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1, Report #1400375
Sep 15 2017
06:25 PM
Truck Insurance Inc Truck Insurance Inc of Florence, South Carolina is a big ripoff Florence South Carolina
When an insurance companies allows a truck driver to move vehicles under false pretenses.... that's organized crime.  Beach Towing - Jimmy Brown is insured by these idiots and Beach Towing damages cars and runs from all responsibility.  Don't let a trucking company move your car if they are insured by Truck Insurance of Florence, SC because you will never be able to start a claim.  The truck drivers give improper bill of lading documents, never pay for the damage... run from the accident and hide and Truck Insurance allows them to run run run. Shame on you Truck Insurance of Florence SC.  You are promoting organized crime when you give insurance to truck drivers that break the law, damage cars, not file a claim, hurt customers, run from all responsibility and you continue to provide insurance !!!  Shame on you! I'll spread the word that you are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.  Shame on you. I hope the attorney General in S.C. looks into your activities.  You need to lose your insurance license for what you are doing.  You allow Beach Towing - Jimmy Brown to run around with a high deductible when he has no credit rating - doesn't have two nickles to rub together and he damages a Cadillac by allowing his upper deck to smash down on the roof of a car on the lower deck (total idiot truck driver with no clue what he is doing).... and then he never pays the Caddy owner a dime.  He does nothing but run from the law.  When a carrier shift a load from one trucking company to another and damage occurs and nobody provides insurance documentation, nobody starts a claim, nobody pays for the damage... I'm calling you out Truck Insurance of Florence South Carolina for promoting this activity by continueing to insure Beach Towing.   
Entity: Florence, South Carolina
2, Report #880167
May 09 2012
10:20 AM
USA Truck, Inc. Driver Solutions, Inc. USA Truck, Inc. Driver Solutions, Inc. Scam Truck Driving CDL School C1 Van Buren, Arkansas
Don't waste your time with USA Truck, Inc. out of Van Buren AR. They've recently shut down their Spartenburg terminal. Getting a hold of your dispatcher is a nightmare, and you'll more than likely sit on hold for at least 20 mins if not more. Their Qualcomm system is antiquated at best and only works half the time. You won't get many miles either. Their starting pay is just .26 cpm. After being with them for several months I just got up to .27. Sad. Right now my average runs are 300-400 miles a day. You can do the math and see how this really doesn't add up. Factor in rising costs, taxes, and the fact they take payments for the C1 school out of your check and combined with the low pay and low miles, you can see its not a very good choice. At the time I didn't see all the other reports on here and I should have done some more research. Don't get caught up by them. Horrible communications within the company. I can see why they have like a 97% turn over rate and are always looking for new drivers.
Entity: Van Buren, Arkansas
3, Report #927653
Aug 15 2012
11:14 AM
New England Truck Stop Inc. A dishonest business! Sturbridge, Massachusetts
We called New England Truck Stop Inc. when our truck broke down in Sturbridge, MA. When the roadside mechanic came, he hooked up his diagnostic computer, said it didn't show anything, then told us we needed a new fuel pump (which later turned out to be the wrong one!). They changed the fuel pump, then said it was the crank sensor, replaced it, it wasn't that! Then the said it was the ECM, which they said they couldn't fix. So we called their partner business who sold them the crank sensor (Tri State Truck Center in Shrewsbury, MA) We have been here a week waiting to be fixed!!!  Back to the first mechanics, they charged us almost $700 for parts that were not needed! They also LEFT their diagnostic computer in our truck that was later towed. They came four days later with the Shrewsbury Police to harass me and threaten to take me to jail for having their computer and they claim trying to sell to a mechanic at Tri State Truck Center! We are not responsible for any tools, computer, parts left behind. We call for service, and get treated like criminals at both businesses! Beware of both of these places if you are a professional driver!
