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1, Report #1375597
May 26 2017
03:41 PM
Trade Masters Pro Dennis Verderosa Pump & Dump Operation Long Island New York
All their stock picks are losers. Give you picks, as price goes up, has you buy more. Then the bottom drops out. 5 different stocks down over 80% with no chance of coming back. Im sure they own it prior to running up the price. Then dump it & leave you holding the bag. They put out phony reports to persuade you to buy & give you phony targets that are never acheived. All of the pink sheet recommendations never go up, only down. Clearly a ripoff company. Not sure how they get away with it.
2, Report #1388372
Jul 26 2017
01:05 PM
Trade Masters Pro Dennis Verderosa Pump & Dump Operation Long Island New York
Interesting that the company phone #'s & ext. all went to voice mail for a week & are now not in service. They have totally disappeared - hope this is because the sec is investigating them. Note that their flagship recommendation spyr with a 1 for 1 stock of their restaurant company due in Sept 28th or so is now been flagged - Caveat Emptor Designationincluding a tier change. Stock goes from $0.50 to $0.19 today. Another sign was a week before this started to happen - another pick - RBNW recommended at $0.30 is now down to $0.03 I remember the big sales pitch when they were acquired about no longer picking otc stocks without a through investigation & analysis.  I bet they are the shorters themselves on these recommendations & walk away with a killing leaving us investors in the dark and broke. More bad news to come I expect....
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1371525
May 05 2017
12:02 PM
trademasters pro dennis verderosa pump and dump con artists New York
These guys are definately scam artists at Trademasters Pro. I have lost thousands of dollars in their pump and dump schemes. I have also found many more people on the internet that have also lost thousands of dollars. If you want a chance to get back a portion of your losses, you need to call the New York FBI office. The more people that call the FBI the better off we will all be when it comes to stopping these crooks. Names I have dealt with at Trademasters Pro are Dennis Verderosa, Sergio Ramirez.   Stay away from these people they are liars and crooks.
Entity: New York
4, Report #1371070
May 03 2017
11:14 AM
Dennis Verderosa apparent pump & dump scheme Internet
I paid $199 for a promotion to a stock picking service available on & was urged by Dennis multiple times to buy as many shares of ICEIF as I could because the stock was going to be rocketing up in the near future.  I've ended up losing over $2000 on the 1500 shares I bought.  I know there's risk in buying small stocks & would dismiss the sales pitches as puffing except that he INSISTED on knowing each time he called whether I'd bought the stock &, if so, how many shares of it & what I'd paid.  That's when I became uncomfortable & told him it was none of his business, whereupon he would appear to become angry about my wasting his time & hang up on me.  I, too, asked for my subscription payment to be returned, & the company refused.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1389658
Aug 01 2017
09:32 AM
Trademasters Pro Dennis Verderosa Trademasters Pro Dennis Verderosa New York Nationwide
I was contacted by Charmaine Parson from Trademasters Pro and had me sign on with their service for $85.Then I was assigned an agent (Dennis Verderosa) to guide me in investing in stocks.  Dennis gave me three household name company stocks and penny stock SPYR to invest in.  Then he kept calling and calling to get me buy more and more of SPYR stock. He calls and wanted to know how many you going to buy and tells you what price to put in and wanted to know when you place the buy order. He said that SPYR is going to be bought out by esport and how the company going to expose the people that shorting the stock. He kept telling me that it's going to go to $10-15.  He had me buy over 20,000 shares of SPYR as high as $1 per share.  I tried to reach him in the past few weeks but no answer and the main company voicemail is full.  Then the SPYR stock toke a tumble.  I got out of it at 0.16 and lost alot of money in my retirement acct.  I called SPYR investor relations phone # on their web site but it was disconnected then I called their main # and spoke to someone and they took my name and # to have their investor relations to contact me. I finally got hold of their investor relations contact Marlin Molinaro and I asked him about Trademasters Pro.  He initially said that he don't know them then he said that he thinks they are out of business. Anyway this is what happened to me.  I am embarrassed to say that I was scammed by Trademasters Pro and Dennis Verderosa out of my retirement money.  I paid money to use their expertise but they misrepresented themselves because they had different agenda, push their clients to buy SPYR stock.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1383474
Jul 06 2017
08:13 AM
Trade Masters Pro Advice is really sales pitch for penny stocks. Maybe Pump and Dump Internet
Trade Master Pro use high pressure tactics to get you to subscribe to their services.  The Services are really getting you to buy junk penny stocks that are thinnly traded and usually cannot be sold back due to the low trading volume. I didn't follow the advice of Brian and he called the next day to gloat about the stock going up $.05.  I had a limit order to sell the stock at the price he was gloating about. (I had purchased the shares previously.)  However, the stock is so thinly traded, my sell order was never exectuted. There is no refund for their services so Brian just yells insults when I call him to check on the stock.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #654779
