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1, Report #1402627
Sep 27 2017
07:31 AM
TQA Cable Specialists Danny McWilliams Ryan Gregory Completely Ripping Off People Every Project Kansas City Nationwide
 Went to work for them to find out that i would be the 5th person they hired and fired 4 others. I was the sacraficial lamb. They would make bad business decisions, blame you and then not pay you. 2 of the most very bipolar people ive ever known. Very confrontational
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #954892
Oct 14 2012
04:26 PM
TQA Cable Specialists Inc TOTAL QUALITY ASSURANCE CABLE SPECIALISTS, INC Did not pay me my last two checks i have call him and he never answers. Internet, South Dakota
I went to work for Jake hoffman in good faith that he would pay me after a 2 week. Hold it has been 3 months and i havent recieved any money.
Entity: Internet, South Dakota
3, Report #1116567
Jan 18 2014
09:27 AM
TQA Cable Specialist Theft,Lie,Cheat, Deceptive,Not trustworthy,held bake 3 weeks check gave 1 kept the others Kansas city Missouri
 THe Company charges a 100$ dollars a week for truck rental.which is what i agreeded to then they would take other money and say it was because of this and that and would never show you documents on why extra money was taking away.Paid a 300 dollar deduction for a ladder that I had to take back.Held 3 weeks works of checks back only got paid for one. tried contacting company no answer. never had proof on how much we made just a check was issued. I have all my checks i kept as extra proof of the rip-off.If this company thinks they can just keep going and no one is to say nothing.they got it wrong, you see you guys kept the money and thanks for the lies. now we have to tell people how you run your bussiness.
Entity: Kansas city, Missouri
4, Report #10955
Jan 08 2002
12:00 AM
Internet Specialists are cons
I purchased an advertisting program from Internet Specialists located in New Haven, CT. Price was $249.00 with a gaurantee. I was unhappy with said product, A disc titled BROADCAST E-MAIL, on 12/04/01. A week later I notified company of not being satisfied, via phone, e-mail and fax. No reply! Since then I have notified BBB in CT. I am waiting to see if they can help.STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!
Entity: New Haven, Connecticut
5, Report #91255
May 13 2004
05:13 AM
Comcast Cable ripoff Boston Massachusetts
This Cable Monopoly Slowly and quietly is ripping off the customers in the Boston and Metro area by shobving packages down their customers thorat whcih are of poor value including channels in Russian, Japanese and spanish,plent of tv guid channesl with nothin gon them,Theie cheaper package is a little bit morre than basic, as they give us less and ask for more money. I have referred this matter for the Boston Cable VCommision which in turn did not investigate but sent my complaint over to them, thus not doing their job.Their packages and channels assigned is the worst of any city in the country for any city I have ben in,this includes the depp south. Please forward this to the right person at the FCC for their review as the local cbale regulatory agecny here is Boston are sitting on their asses and doing nothing to investigate Comcast and their unfair and illegal practies, Afeter Susan Wornick of Channel 5 informed many consumers fo the Tier Buy Package for stations many subscibers did not want on a TV Buyer Be Ware package.It seems quietly they have eliminated this Toer Buy program quietly and the only way now you will find out if you ask about as they want manysubscibers to take the most higher packages wich averages almost $90 per month.Comcast is ripping up off. Please do someting to help. Cleveland DORCHESTER, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
6, Report #29277
Sep 06 2002
08:35 PM
Charter Cable ripoff Bessemer Alabama
Charter Communications, I am writing to UNLOAD my frustration with your service. I find myself again without my CABLE Each time I contact CHARTER TECH SUPPORT it becomes a worsening NIGHTMARE! As you are aware I live in Jefferson County, Bessemer, Al. But for some UNKNOWN REASON my cable service comes all the way from Bibb County Al. It is a old cable system and for years when ever it stormed or the wind blew the lest little bit OUT WENT THE CABLE! Feel free to revue my call-in records. At one point your service rep. said You should get Direct TV, because we cant fix your cable. Now you have UPGRADED to the LATEST TECHNOLOGY. As of today 2 of my 3 boxes are DEAD. I lost half the channels the first part of the week now every time you reset my boxes they die and don't reboot. I cant get any one to come out at night to fix them. Everyone in my family works on weekends but that does not matter because you cant get anyone out here until Monday any way! I understand how a dope addict must feel when his only DRUG PUSHER cuts him off! My TV's are prisoners of CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS! Families