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1, Report #1402915
Sep 28 2017
10:27 AM
Tracy Salisbury I was checking my bank account online and almost $70 was deducted from my card Beaver Dam Wisconsin
I was checking my bank accout online today 9/28/17 and i noticed that there was almost $70 taken off my card that I had nothing to do with. I am hoping that this email isn't a waste of my time, and that you can really help me. I am a woman on disability I don't get that much a month to live on. So if $70 Has been taken from me I would like it back
Entity: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
2, Report #96540
Jun 26 2004
11:28 AM
Pohanka Of Salisbury ripoff pohanka will not stand by their bad inspections Salisbury Maryland
we left at 8:50 pm and seen the wind shield craked in 2 places when we called they said they would not fix it Richard fishing creek, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, Maryland
3, Report #1195683
Dec 16 2014
12:42 AM
Salisbury Vineyards- John Salisbury Jennifer Rucks Salisbury, Kevin Rucks, Maridel Salisbury (accessory)Salisbury Winery and many other names for John Salisbury and family John Salisbury - CONMAN, LIAR, FRAUD as is his family members Avila Beach California
JOhn Salisbury of the now defunct Salisbury Winery Vineyard is a liar, cheat, fraud, conman. His daugther Jennifer Rucks Salisbury i no better as is his Son in Law Kevin Rucks. Johns Wife Maridel may not be as bad, but she knew what wa going on and was a party to it by marriage. John Salisbury took over 4 million dollars from investors, lied to them, sold the same asset to multiple people without telling the truth about the others he sold the same asset too. He then filed BK without warning, left investors holding the debt, lied to the BK court, lied to investors and smirked at them. He did not even have the decency to appologize.   He took funds for work he did not complete His daughter Jennifer Rucks Salisbury is an accomplice, she lied on her BK, did not tell investor she had even filed for it adn did not list all of them on it.   THEY ARE ALL FRAUD, check out their past history and see all the judgememts against them and all the different business names. They are liars, unreliable, frauds adn cheats. DO NOT HIRE THEM They did not even have the decency to appologize to invetors or warn them of their BK, they took the money to pay themselves. LIARS< CHEATS AND THIEVES   over 4 million dollars they stole and they think they got away with it, GOD WILL DEAL WITH THEM
Entity: Avila Beach, California
4, Report #444654
Apr 18 2009
05:58 AM
Critters sarcastic service Salisbury North Carolina
Critters has a lot of neat stuff but their service is kind of irritating. There are 2 men that own it together and one of the men helped me fine and I have purchased things from there before but the other man is very sarcastic. Even with his help I felt like he was embarrassing me. Overall, a nice store but I could go for more personable workers. Sadtime salisbury, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, North Carolina
5, Report #1275774
Dec 22 2015
12:32 PM
Auto Warranty Agency-Salisbury AWA No refund after cancellation October 5, 2015 Salisbury
We canceled our auto warranty policy after 1 year on October 5, 2015. Coverage was for 4 years.No refund and no calls back after all paper work was file. We were told 6-8 weeks; it is now 12 weeks and we cannot here from anyone.  We have had to file with consumer protection with a subsequent claim with the insurance commissioner's office.
6, Report #732151
May 23 2011
09:50 AM
Winco Foods Tracy, California I feel bad for the employees Tracy, California
I feel horrible for the Winco employees. I recently was there and was greeted when I came in and given un-needed fliers (waste of paper). But what struck me is the gal that was giving out the fliers should have been at home. The poor girl was almost in tears and you could see she was in severe  pain. I asked her what was wrong she said she had back pain. Talk about taking advantage of the the employees. I then hear a guy call out her name (blonde young man) said is that medicine kicking in yet. Really? Send the girl home. My neighbor will no longer shop at that store since she heard the bakery manager yell unsavory words at one of the employees. I think it's time to go back to Safeway where people are treated like people. Tracy, couldn't wait for winco to be built. It has created jobs but I won't shop where people are are made to feel like they are less.
