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1, Report #1404026
Oct 03 2017
10:16 PM
Trust Alliance Cosigners Multi-Family Cosigners, American Cosigners, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Wrfu, and more versions of these names. Trust Alliance is American Cosigners =SCAM Fargo North Dakota
 Trust Alliance Cosigners is part of American Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, We Rent For You Leasing Solutions, Wrfu Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, etc. The contact person is Julia Daniels aka Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, and Randi Dorante. Another employee /accomplice is Lisa Rossi aka Summer Rain Rossi, Summer Rain, Summer Rossi in New Jersey at 856-214-6309 or 866-311-3130 ext702. All of these companies have almost identical websites, pictures on their pages, the same reviewers, no contact person, only email contact, and no Facebook followers. They steal your money, lie, deflect questions, threaten you, post your personal information online, and I even received sexual harassment and 3 death threats from American Cosigners. I have the texts and so do the police. Please help bring this fraudulent company to justice! Thank you!
Entity: Fargo, North Dakota
2, Report #1404024
Oct 03 2017
10:06 PM
Multi-Family Cosigners Franchise Afiliated with American Cosigners, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, Trust Alliance Cosigners, and different versions of these names. Multi -Family is American Cosigners=SCAM! Dallas Texas
 Multi-Family Cosigners is afiliated with American Cosigners, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, and Commercial Services Corp. All these websites are almost identically set up, you can only email, no contact names are provided, and their addresses are fake or virtual offices. They steal your money, defame you, post your private info publicly online, lie to you, deflect your questions, and threaten you. They knowingly broke thir contract agreement and stole 2296.00 from me! They are a scam, a fraudulent company! (And I just got a text from them so they must have just received the notification from Ripoff Report that I just sent in about Comercial Services Corporation!) Julia Daniels aka Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, and Randi Dorante is the person of interest. An employee /accomplice is Lisa Rossi, aka Summer Rain Rossi,Summer Rain, Summer Rossi at 866-311-2130 ext702 or 856-214-6309. Beware!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
3, Report #1407842
Oct 22 2017
12:20 PM
Cosigner Finder American Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, We Rent For You Leasing Solutions, Zharie Petroleum, Chocolate Twist Productions, COSIGNER FINDER IS AMERICAN COSIGNERS! SCAM! Towson Maryland
 Cosigner Finder is a SCAM! They have 13 complaints on the Better Business Bureau and 2 on Ripoff Report. I have spoken to 3 other women who were scammed (ROBBED) by them of thousands of dollars! Their phone number asked me to leave a voice message and it didn't sound professional at all. Their website address came up to Towson, Maryland not Baltimore, MD. It's also a members only network which is very suspicious. One man wrote he was banned from the site. One lady said the woman she worked with was RANDI VAUGH! It looks like Cosigner Finder is afiliated with Randi Vaughn, the scam artist of American Cosigners. The lady who was scammed has seen the Empress Havana biography besides identifying that her scammer is Randi Vaughn. This lady was also scammed the summer of 2017 like I was! Credit cards, phone, and thousands of dollars were stolen from this honest customer! Randi Vaughn is aka Randi Vaughn Capetian, Randi Capetian, Dr Randi Vaughn, Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, Randi Dorante, Julia Daniels, and Empress Havana Queen of Nations. Her scam network of fake companies includes Cosigner Finder, American Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, We Rent For You Leasing Solutions, Zharie Petroleum, Chocolate Twist Productions, Capetian Ministries, and Medical Products LDP INC. This woman is believed to live in Southern California, Orange County area. Please contact authorities and add report this website if you have any information! Melinda, Richland, Washington
Entity: Towson, Maryland
4, Report #1405651
Oct 11 2017
02:12 PM
Chocolate Twist Productions Zharie Petroleum, Capetian Ministries, Medical Products LDP INC, American Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, Wetc Rentry For You. Chocolate Twist Productions is part of a SCAM NETWORK! Beverly Hills California