only 2 miles from me are on another service and LOVE there CABLE COMPANY. Why is this happening to me? Who is running Charter Comm.? I am TRAPED! I cant pick my cable company, you have me locked in your CABLE JAIL! This is so unfair that my money does not buy me good cable service! The only thing your phone staff can tell me is Get Direct-TV! This letter will never be read only deleted, I cry but no one will ever hear my cries! But you will cash every one of my checksIf I were a storekeeper and did not help my customers find what they needed and was ugly and rude I would not be a storekeeper very long. However this is not true of CABLE COMPANYS.. I cant drive down the road to another store I must shop at your store. I believe by law cable companies must report to someone. Please note this letter will also be sent to Public Service Commission as part of my complaint. Your Unvalued Customer Michael Whaler Bessemer, Alabama
Entity: Bessemer, Alabama
7, Report #174705
Feb 04 2006
01:09 AM
Adelphia Cable ripoff Anaheim California
I'm upset with the billing about so called special 4 room's for $29.99 on the special it doesnt say you will only get one box per household so only one tv will get the full serice you are paying for. I signed up on 1/19/06 and ended up paying $48.29 because i got HBO ok fine but that is only for 1 tv. I called back and asked what about the other rooms they said you need to rent a box for each tv @ $6.90 a box to get the service in all room's so I decied just to get a dvr to record family shows. But it doesn't even start at the beginig of the show and it cut's off at the end it's a Moxi Motorola ( a big gray box ) I called back to compain about the box and girl who answered had no idea what to say I told her ok let get down to what my bill is now ok another $12.90 for a dvr that dosn't work. Ok than I asked her before I get more upset what will be the bill after this so called special is over will so far with what you got it will run you 96.00 I told her you are crazy and hung up but will cancell I already called direct tv. Baic cable will be $55.42 Upgrade for hbo $15.48 Dvr Rental $12.90 Motorla cdt2224 $ 6.90 so just be aware even if its a so called special Alfred Anahiem, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
8, Report #1172181
Aug 25 2014
12:52 PM
Comcast Cable Negligent credit reporting Nationwide
There's not a lot of choices when it comes to cable companies in any one town and since I'm not a satellite person, I've chosen to get ride of cable completely ALL BECAUSE OF EXTREMELY BAD EXPERIENCE I'VE HAD WITH MOSTLY COMCAST.  I had Cox cable also at one time and had a bad experience with them charging me when I self-installed but there was a problem with the OUTSIDE line and when the guy came to fix it, they actually charged me for it.  Eventually they took the charge off but it still should NEVER had happened.  However, Comcast is the absolute worst and most unethical I've ever experienced.  I won't list all the issues here but I'll list the last two issues i've had with them.  I last had comcast in northern Alabama over 3 years ago.  We paid the last bill and turned all equipment back in. About 6 or so months after that, we called the office to make sure we didn't have any balance whatsoever because in the past, we moved and paid all fees and all of a sudden a bill of $50+ show up on my credit report about 2 years later.  Well, when we called, we were told that there indeed wasn't a balance in my name at the address where we previously had service.  Now, about 3 to 4 years later, I check my credit report and a $308 collection suddenly is on my report from comcast.  Because we verified that there wasn't a a balance months after we disconnected service, we didn't bother to keep any documentation.  Currently I have service in another part of Alabama but am moving to Florida. I called to disconnect service and for 54 minutes, not ONE CSR could locate my account and I have them the phone number, name, address and even the account number listed on the monthly bills.  Eventually I was told that they would work on it and call me back and send an email confirming that they located the account but it's been one full week and of course nothing.  It seems mighty strange that when I call in using the registered cell phone, the computer can tell me exactly how much of my bill is due and past due but the CSRs can't locate my account to disconnect the service.  I HATE THIS COMPANY SO ABSOLUTELY MUCH THAT I'VE DECIDED TO FORGO CABLE AND JUST USE NETFLIX AND HULU.  THESE PEOPLE HAVE ABSOLUTELY TRAUMATIZED ME AND THAT'S NOT EVEN MENTIONING THE ORDEAL I WENT THRU WHEN I RELOCATED FROM VIRGINIA JUST TRYING TO GET MY BILL ADJUSTED CORRECTLY SO I COULD PAY MY BILL.  THEY DELAYED AND DELAYED AND DESPITE MY CONSTANT REQUESTS AND THEN HAD THE NERVE TO SEND THE BILL TO A COLLECTION AGENCY WHEN THE BILL HAD NOT EVEN BEEN CORRECTED.  AGAIN, I HATE COMAST WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING!