Entity: Tracy, California
7, Report #1270324
Nov 25 2015
02:14 PM
Renu Derma Scam Salisbury Texas
This company missrepresented their ad on FB. They offered a Trial of a face cream Renu Derma. To fill the name and information to pay for shipping, it takes the consumer to a slightly different page than their name. Nowhere there was a box to check agreeing to  a monthly shippment. When I received a 2nd jar, (two weeks after the trial jar) I called to cancel and ask why am I receiving more. They put me on hold several times and after talking to the supervisor they will not refund me the $89.00 I was charged! I wanted to send back the 2nd jar. They played with words, got confused of the product I was calling about and kept saying  they are in California, when on FB it shows North Carolina. They sounded Asian. They confused the consumer with their product names and different websites.  I know the original page the FB took me to fill my info did Not have a box agreeing to monthly shippments because I tried to do it again. Someone should stop this company from advertising on FB!
Entity: Salisbury, Texas
8, Report #1175280
Sep 08 2014
12:56 PM
foils inc recycling salisbury nc called ej at foils changed price after he took my cooper salisbury nc North Carolina
called foils inc / recycling on the phone talked to tina to get a price on copper scrap told her what i had and how much i had she told me to talk to ej so i did made a deal with him brought in a truck load of copper then in all went wrong they took my cooper dumped it in with there other copper gave me a ticket to take to the casher where it was different from what ej told me i asked him for my copper back he said he would not give me my stuff back or pay me the difference. 
Entity: salisbury, North Carolina
9, Report #129478
Jan 30 2005
03:19 PM
Tracy Chevrolet Service is Overpriced, Mediocre Quality Ripoff! Tracy California
After spending 370.00 this dealership, they still could not determine what was wrong with a 95 Chevrolet Blazer with Check Engine light on. I would expect this from perhaps a pep Boys who services many types of cars and can't possibly know all models, but this is a manufacturer representative, who only deals with Chevrolets. The mechanic assigned to work on my vehicle simply did not know what he was doing, yet I was paying in excess of 75.00 per hour for rudimentary skills. I also got the impression they were trying to squeeze this vehicles' needs in between ohter jobs. This is a sign of a business trying to limit expenditures on labor and employees. Because they were trying to make a few extra bucks, hire fewer people, not contribute to the economy, I had to waste 370.00 for nothing and to boot, I still can't drive the vehicle. Peter Tracy, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tracy, California
10, Report #1133686
Mar 26 2014
04:24 AM
Tracy Kasparek Tracy Kasparek Elaguizy Tracy Kasparek is a THIEF!!!!!! Our estate is a mess!!!! Austin Texas
Tracy Kasparek Elaguizy is a thief!  She made a f***ing mess of our estate and then STOLE FROM IT!!!!!! Her bill was more than my inhertance!!!! Hope you spent my money not all in one place you f***ihg B****!!!!!!
Entity: Austin, Texas
11, Report #598404
Apr 29 2010
08:45 PM
Cynthia Tracy Houston Attorney Darryl Tracy, Sabrina Tracy Cynthia Tracy, State Bar Complaint, Nicole Mateo, Law Office Cynthia Tracy 77058 Houston, Texas
* * *MY THOUGHTS ON FRAUDULENT BILLING* * * I litigated a case where Cynthia Tracy was opposing counsel. Although I prevailed for the most part, there are resounding issues which the public should be notified of: * Cynthia Tracy encourages litigation by refusing to entertain viable avenues to litigation. In short, in stead of simply returning a call to resolve minor issues, Cynthia Tracy forces the opposing party to go to court, which in turn forces her to bill her client to go to court for something simple which could have been handled with a phone call. In one instance, 4-5 letters were sent to Cynthia Tracy to resolve very simple issues to avoid court and keep costs down--but this doesn't feed the hours Cynthia Tracy needs to bill due to the fact there's no money if there's no litigation. * Cynthia Tracy was offended I attached letters demonstrating I made efforts to resolve issues with her prior to filing a motion. Cynthia Tracy wrote a letter threatening sanctions due to lodging the letters as part of the court record, but forgets---an opposing party has no obligation to keep his or her own letters confidential which are written to opposing counsel, especially those making efforts to avoid litigation!! In my opinion, I believe Cynthia Tracy does not want her client or the court to know she simply ignores issue after issue to force her to go to court, which in turn forces her client to pay for her to go to court.