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1, Report #384228
Oct 23 2008
03:21 PM
Global Travel And Millenium Travel Misrepresentation of Travel Offers Scottsdale Arizona
If it is too good to be is. We fell for the biggest con ever. We received an In Honor of your Birthday solicitation ofering 3day/2night get-away that included air fare (if you res ponded within 72 hours), dining card and gas ofer. Although hesitant, we decided to call and inquire. We asked all the right questions and were given all the right answers (kinda). Asll we had to do was sit through a travel club presentation and the gifts were ours. As we are retired on a fixed income and love to travel, we thought we would go and check this club out. We sat thru the presentation and logic kept peeking in on us that the benefits and features described were to good to be true, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt. Our doubts turned to a positive NO when the cost of the membership was disclosed. After rangling with us the cost was dropped, and by this time we knew we were being scammed. We paid our regrets and declined, declined and declined again. Finally, they agreed to give us our incentive. What a joke. A circus animal doesn't have to go through so many hoops to get what was so freely offered. One of the things that stuck out more than others were the time frames. If and when you got your travel vouchers for the air and the 3day/2nite ended up with only two nights at best and 1 day...'cause. you could only leave on flights between 3 and 9 P.M.(thus arriving at your destination very late the 1st night) and you had to depart between 6 a.m and 1 p.m. (thus having to check out of your hotel in the wee hours of the morning...there goes your 3rd day). Not to mention the flights were at MilleniumTravel's discretion...who knows with how many connections. You could only arrive (guess at the hotel, as it did not specify if flights were affected) on Monday or Tuesday. I am not a lawyer (my son is and I am going to discuss this with him...and his law firm also does business in Florida) to see if promotion violates any disclosure laws. The only thing that I fear, though is that he will only say Holy Cow, Mom! How could you be so stupid? Mara maricopa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
2, Report #1355941
Feb 15 2017
03:37 PM
321 Travel, Travel Service Group, Travelate Travel Agency, 321 Travel, Travel Service Group, Travelate London, UK Nationwide
321 Travel is a scam! 321travel is a scam. Holiday from hell. They are scammers who do exactly as hundreds have said online. DO NOT USE THEM. IF YOU HAVE JUST USED THEM, THEN QUICKLY CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD/BANK TO GET THE TRANSACTION CANCELLED.Please share with friends, share online, report on any website you think we missed, report them to the banks and any other local authority that can force them closed.Here is what they are known for doing:(1) They quote you over the phone a price for the holiday. Then they take your card details over the phone and say they will book it. (2) They call you back to say that many excuses from no direct flights, or it's person only or hotel booked, etc. (3) They said it will cost more. (4) IF you ask to cancel, they say there will be a cancellation fee and then use very rude bully like tactics to get you to continue with the order. (5) Then they will use your card details to book directly with the airlines without your consent which is also illegal. (6) When you confront them for a refund or part refund, they say they can only send a cheque. This process then takes them over 1-2 months and they say it's sent with a cheque number but it never comes. (7) Then they say they need to chase it up with their banks to see if it was cashed before they can send a new one. (8) When you call back in a few days, they pretend no one took the reissue call for the cheque and a new one will be processed again so we go back to 1-2 months wait.COMPANY NAMES THEY USE:321 Travel - A REAL company that does existTravel Service Group - A fake company that does NOT EXISTThey also use: (Travelate) - A fake company that does NOT EXISTTwitter: @321travelContact Names:Ernest Bradshaw - Current Admin ManagerAdam Lewis (Adam Laurence Lewis) - last known address in a PO BOX according to Companies HouseDanny Webb - last known address is (((REDACTED)))Charlotte Naomi French - last knocn address is Ivy (((REDACTED)))Paul Douglas Pritchard - last known address in a PO BOX according to Companies HouseAddresses:312 Travel321 Travel HouseBM 321 Travel LtdLondonWC1N 3X(this is a fake address as it's only a Royal Post PO Box and not a legit office address)Telephone: 0800 1700 321Email: Number: 07827027VAT Number: 127 5363 14Travel Service GroupTravel HouseLondon WC1N3X(this is a fake address as it's only a Royal Post PO Box and not a legit office address)Telephone: 0871 4750 321Email: Never has workedVAT No 127 5363 14
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #764172
Aug 12 2011
08:13 AM
BookIt travel Agency/Travel Guard travel Insurance travel insurance scam Internet
I booked hotel reservations through Bookit, in Myrtle Beach, and bought travel insurance (travel Guard) for emergiencies, including roadside assistance.Belt on van started to come apart. I called both agiencies, and was told the most they could do was give us the name of a garage. And any costs (and they doubted they would cover any) would be reembursed later. Plus, the Bookit agent (Pat) refused to let me talk to a supervisor, and accused me of wanting them to pay for a repair that was already nequired. (like we decided to drive 5 hours to Myrtle Beach w a bad belt--2 disabled senior citizens w 2 teenagers).