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1391174
Aug 08 2017
07:56 AM
Spectrum Cable Lied Nationwide
 I got the silver bundle package. I was told the first month would be $129 because of some 1 time fee plus taxes & fees. After that it would be $109 plus fees, taxes, etc which would bring it to around $129. My first bill was $148 which I expected, but so was the next bill. I called, was told they didn't know why I was told that but the best they could do was reduce it $10. The next month was around $138. Now it's back to $148. I called again and was told the same thing. I don't know why the representative told you this, it was a 1 time reduction. I guess this is the standard answer. Don't believe any price you are quoted! It's all lies!
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1367643
Apr 13 2017
07:47 PM
Time Warner Cable/ Spectrum Cable Spectrum Deceptive Advertising Columbus, Ohio Nationwide
Spectrum Cable is playing consumers for fools. I received a mailer around March/April 2017 offering a better Internet + Cable package than the 30MBps/no digital box cable I was currently receiveing ($115), for only $59.99 per month ** ( of course the ** states additional taxes and fees). Additional taxes and fees have ALWAYS been the case and are expected. I called and after a long hot-air sell, I was told I was getting a great deal and that my monthly bill would be around $99.99.  A whopping $40 in taxes and fees - and the cs person said this as if it is, and always has been the norm. I said, Whoaa...you mean to tell me that $40 in taxes and fees is supposed to be accepted as normal? This cs rep tells me that I have always been paying around that much for taxes and fees. I told her to look at how much i paid for the same service in 2015 ($59.99), and then in 2016 ($79.99).  I have been paying $40 in taxes in fees for these two years that means i only paid $19.99 & $39.99 for internet + cable for these years. That was NOT the case. Time Warner's service has not been great, but at least they did work with existing customers and create deals and packages for limited lengths of times, to bring increasing charges down. Now since they've changed to Spectrum, they are 20 times as bad. The CS people I talked to were horrible and did not help at all. I tried calling several times hoping I would get a hold of someone more experienced. One of the CS reps got an attitude with me and basically told me I've always paid this much in taxes and fees and that I didn't know what I was talking about. If a company is going to send out a promotion for $59.99, they need to offer that amount; otherwise, promote the so-called deal with an amount closer to what will actally be paid, and stop taking customers for fools. I called to see how much it would cost to have cable only, and they inform me that it will cost $99.99 -  more than having the bundle of the two terrible services together. After nearly 20 years, I am going to drop their company all together. Spectrum is disgusting, and there are only a few cable providers to choose from in Columbus, Oh. This is a prime example of why no competition is a disaster for the American people, and just like big government, it doesn't work. 
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1177993
Sep 19 2014
04:10 PM
Answering Specialists Inc Answering Specialists http://www.answeringspecialists.com/ answeringspecialists.com answeringspecialists Answering-SpecialistsAnswering Specialists, Inc. Answering Specialists Inc Bonners Ferry Idaho
CAUTION! BEWARE!They will pick up the phone, and put caller on LONG hold... I spend a lot in advertising for generating calls/leads on the internet... But as soon as there is a call generated, they waste it... 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and this time 5 minutes! I called and emailed them about this problem SEVERAL times, but I didn't see any improvement in their quality of service... If you are spending a lot of money to generate calls, you shouldn't use Answering Specialists http://answeringspecialists.com/ or they are gonna waste it all! Think twice, save your money, and time, and signup with another company.