*Cynthia Tracy appears to bill her client for 'professional services' but simply uses family to do much of her work, where you would think, in theory, if you pay for a paralegal's time, that paralegal went to school to learn how to research and draft law---but Cynthia Tracy appears to use her own kids but bills her client for the use of a legally educated staff. Due to the low quality and excessive errors made, there's no doubt in my mind the kids did not attend paralegal school or any form of higher education. For example, I am aware she uses family Sabrina Tracy aka (Bina T on MySpace) is bestowed the title of Legal Assistant and bills at about $125 an hour, and Darryll Tracy, an attorney who worked in child support collections (aka glorified debt collector). Personally, I believe having the kids do work for mom is cool, but billing your client for a Legal Assistant is ridiculous especially when the legal assistant perpetuates error after error. * Considering the above, now consider this---billing for work which Cynthia Tracy doesn't even review. For example, I am personally aware Cynthia Tracy had submitted paper work for a case where she asked the court to divorce the parties, but in reality the parties were never married, but simply dealing with visitation issues. Cynthia Tracy appears to use ProDoc or similar software for attorneys where you simply plug in basic information (case number, names of parties, etc) and the software prints out the form pleadings. It appears Cynthia Tracy is either grossly incompetent and forgets who is married and who is isn't as she fails to review what she files, or simply has the kids spit out and file paper work but bills the client for her time. In some places, this is called 'over-billing' and in others it's called 'fraud' since you bill for work but don't actually do the work! * Cynthia Tracy went so far as to bill her client to pursue records retained by MySpace and FaceBook even though those records cannot be produced under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). The ECPA is a federal statute that prohibits Facebook from producing any content without notarized user consent or a Search Warrant. Further, the consent form she wanted signed did not appear to have a location for a notary as required, therefore even IF the form was signed to give consent, Facebook and MySpace would have sent it back. No doubt, her cutting edge legal assistants could have figured this out by billing the client to learn the bare bones basics of the law and how to propound discovery properly. The list goes on and on. In sum, my opinion about Cynthia Tracy is based on first hand knowledge of dealing with her office, or should I just say 'the Tracy family'. She certainly makes the TV Show 'Texas Justice' appear very sophisticated when compared to the backwoods law office she runs with her kids.   Labels: Cynthia Tracy, Law Office Cynthia Tracy, Nicole Mateo 
Entity: Houston, Texas
12, Report #157560
Sep 19 2005
08:53 AM
Mattress Giant Maybe we can exchange it, doubt it, because it is your fault RIPOFF Salisbury Maryland
I have had my mattress set under a month and the center is sunken in. Not only is it sunken in, but I have also found water damage to it. I was told it was my fault for not inspecting the set on the day of delivery. I have only had the set 23 days and have been told there was nothing that can be done,but fill out a 12 page survey. Then wait for a reply from the company. Tomeka Salisbury, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, Maryland
13, Report #154694
Aug 23 2005
12:25 PM
Salisbury Homes Of Utah ripoff Pleasant Grove Springville Utah
Where is Rick Salisbury when there is a problem? I would not recommend homebuyers of Utah to buy houses built by Rick. I doubt if it would ever happen to you, but this is just a piece of information for you. BEWARE. This builder requires that you put down an earnest money of $2000 (right from the beginning), they call it construction fee or rather rip-off fee. Two months later, the house has just been framed. We told Salisbury that we are now no longer qualified for the loan due to immigration problems. The first thing we hear from the agents is You will lose your earnest money. No exceptions! The reason for not refund my earnest money is that it is non-refundable. This is their environment. I lost $2,000 and not losing thousands more to a builder whose is ruthless and without a heart. Thanks for reading. Good Luck buyers! Tina Park City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Springville, Utah
14, Report #83084
Mar 07 2004
03:59 PM
Accel Tires ripoff, auto mechanics Salisbury North Carolina
