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1, Report #1368863
Apr 21 2017
06:41 AM
Florida pharmacy online Donn Patton Scam u for money on persciption onlinefloridapharmacy@gmail.com 9042575452 Internet
 Florida online pharmacy will scam u out of ur money! They say they will fill your script cheaper and then they get your info script money whatever they need. They will take your money western union. They say they are in fla and the number is 904/257/5452. After they get your money then they say it is out of stock and want u to send more money for a larger amount. The name is Donn Patton. That's not his name and he is a lier and a cheater. Karma will have a great time with him! Scam scam scam!!!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1215052
Mar 11 2015
03:41 PM
Rx Pharmacy is a scam. They send you an email see bellow, But they rip you off and never send anything. You call them, they say we are working on your order and we will call you back they never do, then they simply ignore you will no longer answer your calls, they reject them so you can't even leave a message, and will not respond to your emails.Order Confirmation (Medications) Rx Pharmacy (rxpills@outlook.com) 1844-441-2111   View slide show (2)  -------- Original message --------From: Rx Pharmacy <rxpills@outlook.com> Date:01/28/2015 14:43 (GMT-07:00) To: (((REDACTED)))Cc: Subject: FW: Order Confirmation (Medications) We received your inquiry for Medications (Prescription OR other health care medications). We tried to get in touch with you at your given number but somehow we couldn't get in touch with you. We ship brand & generics,  We are registered pharmacy. We are in this business since 2008 and we sale and buy these medications under REGULATORY LICENSING UNIT IN-STATE WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES:Florida Department of State Health Services,FDA,DEA,RLU,FDLE and Food & Drug Licensing. They then send you past tracking #'s so you can see they send orders as well as refrences, who of course ALL say they are happy customers always get what they pay for,BUT they must just be made up emails and the respond back themselves, Once you pay them That's it. They steal your money and ignore you. They are a scam. If you need any sort of assurance so we can provide you past successful delivered orders tracking#  & we can provide you  our regular customers email addresses who're dealing with us on daily basis. You can contact them OR we can provide you our licence key as well. We're in this business since 2008 & we're a registered company. We need good business from good customers. Here we're giving you past successful delivered orders tracking# & customers references. www.usps.com  9114901230803549686636 9114901230803549686650 9114901230803549686674 9114901230803549686698 9114901230803549686711 9114901230803549686476 9114901230803549686599 9114901230803549686490 9114901230803549686513 9114901230803549686735 References  -  (((REDACTED)) customers personal email addresses 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #130251
Feb 05 2005
11:32 AM
U S Bank ripoff Patterson California
On Dec 24, 2005 a automatic deduct was allowed to through with insuffient funds by this bank. The deposits were made the same day the auto deduct was made and 3 small ATM charges also came in at the same time. Overdraft charge $33 each and $7.00 per day Negative Balance Fees were charged to the account which is OUTRAGEOUS punitive predatory, parasitic and blantant usory. After contacting Ms. Ellen Calmettes my wife was informed that they would not recind the $7 per day fee and will close our account on March 4th if we don't pay these fees now as of this report are at $305.22 and will be at $508.27 by 3/4. Don't pay the fees and she will turn us in to Chexsystem which means we can't open a bank account for 5 years. What would have happened if we had not checked our account by internet? Well we would have received a written notice 10 to 30 days later informing of us of the problem. Translation, $70 to $210 worth of Negative Balnce fees and the usual will be forced to close your account and report you ETC. Thanks for banking with U S Bank. 60 minutes did a epose' on Sunday Jan 30th about excessive bank fees where the States Attorney General (I think it eas New York)was investaging excessive bank fees and contacted the federal agency that oversees these banks. The Feds basically told the State not to interfere and the Feds will handle it. The state should stay out it. Ken Medford, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Patterson, California
4, Report #1256584
Sep 22 2015
04:56 PM
U S Security Associates
 I was a Site Supervisor for US Security Associates They suspended me and try to get me to go to a post 49 miles away with no transportation. The reason they suspended me,was because I refused to write-up an employee that threatened me with lawyers and attorneys in the past. The employee I'm referring to was also demoted as supervisor and was allowed to remain on post. I'm wondering why I was forced to move to a separate location. None of itakes sense. The only thing I can think of,is the fact that the female black employee has a pending discrimination case against them, so they decided to eliminate me the middleman. They are a bunch of idiots. If I really wanted to and had the financial ability to file my own case I would. Talk about a bunch of ripoffs! I wouldn't recommend anyone work for them.
