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1, Report #326908
Apr 17 2008
06:33 PM
Peter Anson, CSmith, Richard E Todd check fraud 454 Farmington Ave Bristol Connecticut
United Electric Contros Co 180 Dexter Ave Po Box 9143 Watertown, Ma 02471-9143 Ias well Citizens Bank of Rhonde island whom ever answerd a add to buy a produce( Drum Bass) from us and sent a worthless ckeck. Vernon north fort myers,, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: 454 Farmington Ave Bristol, Connecticut
2, Report #1402812
Sep 27 2017
07:29 PM
Todd Bristol Frances Bristol Interactive Entertainment DJs and Events,Casino Parties and Game Shows Refuses to Refund Deposit Money Despite of Court Order Mesa Arizona
September 27 2017I do not endorse anyone do any business with Todd Bristol nor Frances Bristol, in entertainment, employment or otherwise. I did and I regret daily doing so. I strongly recommend you find someone else. He did at the time of dispute have the signature block:Todd BristolInteractive Entertainment DJs and Events,Casino Parties and Game Shows.Mesa, Arizona480-755-4200Consumers have a right to know the practices of businesses that take their money. This is about my one and only dealing with Bristol. Four attorneys I talked to have stated announcements like this is legal.Bristol promised to deliver a product, hid important derogatory facts, took my money, changed sales conditions, refused to deliver any product, and refuses to this day to return my court-ordered refund money. He threatened me with legal action when I asked for my money back.  Everyone reading this has their own words for this behavior. Apply your own phrases as you see fit.In summary:  In July 2015, I flew round trip and gave $3,000 to Todd Bristol as down payment for his agreement to deliver a small experimental airplane to me he advertised for sale. I would have the balance of $22,000 in a bank-controlled escrow account waiting for him per compliance with Arizona law at his bank chain upon delivery.The airplane had major faults not revealed at the time to me.  FAA rules prohibited it from flying at the time for safety reasons. He stated log books existed.  He never displayed either of two books to me. Airplanes MUST have log books. Without log books, any so-called airplane is worth little more than scrap value. This airplane had to fly else I would not accept it. He kept stating he would deliver log books.A few days later, after taking money, he changed sales terms and demanded full payment of money up front. On top of that, I had to drive 900 miles one-way to there to get it. I steadfastly disagreed to that condition. He had to deliver (i.e., prove the airplane could fly by flying it to me). He refused to deliver. I canceled the deal and asked for my $3,000 back. He refused refunding and stated I forfeited the money.He still refuses to this day to return my $3,000 back to me even after my multiple urgings to him to do so and after my attorney demanded he do so. Nobody I know forfeits $3,000 without a clearly stated contract. I refused to take his inoperable product and he put his attitude into writing: A fool and his money are soon parted.I drove 900 miles one-way and sued in a small claims court in Mesa, AZ. On 4/27/2016 (a long time ago), the judge (hearing officer) ruled the defendant (Bristol) must return to the plaintiff (me) the $3,000 and pay court costs. This is a court ORDER, not a request. The operative words are must return.   By law, the judgment is due and payable immediately after the judgment is rendered in a small claims court.This was documented in Arizona small claims court case number CC2015197915 SC. This is a publicly available document. See at the bottom of this article how to read the entire court order.On 5/5/2016, I wrote an e-mail to Bristol, again urging him in a civil manner to comply with the court order. This is allowed by law. The case would be closed, this experience would be buried, and normal life can resume as it was. This was my last e-mail directed to Bristol.His reply on 5/18/2016, If I receive one more threat, or for that matter, anymore correspondence from you, I will contact the police and file extortion charges against you.  Those are his words, not mine. I laugh at his concept of thinking he can intimidate me to back off this case.  (He has asked the court to simply dismiss this case. The court will not dismiss this judgment. Interest accruing on the unpaid balance increases daily at four times the current bank savings account rate.)It became obvious to me even before winning the court order that Bristol knew how to make onerous collection laws work in his favor. I strongly suspect some unknown number of customers before me did not get what they paid for, tried collecting a refund, but found it easier to quit pursuit and take their loss after similar threats from him. I would like to hear from them. They are invited to contribute their words.I know of nobody who wants to deal with a businessman who takes a very large sum of money from trusting customers and then threatens them with legal charges when they demand a lawful refund because he failed to deliver anything.  Laws of Arizona allow civil correspondence demanding return of personal property. There has been no more correspondence outside court channels. He claims I am guilty of extortion, harassment, bullying, lies in court, and more in court documents. How, nobody knows.   