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51, Report #372962
Sep 15 2008
08:17 AM
University Of Phoenix Is this a Tuition Scam? Phoenix Arizona
I can certainly relate with you regarding the financial aid department at Phoenix University. I, unfortunately started classed March 31, 2008 I am now in my third block about to go to my fourth. When I enrolled, I applied for a Stafford Loan and a Pell Grant, which I recieved. The first dispersement when to Phoenix on April 09, 2008 amounts of $5848.75 for the Stafford loan and and for the Pell. My two blocks of class were billed as follows: 1900.00 for the first block and 1900.00 for the second block a total of 3800.00. I was mailed the difference shortly after that. Well my second dispersement was suppose to go out on 08/11/08 of the same amount but tuition had gone up for classes to 2080.00. My stafford loan when throu on 09/04/08 (a month late) and I am still waiting on the Pell Grant. Some how, I was neglected to be told that since I came in on a half year, I needed to resubmit my fafsa in order to get the second disbersment of my Pell. I have never heard of that in my life but I did it anyway....and still I wait. Funny how a loan...the stafford One I have to repay) goes thru but the grant (one I do not have to repay)seems to have an eternal hold up on it..... I have called my financial advisor...I never get her when I call...she calls me at her convenience...and writing emails are definitely out of the question because I never get one back. I had sent her an email on an incident where I had call wanting to speak with her and they transfered me to another advisor by the name of Javier. He was incredibly rude and basically stated that it was not their responsibility to make sure my loans processed like they should. I sent this with a read reciept....I saw that she had read it but I never got a response back by phone or email. My roommate joined Phoenix in the mean time and she recieved all of her aid on time and yet I still seems like the new students they bend over backward for but once they have you, they don't feel obligated any more. I was told I could not transfer from Phoenix without penalty unless I had 12 credits...well they are coming up and I am serioulsly thinking about leaving. oh by the way....I also was targeted for verification the 2nd time I had to certify my fafsa...but was not on the first submission. Tamara Greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
52, Report #384741
Oct 25 2008
10:53 AM
University Of Phoenix failed to complete my financial aid Phoenix Arizona
I just recently discovered this site, and I too would like to share my story concerning the University of Phoenix. I am a single mom that has two teenagers and a grand baby at home. We live off of social security that I receive for my girls from their father's death. I have always wanted to go back to school and get a degree so I could better provide for my family. After extensive research I choose to attend University of Phoenix through their online education program. Within a week of speaking with an admissions advisor my classes began. After completing my first two classes and getting prepared for the next two I received a letter stating that I owed them $1400. I had completed every financial aid form and faxed to them everything that they had asked for. I was qualified for complete financial aid due to my low income status. I immediately called them to try and get the issue resolved, but as you have probably already guessed, I got absolutely no where. They had told me that my aid information had not been forwarded to the proper agencies, therefore my aid was denied. This was of no fault of my own. The responsibility was with the financial aid department at the school, and there was nothing that I could do about it. I now have this reflected on my credit report. I don't want anything from them except for them to remove this from my credit report. It was there fault and in no way should I be held responsible for someone else's mistakes. Someone should have been fired for this. It has hard to tell how many other people they have screwed over like this. If someone would like to involve me in a lawsuit against them, I would be an eager and willing participant! Latisha alkol, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
53, Report #360816
Aug 08 2008
12:58 PM
University Of Phoenix - Axia College Withdrawing from UOP Phoenix Arizona
Hi, I am currently in the process of trying to withdrawal. I had spoken to my academic counselor about 2 days ago. She told me she would notify my financial counselor, so I should expect a call from her. My academic counselor told me I would probably have to repay a refund/excess from my pell grant I received over 2 months ago. I told to just let me know what to process was and to have my financial counselor call me. It's Friday already and I would have expected her to call me by now. I don't know how I came across all these negative websites about UOP and Axia but it got me very worried. I wrote an email today requesting the withdrawal form. I sent the email to both counselors and requested a read receipt with the email. One of them read it right away but it's been about 2 hours and hasn't wrote back. I was getting more and more concerned and I googled axia college withdrawal form and this post came up. Thank goodness for your help. So far I had not had any problems with my financial aide, counselors, classes, etc. Everyone has been pleasant but I do not want any problems now that I am withdrawaling. I have printed the withdrawal form and I have faxed it to both counselors. I do not knwo what the next step is, if you still come here and read this, please help me! R Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
54, Report #456972
May 30 2009
08:36 PM
University Of Phoenix Finacial Aid rip off Phoenix Arizona