Okay a few months ago I had a car accident. Leaving my car to be repaired: new paint, new hood, new what ever that got messed up (the whole front end of my car). I filed a insurance claim, and they sent the check to get it repaired and the loan company's money because they considered it a totaled car(which in fact it was not totaled). Ao took it to Accel tires where they work on cars. The transmition needed straightened out, radiator fixed,etc... paint job was okay (considering the many scratches the shop left for me on my car). The headlights worked fine until they started repairing it(now the motors are gone?). The radiator (which I wasn't aware of this until a few days ago) as I thought was repaired is actually tied on with bungy cords. WHAT THE F***. Okay the driver side window won't roll down now. It did before I took it to the shop. The gear shifter(it's a automatic) when I put my car in drive, it acutally shows it is in neutral, but it is in drive. So basically I paid to get my car fu**** up. (The other guy I took it to for the body work did a good job, but the auto mechanics just scratched it up). If I knew this was going to happen and get my car even more screwed up, I would have taken it some where else. V. salisbury, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, North Carolina
15, Report #117721
Nov 13 2004
09:12 PM
We took our Jeep Grand Cherokee in to be serviced because the transmission would not shift. After checking the car a service tech called and said we need a few parts replaced and it was going to be around 550.00 for the repair.. we said ok and went the next day to pick the car up. When we arrived we paid the now 600.00 bill and left the parking lot having been told the jeep was now shifting perfectly. We only made it about 5 blocks and realized that the problem was still occurring and turned around and went back to the shop. They said they would look at it further and give us a call.. A few hours later we called to check on the car and were told that now we needed to have our transmission rebuilt and they needed another 16-2500.00 dollars for the repair.. Why didnt they just say we needed a transmission before they did the first 600.00 of repair for nothing????? Your guess is probably the same as ours... more money in their pockets!!! We asked the service manager to credit the first 600 toward the total price of having the transmission rebuilt since we should have been told that was what we needed to begin with but were told that was out of the question.... This place is definately a RIPOFF!!!!!! Shawn and holly Salisbury, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: SALISBURY, North Carolina
16, Report #455361
May 26 2009
11:40 AM
Millie Salisbury Deadbeat mom Rochester New York
Millie has taken her kids to TX without permission, stole money from real estate investors, forged documents, writes bad checks, put utilites in her ex-husband name (he has to pay and then take her to small claims), refuses visitation (but takes all the support she can), her sisters pay all of her bills, she can't even have anything in her name because she has so many judgements. She brainwashes the children, she even went as far as to say the one of her ex-husbands family members molested the boys.....all of this was unfounded through child protectives and the police. She has drilled it into the kids heads that they were molested. This is how you make a child into a future molester folks. After all that she has done.....she has taken her ex to court to see if she can move to TX with her sisters. She always comes out smelling like a rose.....the judge does not even care that she has been lied to by Millie and one of her sisters(who is a liar, theif and forger too). Millie is a loser and I don't know who sucks more, Millie, her family or the judge. Someone who knows the truth rochester/grapevineU.S.A.
Entity: Rochester, New York
17, Report #186688
Apr 14 2006
05:34 PM
Timmy Lee Hall Dead Beat Dad Salisbury Maryland
Timmy Lee Hall is a dead beat dad with four children and reports of possibly even more. He is a drug dealer and abuses the women he is with. He has never been faithful to any woman and will sleep with multiple women in a day. DO NOT DATE or do anything with this man!! Do NOT BE FOOLED! He owes over 10,000 in child support for is 9 year old and he's only 24! He has two sons born by two different women in the same month and a daughter born the same month a year later. BEWARE! Knows too well Salisbury, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, Maryland
18, Report #206420
Aug 16 2006
12:58 PM
Patty Ketchie smoked crack while pregnant ripoff Salisbury North Carolina
This woman is a child abuser. She not smoked crack while she was pregnant, but also supplied her other underage children with alcohol. She is also a liar and cheater. Patty cheats on her boyfriend Keith Anderson all the time and he is totally oblivious to this. Patty has a Child Protective case open at this time in Salisbury NC. People like this do not deserve the opportunity to have children. Pure idiots! Tammie Salisbury, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, North Carolina
19, Report #170531
Jan 05 2006
07:59 AM
Good Year Tire Company Ripoff Salisbury North Carolina