My residence is 900 road miles from his. I believe the only reason for these words is to intimidate me to back off. I claim he is using distance to enforce his belief that I will give up and quit. I refuse to be a passive victim. It is not too late for him to make things right.To this date, I still have nothing to show for my loss of $3,000 plus additional thousands of dollars in other expenses trying to collect as allowed by Arizona law. The onerous Arizona collection laws and very incomplete instructions make it almost impossible for a victim to collect restitution.I find it incredible and unreasonable that anyone who can afford an airplane and the residence at the address on court documents will not return any relatively trivial refund that the court has ordered returned. I filed a request to place a lien against his residence with the Arizona Superior Court clerk. It is recorded in case number TJ2017-003907. Any effort to collect should never have gone this far as to file a request for a lien on his residence. I am not waiting 20 years or longer to collect.Had Bristol been honest up front and stated I will not deliver, I would have thanked him for his honesty and this whole mess would have never happened.Both Bristols' words are worthless to me. I will state to everyone they should go find some other business. There are many other honest businesses out there who will deliver goods and services for customer's money. Get smart about Arizona sales laws.I encourage use of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, and any other means, to broadcast the content of this message to contacts, friends, family, coworkers and anyone who may someday plan some kind of wedding, party, night out, etc. Have them relay the message to more contacts. And so on.  Bristol's bad reputation for dealing with trusting customers must be spread far and wide.If any reader contacts either Bristol, tell them that it is not too late to make things right. It will be less costly to them if they move sooner rather than later.If you read this and still deal with Bristol, who promised me to deliver a quality product with logbooks, took my money, changed sales terms to benefit only him, demanded full payment up front, refused to deliver anything, called this paying customer a fool, threatened to start legal action, and continues to defy a court order to make restitution, you get absolutely no sympathy from me for your loss. To see the court order:Go to site of Maricopa County Recorder:   Enter Last Name and   First Name   :  Bristol     ToddDocument Code dropdown list:     JUDGMENT-GENERAL TYPES INCLUDING CIVILPress  SEARCH  button   (returns results in a couple of minutes)Click on highlighted recording number  20160526950    Click on the highlighted Pages  count  “3”   to view the documents in PDF formatIf your network blocks .pdf documents, then go to a network that does not block them.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
3, Report #632924
Aug 18 2010
04:38 PM
Arcedia Direct Ltd , Bristol, mission based unlawful sales - Bristol, Nationwide
Arcedia Direct Ltd are a national marketing scheme which appear to hold a extremely reputable name in the business. Sadly, its false advertising, brainwashing and pushy/unlawful techniques of sale and job role contact revokes all promises and good names of the company. Following a simple based Multi-Level Marketing Scheme which is in use by thousands of companies throughout the UK (including Cobra Group companies) - Arcedia use self employement as a scape-goat for minimal wage. Though not always frowned upon in the UK, schemes such as Arcedia run them as pyramid systems despite continually denying this under questions or reports. Continuing on, as a ex-Arcedia employee - I am here to warn others about a sickening and unlawful company who exploit those who are in desperate need of work, are vunerable or gulliable to such false promises. I do not wish anyone to push there experiences with this company. The company bases staff and there promotional structure on the following:Stage 1: MerchandiserMerchandisers sell products for a basic commision rate and hold no responsility and are not on the management structure. You all start here despite the advert. Stage 2: Trainee ManagerTrainee Managers are exactly the same as Merchandiers - except they continually support and develop their own team of Merchandiers to allow them to join the management structure. Despite this sounding really promising - it has no financial bonus and it is your duty (as a self-employed induvidual) to support them aswell as yourself. Trainee Managers continue to work anywhere between 2-4 hours more than Merchandiers, and are continually pushed to get a positive attitude at all times. Stage 3: Crew ManagerCrew managers earn over-rides on there merchandiers or trainee managers sells. Though a small bonus, it generally adds up to nothing. You are now supporting everyone in your crew, including other trainee managers. You are now also now expected to partake in administration work and office skills without any bonus pay.Stage 4: Assistant ManagerI cannot comment on this -as I have never seen anyone reach such stage. They continually promote the situation and how many people have got there. Assistant Managers once again gain over-rides from everyone else in the office, aswell as earn more per sell. It is also suggested that Assistant Managers do NOT go sell products. I believe this to be incorrect as I have seen Office Managers selling at times. Stage 5: ManagerThe manager gets his own office, finanically supported by Richard Jellard. He earns continual and substantial over-rides on all sells made in his office. This is a legit position and you can easily see the earnings potential. However, getting to this position has rarely been proven. ------------------So what about sales? How? Arcedia Direct, like almost everyone other MLM - uses Door-to-Door sales as a effective marketing scheme. For sure -it works, but the singular effort for it to benefit yourself as a induvidual is painstaking. You will sell products/services/charitys for:Scottish Power - one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK.Dogs Trust - the biggest dog charity in the UKCLIC Sargent - the UKs biggest cancer support charity for children. Sounds great huh? Such good products. Your wrong. To begin with, there are three major pet hates for the entire UK in door to door sales - and you can most likely guess them. 1- Utilities2- Charities3- Windows and Home Improvements So how hard are these products to sell? You are expected to sell 2-3 products a day - though Bristol Office continually show a more realistic figuire of 1-2 per day. Though this still is a substantial wage - there would be times when even the best salesmen would return on nothing. For the average first week, new employees (or not really considering) earn 0 for a full weeks work. I have continually seen this despite quality of training. Myself included who I consider to have had the best trainee manager in the office. The average employee who has worked there from 1 month-1 year plus, makes a average of 1 sale per day. Despite what managers continually tell you, show you and brain wash you. Cancellations included - even these poor figuires can show.At the average cost per sale at 25 (according to client) - the average earnings for   6 day week = 225. Totalling a poor wage of: 4.60 - less than the average McDonalds wage. Rock on! ------------------------------Retaining there staff Brainwashing is key to Arcedia and its basis. Positive attitudes which are clearly fake are rolled around the entire office between trainers and managers - to boost company repouir and retain new guys. Big figuires, short periods of time in promotions and a friend environment are also brainwashing methods. You are taught to sell over IMPULSE and push for the sell at all times. Despite not particually being illegal - EnergySure and Charity Rep Councils advise to AVOID this method of selling. ------------------------------People who get door to door salesmen. IF THE PEOPLE ARE FROM THE FOLLOWING:Scottish PowerDogs Trust (except real charity raisers  -check rear of their ID)CLIC Sargent (same as above) Avoid temptation to sign up. Arcedia trains to sell and not to support customers and consumers. This is due to there Commision Only wage which forces staff to continually push for the sale in a dishonest manner. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Entity: Bristol, Nationwide
4, Report #101260
Jul 29 2004
06:21 PM
Bristol West ripoff Davie Florida
Bristol West is an insurance company that takes advantage of Florida drivers by making the person who is the victim in an accident pay 20 per cent of the cost or more to fix thier own vechile. They do this through an almost unknown law passed by the corrupt Florida legislators called Comparitive Negligence. If you are not hit in the rear, then you are also held responsible for the accident, even though you were totally in the right. This type of ripoff seems to be known by most insurance companies. Since the insurance companies line the pockets of the Legislators where can one turn for justice? Terry 32211, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Davie, Florida
5, Report #1109735
Dec 24 2013
09:06 PM
Jump Jump totally ripoff! Bristol Other
RIPOFF Jump; 22 Concorde Road, Patchway, Bristol Avon BS34 5TB; Best to get in early before it gets too busy as when it's full you'll be called out before the kids are probably ready to go. Also there are lots of darkened out of sight areas you cant actually see and when the older kids arrive, later on, they can be ,typically, rather dominant and inconsiderate of younger children. Most of the staff are extremely young and on one occasion I had cause to complain about an over exuberant male member of staff shaking equipment to make children fall and pushing/manhandling some down the slide , completely inappropriately. Some thought it was all part of the fun; others were terrified. He was spoken to by a senior member staff. Personally I would have sacked him. Have attended parties here and the staff who host them are usually great though the food leaves a little to be desired and the cafe area is over-priced. Hence all the signs directing you to eat their food rather than your own! Company Email Address:
Entity: Bristol , Other
6, Report #164194
Nov 11 2005
10:01 AM
Pennco Technical Institute Bristol PA ripoff Bristol Pennsylvania