 Chocolate Twist Productions is part of a scam network. Other companies in this network are Zharie Petroleum, Capetian Ministries, Medical Products LDP INC, American Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, and We Rent For You. The lady who runs all of these companies is Randi Vaughn aka Randi Vaughn Capetian, Dr Randi Vaughn, Julia Daniels, Randi Natashi, Randi Dorante, and Empress Havana. She stole 2296.00 from me, is cyberbullying me, defamed me publicly, posted my private info online publicly, sexually harassing me and sent me death threats in texts and emails. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS LADY OR HER SCAM COMPANIES! Melinda, Richland, WA
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
5, Report #1405642
Oct 11 2017
01:32 PM
Zharie Petroleum. Zharie Petroleum, Chocolate Twist Productions, Capetian Ministries, Medical Products LDP INC, American Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, and We Rent For You are Zharie Petroleum is part of SCAM NETWORK! Houston Texas
 Zharie Petroleum's website is set up like all of the other companies in its scam network. It has no contact phone number. The following companies are all run by the same person: Chocolate Twist Productions, Capetian Ministries, Medical Products LDP INC, American Cosigners, Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, and We Rent For You. The lady who runs all these companies with a fake staff is Randi Vaughn, Randi Vaughn Capetian, Dr Randi Vaughn, Julia Daniels, Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, Randi Dorante, and Empress Havana. Just check the internet, do research, and you'll discover the same results I did. Randi Vaughn is a criminal. She stole 2296.00 from me, has cyberbullied me, defamed me publicly, posted my private info online publicly, sexually harassed me and sent me death threats in texts and phone. She is a criminal, thief, liar, and very abusive. She will play every mind game with you to throw you off. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAM COMPANIES OR WITH THIS SCAM LADY! Melinda, Richland, WA
Entity: Houston, Texas
6, Report #1409230
Oct 29 2017
10:50 AM
Capetian Ministries Capetian Ministries International also afiliated with American Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, Cosigner Finder, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, We Rent For You Leasing Solutions, Equity Risk Services, Commercia CAPETIAN MINISTRIES ABUSIVE, FAKE, CRIMINAL SCAM! Irvine California
Capetian Ministries aka Capetian Ministries International is a total scam. It is run by a Randi Vaughn aka Randi Vaughn Capetian, Dr Randi Vaughn, Wendy Miles, Randi Natashi, Randi Dorante, Julia Daniels, and Empress Havana Queen of Nations. Rand Vaughn's likes on her Facebook page are mostly fake. I contacted 27 of the likes and I got messages from some of these people claiming they didn't even know her! Also she doesn't behave like a good Christian minister. She stole $2296.00 from me for services never provided, called me a witch and murderer and child molester publicly , accused me of taking drugs publicly , accused me of stalking their employees and kids at school publicly, posted my private info online publicly, defamed me publicly, forged my signature, sexually harassed me and sent me death threats and threats of bodily harm! Her other scam companies are American Cosigners, Multi-Family Cosigners, Trust Alliance Apartment Cosigners, We Rent For You Nationwide Cosigners, We Rent For You Leasing Solutions, Cosigner Finder, Zharie Petroleum, Chocolate Twist Productions, and Medical Products LDP INC. She claims to cosign on apartments for people. She steals your money and cyberbullies you to scare you away from reporting her to the authorities! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS LADY OR HER SCAM COMPANIES! Melinda, Richland, Washington
Entity: Irvine, California
7, Report #1429997
Mar 04 2018
03:01 PM
Randi Dorante Sues Melinda P Krecji aka Melinda Patricia Krejci, Patricia Kennewick Defamation of Character, Libel, Slander and Malice! Kennewick Washington
 This Witch Lady Named Melinda P Krejci aka Mindy Krejci, and her Witch Mother came across my Facebook page under my Christian Ministry.   And researched my life, came into one of the businesses that I managed under false pretenses to accuse the company of Fraud, thievery and being a scam company.   Not only did this witch cause problems for one company, she caused problems, and begun writing fraudulent remarks of Thievery, Scam and other on every company associated with my name from the past 25 years of my life stating all companies are a fraud.  The beginning:   As an Executive I’d returned her call, after she commanded one of the leasing agents of American Cosigners to speak directly with a general manager of the firm.    As I’d spoke to her, this lady Mindy, begun to befriend me, asking personal and business information about my life and success.   