5, Report #136402
Mar 25 2005
03:46 PM
U S Customs ripoff took checks out of a package and didn't return them washington DC
recieved large envelope from girlfrein in lagos as she gave me a check cause she and i are going to be married, she sent large envelope containing card, checks,then us customs opened for security check, took out her checks she sent me, then had nerve to reseal it with us customs tape for, i got it by fedex or ups, found the checks missing but the card she enclosed was torn up Harold Muskogee, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #165321
Nov 20 2005
06:15 PM
U. S. Sweepstakes Advisors ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
Notified of winning $3,700,300, but requires payment in cash, check, or money order of $20.00 to process. Charles Powder Springs, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, NV,, Nevada
7, Report #164593
Nov 14 2005
11:03 PM
USSA - U. S. Sweepstakes Advisors ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
On Monday, November 14, I received from USSA U. S. Sweepstakes Advisors an official registration confirmation of winnings in the amount of $3,700,300.00, but I first must submit cash, check or money order in the amount of $20.00. Willie Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
8, Report #38697
Dec 19 2002
06:55 AM
U. S. Guardian ripoff phones are all disconected Maryland
I was contacted over the telephone by a man claiming to be from a credit company, U. S. Guardian. He said that if I needed to contact him with any questions that his name was Tom Goodwin, and his Agent # was 523. They electronically debited my checking account for $219.00,and I never received my card. I contacted them several times at the telephone no. they gave me (416-289-3634. I was told that they were running behind in their orders at the warehouses (located in Maryland & New Jersey), and to be patient that I would be receiving my package soon. I waited and never received anything, so I tried again, I received a recording that the number had been changed to 416-488-0219. When I got through to this number I was told the same thing. I said not good enough! I want my money back! I was given a fax # 416-488-1497, to demand a refund. I faxed them and haven't heard anything since! Now the numbers are all disconnected!!!!!!!!!! Kim Hamilton, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Maryland
9, Report #502919
Oct 01 2009
07:13 PM
U. S. Fidelis Car Warranty Worned to the bone! Internet
 I had brought 2 warranties  from US Fidelis.  The  first for my wife. That was for her Jeep. She had so many problems with US Fidelis that she bought another vehicle. then made a complaint with then BBB. With their help her contact was canceled and some funds returned.  Now I was second insured. I had transmission noise. So I was traveling to MS and my transmission was slipping. So I when to a shop in Vicksburg Ms. They contacted US Fidelis claims dept.  Then the waiting began. Thursday 9a.m I was told to gather up my schedule maintenace records then shop would fax to them. Well shop spent hours calling and faxing at 430 p.m and 5 phone calls. I was told that I was missing  1 maintence record and without that they  would decline to cover anything.  I complained that  it was my transmision not my engine, but it didn't make any differance. Friday I recalled were I did my missing oil change. I was stationed near Boliing AF Base in Va.  Their auto skill shop faxed me my missing oil change. I  then when back to shop 9:00 am. They faxed missing sheet 3 times. At 4:45 I called and transmission was approved pending what mechanic sent as estimate. My vehice was schedule to be worked on Monday.   Suprise came that afternoon. Us Fidelis was only covering $1700.  and total was $2161. I was to cover balance. I signed up for no deductable. Yet I had too pay.  I was to pay $461   Now I'm not from this area and I took 2 days off from work @ 160 per day and 2 motels at $45, a day.  I called US Fidelis and made complaint. I was informned the they only pay fair market value for what my vechicle worth. I was not offered those extra's that the commercials says. I was also told that I can't use warranty anymore. I feel that I was ripoff. It present my transmission service cost me $461 + 320+ 90 = $871 plus cost of policy each month. The commerical says you pay nothing. I plan to cancel this policy. Since they won't cover anything else. I will make a complaint with BBB too.    