Pennco Tech suckered me in in Febuary of 1999 when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and they knew it! I was looking for a career change and I wanted so much to get into computer programming and get out of the dead end job of security. I passed the tests and got in and was told I would receive a degree in computer programming. The degree was instead in Specialized business technology and may as well say SCOTT TISSUE, WIPE HERE on it! I was told the teachers would be licensed certified instructors who ended up being previous Pennco students who had just graduated a term or two before I came there and had no clue what they were doing let alone how to teach it! Our last term there, we wrote resumes under the instruction of career services. They told me to lie on my resume and tell employers that I had a degree in Computer Science. They sent me on a few interviews, all of which were jobs that were found in the newspaper and we were totally not qualified to do. The employers practically laughed us out of thier offices when we'd go to apply! The other jobs they were giving me were in no way in the field I was studying! They were mostly taken out of the local newspaper. That which we could have done ourselves instead of paying 15000 dollars to have a fake to for us! I finally got a job on my own at a telemarketing company that I later found out was where alot of Pennco grads worked. It was not in the programming field at all but when I went back to career services, I was told that I already had a job and they didn't need to help me! When I told them it wasn't in my field of study, I was told Yes it is! You're working on a computer! It does not matter if you are programming it or just looking at it! It is in your field!. I was doing data entry! Nowhere near computer programming! And in no way in the pay rate they were promising! When I graduated on July 15, 2000, there were only 4 of us left out of the original class of 24. None of us had the careers we were promised! I haven't seen or heard from all of one of my class but from what I know, all we were given was a garbage degree, emty promises and a debt that hasn't went down in 5 years of paying on it! I'm sure several of my classmates feel the same way! I wish we could get together and file a lawsuit or something! If enough people got together and filed a class action against them, it may stop further rip offs of young people and aduilts! At the time I enrolled in Pennco, I had a choice to go to either that school or the local community college. I chose Pennco thinking I was making a good choice and would get the same education in half the time! I WAS WRONG! If you have the same choice to make, go to the college and get a real education and a real degree! We're still mostly doing dead end jobs and not making anymore if not less then we were before we went! Kenny West Mifflin, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bristol, Pennsylvania
7, Report #287368
Nov 28 2007
10:45 AM
Titlemax Of Bristol #1 over charged intrest Bristol Tennessee
i got $2.500 on 4/23/2007 made all payments up till 11/21/2007paid back almost all loan in payments then had to sell car just to make it on ssi check,when i paid off i still had to pay almost $2.275 Jeff blountville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bristol, Tennessee
8, Report #473188
Jul 25 2009
01:05 AM
Jason Todd Preditor Irvine California
Donot trust this thing!!!!!! Taken advantage of STOCKTON, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
9, Report #1103428
Dec 01 2013
01:54 PM
Todd Bates Thief! Englewood, Colorado
 This guy is a thief.  I responded to an email hoping to improve my Real Estate business.  I paid for the shipping of his intro CD from my debit card from an account I keeep very little money in just so chumps like this can't explode it.  He called me, we had a conversation about his coaching service.  I asked him to send me more info about his services.  he next day he hit that account for $250 without authorization.  I went right directly to my bank and desputed it.  What an  F%^$# thief!   Brad Vancouver,WA
Entity: Englewood, , Colorado
10, Report #1318014
Jul 20 2016
05:34 PM
Todd Gaster hes a scammer Pennsylvania
Todd is a total scam artist.  I worked for him and he wouldn't even pay what I was owed for my services.  Be carefull with this guy, he's a joke.
11, Report #592213
Apr 12 2010
06:53 AM
The Bristol Language Centre Seonaid Birkett No payment to freelance designer, cut off all communication Bristol Internet
I was contracted to do a major update to The Bristol Language Centre's service brochure. After the initial project meeting, we ascertained it was a relatively large amount of design and copy changes, and I sent an estimate which was approved. As the days went by, Seonaid kept changing what she wanted done, and kept sending me last-minute urgent change requests during the final 3 days before the design was going to print.This took up a large amount of my time on other projects, and all of her changes were in addition to what had been initially outlined in the project description. I warned her that she would continue to incur further charges as long as this went on at my hourly rate, which she agreed to verbally over the phone.During subsequent phone calls, I quoted the amount she owed to-date, which she agreed to, and again warned her that her bill was creeping up. She said she wanted to continue because she needed to get it done within the deadline for print.When I sent her the final invoice, I did not hear anything back for 2 weeks. After 4 weeks I sent a kind email to remind her a payment was overdue, and to ask about how the design had come out after printing. I had no reply. 6 weeks after billing, I sent another more firm email reminding her payment was due and that she was going to incur late fees, and had no reply.I have not heard from her since, and she has not returned my voicemail messages, messages left at her desk, or email messages.
