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1, Report #1303603
May 05 2016
06:16 AM
Ahamed Kilibria, United Marine Security Yet again, Ahamed does not pay his bills Secaucus, NJ Nationwide
Ahamed Kilibria CEO of United Marine Security requested the services of my company to provide a service he could not provide to his client. All communications were ignored until 24hrs prior the service, it was then followed by the you can trust me, we need to get this done, I'm honorable, the usual you hear from the untrustworthy and the far from honorable. Once the service was on the way, commination’s halted again due to payment request, comms began once more at the end of the service where he needed assistance, again with the promise of payment, you can trust me script…   In short, this is not the first time and will not be last, he has no resources to pay for activities he wants to be involved in. In the shipping industry he is fraudulently taking on contracts that put the end user at serious risk, corporately and operational. Playing very lose with industry regulatory compliance.     He is a profiteer that will continue a short term gain business strategy until someone has finally been injured or legal action has occurred.  He will no doubtly go into foreclosure with outstanding debts and open another company to carry on the same practices. I urge anyone using this company or a company attached to Ahamed Kilbria to secure finance 100% up front or do not provide the service.
Entity: nationwide
2, Report #1404046
Oct 04 2017
07:23 AM
United marine security Ahmed kibriaJose ojedaAdam houssani Stranded veterans overseas, failure to pay wages, medical bills, breach of contract, they lie to clients and employees, New jersey New jersey
 Avoid these guys, they need to be put out of business, crooks, false advertising, failure to pay, breach of contract, no lawyers want to take on the case because apparently money is in off shore accounts and jibria is a money washing hiding laundering crook, the feds were involved but only because they found illegally obtained weapons, didnt care about employees/clients being ripped off
3, Report #1148514
May 21 2014
09:14 AM
Ahamed Kibria ( United Marine Security ) Deabeat Account! Secaucus New Jersey
Ahamed Kilibria, the CEO of United Marine Security, booked ads in 3 editions of The Maritime Executive magazine from July to December in 2013. After going past 90 days we asked Ahamed what was the status of us getting paid for services rendered. He promised it was being sent and asked us to continue running his ads. As they say no good deed goes unpunished and Ahamed is now in collections, and has continually promised to pay a fractiion of what is owed, but has yet paid nothing.   After doing some research, I realize this is how Mr. Kilibria runs his business. He orders things he cannot afford, and simply doesn't pay for them. Ahamed has owned his entire bill of $2,949 since August of 2013.   This guy is attempting to market to ship owners to protect their ships from pirates. Why would anyone want hire a security firm that steals, lies, and cheats? Ahamed Kilibria is not to be trusted!    
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
4, Report #1435171
Mar 20 2018
08:31 AM
Ahamed Kibria United Marine Security and/or Wings Investments for non payment for services Roseland New Jersey
This notice is to inform you that we have been unable to collect overdue funds from Ahamed Kibria, doing business as United Marine Security and/or Wings Investments. Feel free to contact the undersigned for additional information.