I was enrolled with the UoP for about 6 months. During this time, there were several issues that came up with some information provided to me at the time of signing up to attend the online university. Well, needless to say after multiple attempts to get my issues resolved with the release of my financial aid as well as me through the department of dispute management, I am now resorting to this. Contacting my financial aid advisor was a nightmare. Emails or calls do not get returned, at least not when you are trying to withdraw from the university. Before then, they were the friendliest people you could find. Now to the reason I have to file this report. I reside in LA, and was trying to certify in LA to teach. The UoP assured me that I could go through their master program with an add on for certification and they would follow the guidelines to meet LA requirements. After 6 months of being in the program, I learned through the LA cert counselor that this was not the case. While I could get my master through UoP, LA does not consider them to have an alternative certification program, therefore I would have to take more courses at another university to certify in LA. Okay, so I called them to inquire and was told that I agreed to that at the time of acceptance into their university. The question is why anyone would agree to pay such astronomical fee to not achieve the desired result. So I started to do some research and found another LA college that I could attend. The problem being that it is taking the UoP more than 2 months to release the preapproved amount for the loan, which is keeping me from going to another university. I have not contacted Sallie Mae to see if there is anything they can do to have the funds released and applied to the new university since there is concern with the credit that remains on the account with the University of Phoenix. I am willing to and maybe forced to contact the lender to get this issue resolved. These are the two letters sent to the dispute department along with the email sent to my financial aid advisor. I am hoping you all can assist with getting this resolved, or giving me other option for resolve. I thought you'd be interested in this item from University of Phoenix: emailed at 9:16pm on May 30, 2009 This is my second attempt to contact your office for resolution to my account. My IRN is 9027239248. As per my previous email, my account with your university has yet to be closed since my last class which ended on 4/6/2009. I spoke to Veronica Cornejo@602-383-7041 on 5/26/2009@3:00pm. In this conversation, I was advised that my financial aid was in the process of being released and the refund on the account also processed at that time. It was recorded that it would be done at latest by the end of the week which date was 5/29/2009. After checking my account today, I see that it is still open and nothing has been done to have my financial aid released or my refund processed. As per Veronica, she was to call me to give me an update by the end of the week, but of course this did not occur. I am attempting this contact one last time, and will takeother action if not addressed in a timely manner. Please I would like to have this resolved without seeking outside sources, but I will if forced. Can you please email me at asap with a resolution to this matter. Email sent on 5-23-2009 @ 11:11pm central time to Office of Dispute Management Web address: To whom it may concern: I have attempted several times to get a resolution for my withdrawal from the university and tied up ends within financial aid. I have emailed, spoken to and emailed again my counselor and financial advisor but have yet to get a resolve. I am seeking a reason for my withdrawal not being processed, I have not attended since the 6th of April, and was advised that the atomatic withdrawal was already in process when I was finally able to speak to Veronica and Rhonda. It was explained to me that within the week I would receive a call to advise that the process for withdrawal and refund processed would be complete. I have yet to get that call, after 3 weeks of waiting. I attempted emailing again, but have yet to get a response. I have a copy of all the emails sent and request that his matter be resolved.This is haltering my acceptance into another university that will better fit my needs. I am also keeping a copy of this for record, and hope to receive a resolution within the coming week. I have sought other complaint avenues and will be forced to go that route if this is not resolved. The summer session is about to start, and I am unable to do so because of your university holding financial aid that is not going to be used. Please get this resolved, I would hate to have to take on a more aggressive approach, but I will if I have to. Automatic response received. Thank You We appreciate your interest in University of Phoenix. We have received your request and will be getting in touch with you very soon. Thanks again for your inquiry. Veronica, As per our conversation on 5/6/2009, my account along with my refund would have been processed by 5/13/2009. I have accessed the account, and I have still not had the information updated with my withdrawal from the university or my refund. I need this resolved now so I can register at another university for the summer term. I feel that I was patient in waiting for you to return the call to inform me of the completion of the withdrawal and the refund, but I have not heard from you after waiting an additional week. I need this matter resolved, and would not like to leave the UoP with a poor perception of your practices for students best interest, with that being said I will take the necessary steps if this is not resolved in a timely matter. I would like to be called today atalong with an email confirmation that all matters have been resolved. Thanks in advance for your quick response to addressing my concerns. personal information removed K j dom Opelousas, LouisianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
55, Report #473157
Jul 24 2009
08:30 PM
University Of Phoenix $975 tuition fee!! Phoenix Arizona
I also was charged $975 because I dropped classes 2 semesters in a row. They said it would effect my Financial Aid. What school charges you $975 when you drop a class???? It took me a whole semester to pay it off. I paid in 10 installments of $97.50/week. Now I am trying to work with my lender to see if I can have my loan forgiven due to their bad publicity and other financial circumstances I'm dealing with. I doubt it'll work, but we'll see Carlos Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
56, Report #470735
Jul 17 2009
09:46 AM
University Of Phoenix Online Big ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I am very disgusted with the university of phoenix. Last year I received a failing grade in a class, so I retook the class using the same information from the previous class, and guess what I got an A! Now this year is the same...I took one of my next to last classes and got an F, so now I am rein rolled in the class, but guess what? The tuition went up the first of July, so I have to pay more. I have a counselor both financial and academic counselor that are never in the office when I call, so I have to leave a voice mail, and stay at home to retrieve their call because I don't have long distance. Plus my family is starving to death because they decided that would not release any money until I completed my first failing course, so my family went without for quite awhile. Unhappygranny St. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