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #503843
Oct 03 2009
03:53 PM
U S Bank Visa Buxx Card Visa Buxx Nightmare of trying to cancel card, Internet
I have had visa buxx cards for each of my daughters all through high school. My older daughter is now out of college,living on her own and working. I no longer fund her visa buxx card. Recently I received notice from U.S. Bank that I was being charged an inactivity fee of $12.00 dollars a month because my daughter was not using her card. I called the bank and asked them to please cancel the card. I was told that because there was a balance on the card of 12 cents, they could not cancel it and I would be charged an inactivity fee each month. I wrote a letter thru U S Postal service and explained that it is impossible to charge anything for just 12 cents. I did not wish to pay another $2.50 to load the card to an amount that could be charged. I expressed again that I no longer needed the card and to please cancel it. Two weeks later I received in the mail a letter form US Bank Visa Buxx Cardholder Services that stated because the account had been inactive for 90 days and there was a balance of 12 cents, that inactivity fees of $12.00 would continue to be levied until the balance is zero. I called again and explained that it is impossible to charge just 12 cents anywhere and that US Bank could have the 12 cents, just Please, Please cancel the card. My request fell on deaf ears. The person on the phone just kept repeating in a placating way, that they HAD TO charge me an  inactivity fee!   How can a bank legally charge a customer for a visa buxx card that the customer has begged to have canceled? How can this be legal?
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #381363
Oct 15 2008
07:20 AM
U. S. Adminstrative Services REBATE RIPOFF Mt. Dora Florida
We signed with a roofing company because of a promised rebate from from U.S. Administrative Services. Co. It stated that after 54 months we should send in the appropriate paperwork (ie sales receipt, cancelled check, etc) by certified mail. After 54 months, I send in the requested paperwork by certified mail which was refused by the company. Where does that leave us? I am contacting an attorney who will in turn contact the above company. I don't know if we will receive our $740.00 rebate, but its worth going after. Pam LaGrange, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Mt. Dora, Florida
12, Report #377785
Oct 01 2008
05:31 PM
U. S. Online America Group Horrible Business Tempe Arizona
This company is a crock of shit. I applied to work here, not really knowing what kind of business this is, and when I went in, I was told after waiting 15 minutes, that all of the positions were taken. I left, extremely pissed, and ended up going home and calling the supervisor. I was EXTREMELEY PISSED. I wasted my time, I wasted my gas, and I wasn't even apologized to! I called the supervisor and she informed me that it was an accident; the man who called me had been misinformed. From what I read from about this company, and I am better off with out this job. DO NOT DO BUSSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE OR TRY TO WORK FOR THEM! THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYESS OR PROSPEC EMPLOYESS. Brittany xxxx Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #457573
Jun 02 2009
01:03 AM
U S Credit Find Unauthorized charges on my AT&T bill Venice California
U S Credit Find obviously peruses the telephone books for leads. The number that they actually billed is a designated fax number which is listed in the phone directory. Had this been a valid transaction, U S Credit Find would have charged my house phone instead. They charged my AT&T telephone bill for $9.99 in January 2009, but skipped February. I supposed they were testing the waters to see if I would discover the charge. I did not, therefore, in March, April and May 2009, they charged the 9.99 each month. I have sent contacted them; ILD Teleservices and informed the that this matter is being reported to the Federal Trade Commission. One mention of the Federal Trade Commission, and the charges were reversed and future charges blocked. John Alpine, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Venice, California
14, Report #436461
Mar 22 2009
08:47 AM
U S Government Rush to Judgment Washington Dallas Texas
