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1, Report #1357340
Feb 21 2017
07:39 AM
touch pay direct touch pay direct commissary for inmates I put money in my son's commissary and he did not receive it.....again! Glen Burnie Internet
Touch pay direct is the only way to put money on a loved ones commissary account while they are incarcerated. If they need a sweatshirt, a spoon, an aspirin, socks, underwear, more food....this is the only way they can purchase such items. I keep putting money on his account and keeps not receiving it. Very frustrating!!!!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1389222
Jul 30 2017
08:53 AM
touch pay direct they gave me this number 171960048050. they never gave my son his money Phoenix Arizona
on july 15th i sent my son some money using the touch pay services from my account they took the money off my card however it was not credited to his account. i dont like being ripped off for a service that the public can use. they also took there service fee for using there service. 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #229002
Jan 05 2007
09:12 PM
Direct Retail Advertisers One-Touch Can Opener, Laura Orchard Ripoff, Credit Card Scam Marlborough, Massachusetts
I ordered two One Touch Can Openers in October, 2006 and over the course of several weeks received seven of these plastic doodads. My credit card was charged in three separate orders for a total of $194.15! The staff of Direct Retail Advertising were incredibly rude when I called to make arrangements to return the five unordered gadgets and get a refund for them. The ill-tempered woman who took my call even said, You obviously intended to order seven can openers. The superisor, Laura Orchard, told me to return the five openers (at my expense!) and she would credit my card upon their receipt. The openers were returned by certified mail and the company signed for the openers on December 7, 2006. I have never received a credit and they won't return my phone calls. Most of the time don't even answer the phone. This is a ripoff and a scam! Do not do business with this company! Mary Williams, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Marlborough,, Massachusetts
4, Report #795208
Nov 04 2011
03:11 PM
Pepper Cash Direct Pay Pepper Cash Direct Internet
I got a payday loan from Pepper Cash Direct for $300, my pay back with finance charges was $370. On September 8th they took out 75.00 I assumed that this was the finance charge and that they were going to take the rest the following pay day. They took out 105.00 from my account for 4 pay days I thought they were just taking 105.00 per pay day until they reached the $370 that they were suppose to take out. As of November 3rd they have taken a total of 495.00 out of my account. I called them and they said that they were just taking the finance charges and that I still owed them $405. Of course I went ballastic and started using words I probably should not have used. REALLY they have gotten a total of $495 from me for a $300 payday loan and they still want me to pay them $300. Whatever you do, don't use Pepper Cash Direct Pay. No one ever told me that they would take finance charges until I called them back and asked them to take the full amount owed out of my account in one lump sum. I have delt with pay day companies before and never have I had an experience such as this. I think I will be going to court on this one because there is no way I am paying them an additional $405. This company does not clarify the way they do things and it is not right for them to do this to people. DONT USE PEPPER CASH!!
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #577172
Mar 03 2010
06:38 AM
Direct Finance Uk they taken money from my bank account now cant get in touch with them Internet, Nationwide
I applyed for a loan with Direct Finance Uk over 1 month ago now they took money from my bank account wish i never gave them pressions for and now i cant get any answer from them i have e-mail them and phoned them many times but no answer i have got a ref;no 0010246800 when my loan was accepted but cant do anything else.i feel very angry why some people can get away with this.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
6, Report #221341
Nov 19 2006
03:06 PM
Direct Pharmacy Or Intertrans took money from my checking account and never received product Can't get in touch with them now internet
They took money from my checking account. I never received the product. I can't even find them now with the phone number's they gave me. None of them are working numbers. It showed up on my checking account as intertrans. Kathy Bellmore, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #220203
Nov 12 2006
11:13 AM
My bank account was debited for $159.95 from the above mentioned company, and I have no idea who they are or how to contact them. This charge was completely UNAUTHORIZED!!! Does anyone have any experience with this group, and how I get my money back? Janice Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #222403
Nov 27 2006
11:20 AM
Mastercard_accla Direct Pay bank account scam from mastercard Ripoff New York Internet
my husband had a withdraw from his bank account in the amount of 159.95 on october 17th. He did not authorize this withdraw, and to make it even better we had nothing to do with this company.The bank had us fill out a form to dispute the transaction. the bank also said that they had no informaiton about the company that made the withdraw except that it was an electronic withdraw. when i did find the number for this company and made the call i was never put on the line with an actual person.I was on hold for more than 20 minutes.then i decided to tell our story on this web site. crystal fulton, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1153251
Jun 09 2014
10:50 AM
Direct Pay System I joined for $400 and they stole another $400 from me! Florida
I joined Direct Pay System in April 11, 2014 for $400.00 Level.  Then they upgraded me without knowing it for another $400.00 for the gold level.  I did NOT want the gold level.  After joining they started with additional systems that would cost you more money.  At that point I did not want to work the program, and tried to get my $800 dollars back, but I did not.Here is an email I got back from Tim Berger...1.  You didn't pay us $400 once or twice  2.  This is a business, not a hobby both of which ask you for money, but the business can make you money.  3.  There are no refunds as clearly stated on the website which you have acknowledged below.ThanksSent from somewhere, somehowI even tried to settle with them for half of the $800, but they refused!  All I wanted back was my $400.Please stay away from Direct Pay System!PeteFlorissant, Mo.  
