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1, Report #1391729
Aug 10 2017
08:22 AM
Trademark Plus Trademark Plus, Inc. POOR SERVICE, NO VALUE, ZERO RESPONSIVENESS Schaumburg Illinois
Trademark Plus is run by bots. Stupid Bots. Stupid Bots that don't answer emails. Stupid Bots that will help you spend over $800 of your money and not result in a successful trademark application.   My company paid for two trademark applications through Trademark Plus. One was for a stylized mark and the other for the same name, but a character mark. The first was submitted about 2 months before the other. We included the extra fee for a Federal trademark search suggested by Trademark Plus to ensure no conflicts.   After submitting the applications, Trademark Plus sent us two reports resulting from their Federal Trademark Search. Both said the marks were free from any conflicts. Their exact statement was:   The examining agent has searched the United States Patent and Trademark Office records and has found no direct conflict of registered or pending mark under Tradesmark Act Section 2(d), 15 U.S.C. 1052(d). TMEP 1207.1 et seq..   After waiting three months for the first stylized mark to be reviewed by the USPTO, we received a response only hours after being assigned to a USPTO patent attorney. That has to be a world record. It was flatly rejected due to a conflict. Not having submitted a trademark before, we did some research. Once we had a better understanding, it was clear that the most basic search should have showed a conflict, but Trademark Plus found nothing.   Given what we know now, we realize our second character mark application will suffer the same fate. Money flushed down the toilet.   Secondly, the process of filling out the application on the Trademark Plus website walks you through what information to fill in. Before and after filling out the application, Trademark Plus leads the applicant to believe that the application is being checked for accuracy and completeness. That is not the case. In our case, it was not pointed out that the proper taxonomy for goods and services for my applied class was not used. It was very apparent that no one looked at our applications. That was the secondary, but not fatal rejection of our application.   I've sent Trademark Plus numerous emails and have received no response. Apparently that is their customer service mode of operation.   Stay away from Trademark Plus. You'll have more satisfaction taking a stack of money out to your back parking lot and lighting it on fire.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
2, Report #915254
Jul 20 2012
10:20 PM
George Fenwick and trademark drywall plus There is noquestion in mind that George Fenwick from Airdrie Alberta an elderly fellow that looks like a semi retired individual .....will be a bad chise for you if you need to rely on his word or Airdrie , Alberta
This report you are reading is not a bad report about George Fenwick of Airdrie - it is the the truth about this guy!  Be worried about any dealings with him !!!!  If you are considering hiring him  for your project  - it will be a huge mistake for you to enter into any agreement or arrangement  with him -   I know what happened to me and I know what happened to others who used his services and could not escape the trouble he brought upon them ..... if you are going to do work for him and  want to get paid from George Fenwick and Trademark Drywall Plus  .....well in 2012  I know of some people who are still waiting to get paid from this guy George .......if you hear anything to do with him  ..... from my experience - he will be what I call  -   a total loser !   I could not describe a bigger warning about this guy George Fenwick of Airdrie !!!!!  Stay away from him and Trademark Drywall plus for your own safety  - if you are reading this report you will not be able to claim you were not  notifyed in advance .......good luck  to us all   
Entity: Airdrie, Alberta
3, Report #1184519
Oct 23 2014
11:07 AM
Trademark Hound Garbage NY Internet
There is such frustration with having no response from Trademark Hound. I then Googled them and to my surprise saw many people with the same problem I'm having. Treademark Hound is advertising my personal information regarding a trademark, OF WHICH, is no longer correct. The USPTO gives access to these websites so that they may display the correct information. That is fault number one. I've tried contacting Trademark Hound over the course of a few months and I received no response from them. That is fault number two. They also advertise on their website that they can remove the listing (within 2 weeks) or pay $50 (and have it removed within 24hr). Untrusting by the fact that they never respond, I clicked to have it removed and each time two weeks passed, it was still there. Do not give them your $50.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #439486