I went to the GoodYear Store on the 3th of jan of 2006 to get my Car a Yearly Inspected Sticker put on,Well everything was fine till, I saw the Guy put my car up in the air on the Rack, Which i had never seen this done with this older model car like i had, 94 Saturn,and before i went in the store i cked everything out on the car ,everything was fine and working, but when the guy findly came into the store after about 20 min,s,then took him about 20 more min,s to do the Bill, now mine you,this is a 94 model,and the bill was suppose to be $9.10, but he brought me a bill for $20.02,I said what is this for. he said a small bulb was burnt out,well all the bulb,s was burning,s before i went in the store,which I can realize that it don,t take but a split sec for one to burn out,but the botton line is that he charged me $10.92 for labor to just stick the buld in,maybe 5 sec- at the most to put it in,which i don,t think any of them was burnt out to start with, but what can a man do,They made Me and Ruth go inside the store so we could not see what was happening,I sure would hate to go in their for a major reason,but anyway they will not get any more of my Business or any one of my freind,s if i can help it,that,s for sure. Hope this Help,s any body else that goes there. I am Mad about some Companies or indevial shop,s do Rip off people. Leon Salisbury, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, North Carolina
20, Report #1089565
Oct 04 2013
03:30 PM
Salisbury Homes Stole $2000 deposit from young couple buying first home Springville Utah
This entire issue began June 21st 2013 and is ongoing to date October 4th 2013.   We were forced into a high pressure sales funnel from the beginning. Constant stress from agent Reed Smith to sign, or commit or risk losing the lot. We were given 1 day to get pre approved by their lender and 2 days to decide on a home model.    When we decided we were told that they would be able to build the Princeton style elevation. It wasn't until the next week at the design center that we were told right before signing that they would have to make some minor changes to the front of the home due to the fact that the city of Spanish Fork MIGHT not allow them to build it due to a similar home in proximity. The woman at the design center made it sound as though the changes would be fairly minor but it would still be the same home. She told us that if we did not sign into contract with Salisbury at that time that the architect would not even look at making the changes and we would likely lose the lot. We were rushed into signing for this reason.    A week later we got the revision of the home elevation. We were shocked to see a completely different home, nothing like what we had entered into a contract for. The minor changes were drastic. We asked that they look at the design again, we gave them some input as to what we did and didn't like. Over a week went by. Again, we got a completely different house and were now being told that we would owe an additional $5000 for this house. This was shocking because there was nothing structurally added that would have accounted for this increase in price. When we asked our sales associate he said very candidly that Salisbury won't tell you why they are adding that $5000. Salisbury increases their price because they can. And If you don't want to pay that money, Salisbury will just keep your deposit and sell the home to someone else for even more money. Though I appreciated his candor I was shocked to find that the company I was using to spend the most money I've ever spent in my life was not actively trying to create a good, valuable product for the end user, they were trying to make as much money as they possibly could while knowingly stealing money from their customers.    We were made to feel small and unimportant. Salisbury is a big builder in the area and were made to feel like our purchase of $238,000 was of little consequence to Salisbury.    We told Reed Smith by email that we no longer wished to do business with Salisbury. That because they weren't able to deliver the home we had agreed upon we would like to rescind our agreement. Reed told us that because Salisbury is digging your foundation hole tomorrow we can't return the money. Though this was his given reason, the hole was not actually dug until almost a month later. My wife sent 2 emails to Reed and we made phone calls. We didn't get a response for weeks. Later, my brother in law who was also building with Salisbury saw Reed. Reed told him, what is up with your in-laws? I've tried calling them and emailing them and they won't respond. Salisbury isn't going to return their money and we are just sitting on the lot. Reed Smith never tried to call us or email us back. For some reason he felt the need to lie to our brother in law regarding the matter which I don't understand.   Salisbury has been nothing but opaque since the beginning of our trying to do business with them. They are picking on a poor young couple trying to purchase their first home. We feel that we have had $2000 stolen from us by a company that knows better. We are only asking that after months of trouble we get back the $2000 that they took.