Entity: Roseland, New Jersey
5, Report #933717
Jul 28 2014
01:30 PM
United Metro Security United Metro Security Force security Phoenix, Arizona
Same old wolf, new sheep's clothing.... Where to begin?  Oh, yes.  United Metro Security Force (trade names United Metro Security AND Special Security Force), is the new name for the old company, Special Security Force, LLC.  Guess who the founder of SSF was?  None other than Mr. Patrick Michael Griffith!  Guesss who one of the co-owners of United Metro is?  Yep, you guessed it, Mr. Griffith yet again!  Why the new company?  Well, it could be that he mismanaged SSF so badly that the only way for him to fool anyone to continuing to do business with him was to start under a new name.  It could be because there is currently an active Department of Labor investigation going on at SSF that will likely bankrupt the company once all the details get sorted out (you see, the fraud and mismanagement is so bad that, 5 months into the investigation, the investigator STILL can't sort out all of the bogus and improper records SSF has or doesn't have, as the case may be).  It could be that there have been so many IRS complaints filed on the company that Mr. Griffith realizes that he's in a whole load of hurtin' once THAT investigation gets underway.  Or it could be that he's made so many false promises, conducted so many scams and told too many lies to be able to operate with anyone who's had previous dealings with him.  Either way, it doesn't change the fact that a new name DOESN'T make a new man.  I doubt that Mr. Griffith has had an epiphany and changed his whole attitude on greed, corruption and deceit.  A rose by any other name..... So the moral of the story, children, is that a wolf is still a wolf, no matter the clothes (or in this case, the company).   If you want to be chewed up and spit out, it's your choice.  Just remember, you've been warned. Oh, and if he runs true to form, you'll probably shortly see a change in the corporation records at the Arizona Corporation Commission hiding Mr. Griffith's involvement with the company.  I mean, if you're going to operate a shady company, you can't have everyone knowing who the mastermind is, can you?  That's just too obvious.  Far better to have someone else be the frontman so you have a convenient body to throw under the bus once the wolf excrement hits the fan, as it most certainly will since, once a wolf, always a wolf.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
6, Report #688772
Jan 30 2011
05:19 PM
United Security Safe Home Security Deceivers Internet
United Security/Safe Home Security in 2009 installed system did $477.00 damages in our home. We were told by them to contact a local contractor to repairdamages united security would reimburse uswe were to fax the reciept we did no response. I called to cancelled the services within time allowedno one answered phone when they did always a different name and a very nasty attitude. I did contact BBB they finally responded to BBB request refuse to pay dept owed to us said by( Robert L. Long ).In 2010 safe home security sent us a newcotract which they forge our names also put a dept owed to them on our credit report said it would remain on there until 2017
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #270342
Aug 26 2007
07:48 AM
Stoltzfus RV And Marine Lost Security Deposit for no reason West ripoff Chester Pennsylvania
I rented an RV from Stoltzfus in June to take my family to Canada. Upon inspection of the vehicle I noticed some faults and they were noted, ripped driver seat, loose table and a few other very minor imperfections. Our trip was great and we returned the rv early and awaited the inspection and our refund of deposit $800.00. I called for 2 weeks and they said it had not be checked in yet because of how busy they were, I understood and continued to wait. 1 Month later I recieved a letter in the mail with a breakdown of charges. First off I paid for mileage up front and did not exceed what I paid and was due a $40 refund for this. So now we are at $840.00. The breakdown of charges of supposed damage were a dent in the rear trim, broken shower curtain and broken seat. Now let me explain if you have never ridden in an rv that the front is comfy but the rear living space will shake your fillings loose. During our trip the table literally ripped off the wall (there were multiple holes there so it had happened before), the shower curtain was a hard plastic divider and it to fell during the trip. as for the seat damage I have no idea what they were talking about. As a builder by trade I seen the carnage from the journey and notified Stoltzfus the day after I dropped the thing off and told them they need a couple of screws and everything would be fine. My salesman (Scott Vinot) understood and said it was a almost certain occurence that these things happen. Satisfied I said ok when can I expect my refund, to which he replied we'll check it in in a few days and the money will transferred to your account. So after recieving this breakdown charges for damages I was outraged the total damage bill was..can you guess...$840.00! Now I'm no math scholar but screws are pretty cheap. After looking over the bill I called to question the damages and was shifted to at least 5 people and then was told the person I neede to talk to was not in and to call back tomorrow. I did and asked if I could come and see the damages for myself to which they replied sorry it has already been fixed! If they have been so busy with the other rv's how is it they found time to fix this one? I was told that the damages far exceeded the 840 nad I was lucky tthey didn't charge more! Now here I am out almost a grand after vacation when I could most certainly use that money now. Just a warning to other consumers Stoltzfus is shady and underhanded and will never recieve any of my business again. They really don't know what they did by screwing me. I sit on council and many commitees and also run a construction business. I have lots of contacts and people value my opinion. My opinion stay away from Stoltzfus! Thanks for listening and I hope this helps someone. Robert Mohnton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: West Chester, Pennsylvania