Jan 25 2013
05:47 AM
Snapnames, Media Web Plus,, Moniker, Kjel Holmberg, Protondomains, And DirectISnapNames, & Nidal Elkadri - Scam Company & Shady Registrar Partners - Protondomains & Media Web Plus Portland Oregon - Scam Company & Shady Registrar Partners -Protondomains & Media Web Plus ICANN has to do something about Snapnames and their Shady Registrar Partners - Protondomains & Media Web Plus, and what they get away with. For several months we've had to contend with registrars that includes Directnic, Intercosmos, DirectI, Snapnames, Protondomains, and now Media Web Plus. Back in July, My company asked DirectNIC/Intercosmos (through emails and faxes) torelease a specific inactive and parked domain name to the public because of our trademark.They did so by expiring and deleting the domain (Thank you Intercosmos!) and we waited patiently for over thirty days to purchase the name when it became available. Snapnames grabbed it first through their domain drop and snatch service and thenauctioned it off to THEIR shady registry partner and SUBSIDIARY - PROTONDOMAINS. According to Whois: Domain Name: *.COM Registrar: PROTONDOMAINS.COM LLC Whois Server: Referral URL: Name Server: NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM Name Server: NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM Status: ok Updated Date: 20-dec-2008 Creation Date: 10-dec-2008 Expiration Date: 10-dec-2009 So first it was under the name of DirectI, a company in India. We called them, and they informed us that they weren't the owners, and then we contacted Oversee and they said that the domain name was being managed by Snapnames under its subsidiary: Prontodomains. We then made numerous attempts to reach Protondomains. The Whois information was incorrect,so we made a formal complaint with ICANNabout theirphony Whois information. The recently restored accurate information to the whois, so hopefully we've led to helping to prevent them from misleading the public in the future. We made attempts to contact KJEL HOLMBERG over at Snapnames, but he hasn't replied since December of 2008 (It's now approaching April 2009), only to our surprise that Protondomains might share an office with the folk at Snapnames. Recently, the name was sold to or registered by MEDIA WEB PLUS, cybersquatters in the search optimization business. We did reach out to them and they have asked us for $5000 for the name and then to f*ck off when we refused to pay. We forwarded their request as well as our response to I spoke to a couple of folk at Moniker, as they were the only ones answering their phones and they were wondering why Snapnames hadn't responded to our voicemail messages and emails. Next We learned that the same domain name is on the Moniker marketplace being sold for $1600 as of 1:38PM EST. Dec. 22nd, 2008. We were confused and so we contacted their customer support line and Moniker explained that Media Web Plus is most likely involved in a practicethat isin likelihood violating their terms and agreement as customers of theirs. The domain name also appears on the SEDO marketplace for an unknown bid amount. All we want is our name. Media Web Plus along with SEOSEO and are also the owners and administrators of websites that would tarnish our brand name, and for what, so they can make a quick buck? We have rights toTHIS domain through our business registration in the State of New York and we hold a USPTO trademark and relevant pseudo-mark registration for THIS name, and have engaged in commerce underTHIS name,and we were also issueda Tax ID by the IRS number underTHIS name and will be filing for our company 2008 tax returns underTHIS name. On March 26, 2009, Media Web Plus informed us that the name will be sold through SEDO. That means they've had literally no traffic on the name and have been attempting to sell it for their outrageous sum since December 22, 2008!!! This was our response (sent the same day): As I mentioned on my previous email, we have a trademark for the name, so anyone who, to their misfortune purchases the name, we will inform them of our rights over the name and what they do from there to get there money back is up to them. I don't think it's even fair for them to be buying into a domain dispute and then delivered cease and desist letters by our lawyers. As long as they want toengage in any activity involvingthe United States, they'll be confronted by the USPTO as using our name illegally. Who wants that? Isthat worth $5000? There's a reason why it has taken you so long to sell the name. No one wants it and would have to be reckless to buy it if they did their research. We are cool with buying the name for a $100 and that's it - quick & easy. We already have money set aside for the legal fees and arbitration fees to pursue this issue from start to finish. Do what you have to do in the name of business and commerce. Best of luck to you and I hope you guys are successful in your accomplishing your wishes and hopes. We will still always be {inserted domain name}, and doing good by that name for all our world's kids. We want our name and won't stop fighting until a transfer is made.WE sent ALL our supporting documents to the above parties, and we will not send them again. We wanted to avoid an arbitration process (it's expensive), but it may come to that. However, we will make sure that any customer, ICANN and anyone who has to deal with SNAPNAMES, PROTONDOMAINS, and MEDIA WEB PLUS will find this board posting, and be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams. Fight them!!! Anyone wishing to contact me about resolving this matter or have any questions or tips, please do so (to avoid spam) through this site's messaging process. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Email addresses of those mentioned in this posting. Contact them if you face similar issues Good luck future business owners and social entrepreneurs, and thank you ICANN for establishing new policies against those who are a part of why our US economy is bad. We need more oversight and regulations. This issue has made me an advocate for them. Here are the email addresses you won't find as available on the web: {Contact me if you need email addresses} Also try: Attn: Legal (Moniker) 1600 Southwest 4th Avenue, Suite 400 Portland, Oregon, 97201 If you have trouble with MEDIA WEB PLUS, their public whois information (made public) is: Registration Service Provided By: MANAGE.SNAPNAMES.COM Contact: +1.5034595739 Website: Domain Name: BOOKBROS.COM Registrant: Media Web Plus nidal elkadri 125 marcel chaput gatineau qc,j9a 3b3 CA Tel. +1.8197761113 Kjel P. Holmberg SnapNames, Business Development Manager 115 NW 1st Ave, 3rd Floor Portland, Oregon 97209 503.219.9990 ext. 236 Kal L. Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
5, Report #398650
Dec 06 2008
05:40 PM
Patent & Trademark Institute Patent & Trademark Institute: The Dreamstealers Garden City New York
Dear Ripoff Report Readers, What happened to me, as I'm sure it has happened to anyone who dealt with PTI, my dreams and hopes were crushed by this so called company. My advisor during that time of starting off the patent process back in Sept, of 2004 was Pat Ralston. As many of you know, there was money involved, which was always needed upfront for them to take my idea around the world, exhibitions and what not. I spoke with my family before going ahead with any financial investments with the idea, and we all put together $5,898.00. Which, mind you, the majority of the money coming from my grandmothers savings. Well it turns out that after Pat Ralston had received the money of said amount, he and his family suddenly went on vacation to Florida. After that incident, he never called back for about 2 months or so, when I received a phone call from a lawyer, Sarah, saying that PTI was under investigation for sharing clients inventions with other companies and it was closed. Needless to say, I was rushed with multiple emotions all at once. That same week, on a spanish news Al Rojo Vivo, I saw my invention on the news. Which is now called Angel Guard. I really don't have anything else to write, but to anyone who reads this, please be careful which company you decide to help your vision, idea and dreams come true. Basilio Port Chester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Garden City, New York
6, Report #844200
Feb 24 2012
04:30 PM
US Trademark Registration Office United States Trademark Registration Office For trademark registration & Monitoring Los Angeles, California
This looks incredibly like a U.S. Government letter from the U.S Patent and trademark office. They wanted $375 to register the trademark.  I just paid the USPTO for the renewal, and thought that there was some sort of mix-up so called the Govt site to verify receipt of payment. This is a scam. Buried in the legalese is ... this offer is not being made by an agency of the government. They had all the correct info for my trademark so it looked legitimate enough to make me call the gov't office to make sure they got the payment.   Had I not recently already paid the USPTO then I probably would have been ripped off by these guys!