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #187583
Apr 19 2006
08:04 PM
Grand Voyager Travel, American Voyager Travel, Travel Resources Travel scam Ripoff Dallas Texas
It is such a shame that honest people can be taken so easily. We signed up to become independent travel agents of this company on Thursday, 4/13/2006. Not knowing anything about the travel industry, we believed what they told us. We could not afford the first price they were quoting to become a member sooooo they nicely gave us a price that we COULD afford, so we signed up with them. We got a call from a foreign speaking man on Tuesday, 4/18/2006 saying our debit card would not go through. We put him on hold, checked our bank account online, there was plenty of money to cover the amount needed. I told the caller there was nothing wrong with our checking account, he asked me to give him our debit card number so he could see if he had the correct number. We may be dumb but we're not stupid, I told HIM to give me the number he was using and the amount he was trying to withdraw. After considerable shuffling of papers and speaking with someone in the background (also foreign), he finally gave me the correct number and amount. I told him to try again. We then checked the pending section of our bank account and found 3 withdrawals we did not make totalling $1,076. Today, we checked with our bank and found out that the money was deducted by someone named John Hiss in Nebraska!!!!! The bank called and spoke with him and we also spoke with him. He advised that he worked for Grand Voyager and had been asked by Mr. Samie (sp?) the owner, to get the money. I told him we were starting a Fraud Investigation regarding his activity because we HAD NOT authorized his withdrawal of ANYTHING from our account in his own personal name. Our bank is cancelling our debit card and issuing a new one and they will not deduct the withdrawals by this John Hiss from our account. We sent an email to Michelle Meradith with WESH TV in Orlando to see if she would do a report on this company so that no one else in the area would be taken. If you've suffered from this scam and live in the WESH area, send an email to Michelle also. Barbara & Allen Melbourne, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
5, Report #154502
Aug 22 2005
07:38 AM
Horizon Travel ripoff Arlington Texas
I recieved a call from Dream Vacation 570-825-2326 tell me that Horizon Travel is a new travel agency in the area and would like to offer you a complimentary vacation to help get their business referrals and re-peat customers. All you had to do is listen to a 90 minute talk on their travel club. They do their presentation and say it will be $6995.00 membership fee, a $399.00 processing fee, and $199.00 fee for something else I don't really even know what. Then they bring out all their sales reps. and have them talk to you about signing up. We said no we can not afford that. So they knocked of some of the vacation time they give you in the package and ask you again, and again we said no. This continued for sometime, then they said they would do it for like $1695.00 and 124.00 a month for 24 months. Still around $4000.00 to join their travel group. It was high pressure sales in front a group of people. Everything is very thought out in the sales procedure. The speach is exactly the same every time, the shows they play on T.V. are exactly the same they follow a very good procedure for taking your money. Stephanie Justin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
6, Report #119916
Nov 26 2004
05:02 PM
Avlis Travel ripoff stole money Nationwide
I was called in the first week of Nov from a man saying that i was approved for a mastercard with a credit limit with $2,500.Right before he began to explain, I grabed my tape recorder and put it to the phone.I recorded him telling me that the master card came with a free vacation,no interest until 5 years,and could be used anywhere mastercard was accepted. All he told me I had to do was pay a $349.00 processing fee.So being that he made it sound so good, I went to gather my account info.After going over my account info with him,he set the date for 11/12/04 for the transaction to take place,then he transfered me to a verification officer. The verification officer went over my account info again to make sure it was correct. I was given a contract#,and then just as we were about to hang up, I then repeatly asked him could the card be used anywhere; he replied yes,it can be used nationwide. So a couple of days after the transaction was suppose to take place the money still was not debited from my account.I called to see why they hadn't debited the money yet. A lady told me it took 5-10 days. I told her nothing don't take 5-10 days, just cancel it.She told me that she will have to speak to management and she would give me a call back,but the bitch never called. A few days later,11/22/04 I found out the money was debited anyway and after trying to call several times, I never was able to contact anyone. So basicly they stole my money. WARNING!!! Thou shall not steal,Thou shall not kill,but when I find those Avlis folks I will. Vincent Dublin, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #13223
Feb 04 2002
12:00 AM
Travel Bridge High Pressure sell
I saw a reoprt from someone named Gil about the High pressure sales pitch they experienced from Travel Bridge. I'd have to agree with Gil. My wife and I just sat through the sales pitch today at Travel Bridge in Austin Texas. They are new here in Austin. If I only new what we were in for prior to going , we would not have wasted the time. I do not like high pressure sale pitches. We were converged on by 3 different people, plus a forth manager called in to try and give us a even better discount on their $5395 package. They wanted us to write a check today for that amount without any investigating or time to talk it over between us. The free trip they give you require you to send in a $50 deposit in case you cancel on the trip. Not bad if the trip is worth it and if the process to register for the trip is smoooth (which I've read one or two nightmare stories on). We would still have to pay for transportation to the departure port in either Florida or California. We live in Austin, Texas area. I'm not going to say that there is nothing of value in the package possibly for some, but for us, it is absolutely not worth the investment. Also after reading some of the complaints I've seen on the web about Travel Bridge, I now feel we made a wise choice to not participate. I just suggest that before you jump into anything like this or any other offering, please do your homework and check things out.