Mar 24 2011
10:01 PM
EchoMetrix (EHMI) - Scam, Fraud, Mob Connected, Pump-n-dump, $37M Accumulated Deficit! Long Island , New York
This company is not in business to make money, a product, or even provide shareholder value.  They have never exceeded a gross revenue of $100,000 per year.  Their latest product was shut down by the Attorney General (see their press release below).  Their child monitoring program never succeeded and the rest is in dispute by their CTO.  This company has an accumulated deficit of over $37,000,000.  So clearly all this company does is launder money by maintaining it's trading volume and stock price, but nature and dilution are slowly taking effect.  A 5 year trend shows that this stock continues a graceful fall.  Then why has this stock lasted as long as it has?  Simple - the company has connections to the NY and NJ mobsters (see Supinsky), and now the current investors have been convicted of boiler room, churn and burn tactics before.  Buyer beware!  More information can be found here. Release Source: Echometrix, Inc. On Wednesday September 15, 2010, 9:32 pm EDT SYOSSET, NY--(Marketwire - 09/15/10) - Echometrix, Inc. (OTC.BB:EHMI - News), a leader in online family safety technology, today announced a settlement with the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York regarding an inquiry into Echometrix's discontinued PULSE project.In June 2009, Echometrix announced a developmental project called PULSE, designed to give marketers insight into a range of user generated content on the Internet. The project would share certain anonymous, aggregated and truncated data -- which did not include personally identifiable data such as first and last names, email addresses, or phone numbers. Nonetheless, the Company soon learned of privacy concerns regarding PULSE from the New York State Attorney General office and an inquiry was initiated in October 2009.In response to, and out of respect for these concerns, we voluntarily ceased PULSE in the fourth quarter of 2009. PULSE had generated negligible revenues of less than $1,000 in a very limited distribution. In concluding the inquiry and resolving any privacy matters, Echometrix has entered into a voluntary agreement with the Office of the New York Attorney General, which confirms that we have ceased the project and have implemented appropriate measures to enforce our privacy policies. Furthermore, as an assurance to our commitment to privacy, the Board of Directors has appointed a seasoned privacy specialist to the Company's Advisory Board. We are pleased to have settled this matter in a cooperative and amicable manner.We remain very enthusiastic about the current products and future developments of Echometrix and will continue to focus on the products and services we know best -- tools and applications that protect children online, and offer parents control and transparency into their children's online activities.About EchometrixEchometrix (OTC.BB:EHMI - News) develops software services committed to online protection and family safety. For more information, visit
Entity: Long Island, New York
8, Report #1360498
Mar 08 2017
09:50 AM
Trade Masters Pro Their stock market advice is terrible. In two months I was down 49%. They are scammers. New York New York
I signed up with Trade Masters Pro in January, 2017. I paid $150 for a 4 month Trial Subscription. (I should have known better.) I asked to have my $150 returned the very next day, but they just handed my off to another fast talking associate. So I went with it for two months before I cancelled my subscription, as I didn't want them to eventually charge my credit card for another round of worthless information. They call you and tell you how great some stock is, how it's going to take off, how much money you are going to make. Then they want to know how many shares you will commit to buying. You are not buying the shares from them, but they really pump you to buy several thousands of dollars of a certain stock. I don't know why they are so adamant about getting  you to commitm to buy a lot and buy it now. I was hung up on twice by my advisor Dennis when I wanted to observe the stock and see if it would move to the upside before commiting any funds. Some of their recommendations are ligitimate companies, others are penny stocks. I was given 5 stocks to buy in January. Two months later, 3 of the stocks were up by 1%, one was down by 5%, and the fourth stock was down by 46%. The fifth stock recommendation they gave me a month after joining, also a penny stock, hadn't gone anywhere in a month. Dennis continued to call me pumping up the latest penny stock, but seemed to forget that his other stock picks had gone down by 40%. He hung up on me when I mentioned that. That's when I decided to cancel my subscription and write this review. I don't want Trade Masters Pro calling me anymore. Penny stocks are so dangerous, it's hard enough to make money with legitmate companies. .I always though if you really are good at picking good stocks, and actually make money in the markets, why are you calling me? Why aren't you at home on the computer making millions? Why do you need me? In summary: In 2 months I would have been down 40 something percent if I would have bought their horrible stock picks. (January and February 2017 were good months in the stock market, and Trade Masters Pro couldn't pick winners.)   I found them to be rude. My impression is they resemble a boiler room opperation. I'm upset with myself that I gave them the $150 in the beginning, but it would have been a lot worse if I had taken their advice.  Trade Masters Pro are scammers.  