Entity: Los Angeles, California
7, Report #1337458
Nov 10 2016
09:55 AM
Trademark and Patent Publications TPP Phony Trademark Registration - Posing as Official US Patent Office - Avoid! Koszalin, Poland Internet
This company will send you a letter demanding that you pay thousands of US dollars in order to register your Trademark or logo on the internet. They must get their info from the public domain. They act as though they are an official government agency. If you read the letter closely, they are located in Poland. Total SCAM. Report them immediately.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1260036
Oct 13 2015
04:23 PM
The Trademark Company, PLLC The Trademark Company The Trademark Company has repeatedly taken our money and failed to provide service. Cary North Carolina
I had searched for a trademark service online and found The Trademark Company - I gave them their required fees and they just email me back saying Your Trademark Has Been Abandoned  then a phone number to call if I want to file a petition to revive it.    Call a number.  And then starts the increase on the scam.  Rip off alert!  False advertising and a myriad of other things wrong with their tactics.  
Entity: Internet
9, Report #799257
Nov 18 2011
06:17 AM
George P Fenwick Trademark Drywall Plus Trademark Drywall Plus An Absolute Crook! Totally Dishonest! In Financial Trouble and Doesn't Pay His Bills Airdrie, Alberta
George P Fenwick, came into my office, signed a contract with me to do some work for him. And he didn't pay! He's a sleezy crook. Whatever you do...STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY, HE WILL RIP YOU OFF IN A HEARTBEAT!He is a cheap fly by night operator. Avoid at all costs, Or you will be out funds like I am.
Entity: Airdrie, Alberta
10, Report #87165
Apr 09 2004
07:32 AM
Patent & Trademark Agents Intellectual Property overcharging, overbilling, ransom ripoff Worldwide Internet
By chance I met up with a few other small company owners & were sharing our experiences about our attempts at registering our trademarks and patents, and using Patent & Trademark agents in private practice to do these taske as we knew nothing about this, but considered it important. Consistently it seems the bills from these people are over what they quoted. This is particularly annoying when one is a small company & does not have a tree that grows money in the garden. One gets the impression that once you have given these people a job, they have your intellectual property in their hands, & hold it to ransom. They also try to make you feel stupid with their but its so complicated when in fact its bread & butter clerical work. (one is always wiser after the fact!) It would be helpful & interesting to hear just how many others have had similar experiences, Edward k LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: London, United Kingdom
11, Report #398608
Dec 06 2008
02:27 PM
Pattent & Trademark Institute They stole 7000,00$ from me New York
The company lited above took 7000,00$ from me with no results they stole the money and I realy could use it if any one has information I coud use it Richard Twin Falls, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
12, Report #415065
Jan 22 2009
06:54 PM
Patent & Trademark Institute Took My 11K and Ran New York New York
In 2007-2007 These b******s Lied to me, made a fool of me and Stole $11,000 of my very hard earned money. My story is exactly live everyone else's here, they told me I had a great Idea, told me it could work and they would help me get a patent and bring it to market. We all know how the story ends, they got rich and we got screwed. That is not why I am writing this, my purpose is this, since the FTC froze their assets, it is reasonable to assume that there is at least some of the $65,000,000 in an account somewhere, and to be honest, I would like some, if not all of my money back. If anyone is interested in starting a class action lawsuit with me, I am open to all options. You can bet your bottom dollar they are scamming hard working people out of their money with yet another scheme. Please let me know if anyone is interested in joining me in pursuing this matter. Keneth homestead, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
13, Report #890706
May 30 2012
04:24 PM
Trademark Capital Group LLC Brent Jay Howells Fraudulent Misrepresentation Of Services Orlando, Florida
This company abruptly breached the contract to develop a Regulation D Prospectus for my company, while refusing to refund me for the services they didn't provide. This company's managing member, Brent Howells, initially appears to be legitimate.  Then, they slow the communication until your left with no money, services or answers. This company and individuals have fraudulently misrepresented themselves to provide financial services and document creation, only to take your funds, breach the contract, not provide the services and refuse to refund the compensation for unfulfilled services. Think twice before you engage in a contract with this company or individuals.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