Entity: Austin, Texas
8, Report #6403
Aug 29 2001
12:00 AM
Travel Card international ripoff
Lise so many others on this rip-off report, we also got scammed on travel card international they took the money from our account 189.00 and never redcieved anything from them when we called them the first time they asked us to fax our bank statement and they will send our card now we call them their phone is temporarily disconnected how can they get away with this
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #488
Nov 21 1999
12:00 AM
Silva Travel in southern California is incredibly crooked! They sell airline tickets on-line but BEWARE! The idiots sold us an airline ticket which could not be used because it had been voided by them. We had to buy another ticket at the airport from the airline which luckily had a last minute seat available. Then the Silva morons ignored our many requests for a refund for months. Dont use Silva unless you like burning money!
Entity: Southern, California
10, Report #2038
Apr 11 2000
12:00 AM
Travel Industry
Have not been ripped off, but feel the travel industry takes advantage of single people by charging a surcharge. I inquired about different trips and found I would have to pay anywhere from $40 to $1000 surcharge just because I would be traveling as a single. I feel that this policy is unfair towards single people.
Entity: u.k, Nationwide
11, Report #774513
Sep 08 2011
04:13 PM
Travel To Go RIP OFF!!!! Internet
Travel To Go  employees Smooth talking, full of empty promises, no response to book via phone,waste of money big scam - AVOID TRAVEL TO GO 
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #195995
Jun 12 2006
09:48 AM
Harizon Travel ripoff Arlington Texas
Horizon Travel promised a trip to Las Vegas 3days/2nights. I paid a deposit of 200.oo dollars never heard another word about the trip. I sent in the paper work to set a date for the trip, to 7272 East Broadway#264 Tucson, Az 85710 VIP Incentives. I'm still waitng to take my trip. Emily hutchins, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
13, Report #1178886
Sep 24 2014
06:11 AM
Expedia Travel BAD BUSINESS! Internet
I have never flown before and I booked two tickets to go and see my daughter's graduation this coming Dec. in Carbondale Illinois. I have MS and limited income as divorced woman. My former husband and youngest daughter booked flights without my son. They did not think to include him.  My son will finish his fall semester classes at Penn State University Dec. 12th. I wanted to get him a ticket so he could see his sister graduate with her Ph.D. I looked at the directions on the Expedia site and it said to book another flight. I booked three tickets on the SAME PLANE, the SAME DATE, the SAME TIME. I called to cancel the first booking. This is all in the same day or two.   I was told that my first booking could not be refunded. I was told that they are nonrefundable.  I now have five tickets for my trip to Illinois. I booked in July and tried to cancel the next day! I applied for the Expedia credit card online just so I could make the flight to Illinois in December. Now they are telling me that I can't cancel the first booking. The flight isn't until Dec. 12, 2014. SERIOUSLY! Once I pay off the card in two weeks, and close the account after the trip, (because I used the card for reservations for hotel and car) I will let everyone in the social media world see what a rip off Expedia is!!!!!!