8, Report #1222214
Apr 13 2015
02:26 PM
SG United, SG United LLC, SG United Security Security Service Rip Off Vancouver; Portland Nationwide
The last time our alarm monitoring service was sold, it was taken over by SG United, located either in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington. Other transfers of ownership had been seamless, but not this time. SG United, someone who called himself  Jack Ryan, sent a rep/technician to our business sometime in Oct or Nov, 2014 to check out the system. This technician then demanded $200 and a NEW 5-year contract!!! We were already in year 4 of our original 5-year contract, so we declined to renew and also DID NOT give him any money. This technician even called his supervisor who was at a Portland phone number (either a 503 or 971 area code) to try to convince us to do it. We still declined. The technician left. FAST-FORWARD to today, and we discovered that this technician HAD DISCONNECTED OUR ALARM!!! He entered a new account number for us, but didn't change the info on the other end, so when our alarm went off, we got no phone call, no police & NO PROTECTION at our business!!! He had gotten angry when we didn't give him any money nor renew for another 5 years, and DELIBERATELY left us without an alarm!!! We have been paying but have been without service for 5 - 6 months!!! There are also NO CONTACT numbers for this company - all 12 phone numbers are either our of service, go to private parties or other unrelated businesses! Dunn & Bradstreet also has limited data & a bad phone number for them as well. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SG UNITED!!!
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #798168
Nov 15 2011
08:40 AM
Rightway Marine Cargo LLC Mr. Ajoy Cecil Lopez Fraudulent Mover preying on Expatriate families, takes full payment and pays no bills! Sharjah United Arab Emirates Internet
We are a Canadian family who left UAE for Mongolia in July 2011. We contracted and paid in full for door to door removal services of our household belongings and personal effects to a Sharjah based company, RIGHTWAY MARINE CARGO LLC, owned and operated by one man, MR. AJOY CECIL LOPEZ of Trivandrum, India. We have to date, November 15, 2011, not received our shipment because of nonpayment, documentation negligence, and complete dishonesty from the shipping agent paid to provide us services. We have had no response over the past month regarding requests to release the container, except to threaten legal action because of our internet postings regarding this situation. As MR. LOPEZ did not actually pay for the shipping services from Maersk in advance, he has made every excuse to hide the original Bill of Lading from us and as a result has created a very expensive situation that we must face to retrieve all of our personal belongings. We have been told by Maersk that, as shipper, Mr. Lopez decides when the container will be released to us....he will only release the container if we pay an additional $5000+ USD to cover all the payments he has not made (although we paid $6300 upfront directly to him). Maersk is only concerned with getting paid. We have since discovered a second South African family who experienced the same results with their relocation from UAE to Canada in early 2011. The culprit, or guilty party, is entirely at fault and all documentation and correspondence from the shipping lines makes this abundantly clear. The fraudulent company continues to hold the container until I agree to pay for all of the fees associated with their negligence and fraudulent actions, as well as the already pre-paid freight that they have not paid to the shipping line or destination moving company. The container is two months overdue and was sent over 5 months ago. There have been reports that the documentation I received is faulty and does not match the Maersk system documentation, and the seal that locks the container has been compromised....leading me to believe that we will be facing theft and damaged goods as well. I have contacted the other ripped-off party from Canada to inquire whether they would be interested in pursuing legal action. I would bring to bring this evil person to justice and see that compensation was paid and incarceration forced upon him. I have full documentation of invoices, payment and all email correspondence.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #825184
Jan 19 2012
11:31 AM
right way marine cargo Ajoy Lopez never work with that company!!! sharjah, United Arab Emirates
We are a family from Germany-France, we hired the company for door to door service, paid everything in advanced and Mr. Ajoy came with 2 Guys to pick up our things and promised to deliver within 6 weeks to Luxembourg, but after 6 month a lot emails and phone calls so we arranged the delivery on our own paid again and never got our money from them back... now he is not answering phonecalls and emails.