14, Report #891206
May 31 2012
03:02 PM
Trademark Capital Group LLC Brent Howells Fraudulent Misrepresentation Of Services Orlando, Florida
This is to warn all companies seeking seed or growth capital, via Trademark Capital Group (TCG) and it's managing member Brent Howells and Beau Howells.  Upon the signing of the respective contract to produce both the Business Plan and Private Placement Package, to secure financing in the form of Regulation D or 144 A vehicles, a conference call will then transpire to discuss a timeline until funds are actually realized. Upon the conclusion of the phone call, TCG then sends out several documents containing requirements: Corporate Relationship Requirements Business Plan Needs Financial Requirements  These respective documents consume a tremendous amount of time to complete, particularly the Financial Requirements.  TCG requests that you produce your own Pro Forma and 10 Year Projection statements with minimal input and assistance.  This action is designed to overwhelm you and consume your time beyond the normal amount of time it would take a professional company to produce these same documents. Upon completing and all TCG requirements and submissions, TCG will send draft documents of the Business Plan, Due Diligence Report, Industry Analysis and Market Analysis Reports (all generic) for your respective edits and feedback.  After providing and submitting your respective edits, communication will be significantly reduced. You will then receive an email informing you that TCG has begun a review of the transaction and assessment of its viability. You will then wait approximately 90 days to receive a letter stating: TCG has also gone through our obligations to date, and the agreed overall expectation that Company placed upon TCG, and determined that with all delays in payment up front and continued non-compliance with agreed dates for requested information to be delivered, that TCG has performed above and beyond the scope of our original agreements.  TCG has performed its services in the professional and timely manner expected of us and worked through extensions which resulted in the financial obligations and costs on our end of this agreement to become exponentially higher than agreed upon and without consideration on the part of Company. With that decision confirmed and the results of our internal review understood, Trademark Capital Group, LLC does not feel confident, and has no desire to continue, and sees no obligation to continue in, the relationship between our two companies in regard to the further performance on the original agreements between us.  With that said, for approximately $42,000, you are left with nothing concrete.  No finalized documents or Private Placement Memo, absolutely nothing but TCG's blatant failure to perform the services outlined in the Agreement. Therefore, I strongly discourage any business seeking capital, to attempt to utilize the services of either Trademark Capital Group LLC or any of its Managing Members, Brent J. Howells or Beau J. Howells.  This is a fraudulent business without positive business intentions.  There are far more credible and legitimate companies who will provide the services they indicate from the onset.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
15, Report #896293
Jun 12 2012
09:12 AM
Trademark Capital Group LLC Brent J. Howells Fraud, Misrepresentation Of Services Orlando, Florida
To anyone considering using the services of Trademark Capital Group, LLC for either Business Plan or Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) creation and development, please reconsider.  Other than the outrageous fees for below average work, you will not receive anything remotely close to what they (Brent Howells and Beau Howells) promise to deliver. After bogus claims that my company didn't submit information in a timely manner, they drafted and sent a certified letter, effectively terminating the agreement. Without completing any of the services, outlined in the Regulation D agreement, they refused to simply refund me for the services they didn't perform. Prior to receiving the letter and, after not receiving any communication for over 60 days, I called, email and text messaged Brent J. Howells to ascertain the status of the transaction. The following are transcripts from this respective communication: From Rob to Brent (Mon, March 19, 2012, 4:09PM): Brent....could you please respond to my previous text? Skepticism is running rampant throughout my team since Corey indicated that he has never encountered such a process as this certified document... I need answers so I can ease anxiety. From Rob to Brent (Wed, March 21, 2012, 7:12PM): Brent, It's now been almost 2 weeks since you informed us that we should expect the document. My previous text message has gone unanswered. Regardless of my availability, whether attending my engagement party, honeymoon or family crisis, I communicated with you, when you or your team needed answers. As both professionals, I