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #193720
May 29 2006
08:22 AM
DIRECT TV DIRECT TV RIPOFF ** WILL NOT PAY $100.00 DVR REBATE!!! ** Mira Loma California
I bought DIRECT TV's DVR unit for Christmas that had a $100.00 rebate, I sent in the rebate in the beginning of January, to this day I still have not received my rebate check! I have contacted them a dozen times and still have not had this resolved.(and I do have copies of every e-mail sent and received, 12 to be exact, not counting phone calls.) The last response back to me ON 5/25/06 said they show the check was sent on 3/1/06 (which it was not), so now they tell me they are not responsible for lost checks and do not reissue checks (even though I do not believe it was ever sent in the first place!) After the day they say they sent the check I received a rebate form in the mail, so what they sent me was a rebate form not a check, by the way it took them 3 months just to mail out a rebate form! I know they say they are not responsible for lost rebates sent in by the customer, but it doesn't say anywhere where they are not responsible for the checks they send, seams like they should be responsible for rebate checks due. But they are taking no responsibility for the check what so ever and say its the post offices responsibility, not theirs and they cant do anything about it, it's not their fault it didn't show up and they will not reissue a check (again, a check I fully do not believe was ever sent!) in other words they are getting away with not paying me the $100 rebate check due to me!!!!! It's taken me 5 months of contacting them over and over again to now find out they are not responsible for their checks showing up or not and if it doesn't show up, well that's not their fault and will not reissue, matter fact they wont even look into it. So does this mean for every person who does not receive their rebate check from them, that DIRECT TV just gets to keep their money? Money that's due to the customer??? This sounds like fraud to me!!! That is so not right. Wonder what they would say if they didn't receive my payment & I just told them sorry I dont write a check twice, I am not responsible for lost checks. I have a feeling it would be a differant story then.Funny thing is, we have recieved every bill from them, we have recieved everything theyv sent but the rebate check where they are to pay out on! Kind of funny this would be the only thing from them to not show up. They could care less to even look into it or pay up on it and make good. A San Bernardino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
11, Report #419705
Feb 03 2009
01:55 PM
Talking Phones Direct/Quaden Telecom/Fone Direct offer mobile phone discount but do not pay up Rochdale Lancashire
Since taking out a Cashback contract for a mobile phone contract only one three monthly payment has been received, after much letter writing and warning that proceedings would be issued against the company. Submissions to FDuk and payments (to Orange) have all met the timescales stipulated and the complicated procedures which include submission of original phone statements and send by recorded delivery. The contract is for 18 months. The company exists under several trading arms and past companies appear to go into administration. One of the companies, FD (Fones direct) is presently in the hands of a debt agency. Hop on the bus gus Chathill UKUnited Kingdom
Entity: Rochdale, Other
12, Report #67438
Sep 23 2003
04:52 PM
Ryan Brock - In Touch Marketing ripoff Pay $5.93 for 8 movie tickets BOGUS! Saint Petersburgh Florida
I was contacted by this company for a Movie Ticket Rebate offer. It said to pay $5.93 for 8 movie tickets. I sent a check for the amount. When I received my confirmation it stated that I had to purchase the tickets and send in the stubs to get a rebate for the price I paid. I emailed Ryan Brock and requested that I get my money back, I still haven't gotten a response back. Jeannetta san diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: St. Petersburgh, Florida
13, Report #1187762
Nov 09 2014
07:27 PM
safe touch sold my business and new owners have heard about safetouch and dont want them, i still have to pay for 4 more years jacksonville Florida
i am pasting the letter i sent to them when i found out i had to pay for 4 years of service on a business i dont own anymore: and I am writing this for your records to show we do not want to renew our services with you as of Sept 2018 when our contract is up. I have had to sell the business and have tried to work with your company but have been told that you will personally come after me for the contact for a business I no longer own which is disgraceful and unethical for any business to do. I have notified the BBB of your business practices, started a campaign to inform everyone on social media including Facebook, Linkedin, and twitter, Yelp, along with notifying Asian American Store Owners Association of 3,000 members and Asian American Hotel Owners Association of 6,000 members nationally about how your company would be willing to personally for after someone who had to sell their business because of financial hardship. I could understand if I was trying to switch companies but not selling the business for a loss and then being kicked while I’m down by your company. Your company is truly a horrible company for your business practices, luckily for me the new owners are working with me so I don’t have to deal with your company. The days of companies like yours taking advantage of consumers is over with the outreach through social media. I may be stuck with your contract but that is going to spread like wild fire once I’m done letting everyone know about your company. I truly hope your company goes bankrupt so you know how it feels to have someone come after you when you don’t even own the business anymore so you can feel what your horrible customer service has put me through. I hope your  CEO gets a chance to review this because I have heard great things about him from friends in Jacksonville who have met him at the football games and they couldn’t believe when I told them about your horrible business practices and ethics.