The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza chronicles the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy; interprets and supports the Dealey Plaza National Historical Landmark District and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza; and presents contemporary culture within the context of presidential history. However, in reality it functions as an agent for the US Governments continuing cover-up of the JFK Assassination. In reality: The Warren Commission was dominated by two men, who, in a legally-just democracy, would have been, if not indicted for complicity in the murder, surely under suspicion as accomplices after the fact. These men were Allen Dulles and John McCloy. Dulles had a direct connection to the patsy, Oswald. Dulles was intimately acquainted with the Paine family. Lee Harvey Oswald and his family lived with Ruth Paine in Dallas in the fall of 1963. Dulles's mistress, Mary Bancroft, was best friends with Michael Paine's (Ruth Paine's husband) mother. Michael Paine worked at Bell Helicopter (a major defense contractor during Vietnam) with one Walter Dornberger. Dornberger was an ex-Nazi rocket scientist (and the chief villain of my book) who should have been tried and hanged at Nuremberg for war crimes. Instead he was evacuated to the US under a secret CIA program (Operation Paperclip) run by Allen Dulles. Rush To Judgment was written by Mark Lane. Jack Ruby had mob connections dating back to the 1930s. When Santos Trafficante (Florida mob boss) was jailed in Havana by Castro in 1959 after Castro took over the casinos, it was Ruby who visited Trafficante more than anyone else. Ruby also worked for Richard Nixon as a Senate investigator in the 1940s. JFK was not shot from behind. His head flies violently backwards, indicating a shot from the front. Pieces of skull and brain matter flew out over the left rear of the limo, striking Dallas motorcycle cop Bobby Hargis. Jackie climbed onto the trunk trying to retrieve a piece of skull which had blown out to the rear. I don't know whose consul you were privy to in Dallas in the middle 1960s, but some of their facts were wrong. You are correct in stating that Oswald was a patsy. But you're misinformed as to how he was set up. Ruth Paine and George DeMohrenschildt, under the direction of CIA case officer David Atlee Phillips, were his primary handlers in Dallas. But there was also an Oswald double running around doing all sorts of conspicuously suspicious things in the fall of 1963. Eflteacher Madison, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
15, Report #562552
Jan 31 2010
09:24 AM
U S Boiler Co. Burnham Hydronics selling known defective V7 and V8 boilers Lancaster, Pennsylvania
I am on my 3rd Burnham boiler in 10 years I had a V7 steam boiler installed in May 1999 the boiler failed in July 2003 under warranty It was replaced with what Burnham called the V8 that had addressed the V7 problems. I got no help with the intsall of the new boiler and was out $1500. to install the new V8, In March 2009 the V8 also failed int he same way, rotted out from a known defect, they supplied me with what they called the Mega Steam boiler again with the statement, it solve all of the V8 problems because it is a completely different type of boiler, I was once again stuck with the install price of $2700. due to the installation being more complicated. I have spoken with several reps of Burnham over the last few months prior to install attempting to get assistance with the install and was basically told, I was lucky they were giving me a new boiler and I was responsible for the install. I have attached a link to a pending class action suit against Burnham, http://www.lieffcabraser.com/contact/contact-burnham-boilers.htm It is too late for me but hopefully this post will prevent anyone else from being ripped off by Burnham
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
16, Report #787017
Oct 10 2011
11:53 AM
U S Readers Ginger supervisor Magazine Robbery victim in San Diego Tampa , Florida
A non-refundable 3 year Newsweek subscription was sold to a 94 year old for $189.99. It took the aggressive US Readers' solicitors 2 back to back phone calls to bully her into giving her debit card. Ginger the supervisor said their magazines never can be cancelled and they never allow cash refunds;  then said she could change  to a one year subscription for $109.99 instead  of 3, amounting to a cash refund in fact. (Today a 2 year Newsweek subscription is $64). This company is bad news! Newsweek should be also be held responsible for doing illicit business with U S Readers and allow subscription cancellations of their magazine.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
17, Report #644062
Sep 24 2010
01:27 PM
U S Banking Pay Day Loan Rip Off Agoura, California
I have received a call from someone claiming I have a payday loan with them and they are taking me to court.  Loan is suppose to be from this year and supposely I have not repaid.  I supposly did this on line.  I have done a pay day loan before on line but the funds were taken directly out of my account for repayment.  I have never received from this company. They get so mad when I told them I didn't owe them anything that they hung up.  They threaten me to have someone come to my office on Tuesday to investigate me.