simply expect the same courtesy. From Brent to Rob (Wed, March 21, 2012, 9:05PM): I will make sure it comes to you next week. From Rob to Brent (Wed, March 21, 2012, 10:22PM): Next week? Is there a problem with the transaction I haven't been made aware of? Will our project ever get funded? From Rob to Brent (Thu, March 22, 2012, 9:18AM): Brent, I guess I can't quite comprehend the drastic reduction in communication. Why can't you simply have a conversation with me directly? As asked before, is there something going on with the offering that I haven't been made aware of? From Rob to Brent (Thu, March 22, 2012, 10:34AM): Can you please respond? From Rob to Brent (Thu, March 29, 2012, 5:07PM): Almost another week has passed and still nothing from TCG! What is going on and why can't you speak to me directly? From Rob to Brent (Thu, March 29, 2012, 5:18PM): I'm really surprised and disappointed in the lack of communication from you regarding the current status of this entire process. All I ask is that you simply communicate. If there is something wrong, just tell me or refer me to someone who is willing to communicate with me directly.... From Brent to Rob (Thu, March 29, 2012, 5:25PM): You have not even returned or completed documentation asked since January and youre wondering what is going on. Here is what's going on: We are sending you details in writing by mail. The documents will be there shortly then we can speak. This has been relayed to you time and time again. I'm on vacation with my family and I have told you this as well. We can discuss what's necessary after they arrive. Thank you! From Rob to Brent (Thu, March 29, 2012, 5:28PM): To my knowledge we have returned everything to TCG, which included the business plan edits...there is nothing pending from our end. From Brent to Rob (Thu, March 29, 2012, 5:29PM): Ok From Rob to Brent (Mon, April 2, 2012, 12:53PM): A review of all TCG requests and submissions indicates no outstanding submission.  All copies of previous submissions have been forwarded, with copies to both Corey and Seb, as proof of submission. To date, no letter received, from TCG for clarity. At this point, I'm not sure what to think of claims of you'll receive it shortly or I'll make sure you receive it next week. However, I will suggest that all claims, outlined in the TCG, be accurate. From Rob to Brent (Mon, April 2, 12:54PM): the TCG letter... From Rob to Brent (Tue, April 3, 2012, 10:28AM): Brent..when do you return from your vacation and when should I expect the document From Rob to Brent (Fri, April 13, 2012, 6:46PM): If the roles were reversed, how would you feel if your project was in limbo for 60+ days and all that time you were awaiting communication informing you why? From Rob to Brent (Sat, April 14, 2012, 10:25AM): For the record, another week and no certified letter. 2 weeks after you made sure I would get it next week. All we have asked for was honest communication. From Rob to Brent (Mon, April 16, 2012, 11:37AM): Brent...can you please respond to my email? Why the blackout in communication? i know this isn't how you normally conduct business. From Rob to Brent (Tue, April 17, 2012, 11:44AM): Brent...please update me on the status of the letter from TCG From Rob to Brent (Tue, April 17, 2012, 4:00PM): Brent...can you please respond? When should we expect the letter? From Brent to Rob (Tue, April 17, 2012, 4:35PM): The Letter will be sent by latest Monday for delivery to you. I will upon delivery of the letter send an email with instruction. From Rob to Brent (Tue, April 24, 2012, 5:00PM): Brent...did the letter go out yesterday? From Rob to Brent (Tue, April 24, 2012, 6:42PM): Brent...can you respond? From Brent to Rob (Tue, April 24, 2012, 7:37PM): Yes it did go out already. From Rob to Brent (Tue, April 24, 2012, 7:47PM): Thanks ______________________________________________________________ So basically, on February 5, 2012, we received an email from Brent J. Howells, informing us that they were conducting a one year review of our transaction and, at the conclusion of this review, we would receive a letter in writing, outlining the results.  Therefore, from February 2012 to April 24, 2012, were awaiting the results of this review. What the letter contains are false allegations that we didn't submit all our requirements and that they would effectively terminate the relationship.  Additionally, while we received no communication or production on our respective transaction, Brent Howells and Beau Howells had used our money to take an elaborate vacation. These individuals are incredible, unprofessional and lack integrity.  To date, I have requested on several occasions to refund the fee for not fulfilling the Regulation D services.  I have received no responses or replies. I have reported this matter to the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, the Florida Attorney General, Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Secret Service and have retained an attorney to have this matter litigated at the Ninth Circuit Court of Florida.     
