this situation had been handled by them.  Instead of Brian King taking accountability for the starter switch they had broken made nothing but excuses & ludicrous statements.  What is incredible is the real auto shop that repaired my car also found that the o2 sensor had been broken.  The shop I took my car to after King's correctly diagnosed & had my car running within 3 days. In closing King's All Auto is the Auto Repair Shop that we have all been warnbed about our whole lives.  The Unethical tactics & lack of honesty is unbelievable at this shop.  If there is a shop to avoid like the plague then King's First Stop Auto is that shop. 
Entity: Layton, Utah
23, Report #1324274
Aug 24 2016
06:07 AM
Social Point Media They are the makers of Monsters - the online game. Monster video game has ripped me off $250 and won't fix my game on my phone or computer. 08018 Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
I began playing a game named  Monsters by Social Point Media.  I played it on my computer and phone for many years.  I spent more than $250 on in game and specials.  The game stopped working on both my phone and my computer.  I sent dozen of screen shots and contacted them dozens of times asking them to fix my game or refund my money.  I have been contacting them for 3 months and have niot responded.  I've sent my name, email address, Facebook ID number and all other information.  After dozens of tries they won't fix the game and they wont refund my money to my credit card.Karyn WGrand Rapids Michigan 
Entity: 08018 Barcelona , Other
24, Report #1386499
Jul 18 2017
03:30 PM
Entity: new york, New York
25, Report #1156335
Jun 20 2014
02:55 PM
Trial Update Superior Court : Jakubaitis, vs Padilla and Shirdel : 40 Million Dollar Complaint Here is a new update from the Superior Court  in the trial against Carlos Padilla the Garden Grove Resident who is accused of posting slanderous remarks on the Internet against an Orange County Couple namly the Jakubaitis Family who were forced into Bankruptcy one right after the other and the demise of the public company WECS; that Jakubaitis started and apparently was the first one to bring about the concept. Padilla and his attorney Arash Shirdel are acused of conspiracy Slander Per Se, Fraud on The Courts among other issues.  In spite of what Padilla tried to do It seems that the court found that the 40 Million Dollar Suit against the pair has merit. The law suit has attached exhibits to it that apparently link Padilla and Shirdel his attorney to a company located in Las Vegas, (interestingly enough a duplicate company formed) after Padilla was fired for lying et-al according to the complaint. Padilla seemingly attempted two moves; First he filed a motion to quash and selected a hearing date one year out as a typical tactic that has worked in the past by attorneys : (Padilla told the clerk he was going to be out of the country, when he filed it but he keeps showing up weekly filing, motions  and today as he was out of the country he filed a notice that Jakubaitis was in Bankruptcy. However, we searched the Federal Court System Records and found that Jakubaitis did file Bankruptcy however he originally listed the potential law suit against Padilla in his schedules and was discharged as a no asett Bankruptcy by the trustee.  The trustee abandon the case, so what Padilla is trying to say is anyone's guess. Seems hes not a forgive and forget Christian and is harboring some kind of malice toward Jakubitis.  That being said the Court Found that Jakubaitis Prevailed and set the jury trial for January 2015. Jakubaitis was not available for comment. We tried but to no avail, and Padilla since he is out of the country :) (the Judge did not buy it) and knew it was a stall tactic whe he heard it.. So here we go folks on to the discovery stage I hope this guy carries insurance ( his lawyer) because even if jakubaitis wins 5 Million, Padilla is going to be hard pressed with his few property holdings to pay ou and the suit that Padilla brought against Jakubaitis three years ago, man that file is full of 10,000 trees and more drama that television hasl;;; see Arash Shirdel a legend in his own mind apparently....his is not going to go easy lets see what happens...   George Aspergis
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