Entity: Bristol, Internet
12, Report #1088274
Sep 30 2013
08:58 AM
JOHN BRESNAHAN BRISTOL JOHN BRESNAHAN scam crook bristol john bresnahan charity charitywork inorg inresidence palma de mallorca BRISTOL Internet
John Bresnahan Bristol, does not pay his employees, ordered and delivered services. Bullies and threathenens his creditors.Some charitywork, moneylaundry etc. etc. Inbusiness with a well-known searched scammer called Mark Acklom aka Marc Ros Rodriguez. Director Overview John Bresnahan holds 13 current appointment, has resigned from 21 companies and held appointments at 1 dissolved companies. Registered Details Short name John Bresnahan Year of Birth: 1959 Director ID: 906972960 Registered Address Acres HoltValley Road Leigh WoodsBristolNorth SomersetBS8 3PZ  
Entity: BRISTOL, Internet
13, Report #73853
Dec 03 2003
08:09 AM
Bristol West Insurance ripoff Hollywood Florida
Was told by agent I would get a lower rate with Bristol West Insurance, but thats not so. Son away to school and was going to be charged for a service charge for those students in his doorm that was not going to drive his car. Thats crazy!!! I guess this means I would need to excluded the rest of the students in campus houseing as they all park and live at the same address. Thats in the thousdands. Well thtas not for me. And now I'm told that i've paid my deposit and my insurance was not to take effect for two weeks, but I may have to stop payment on my check to get my money back. Brett Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
14, Report #122374
Dec 11 2004
02:04 PM
Tim Marburger Dodge ripoff Bristol Tennessee
In July of this year I was involvd in car accident and went to Tim Marburger Dodge Body shop to get an estimate. I recieved the estimate and told the manager i would get back in touch with him if i decided to let him repair my car. I decided to get the vehicle fixed elsewhere. a week later i get a phone call from the body shop telling me that the parts were in for my car. (I never authorized the parts order).I told the body shop that i had never intended for them to fix my car and that i didnt need the parts. On October 27th of 2004 i was yet again involved in a accident. My car was towed to a wrecker service until we could decide who we wanted to fix our car, we went the next morning to the wrecker service to get the car towed to Bill Gatton to get it fixed, when we got there my car was gone, it had been towed (without my permission) to Tim Marburger Dodge, we went to the car dealership and found my car was there. We ask who had given them permission to tow my car there and they told us that it had been towed there by mistake. We decided to let them fix our car so that the insurance company that was taking care of the claim would not have to pay two tow bills. This is where my life of living hell started to take a turn for the worse. There were two insurance compainies involved in this particular claim (Mine and the guy responsible for the wreck). my insurance company told the office manager at Tim Marburer dodge that they were going to be handling the claim and all suppliments that would be involved in repairing my car and that the other insurance (Allstate) would be paying them back. The office manager acknowlded and understood what he was beeing told. after the claim was written up my insurance company informed me that they had a check in the mail to me in my name and Tim Marburgers name to cover the repair bill-minus my deductable (500) All state then sent me a 500 dollar check to cover the rest of the estimate. Once again the office manager was aware that I had the money. I went to the car lot on Halloween night to see if repairs had been started. What i found was my car unlocked with the keys in the door and the shop closed up for the night. I was very upset about this, so i took the keys out of my car and locked it up and left. I went back the next morning to let them know why i had taken the keys. The manager tried to cover by saying he was in the shop at the time and that he intended to lock it up. (which is strange because he never called me to let me know the keys were missing) I reluctantly gave him back the keys to fix the car. Two weeks went by and still the car had not been pulled in the shop to begin repairs (They said due to parts not comming in). I went back on November 8t and my car was now in the shop being repaird. I was told that the car would be ready on November 28th. November 28th came and gone, no car, no phone call. I went back up on December 3rd to find out what the issue was on my car and the manager of the body shop chewed me out about the confusssion of who was going to be paying for the repairs on my car. He stated that he had spoken with both insurance companies and told them when they got their act together as to who is paying for my repairs then they could give him a call. I jumped back and told the office manager that i had two checks in my posession right then and there to cover the repairs on my vehicle and if thats what he needed to fix my car that i would give them to him. He would not take them. I left the shop and went home and called both insurance compaines and both companies called him and told him that the money was there to fix the car. He then promiced them by the following week i would have my car (This was December 3rd. December 3rd came and went with no phone call. I had my insurance agent conference me in on a phone call to the dealer