Entity: Sturbridge, Massachusetts
4, Report #1333927
Oct 19 2016
08:14 AM
Budget Truck Rental BEWARE OF INSURANCE FRAUD!! Nationwide
Okay, this report is after three phone calls to Budget Truck Rental customer service. I reserved a 12' moving truck online. during the process, there did not appear to be any way to unslect the insurance (I was given three options and all three were an insurance package) or an option for no insurance. I was assured by Budget Truck Rental that I would be able to decline the insurance when I picked up the rental truck. When we arrived to pick up the vehicle...we waited almost 45 minutes for the gentleman to finish doing his ice compnay business before we were helped. During the process we were told that they did not have a 12' truck (something that an employee had previously verified) and that we would be given a 16' truck at no additional charge!During this process, when the insurance question arose, I indicated that I did not wish to carry the insurance since I was only going a few hundred miles the approx. $100 wasn't cost effective given the probability of an incident.* The gentleman went through out paperwork...having me intial in places and informing me of additional charges for this...and additional charges for that...blah blah blah. We went outside to inspect the truck...I was concerned about the additional fuel charges due to the larger size of the truck and the agent assured me that it would only be an additional $20 or so. WRONG!** Due to already being about an hour behind schedule...I put my trust in this agent, intialed and went on my way. The inside of this truck was filthy. There was a thick coating of dust all over the cab of this vehicle. It took 3-4 Clorox wipes to clean the seats, doors and dash. The air conditioning was so full of dust that we could not utilize the air conditioning due to dust being blown into our face. The truck was mechanically sound, I will give Budget Truck Rental that much. We had no problems, nor concerns about the vehicle breaking down or having any mechanical problems/issues. It was during the pick up proces that the agent indicated there were additional charges for rental vehicles that were left in the wrong location. Knowing that the drop-off location was only open until 2pm on Saturday (we planned on returing Saturday evening) and that the location was closed on Sunday, I tried to contact the location all say on Saturday. I was met, each time, with a voicemail recording. With issues mounting up, I decided to give Budget Truck Rental customer service a call to relay my dissatisfaction with the service that I had received. As I reviewed the contract (the only copy was in the envelope that I was to leave in the truck upon return...none in the envelope for me) I noticed that the pick up location agent had in fact charged me for insurance ($92.97)...I was livid. I relayed all my above concerns to the customer service agent...who simply told me that he could do nothing...I was to return the truck to the location and give the location a call on Monday to discuss these issues. This response was unacceptable to me and I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was basically told that it would do me no good...transferred...and listed to a ring for approximately 3-4 minutes. I hung up and called back. The 2nd customer service agent explained that they would assist me, but could not do anything because the rental was still open and it had to be closed before they could assist. Today (10/19/16) I contacted Budget Truck Rental customer service again. The young man that I spoke with indicated that he would provide me with a $25 credit for the filthy truck inside, a $29 credit for the additional fuel charges (are you kidding me? $29? WOW! This is 2016, fuel is over $2/gallon, it's not 1950! I spent nearly double for fuel because of that larger 16' truck at no additional charge!) and that they would do nothing about the insurance situation. When I pushed back, indicating that I felt that the agent was fraudulent and that I would like to speak with a supervisor...this customer service agent indicated that I should have notifed them on the date of the rental or before I returned the truck. Really? Like I did on Saturday...when I noticed the charge? He also indicated that I should provide them with verification that I had insurance coverage on a rental vehicle from a commercial insurance agent and submit to them and they would review whether to refund my $92.97 or not. Huh? The last time I checked...if you elect the insurance, and an accident happens you are covered by that insurance...if you decline, and an accident happens you are personally responsible for damages that you are fault for. When I told the agent that I did not wish to have the insurance, they never asked me to prove that I had insurance on their financial responsibility was addressed...not the presence of other insurance. I will be the first one to admit, I was personally negligent in my failure to adequately review the contract. But...given the circumstance...I was in a rushed mindset after waiting quite a while for the agent...and I never once thought that I couldn't trust the agent to document my wishes appropriately. In addition, all the paperwork that we intialed...not one section indicated that I had elected any insurance products. At least none that I can see on the contract...the one thatI had to take a picture of on my phone because only one was provided and I had to leave it in the truck upon drop off. Whatever the outcome...the bottom line is that I have reason to believe that I was deceived by Budget Truck Rental. I have done business with U**** and P***** before for moving truck rentals and I have never had this experience. I would caution consumers to be aware of the shady business practices of some Budget Truck Rental agents...and the reluctance of the corporate customer service agents to adequately assist the customer. It has been a very bad experience (with the exception of the great mechanical condition of the equipment). In honor of this election season..I will leave you with this. You, the consumer, have a vote! Your vote is green ($$)! Your vote is your business! Don't vote for Budget Truck Rental!