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
14, Report #1318265
Jul 22 2016
06:10 AM
24-7 in touch Clearwater, florida Bed bugs, don't pay, unproffessional, racist Largo Florida
 This company is infested with bed bugs. They hire any Tom, dick, or Harry. I had to spend hundreds to get rid of them. Plus they won't pay you for your time unless you threaten a lawsuit against them. Management leaves little to be desired and all you see is blue hair people. It's a circus. This company still owes me money. Employees steal food from one another. This company needs to disappear. I have contacted OSHA due to bed bugs. The owners should be arrested for neglect and ignorance and management needs to go to etiquette school. Do not no matter how desperate you are apply to this bed bug infested place. It will be to your detriment.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
15, Report #1225599
Apr 28 2015
11:39 PM
Entity: Deerfield beach, Florida
16, Report #1219689
Apr 01 2015
11:07 AM
Personal Touch Dentistry Work done without my consent or knowledge. Still being forced to pay. Winston-Salem North Carolina
I went in to have some fillings put in. Without asking for permission, or even telling me about it, an extra filling was put in and I have been charged for it. After complaining, I was offered a discount, but I am still being forced to pay for work that I did not approve or even know about until after the fact. I will be filing a complaint with the NC Licensing Board. As far as I can see, either the dentist did not read my notes before proceeding to work, or the dental practice is trying to force money out of me.
Entity: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
17, Report #1270347
Nov 25 2015
03:56 PM
The Final Touch Movers (Home Services) Jay Shine No pay, theft, horrible customer service Garland Texas
 Jay Shine, the owner of The Final Touch Moving Company is a fraud, a crook and a con artist! He is NOT to be trusted with any bodies items! My Husband and I were moving from Garland to North Richland Hills and instead of going with a larger company like we originally planned, we got a call from Jay with a price. He assured me that they were bonded and insured for $3 million dollars with Farmers. We agreed to go with them and it was a huge mistake. They showed up LATE and there were only one mover when we were promised three! They ruined our couches, shattered my husbands fish tank and scratched the paint on our cars! When my husband asked for insurance info he said that he would email him and take our info. We waited for days and got no response! I recently tried calling his cell and got no answer! I've also tried emailing him and have not gotten a response! Do not use this company!!! The old saying You get what you pay for is right! He's a crook and a fraud!
Entity: Garland, Texas
18, Report #1190005
Nov 19 2014
11:50 AM
Touchpay Direct Have a monopoly on providing services for inmates where friends and families can put money on inmates commissary. Account accidentally got locked - uncooperative in unlocking account. Account stays locked for 6 days. Terrible customer service. Coppell Texas
I am writing this report basically to complain.  Touchpay direct has a monopoly on many of the county jails and prisons in the country and are the only way to put money on an inmates commissary.  There is no way to go around them or any other company that can provide the same service as their is no competition. I accidentally locked myself out of my account by too many entries trying to add money to someone's books.  I did not realize that you could not use a prepaid credit card.  Oh yes and that's the only way to add money to the books - via a Visa or Master Card. Well guess what if you make a mistake the account gets locked for 6 days for that particular inmate and there is no way to open another account or get your account unlocked for the duration of the 6 days. Well I guess you say - too bad - person is in jail - they don't deserve any luxuries anyway.  And you will say that until it happens to you or someone you know.  This particular county jail is privately owned.  You get one pair of socks and one pair of underwear.  If you want any more than that you have to purchase them.  If you want a bowl or a spoon or a fork to eat with - you have to purchase that too.  God forbid don't have a headache - you have to pay for the aspirin.  To hold up the only system for putting money on someone's books for 6 days is a disgrace.  I wanted to publically voice my complaint even if it doesn't get me anywhere.  I do plan on writing the local government authorities and the state senator about giving the sole contract to provide these services to Touchpay direct!  I ask that if anyone who reads this has had the same experience please write your government authorities as well!