The Witch even, complement me on my work and education and encouraged me to do other things in my career path.  She begun to apologize to me concerning her rude aggressive behavior, stating the reason she was in menopause and that her parents were upset because she was not working, and they refused to pay her rent.   She stated she was in no big hurry for her refund and went on to speak about her past relationship with a man that died from sorcerer/occult involvement.   Melinda Krejci, also mentioned she has no money, and only carried one handbag, and stated to, that she admires my great life.  Then she begun giving me a psychic reading on the phone, without my permission, and started to tell me about my personality that was un-factual.    I felt sorry for her and thought perhaps there was a mis communication and offered to buy her a new handbag and arrange for her refund to be sent to her by federal express.The next morning, my colleague contacted me, to tell me this lady Melinda Krejci, had written allot of bad remarks and garage about my life, accusing her and myself and third-party companies of being a thief, a scam and a liar, and repeating the phone conversation between her and I the day before in social media, with written negative messages on scam reports.  The next day, I was told by my colleague, she spoke to a police officer located in Richland Washington, that Melinda P Krejci, filed a report accusing all third-party companies associated with my name, and colleague as being frauds, scams and stealing her money. After speaking to this lady Melinda P Krejci on the phone and revealing my name to her, she begun targeting me personally, my life, my family, and anything associated with my life, including companies, writing fraudulent remarks, falsely accusing me of fraud, scam, thievery and stealing her money.  She ran a background check on me, found out all my mailing and home addresses, next minute she hacked my home computer, anything I would search anything online, she would contact the Attorney General Offices, and the police departments in more than 10 cities that I was not conducing business or residing.    Then she begun texting me more than aggressive psychic messages trying to instill fear in me from 12midnight until 3am.    At 3am, she searches all my photos on my Facebook pages, and texted me my own daughters photo giving the impression she has power to kill my daughter.   I wanted to punch this broad in the FACE.   The next morning, she called my phone, asking me to give me her money, and repeating like a crazy mental person-  saying, I want my money, I want my money, I want my money, then she went on to say, she will make sure that I will NEVER make any money again in anything.   The next minute she sent over a list of people, organizations, and affiliated corporations that was associated with my name, false accusing me of fraud and thievery, telling people that I was investigated by her legal team, which was her own family.     She also sent over her fraudulent police reports to the banks of the companies I was associated with and had them closed including my personal and my daughters accounts with Bank of America. This Crazy A** Broad……………. has a sick obsession with me, and my life?   She is trying to ruin my life, and anything associated with me, she is trying to destroy, she has uploaded my personal photos on my Facebook page to her scam alert Facebook blogs, and other.   She seems to have a sick obsession with me and my life.  Or perhaps she is just a Racist, who believe blacks do not deserve to live or have nice things, whatever this is, it must come to an END and NOW.   Judging from her online activities made and written about me, this has nothing to do with money.   This lady is heavily involved in Witchcraft and occult activities.From a Christian Standpoint, many Church Leaders have experienced this type of Demonic activities were a witch will attack them and their families.   Trying to ruin their lives, families, careers, reputation, by bring approach and shame to there lives.    What this lady has done to me is a disgrace and especially over something Trivial.  At this point she is using her refund to target me, to derail the legal authorities and the court system.   I had done some research on her, and he has done this similar thing to a Captain of the police department located in Kennewick Washington, tried to ruin his career, and she did not have any evidence against him, and the court drop the case.    Melinda Krejci mentioned to me on the phone she is good what she does. In my opinion, I believe this lady is EVIL, Dangerous, capable of Murder, and should be locked up in mental institution or Prison.   She needs seriously psychological help, based upon the malice intent she is conducting against me.    She wants me to be inferior or in fear to her.  