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1211476
Feb 24 2015
08:54 PM
progressive insurance commercial truck insurance cacillatoin discrepancys Nationwide
as a trucking company owner getting ready for xmas holidays,aprox mid november, had insurance agent make needed cargo insurance coverage changes to policy to provide service to upcoming customer.   at that time agent was alerted that when season is/was over inaprox 3 weeks that policy for cargo was to revert back to prior settings and policy on truck was to run out as needed due to no winter work for truck at said time. on dec 12th i had agent drop all cargo coverage. on jan 24 2015 i was givin a bill for 156$ told it was for jan premiums because i did not come into office and sign for cancellation. this is not the case, all of the 2 and only 2 agents that work in that office were advised to perform these requests as they had the year prior... no issues then, why now? i would not recomend using progressive commercial insurance.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #344416
Jun 26 2008
06:40 AM
U-Haul Truck Rental - Republic Western Insurance Leaky truck ruined possessions Phoenix, Arizon
Rented a U-Haul 14 foot truck for a one-day move. Loaded truck and parked. Rained all night. When I got to my destination the next day (125 mile move) and began unloading, discovered that the rain had leaked into the truck. Water damaged my mattress, soaked some business suits, ruined a box of books. Luckily, I had my photos and other keepsakes in a sealed Rubbermaid container. The insurance company that handles claims for U-Haul, Republic Western Insurance, denied my claims of damage. The U-Haul contract states that the trucks are only 'water-resistant.' Enough water leaked into the compartment to completely saturate the lower portion of my mattress to 8 the entire length of the mattress. I tried drying it out but mold developed inside the mattress and I had to discard. The agent for Republic Western Insurance refused to provide me with requested information about the truck. It has signs of previous damage and an inadequate repair and patch job. I am going to file a small claims lawsuit and attempt to recover my damages. If I wanted to expose my items, I could have move via my pick-up truck. Gary Payson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1242977
Jul 20 2015
07:52 AM
eHealth Insurance Inc eHealth Insurance ROBBED for $250 by eHealth Insurance & Given run around. Internet
I applied for insurance and prior to getting an approval, my bank account was charged (immediately). I called about this and told them that I didn't feel comfortable with this since I wasn't even approved and there was no communication about this. They assured me that I will get my money back and that my application was rescinded.  This was a lie. I had to file a dispute with Wells Fargo and add a stop payment to my account for this merchant. What a waste of time. I am still unsure if I will be able to get my money back or not . . . DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1224120
Apr 22 2015
11:50 AM
Bozeman Insurance Inc Bozeman Insurance Agency Insurance agency for Federated national St Petersburg, Florida
Suffered extreme inefficiency They fired the person dealign with me due to complete mess The boss ignored emails then begged me to stay. I quit with them and transferred my policies elsewhere. Bozeman then forged my signature and claimed that it was OK and gave the reason that it was to facilitate my cancelation. There is no excuse to forge signature and then justify it This is the owners response: I understand your frustration, but it is not our fault you claim you cannot cash the check(s) sent to you by Tower Hill Insurance.  In a good faith effort to accommodate you, I requested to have the checks reissued in your name as the Managing Member of the LLC. Let me say the company is under no obligation to change the name to whom the check(s) was issued. The check(s) was written to the named insured of Sandlake Trustee LLC, the insured name you gave us to write the policy for, not Mark Nathwani.  You sold the property and now claim you cannot cash the check(s). As it stands the insurance company will not change the name. Furth more, since you feel compelled to threaten me the issue is closed as far as I am concerned too. You did sell the home didn’t you, you couldn’t furnish me with the closing papers for the sale or disillusion paperwork of the LLC, you only send me the purchase paper work? I would assume you hold some sort of documentation on the sale of the property or the closure the insured entity that you can present to the bank you are doing business with to get satisfaction. You spoke to Monica Steinert to cancel the Sandlake policy, the form in question was a cancellation request to Tower Hill Insurance Company to cancel the insurance on the property you sold and facilitate your return premium. Yes, you can report it to the police, however I would suggest the appropriate resource is for you to contact the Division of Consumer Services for the State of Florida. Their phone number for out of State is (850) 413-3089 or file a complaint with them online at, you can also get there using Bob Bozeman bozeman insurance, inc 6400 Central Avenue St. Petersburg Fl 33707 727.347.3158 o
Entity: St Petersburg,, Florida
9, Report #858055
Mar 22 2012
06:55 PM
Progressive / royalty truck insurance,ca Progressive and royalty truck insurance I was swindled by Progressive insurance and their agent Royalty truck insurance van nuys, California
I recently purchased an insurance policy through Royalty Truck Insurance (RTI). My policy premium down payment was $1,965.00 of which I paid $1,563.00 on January 24, 2012 with a remaining balance of $402.00 to be paid within 15 days. On February 9, 2012, RTI withdrew $200.00 from my bank account and on February 13, 2012, they withdrew the remaining $202.00. On February 27, 2012, I cancelled this policy. On February 28, 2012, $482.90 was withdrawn from my bank account by Progressive Insurance; however the initial agreed upon monthly payment with RTI was $422.00. After canceling this policy, I received a refund on March 12, 2012 in the amount of $323.93.     I am writing this  to inquire as to why I have only received a refund of $323.93, when I paid out $2,447.90 in total after only having this policy for one month; as well to inquire when will I receive the remaining balance owed to me. They told me that the remaining balance of $1701.99 was not refundable.  Can somebody help me !!!!!!