Entity: Agoura, California
18, Report #842287
Feb 20 2012
03:22 PM
U S Safety, Inc. Fire Safety Van Nuys, California
I too got a job at this company (US Safety Inc.) in Santa Clarita Ca. Then later went to the Van Nuys office. Once I got there I really started to see just how much of a scam they were pulling on everyone. They tell you that you go thru the training for 4 to 6 weeks then you get your own office of your choice. Well I was there for 4 months and never got an office. There is even a lady that works there that has been there for over a year and she's been promoted to Manager but she still to this day does not have an office yet. I asked why she didn't have one yet and I was told by the owner that she didn't think she was ready to handle running an office. So then why promote her if she isn't ready??? I sat in interviews while I was being trained and the owner told the new people that they would for sure get their own office by 6 weeks. She is out right lying to them. There is a $75 fee for doing a background check. Well they never did the background check on me. I asked for the report and they couldn't give it to me. Yet they will tell you that you can have a copy of the report. They never called my references at all. They didn't check nothing on your resume. I know this for sure because they never called on mine. Then they ask for a $99 refundable fee for the materials. But there is no refundable to it. People quit before they get to be a manager  so there for you don't get the refund back. The refund is only when you get your own office. Which you will never get in the first place. This company is such a joke. I wish I knew how I could report them and get the money they owe me for all the hours I worked for them. Yea, I worked hours and hours a week for months and I didn't get paid. You put in 930am to 5pm Monday thru Friday and two nights a week your there till 9pm for meetings. I gave it all I could. I really wanted this job to work out. But no matter how hard I tried. I still couldn't get anywhere ahead. They want you to be rude to the people you are interviewing. You can't smile or laugh with them during an interview. You have to give them bad looks while your looking at their resume and put them down because they have no experience. But then tell them it's ok because we don't want you to have any experience. That's why they say NO EXPERIENCE in the ad. They make you feel they are not going to hire you then at the end of putting you thru all the nervous points of an interview. They say that they like you and they are an honest person so you will give them a chance and give them the job. This is the biggest joke I have ever seen. If I was interviewed by Lisa B when I was hired. I would have seen something then. But I was hired by a new employee that didn't know what she was doing. So I didn't see just how they really wanted you to treat these new people till I started working in the office with the owner. They do pry on people who are in desperate need of a job. This is so wrong taking their money when they have no job and can't afford it. Out of all the scams on the internet. I think this is the most biggest one. I'm just sorry I was suckered into giving them 4 months of my time. I spent so much gas going to work and back. That I am so broke right now I can't get by. Isn't it against the law for companies to have free labor? Is there any way I can make them pay for the hours I have worked for them? 