But I am hear, to tell YOU, GOD has his hand in this.  And he will come against her, and her malice will be reversed back into her own life.     The LORD “Christ Jesus” do not like ugly.   If you think I will allow a low life old 49 years old witch, with no life direction, live in an apartment paid for by her parents, to destroy my life and everything I have worked hard for and build?     I am a God-fearing woman, who loves truth and righteousness with favor of GOD on my life.   MY GOD, LORD Christ Jesus will fight this battle for me.   I have personally filed a suit for $10M against her, not only I have filed but 14 lawsuits are coming against this bold evil Witch and the NEWS.   And my Attorney will WIN because GOD has his hands on it.     She will be example to ALL folks involved in the occult.  As there are many folks involved in demonic organizations.   But the Earth is filled with the Holy Spirit and the LORD presence is in the Earth, therefore GOD is in control.    This stupid lady, put her life online for this???, she’s not fighting against me, she is fighting against the Kingdom of GOD.    Before long, she will end up like a vegetable in a wheelchair barely can talk, wearing diaper, that what GOD does to people who are witches that come against his people!    For it is written Leviticus 20:6- ‘I will set my face against anyone who turns to mediums and spiritist to prostitute themselves by following them, and I will cut them off from their people.For it is written Leviticus 20:27- “ ‘A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own headsFor it is written Micah 5:10-12- “In that day,” declares the LORD, “I will destroy your horses from among you and demolish your chariots.  I will destroy the cities of your land and tear down all your strongholds.  I will destroy your witchcraft and you will no longer cast spells.This lady Melinda P Krejci has NO FEAR of GOD in her, she the Kingdom of Darkness.    I was in the court room, when I attempt to obtain a restraining order against her, she told the judge that I tried to get her to join the Christian Churches and laughed-  this comment is on record at the Riverside Courts.     She Serve the Kingdom of Darkness.    The Truth, once I’d listen to her speak about her occult boyfriend, and after she told me that she was FAT, and after she’s attempting to give her psychic reading about my life, the Holy Spirit revealed the lady was possessed with an evil spirit, and I told her by phone she’d needed a deliverance, from Evil Spirits.   My feelings about what I am experiencing with this lady Melinda P Krejci, the result and outcome will be displayed all over the media and Televisions, for the World to see because of the large amount of the suits being filed against her.    She will be an example to the organizations, and to the illuminati, scientology, Wicca and Spiritist who believe they can control the lives of people using diabolical spirits and Malice.     
Entity: Kennewick, Washington
8, Report #1402845
Sep 28 2017
06:53 AM
We Rent For You American Cosigners.Trust Alliance Cosigners We Rent For You is American Cosigners, Frauds! Kentucky
 We Rent For You is now called American Cosigners! When I ask for my money back they use profanity, call me a witch and crazy, sexually harassed me, and sent death threats. The Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, Richland Police Department, and Facebook have been contacted.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #334419
May 23 2008
06:27 AM
Alliance Financial And Trust Very Authentic Looking Scam Toronto Canada
This is a very authentic looking scam. My wife received a check from Aliance Financial And Trust for $4875.00. claiming that she had won $125,000.00 in a lottery, DE-Lotto North American Sweepstakes. This came with a very authentic looking check and claim number. Also the the company is listed as a trust which is the type of organization that disburses lottery winnings. The instructions were to deposit the check and send $2875.00 to pay for taxes and the rest would be sent to you . I am a former bank employee and the check had me fooled. I decided to check this out and went to the internet and googled the company name. Thank god for right doing people. This scam can fool people. never send money to get money. And thank God for this web site. C g blacklick, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Nationwide
10, Report #352374
Jul 17 2008
12:04 PM
Alliance Financial And Trust lied fraud caused emotional stress Toronto Ontario