Entity: van nuys, California
10, Report #603043
May 13 2010
03:55 PM
Waller Truck Co Inc. A lying company NO good! Internet
This company is full of s**t!. I worked there for about 5 months and finally decided i had had enough when the company gave me a hard time about getting home when i had informed them of over 2 weeks in advance that i needed to be home. i had to refuse a load heading out west a 2 days b4 i was supposed to be home in georgia because if i would have taken the load there was no way i was going to make it home in time. after i got home i told the company that i wanted a load heading back to the terminal in Missouri so i could turn the truck in. they gave me a load that delivered about 30 miles from the terminal 3 days later so i just took the load to the terminal and dropped it off and quit. when i got my final paycheck i noticed that they had charged me over 200 dollars. when i called to find out why they said because they had to pay another driver to deliver that load 30 miles away was the reason i was charged. total bulls**t! soon after that after applying for another job i noticedthat they put on my dac report that they had fired me for a company policy violation. again total bulls**t. i disputed it with dac but it didnt get changed because they reported to dac that the info was accurate. total bulls**t! i wouldnt recommend anyone to make the mistake to work for this company. they cheated me out of my money and screwed up my dac report all because i quit!
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #594092
Apr 17 2010
09:04 AM
northstar transporting inc., northstar transporting no insurance!! you sign 100% hold harmless, if their truck breaks down you pay to tow!! BEWARE of deceptive trade practices. ft. worth, Texas
called to get estimate to move mobile home. made appt. for following day.this should have been first clue,when they had nothing to do! met movers following day.they were an hour late. driver did not have $50,000 insurance that owners indicated that they would contract guarantee of completion date, liability ins.,itemized list of services to be performed. instead they had a bill of lading,freight bill,site preparation notice,and a disclaimer for any event,even if they wre  negligent!!! i provided cashiers check in full payment. when they refused or  could not provide insurance, they{non-english speaking hispanics} left site. i called owner whom confirmed that they could not provide insurance and did not need insurance because they were not responsible for anything! stay far away from northstar transporting!!!
Entity: ft. worth, Texas
12, Report #1357977
Feb 23 2017
05:39 PM
Royal administration .inc extended warranty Richard p. McCabe as president we bought a used truck that took her money and now that fish it will not be covered even though it's supposed to be what's up with that Freeway Auto Mall San Bernardino California Nationwide
 yeah me and my wife have purchased a F150 2013 EcoBoost was a hundred nine thousand miles on it and we are so excited we respect our money for extended warranty and from Royal Administration Services Inc and I've got a letter after that straighten back Richard McCabe the president of the company was thinking of her for getting this contract what's your answer to that would be happy to know that we have no worries or sit back and enjoy your ride well as a six months later I thought about the truck the motor went out and had a tear down twice cost me $1,600 and now they're saying they will not cover the motor well under the contract up relocator or lubricated part is covered under warranty and now me and my wife or without a vehicle and we don't know how we going to pay for it I think you Richard McCabe president of Royal Administration for extended warranty
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1292965
Mar 10 2016
10:46 PM
Atkinson Truck Sales Inc Atkinson Truck Sales sold us trucks that don't work!!! Chatham Virginia
 Our dump truck hauling company purchased two Mack dump trucks from Atkinson Truck Sales in October 2015. Exactly one day after purchasing the trucks, we had mechanical issues and we contacted Jamie (our sales person) to inform him of the issues. We were also concerned because the trucks they delivered did not match the pictures of the trucks they sent us. Various external parts had either been removed or they fraudulently sent us a different truck. When we explained our concern to Jamie, instead of trying to help us, he told us that we should buy our trucks from somewhere else and not to call back. Bear in mind, we'd just spent over $190,000.00 with the company. Every month since we've purchased the trucks we have lost money because the trucks have been inoperable more than 75% of the time due to internal mechanical failures. Since October, we've spent over $20,000,00 to fix major mechanical issues that should have been fixed before the trucks were sold to us. We've taken the trucks to Nextran (Mack) and their technicians have expressed to us that the trucks had been rigged and taped (with gray tape) internally before they were sold to us. At this point we are extremely frustrated because instead of making money - which we should be doing after 5 months of having these dump trucks -- we are losing money due to constant mechanical repairs. The fact that they think they can continue to get away with this type of fraudulent, unethical behavior without any repercussions tells me that this company could care less about me or anyone else as a customer. If you read the reviews on this company, you'll see that they have a long standing reputation of making it a practice to deceive and scam customers by selling faulty, inoperable, lemon trucks. Moving forward, we've decided to take legal action because Atkinson Truck Sales refuses to recognize the responsibility they have to sell working, operable trucks to its customers.