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #23638
Jun 28 2002
10:44 AM
Direct Communications - Julius Omoefe Does not pay debts Montclair California
This man and his business sells and services telephone systems. After one year of repeated requests and threats to sue on a deliquent balance, he still owes several hundred dollars for hard good purchased for resale. Alex Palm Desert, California
Entity: Montclair, California
20, Report #13909
Feb 12 2002
12:00 AM
Direct Merchants Bank - You will NEVER pay off their credit cards!
I received my credit card at Direct Merchants Bank 4 years ago. My credit limit was $1,500 which I did use. To make a long story short, no matter how much money I give them per month, they always credit my account for the over limit fee and late fee. This takes the bills to $125 each month. Even when I do pay for it, I never can get the bill down. I used to pay like $200 and $300 per month but I've stopped trying. I tell them now to just send the account to a collection agency. I can't pay anymore because I'm unemployed but also because of the principle of this whole mess. I've calculated that I've paid off this account but as of today this account is $2,100. I'm not going to pay anymore. I'm determined unless you pay off the whole amount at one time, they will find some bogus fees to add to your account. Even if I paid off this account, I can bet the next month they would send me a bill for $125 stating that I still owe last month's late and over limit fees. It's never going to end with them! I don't understand why the government doesn't come in and police these types of companies. They are making billions of dollars each year. These types of companies are ruining people's credit ratings. I will not be able to buy a home for at least 7 years because of this experiennce. Donna League City, Texas
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
21, Report #526046
Nov 19 2009
05:50 PM
DIRECT TV Unathorized Pay Per View Charges To My Checking Account Internet
Due to many billing and customer service issues I canceled my service with Direct TV 09/28/09.  At that time my bills were all current and I was told I owed them nothing as long as I returned my box to them which I did.  On 11/16/09 they debited my checking account for 10.99.  When I asked them why, they said because of a pay per view charge from 06/09/09.  I never ordered any pay per view movies and when I asked them why it took over two years to bill me for the bogus charges even if they were legit they indicated it was a common practice of theirs after receiving their box and card back to bill their customers this way.  They refused to remove the charge and said they had authority to debit my checking account for it and would not give me any other recourse other than disputing the charges through my bank - which I did immediately.  I just wonder how many other folks won't take the time to dispute their ripoff charges and how many millions they rake in because of this terrible practice.The customer service provides no resolutions from this organization and is one of the worst I have ever seen.    
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #386450
Oct 30 2008
03:15 PM
Direct TV When you pay online ... what will happen Greenwood Village, CO Nationwide
Just a consumer aware with Direct TV. I was a loyal customer for over 5 years and always paid online. This was until our dvr box decided to stop working the morning after they had sent one of their usual automatic updates to it. I called the rep to be told I would have to pay $70 for a tech to come and look at the box, then pay an additional $300 if it had to be replaced. I had no time limited contract with them from being a customer for so long and thus I also found out that I owned the DVR box, so it was my responsibility that it broke. You could imagine my surprise and I requested to speak to a supervisor, which after being on hold for ever, I was hung up on. I called back and was then told by a different rep that I also had the option to sign up for thier monthly service plan which would eliminate the tech fee, but would be an addition $5+ a month. I explained my frustration that they were the ones in control of the box, I had done nothing to it, yet I have to pay for it. So why would I have to pay for a service when they could just send a signal and kill your cable box whenever they wanted too ... sounded like a scam to get you to sign up to their service plan .... It took me 5 minutes to cancel my service with Direct TV and sign up on a much cheaper bundle package with Comcast. A few days past and I regularily check my bank account. I found that Direct TV had taken my last payment of $64 which was not even due yet, straight out of my account. I was not on any form of automatic payment with them, and had chose the option to pay 1 time only via credit card each time I paid my bill online. I called them to ask them why they had done this as it was not authorized, their answer was .... Oh we updated our contract agreement recently and you would have gotten a copy with your statement in the mail. If you cancel your account, we are allowed to take the remaining balance immeditely out of whatever account you have saved with us online that you have been making payments with in the past.!!!!. So BEWARE of making any payment online to them through the direct TV web site. Stick to making them directly through your own banking system or send a check when you get your statement. If not you will get an unpleasent surpirse with proabably a lot of NSF fees to follow. Funny thing is that they now call and send me junk mail trying to get my business back, not in a million years Direct TV, you lost a very loyal customer and your not the only ones to offer all those channels anymore, DUH!!!! Need2winthelottery Monroe, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #353726