My mom had received a letter, and a check with $4,875.00. The letter stated that the $4,875.00, was just a portion of what my mom had won the letter said that my mom was entitled to the sum of $125,000.00 US DOLLARS. It also said that in order for my mom to actually be able to touch that money she had to call first and get directions on what to do. My mom doesn't speak English so my sister and I called, they stated that we have to deposit the whole check in a bank account, and withdrawl $2,875.00 and send it directly to the tax agent by WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM. It said and i quote Please do not attempt to use this check until you call. We urge you to keep this winning CONFIDENTIAL until your claim has been processed and your cash remitted to you as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by non participants taking advantage of this program. My mother had gone to the bank to deposit the money as told when they told her that the check bounced and it didn't go through. My mom was so devastated, she just doesn't want anyone else falling for this scam we hope that we can help someone else, unfortunally we fell for it. N.R. newark, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
11, Report #377752
Oct 01 2008
03:55 PM
Alliance Financial And Trust Winnings check scam DesperesToronto Ontario Canada
Today, 10/1/2008, my husband received a letter with a check in it from Alliance Financial and Trust. He had won $125.000. The check was for $4,875 and the first check was to be used for government taxes of his winnings. The tax amount was $2875, with a $2000 remainder. The $2875 was to be paid either by Western Union or Moneygram. The check looks completely real. I checked the bank's name and address and routing number for validity, so far it was all legit. Then I checked Alliance Financial and Trust! SCAM!!!!! I used to work in a bank so I have seen this kind of thing before!!!!!! Kpolcal Onsted, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
12, Report #398299
Dec 05 2008
03:07 PM
Alliance Financial And Trust mark a johnson Englewood Colorado
my name is mark j of rockfield ky i got letter and a check in the mail the other day i still got the letter this what it say attention sir/madam congratulations: we recieved a message that you were making an inquiry for an extra income from our job market data base. we are happy to inform you have been selected to become one of our representatives in your region please be informed that there is one probational training assignment that you are required to complete within 48hrs, this training assignment takes about 2 hours to complete and is paid training. the aim of this training assignment is for you to familarize yourself with the practical feel of what secret shopping entails. the company name atlantic marketing &logistics management inc 530-5th ave new york new york fax# 1-425-669-6677 and the tell # 1-403-400-4913 and the name kim shapiro the check they sent me is for $3,770.42 name of the bank is wells fargo bank west the aba # 102000076 checking account #6733209362 name of account is alliance financial and trust Mark45c rockfield, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
13, Report #474984
Jul 30 2009
12:26 PM
Fraudulent/Swindle Activity- with threatening calls on my LIFE/Family!!!!!! Identiy theft is ready scarey I suffer from Epilepsy/complex seizures and diabilabling migraines. I entered one sweepstake contested in the from Pch by mail and take and order the next thing I rememer started send me contest forms (scam). Then I rec'd a cell phone call stated that I won 5M dollars. I was very sick at the time and told them I was interested. I had already sent money and I was sending and more. I phone kept ringing every fours hours giving me instructing on what to do. If not the you hurt my family. I know all of you are thinking my she not going to the police. Well weird this happend this whole year that didnt make any since to me. First my soc sec got stolen at the soc sec office because my Credit file is locked don't by Equifax Credit Watch for twevle years. I been on some heavy seizure med and pain medication for over 25 years and people would judge you as a drug problem which I was needed so when my pain was at 10+. After two year out healt care system makes it hard to get the drugs I been on for years so I was detox my on self it was the hardness thing I had to do and I thank Jesus that he loves us so much that he told God we need the Holy Spirit to help us in this world because I no I would be dead. The Police Dept didn't take me serious but very nice took the information anyway. Citibank notified me thtat that an unknown person(s) attempted to withdrawn 25,000 on my credit account. And if it was for the sweet lady tell me that they need fraud going on seen the telephone numbers on me cell phone I probably would not be here to day. I have in my site not 7 9 1/2 x 11 folder fill with nothing but sweepstake contest. I was no morphone, hydroconde, stadol ns when I borrow money to send to all the