Entity: Chatham, Virginia
14, Report #1420805
Jan 03 2018
01:32 PM
Got Truck Inc Robert Fisher owner Mike Salesman Robert Fisher owner Told truck was Stolen and minor repairs, Not at all true. Mesa Arizona
I was going to buy a 2011 Toyota Tacoma.  It looked nice, low miles very clean paint looked new.  The salesman told me that it was stolen and minor repairs, like a new bumper.  I took the truck to Toyota and they lifted it to inspect the frame.  It had been badly repaired, maybe not legal.  The frame in the back had been hit bad, and bent maybe broken.  The fiberglass covering the area was difficut to tell what was underneath.  The inspector said the truck was not repaired properly.  The front of the truck had also been repaired and had been hit.  I was shocked and disapointed in the results.  I would warn anyone to be careful not to buy from such a dealer. The Salesman Mike should have told me the truth, and I would not have gone to the effort to even look at the truck.  Not Fixed properly. Sad...
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
15, Report #1291005
Mar 01 2016
01:33 PM
Backyard Bounce Inc They took funds out of our account for insurance,when we had proof of insurance, and noticed the high fee they charge for the loan, this started out at 28,090.00 and after payments they will get $70,037.00. Ridiculus fees!! someone needs to stop these people. Turners Station Kentucky
This company has taken funds out of out account for insurance they say we did not have, and we have sent proof of insurnce to them. They charge outrageous fees for the lease on our truck, started out at $28,090.00 and in the end going to cost us $70,037.00!! This company needs to be audited for the wrong they are doing to businesses and individuals.   
Entity: Turners Station, Kentucky
16, Report #1416715
Dec 13 2017
12:41 PM
Entity: Fremont, Indiana
17, Report #393921
Nov 22 2008
08:28 AM
Attorney's Title Insurance Fund, Inc TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, FRAUD. Orlando Florida
Please be aware that when you buy Title Insurance for your property you are not really protected. In 2005 I purchased an Title Insurance from Attorne'ys Title Insurance Fund. (The Fund), second largest insurance company in Fla. Two months after the purchase was completed, another person claimed to be the owner of the property. We made a claim to The Fund. They started an investigation that lasted 3 years. From 2005 to 2008. Finally in August The Fund clear the title, paying $50,000 dollares to the other party, and gave me the property. During those 3 years the property deteriored, it was fined $131,000 dolares for code violation from Miami Dade County. The house is in such bad conditions that the city will be demolishing it, at the end of Nov. So, I lost my investment.... I lost $15,000 dollars on lawyers fee, and I own the City $131,000 dollares. Attorney's Title Insurance Fund Inc, are the biggest legal thief in Florida. Please be aware that they will use every legal term in the dictionary, to avoid paying a claim Mia Venice, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
18, Report #419769
Feb 03 2009
03:50 PM
I received a letter from this company saying that I had won 150,000 and they sent me a check that looks real from a US Federal Credit Union in Eagan, MN 55121 .Which I think that company is real I went on line and checked it out - I also took the letter to my local Post Office and was advised that it was considered Mail Fraud and not to deposit the check - That is when i decided to do more checking on this company and found this consumer reports Ripoff web page - Please anyone getting this letter please check on it first and do not deposit the check - I was also given a #to call for the postal inspectors to call local in my state of California. It all looks real but please report it to your local Post Master before you do anything. Sandra Moreno Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: MINNETONKA, Minnesota
19, Report #48981
Mar 12 2003
06:06 PM
USA Truck rip-off Van Buren Arkansas