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #373657
Sep 16 2008
11:09 PM
Trade Masters / Eddie will take your money and run Staten Island New York
Eddie will talk real sweet on the phone until he gets your money.Once he get your money he will pretend he don't know you.Be careful unless you have a lot of money to burn. Stan the man New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Staten Island, New York
10, Report #1385564
Jul 14 2017
12:34 PM
Trademasters Pro John Gold, Ian Grant Lost more than $150,000 on pump/dump transactions, now they're gone. Anyone willing to join in class action suit? New York? New York?
Trademasters Pro is a classic pump/dump scam. Over the course of a year I followed their advice, hoping one loss would be offset by another gain. Never happened. My total investment of over $150,000 is now on the critical list. Clearly, I need help. Is anyone similarly affected willing to join me in a class action civil  lawsuit, criminal complaint  or other joint action?
Entity: Internet
11, Report #653584
Oct 21 2010
10:32 AM
Masters Great Neck Mastercars, PREADATORY LENDING, MILEAGE ROLLBACKS, SALVAGED CARS great neck, New York
this company engages in predatory lending, lying. the offer was i needed a co-signer for 6 months at a higher monthly payment.  after 6 months the co-signer would come off and the payment would drop.  needless to say this was all a scam researching online it seems all of there cars are salvaged, stolen and chopped mileage rolled back.   i have found about 20 people through internet searches who have been scammed by them.  they are all being contacted by my attorney, to join in on bringing them down.   we also have a certified Mercedes Benz dealer willing to cooperate with us in proving the fraud in the vehicles that they sell.  this company has changed its name a few times, and i also have learned the attorney general is aware of the situation,if anyone else has been scammed from these dealers file you
Entity: great neck, New York
12, Report #1309529
Jun 04 2016
03:55 PM
Dennis ROSENBLUM Fraud new york new york
 Apparently I am not the.only that has fallen victim to Mr. Rosenblum scam. I was sent a Cashiers check for 2240.00 and my task was to send 940$ to 2 different women. As I was going to cash the check at Walmart the scanner wouldn't pick up the numbers.So I decided to do further research to make sure it was real and came across this website with other people who have the same complaints as me. This could send people to prison and am a mother of one with another on the way.
13, Report #1268901
Nov 18 2015
07:26 PM
Elite Stock Research U Trade Research SCAM Penny Stock Pump and Dump Plain view New York
I was pressured into buying a worthless penny stock called NimusBio or NMUS they made me buy this stock at $4.55 and I put $ 25,000.00 into it and now it's .75 now my 5,500 shares are worth less than 5000$. Last month I was told that Anthony Vassallo is the so called Analyst after some easy google searches this is what I find! Check out for your self. This guy is a crook and should be in jail.Needless to say I am very very unhappy with this company and the girl that pushed me to buy this crap. I should have listened to myself and if something sounds to good to be true it probably is. Do your self a favor and steer clear. If this company calls you Hang UP! Oh and they told me that they were bought by Utrade Research and there's no website that I could find. there was some other site but I'm not sure it looks foreign. 