ship. The Manager told her that when my car came back from paint that they found that it was without brakes (The brakes were fine when they took the car in-in fact they were brand new). He then argued with my insurance agent again as to the fact he didnt know who was paying for the repairs on my car. She told him 3 times while we were on the phone that Met Life (My insurance company) was paying for all repairs. He then told her that all that was needed was the brakes put on and it would be ready to go on December 9th. My husband went to the car lot early that morning and found my car there, but with no bumper and no hood on it. To say the least we did not reive my car that day. I did not get it back until December 10th. I contacted the Manager of Tim Marburger Dodge and told him how upset i was at how i had been treated and the lengthy time it took them to repair my vehile. It was then that he told me it was due to the fact that the office manager delayed order on the my parts to my car because of the last time i came up and got an estimate (and didnt get it fixed there) and that they were stuck with the parts. The office manager knew good and well that he was going to be repairing my car because for one thing he had my car because it was undriveable and becasue he had been in contact with the insurance company and also because i had shown him the checks in advance. This was noting but an out and out payback for him getting stuck with parts the last time and also due to the fact he was wanting to get back at me for it. I told the Manager of Tim Marburger that i was also going to be seeking legal action again the body shop and Tim Marburger for the extensive time and neglegience on their part and that we would never buy nor recommend Tim Marburger Dodge to anyone ever agin. Their response, they stuck a Tim Marburger tag on the frount of my car before my husband came by to pick it up. Let me say this I have dealt with Tim Marburger Dodge for the past 15 years, buying 2 new cars and one used one. I exspected to be treated with a little more dignity and respect.. I thought wrong.... Please if you want to keep your dignity and car in tack never never never take it to Tim Marburger Dodge , because you do not matter to them in anyway Lisa Bristol, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bristol, Tennessee
15, Report #950891
Oct 04 2012
02:38 PM
Allegiant Air Prejudice towards disabled customers Bristol, Tennessee
It's absolutely revolting what they did to my mother she is 62 and disabled. We were there 45 mins before departure like it says for our ticket. There was no one at the boarding pass counter. We waited and waited and still no one showed up we waited for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then someone came by and told us she had been waiting aswell but said they were closed so we went to the security checkpoint and they guy told my mom she had to get her boarding pass, So we went back to the counter and still no one was there. And the plane was schedueled to take off at 2:20 PM and it was now like 2:10 PM well no one showed up until 2:30 PM the plane still had not taken off. So my mother went to get her boarding pass and the guy said he could'nt do anything about it. She didn't catch his name but im sure its on record who was working the counter at that time, But the man was horribly rude. So my mom wanted a refund and he stood there and told her she was out of her 200 dollars she paid for round trip to florida and back. It's so disgusting how they treat their customers,  they pretty much stole 200 dollars from us and were prejudice to my disabled mother. NEVER EVER EVER USE ALLEGIANT AIRLINES. My mom even called their office and they said there was nothing they could do. It would be different if we were late or did something wrong but we completely followed their guidelines and they just treated my mom like dirt and robbed us of 200 dollars its disgusting. We even had to drive 120 miles to get to this place. NEVER USE ALLEGIANT AIR they must be prejudice towards disabled people. BTW my mom walks slow and uses a cane most of the time but I doubt it took her 30 mins to get from point A to B like they were claiming saying she wasn't there on time.
Entity: Bristol, Tennessee
16, Report #89333
Apr 28 2004
10:24 AM
Bristol West Insurance ripoff Florida
I feel that they rip customers off every month by charging the customers a $12.00 installation fee for sending the customer out there bill which equates out to $144.00 a year for sending out a statement. Leeshaun 95758, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
17, Report #1218783
Mar 28 2015
09:37 AM
Bristol Who's Who Fraud Internet