Entity: Bonners Ferry, Idaho
12, Report #625158
Jul 20 2010
11:58 AM
Northstar Medical Specialists creative billing Bellingham, Washington
Though it calls itself a Medical company, its primary business is manufacturing bills. For $3000 of service, the company's sent out $33,000 of bills.  Most of these're duplicates, but some are for services for months after I stopped doing business with them.  They charged $1610 rental for a machine, I later bought for $592. I first went to them March, 09 and finished Oct, 09.  They're still sending me bills.
Entity: Bellingham, Washington
13, Report #1179693
Sep 27 2014
07:01 PM
Advanced Urology Specialists Central Florida Urology Specialists Wont issue refund, Double Dipping, Insurance Fraud Inverness Florida
Advanced Urology Specialists was in my insurance providers network. I was told that I had meet my yearly deductible by my insurance, so I booked an appointment. I was told in order to have services that I would have to pay in full in cash, and if my insurance pays I would get my refund, so I paid in full.I did my part they wanted a specific amount of money on a exact date, I fulfilled my obligation. My insurance company was billed and they paid what Advanced Urology requested. I was never contacted about a refund or issued a refund check. I called about it over a month after my insurance paid them and they verified the exact date and payment my insurance told me. Advanced Urology billing dept claimed that they did not know I had a balance to be paid back and said they would quickly reimburse me.A few weeks went, by in which I have called every Tuesday for 4 more weeks in a row. Each time it is the same story of, Were so sorry, a check will be mailed out to you today or tomorrow at the latest. It is clear they do not reciprocate the same courtesy on prompt payment as they demand from there customers.I would not suggest anyone play this game with them, as it may be fraud. I feel they need to get a competent billing department, or just quit double dipping as up til this point, it is exactly what they have done. I am not in the business of giving interest free loans to business who do not need it, and I especially do not like the lies which are gave about when and where I am to receive my refund.
Entity: Inverness, Florida
14, Report #86647
Apr 05 2004
12:57 PM
Time Warner Cable Aka Brighthouse Cable ripoff pay tons of money but limit your access to your cable Indianapolis Indiana
I got cable service thru time warner cable back in December 2003. Well I was aware that cable bill would be a lot of money but that was not even the issue, however, I was never told that I would have a limit to how many movies I could rent via PPv or on demand or otherwise. I had a cutoff limit and because I reached this unknown limit that no one ever told me about I do not have access to other ON DEMAND channels that are supposingly free..i.e., BBC on demand and PBS kids on demand and food network on demand and etc... So I have reached my limit which I never knew existed and yet I have not been able to access these other free channels according to my fifth call in the last few weeks and two service tech trips out to my house I guess because I went over my unknown budget as far as paying for any ppv movies or on demand movies it then interrupts my ability to view the so called free channels (that is not really free I pay to have access to all on demand items in my bill), but not the non paid on demand channels like bbc america on demand food network on demand and cartoon network on demand and etc... They are supposingly on the same network, but this is nothing that I was ever told nor was said when my service was hooked up and never mentioned until today via customer care dept. on 4 5 04 after numerous calls and serv tech visits to home and restting kmy cable box; that makes no sense. The limit makes no sense in my opinion either since I am a good paying customer and a couple of months I paid way over what was actually due. If my bill was 150 dollars I may pay 250 dollars so I would have a credit the next month. But I have a rental limit. No one ever mentioned that ever and the fact it intereferes with non chargable on demand items because hey are on the same network is ridiculous and the customer care people in the company are beyond stupid. I just feel like I am not receiving all my access to my cable becayse of these hidden rules and I do feel as if I have been screwed . I feel as if I am paying for 100% of their service and I am only able to utilize 75% of it and I am a good paying cutomer who has a cutoff limit for movies and etc...is that not something that should be done to customers who do not pay in a timely fashion? Come on time warner. I just think all of their services incl. cust. care is just beyond functioning. They are like a 2nd rate co. or almost like a sub prime cable company. I feel I have been used and ripped off and my excellent paying habits and all have been disregarded and I feel like I am guilty before being proven innocent. Just beware of all of the things the cable company does not make you aware of. THEY SUCK! Tashia indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