Entity: Internet
14, Report #988240
Dec 28 2012
02:42 PM
EXPEDIA TRAVEL misbooked, misquoted and defrauded Internet
booked a flight through Expedia.  Called Expedia to ask to add son to itinerary. sent to AIR TRAN (who is also horrible). sent back to Expedia.  found agent at Expedia that said they could fix problem.  was on the phone from 1:10pm-3:45pm.  the agent then cancelled first flight and rebooked me and son on different flight, returning us home 1 month not 2 days from agreed upon itinerary.  tried to charge us $775 over $409 to fix.  waited on hold for manager for 40 minutes, said agent admitted mistake then escalated call to corporate.  corporate said they would make it right and reinstate my original flight.  I said if you want to make it right, give me the price on the flight arrangements that agent told me i would get for my son and I.  Ray at corporate said they could not do that even though the agent made the error and admitted it.  i asked what are you making right then?  just refund my entire booking and i will never use again!  she agreed. i feel defrauded to say the least.   what did i gain form wasting 2.5 hours?  i travel several times a year and never experienced this level of incompetence!
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1233212
Jun 03 2015
11:06 AM
Travel Services Updated Tour Invoice Internet
I got this scam email out of the blue: Hello Daniel,As you requested, I made your payment of $2154.00 towards your tour and you can download the new updated invoice for your records: will be contacting you next month to make the final payment of $2000.00. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.JoanneTravel ServicesGeneral Travel ManagerPhone: 866.758.3575Fax: 877.824.9357
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1300387
Apr 18 2016
02:36 PM
Islsnd lifestyle travel
 I have tried to cancel after reading reports. No one has answered me
17, Report #1219743
Apr 01 2015
01:48 PM
Travel Scammed, lied Internet
I noticed a charge on my AmEx card that I decided to call because I didn't recognise the website.  When I went to the website I had never seen it before. The lady I spoke to on the phone said that I had made a purchase from However, since I have had cancer surgery and been recovering for the last year,  I know that I didn't buy anything from Travelocity for maybe five plus years. She said she sent me a welcoming email. I never got it. She said they sent things through the mail to me about a twenty dollar rebate. I didn't get that. I don't join travel clubs so it's all quite bizarre. I'd like my money back.  Kay Swisshome, OR
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1273145
Dec 09 2015
03:24 PM
Smart Travel Florida Internet
 I called this company to ask for a refund due to the cancelation of my contract and they said to send a letter with this request. I did mail and faxed the letter and nothing in return. When I tried to call them I got a message that I have a wrong number which I always used this number to talk to them.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1361374
Mar 13 2017
07:45 AM
JustFly Travel Agency Internet
 HI: I just now booked my Air tickets from you for two round trip tickets. Here is my horrible experience With your customer reps: 1) on-line I selected $578.63 option for SJC-YVZ round trip for Premium economy on DELTA AIRLINES. 2) I accepted this option, filled all the details and charges Appeared to be $1157.26 3) When I pressed the accept button, long behold the fare was increased to $1197.23' within a minute of my transaction 4) Since I spent a lot of time in filling up all the paperwork, I resigned to accept$1197 bogus fare 5) when I look Ed at the invoice, the price is again raised to $1229.34, without my approval 6) When I called the customer support and escalating to supervisor, they are not at all Cooperative and asked me to go to hell. 7) what type of company, you guys are running? It is all fraudulent and poorly managed. 8) I demand a refund of $100 excessive charges and the grief you have given me. 9) I have no other recourse except to complain to BBB and prevent your future customers Falling to your bait and switch tactics.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #379766
Oct 09 2008
01:09 PM
Global Travel/Millenium Travel Pay for your Incentives Port Orange, Florida
Enticed by the prospect of free airline tickets I called the toll free number on the post card I received. I asked every question I could think of to make sure this offer was on the up and up. I was told I would receive two tickets airline tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. and all I would have to pay was the taxes and service fees associated with the ticket. After driving 45 minutes to the presentation, enduring 90 minutes of very high pressure sales, I was given a form to fill out and mail in. I was then told it could take up to eight weeks to process. I was not informed of any of this prior to making the trip and wasting 90 minutes of my time. Then I recieve a certificate from Millenium Travel indicating I needed to send the $100 to even process my certificate and had to do so in 21 days or forfeit my incentive. I have no intention of sending them $100 so I can pay an additional fee for the taxes and fees for the airline tickets. This is the biggest scam I have ever come across. How can Global Travel call this an incentive if you have to pay for it? This should be against the law. In my opinion, Global owes me not only some form of free incentive gift but they should reimburse me for the gas I used to drive 60 miles to attend their presentation. Debra Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Port Orange, Florida