people as instructed to. I when to the hosp because of a seziure and when the release me my cell phone rang it was them tell me we are still watch you. My friend bought a small recorder and pretend to be me and first the said you sound funny she said the took the tube out today. So she commuicated while I stayed with my mother and that said don't you remember I been taking to 6 months. I borrow monthe delta credit union 28,000 at 10% show then police report and the drug test and they said sorry the would not come down on the interest rate. I owe citibank 47,000 zero interest unitl Dec and Morgan Stanley 35,000 and my best girl friend 5,000. When the ripoff people call me back I will give then all the names because I going thru a divorce and I have to talk a way and short term memory can't rememer how to spell. But I forgive these bad people and hope they do ge caught so no one esle get hurt and I do bless them because I know that what Gold would want. I pray for widsom May God bless you all Pam,Fayetteville,GA Raven media - grant master new 2007 deluxe edition Fayetteville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
14, Report #412733
Jan 16 2009
01:20 AM
National Alliance Trust PLC Bank LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
sir i got the following message from National Alliance Trust PLC , Meadow House, 14 ASHOURNE PARADE LONDON,W5 3QS UNITED KINGDOM and they generarated bank account in National Alliance Trust PLC , Meadow House, 14 ASHOURNE PARADE LONDON,W5 3QS UNITED KINGDOM Please check this message and inform me whether it is original message or scam Greetings Neeraj **** , I am Mr. Rowland Ray Booker of the National Alliance Trust Bank. I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirm-able Bank Draft of $850.000.00 Great British Pounds but I did not hear from you since that time. Mr. Edward Connor of the UK National Lottery Came and deposit the Draft here in National Alliance Trust Bank, he stated that you will contact us for the transfer but still we have not heard from you. The lottery board have paid the Account Activation charge, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee, your online banking account have been created, you can now login to your account with the information below and transfer your funds into your local bank account in your country. ONLINE ACCOUNT DETAILS Your ACCOUNT NUMBER and your PIN NUMBER is as follows: Account Access Code Account Number: ( *************9160 ) Pin Number: ( cava42341 ) Login Page: A temporary E-savings account has to be activated for you; you can now transfer your winning funds into your bank account with the information above. For more information please fell free to contact us with details below. Very Respectful, Mr. Rowland Ray Booker Accounts Officer/International Remittance Director National Alliance Trust PLC Neeraj AlwarIndia
Entity: LONDON,, W5 3QS
15, Report #364206
Aug 18 2008
03:23 PM
ALLIANCE FINANCIAL AND TRUST winning notification Blue Bell Pennsylvania
They sent us a letter telling my husband that he had won $ 125,000.00 and a check for $4875.00 . They told us to deposit the check and call them back and let them know it was depoisted. Then they would send us the balance. We didnt do it instead we decided to check them out on the inter net and found the ripe off report. Pam CONWAY, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
16, Report #333812
May 20 2008
03:27 PM
Alliance Financial And Trust Really glad I checked this out first Toronto Ontario
My husband received a letter and a very official (and probably real) check drawn on Suntrust Bank in Lakeland, FL. The check is for $4,875.00, and it states that he has won the DE-LOTTO NORTH AMERICAN SWEEPSTAKES LOTTERY, and his winnings are $125,000. The letter says to call the number provided and be told to send the amount of $2,875 for taxes to a tax agent. Yeah, right! It didn't totally pass the smell test for me, although the check is very official, and that's what throws you off. I can see how people fall for this stuff. So I got online, Googled the name, and this is the first web site to come up, confirming what I suspected. I'd like to see these people stopped, because there are some who would fall for this very easily. It really makes me MAD that people do this. Whenever an unsolicited piece of garbage like this comes to your home, ALWAYS CHECK IT OUT. Lisa Florence, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
17, Report #341698
Jun 18 2008
03:14 PM
Alliance Financial And Trust Low Life Scam Toronto Ontario