Entity: Plain view , New York
14, Report #1079544
Aug 27 2013
02:46 PM
Dennis Garner Pro Customer Research INC Mystery Shopper Scam New York New York
I have recieved a priority mail envelope in my mail box with a letter stating I have recieve an assignment as a mystery shopper. It is from a company called pro customer research INC, and is from a guy named Dennis Garner.It is in the amount of 1680.00, and instructs me to cash at my bank, and send 1480 to a person named Linda Brooks with the address 159 corsica ave Manila Philippines 1905, and I was to keep the remaining 200 dollars. This was to be sent through western union, and I was to pose as a regular customer and deliver a report on how well western union treated me and my transaction.I have no reculation of applying to this company, which makes me wonder how they got my information to send this check to begin with. I am not sure if I should change my email address, or even contact the police. This check is from Ascend federal credit union, and is a cashiers check. I have tried calling the phone number of this company, and have tried calling the bank the check is from, but no luck. I am afraid of my name being corrupted, and I want something done about this. I am willing to give any information to the proper authorities about this, and I will go all the way and get a lawyer if I have to.If anyone out there recieves anything like this, please do NOT cash the check, as you will be responsible. These people post mystery shopper jobs on craigslist, monster, indeed, and many more sites. Be careful everyone.
Entity: New York , New York
15, Report #1101943
Nov 25 2013
12:07 AM
It was my own fault.. I went into Masters with the intent to purchase a truck priced at 16,000 which was avaliable when I called, but when i get there the salesman tells me the 1 I wanted needed repairs and wouldn't be ready for at least a month plus it was to much maintenance but they had another truck same model that I test drove and I realized I didnt like the truck, so I looked around for other vechicles I came across a 2008 car that i liked it was being detailed at the time so I was told the car was priced at 24,000 so I went in to begin paperwork I dont have bad credit so I couldnt understand why my payments was so high but fine i want the car so I take it Well then i was told the car wasnt ready and i needed to come back tommorow so they can have it ready well they had the car for three days and when I finally went to pick up car it was still sitting in the same spot and had not been touched I then had to wait while it was being washed and inspected finally when i recievef my car I realized I never got my paperwork which took them another hour to give me. Well silly me still paid it no mind finally im lookn over my papers and my apr is 7.8% didnt even know that was possible and my own bank was only chargong mr 4.9% and they changed the price by 20,000. I feel like such an idiot that I didnt pay attention sooner. They gave me the highest interest rate possible and they switched my paperwork. Masters automall are definitely Frauds. I doubt if theres anything I can do at this point. They got me too.
Entity: great neck, New York
16, Report #1078820
Aug 25 2013
07:57 AM
PRO CUSTOMER RESEARCH INC. Dennis Garner Linda Brooks Pro Research Inc Dennis Garner/Linda Brooks tried to fool us. New York New York
My husband and I received a priority mail envelope in on 8-24-13.. Inside was a letter, which was actually a copy of a printed out email, and a cashiers check in the amount of $1680.00. The letter instructed us to cash the check at our bank, keep $200.00 to ourselves as compensation.for the training assessment. , and to transfer $1450.00 to a woman names Linda Brooks in Mantilla, Philippines, using the remakig $30.00 to cover transfer fees at a Western Union. We were immediately. suspicious. and googled the name Dennis Garner along with the phrase cashiers check scams. This site. popped up with a couple of reports with the same name and same amounts. Thankfully. we did not cash the check. If you get something like this in the mail then not cash this check. You will be held accountable. for the amount when the check bounces. If you did fall victim to this persons horrible scam then please do.not feel guilty or. even stupid. These scanners.are extremely tricky and very convincing. Always contact. your local authorities. and the banking institution. that these people try to these checks as coming from.