15, Report #55731
May 05 2003
01:30 PM
Heartland Cable ripoff deceptive company Phoenix Arizona
Heartland Cable went out of business. I canceled my cable and went with a new company instead of going with their direct tv programming. I cancelled my cable in Dec 2002. They have yet to pick up their atenna or boxes and continue to bill me. My bill is now at 170.00 and I have had no service since Dec 2002. What is a person suppose to do to stop this? May 2003. Kathy Copperas Cove, TexasU.S.A. Kathy Copperas Cove, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
16, Report #102495
Aug 06 2004
06:03 PM
Charter Cable Company False advertising Farmington Missouri
Earlier this year, I recieved an mail special offer for Charter Cable Service for only 19.99 a month. I called and ordered service that was connected later that week. I had to pay the 9.95 installation, and the first months bill upfront. I paid the installer $30, which should have automatically put a $0.10 credit on my account. However, only a week later, I recieved a bill stating that I still owed $13.65. I did not understand why, but I went ahead and paid it. (It was a prorated bill for a partial month-even though it totaled more than what i was supposed to have paid for the full month.) The next month, when my bill was $40.00, I called and asked why I was not getting the special offer I signed up under, I was told that the office just had not put in the discount codes for the offer, and the difference would be credited to my account. This never happened. I placed several calls to the Customer Service number on my bill, and no one ever knew why my balance was like it was, but no one ever actually credited my account. I called on the 9th, to have service disconnected. The operator lectured me on how their service was the best, and I would not be happy with Satalite TV. I placed the disconnection order. TWO WEEKS later, the cable company showed up to disconnect the service. I later recieved a bill for my PAST DUE BALANCE. I figured it up, and having paid what I did, and what what my bill was supposed to be, I only owed about $12.00... not the abserd amount they are billing me for. I sent them a letter explaining, and detailing the figures I came up with. I also stated that I would pay the $12.00 I felt I owed.. and nothing more, and consider the matter settled, if I did not hear back from them some reasoning to this matter. They have NEVER replied. Eugenia Viburnum, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Farmington, Missouri
17, Report #102125
Aug 04 2004
12:46 PM
Comcast Cable ripoff & atrocious service Hollywood Beach Florida
More than six weeks ago, Comcast convinced our association to switch from TV Max to Comacast. We were very happy with TVMax service and fees. The swith over took place about six weeks ago. After several calls for service, asking for managers, and setting appointments, we still do not have good reception or certain channels. They just bounce us from the cable ballon balancers to the technician that walks around the appartments and says that all is ok. In the interim,they are getting paid and we do not have service. I just wish we could go back to TV Max but Comcast made sure we could not. Walter 33019, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Hollywood Beach, Florida
18, Report #418667
Jan 31 2009
06:02 PM
Comcast Cable Inepptitude regarding SmartZone Tallahassee Florida
Sir; I am an IT person working for a medical center. I have been living at my current address for over 4 years now. I have had COMCAST for that period of time and I will tell you that if my Home infrastructure were not so tied into COMCAST I would tell you what you could do with it. I have had your tech guys(and I use that term loosely) come out to my house on more occasions than you can ever believe and they all say nothing is wrong but when they look at the packets that are being lost they say that it has to go back to the switch and nothing gets done. One time did a good tech come out check the house and said nothing was wrong but he would check the pole. He went out and hooked up his computer and ping comcast somewhere and we could see the packets on the screen drop packet after packet and then he said he would have someone come out and check the repeater or signal booster at the end of the street. Well guess what no different and I even had the high speed (what a laugh) internet for awhile till i grew very frustrated with paying you money for nothing. Then you folks have the audacity to limit us to 250G a month. Well let me now tell you the latest in this Comedy of errors. Comcast sent me an email to my other accout touting their new smart zone and that there would be absolutely no intervention for us the CUSTOMER (and I stress that word) to do and that if I may borrow an IT term SEAMLESS to us. Well I have been trying for over 2 weeks to get into my email. I have called your folks to no avail and asked for online support again useless then I placed a call and the gentleman stated that yes that it seems the tests were not as bullet proof as originaly thought and that he would have