Entity: Springville, Utah
21, Report #1097269
Nov 05 2013
09:31 PM
Elon Property Management Merrifield Apartments Toxic Black Mold at Merrifield Salisbury Maryland
Elon Property Management is willfully renting apartments that should be condemned due to toxic black mold. They are aware of the seriousness of the problem in their complexes throughout the east coast yet refuse to fix it. There is standing water under most of the buildings due to poor maintenance of water run off and leaky pipes and this moisture causes the black mold to form. When confronted they act as if it's your fault, do a quick clean with x-14 or bleach which does not solve the problem. The mold is growing throughout the complex at Merrifield mostly under carpets, under wallpaper and in the heating and air conditioning units. I had the mold tested via ED laboratory and it came back with significantly above guidelines high counts, testing positive for Aspergillus spores, Dematiaceous fungal hyphal elements, Cladosporium species and stemphylum species. The testing was completed AFTER they had cleaned it up and gave the all clear. I have placed damp rid throughout the apartment to combat the moisture to no avail. I can not overcome their negligence. I suffer from chronic cold like symptoms, have had 2 major bouts with lung infections, wheezing, cough, burning eyes and nose and have accumulated medical bills and all my furniture and bedding have been ruined from the infiltration of mold. I forwarded the test results to Elon District manager Debbie Katey and she tried to tell me the test results were normal! Nothing to be concerned about as if she had a biology degree!This complex is eaten up with termites and some buildings are overwhelmed with roaches and silverfish among other critters. These people at Elon have no conscience or humanity. They prey on the innocent and take advantage of unsuspecting tenants. I in essence have paid them rent to make me very sick for two years. But, vengeance will be mine as I have initiated a petition in the complex to have the health department inspect the units and we are hiring an attorney to begin class action proceedings as they have willfully with full knowledge violated code and ethics by renting poisonous apartments.
Entity: Salisbury, Maryland
22, Report #1243317
Jul 21 2015
12:45 PM
Salisbury Homes/Always Affordable Homes Fast, Cheap and Faulty Springview Utah
When we moved to Utah 5 years ago, we were steered to Salisbury Homes by our realtor. Salisbury was building houses fast at affordable prices, so we bought one.  To begin with, we were moving to an area that had been farmland, so we had the ground surveyed and were told that we needed to have a layer of visquine laid over the ground before the cement was poured for our house's foundation. We relayed this message to Salisbury and they opted not to do this at all. Later they told us they refused because they measured the ground for water and could not even hit it.  A few months after we moved in, it rained consistently for a couple of days and our entire back yard (1/2 and acre) flooded horribly. Our house was built low, with our back yard higher. We found out that Salisbury had not added any drainage to our property, so there was no way for the water to drain from our backyard. Calls to the building foreman resulted in him cussing my husband out for calling him after 5:00. We literally had to have the city come and pump the water out or our house would have flooded.  After that, still being under warranty, Salisbury had to send the same jerk out to fix the problem. He burried a pump in the backyard, which my husband had to replace himself because the cheap one Salisbury's guy was authorized to put in was insufficient for our large backyard. There were many other things to mention. The front landscape was not at all what their landscape guy told us it would be. We asked for bushes with color and got almost nome. The gold rocks in the front garden areas completely turned to grey when it rained and quickly becgan to crumble into a sand-like substance. Getting them to come out to fix anything was like pulling teeth.  Less than a week after our initial 2 year warranty was up, one of our air-conditioners broke in the middle of summer. Salisbury's guy came out and told us it would take 5-7 days for him to get a replacement motor, so we had to call out a local company. They drove to Vegas and got us one quickly. They also told us that the motor, from the air-conditioner, we still had under a manufacturer warranty did not match the air-condition unit we had. He said our system could not adequately handle that motor. The salisbury guy who installed the units straight out told us that he bought 10-12 motors from his son so he could make enough money to go to Alaska with him fishing. He said 10-12 houses in our development had the same motors. Thus our warranty was void. When I went to Salisbury, I hit a brick wall. No one would help and it was about 110 degrees outside. I finally got throught to one of the owners, Rick Salisbury, who didn't care what the guy had done and refused to reimburse us for the unit. All he did was eventually make his air-conditioner guy pay for the replacement moror that still didn't match our system. He even made a comment to me that he didn't know what I was worried about, because according to his guy, I got a better motor. At the 5 year mark, our stucco and cement was cracked and we found out that Salisbury does not put rebar in their concrete unless you know this ahead of time and pay for an upgrade. They never even mentioned this as an option to us when we bought the house.        