Entity: new york, New York
17, Report #1079151
Aug 26 2013
12:09 PM
pro customer research dennis garner cashiers check scam new york New York
On August 26,2013 i received a cashsiers check in the amount of 1680 and was instructed to cash the check in my account.  Then take 1480 dollars and send it via western union to Linda Brooks in Manila in the Philippines. Then keep 200 hundred of it for commision for this assignment.  The assignment was suppose to be for First Mystery Shopper Assignment.  Which I was suppose to go t western union and evaluate there services.  I deposited the check in my account and the check bounced, thank god my bank holds checks until they are cleared.  This is a scam beware
Entity: new york, New York
18, Report #169931
Dec 31 2005
09:47 AM
Ryan Masters ripoff nonexistent coupon codes on eBay San Bernardino California
Seems like I've become another Ryan Masters victim. He listed $10 discount codes (for movie tickets) on eBay. Paid him for them via PayPal back on 10/20/05, and he emailed me the codes stating that they were good until October of 2006, but alas, only one of the four actually worked. Emailed him several times for help but got no response. PayPal not very helpful, mostly because so much time had passed, but did mention they would note his account with my complaint.... (I did check eBay and his account has been closed) He's got to be traceable through PayPal - they are pretty strict about creating accounts (esp. w/the Patriot Act in force these days)- if only we can get their attention! Anyone else have any advice? Rob New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: San Bernardino, California
19, Report #417670
Jan 29 2009
09:52 AM
Reid And Rudiger LLC Edward Rudiger Pump And Dump Stock Scam Edward Rudiger, Reid and Rudiger LLC, scam New York Internet
Reid and Rudiger LLC Edward Rudiger Pump and Dump Stock Scam This firm operates out of a small office in 110 Wall Street in New York City. It is a chop shop. The owner Edward Rudiger is a wannabe bigshot who walks around with a Harvard hat and who has an IQ of a monkey. They make their money by doing pump and dump stock schemes. They work with desperate brokers promising them that they will get them a series 7 and 63 licenses. They make the trainees make 700 cold calls a day and they are forced to get 5 leads a day. They pay their workers $300 a week to work them like dogs. At the end the brokers never get their Series 7. They take the brokers leads for themselves and make some excuse to fire them. They have been doing this for the past 10 years. I know for a fact that they have been involved in shady stock deals. I tell everyone, do not do business with Reid and Rudiger LLC. They are scammers of the highest caliber. Mda new york, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1190288
Nov 20 2014
12:55 PM
Gold Star Transport Auto Transport scam operation Long Island, NY Internet, New York
GOLD STAR IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.  I ended paying $400 in addition to the original quote. My car was filthy upon arrival and half of the content was stolen from my car, including all winter clothes and my GPS in the glove compartment. My car was picked up 4 days later than the window of pickup dates given me and another 7 days for the car to arrive at the final destination. I was told that the truck broke down and needed repair, which probably was another lie. Did not know where they left my car because it was absolutely filthy upon arrival. To book the transport which I did in August for an Oct pickup date, they took my routing and checking numbers for them to withdraw $195 directly from my bank, which I shouldn't have done. Their quote is the lowest and ended up to be the highest.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #566946
Feb 09 2010
04:45 PM
i placed an order with about 4pm my time.after i finished placing the order i see, they charged me $9.99 for express shipping, then $9.99 for saturday delivery 2/13/10, $2.99 for handling. there was no indication before ordering what the shipping and handling charges were.    after seeing the charges, within minutes i called proflowers to cancel the order.the girl (sofia) told me, no, that can't be done!  i said, let me talk to someone else.  i was put on hold for a bit of a while.  he (tim) told me your order was placed at 1:30 and it's too late to cancel it was already shippped out.  i said, today is 2/09 and i place the order just a few minutes ago, how does it say i ordered at 1:30?  and the order was already to be shipped out for a 2/13 delivery within minutes? anywayyyyy, he gave me a run around about the charges and how proflowers would have to eat up the extra shipping charges through ups blah, blah blah neglecting to say the order was coming to me on the east coast from california!!!!!! bottom line is, he refused to cancel my order, and my credit card was charged immediatly.  the order better be at least up to par, fore i will be back! anyone can bet proflowers will not last much longer ripping off people. ciao!        