someone call me within 24 hrs. We also downloaded Adobe flash player, cleared out my Internet Explorer cache history cookies and anything he could think of thus have to make me renter alot of info later on, also rebooted the laptop and the pc and powered down the modem and powered it back on after about 2 minutes. I wish to inform you that I am a very easy going person but the straw has broken the camels back and PLEASE take note that I am filing with the City of Tallahassee and the FCC a formal complaint regarding the very unprofessional and untrained unqualified personnel that you have to which I probably if I tracked it back would find that it was a management issue. You have put up an extremely buggie product have not owned up to the fact that there are problems have not pulled it back to find out why and fix it but yet you maintain your false advertiseing about you are here for the customer. (Yeh Right). I am also posting a copy on Cnet.com and ripoffreport.com. YOu might some day when you have a moment look at ripoffreport.com you might find it very interesting especially in regards to Comcast. Thank you for your time in reading this of which I am sure you will never read but some customer service person that will funnel it down to the local office. Sir take ownership for your blunders and start owning up to them publicly, treat customers as people not $$$$ before people start going elsewhere. Dennis Tallahassee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tallahassee, Florida
19, Report #398013
Dec 04 2008
06:19 PM
Rapid Cable Carpetbagger Rip-Off Clinton Iowa
We own a lake home in a beautiful area in the north central mountains of Arkansas. This is a vacation area and our home is used as nightly rental property most of the year. About two years ago I contacted Rapid Cable and upgraded our service from Basic Cable (8 channels) to Expanded Cable, about 26 channels + HBO. We thought that would be nicer for people spending a few days on vacation there. I got several complaints through the rental agent that people were disappointed at the lack of variety in television there. We went down to Arkansas in June to supervise the building of a new deck and addition of a new roof on that property. I was surprised to learn that while we had been paying $70 a month for expanded service, we were, in fact, still receiving basic cable service with only 8 channels! The difference in cost is about $35/month so we had overpaid by over $400 for services actually received. There was no local office to discuss this with in this small town so I waited until we had returned home to Kansas City, pulled a copy of my bill, and looked for a telephone number to contact the company. I called the number listed on the bill for several days and could never get a live person. We just kept getting a recording saying mailbox is full. After a week of this frustration I gave up, called a satellite company, and had over 200 channels of programming for the same price Rapid Cable had allegedly been supplying me with 26. I wrote to the company at the P.O. Box address on their billing statement and asked for a refund. I got no response so I sent their bill back unpaid. Subsequently they have sent the $133 they claim we owe to a collection company. I sent another letter and said in the spirit of things I would not ask for a refund nor file a federal complaint if they would zero my account and quit hassling me. The only response I received were more dunning notices threatening to report us to credit bureaus. This is a flim-flam operation run from a P.O. Box somewhere in Iowa. Evidently they just go by now and then and pick up checks that have been mailed there because they never answer the phone. Apparently they specialize in small markets in rural America. I don't think they could make it in a competitive environment. I have now filed a formal FCC complaint against them for charging me for over a year for services not provided, then threatening me for stopping payment. Take my advice; if you are in a market where these guys are the provider, vote with your feet and go to satellite. You will be much happier and receive far more for your money. Michael Lenexa, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Clinton, Iowa
20, Report #470866
Jul 17 2009
03:37 PM
Comcast Cable Lie and call it misunderstanding Chattanooga Tennessee
It seems that Comcast Support is not in this country. I was told by them they are in the Philippines. My story is like a nightmare as I was sold a channel package that I was told later the guy culd not sell me so went from having 13 channels at $29.95 to getting 13 channels and paying a fee to have them block all the other channels I wanted. $23.75 to have a guy come out on a Sunday Morning and put a filter on the line and told him I was going to get 60 channels and he informed me I would only get 13. I didn't get any on the TV with the cable box. It had to be unhooked and I had already asked about that before switching to this 60 Channel package and what channels I would get. I got zero of the channels I wanted and am now paying for Channels that are mostly free on my TV antena. I chatted with