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1, Report #1402232
Sep 25 2017
12:44 PM
Tri-C Construction UNPAID RETENTION INVOICE Akron Ohio
My company and several other contractors were not paid by Tri-C Construction for work we performed at Hilton Hotels Easton in Columbus, Ohio. It has been over 2 years and my company is still waiting for an $18,000.00 retention payment. Subcontractor beware- This is not the first time they have had subcontrator payment issues on projects.
Entity: Akron, Ohio
2, Report #930799
Aug 22 2012
07:44 AM
Tri State Construction Mike Sciubba Never paid Blackwood, New Jersey
Hello, I am another contractor that did not get paid by Mike Sciubba. Same as the other complaints never met me, never showed up on the job while I was there. When work was completed all I got were angry phone calls and texting about how I should not tell him how to do run his business. Come to find out he was paid in full by homeowner. By the way I did take him to court today and shocking as it is he did not show up! All I want is the money owed to me! Maybe he will read this and finally pay! Why should he get to keep everyone's money? If anyone else had been ripped off please let me know.
Entity: Blackwood, New Jersey
3, Report #1142200
Apr 27 2014
09:36 PM
CMC METAL BUILDINGS Michael Berger, Coastal Buildings, Coastal Metal Buildings, Camco Metal Buildings, Tri-Berg Enterprises,C Squared Construction SAME THEIF NEW BUSINESS NAME Victoria, Texas; Flatonia, Texas
This is the same man that has ripped off numerous people under other business names. This is Michael James Berger. He says he lives in Flatonia, Texas. He is from Victoria, Texas. He other businesses have been Coastal Buildings, Coastal Metal Buildings, Camco Metal Buildings, Tri-Berg Enterprises, C Squared Construction And Lone Star Liquidators. He has numerous reports on this site and there is a whole FB sited devoted to him. Not sure yet who has taken out the DBA this time for this business, other DBA licenses were taken out by his mom or the current girl friends.  I can't imagine this man has changed.  THIS MAN IS A CON ARTIST!!!! 
Entity: Victoria, Texas; Flatonia, Texas, Select State/Province
4, Report #262521
Jul 22 2007
09:16 PM
C&H Construction poor landlord Festus Missouri
We entered into a lease to purchase agreement with C&H Construction on April 7, 2007. C&h Construction was represented by Century 21 Ashland Realty in Cape Girardeau Missouri. They told the realtor that the house was in good condition and up to code. We have 4 children and the ac unit was running wide open from about 9 am to 11 pm at night. We made several attempts to let the landlord know of the problems, he did nothing for about 2 months due to we were late on the payments due to non communication on the gas company from the landlord and the huge deposit that was required. We have around 1,000.00 electric bill from this matter. The temperature would reach 90 plus in this house that is no older than 3 years old. We have babies and toddlers. We had to put in window units two. The temperature in the house got to the high 70's every day. Come to find out there was no insulation in the ceiling at all. Now C&H Construction will not make the electric bill good with us and we deducted it from the rent. Now they are starting eviction progress procedure on us. Before you do a lease to own please check the ceiling and have an attorney to look over the lease. These people tell Realtors what they want them to know and that is it. Raquel jackson, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Festus, Missouri
5, Report #1232255
May 30 2015
02:41 PM
Tri State Roofing and Construction Orlando Tirado Construction scam artist. Portraits himself as construction professional, meanwhile takes deposits and never think of completing the project. Norwalk Connecticut
 He just send couple guys for few hours to pretend to work and walks away from the work side when no one can notice. Orlando Tirado who is the owner of Tri State Roofing and Construction is scam artist. Dont hire him. He just walks off from the job without completing. Not to mention whatever he does its not worth penny but bigger issues doesnt know anything about construction. Now we need to deal with fixing his big mistakes with structure of the building plumbing and elctric work . ALL mess SCAM and FRAUD DONT hire ORLANDO TIRADO unless you want to be his next scamming victim!
Entity: Woodbridge, Connecticut
6, Report #717644
Apr 14 2011
03:33 PM
Cuyahoga Community College Tri-C Dean Karen Miller Tri-C is the only college where a student requesting a W or Incomplete will have those emails sent to Cleveland Municipal Court because it was never worked-out how to do a W or INCOMPLETE Cleveland, Ohio
Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) is wasting money collecting student emails, and sending students buckets of threatening certified mailings, when the student tries to get out of a course with a black instructor because the class has crashed-and-burned.  If you object in emails - they are forwarded to Cleveland Municipal Court - just because the University doesn't want to hear it - and it isn't 'prejudice.'  Withdrawing from a course, or program, at Tri-C is a tsunami nuclear disaster, with unending aftershocks.  Mistakes happen in courses - and that has to be accepted.  Administrative SAVOIR FAIRE needed.Black instructors don't work for some students depending on how the professor runs the class - it's not a race thing.  And you have to be able to sign out of the class without getting put on probation for 'prejudice.'  Some things don't work for some students because we all learn DIFFERENTLY.  Learning is supposedly not a race or gender thing - rather an equal-opportunity-thing - where different options should be available and tolerated.  One student does not get what another student gets out of an instructor, e.g. different lab RN educators should be allowed.  There's money at Tri-C, but not for diversity of instructors, educators, and professors.  Defining class problems along racial lines doesn't work Karen Miller; it's not black-white, it's complicated.      RACE should not be brought into most class, or discussions of class dynamics & curriculum problems.  Ebonics & slang terms don't belong in most classes - unless it's a linguistics class.  Diversity is something that we are all working at, not something to put a student on probation for when she is being 'bitch-slapped' and jacked-up to 'fit in.'  Do you want your son or daughter called names in class for hours?  Try Tri-C.  And don't email the details, fill out a POLICE REPORT.  Karen Miller can't handle setting some rules about what belongs in the classrooms and what doesn't - she blames everyone else but herself.            Everything is just 'prejudice,' for Dean Karen Miller (Student Affairs) - who never sits in on classes (never goes to class to see the 'bad dynamics' in action).  Dean Miller never follows up on classes where the professor has been out for surgery & is limping the halls, and never looks at the 'facts' before putting you on probation.  Where was she when a student was leaving him a PEPSI so that he would/could stand up?  Dean Miller needs some kind of re-booting - a 'chip' is missing somewhere.  Dean May's comment: call 911?If the professor has not been well, ie losing weight and had surgery - the students don't know the DETAILS of this.  Yet at Tri-C, the students will be yelled at for HOURS when they don't tell-on, or report, the decent-but-not-well professor.  That's Karen Miller's job - check on the courses, the professors, and the curriculums = student affairs.  The Tri-C Administration has the medical information - NOT THE CLASS.      Karen Miller is a certified expert in making academic situations worse by sending them to Cleveland Municipal Court - discussions that need class meetings with the professors.  