Entity: Van Nuys, California
19, Report #197810
Jun 23 2006
11:50 AM
U S Flight Academy Refused Proper Refund Ripoff Denton Texas
Complaint Information Date Received: 7/15/2005 Primary Complaint Classification: Refund Practices Secondary Complaint Classification: Service Issues Complaint: Program price was paid to company. I was forced to leave the school to attend to important family matters. I asked for the balance owed on the account for services (Unused Flight Time) not rendered, and was refused. They stated I could re-attend the school and they could charge me an Additional $200.00 for not returning. I am unable due to medical & Personal (family) reasons. I simply want my unused funds in my Account. I think this is an unfair business practice for keeping funds for Services not provided. Desired Settlement: Refund TJ Marksville, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
20, Report #175392
Feb 08 2006
04:57 PM
U. S. Credit Management ripoff Irving Texas
I had been with USCM since November of 2003. In the past when I called they would just tell me that they were working on my account and they would get back with me, but nothing. Now I receive this letter that they are no longer in business. Nothing was ever done to the account and now my creditors are all over this like candy, I think the company or whoever has taken it over should be held responsible or least be made to honor all the money they did receive from all their customers. I am stuck between a rock and a had place and am out in left field. If anybody has any info on what to do please, please let me know. HELP Mario Brownwood, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
21, Report #175161
Feb 07 2006
12:53 PM
U S Credit Management ripoff, dishonest, stole from me Irving Texas
I was told the company folded because of the CEO stealing 2.8 million. Don't these people have insurance? I and so many others lost more than just money. I want to join a lawsuit against this company. Mickey Huber Heights, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
22, Report #169148
Dec 23 2005
09:45 PM
U. S. Grants Interactive attempted information theft Fayetteville Internet
My story is just like the others you've read here regarding US Grants Interactive. I received a call from an Unknown listing on my cell phone. A woman with a thick accent, claiming to be Jennifer Gates, employee number 2014, wanted to speak with XXXXX XXXXX. I told her that she had the wrong number. She replied by telling me that I had been selected by the govenment for some free money that I would never have to pay back in my lifetime. This sounded good to me, since I have no intentions of repaying any financial obligations after my demise. Next, I was informed that I could use the money for anything that I wanted. She just needed to know how much money I wanted, and what I wanted to use it for. Growing increasingly skeptical, I answered that I wanted $100,000 to start a commune. She asked me what that was. I said a commune, a community of like minded individuals living with each other to achieve a common purpose. She said, oh, so you want to start a family. That's okay. I thought, WOW, the united states government, while already up to its nostrils in debt, is willing to shell out $100,000 of tax payers money for me to 'start a family'? There must be some catch. I was right. She would send me some information in the mail after I answered a few standard questions to verify that I was eligible to receive my free money. Everything went smoothly until... And may I have your bank's name and account number? asked the suspiciously generous voice, eating up my anytime minutes. I said that I was on a cell phone and didn't feel comfortable giving out that information. She pushed again, claiming that no charges would be made without my approval. NO, I'm not comfortable giving that out. Then, she said she would give me her bank's name and account number, if that made me feel better. HA!! I can't send you the grants proposal package or your confirmation number without verifying that you have a valid bank account, said the voice. I countered by asking that she send me some literature, and offered to send the necessary information in a physical copy if I wanted to pursue her offer for free money. No she couldn't. How about I go to the website to look over your company's information, and then I'll call you back if I'm interested? No. She was in a processing center where they could only call out. She said I had to do it over the phone or not at all, as there were many many more people in my area that had also been selected for this money. (Remember she called my phone thinking I was someone else) So, for you to get your free money, I just need your account number. The more I said no, the more desperately she tried. I don't know what US Grants Interactive does to their employees if they don't make their quotas, but judging by this Jennifer girl's tone of voice, it must be something she doesn't want to go through again. I'm not accusing them of torturing their telemarketers, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. After hearing about 15 variations of the same lame sales pitch, I got bored with her games, and gave up hoping that I might actually get $100,000 with no strings attached. I told her that while I appreciated her trying to help me get some free money, I had an important phone call on the other line. As I was hanging up, I could hear her going into her pitch once again. Poor girl. No dice. David Fayetteville, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #225476
Dec 14 2006
08:33 PM
U S Buildings ripoff for 7895.00 Deerfield Beach Florida