I think 4 different people sent several emails and replys to support and I found they have a few Blind people looking at my account and they are unable to see I paid before they could charge the Late charge I was charged and actually paid twice for the same service. I finally got a credit for a bill I don't Owe as I am still being charged for channles and Internet service I no longer have. I guess after the BBB sent them a letter they now have quit supporting me as they do not answer my emils anymore. I had to go ahead and pay money I don't owe to keep from being late and being charged more money I don't have. Being laid off I just was trying to save a little money by getting rid of the part of the package I didn't use so saw no reason to pay for music and on demand I didn't use. They don't seem to have a way to just get Channels seperate in a small package I was told in My City. If you have lots of money go Comcast and get a low quality picture and no service. No choice of what you get. Mike LaFayette, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
21, Report #435201
Mar 17 2009
05:51 PM
Comcast Cable Is till ripping us off! Leesburg Virginia
Over the last 8 and a half months I have been trying to get Comcast Cable to deliver the services they have promised. Comcast has agreed to provide my cable television and internet, and neither have worked correctly. I have reported the problems, and have also paid for service calls. The issues still persist. I have asked for supervisors to return my calls, but they do not. I have spoken with technical support, billing, and account management. No one has been able to provide me with a reason for the issues with the services. I have been promised for months that a credit for the non-working services would be applied to my account after the service calls. They then refuse to issue the credits due to the fact that my service does not work correctly. I then have to make another service call, and the cycle starts all over again. I have been asking for a credit of 10% to my account per month for the last 8 months, and have been told that it would be applied once my service works. They then refuse to fix my service, so that they do not have to issue a credit. Every time I try to get the credits applied they tell me my service does not work right. I still do not have working service, and they are still charging me for fully working services. After telling their supervisor I would file a complaint to the BBB they issued a credit for my last service call and for the non-working internet, but still refuse to refund any portion of payment for the non-working television. I was told today that if I did not like it Cancel your service if you have such an issue than you will never get your credits. Then another service appointment was made which will most likely show up on my next bill. She refused to tell me if there would be a charge citing the fact that she was not in billing. Billing then told me that they do not issue charges that the service department does that. So I still do not know if I will be charged again for a service call. Over the course of service with comcast I have been called a liar, stupid, misinformed, and accused of over reacting. I have also been told that I could not even tell if my service worked, that I do not understand how hard it is to make all of my services work, and that they have no idea when or if it will ever work. I have also been promised over and over that a manager would call me back with in 24 hours, yet no one does. I am currently waiting for 2 different managers to call me. One representative told me that they only say that to get mad people off the phone. I was also told that the longer your service does not work the lower the chance of getting any kind of reimbursement for faulty services. But through all that they have no problem charging me full price. I was charged $49 to have my interent installed, but the tech that arrived to do it did not even know how to install it, and asked me to do it for him. It took me weeks to get that fixed. I have been told by technicians that my issue is my main line coming into my house, but when I call and report that, since the technicians can not for some odd reason, I am told that I am misinformed. I finally got one tech to check the main pole, and fix at least part of the issue, but still my services do not work. After months of asking them to help, I have run out of options. I have now filed a complaint to the BBB and to the VP of comcast. I will not stop fighting them until they fix my service and bill! Neptunes.lily Leesburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Leesburg, Virginia
22, Report #417043
Jan 27 2009
08:02 PM
Comcast Cable They SUCK!! West Monroe Louisiana