She cant try a class meeting first.  Tri-C can't do class meeting about 'bad dynamics' situations - with no threats involved.  There's no communication, no professionalism, and no anger management for her - just erupt.  Dean Karen Miller doesn't want to hear it and can't work through the levels of problem resolution - she needs management training.  Managers in businesses don't send bad dynamics situations to Municipal Court.  The delinquency is Karen Miller's problem.        The Program Director(s), especially in the Health Technology fields, will admit that the course(s) need to be modified - and that the INCOMPLETE option - allowed in every other college for courses - was never worked out for health technology courses because no one bothered to THINK.  The Program Director(s) can't get back to you with a Yes/No answer about a Finals option before the WITHDRAW period ends - they are walking the Appalachian Trail somewhere and unavailable - no auto-reply on their email account.  Is that the problem of Cleveland Municipal Court?  And then they can't withdraw a false case from Cleveland Municipal Court - the curriculum wasn't the student's responsibility - but this belongs in city court?   Dean Karen Miller over-reacts to everything, and accuses you until she finds something like the number of emails to blame you for.  The problem is that many of the courses were never thought through in a 21st century way, and need updating for 2011.   President Jerry Sue Thornton has tens of millions to dole out for political consulting and marketing contracts for 'friends' - lots of time to pay office assistants to collect, read, and copy emails saying the same things.  Meanwhile, courses have handouts, and CD learning videos, belonging to the last century - in the health technologies - where THE BUILDINGS ARE NEWER THAN THE CURRICULUMS.  Most courses require few emails to the instructor/professor if the professor has organized things well.  The multiple emails, >10 get out of the class, happen in the handful of courses where nothing on the syllabus is happening because of the Millionaire game that the class has become.  That was one class in the Fall Semester 2010 - a game show - down the hall from the Associate Dean of  Health Science's Office.  This Associate Dean couldn't walk down the hall to audit a class and see what was going on?  Not on her schedule?Dean Karen Miller needs to learn to LISTEN - no one wants to send more than ONE email about a problem, do a GRADE DISPUTE, or find out that the instructor should have retired about 10 years ago or at least passed on some of the class duties to her BLACK co-director.  No one wants 20 certified mailings per semester = >$1000 that should have gone to hiring the additional RN educator in that class.  EARTH TO KAREN MILLER: CERTIFIED MAIL IS NOT COST-EFFECTIVE. At Tri-C, 'A' students spend more time getting put on probation for prejudice, and writing emails than they do in class.  Again, A GOOD CLASS REQUIRES NO EMAILS - it's all on BLACKBOARD or passed out in class = the INSTRUCTOR IS PREPARED.  Not everyone has minute-by-minute access to email even in 2011.  If no email is allowed, then the list of phone numbers & faxes to contact needs to be supplied.  It is NOT PREJUDICE if the instructor doesn't work for a student, or if the rest of the class is making things difficult because the student is older and has been working in the field.  If a student decides that she/he can't do the course as offered, and the money is gone/paid anyways, the administration needs to help the student to WITHDRAW on time or INCOMPLETE.  Part of an education is making the decision to WITHDRAW; learning what you can do, and what you cant.  If  US Armed Forces had learned that lesson - there would be no Afghanistan & Syria interventions.  The Tri-C ADMINISTRATION NEEDS TO JUST ACCEPT WHAT THE STUDENT DECIDES - without racial commentary.  That things don't work out is a lesson that everyone has to learn.We all make MISTAKES in the courses that we chose, and we all find out later than add-drop period that the BAD DYNAMICS are just too much to handle - especially with parents that are not well.  But Karen Miller will blame you as the 'disruptor' until she collects enough emails for court - which is not why anyone takes a course.  Further, no one student is responsible for student disruptions - no one student is a 'disruptor' suddenly at 40-some after 2 graduate degrees at other universities.  Karen Miller will not blame the DIVERSITY STUDENTS for anything - they can say ANYTHING in class, threaten anything, behave as in a bar or on a GM assembly line, etc.  Like an American Idol 'shocker,' the person being labeled by Karen Miller as being 'disruptive' turns out to be the oldest student, the one tutoring black classmates, the one who just can't take the psychotic chaos.  The Health Technology courses, where the students are the most immature, are the worst scenes; night-and-day from some of the higher-level mathematics & statistics courses.  There are two kinds of student behaviors at Tri-C: responsible and anything goes.  Diversity students are allowed no boundaries, causing problems for more mature students coming from jobs or other lives.  Karen Miller doesn't have maturity of judgement herself; she can't tell truth from lies even though liespotting is part of being a Dean.  And 'threats' are not saying that you'd try to get 'help' if you were beaten up in a Tri-C class.Students, especially in the health technology fields, should go elsewhere.  The class materials & textbook in one course had the wrong formulas for Centigrade-to-Fahrenheit conversions & no Instructor/Program Director/Associate Dean noticed.  No one proofreads the cloned handouts.  The Program Directors are far too busy putting the best students on perpetual probations for every email that things were not as billed.  NO STUDENT WANTS TO WRITE EMAILS THAT THE CLASS IS A DISASTER, the handouts & textbooks full of errors, and that the instructor doesnt care.  Reading is part of getting an education - for instructors as well as students.  Instructors should proofread the materials that they handout, like they read emails.Donald T. Misheff, Chairperson of the Tri-C Foundation is allowing what is going on.  Money donated to the Tri-C Foundation is not going to improving/updating the courses - just for Jerry Sue's personal agendas.  Dean Karen Miller is running a 'witch hunt,' with trial-by-fire probations, rather than an academically challenging community college - where the brightest students can go to class, not her office, and attend class without ending up in court for emails. Emails saying that there's no fairness, or discipline, in classes, and that the professor is making the excuse that she has a 'touch of Alzheimers,' shouldn't have to be written ANYWHERE.  Message: Get out of Tri-C, and don't give Donald Misheff a Foundation $2 bill until he starts checking on things.  Parents get your kids out before they end in court, and adults register somewhere else for continuing education.     
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
7, Report #1429009
Feb 13 2018
11:24 AM
C C & R Construction Covington Construction and Renovation They replaced sheet rock retired fuse box San Diego California
This Company owned by Bill Covington had a unlicensed non electrian attempt to replace my wiring and fuse box. I learned the worker drove taxied in Tijuana after he was shocked three times and caused arching. Bill Covington was holding the taxi drivers flashlight. When the wires arched I could hear Bill Covington Shart. Covington began to stammer and slur his words as I could make out “popped” “myself”. Covington made a run for my testroom. The room stunk .... I was unsure if it was his body odor or flatuate. I immediately terminated Bill Covington and C C & R Construction.