21, Report #200916
Jul 13 2006
02:20 PM
Horizon Travel Arlington - VIP Travel Incentives ripoff Arlington Texas
Horizon Travel offered a trip to Vegas (Airfare & Hotel) as free gift for attending their presentation - they required a $ 100 deposit to hold the date & were asked to submitt three travel dates which we did after the first date was missed we were asked to submitt 3 more - when the second date was missed I called and was told my dates were too popular and to resubmitt or request cancellation & a refund. I requested cancellation and a refund. Since then I haven't heard thing. When I call all I get is a recording saying their mailbox is full. Joe Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
22, Report #180730
Mar 12 2006
12:55 PM
Horizon Travel AKA Travel Club International ripoff Arlington Texas
My husband and I were called by Horizion Travel, a.k.a. Travel Club Internatioal Arlington, Texas and Tempe, AZ. to sign up for vacation discount travel offers. They promised a 6 day 5 night Royal Carribean, Carnival, or Noregian Cruise if we would listen to a 90 minute presentation. We went to the presentation yesterday (March 11, 2006) in a group seeting with 15 or so other couples and were immediately set upon by 2 salesmen. We were asked if we had a major credit card (in our case our Visa debit card!!) to bring with us. We were told that they give discounts to teachers and government employees (which me and my husband are) After much pressure and enduring their closing techniques we agreed to have a look at their promised discount saving travel program (thinking we could cancel on are before 3 days - cooling off period) and they immediately processed our card for $4,073.00. It started out to be over $7,000 dollars but they kept reducting their price as time went on. AFTER being charged $4,073.00, we were told we had to go into another office to pick up our travel information book and to sign our Purchase Agreement and Acknowledgement of Benefits and Services. With our salesman hovering over us and AFTER being charged $4,073.00, we discovered in the terms of the agreement that we could NOT opt out in 3 days and that we may NOT realize any savings on airfare, hotels, or car rentals, which contradicted the sales pitch. After a lot of back slapping, howdy partner, glad to have you on board, etc etc we drove back to our home. When we arrived home we looked up the BBB and found one complaint there and then many on this web-site. We are very upset and don't know what to do. My father suggested that I call and ask for our money back, and then if that doesn't work send everything back and write a letter requesting the money and send it certified mail. Then possibly hire a lawyer. OR count our losses. Take the cruise (if we really get one at a discounted rate) and our $1000.00 in plane tickets they offered and then forget it ever happened. Richard of Celina, we would love to hear what your lawyer has said. Is there anything in the law that will help us? Does our case have hope? Is it worth our time and money? Scott McKinney, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
23, Report #206238
Aug 15 2006
01:05 PM
Travel Club International - Horizon Travel ripoff Wiscassett Massachusetts
Never recieved the vacation package they promised me after I sumitted the voucher. Bought the program paid 3500.00 total. Looking to call them to get money back can't find paperwork right now, but do have it. Help Leslie AVONDALE, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Wiscassett, Massachusetts
24, Report #262533
Jul 22 2007
10:47 PM
Sundance Travel, TAN Travel Fake $250 shopping spree Harrisburg Pennsylvania
There is no real $250 shopping spree. As others have said what little they offer online can be had at the dollar store for about $20 at best. But I ordered $250 worth of books just so someone would have to pay for the shipping. When you see this junk you will be tempted to not order anything. Order anyway and put it out for trash when it comes. I don't know how anyone with a conscious can work for such a company that knowingly offers this junk. This deception alone gives me all the info on the character of this company. Lower than Amway. Doclees Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
25, Report #101773
Aug 02 2004
02:13 PM
Let's Travel - Amazing Travel Deals ripoff - dishonest - misrepresentation - Birmingham Alabama
This dealing has been a complete mess from the beginning. First, they listen themselves fraudulently on ebay and it was all downhill from there. I was to purchase two round trip tickets. I sent the payment to the address listed via paypal then get notice from paypal the payment wasn't picked up. In trying to do this the company tells me it's no one's fault but my own. Really now??? I just come up with bogus addresses? In searching all my emails from them I found out that the bogus email was indeed one they had put out there. It wasn't me. So now I'm trying to recover my money - they meanwhile are rude, dishonest and unethical in their dealings. Never ever again will I deal with them and reports will be made to the BBB. Stacey Florissant, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Birmingham, Alabama

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