On 2/28 I was told by my dispatcher to take my truck home, after I had given my 1 week notice to USA Truck. Then I called in only to find out that USA was holding my last 2 paychecks,vacation pay,escrow and I had been acused of abandoning their truck. Then I called my dispatcher and he verified that my pay was being held and the truck had been towed from where I parked it. It was in a secured lot and they knew it before I left to visit my son. Due to the actions of USA truck I am having problems with getting another job also. Now I fear that if they don't fix this matter asap my exwife and son will also be hurt. My exwife is an epileptic,therefore she can't work at this time, and depends entirely on the child support she had been receiving from me. Now without a job and until I can find work and start paying her again she will have to put my son on welfare just to put food in him and buy clothes he may need. USA Truck has destroyed me and my family by their actions. I also found out that the entire time I was working for them I didn't receive the amount of pay they had promissed me in a letter I received. At this time I am trying to find out how to get my back pay due to me and the checks they held when I quit. Larry Emporia, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Van Buren, Arkansas
20, Report #1161377
Jul 11 2014
02:52 PM
National Truck Group National Truck Funding Kept My Insurance Check and Refused to sell truck after 1 year period Gulfport Mississippi
     I leased to own a truck from this company almost 2 years ago. I have paid this company over $50,000 and it does not go to the purchase price, which I agreed to. The downpayment was $7,000. That is a little back ground... Now to the issue...      I had the option to purchase my truck at a Fair Market Value after 1 year. I contacted the company and they told me to make an offer. I made an offer of $30k and they came back with $45k, which I was fine with, just to get away from. I made an counter offer anyways of $40k and reminded them that they have an insurance check (over a year old) that they have been holding onto so I could apply it to the purchase price of the truck. My Rep (Ella) said she didnt know how exactually they could apply it and would talk to her boss.     The next day I recieved a call from 'Ella' and she said the purchase price went up to $50,000 (instead of $45,000) she tried to give me the run around that it was always $50,000 until I told her I had recorded the phone conversation. She then back tracked and told me she could see in the notes that it had gone up and that it must be because we were opting to use an insurance check for $21,500 to help purchase the truck. I was irate and demanded to speak to someone that could help me because that was obsurd. I was unfortunatly rude to her. She said I would get a call back.      I recieved a call back almost as soon as I was finished on the phone from a Marie. She argued that the purchase price had always been $50,000 until I told her I had it recorded and she said it was a mistake then. I let her know they have the same truck listed for $33,000 online and she told me that was for cash customers. I  told her that there was no way she was selling a $50,000 truck for $17,000 less than what they consider fair market value. She assured me that they were. I told her I would be finding out what FMV was from someone and get back in contact with them and she said she would let her manager know.     The next day they called my husband and told him they wouldn't sell him the truck at any price. (Because I didn't lie down and take it from them the day prior). Then about an hour later they called back and said that if we want the truck we must bring it back to them, they will fix the truck (using up the insurance money) and then we can buy the truck for the full purchase price of $50,000. When I bought the truck almost 2 years ago they had it valued at $53,000 and that is what I was required to have it insured at as well. So they are trying to tell me it only depreciated $3,000 in 2 years!     I have contacted an attorny and I fully 100% intend to see this through. Money was never the issue, the issue was being treated unfairly and unjust. I had to show them how much money I had in my bank account and they are trying to take avantage. If I return the truck then they win, if I keep leasing it they win, or if I buy it for the $50,000 they win. Nothing is fair to me. Also, I want to note that no one will return my calls from National Truck Group, I have tried to get ahold of someother over 15 times in 2 days. When I asked to wait on hold for someone to become available I was told that was not possible because they are a call center, but I have waited on hold over 50x in the past, a week prior being the last time.      I hope no one else becomes prey to them. I will update my report after speaking to my lawyer on Monday.    