Entity: Orlando, Florida
16, Report #894788
Jun 08 2012
12:05 PM
Trademark Capital Group LLC Brent J. Howells Fraud Theft Scam Misrepresent Orlando, Florida
I used to work with this company and received a severance notice after I questioned some of their business practices. Throughout this relationship, we successfully completed 0 transactions which resulted in either Regulation D or 144A funding. This company misrepresents the services they can actually provide. They attempt to leverage their Corporate Services Agreements in their favor by including the following:Non-Refundable PaymentThe Agreement is governed under the State of FloridaAny dispute is resolved through ArbitrationThe Company is not to be held liable for Non Performance of Client Although all of this can be challenged in court, its intent is to provide obstacles in doing so. Don't trust this company or its owners Brent J. Howells and Beau Howells!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
17, Report #885635
May 21 2012
08:30 AM
Trademark Capital Group LLC Brent J. Howells Buyer Beware!!!! Orlando, Florida
Unfortunately, I too have been victimized by Trademark Capital Group.  They charge an outlandish upfront fee for their services, which will never get completed.  For doing basically nothing, these individuals attempt to justify not returning your money, for not completing your project. So beware, before you contemplate doing business with these people, all you will receive in the end, is an empty bank account!!!   
Entity: Orlando, Florida
18, Report #175175
Feb 07 2006
02:08 PM
Patent & trademark Institute ripoff Roslyn Heights New York
I faxed (Bob North)my invention papers on 1/20/2006, he called me and told me he received my paper work (2 copies. Then I was told they were faxed to Shandora which they received blank papers a week later from Bob North. I was told it takes 7 days to do the research on my invention. He told me to fax him another copy, because the first copies were lost in archives. He never put my name(Aron Moses) in the computer,and never gave me a file number. Then I faxed Shandora the third copy on 1/27/2006, she said she received it, and will give it to Mr.North. He received the paper work the next day1/28/2006. Within 1 hour of receiving my paper work, he called me and said he done the research,(which was suppose to take 7 days)and said; The invention you sent is like another persons invention from France. The only difference is yours is a watch,theirs is a card. To my knowledge, a card and a watch have no simularity. I just want to see if you can investigate that company to see if they are stealing peoples ideas and selling them. Thank you for your help. Please contact me with any information that can help me. sincerly Aron orange, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Roslyn Heights, New York
19, Report #183409
Mar 26 2006
10:39 PM
Patent And Trademark Inst. ripoff Rosyln Hts. New York
A Mr. steve bach told me that every penny could be returned through means of tax returns. Now, I never said that as well as you need a tax lawyer. Basically the same complaint as the one that's posted already, except I did send thousands of dollars, in total beleif that I could recoupe the money at least in part or whole. I am now working with ----- (an affilliate?). I'm not sure about just what I can do, if anything, or just try to ride it out. How do I even know that I'm represented at any trade show any where? Hunter olympia, WashingtonU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Rosyln Hts., New York
20, Report #243677
Apr 12 2007
12:33 PM
Patent & Trademark Institute conmen New York New York
I would like to say that after some time of trying to contact the Patent & Trademark Institute at 99 Powerhouse Road Suite 101 Roslyn Heights, New York 11577. I have done my own patent search while waiting for a response. I have found that my totally new product has a UK patent and a Europe patent. I have paid out some 16000 so now I am asking if they would like to refund the money. I see on the web site that you need donations to help run the site well if you can help me reclaimed my money. Any compensation that I get I would donate up to 20% to you and 10% to a charity of your choosing. Rae noneUnited Kingdom
Entity: New York, New York
21, Report #1040306
Apr 03 2013
09:51 AM