Jul 21 2008
12:37 PM
Lone Star Direct Savings still taking money after PAY-OFF..... Stephenville Texas
have contract dated 01 26, 2006 for ($79.79) for 24 montd. paid off Feb. 20,2008. They didn't take anything out for three(3) months. Now they are takeing it out again for June 20, 2008. I tried calling and E-mailing them on their phone and E-mail. No response. I just would like to get this setteled.. It is coming from my checking account each month. The bank says that Lone Star Direct Savings have to put a STOP PAYMENT, I can put one on but it will cost me money.. Please , any help will be useful. Bill manhattan, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Stephenville, Texas
24, Report #376350
Sep 26 2008
04:51 PM
Direct TV Won't Return Deposit, extended my contract, made me pay for their errors!! Internet nationwide
I was forced to use Direct TV because it was the only tv service available. I had to pay a $200 deposit that I was assured would be returned after 1 year if my account remained in good standing. The installer came a few days later and opened my boxes only to discover they sent me a regular box and not a DVR box for my living room. I thought this would be easily corrected, yet when I called, I was told I didn't request it. I argued that I specifically said I wanted DVR because I'd had it for years and was spoiled by in. The rep told me that it was my responsibility to catch the error when my order was repeated at the end of the original call. My paperwork all said I had a DVR box and I had a charge for 5.99 monthly for the service on my installation order, yet she STILL said the fault was mine. To get the correct box sent, I had to pay another $177 for the upgrade. That is $377 and I haven't even turned it ON yet! The installer connected my wires to an exsisting dish on the house instead of mounting my new dish on the roof. Several months later trees were blocking my signal. I called to see if I could have this corrected and I was told it would be an ADDITIONAL $80 or I could have this done for free with the extension of my contract. I FLATLY refused and cut down the trees instead. When the year was nearly up I called Direct to ask when and how the deposit would be returned. I was told that they don't do a lump sum return but that they would credit me $5 a month for up to 40 months if my account remained in good standing. That was IT. I contacted Charter to set up service and emailed Direct TV to ask what day my contract expired on. I was told 2009. I called immediately thinking this must be an error. I have a one year contract, not two. I logged into my account and confirmed my setup listed me as a 1 year contract as it had for the last 11 months. I spent nearly an hour on the phone with this young woman where I was ultimately told: 1. No deposits are returned. The sales rep was wrong when he said it would be returned in a lump sum and the second person was just trying to calm me by telling me about the $5 for 40 months credit. The deposit is really a FEE. If you don't have the correct credit standing, the $200 is a fee they charge to provide their service. Under no condition is it returned to the customer. 2. Regarding my contract length, I was told to log out of my account and go to the directtv main page. At the bottom (the very bottom). There is a hyperlink for information regarding committment times. If you click THAT, it says that with DVR it requires 2 years. When I convinced her to sign onto my account as a customer does and read what information is listed for my account, she had no explanation as to why it was incorrect. She assured me she would send the issue of my contract length to the next level for review. I told her to make sure she recorded the fact that I had each page shown on my account saved on my hard drive as well as printed in the event that they tried to change the information currently supporting my 1 year contract time. If they try to bully me I fully intend to break my contract and let it go to collections. I have the 12 checks for my account payment each month and my account info saying I have a 12 month committment. I would LOVE to have a judge tell them what a rip off they are!! Aliajayde Ballwin, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #637004
Sep 02 2010
02:01 PM
Direct Commerce Academy pay $2.95 and get a job Internet
I went on the website and tried to get the job. I went on my checking account and saw 139.95 missing. I called my bank and they gave me  a number 1-800-422-1949 when i called to talk to a supervisor they said they were the best one to talk to. I asked for their address and they told me that is against their rules. Then when I asked for my money they said they cant and I know if it was legit they would give it back. So now they took 139.95 when i was only suppose to pay 2.95
Entity: , Internet

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