Entity: San Diego, California
8, Report #1244205
Jul 24 2015
11:57 PM
Dan Sachkowsky Axis builders AD tri state construction Nationwide
 Dan Sachkowsky is a builder & marketer who prays on people that trust what he says . My mother who lives in NJ requested him to build a back deck & do other home repairs . He did not provide references & his companies all where new . He had owned DS construction , that went bankrupt after stealing 10's of thousands from people all over the state of NJ ( something we found out later ). After taking 22,000 dollars from my family to do work on our family home he never came back to do the work .. After many calls & letters . Dan would always promise we would be taken care of , he always had a reason why the work was not done . This has been very difficult on my mother who is guilty of trusting him Police know all about Dan & his actions .. I guess he has done this many times under many company names I am hoping this article saves another family from this happening to them Dan has many tattoos & shaved head .. Please beware & do not give him money Ask his neighbors what they think .. L
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #161300
Oct 19 2005
10:52 AM
Driveway tilts toward house a good inch and water lays toward house. Window wells were set too low on that side as well. Garage forms did not hold when they were pouring cement, therefore causing an ughly wall. The water runs to back of garage. Roger Herrera hired Beamon Cement Company. Both companies did poor job. Angie Mason, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Mason, Michigan
10, Report #229852
Jan 13 2007
09:50 AM
Tri State Construction Wrote siding and windows contract 4-21-05 Has not yet completed, put windows in sidways. Lied and said I change my mind! La Vista Nebraska
On April 21, 2005 Bill Russel, Owner of Tri-State Construction wrote a contract of $8,200 for siding and replacement doors and windows. I wrote him a check for $2,700 as a down payment for the siding and $4,200 for the cost of the windows. These were to be double-hung and the replacement patio door to be exactly like the other except white would be fine. Months went by then in September he finally showed up, he had all kinds of excuses, his boy got married, then the other son was thrown in jail, then he got sick with a cold, then his truck broke down,etc. Finally the windows were being put in with the excitement I ran upstairs to see the windows. They were sliders? I tried closing it and could hardly shut it. I said to his co-worker, Do I look like I just fell off a turnip truck? Those window are double hung and you installed them as sliders. His reply to me was that the window rep said that they could be installed either way. Hum? Well, He, left and I didn't see him for a couple of months and we had some hellacoius downpours. Next thing I know we are watching rain pouring down my walls through the windows. My husband calls him that night and told him he needs to do something about this or else. He wanted us to put towels in the windows until he can get back out to us! He shows up and I wasn't nice. My house was smelling from the water in my walls. Now he has to order more windows. The ones that he should have ordered in the first place. You see, All the windows he installed are not made to fit as ordered. He cut into my walls or framed around my other windows to put in smaller windows! I had to drywall and insulate on top of all this. Plus, the dummy I am I agreed to pay extra for any lumber and supplies that were needed. It took him another 4-5 months to get the right windows. I called the contractors supply company where he gets the windows and asked about the windows myself. I have now caught him in several lies. He still owes me a back door and has not completed a section of siding on the side and has not completed the siding on the back of our home. He also owes me complete gutters. A friend recommended him for siding. But he is no carpenter. He does not know what he is doing when he puts in a window. He also whines like a baby. Oh, I wish I never would have taken this job. He says to me, all the time. It made my stomace turn. I have taken 73 pictures of his screw ups and am ready to file a report with the state attorney generals office. Barb Waterloo, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: La Vista, Nebraska
11, Report #97476
Jul 03 2004
05:41 AM
Tri-Star Construction ripoff Thomas Pilling Septic system failed after 2 months -He blames stones I placed on top of site caused it - does not know how to operate a wheelbarrow Taunton Massachusetts
August 2003 Tri-Star Construction (Thomas Pilling) of Taunton, Massachusetts installed new septic tank and leaching field mound. It leaks. 1) The engineer that HE HIRED to design original plans agrees Tri-Star is at fault. He states that the leaching field was not lined and incorrect gravel was used. (I can provide the report.) 2) The Taunton Board of Health inspector agrees Tri-Star is at fault. She states that the leaching field was not lined and incorrect gravel was used. (I can provide the report.) 3) An independent Septic inspector that I had to hire at my own expense agrees Tri-Star is at fault. They state that the new leaching field was built on top of old leaching field. The old leaching field was not removed as specified in plans. (I can provide the report.) Pilling states that he would not come to my house with a wheelbarrow. This is just as well for I am certain he does not know how to operate a wheelbarrow. Mary Ann 02780, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Taunton, Massachusetts
12, Report #716847
Apr 12 2011
04:11 PM
Cuyahoga Community College Tri-C Don't go near Tri-C despite low costs & certificate programs - any class problems & emails will be collected & filed in Cleveland Municipal Court for criminal charges - campus problems not handled in, Ohio
Tri-C courses are not for all; there are many complications with CHEAP credit hour costs.  Tri-C desperately needs an OMBUDSPERSON to adjudicate inter-student problems, faculty conflicts, and course controversies including grade dispute advising (and how to avoid).  Does anyone ever win a grade dispute at Tri-C, or do the faculty just lie in groups of three (G-3s)?  One recent grade dispute had the faculty panel concurring that a lab practical task of moving a 300 lb Cleveland Clinic OR bed was 'fair,' in a health technology program, when the weight limit 'scope of practice' was to lift only 25 lbs (not crash-and-burn with 300+).  One wonders what drugs were involved?  None of that panel could have moved that bed, in any amount of time by themselves, but so what?  You have to be WONDER WOMAN at Tri-C, a triathelete, a master of mediation and negotiation.     Students, and parents, are cautioned not to sign up for ANY courses, certificate or other programs, at any Tri-C campus, before investigating other area colleges & universities FIRST.  Before investigating Tri-C policies about resolution of student problems - and we are not talking alcohol, drugs, or sex -because there are problems in spades that deal solely with academics and the failure of Tri-C to be about anything educational.  Education does not equal certified mail, threats, and screaming at someone for hours about prejudice.Prospective students & parents should question the Tri-C staff about what happens when there are problems with the course; the professor being 'gone,' the session being too short for the material (every summer math course), the professor being past 70 and just too tired to remember things, or the professor not being fair to non-diversity students.  It's a funny concept to imagine that if you were black, or transgender, things would suddenly be facilitated for you at Tri-C.  How are problems solved at Tri-C for the non-diversity student: will you have to hire a lawyer to finish the program, or get through to Dean Karen Miller or President Jerry Sue Thornton - who's too busy collecting honors for herself to speak with any student about program issues or trouble with a faculty person shes just not available.  Will you have to write ripoff reports?  Will your life become case 39?    Deans at Tri-C are three-times removed from reality most of the time; solving problems with threats, exaggerated responses, and certified mailings.  And it's never been proved that a certified letter got things done any better than regular US mail - it's just more emotionally damaging its a threat.  The money spent could be used to improve course curriculums, or hire a better instructor, pay for Shari Rako to be a real ombudsperson in the Student Affair's office, or hire another Summer Session Math Instructor to cover vacation, move, and elective surgery absences its all done during the sessions rather than in-between.  Deans at Tri-C have no ability to be intuitive, reasonable, have a controlled response, or distinguish truth from lies - they practice deception.  They OVER-REACT buckets of mailings, accusations, and emails that should never be needed.  Who wants to be told that they are disruptive when theyve done nothing but tutor the black students that asked, and give out copies of review notes did Dean Miller want blood or a pound of skin?  No one can make someone else be disruptive.  Its an individual choice.What are the RULES at Tri-C?  Question at least 5-10 past students by asking who took the course last; grade distribution, i.e. how many F's?  And it not even the Fs that are the problem, its why and what else was going on.  Spend a day to sit-in on classes at the beginning of a semester.  One course of 8 students had 2 unnecessary F's given only to the white students who couldn't get the lab practice time; the black woman instructor couldn't CONNECT and she didn't TRY.  Two Fs, 25% F rate, is too much.  Then when bad things happen, the interrogations in Dean's offices are brutal, mind-boggling, and cruel stuff out of horror flicks - and it usually isn't the student's fault that the professor didn't care or didn't take an interest.  When you leave the room, you don't know what happened but you are 'had.'  Debriefing is not the answer, having the practice test available for the Review Session is.The forwarding of STUDENT emails to Cleveland Municipal Court should be embarrassing - please ask how many Tri-C students were complained about in this way, students just trying to get through the course with impossible odds - otherwise 'A' students getting screwed to promote Dean Karen Miller's agenda?  ASK the questions of the Dean's office before you sign up for Summer Session, the answer to the number of cases filed against students is not zero, and those students did nothing but try - very hard.  How many students complained about that Professor last summer session - and what was the debriefing in Dean May's office like for hours?  How many security guards were on escort?  It's all a show of force, when none is needed, if some teaching is done for the money.  