I was directed to the Bristol Who's Who website saying I could apply for membership as a Distinguished Alumni of The University of Notre Dame. There was an interview process (which is all part of the scam) to let you lnow if you qualify for inclusion in this prestigious list. They put you on hold and then eventually come back live on the phone to tell you that you have been accepted and qualify for membership in this alleged prestigious group of Distinguished Alumni of the University of Notre Dame. They tell you about all the wonderful benefits your membership includes which involves basically getting your name out there on Google, Linked-In, Yahoo, and all kinds of sites where people will be able to see your inclusion in this select group and provide you with all kinds of opportunities to network and expand your business or professional career, etc.Meanwhile, what They don't tell you up front is the cost. that comes after you have been approved as a member of this select group that will help you in many, many ways including a press release about you that goes to all the major websites like Google & Yahoo & more specifically to professional networking websites like Linkedin, etc.The cost was close to $1,000 USD and I said great and gave them my credit card number which wasi mmediately charged. This was for a 5-year membership and all of the alleged benefits that went along with it. Well that was back in early February and just a couple of dsys ago I got another call from one of their representatives telling me they were getting my Press Release completed and that it would go out to all the major websites like Google, Yahoo, etc. HERE COMES THE SHOCKER- THEY INFORM ME THAT THIS WILL COST AN ADDITIONAL $795 ODOLLARS FOR THE PRESS RELEASE. I told them I couldn't afford that amountbof money and that I was never told that I would have to pay an additional penny on top of the $985 charge they hit me with for the 5-Year membership package. HERE COMES ANOTHER SHOCKER - WHEN I SAID THAT $795 WAS TOO MUCH AND I COULDN'T AFFORD IT, THEY IMMEDIATELY SAID THAT WELL, FOR TODAY I CAN KNOCK $350 OFF OF THE PRICE AND CHARGE ME ONLY  $350. I SAID NO AND THEN I BEGAN TO RESEARCH THIS COMPANY AND FOUND OUT THAT IT IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM. THERE ARE ARTICLES ABOUT THIS COMPANY'S SCAM OPERATION ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND I AM OUT CLOSE TO $1000. I E-MAILED THEM TODAY AND TOLD THEM I WANT AN IMMEDIATE REFUND OF EVERY PENNY THEY CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD AND I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM EVER AGAIN. THEY HAVE YET TO RESPOND. I CALLED THEIR HEADQUARTERS TODAY (SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2015) AND GOT AN ANSWERING SERVICE AND THEY SAID THEY WOULD PASS MY MESSAGE ABOUT BEING VICTIMIZED BY THIS SCAM ON TO A REPRESENTATIVE AND I WOULD RECEIVE A CALL BACK. WELL I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE A CALL AND I AM NOT HOLDING MY BREATH WAITING. SOMEONE HAS TO SHUT THIS FRAUDULENT SCAM OPERATION DOWN.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1393682
Aug 18 2017
07:02 AM
After paying half down,He has not answered any phone calls, or texts. ALL I WHAT IS A REFUND FOR ALL MONIES PAID TO THIS DISHONEST PERSON...DO NOT HIRE HIM ....SORRY I DID..
Entity: BRISTOL, Pennsylvania
19, Report #756519
May 12 2014
11:50 AM
Patience Bristol Jared E Shafer Patience Bristol killed my Aunt Las Vegas, Nevada
Patience Bristol killed my Aunt.  Aunt Betty lived in Nevada.  I lived in Kansas City.  The Nevada court said I couldn't take her because I was not a Nevada resident.  This was not right because Betty raised me after my mother was killed in an auto accident in 1968.  Patience Bristol became her guardian.  She put her ibnto a horrible place named Jump for Joy Care.  The place broke the law.  It was filthy.  The place smelled like no one  bathed.  I asked Patience to get Aunt Betty out, but she used a four letter word, which began with an F. Aunt Betty had money because she worked for the telephone company for 35 years and was a supervisor.  Betty died of nemonia and malnutrition.  Patience told me Betty changed her will leaving everything to Patience Bristol.  It wasn't a lot of money perhaps $200,000.  Patience said go live your life, let the big people handle things.  Patience said she believed I couldn't handle the money and she was doing me a favor by taking the money.  I'm disabled and can't afford an attorney.  Patience told me never to call her again.  I have read these reports about Patience and Mr. Shafer.  I'm just another person who they have harmed.  No one cares so I guess I don't care either.  I'm hard of hearing and it is time for me to move into a community home and forget about it all.  Good luck to you Patience. 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
20, Report #1226509
May 22 2015
01:06 PM
Todd Academy Sharon Todd Sharon Todd  RIPOFF REPORT WARNS OF PERCEIVED QUESTIONABLE CONTENT (((REDACTED))). Indianapolis Indiana
Editor’s Note:  We thank our users for considering Ripoff Report as a source for information and providing warnings to the general public.  That being said, sometimes, after a review of the text, our team will determined that the content filed by an author appears to be serious in nature and is therefore perceived to be questionable and, as such, the Report Posting is placed on hold for further investigations prior to publishing OR is otherwise flagged after publication and is placed into a Review Bin.  If and when Report Postings are flagged for these types of issues, especially when there are specific serious criminal allegations, we may, as we did here, try to follow up with the Author of the Posting to obtain more information.  Our Terms of Service require that information posted be truthful and not defamatory and we are in no position to determine what information is true or false; the author affirms the truth of a posting prior to posting.  We understand that allegations made by an author may very well be true, and we respect an author’s right to Free Speech, but in order for the information to be published once it has been flagged, or for the information to be later (((REDACTED))) once flagged after prior publication, Ripoff Report may ask the author to provide some form of explanation or documentation to support their position.  