I received a letter with no return address and a Canadian post mark. It is dated June 12, 2008 from Alliance Financial and Trust stating 'Winning Final Notification'. Basically saying they have tried to reach me and I am a declared winner of DE-LOTTO NORTH AMERICAN SWEEPSTAKES LOTTERY held on May 15th, 2008 in the 2nd category. I have won the sum of $125,000. There was an official looking check enclosed in the amountof $4,875 considered the first check to help cover government taxes of $2,875...BUT, I was not suppsoed to try to cash this check until I called 416-939-6958. Obivously it sounded too good to be true. I got on the internet only to find it was a scam. Pissed off Macedon, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
18, Report #345072
Jun 27 2008
01:12 PM
STS Alliance - Standard Trust - Standard Trust Security Inc. Attempted Fraud I was targeted too Calabasas California
I too was the target of attempted fraud. The award of $150,000 from down under is a fraud. It mentions Australia(head office), East Ham, London, Buffalo, New York and Calabasas, California. I called the bank on which a check was drawn and the bank said it was a fraudulent check. Besides David Norman, there is a Mrs. Jacqueline Ryback posing as Promotion Manager.My check is from Wells Fargo Bank Calabasas CA. and delivery of the final check by FedEx. IT'S JUST A RIPOFF. Jeff Bunnell, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Calabasas, California
19, Report #1401890
Sep 23 2017
11:20 AM
American Cosigners LLC (Affiliated with Equity Risk Services, Commercial Services Corporation) They refused to give me my 2296.00 refund for cosigning services that weren't completed. Louisville (Chesterfield, San Francisco also) Kentucky Missouri, California
July 2017, I signed a contract with American Cosigners and wired money to Commercial Services Corp to get a cosigner for a new apartment. Contract said after 10 days if I don't have an apartment, I get a full refund by check. The first apartment complex didn't want to work with American Cosigners. We tried a second. By early August, I cut ties with American Cosigners as I could no longer move. They said I'll get my refund at the end of August. I'm then told to email Equity Risk Services. They refused to give me a phone number. ERS said I'll now get my refund as a gift card and to give them my mailing address . Red flag and contract violation. I contact them several times in Sept. By the 20th, I am promised a phone call to discuss the delay. No call Thursday or Friday even though I called, texted, and emailed. By the 22nd, they accused me of harassment, called me crazy, said I had mental issues, and threatened a lawsuit. They said they would not pay the refund and they would see me in court. All I did was beg for help to get 2296.00 back that was over a month overdue! The Better Business Bureau has an alert out on them for using their name without permission. Repeated tries to tell them to remove BBB from the American Cosigners website have been ignored. An anonymous employee on the Comparably site said they steal people's money and tell us to lie to people.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1249568
Aug 19 2015
02:29 PM
We Rent For You, LLC Nationwide Cosigning Service Scammed me out of $1500 for Cosigning Services Irvine California
 This is a scam.   I filled out an applicatin Wendy Miles their leasing specialist called me back and explained how the program works. I bought it hook, line, and sinker. my next communication was with Karen White Assistant to Stephen Chow... I completed an application, sent the supporting documentation.  WRFU sent me a lease like agreement, I signed it via docusign and paid my $1517.00.  they supposedly started the process and contacted my preferred apartment community to lease the apartment for me.  this is where the real BS begins.  they supposedly contacted the apartment community and all of a sudden the leasing agent where I wanted to move was difficult to work with and they could not confirm availability.  they said I should pick another location.  I said I wanted to stick with the community i selected.  they emailed me back saying that they would not cosign for me there.  WRFU sent me another community that would also work within my timeframe. I okayed the new apartment complex... then silence. Now they do not respond to emails and phone calls.  if you try to call the receptionist tries the extensions and no one is at their desk and they will take a message.  you cant get in touch with them via phone or email.  WRFU does not deliver on they promised service.  Save your money and find another way.  it has been a week since my last communication with these people and they have ignored all my attempts to reach them.  Lastly, Beware their website says that they have an A+ Rating with the BBB- this is a lie (I also left feed back with the Better Business Bureau regarding this company).  I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.  i know that I am not getting my money back but a warning to you.  Don't do it.