Last summer, one math class had the students begging the distant-detached calculus professor for some help, and past students were begged to offer advice on how to understand this guy.  Good ability to teach, lousy interpersonal-interaction skills, blow-up in the making, and trouble to avoid at all costs.  Lower price per credit hour does not mean better quality it means more trouble.     Despite the low costs, and buildings to dream for, compared to other colleges & universities - there is no faculty maturity, or real interest in education and the goals of students.  Just pay the money and take the insults.  There are tsunami-grade class & program problems - where the ability to drop, W-out, or even take an Incomplete has never been worked out - everyone is too busy reading student emails - that includes Dean Karen Miller who has yet to make a list of the class offerings where cancelling out is a major issue.  Handouts and textbooks have critical errors - the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion in one currently used text.  No one improves the handouts or the CD instructional movies - they are from decades ago; donations apparently.  All the money was spent on certified mail.One class, where there was a lot of trouble recently, had no Incomplete option - it was just never worked out.  And no one takes courses to cause themselves trouble or mayhem; no one wants to argue with Karen Miller or be punished for existing.  Is there a working INCOMPLETE option for the course - it means that the course has been thought about for a minute at least.Programs where there are older students, who have worked in the job market, need a different grading 'track' for the returning students vs. the first time.  That alone would solve a lot of class 'bad dynamics.'  Let the older student have a different grading paradigm, different projects, and more relevant issues in a parallel track course.  Then the first time students wouldn't complain about the adult students altering the 'curve;' the curve has to be different for different types of students.  Education needs to be relevant, interactive, and get finished.  Students starting programs should be helped to finish them; not made examples of.  No one has money to throw away these days; every course means that money was spent and that the investment needs to be recouped.  No student wants anything but to finish well, and to earn the respect of a professor if that respect can be earned.    At Tri-C if you TRY to drop a black professor's class, you will first be accused of 'prejudice' - when not all professors work for all students - put on probation for 'prejudice.'  You won't get around to dropping the course, and Shari Rako wonders why the Student Affairs office couldn't get you to ADD-DROP sooner with all the probations.  It's called SHOCK.       It's not a RACE thing Dean Karen Miller.  Race isn't the major problem with professor-student interactions; it's the respect that the instructor/professor shows each student.  No one cares about 'color' if that person is helping you out - teaching you something - showing some interest - not talking ebonics.  The best advertisement is a satisfied student - and you don't have to have gotten an 'A' to be happy at any college.  Heaven is just to have learned something, achieved a goal, and not have been trashed, beaten up, or given an unnecessary 'F' or dismissal for having to disagree a few times.  No one wants to protest, just to survive.     'Situations' dealing with faculty fairness, diversity issues, and bullying of particular students are ending up in Cleveland Municipal Court where the student just emailed about the problems - the instructors that weren't being fair or needed teaching assistants - the favoritism shown to some diversity students, the derogatory comments & name-calling, and the bullying for grades.   In some classes if the other students see the 92-95, as the papers are passed back, you will be jacked up and screamed at that you 'deserve a zero.'  It's all in the hot air.  The mean-spiritedness is that intense, the cheating is anything you can get away with, and the ability to adjudicate or straighten out a mess is non-existent.  Student emails about Tri-C campus problems do not belong in Cleveland Municipal Court; one would think that Tri-C might be embarrassed that the 'b-tch' stuff went on for 30-45 minutes non-stop without anyone realizing that it was wrong or inappropriate.  Campus Security is always on break.  Is anyone thinking that courts are not for campus academic & course issues - they are for civil affairs.  Emails do not make a student a criminal - there's that First Amendment. . .There's no criminal INTENT in writing an email about a course issue.Other colleges have to cough up for an ombudsperson and President Jerry Sue Thornton has tens of thousands to offer friends for consulting jobs or marketing.  Someone ought to explain to President Scoop that a good college sells itself - that a student is the best & cheapest marketing gimmick the McDonalds Happy Meal.  One student's ruined semester, or summer session, discourages ten or more - the bad experience compounds.  No student wants to complain about class problems, favoritism, insults, and just bad decisions - there are better things to do with one's life and time.  No student wants to spend an hour speaking to Karen Miller threatening, or another Program Director taking you out for hours about your being 'prejudiced' that you want fairness.  Accountability, responsibility, fairness, and the ability to listen without arrogance & nastiness are needed in Dean Karen Miller's office - a more unsuited Dean of Student Affairs couldn't be found on the planet, i.e. no intuition, no insight, no ability to decipher the lies from the truth - just the Karen Miller agenda whatever that is hurt someone.     OMBUDSPERSON on campus: ombudsman or ombudswoman: somebody responsible for investigating or resolving complaints from students or other members of the college community.  Parents & students are warned to stay far away from Tri-C, or to at least ask the questions and get some answers.  Any money saved will be used to bail out the student from conflicts and catastrophes caused by professors not doing their jobs or not wanting to, and Deans doing anything but academics.  Dean Karen Miller will interrogate, and send certified mailings, until you don't know what happened who you emailed, called or faxed - then she'll say call or fax without the numbers - who?  There are problems that are part of any college faculty job - it goes with the job description.  Problem solving are one of the things that are supposed to be demonstrated by the staff & Deans.  It's how Deans are measured everywhere else but Tri-C.  It's not the problem, it is how it was handled that matters, how the complaint was turned around, how the F became an A, how things were saved.  Emails, after you've spent HOURS trying to discuss the problems, are not crimes - just hopes for improvements. 
Entity:, Ohio
13, Report #1393192
Aug 16 2017
01:16 PM
Michael J Sciubba and Tri- State Home Renovation and Construction Company, Inc. (Mike and Jerry) Mike Sciubba, Jerry and Tri-State Home Renovation lied and robbed us of $14000. Marlton New Jersey
  MIKE SCIUBBA and TRI-STATE HOME RENOVATION AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. ARE CROOKS THAT STOLE OUR MONEY On October 6, 2014; we had an initial meeting for a kitchen remodel with Mike Sciubba from Tri-State Home Renovation and Construction, Inc. After taking measurements and discussing what our needs would be for the remodel; he suggested, due to his previous working relationship we meet with a specific cabinet company and their designer to discuss cabinet style and layout. On October 11, 2014; we met with designer to decide on cabinet style and initial design layout to calculate the cost of cabinets. November 6, 2014; we met with Mike Sciubba and his business associate Jerry from Tri-State Home Renovation and Construction, Inc. in our home to discuss the remodeling of our kitchen. Between November and December 2014 we interviewed other contractors/designers to discuss the kitchen remodel. During this time; we received numerous calls from Tri-State Home Renovation and Construction, Inc. inquiring if a decision had been made about the remodel. We decided to go with Tri-State Home Renovation and Construction, Inc. because of the interest that was shown and the almost lowest price for our project. On December 14, 2014, the designer from the recommended cabinet company came to our home to confirm the measures and specific cabinets to be used for our designed kitchen layout. At this time; we assured the designer that her design and her cabinet company would be used for our kitchen remodel because of the many hours she had spent discussing and helping us with our kitchen remodel. In our home on December 22, 2014; we met with Mike Sciubba and his associate Jerry to sign a formal contract for the kitchen remodel. On line 6 of our contract; we specifically noted the use of the recommended designer/cabinet company and the style/brand of cabinets to be used. At this time he stated that given his relationship with the cabinet company; he could purchase the cabinets at a contractor's discount which would be less expensive than us ordering them. We were also told by Mike Sciubba and Jerry that any specialty items ordered would need to be paid in full before ordering, as per New Jersey regulations. They said it would take approximately 6 weeks for the arrival of our special order cabinets. Total cost of our cabinets was $14,000.00 which was paid in full in the form of two personal checks. Numerous appointments were scheduled by the designer/cabinet company with Mike Sciubba to order our specialty cabinets and he never showed up for the appointments, there was always an excuse why he couldn't make it - the cabinets were never ordered. On March 27,2015 after many failed attempts to contact Mike Sciubba to discuss the ordering of the cabinets and start date; we sent a certified letter to Tri-State Home Renovation and Construction, Inc. terminating their services due to breach of contract. We requested the return of our $14,000.00 by April 10, 2015; which he would have had in his possession for 113 days. As of August 2017, we have not received any of our $14,000.00 back from Mike Sciubba and/or Tri-State Home Renovation and Construction, Inc. We have hired an attorney to assist us in the recovery of our money and have learned there is at least $500,000.00 out there in judgments against him. When you begin your search for the right company/contractor for your home renovations; be warned that in our experience this company/contractor cannot be trusted. Once Mike Sciubba had our money; he could not be reached for questions or concerns and the written/signed contract was nothing more than an instrument Mike and Jerry used to get us to turn over our hard earned money to them.