Entity: sharjah, Select State/Province
11, Report #79083
Feb 03 2004
02:35 PM
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
12, Report #82762
Mar 03 2004
10:51 PM
United Sales & Book Publishing, INC ripoff N. Miami Beach Florida
I have a story like everone else. Didn't check on the company before sending in my check. Figured it would be something good for my stay at home mom/fiancee to do to make some extra cash. I would like to form a class action suit if any one is on board!!! John marine city, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: N. Miami Beach, Florida
13, Report #1407445
Oct 20 2017
06:33 AM
United locksmiths Outrages prices which weren't consistent Corona CA
 I called this companies website and they were here within 20 minutes but the website stated that the phone call base price was 15 dollars and to simply unlock my car door would be $35 but when the guy did his calculations he was charging me $117! This isn't an uncommon or hard task plus the website listed the prices so there was no need for him to make such absurd calculations of numbers. When we showed him the prices he stated that they were wrong and the base price was $20 which he later changed to $35. He finally agreed to lower the price down to $70 but told us that it was off the record and that if the company asked about the service that we had to say we cancelled the service. Which by the way he wouldn't even accept no for an answer when we kept trying to tell him that we wanted the service cancelled he wanted to charge us the service fee of $25...where did that price even come out of? Just don't contact this service for anything. Save your time and money and go somewhere else instead.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1187563
Nov 08 2014
07:31 AM
security moving a security moving,capital van lines,united moving group new info bayonne New Jersey
i have done extensive research since my move and have found some real names of these scam artists.the owners name is gleb,he goes by gregory.he is russian.the salesmans real name is Michael ferraro.the womans real name is brenda ricci riley,formerley brenda dodge.they all use numerous alias.the company now runs as capital van lines,but this to changes.do not use them,you will be sorry.this took alot of time and effort to acheive. i hope this helps those involded in or those pursuing legal remedies.
Entity: bayonne, New Jersey
15, Report #940083
Sep 12 2012
10:56 AM
Special Security Force / United Metro Security / Armed and Unarmed Training Center Patrick Michael Mike Griffith US Department of Labor Investigation Peoria, Glendale, Arizona
NOTICE TO ALL FORMER SSF EMPLOYEES: Notice to all former employees of Special Security Force: There is a current Department of Labor investigation underway on SSF.  For all employees wishing to file complaints on SSF payroll violations, you can contact the US Department of Labor.  Advise them that you wish to contact the investigator (Charmaine Newman) and give her information regarding your experiences with SSF. Also, be aware that Mike Griffith, one of the owners of SSF, has formed a new company, United Metro Security Force, LLC, which has two trade names it is operating under, Special Security Force and United Metro Security. 
Entity: Peoria, Glendale, Arizona
16, Report #340547
Jun 16 2008
03:59 AM
Standard Trust Security Inc. Final Award Notification London United Kingdom
I was notified that I won $150,000 from a sweepstakes conducted in Australia and that they have notified me 2 other times. The winning numbers were the same as the last reported report 5-10-15-24-31-45. That they would release the funds as soon as I paid a Clearance Fee. To contact them immediately for processing of my winnings. Jj Zirconia, North CarolinaU.S.A.