This is a copy of a letter I sent to the BBB in Florida to try and resolve my problem with U S Buildings In July and again in August of this year myself and my wife were solicited by US Building to purchase a building at close out prices and thie special prices would not last very long. It was the same sales pitch each time . On August 16th I agreed to purchase a building from them and the details are on the invoice about the size and delivery place and time. I was asked for my VISA number to put up at deposit of 2000.00 . At this time I was not told this was not refundable. In a couple of days a courier showed up at my door with an envelope that contained my invoice/contract . upon opening it I noticed the delivery place , time and amount were correct but my VISA number along with the expiry date and 3 digit safety code were all printed on the lower left corner of my invoice. I immediately called Mr. Degraziano who sold me the building about this and I was not going to sign the invoice with my Visa number attached. I was told by him to cut off that portion that contained my visa number and sign the invoice and send a cheque along with the invoice to them. A courier would drop by and pick it up ASAP. I was assuming my VISA had not been charged yet. On or around august 16th I went online to check out my banking and I noticed that US Buildings had charges my Visa 2000.00 on Aug.9 and they had credited this back to my account on Aug.16 and again charged my account 2000.00 on Aug. 16 and all of this was done without my permission and it cost me around 119.99 in the exchange rate difference.. I immediately called Mr. Degraziano again and told him of the charges and he joked about it and said I was still getting a good deal' and apologized and told me that my cheque for the 2000.00 would be returned they were informed by their bank it would take at least 3 to 4 weeks before the cheque could be cashed and this would hold up construction of the building.. I did not understand this and told him I did not like what he did with my Visa charges. I was not contacted again until around the end of September and the shipping Lady called me and said We have your building ready for shipment. It is on the truck ready to go and we need the balance of payment before we can ship it. I told her this would take a few days because I had to go to my bank and get tellers cheque to send because this is what they required . She seemed very put off that I could not do this immediately but then told me to send her the tracking number as soon as I send the money so the building could be shipped. I happened to be off work the next day for a few hours so I went to the bank and got the cheque and sent it by Canada Post. I tried calling her for he next 3 days with the tracking number and I left messages each time for her to call me but I was never called so that I could give her the tracking number. I sent and email to Mr. Degraziano about the matter and he told me that she was busy with personal problems and cold not return her calls. The next day she called me and said she had received the cheque and that my building would be on its way. I had reduced the cheque by 100.00 because of the visa charges as told to do by her the shipper but she seemed not to remember telling me this. I was called in a couple of days by some manager and I was told that the building could not be shipped to Halifax Nova Scotia because of border problems. I was asked if I would take 1000.00 from them to pick up the building at the border. I told him I would rather not but if this was the case I would do it . Upon hanging up I called Border Customs to get the info I would need to cross the border and I asked them why US Buildings could not ship this item to Halifax NS. I was told there were no problems with them shipping the item into Canada. I immediately assumed it was costing them too much money to ship it to Halifax and they were just realizing this and put the shipment off on me and that 1000.00 was cheap for them. At this time I was starting to wonder just what king of people I was dealing with. I was told when I agreed to buy the building that shipment to Halifax was no problem we do it all the time. As this was not true and I had the Visa problem and now they have all of the money for the building and I have nothing; I could smell at rat taking place.I did not like what I was hearing since they got full payment for the building now things were changing. But I knew they still had my Visa number and I was starting to worry. I immediately called visa and instead of telling them my problem I lied and told them I had lost my Visa card and I needed a new one with a new number. This was done and I felt better that US Building now did not have my Visa number. I sent them a fax outlining the information I needed for Customs at the border. In a few days I was called by the shipper and told that the building would be sent to Scarborough Maine. I looked up this place while talking to her on the phone and I told her the agreement was they would ship the building to the border either at Calais or Houlton Maine these are the two border crossings in Maine . I would not drive to this place because it is another 4 to 5 hours drive each way and it is close to the Maine /NH border not the Maine /Canada border as agreed. . My total driving to this point would then be 13 hours each way and I do not like driving a truck this far so I am refusing this delivery. We had an argument on the phone over this and I told her to cancel the whole deal and I was told that I would lose my deposit.I told her that the problem was on their end about shipment and not my fault. Why should I lose 2000.00 over this? After hanging up with her I called customer relations and talked to a nice Lady called Elizabeth. I told her my problem about shipment and losing 2000.00 and I also apologized about arguing with the shipper. I was told that