Entity: Irvine, California
21, Report #1221503
Apr 09 2015
04:48 PM
On or about May 9, 2014, I contacted We Rent for You about cosigning for an apartment that I wanted to move in on May 30, 2014.  The person that I dealt with was Wendy Miles.  Everything was finalized and I sent them a total of $1570 ($255 for background check and $1315 for a deposit.  On May 29th I spoke with Wendy Miles and everything was a go for the next day.  On May 30th, moving day, I could not get in contact with Wendy Miles or anybody at the company.  I was desperate, I had to be out of my apartment.  By the grace of God I found another apartment over the next few days and was able to move in.  On June 4th, 2014 I received an phone call from Wendy Miles stating the offices had caught on fire the night of May 29th and that was why they could not be contacted.  I told her I understand things happen and that I just wanted my money back.  She told me it would be sent back to me.  I have since contacted the company multiple times sent multiple letters and to this date, April 9, 2015, I have yet to receive a refund.  These people are crooks!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #355808
Jul 25 2008
11:38 PM
I received a letter in the mail from alliance financial and trust stating that i had won $125.000 of de-lotto american shoppers lottery. A check for $4,875.00 was sent with the letter. The letter came with instructions on how to use this check in order to receive my winnings. After depositing the check I was to withdraw $2,875.00 and send it via western union to the address, given by phone to an address in canada. I did. Then I was requested to return to the bank and withdraw the remainder($2000.00) and send it to a different address in canada via western union. The first amount was to be for taxes, the second amount was to be for insurance. When asked to return to the bank for the second amount (for the insurance) i got suspicious. I told him i could not leave work again to do this. He then put the big rush on me and said i must do this before they closed. I did not like his tone. So, I called my sister-in-law she advised me to call the san diego fraud unit. I forgot to mention that my bank cleared the check in 2 days. I did not really have a problem after they cleared the check. I had a problem when I was asked to go back to the bank a second time,and rushed. Because i have direct deposit, I think i will withdraw all of my money and leave the fake $2000.00 alone and deal with whatever comes next. Sammy San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
23, Report #359974
Aug 06 2008
02:12 PM
Alliance Financial And Trust Beware! Don't cash! Big Ripoff! You will be held responsible! Appleton Wisconsin
Alliance Financial and Trust is a big rip-off! They send you a letter letting you know that you have won $125,000. Ok, so when did you enter this contest? Ask yourself that! If you don't know, well guess what...a probable rip-off is in store for you! They even send you a check for $4895.00 to make it seem like they're the real deal! I am such a skeptic that I immediately went to the internet and typed in their name. Voila! I read several articles on them being a scam! They try to get you to deposit the check, immediately send out $2875.00 for tax purposes and $2000 for insurance. Hello! Why would I send out money that hasn't even cleared? Please! Don't fall for this scam!! I read in one article that they are now starting to prosecute the people that deposit the checks! Don't be one of those! Long story short, I did not fall for this scam! I felt the need to warn others that need money so bad, they don't even think of this as a scam! Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is! Skeptic El Paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Appleton, Wisconsin
24, Report #366100
Aug 23 2008
10:48 AM
Alliance Financial And Trust They sent me a real looking check stating that i had won the DE-LOTTO AMERICAN SHOPPERS LOTTERY Toronto Ontario
This morning I was awaken by a knocking on my door by the mailwoman. I signed a paper and got my mail. I opened the letter that I had to sign for and enclosed was an official-looking check for the sum of $4,875.00 US dollars. I was ecstatic! I immediately called my father and told him about it. He was already skeptic of the whole idea. I called the number (1-416-939-69-58) and talked to a man who sounded African and really couldn't understand exactly what he was saying. I suppose it was Paul Lawson - the person that the letter was supposedly from. I did as he said and went to my bank and put the money in. Then i called him back. He said that on Monday I would need to send $2,875 of my winnings to a woman named Sharon Davis at 1155 French Ave. West M9V-4M2 Toronto, Canada through Western Union first thing in the morning. He also said that the rest of my $125,000 winnings would be coming through Fed-Ex mail between 3 P.M. and 6 P.M. on Monday. I had been talking to my father this whole time about the process. He told me to get on Google and look up the company to see what i could find about them. I found numerous cases of this fraud. I figured it was a scam now also so i set up an appointment with the bank to talk to them, some lawyers, and maybe some government officials Monday morning. I hope to bring these people down and get some justice. Also a good piece of information is this... I am only 17 years old and therefore am not eligible to receive lottery winnings or any winnings for that matter due to me being a minor. This just goes to show that this scam can happen to anybody. Be careful. And thank you God for giving me this information before I made a real mistake. Ryan g cozad, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
25, Report #368253
Aug 29 2008
05:01 PM
Alliance Financial And Trust sent a check for 4875.00 Toronto Ont M4M- 1B1 Canada Ontario
sent a check for 4875.00 with promise of 125,000.00 total if you call before 10 days. donot cash check before calling. Check looks real but they claimed to have tried to contact us for a while and since we didn't respond they were mailing the check to cover the taxes that should be owed. Doesn't feel like a good deal. They call themselves De-Lotto American shoppers Lottery. I have not entered any contests and I don't play the Lottery. Jimv Grand Terrace, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario

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