Entity: Springview, Utah
23, Report #865
Dec 01 1999
12:00 AM
Circuit City...failure to replace entertainment center
On January 17, 1999, we purchased an entertainment center for our big screen television. This piece of furniture cost us $700.00. Weeks went by and still no entertainment center. We called Circuit City, to find out that it was in the store warehouse for weeks. When the piece finally arrived, the light on the right side would not work. I thought it was just the bulb, since it was blown. I bought another bulb and it still would not work. I called Circuit City that night, and could not get anyone on the phone who knew what to do. Finally, several days later after several phone calls, I went into the store and asked for a manager. After about 15 minutes, someone finally appeared. She ordered me a new piece, and said it would be in within a week. Again, several weeks went by, so I called again. Again, it was sitting in their warehouse. They finally came to my home with the new piece. Believe it or not, they ordered the wrong piece. They ordered the left side with the glass door, and not the right. So, the lady ordered another one. She said we will be out within a week. I told her I will be home during the day on Mon. and Thurs. She said they will be out on Thursday. I have yet to receive my replacement of the damaged piece. It is now October 21, 1999. No one seems to know anything about it at the store, and can never help me. This will be the last time I ever buy anything from Circuit City.
Entity: Salisbury, Maryland
24, Report #391806
Nov 16 2008
03:38 PM
Dan Murphy Forgery, and fradulant Salisbury Massachusetts
My girlfriend and I were passed a car on 11/13/08 that was for sale on the side of the road. We pulled over and called the number on the window. A male named Dan answered the phone and told me the car was for sale for $2300. I asked him how long the car was sitting there and he said just a couple of days. My Gf and I had him bring the car down to my grandfathers shop to have it looked at. After test driving the car Me and my grandfather both agreed that the car was in ok order. Dan stated that he was selling the car for his friend Mr. Nathanial ******* who was an older gentleman, so he was doing him a favor. Dan stated that Mr. Nathanial ******* wanted the $2300 for the car however the car was only listed on KBB for $2000. He made a phone call to Mr. Nathanial ******* , and told me that $2000 was fine. My Gf paid $2000 cash for the car and received the title and Bill of sale with the signature of a Mr. Nathanial *******.I did the research to see that Mr. Nathanial ******* was in fact 60 years of age, and did own the car. I went to the bathroom and my Gf signed the title and Bill of sale. The next day we went to get the car insured but the title said 9/3/08. At this time I felt very uneasy and such. If we were to register the car with the title of that date the Lemon Law would not apply. So I contacted Dan and told him I needed a notarized letter stating that the date was written incorrectly. After about 30 min of arguing that I was making a big deal out of the matter he agreed to get the letter. He told me that he needed the title to do so. I refused. He told me that he knew a person named Beverly, at the RMV that could push it through with the date of 11/13/08 on the title. All I had to do was give him my title and the proof of insurance. I checked with my insurance agent who knows everyone at the RMV and he said that there was no person by that name who ever worked there. Once again I refused to give him the title. Feeling very uneasy after such a runaround I did some research and found a number for Mr. Nathanial *******. I spoke with him only to find out that he sold the car MONTHS ago to a dealer for $150 who was suppose to junk it. He never signed the title when he handed it over. The dealer sold it to another person who sold it to DAN. Dan forged both signatures on the title as well as the Bill of sale. I filed a police report and demanded my money back. After trying to reach him all day I finally got a hold of him. After 30 min of swearing at me and acting like he was 5 yo, he told me he is going to meet me tomorrow at my grandfathers shop and we will exchange again, but I don't think this will happen. THE GUYS NAME IS DAN MURPHY. NOT ONLY DID HE LIE HE COMMITED A FELONY BY FORGING LEGAL DOCUMENTS. HE LIVES IN THE NEWBURYPORT, MA AREA. HIS PHONE NUMBER IS 978 270 6464. John Amesbury, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, Massachusetts
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Oct 02 2006
07:27 AM
Dennis Storage Company ripoff Salisbury Maryland
Moved from WA to DE using agents of Mayflower Moving Company. Agency in Washington removed goods on time. Arrival date in DElaware was to be between 30 June and 6 July. Goods arrived 21 July. Was required to pre pay to Mayflower Moving (using credit card) under a non- binding contract. Tonnage was over-estimated so was promised a refund of over $500.00 by the customer service person. When that did not occur, an inquiry led to the explanation that Dennis Storage Company was keeping the money for extra Mileage costs. There was no extra mileage ordered by me AND I was never sent a bill or given an explanation for this rip-off by Dennis Storage Company. Contractually, not only did the my belongings arrive 15 days late, but no final audited bill nor explanation of how I can legally be charged for extra mileage has been forthcoming. Requests for this information have been met with silence from the Mayflower Customer Service representative. Barbara Milford, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Salisbury, Maryland

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