We got the Comcast Digital bundle which was alright except Comcast is sending us bill after bill where they go up on their fees. I can see $55.00 for standard cable but what they do is they advertise digital cable wit the extra channels which they take off in like 4-5 days so it's nothing more but a marketing ploy to get people to buy their digital package which consists of nothing but the basic lineup, On Demand, Music Channels, and Movieplex. Stuff you don't really want. For that, you might as well keep the basic cable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the employees either act like they can't hear or they don't understand the King's English. And even though we paid our bill they actually cut our services off till Thursday where someone can look at the box!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really tired of Comcast cable and I just wish we could get Time Warner or Sudden Link. Or maybe Satellite will do us good. Yeah, maybe we should just switch to Direct T.V. Angelz Monroe, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: West Monroe, Louisiana
23, Report #668773
Dec 06 2010
09:31 PM
Primecast Cable Avoid this Company!! Cary, North Carolina
      The company being a third party of Dish Network has no say, they are a company with no backbone at all. The prices advertised are not true, so they falsely advertise the venues and prices for the venues they are actual $10 more, then they always have a billing problem.       In the last 6 mos this company is yet to print a corrected statement. The last bill they screwed up by a $100, and when I called they first told me that with all the fee corrections they could not fix a thing, after staying on the phone for hour the first time, the rep response is they need to have the billing department review it and someone will be getting back to me in the next 2 - 3 days. One week passed they deducted the money because it was on automatic deductions, and I called back this time after 2 hours on the phone and finally talking to a supervisor the person first told me that after reviewing the statement the billing department will not correct it because they already gave me the discounts before, mind you the discounts were the CORRECTED fees, after going back and forth she said the problem should be fixed, heard that statement every time. Then when I call to place the service on seasonal they first tell me that they don't do that, then they tell me that in order to do that I need to leave my bank account or credit card on file. I explained to them that I wont do that because of all the problems they caused but was willing to pay upfront instead, they refuse.        This is not a people company and they have no clue how to make it flow. People need to stop having contracts with this company all they do is rip off the consumer because they are then the only cable company in the buildings where they provide service.
Entity: Cary, North Carolina
24, Report #896052
Jun 11 2012
05:14 PM
Time Warner Cable Terrible Customer Service carrollton, Texas
This is one of the worst experiences I've had in a while. Website technology has grown, and became more advanced, I'll give them this, but to make a website force the user to double login in order to pay a bill, and then to ask for a Customer Code which is apparently located on a paper-bill, and I am paperless, in order to verify the account I'm already logged in to?! What kind of over-the-top security is this? I then login to the Chat with Customer Service because I cannot stand the voice-activated services on their call-in customer service, I get quickly told that my problem can only be handled if i CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE! Wow, thanks Time Warner. And to top it off, the number he gives links me to the wrong department, so when I finally get through the first 15 minute wait, I have to wait ANOTHER 15 minutes to get to the right department. When I speak to this customer service representative, he asks me every security question in the book, and I answer everyone correctly. THEN, he springs on me that I have to call back form the primary phone number and that he can't release any information until I do so. I asked for the manager and wait for another 15 minutes. She was very rude and interrupted me over and over. It was such a waste of my time because the Customer Code was literally 4 digits and so basic. I could have just guessed it....This is the worst customer service EVER!
Entity: carrollton, Texas
25, Report #181197
Mar 14 2006
04:58 PM
Comcast Cable Billing ripoff Chicago Illinois
i larry kennedy paid $218.00 also some change on march 2,2006 with my debit once a month check first and the 3rd! young lady or what ever gave me my confirmation number and then took and extra payment for comcast! now how about that i have been waiting and visa for them to give me my money . you see that same day i perceed to try and use again to py my other bill and was decline because comcast had help them self to my little money i had left on my card! they have been lieing about when it should be put back and i think i have just lost my money and my face! i think that is what i call stealing ! i might as well have been rob on the street! then when i call they just talk smart and like it is my fault if you help me on the i will be very gratful if i can help i will do it and then i am going to cancel ther a** for this! Larry Park Forest, IllinoisU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois

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