17, Report #573426
Feb 22 2010
07:55 PM
United Airlines - unprofessionalism and potential for nation wide security threat Washington DC
United Airlines leaves one with a severe after taste of never wanting to travelling again. For a trip I took to London England from Toronto Ontario, I had purchased a round trip ticket from United Airlines. Little did I know that I would be experiencing the worst treatment and service of my life - one that really questions the professionalism and ethics of United Airlines.  My return flight would stop over in Washington Dulles Airpot from London England at 3:25pm on Thursday February 18, 2010 and the connecting flight (UA7723) to Toronto would leave at 10:01pm on the same day. All in all, as I was getting into the Dulles airport I realized I was getting into a ridiculous 7 hour wait. I found an earlier flight leaving at 8pm instead, so I asked the Customer Service Representative to reschedule me.  However, as there was no available space left, she had told me that I was still booked for the 10pm flight. The hours waiting went by slowly and finally it was time to board my flight. As the boarding process began, I showed my boarding pass only to find out that my name was not on the flight manifest! The Flight Boarding Representative (FBR) did not care to rectify the problem. Instead, she instructed me to see the Customer Service Representative (CSR) for United Airlines. I told the CSR my situation and she was confused or lost with her responsiblity and she told me that there was nothing wrong with my boarding ticket and instructed me to go back to the FBR. Running around from the CSR to the FBR and vice versa went on and on until my flight left! I realized that I had undergone the most rude treatment from United Airlines representatives. Both representatives could not care to assist their customers - that is what they are being paid for! They were not knowledgeable and incredibly unprofessional seen from their laziness and lack of assistance. For a flight that was to be only half full, surely it could have been incredibly simple to place me onto their manifest. Both had made it seem as if I was a terrorist trying to sneak myself into a flight to Toronto. Talk about professionalism! For someone who has a boarding pass to a flight, how can they NOT exist on the waste manifest? It really begs the question: how well these Customer Service Representatives do their work. How easy is it to miss an ENTIRE PASSENGER. Why did they miss my name on the manifest? The only answer they provided to this situation: they simply did not know. This whole situation really questions the ethics of United Airlines. Could someone else have easily boarded the earlier flight on behalf of me? Pretty obvious from the lack of passport and boarding pass checking from United Airlines. What if that one person was a danger to society? A security threat? All in all, this ordeal has left me without 2 days worth of wages at work. A completely waste of my time and money with United Airlines. I will seek further action regarding this indespicable treatment from United Airlines.
Entity: Washington DC, Washington DC
18, Report #1139407
Apr 16 2014
02:57 PM
Sg united Pca security Bunk company just wants your money AGAIN Portland Oregon
This company is owned by the same guy Andrew Robinson who pretends he bought pca security and calls his old customers under the name jack Ryan. He is a scam artist and just wants your money again. He is a bad bad man who spends all his money on crack and hoes. He dismisses his employees without paying them. He constantly yells and is rude to everyone. This man needs to be stopped. 
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1428977
Feb 13 2018
09:11 AM
Interlogix United Technologies TruVision NVR 22 No Support At All Denver Colorado
Just know that if you have one of these systems installed there will be no support.  Our system is under warranty for three years but if I call the installer there is only a 30 day warranty so they are going to charge me $150 an hour to come and troubleshoot the product.  When I call the manufacturer they tell me that there is nothing they can do about that.  They cannot help me with the crappy product that was installed and is not working at all 60 days after install.  NICE.  