Entity: Marlton, New Jersey
14, Report #836918
Apr 21 2017
03:15 PM
C&R Boger Construction Inc. Kent Washington
To read other reports about this company, please click the link below:
Entity: Kent, Washington
15, Report #640369
Sep 14 2010
07:30 AM
M-C Construction MC Pools, Took the money and ran Houston, Texas
The owner of this company is Moses Castaneda. We have been trying to get him to complete the pool he started for months. He took 90% of the money for the entire project, and has only completed about 40% of the work. He still has all the big ticket items to install like the equipment, heater, plaster, pool cover, and lights. He has left us with a hole in our courtyard that is a safety hazard to our children now. He took most of his money at the front end of the project and now is not returning our calls. We can't meet with him, and he has not shown up in over 3 weeks. We wanted a under-track automatic pool cover, it is even specified in the contract, but he poured the decking leaving no room for any type of under-track pool cover. This guy never had any intention of completing this project. DO NOT HIRE HIM. He bids low for a reason. He takes most of the money up front, leaving all the expensive items out and leaving you with a hole in the dirt.He says he is fully insured, but has not provided any certificate of insurance or bonding company.
Entity: Houston, Texas
16, Report #841424
Apr 21 2017
03:14 PM
C&R Boger Construction  unrelenting phone solicitations kent, Washington
The unrelenting phone solicitations of these people are astonishing. Even if I needed a construction company or building services of some type, these people would be the last on my list. I can't imagine that their work is trustworthy -- to make multiple phone calls, literally seconds apart, end to end, makes me wonder if these people have any character at all that could be trusted. Especially when dealing with jobs that could be very costly.
Entity: kent, Washington
17, Report #1351823
Jan 24 2017
09:53 PM
C Blackshear Construction Carmen and Edward Blackshear Contractor Scam for money Mesa Arizona
Signed a contract with Carmen L Blackshear and her husband Edward Blackshear Jr on 12/19/16 to demo/replace pitch roof including trusses, sheeting, shingles and front porch installation start 12/27/16, showed up 1/3/17 2 guys worked 2.6 hrs.  2 week completion date was guaranteed per recorded video, as of 1/21/17 10% done.  Per contract trusses were to be used, without my knowledge or signature they did not use trusses but started some other method.  They have removed many portions of roof and left it open to the rain, I took many pictures and actual videos of it raining inside my home. I texted them on many occasions requesting they cover the roof, they would come and partially cover it but never tied it down, it would rain inside, I would text again, same thing again and again, after 2 weeks my husband and I bought the proper tarps and covered it ourselves, no more leaks. We had already installed new textured walls, tongue and groove ceiling, wood floors new window sills.  All of this is ruined along with power equipment and personal items.  They would promised a crew would show up after I made several calls and texst per week, they always had excuses.  I paid them $5,400.00 up front and have about $600.00 in lumber that they tried to remove from property by having Derwin a helper call and say it was his and he needed it.  I have sold the home I am in and need to move in February but have no place or money to move to so I will be living in a home with an open roof and ruined interior.  I tried to work out the issues with Carmen L Blackshear owner of company but of course that is not happening.  Through research I found out that they were dropped by the Statutory Agent National Contractors Services and that the Arizona Corporation Commission has a list approx 175 businesses listed by these people.  I placed an ad on the internet and have also been contacted by many people that they have scammed.  I will not stop until these people are stopped and arrested.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
18, Report #702602
Mar 04 2011
10:51 AM
Cuyahoga Community College Tri-C Tri-C President & Deans will file criminal telecommunications harrassment charges against students trying to resolve course problems by emails. Cleveland, Ohio
The Tri-C Mess:  Tri-C Dean of Student Affairs Karen Miller, Associate Dean of Health Sciences Barbara Mikuszewski at the Tri-C Metropolitan Campus, and Dean May at Eastern Tri-C Campus, all have recently adopted a new policy of harassing and threatening Honor students who notify them of any class, curriculum or professor problems.  These threats range from academic sanctions, to proscriptions regarding future registration for classes, to the filing of criminal charges in Cleveland municipal court for non-threatening campus e-mails detailing and trying to resolve the problems.   Many of the course programs at Tri-C are new.  Many classes have been added to the roster for new job certifications, to broaden the curriculum, or are in development phases.  Many professors have never taught particular classes before at Tri-C, e.g. Derek Hiley Ph.D., in the Math Department at the Eastern Campus, had never taught Calculus III at Tri-C, or used the Tri-C textbook, before last summer session – and he made excuses for everything on that basis.  And he's a very intelligent and gifted professor who shouldn't have to make that poor excuse.   There needs to be cooperation between the students & faculty to improve courses and curriculum – not threats of dismissal, or municipal court actions, for administrative academic problems that the Deans haven’t been on top of because they just travel, attend luncheon meetings, and sit in their offices in dress-for-success attire.  No Tri-C Dean, or Program Director, ever sits in on many actual classes – and they always warn the Professor first.   Local & State Tax contribution to this: Almost half of Tri-C's operating money comes from local county taxes paid through tax levies, with state funding and tuition fees covering the balance. Tri-C goes to local voters every five years to seek renewals of operating money, and voters have always been kind, but Tri-C doesn’t always want to give back in quality educational programs to the voters - families who don’t want criminal charges filed against students for curriculum and professor problems (or B-words used in class). The Cuyahoga County tax levies bring in more than the entire tuition revenue for the college – but is that money being well spent to pay for staff to file campus e-mail telecommunications charges against a student just wanting the classes to be pertinent, professional, and safe learning opportunities? – classes without threats of jack-ups or being bitch-slapped?  Campus Security looks the other way when black students are insulting a white student in class.  Minorities are favored and allowed full expression of ‘black-slang’ Ebonics in classes.  Tri-C is historically a Black-American Community College, but the whole community pays taxes.   At Tri-C the more conscientious students are threatened with sanctions, or dismissal, because they finally had to say something about a math professor not turning anything back, not posting answers, or getting any materials to the students on time for Finals Reviews.  Dean May just says that the course next summer will be a ‘new’ course - at a New Community College it is supposed.  