Entity: SAN DIEGO, California
22, Report #142606
May 13 2005
09:39 AM
VoyagerTravelClub ripoff, dishonesty, Misinformation Long Island New York
THis company misinformed me on the services that would be provided to me for $199. One of their customer representatives did so and they have a 30/60-day policy. But after 30 days have passed that's when I realized (When they asked me for more money) that this customer representative gave me the wrong information, there were important details and requirements that he didn't specify to me. Therefore, I asked for a reimbursement. They told me about their 30/60-day policy. But I told them that the policy doesn't apply here because I have been misinformed. That is a fraud. Now, they are unreachable. Phone numbers, e-mails, Nothing works! I'm still waiting for an answer to my e-mails and phone calls. It's been weeks now. Rachel Long Island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Long Island, Internet
23, Report #1252461
Sep 02 2015
09:08 AM
Dial 7 Car and Limousine Service Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Long Island New York
They show you an Escalade on their website. You call and reserve an Escalade. You pay for an Escalade. Your receipt even shows the customer a photo of an Escalade. However, the Dial 7 driver shows up in a POS black Suburban, and tells you it’s just as good. NO, they are not! One has an MSRP of $49k and the other $79k!! What really sucks about Dial-7 is NONE of this is an accident. It’s a deliberate bait and switch and it’s against the law. It’s called Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices! The day I called from the airport, the dial 7 csr told me they don't even have any escalades in their fleet. Once you get home, you can complain, like I did. A girl named Jennifer will jerk you around for 2 weeks promising you a refund. Many verbal statements were made by dial 7, unfortunately for them, I saved every written receipt. In the end you'll have to dispute it on your credit card because dial 7 does not care about you > The Consumer!  
Entity: Long Island, New York
24, Report #947805
Sep 28 2012
06:51 AM
Lead Net Pro Dennis Ventura Lied and Misrepresented the service New York, New York
Lead Net pro is basically a business address and phone number generation service. They sell their service thru resellers. And they all lie.  You cannot find out the truth about what LNP does till you have paid the fees and signed up. I will try and give you the exact truth of what is going on. They could probably not sell this except for the lies perpetrated by their resellers. Cost  397.00 Plus    19.95 a month Plus    Own hosting account.  This is one of the lies the resellers tell you they provide but LNP will tell you no and you need to get your own. Plus    IP  address  same as above Plus    Excel 2007 or newer.  And you need to be very good at this to be able to scrub and merge your lists into the right formats. Plus    Phone time This is a business to business service.  They try and tell you that you could sell leads to other business'. Why would somebody pay you if they can buy their own software. It only works with business so mortgage, insurance, restaurants, etc. Do not have a need for this because they work in a small market.  They cannot contact their clients every day it will piss them off. You cannot blast e mail thru this service.  yet the resellers tell you that you can.  The system seems to work well for creating mailing labels and using the phone system.  But I have not tried it yet. There is no live phone # for contacting lead net pro just the crooks you resell it. Also their copyright is from 2010 so you wonder how current software is. And will it work with Google etc. You need to have a service that you can sell to business owners and you need to be able to do it across the country. If you are stuck in just your local market this will not work. The resellers will tell you that you can be up and running in less than 24 hours and generating income.  More lies.  Your first sale of the system goes to them.  And it will honestly take at least a week to get thru the training and set up before you could begin to contact business owners. The only reason I got scammed is because I was so desperate. I thought I had done my research but still got taken. It just proves the internet is great for Porn and biased news coverage and scams. Be careful.
Entity: New York, New York
25, Report #363976
Aug 18 2008
07:17 AM
Jodan Shapiro fraud ripp off artist pump and dump scheme Canada
This man (Norman Meier)along with Jordan Shapiro and their attorney Penny Green took their publicly traded companies and created what is called a Pump and Dump. What they did is place out false information (paid news companies in some cases 7500 Beacon Equity) causing the stock to increase significantly and they sell their stock and make money the stock eventually tanks to nothing. Now you should know that this was a shell company they did not own a piece of equiptment, their mining leases were either sold off for profit and diverted into Mr. Meiers off shore accounts. The entire Board of directors resigned, now Penny Green Atty at law files bogus SEC filings. Mr. Meier and Mr. Shapiro made a loan for close to one million dollars from Tecton Corp to Hemis Corp with out board approval and all the monies went into Meiers and Shapiros accounts. Meier has a phony PHD, i have hired a Private investigation company and they turned up so much fraud its not even funny. I have turned all of this over to the DOJ> Stay away from these people, also George Kuenzli is part of this scam too. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE THEY WILL STEAL EVERYTHING YOU HAVE Fpciano otisville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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