Entity: Gulfport, Mississippi
21, Report #1132423
Mar 21 2014
09:58 AM
Penske Truck Rental Paying for the insurance is a RIPOFF Phonex Arizona
My family moved from NC to AZ back in Dec. We rented a 26ft penske truck and took out all the insurance they had to offer because we knew it was going to be a long trip. We also hired 2 other men to drive along so it could be a non stop 32 hours drive. Upon reaching 100 miles or so, we started having problems with the truck. Stopping along the way many times and on the phone with Penske doing what they said we must do to reset the truck. Getting 3.5 miles per gallon, costing over 1K in gas alone from NC to Tenn. and stopping multiple times one the side of the road for at least 30-45 minutes each we finally were told to drive it to the shop in Tenn. Upon arriving at the shoop, they put the truck on a device and said that the truck should never have been put out for rent. It ran over 300 error codes within minutes. They then told us that they were going to have to call a cargo swap crew out and switch over to another truck.I pleaded that they did not want to do this for it was packed tight. They appologized and said it had to be done. It was 30 degrees and raining and I had my 3 yr. old grandson with us as well. At 1:30am the crew swappers showed up and started unloading everything out onto the parking lot.I even stated that the truck was packed tight in every crevice and crack with bags and pillows. they said they will have it packed up with room to spare. Upon them loading, they dropped a cabinet on the ramp, knocking the door off, I said that was ok, I can fix it later. we were not standing at the doors watching them or how they were packing it, Watching my items sitting along the yard, I was having a panic attack and had to go sit in the car. My son and other 2 friends were sitting on a truck bed just watching them carry furniture up and down the ramps. the swap was finally over and we were on our way again, the second truck was so much better, but we were already late and the expense from the other truck had already been more than we had expected.Upon reaching our destination, we had help from some friends that lived close to the house we were moving to. Everyone started helping unload because the truck had to be returned the next day. As the items were handed down from one person to another, we all started seeing damages and scratches. When my dinning roon table was finally able to be brought down, there were deep enbeded scratched along the sides and the top. My son got his phone and started taking pictutes as we were able to unload piece by piece, there was not one piece of furniture that did not get scratched and even had broken glass. After caling and being told that certain ppl we had to talk to were on Christmas vactaion and so on, we had finally been able to get to talk to someone, With the reports of the truck, we were refunded the cost of the rental and was told that next we call Risk Management about the damages. the gentle we spoke to at this time was very helpful and understandable of the situationa and even told us to give his name if there was any problems. Risk Management has been a total different story. They deny the claim because they say the pictures of MY damaged furniture were NOT inside the truck, which the pictures show them sitting on the ground as we removed them. My question to her was how can you see damages while they are covered with boxes and other furniture? There was a metal cabinet that I have kept a 1936 medical shocker in that has been in my family since that date. The packers opened the cabinet,placed a gallon of Mr Green cleaning fluid on it's side and the liquid poured all down the box. Ruining it! This was STILL in the truck but a close up so guess what, the inside of the truck does not show. They sent out someone first to take pictures, and he even stated that he could tell that the truck was not packed properly, this coming form someone Penske sent out. All I wanted was to get my furniture repaired, not asking for a million dollars, not asking for anything from the stress and inconvience that we suffered friom this ordeal. So what was all the insurance for? No where does it state that if you have damages, do not remove from truck. I have had to go on anxioty medications due to dealing with Penske and looking at what I have obtained during my 60 years of life all gone to a pile of scartched up yard sale items. They say they have pictures taken from the swappers, they have our 54 pictures also. Only thing is, the sawppers were not here at the ending to take their pictures. They may have pictures as well as we do, but I have 9 wittness that were shocked at the way the truck was packed and what furniture was not covered.
Entity: Phonex, Arizona
22, Report #463072
Jun 19 2009
04:23 PM
Travelers Insurance Refusing to pay for new parts on my truck Alpharetta Georgia
When I was rear ended, I had to go to the internet to even find a phone number for this company. When I called, the lady that answered was very rude. The claim agent called me later, and sent me across town to - not an insurance office, but a Honda dealership. There are no local physical addresses for Travelers in Alabama. Although I had the accident report that stated the lady that rear ended me was at fault, I was told that this would have to be investigated by the insurance company. I was sent across town in rush hour traffic, where an estimate was written up, using all used parts to repair my truck. When I insisted I wanted new replaced parts, the claim agent refused. He showed no concern when I told him my insurance company will pay the damage and sue Travelers. Ken Westover, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia
23, Report #1027768
Mar 12 2013
05:33 PM
Mercury Insurance Wrecked my 4 Wheel Drive Truck, Offered Chump Change for the Damage , Internet