This happened last summer in Derek Hiley’s Calculus III course – which it is not advised that anyone take at this time.  Try Cleveland State this summer – you won’t end up in Municipal Court or Dean May’s office.   The Tri-C Administrative threats include academic dismissal, and even the filing of municipal criminal charges for campus e-mail telecommunications that detail bad or unsafe class dynamics, curriculum and syllabus problems, or professor and instructor problems.  These problems include (1) that the professor is suddenly on leave for 18% of the semester and can’t cover the syllabus, (2) that the professor spends too much time letting the students act out and doesn’t cover the ‘strike’ points for the final lab practical, (3) that the instructor can’t pronounce many of the medical terms in the lectures, or (4) that the Professor has scheduled a party during class lab time.  And don’t ever ask the non-art faculty to draw anything, or the math faculty to bring the right math book to class. These are student e-mails that are non-threatening, don't contain bad language, and are just begging for the Administration to solve the class problems before something worse happens - before a student gets beaten up for 'bad dynamics' in a class where jealousies about grades, or diversity issues, can lead to physical violence.  There is a legion of paid Deans, and Program Directors, at Tri-C that do nothing except travel, sit in their offices, attend luncheon meetings and threaten students. Students will be told that they can't email problems, but instead will have to detail class problems by phone, fax, or direct contact with Dean Karen Miller, Surgical Technology Program Director Beth Stokes, Dean May, or Dean Barbara Mikuszewski – if you can find them.  This is not always possible for a time-sensitive class problem or issue, i.e. practice test e-mails of professors the afternoon before a scheduled Final, a lab practical review cancelled the day before the lab practical, etc. - a lab without a lab book or log so that no one ever knows what 'proper preparation' happened.  Campus e-mails will be collected, in the on-campus police files, and punished, but the academic problems won’t be solved in time.  Students and parents are warned; if you want your academic record not to have criminal, or student probation/dismissal, charges included – DON'T REGISTER AT TRI-C.  It’s all about threats.  Voters should reconsider on the next tax levy.  Tri-C is not into education; they are into new interpretations of ‘telecommunications harassment.’   The Appalachian Trail Hike problem:  Problems can't always be solved by phone, fax or finding the Dean/Program Director out-of-town without a notice on Blackboard, autoreply message on their e-mail (and they all have paid secretarial staff to do this), or anyone knowing where they are.  This past semester Beth Stokes - the Program Director of Surgical Technology - was unreachable, out-of-town somewhere, with no one knowing anything about it for probably more than a week (she admitted a week, and like 'drinks' you double the answer).  Just like former Governor Mark Sanford she was 'hiking the Appalachian Trail' somewhere on Tri-C time.  Beth Stokes was unavailable during the critial course withdrawal week - so that any questions about withdrawing were never answered – withdrawals didn’t get done.  And you can't phone someone out-of-town SOMEWHERE, when their fax number doesn't talk to you and no one really covers for anyone.  The covering Professor will always have a ‘family emergency,’ or give a lecture from another book than listed on the course syllabus.  You can bet on it with good odds. The unavailability of Program Directors and Deans doesn't help facilitate the rescheduling of labs and practical tests, or curb the class outbursts by minority students - students threatening other students with downtown 'jack-ups' or ghetto 'bitch-slaps.'  Use of derogatory terms in class (such as 'bitch'), and harangues of instructors (did they say that you could ask a question, or say a word?) are getting more common.  The refusal of instructors & professors to answer certain student questions, or return assignments & tests in a timely manner, are tolerated and thereby administratively Ok'd.  The student who reports the problem is punished, not the professor or student acting out.  Only the student into the course materials is abused, made fun of, and threatened.  So the rule is 'don't ask, don't tell' or don't register.    Immaturity and bad class behaviors are rewarded; minority student comments, outbursts about a grade of only ‘85,’ etc. are tolerated, and used to distract from the real course work.  Only the student into the course materials is abused, made fun of, and threatened – by classmates, Program Directors, Professors/Instructors, and Deans.  This past Fall Semester one black student at the Metropolitan Campus complained in a rap-like monologue in class for 15 minutes about a grade of 85 – how he felt that it wasn’t ‘fair.’  After listening patiently, the instructor explained that 85 was the highest grade.  But that took 15 minutes of paid-for class time for everyone else.  Did the adult student expect a grade of 95 if he harangued for 30 minutes, or 45?  And this student, even after wanting to ‘bitch-slap’ another white student in class, was never warned or put on probation – the white student was for being ‘disruptive’ = for making the adult ‘street kids’  behave badly.  The ‘bitch’ term is used so that parents, and prospective students, can really know what is going on - the word is in class on class time.  Cuyahoga Community College President Jerry Sue Thornton won't say a word about the students doing this - her office 'winks.'  President Michael Schoop is 100% behind this outrageous policy – and don’t bother with grade disputes concerning black instructors or professors; the black instructor's spoken word will be accepted as fact - without documentation.  Class problems are not resolved in any fair, open, objective or non-punitive way for the non-minority, or older adult student who has to bring the problems to someone's attention.  There is little discipline in classes leading to possibly dangerous situations for certain students.  Security does nothing except file the telecommunications harassment charges - against the student being bullied - in Cleveland Municipal Court.      Parents, and working adult students, are advised not to register for 2011 Summer Sessions at the Tri-C Eastern or Metropolitan Campuses, or programs in the Health Sciences (Surgical Technology, Massage Therapy, and Dental programs) at Tri-C, until this policy is revised & reversed - unless you want to end up in municipal court with charges stemming from emails related to Tri-C course & professor problems.  The court will receive your emails sent to the professor, instructor or Deans at Tri-C.  Emails that pertain to the course dynamics, curriculum, or about the professor not doing their job covering the class syllabus materials, will be forwarded to Cleveland Municipal Court with no charge to Tri-C.  Students are advised not to e-mail the professors at Tri-C at this time - to make the professors answer the questions in class or in group review sessions.     The Cleveland Municipal Court now has to read e-mails about Tri-C instructors who insult students repeatedly in class, instructors who cancel the labs of non-minority students, instructors who don't turn back any materials or refuse to post any test answer keys.  This is surely a misuse of the Cleveland Court system by Tri-C – where education does not come first. 