Entity: Denver, Colorado
20, Report #349856
Aug 19 2008
09:06 AM
Entity: STUART, Florida
21, Report #454888
May 24 2009
09:32 AM
Mercury Marine - Hammer's Marine Lemon engine, dealership and warranty Petersburg Alaska
My new 60 hp EFI four stroke Mercury Outboard engine failed after only 370 hours. This engine never performed well and the Mercury Marine refused to honor any warranty issues stalling me until the three year warranty period expired. The first dealership that repaired it (Tongass Marine) failed to do adequate annual maintenance when I brought in the engine and failed to install a voltage regulator kit. After total frustration with Mercury Marine warranty, I finally paid nearly $2000 to Hammer's Marine (their successor--as Tongass's owner is now in prison) to completely fix the engine when the muffler fell off on the first day of our fishing derby. After the repairs, which were over three times the estimate, the engine lasted only one more hour blowing up the power head. When I sent the engine to Seattle to have the dealer who sold it to me give me a report, they found only one quart of oil, used gaskets, window silicone, lose bolts, hammer marks. Insult is added to injury when I took Hammer's Marine to small claims court when the 'not so silent' partner perjured himself by insinuating to the judge that I insisted that shoddy repairs be made so I could get back in the derby. He also showed a nicked up propeller stating that I was a reckless driver. The owner, Tim Hammer didn't take the stand to defend himself. His mechanic (billed out at $75/hour) was not a Mercury trained mechanic when he made the repairs. Boycott Mercury Outboards and this business--most people I meet in Alaska own Yahamas or take their Mercury engines to Wrangell for repairs. I now own a Yahama and love it. Ranger Doug Petersburg, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Petersburg, Alaska
22, Report #56900
May 14 2003
10:12 AM
Oakwood Mobile Homes And Oakwood Acceptance Corp. ripoff honest United States Marine Beaufort South Carolina
I contacted Oakwood Mobile Homes in May of 2000 in the hopes of providing a home for my mother while stationed in Beaufort, SC. I signed a contract with the understanding that the mobile home would be ready and in livable conditions within the next week which was not done. After eventually moving in, I was given orders to Oceana at Virginia Beach, VA. After all of the trouble I had undergone with Oakwood Mobile Homes, I decided to approach them in the hopes of re-selling the mobile home. The business officer agreed to an assumption if another buyer was found. This was satisfactory with me. Another buyer was found for my mobile home. However, a month later, I still had not recieved the notice of assumption. After multiple attempts to correct the situation or obtain confirmation that I no longer owned it, the mobile home was moved from my lot. The officer manager assured me that the assumption was complete. However, I have since learned that Oakwood Mobile Homes/Oakwood Acceptance Corporation has destroyed my credit rating by stating that I owe them $40,000 plus dollars. I am no longer able to buy anything on credit because of my credit rating. And, I now have a family that I need to provide for. I don't even have the mobile home to show for all of my grief. This smear on my credit report saying that I owe thousands of dollars has effectively destroyed my ability to provide for my family. This corporation has destroyed my credit by saying that I owe them money when I was given specific information that I was released from my contract with them. How can this company claim to be an honest business when it is obvious that they used deceitful methods for their monetary gain?! It is unbelievable that this corporation is still in business with all of the underhanded techniques used to wring money from honest, hard working members of society. I would strongly discourage everyone from any type of business contact with the Oakwood Mobile Homes/Oakwood Acceptance Corporation. This business will destroy the working-man's life. Jason Chesapeake, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Beaufort, South Carolina
23, Report #177767
Feb 23 2006
07:28 PM
Allied Interstate - Kevin Stark - Jennifer Smith ripoff harassing my son a United States Marine and deployed god knows where Auburn Washington
About a week ago we started receiving phone calls from out of state with personal names like Kevin Stark and Jennifer Smith. As my son is a United States Marine and deployed god knows where I wondered if maybe he was back in the states and trying to get hold of me. I used my cell phone as I have free long distance. The person answered Allied Interstate. I asked what kind of business they run and he asked for the telephone number that they called. I responded again well that depends on what kind of business you run. I am on the national do not call registry yet sometimes the telemarketers get through. He hung up after a few rude comments from him. Then they called back leaving an urgent please call message on my answering machine. My boyfriend whom I recently moved in with returned the call from the home phone. They then asked for his son by name that has not lived in this house for 5 years. My boyfriend gave them the name of the person his son