On Dec. 31st 2012, someone insured by Mercury Insurance rear-ended my four wheel drive Chevy S-10 truck. After the accident, the vehicle experienced transmission problems which cause the truck to stall frequently. The end result after ten weeks is that Mercury is only offering about $1,000 for damage that has ruined my truck. I'd like to see them buy a four wheel drive truck with only 129k miles for $1,003.46. The accident might as well have been a hit and run accident because a thousand dollars does not make up for the aggravation of dealing with the dishonest, arrogant crooks at Mercury. I'm going public with this to embarrass the crooks at Mercury and in the hopes that a class action lawsuit may be built up against them. It's been a colossal headache trying to deal with this company. The agent assigned to the case has repeatedly failed to return calls, and most recently reneged on a verbal agreement to pay me $1,605.82, which didn't include damage to the wiring or transmission of my truck from the accident, which Mercury refused to take responsibility for even though my truck was working fine before the accident. The original inspection of my truck at my home was done by a Mercury agent, who went in the backyard without bothering to knock on the door or call first even though I was told he would. I wanted to show the electrical problem and transmission problem. The first inspector failed to notice damage to the underside of the vehicle, which included a broken wheel retention device. The spare tire had been lost in the accident. (And guess what? They want to deny responsibility for that even though my heavy steel bumper was caved in, and the spare tire was under the truck and would obviously be the first casualty of a severe rear end accident.) Also, some of the truck's wiring appeared to have been knocked loose as the windshield wiper was not operating reliably after the accident. The original estimate of damages based on the visual inspection was $1,014.42. When I asked the Mercury agent for a local  Mercury vehicle inspector to get a more complete list of the damage, she sent me to Santa Monica Ford, but they only do body work and not transmissions or electrical. I strongly believe this was deliberate because the Mercury agent knew the truck was only likely to make it a short distance without breaking down. Obviously I wanted an inspection of everything that had gone wrong with the vehicle due to the accident. Their damage estimate appeared to have two totals: $1,605.82 and $1,003.46. The amount $1,605.82 was called an original net total and they subtracted a supplement of $602.36 to get the $1,003.46 suggesting that they don't know what supplement means. My truck stalled several times on the short drive to Santa Monica Ford and had to be towed to Leo's auto repair, where Leo diagnosed a transmission problem. The Mercury agent told me that the vehicle had to be taken a Mercury-approved transmission repair place even though I had been told earlier that a Mercury agent could go to the repair place if additional problems were diagnosed. I was then faced with towing the truck at my expense and paying for a transmission inspection if the Mercury inspector did not consider the transmission problem was the result of the accident, which sounds to me like a crooked dodge considering that the truck was operating fine before it was rear-ended. I got the impression at this point, that Mercury was just going to refuse to take any responsibility for mechanical damage to my vehicle and that I would be cheated regardless. Mercury Insurance was just going to deny all mechanical and electrical problems that surfaced after the accident since those tend to be more expensive than body work. I did not feel like putting perhaps $500 into towing the truck and paying for a transmission inspection, only to find out that there was $3,000 worth of damage, and then Mercury dishonestly refuses to pay. I verbally agreed with the Mercury agent to take the $1,605.82 settlement because I thought I was dealing with crooks and that this was the most that they would pay short of legal action. I sold the truck to a salvage company so now I no longer have any truck. Instead of getting the $1,605.82 from Mercury, I received a check for $1,003.46. I called up Mercury to complain about this short-changing, and did not receive a return call. I called again after waiting a week. The Mercury agent apparently was suffering from amnesia at this point about our earlier verbal agreement to settle the claim for $1,605.82. I would like to be compensated more fully for the loss of my vehicle. If Mercury can find a four wheel drive truck in good operating condition with 129k miles or less then they should buy one for me or they should pay me a more reasonable amount, say $4,000.00, to compensate me for the loss of my vehicle due to the accident caused by one of their clients.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1250523
Aug 24 2015
09:39 AM
Thomas Truck, Inc Thomas C Torres RIP OFF SCAM ARTIST Folsom California
He sold me 2 trucks and took our deposit of 2000.00 and now will not return our calls and has not delivered our trucks.  Thomas C Torres is a rip off artist and my nieghbor bought a truck from him and gave him a deposit as well and he will not return his calls and hasn't delivered his truck either.  My nieghbor took a photo of his drivers license and we have that at least (not sure how many different ones he has) I am calling the police but not sure what they can do.  He had both of us make our deposit checks out to his partners name of Raul Valez and when I checked with the bank he cashed our check on Friday August 21 and the bank had him use a thumb print but my guess is Thomas is Raul and they are the same person. I would like to make sure everyone knows this individual is a liar and scum bag that needs to be stopped... He said he he had a location in the Long Beach area and deals with all heavy machinery.   PLEASE BEWARE !!!!!
Entity: Folsom, California
25, Report #1162604
Jul 16 2014
02:59 PM
Ramsy Truck Sales Inc Hiram Garcia, Danaisys Orta They steal my truck too Hialeah Florida
This guys do somenthing like that to me, I put $5000.00 down make payments for one year and since may 2014 they never answer the phone to take my payment, send severals email and Dana say they never get the emails, they rip me off $ 19 280.00, (down payment and one year of payments @ 1190.00 monthly) I have to make the payments over the phone cause I'm over the road driver staying out town for 4 to 5 weeks at once and they know that Have proof of calls I made and emails
Entity: Hialeah, Florida

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