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
19, Report #929292
Aug 22 2012
05:19 PM
tri state remodeling mike surruba or something like that siding roofing windows kitchens bath demo work contractor new castle , Delaware
we did work for this company and after we copleted all work this slime ball mike surruba or something like that would not answer his phone got paid by the home owner and didnt pay us what a a*hole he is so i google his company and i should of done it befor i started the job he steals deposits steals property off of custermers and does butcher work that is why he is hiding dont hire tristate remodeling out of new castle del  you been warned thank you for reading and hope you listen 
Entity: new castle, Delaware
20, Report #742041
Jun 18 2011
06:21 AM
Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) President Jerry Sue Thornton 'touch of Alzheimers' - not appropriate for Tri-C classes or Cleveland Municipal Court; course problems - with instructors, student bullying, course materials, etc. need to be solved by working Progra Cleveland , Ohio
Classes at Tri-C Main Campus for a Surgical Technology course Fall 2010 Semester deteriorated to 'b*tch-slap,' jack-up, and just nasty inappropriate comments - leading to emails that were begging for some help and improvements.  These emails are now at Cleveland Municipal Court - not because they were wrong, or inappropriate, beyond the course/grade dispute time limits, or other than just 'what is going on?' - but because Tri-C makes 'criminals' out of students that try to work through the course problems - course problems that need administrative fixing - and not screaming at one student and sending her 10 certified mailings.   The certified mail & emails for this course, and calculus III in the summer, were a syllabus in themselves - and costly.  Tri-C could have hired another RN nurse educator to help Ms. Luvenia for the price of the certified mail threatening me, and there was another black RN supposed to help but never asked to do some of the work.   For the price of lecturing me for hours in August 2010, on why I came forward about Derek Hiley - there could have been a Math PhD hired to help him for the summer - every other college does this for an instructor with temporarily health problems, moving difficulties (he was moving for a year however), or undergoing surgery - but Dean May never checked on things and then blamed me and 5-10 other students for not whistleblowing in time - that was Dean May & Karen Miller's problem.  This is not my job.  None of this should have to be on ripoff, or in court. There's a lawyer - Brian Stenger @ (216)272-5097 - AND YOU CAN PAY THE COURT COSTS.  PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: the legal costs of a Tri-C education are not worth it.  Karen Miller starts court fights; a nasty piece of work, a talking-head who does no real work of teaching, fixing course problems, or checking on possible problem situations like professors having surgery or getting too old to do the physical work of the class without employing all the second year students full-time at no cost. It's not appropriate for me to say in Cleveland Municipal Court - not a city problem - that the CCF clinic RN instructor said that she had a 'touch of Alzheimer's' when she couldn't answer some easy questions - and that didn't make me have confidence in her teaching abilities.  Whether she did or not, there are 10,000 better answers when you can't remember something - answers that every other professional uses many times a day.  Most people know that even if they have early Alzheimer's, you don't say it out loud in the halls of the CCF ORs; you sign your retirement papers, or move on to Emeritus and part-time.  Ms. Luvenia has been supposed to move on - train her replacement - for years now.  She's basically tired, but likes the money; earth to Beth Stokes.  Ms. Luvenia gets very well paid for what little she does - that she could remember to say in class - she can cash her checks just fine.  Ms. Luvenia had to physically rely on the second year students to do most of the teaching and moving of furniture, instrument sets, etc; in December, 2010 she couldn't have moved the OR bed that she had me and another male student try to move as part of a practical test - where it wasn't one of the skill tasks to be checked - but that's how her mind works.  She also had certain students checking for instruments not stocked in that area of the Clinic ORs - for fun.       The second year student teaching was good, but not at all standardized as to what Ms. Luvenia really wanted - she wouldn't even share, or tell them, exactly how she wanted tasks done, and they weren't compensated for doing her job.  It wasn't just Ms. Luvenia's inappropriate comments at times (that 'she didn't call on me' or 'say that I could speak'), inappropriate tasks and verbal harangues while certain non-diversity (diversity is the majority student at Tri-C Main Campus) students tried to do their practicals with her, it was that it was time that she had someone share the teaching duties & practicals should be done with a witness second year student.  Another nurse instructor there shared that her 'harshness' at times was hard for other staff to deal with, it wasn't just me.    It's not prejudice, or racism, when an instructor doesn't 'work' for a student - it happens all the time at every college - and you handle it AS EVERY OTHER COLLEGE DOES - but not by accusing the student of prejudice x2, racism, and disruptive behaviors - when she says literally nothing in class and at the end emails all her notes to all the black & diversity (LGBT) students insulting/threatening her - SO THAT THEY HAD SOMETHING TO STUDY INSTEAD OF CALLING ME ON THE PHONE AND INSULTING ME AS C--- THREATENED TO HAVE A----- DO, as A----- had dropped.  Both D----- & T------- watched that I said 'nothing' in class unless directly asked - so that any 'word' of mine would not interfere with any black/diversity student's total monopoly of the classroom situation - all volunteered answers after the first week of classes were by the rest of the class.  But that's not how things work at any other college - every student in the Surgical Technology Program Fall 2010 had enough smarts to do the studying themselves, and to do very well without having to insult, harass, & bully me out of class - but they weren't expected to shut their mouth and do their work - they wanted my notes and review sheets & they got them - the wrong way.  After calling me a 'bitch' for 45 minutes, I was ready to give them everything - including any jewelry they liked of mine - except my phone & car keys = my exit strategy if I had to that night.   EXTRA HELP: all the black students got 5-10 extra labs that were just scheduled by Ms. Luvenia (they were invited to come on Tuesdays 'to get the lay of the land' at Cleveland Clinic - so as to put them forward for any jobs from day #1; black-to-black help) - which I understand, but in 2010 it made for the polarization of the class - all the catering to certain students, the favoring, the allowing certain students to literally say anything, turn in tests & assignments late, and discuss anything - including gender reassignment surgery and when the sexual feeling/urges come back. . .   Further, I'm sure last summer at Tri-C East Campus, calculus III course problems - where a Professor took a 10 day leave/56 days, for moving & surgery, and was not well for most of the other 7 weeks - caused problems in the Fall - I was 'marked for destruction.'  But Dean May & Dean Karen Miller knew that the surgery was not minor, and that THEY needed to check on things - and they didn't.  All I knew was that the guy was losing weight, looked terrible, went to surgery, and didn't look well again until Finals Week, but didn't turn anything back or post anything on time - for the whole 8 weeks.  After he returned from surgery, he would 'fade' at the end of the lectures - and many were afraid that something was going to happen - they knew 'something' was wrong - but not about the surgery.  Dean Karen Miller blamed me, and I didn't have the information that the Administration at Tri-C did about the man's health issues.  Any other college would have hired a temporary calculus III professor, dime-a-dozen in the summer; all over town Math PhDs would drool to teach a few weeks and not the whole session - summer vacation money without all the trouble.    TEACHING POINT: None of the Tri-C curriculum, instructor, or student bullying problems belong in Cleveland Municipal Court; that is a 'touch of Alzheimer's' literally - that President Thornton, Dean Miller, & Beth Stokes communicate so badly that threatening people is their way of solving a problem, that they admitted was 'very bad dynamics,' is just unbelieveable.  Women-to-women this is just gross - but sad.  Diversity issues, verbal bullying, instructor issues - are problems that every other college in the Cleveland area can deal with - without involving Cleveland Municipal Court - just not Tri-C. Until there are assurances of improvements based on discussions of the present hell - dragged to court with a serious fracture that Tri-C partially contributed to - that I'm going through, white students, and summer college students hoping to do summer studying in courses where the Professor is not in surgery, should go elsewhere.  If you don't want to have to deal with an instructor explaining she has a 'touch of Alzheimer's,' a Math PhD having surgery for the Summer Session with no fill-in lecturer that shows up more than once, students calling you a b*tch, or having your emails in Criminal Court - go elsewhere.  Tri-C is out-of-control as to how they solve problems, and they have the state monies & resources to run very good programs, hire instructors who are there and not making excuses, and to solve their problems in the 'normal' ways - discussions without threats, probations for prejudice, mail harassment, and bullying.  This has been emotionally totally cruel. There has to be somewhere to go for BULLYING problems besides Karen Miller - and her secretary Shari was the one who told me that 'didn't I get the message' - that all the mail, allowed verbal abuse in class, taking me out of class, probation threats were because I didn't 'drop' the course right away.  Well, that's not a good excuse for what happened.  But this does not belong in Cleveland Municipal Court as telecommunications harassment - I took the F and the dismissal, but filed the grade dispute to see the test results, promote some discussion of the problems and stop the MAIL.  Literally from the calculus class problems to present, I've been harassed - all of which affected my health and contributed to a serious fracture.  Find someone else to harass - start teaching at Tri-C.  Beth Stokes should be teaching, not taking two weeks off and lecturing me on prejudice - reading my emails instead of correcting the errors in the course materials.  You shouldn't have to send more than 5-10 emails per course per semester if the Professor/Instructor has done their job and everything is on Blackboard on time.     