ForeverComfy/Trademark of APG Another APG ripoff, Internet Trademark of APG I viewed this ad on METV Portland  Order was to be for 2 gel seats. 19.95 for 1 plus 15.95 for heavy duty shipping. I was billed 79.70=4@19.95 Received 4 seats with only one piece of cheap foam in them NO GEL. Phone number is computer response only. No easy way to contact. Perhaps they are at PO Box 3179 Wallingford Conn 06494
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1011132
Feb 08 2013
07:09 PM
Trademark Construction Co. Donn Walck Contracting, Stucco, electrical Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I hire this guy, who seemed very professional to do some stucco work, including expanding an outside door frame and replacing the door. Some pointing on brickface and electrical work. He gave an estimate, collected the first 1/3 payment, on time. Came the first day and collected second third payment. He did the electrical work and  some preliminary work, measurements. He came the third day, started the stucco and door and asked for the last third payment. He said he would finish the stucco that day, and the door the next, so I gave it to him. He returned , a week later, and did some caulking and I have not seen him since. It's been one excuse after another... grandfather died, truck in shop, truck broke down, and recently the weather. It was supposed to be a 4 day job, it's been a month. After everyday getting an excuse, he said he would refund most of my money. That was Monday, 2/4. It's now Fri. 2/8 and no check. We just spoke and he had some excuse about it being returned to him because of a bad address, that his assistant mailed it. I will be filing a law suit Monday.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
23, Report #1246685
Aug 05 2015
07:33 PM
Trademark Realty Inc Ryan Holcombe Loan Modification Canoga Park California
After working with TradeMark Realty for over a year, not only did we not get a Loan Modification, we lost our home and a significant amount of money from this organization.  Ryan Holcombe totally deceived us.  Do not use his services.
Entity: Canoga Park, California
24, Report #351428
Jul 15 2008
08:58 AM
Patent And Trademark Institute They ripped me off, close to $6000.00 Garden City New York
I invested close to 6000.00 with this company to get my idea patented and marketed. I took the money from my credit card using a check now I am stuck having to repay my credit card company. The company assured me that I had a great idea that would bring me in alot of money. they kept pressuring me after I paid the application fee to send them money other wise they would not be able to move further on with my idea and someone else can beat me to it, so I used a credit card check to pay down the first half of my money, when i got no reply from them i decided to call and see what was taking place i received no answer, the phone kept ringing. i was finally able to get in contact with one of the employees that was helping me with my idea and when i spoke to him he said that he no longer works for the comany and when i asked about my idea he gived me another phone number to call, which was the law office that was put in charge of closing down PTI, all i was told by him is he cannot tell me anything. i want my money back, they think that it is ok to do stuff like this to innocent people, they have no idea how hard we work to make ends meet and now be stuck having to repay something i have nothing to show for, i contacted the back to see if they would be able to help refund my money but they said that since i used a check and I signed it they cannot refund me anymoney if i had used the credit card then maybe i would have gotten back my money, i cannot understand that since the check is what they sent me to use from my credit card. If anyone can help please email me. Evelyn dania, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Garden City, New York
25, Report #370714
Sep 07 2008
09:31 PM
Trademark Monitoring Service Deceptive Mailing Looks Like an Invoice ! New York New York
I recently filed with the United States Patent Office for a trademark and less than a month later I received a letter from Trademark Monitoring Service which looked exactly like a computer generated invoice, which it WASN'T! It looked just like an invoice but it wasn't and I wanted to warn anyone else about their DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES. Bob KAHULUI, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York

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