she would look into the matter. Close to the end of October the shipper called me and I was told that I would have to find a place to pick up the building in Calais Maine because she was having a hard time finding a place. I told her that I lived in Canada and that I knew no one in this place and that I live in Canada not the USA and that she was the shipper and that finding a place for shipment was her problem not mine. I am getting sassy with her on the phone now because I am getting disgusted with the whole deal. About I believe it was Thursday Nov. 2 the shipper again called me. She stated that she had found a place for delivery after a lot of contacting people in Calais. I asked her to give me the shipping information for pickup and I was told that she did not have the info at this time. I was also told that I had to be at the pick up point when the building arrived because of costs involved in holding the item. I then told her that this was probably not possible because I had a Job and I also needed to rent a truck and this cannot be done on a moments notice but if she could give me some time frame and I mentioned I am off next week I could possibly be there when it arrived. I was then told that next week was not possible because they did not have a truck going that way until at least 3 weeks or so. I then got upset ant told her about the delivery agreement and that around the end of November was not possible because of the bad weather at that time of year. I was not a truck driver and I could not drive that far at this time of year because of snow storms etc. We argued a little more and I told her to cancel the whole deal and to return my money. I was again told they would keep my deposit of 2000.00 as per agreement. I did not argue with her anymore I immediately hung up and called Elizabeth again and told her of my problem . She told me that she would look into the situation of keeping my deposit. The next day (Friday) about 6:15 PM I got a call while at work from a Manager and I think he called himself Mr. Rack . I was immediately accused of me giving his employees a difficult time and that the conversation was being recorded. I told him this was great and I hope all of my conversations were recorded. He seemed to immediately lose his cool and told me that I was a *&*& idiot and that I would not be getting a cent of my money back because of the cancellation and the small print on the back of the contract. I told him I would have to get a lawyer and through his cursing and accusations I hung up on him. The next day I got an email about them keeping all of my money and the reason why. Since this time I have made no more contact them but my Lawyer has tried to call but they are not in and do not return his calls for about 2 weeks now. I have contacted VISA about their using my number without permission and told them why I cancelled my card and I was given back 100.00 because of the fraudulent use of my number without my permission and I was told If I would have contacted before 75 days of the Visa use I could have gotten all of my 2000.00 back. They were also going to be in contact with US Buildings. I have recently sent a letter like this one to the BBB in Florida but have had no response yet. Can anyone tell me what to do? Gerry Halifax,ns, Nova ScotiaCanada
Entity: Deerfield Beach, Florida
24, Report #240912
Mar 26 2007
08:10 PM
U S Xpress Kearny Yard and US xpress ripoff Chattanooga Tennessee
I was a local driver up in New Jersey until just a few weeks ago. I was told that freight was too slow and that they did not have the work for me and to clean out my truck. I have had 4 years with this company and drivers that had less time than me were allowed to keep their jobs while us driver with more time on the job were let go.I have endured a lot up in New Jersey over the past year with the hire of a new terminal manager named Karen Oconner. She was recently fired and arrested for stealing from the company. She was very nasty and would lie about people all the time to make herself look good. Many good drivers were terminated because of her and the lies she told. There were many divers she did not like and most of them were fired. I know of 1 female driver she would lie about all the time and tried on several occations to have her terminated but she was never able to do it. This one driver I will not mention her name endured more than anyone else and she always conducted herself professionally. She is a wonderful woman with a smile for everyone. I think it is wrong that the heads in Chattanooga would believe Karen Oconner over this driver. It just shows me that Us Xpress does not care about a driver or the service they give them. I have now moved on and I am working for another local company in New Jersey. I do not miss working for them because there was way too much disfunction going on. What I would like to say to the heads down in Chattanooga. It serves you right to have what happend in New jersey to happen. You should have listened to us drivers that were telling you things were not right. Now you lost alot of good drivers that will never come back no matter what you offer and I am one of them. I have to laugh though since I was fired Us Xpress has call me 3 times trying to get me to come back to them. Here is my answer. I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO A COMPANY THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS DRIVERS! ANONYMOUS new brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
25, Report #31761
Oct 03 2002
02:53 PM
U S Guardian ripoff New York City New York
5this company took my 199.00 for a lower rate credit card and i cant even get in touch with them joan new york, New York
Entity: New York City, New York

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