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
21, Report #1422901
Jan 14 2018
10:29 AM
C C R CONSTRUCTION RENOVATION Covington Construction & Renovation Billy the Halitosis Midget Wipes Your Stains They did not conform to the human decency standards San Diego California
I retained CRR Construction to remodel my water closet and kitchen broom closet. The project was scheduled to be completed in five days. After the crew of one showed up late on the first day and returned intoxicated from his lunch break. The second day the same laborer returned and worked a full morning but failed to call or return after his lunch break. I called the foreman Billy Covington. I explained the situation to Covington who said he would come over by two PM to clean up after I told him the laborer left everything out. Covington did not arrive until 515 PM. I told Covington I was extremely disappointed with the project so far. I asked Covington to find another laborer because of the tardiness and returning intoxicated. Covington appeared to get extremely nervous and his breathing became labored Covington had really bad halitosis. I agreed to allow Covington to complete my remodel after he promised to personally finish the project himself. At 1030 hours on Wed Covington called and told me he could not make it at 8 AM because his truck was out of gas. I told Covington that he would not be getting paid and he could pick up his tools at 5 PM. Covington arrived at 5 PM and continued to lead with me for a job. He insisted he needed the money for his truck. I noticed Covington was stammering and had chew all over his face. I told him to leave Covington then began to call me a bully. Covington repeatedly said bully f* you outer and over. It appears Covington has tweets syndrome. I felt badly that any one would be so desperate and need. I caution any perspective customers to steer clear of this man his halitosis and flatulent aroma are vile.
Entity: San Diego, California
22, Report #384119
Oct 23 2008
11:01 AM
Earl Snyder, C & E Construction Cutting corners can literally cut your corners off. Shawnee Oklahoma
I bought a house from Earl and Carmen Snyder in 2006. They own their own house building company in Shawnee Oklahoma. When I bought mine I was assured it was sound and well built. Well, not so much. After moving in and thoroughly going over the house I found many cut corners and shabby work. There is no sophit board over the front porch, just siding which allows too much air to pass to the attick and lifts the shingles off the house. The walls in the attic are not completely closed to the outside and no they arent ventilation. Interior walls are not square, kitchen cabinets are installed crooked, electrical outlets not properly installed, water heater vents not correct so exhaust ends up in the upstairs bedroom. On top of all this the 11 year old slab the house is sitting on is falling down on three corners, the bay window is falling too and the center of the house slab is collapsing so that the house could cave in on itself. The foundation company that came out to do the inspection said the slab was not laid right. It has either the wrong rebar and mesh wire or not enough. There is no reason a slab this old should be this bad off otherwise. It will cost me $16,000 min. to fix the slab and another $5000. for the roof. That does not include the window, door and wall damage from all the movement. I asked around town about this builder and found that all his houses are this way and the people who installed things for the builder said they would never buy anything he built because he cuts too many corners and uses cheap products that wont last. I wish someone had posted that info on here before I bought this one. I can't sell it with the problems and I can't fix them and get enough back out of the house to break even either. So I'm stuck. Thanks a lot Earl Snyder. Nab Mcloud, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Shawnee, Oklahoma
23, Report #787873
Oct 12 2011
10:09 AM
R & C Service roofing & construction President - Brent Baker stole roof repair money with NO INTENTION OF DOING THE WK!! Internet
The report you got from Lewisville is only one of many these people pulled off.  Did you know they can file a police report on them? They are taking over $2500 from each & the funds are being transfered out of state. This makes it a felony fraud as well as insurance fraud.These people took trips to Corpus Cristi, are into motor cross racing especially Baker's. I can not find anywhere were they are bonded or insured.The BBB has (finially) pulled their accreditation. They have emptyed their office in Burleson. The property owner stated they also got stiffed. There are at least 6 other homes in my neiborhood with their work signs out front, or at least they were untill the last few days.Keep all corresponance for legal purposes, all contact names, dates & times if you can remember them, I would file charges of theft against them if you haven't already done so. Take a copy of the check, contract, and insurance claim if ther is one with you, the more information you can give them the better chance they can get these guys. Don't forget to notify your insurance company & bank.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #308404
Feb 12 2008
06:05 PM
M C Raymond, Construction Custom Home Builder reniggs on fixed price contract Port Townsend Washington
This contractor failed to use the change order process, as required, by our contract. As such, he incurred significant costs early that were not disclosed to us until much later in the contruction process. He claims that we concealed soil condition on the property and had he known about them, he would have bid the project differently. This is absolutely not true and my wife and I have been up front with him from the beginning and even brought to his attention the fact that both surrounding homes had overruns in this area and that we did not want any surprises. Because of the lateness in telling us about the purported material cost overruns, we were not given any opportunity to mitigate it with other budget reductions. Incedently, the project was very poorly managed and while the contract called for completion in a year, it was two before we moved in. After allready misssing several deadlines, we had to be out of our rental home by the end of April 07. The house was still not ready and we had plans to spend the summer in Alaska. It was agreed that the home would be ready to move in upon our return. Actually, very little work transpired during our absence, and it was only upon our return did we learn about the material cost overruns. The contractor then abandoned the project when we would not pay what he believed was due him. We have asked time and time again for financial information to support his claim and we have received nothing that can be reconciled to the draw requests. Our contract calls for arbitration, but we are reluctant to go there as his company appears to have little in the way of assets. Big Lesson learned is to require a performance bond in these kind of situations. Later, we find that he has stiffed a number of the subcontractors and we have had to pay them to avoid liens being place on our property. This guy is a real con artist and is very convincing. Don't pay attention to the words. Pay a lot of attention to his actions. I could go on and on about the impact of his actions on our life, but suffice it to say, we are very, very upset with him and what he represents. If you hear his name, run, don't walk away from him. David Port Ludlow, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Port Townsend, Washington
25, Report #43761
Oct 13 2004
09:36 PM
Tri-Steel Structures rip-off Denton Texas
TRI-STEEL = TRY-STEAL As a distributor for Tri-Steel we placed an order for a custom steel frame structure package in March 2002 with the required 25%+ down payment. Although not a complicated design, we did not receive completed drawings and plans until late August. Our customer then started his foundation which was scheduled to be completed by the end of November. In October, Tri-Steel informed us that they would need more money to order the steel for such a big project but did not advise us they had filed for bankruptcy protection. We collected the COD amount from our customer and paid Tri-Steel in full for the steel package. Mr. John F Brown, the owner, advised he would guarantee delivery or pay a penalty of $500.00 daily for every day it was not delivered. We advised the delivery was to be December 2, 2002. Tri-Steel took our money and still has not provided any steel or penalty payment. They are still trying to conduct business but with out shipping steel. TRI-STEEL = TRY-STEAL Georgia Corinth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas

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