was living with as my boyfriend does not like his son being a dead beat and was trying to help the collection agency collect his debt. I caught the last end of the conversation and stopped my boyfriend from giving them any more information saying they were rude to me last time. The collector asked to speak with me and I thought hey someone that cares about how the coworkers treat people. I told him what happened thinking he was being empathetic instead he basically said I got what I deserved and that they were going to continue to call this number even though we had already told them the person they are looking for does not live here. Sure enough they have. I *57 each call, at a $4.50 charge to me, as to have proof of the harassment yet I have not clue as to the physical address. This is what a reverse search gave: Auburn, WA and the registered carrier is Integra Telecom Of Washington, Inc. - Wa. When I looked up licensing for the State of Washington Collection agencies this is all I received for Allied Interstate: Profession: Collection Agency UBI: 601371638 Business ID: 001 Company / Legal Entity Name: ALLIED INTERSTATE, INC. Status: Active Doing Business As: ALLIED INTERSTATE, INC. Line 1: ATTN: KIMBERLY BRISSON Line 2: CORPORATE LICENSING COORD. Line 3: 3111 S DIXIE HWY #101 City: WEST PALM BEACH State: FL Zip: 33405 County: Snohomish Physical Location Addr1: 512 BELL ST Physical Location City: EDMONDS Physical Location State: WA Physical Location Zip: 98020-3147 Prof Code / Endorsement: 0083 Expiration Date: 02/28/06 First Issued: 01/20/95 Information Current as of: 02/18/06. I have sent a Cease Communications letter. Now they are calling my cell phone under unknown caller. Are there any attorneys out there interested in filing a class action suit? It looks to me by all these posting you would have plenty of people willing to jump onboard. Feel free to contact me. Kelli Omaha, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Auburn, Washington
24, Report #1257916
Sep 29 2015
11:59 AM
Alliance Moving Services Ripped off United States Marine New York New York
Alliance Moving Services 920 35th Ave New York, NY 11106 1-800-267-0308    FAX: 1-888-990-0504 DOT #: 2406813  MC #: 817950    Jon Mcgowan Jack - Quality Assurance Agent John Edwards - Dispatch Manager  First off, they’re not a moving company they are brokers, which means they hire movers that have their own costs.    This is the ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY on the face of the planet. Anyone moving, cross-country or down the street, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!   They come off as helpful public servants but are CROOKS, DISHONEST and NOT A REPUTABLE COMPANY!   This was the absolute WORST customer service experience that I ever had in my life. The worst person is John Edwards, who when I advised that he was taking advantage of a military service, single mom he responded I don’t care that you served since September 11th, I don’t want to hear about your military service or your hardship it was at that moment when he was yelling, that I hung up. How can someone say something that low? If he hates the United States military then he should keep that to himself.  This company is the worst, they’ll tell you that they need your credit card to hold as a deposit and not to worry because if you find something cheaper they will beat their price or give you your deposit back. If you do find something cheaper they tell you to screw off, that you signed a contract and they wont give you your deposit back.  I cannot believe this company is still out there and the government has done nothing to fix it. I am appalled at how they can say one thing and do another without any consequences. Now I am out 600 dollars and still no furniture.    Whatever you do, DO NOT, DO NOT, USE THIS COMPANY!!! 
Entity: New York, New York
25, Report #1141586
Apr 27 2014
12:55 PM
Motion Maine and Car Audio Steve Jahn Tavernier, Florida, Tom Jenkins, Tavernier, Florida Unsatisfactory and unfinished security camera intallation and when paid in full no longer returns my phone calls. Tavernier Florida
I contracted with Steve Jahn to replace my 4 outdoor black & white cameras with new color ones with a new solid state recorder that I could access on my computer from anywhere like nanny cams do, The color cameras Steve provided were not as clear nor had as good night vision as my 15 year old black & white ones. After many quick trips trying to get all 4 cameras working Steve strung camera wires over the top of my roof to get all the cameras working. I made the mistake of paying him in full because he then never came back to finish the job and quit returning my phone calls. I had to pay Wire Nuts in Key Largo to properly attach the camera wires around the house under the roof overhang and remove the wires over the top of the roof.  I have pictures of all of this.  Tom Jenkins whom Steve contracted to connect the computer monitoring system charged me  $792.50 more for an upgraded system but the computer monitoring from remote WiFi locations has never worked.  Tom, like Steve no longer return my phone calls. I write this as a warning to anyone thinking of doing business with Steve Jahn of Tavernier, Florida.
Entity: Tavernier, Florida

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