Depending on the circumstances, if the author fails to respond or timely provide adequate notification, at the sole discretion of Ripoff Report, the Report may be considered “incomplete” and may not be approved or may be (((REDACTED))) to remove the serious allegations or otherwise perceived questionable content from the Report and any Postings thereto that mention such information – more for the purposes of making sure the author is standing behind their Report as we are not a judge and jury to determine the accuracy of evidence.  Redactions below may be due to the author’s failure to adhere to our Terms of Service and/or because the author failed to timely respond with an appropriate response to our inquiry. CONSUMERS:  Proceed with Caution when reviewing and relying on the subject Report Posting(s) below as it MAY BE FALSE and/or MISLEADING.  It is highly encouraged that you conduct additional research, from credible sources, before making any determination on whether or not to do business with the named individual(s) or business(es). PLEASED TO SEE SUCH EFFORTS?  YOU CAN HELP RIPOFF REPORT COMBAT THESE TYPES OF ISSUES:  Ripoff Report, as resources allow, is working towards combatting Cyberharassment, Cyberstalking, Cyberbullying and/or other problems such as what is generically called “revenge posts” that can be riddled with personal commentary and/or allegations that can be serious.   Ripoff Report would love to be able to timely address each and every review request we receive, however, this takes resources.  If you think this is a worth-while endeavor, we encourage you to make a donation so that we can expand the resources that we can devote to this project.  You can make a non-tax deductible donation by visiting our “Donate to our Efforts” page and clicking on the PayPal icon near the bottom of the page.  The more resources we have, the more resources we can devote to this project and other forward thinking and positive initiatives like it. Thank you! ~ Ripoff Report Team NOW TO THE REPORT/POSTING(S) THAT HAS BEEN EDITORIALLY REDACTED:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sharon Todd is a (((REDACTED))). She was really nice to me (((REDACTED))).
Entity: Indianapolis , Indiana
21, Report #697275
Feb 18 2011
08:08 PM
espn3 Bristol, Connecticut will not fix there picture size and i heard them talking in background like didnt care with some one else and the picture size is in popcorn windows and see black lines on top and bottom in full screen only and most monitor is not a hd monitor on the computer so it need to be 4x3 and like this fixed in full screen mode thanks
Entity: Bristol, Connecticut
22, Report #305989
Feb 04 2008
12:44 PM False website Internet
I have been waiting for my boots to arrive and have been searching on the internet only to find that the website is fake. Ordered my uggs for my birthday in january and they have not arrived. I am now trying to get my money back from paypal. Kiran BristolUnited Kingdom
Entity: Bristol, Internet
23, Report #292495
Dec 18 2007
09:42 AM
Sears need proofreaders ! Bristol virginia
well it has happened again sears can't get the prices right ! trying to order tools for husband sears advertising an air tool combo for 12.88 won't sell it to me because somebody messed up the price it should have been about 300.00 well, fix it before you advertise it ! 2 hours of getting the run around from location to location and 800 numbers, they refused to sell the advertised price. this is not the first time, it seems to be a habit with sears in store and web site. they will not honor these errors at all. we spend thousands on tools and we are taking our business elsewhere. this is very bad business. i am sure it has happened to others, they should take some of that money and hire proofreaders to make sure these advertised prices are correct or else they should honor them. they seem to be a business of dishonest manner. give a price, get you in and tell you , sorry we are out on the sale day at opening (yeah right) or we are fixing the problem....fix it before you loose customers to other business'....come on sears get with it ! Tenerc Elizabethton, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Bristol, Virginia
24, Report #113347
Oct 17 2004
11:47 AM
Oakwood Homes Of Bristol, ripoff Poor business skills. Poor customer relations. Procrastination Bristol Virginia
Please do NOT make your next home, a home from Oakwoof of Bristol. The salespeople there are not interested in selling their product or helping any of their customers out. It took them nearky 4 months just to get the paperwork started. They are claiming due to the hurricane, mind you we are in Virginia (no hurricane here), they have been overloaded and can not get to building the home yet. We started the process before summer, so out modular would be built before the holidays. NOT happening! Whenever trying to contact this company, we get a runaround or no calls back. In other words, poor communication. I cancelled the build. I do not recommend them to anyone. Save your time and trouble and go elsewhere. Bob Bristol, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Bristol, Virginia
25, Report #1099154
Nov 13 2013
07:47 PM
Entity: Bristol , Pennsylvania

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