57, Report #397074
Dec 02 2008
02:09 PM
University Of Phoenix Financial Headache and student nightmare Phoenix Arizona
I began attending the University of Phoenix online in Spring 2007. I loved the five week course's and the fact that I could get my four year Psychology degree online. It appeared to be a great place to finish my education, but appearances are deceiving. My troubles began when I had to put off starting a course in June of 2008 due to knee surgery. I was informed that my financial aid would be fine as long as I started my next class on or before July 1st. My next class did indeed start on July 1st. I received a bill for $1600 and sent an immediate email to my financial advisor asking why I received this bill that I was a financial aid student. I was told there was nothing to worry about, that finanicial aid was still in place. I finished this course and started a second course; again receiving a bill, this one for $3200. I sent a second email and was at this time told that my financial aid had been canceled due to not starting class prior to July 1st. When I questioned why I was not told this the first time the answer was, and I quote I'm sorry I must have missed it. I was told to go to a website and fill out the paperwork again and it would be recertified. I did this on August 15, by September 15 my paperwork had not even been looked at. In fact they told me it was not even submitted until September 5th. They assured me I could take my next classes without worry, but I refused to start classes again until I knew I had financial coverage. When I complained enough they put my paperwork on priority and a week later I was sent a letter denying me financial aid. I immediatley called my fincancial advisor and discovered they had made a mistake. They had to resend my paperwork and a week after that I had certification. Due to this long wait I decided to see if there was another school I could get into. I decided I would leave University of Phoenix due to their lack of intelligent information when it came to financial aid and academics. I discovered Southern New Hampshire University with at tuition that was half of what University of Phoenix charged and also offered my degree online. When I told University of Phoenix I was withdrawing and not taking another class, they told me they would take away my funds that I had just spent a month and a half waiting on and I would have to pay them what I owed for the previous two classes, unless I took one more class. I did. After completing this last class, I applied for financial aid at Southern New Hampshire University. They asked that University of Phoenix fill out a simple form confirming that I was no longer attending the University and no longer recieving funds for them. A simple form that would take two minutes to fill out. University of Phoenix replied that my last day of class was December 1st, and that was my withdrawal date as well. I was told they were instructed not to fill out this form and wished me luck at my new school. I question the motives behind University of Phoenix and the Apollo Group. I feel like I have been cheated. I also now fear that due to their refusal to fill out a simple form stating my withdrawal date that I will not be able to start classes at my new school until June instead of January. University of Phoenix looks good but when you get down to it, they are hard to work with and do not hesitate to misinform and misguide the students they rope in. I made a mistake in attending University of Phoenix. Stephanie Greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
58, Report #438147
Mar 27 2009
06:33 AM
University Of Phoenix AXIA RIPOFF SCAMERS Phoenix Arizona
I started Axia about 2 years ago, I honestly wish I did more research before starting the actual classes. I have attended Community College and have 52 credits earned. I submitted my unofficial transcript signed bunch of papers and next thing you know they made me sign a waiver on my credit telling me that they need that in order for me to recive financial aid. What do I know?? I only been in the US for 7 years my english is a self tought english I do not understand much about this school grants loans etc. Next thig I was told was tht they will accept 27 credits from my 52 by that time I have allready started the classes because in order for me to get the financial aid per them, I have to be in class. by this time I have completed 18 credits with Axia everytime I asked about my transfered credit the answer was they were working on that and it takes time. However, after I have completed 18 credits with them they only accepted 6 credits from 52 telling me that they are not acceptable these are criminal justice credits these are all the classes I have taken and now they are making me take them again. But I have taken and pushed my self to stay in school because I work so much that going to class is next to imposible for me. Now my situation is: I have 6 more classes before I graduate from these 6 2 classes I have already taken at community college 2 classes I have taken and tehy want me to take them again. same classes INTRO TO JUVENILE JUSTICE and INTRO TO SECURITY. I am not going to. However, the issue is 4th week into the classes I have lost a baby, I contacted my councleor and told her that I am not able to complete these classes and i am so depressed and just out iof my mind last thing I want to do is going to class I did not even go to work for 2 weeks. The financial adviosor calles me and tells me that I have to finish the or I have to pay for them. I was like I just lost a baby I was pregnant and all you care about is money and me finishing the classes that by now we are in the 8th week I am going to fail regardless. They are a scam artists and they should pay for using other peoples money.I told him take the grant that I have and pay for the classes it is my money anyhow I have to pay it back regardless. Liz debary, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
59, Report #436428
Mar 22 2009
01:06 AM
University Of Phoenix is NOT worth the cost nor the time invested. Phoenix Arizona
I went to UOP from Aug 07 thru Feb 08. First and foremost, I feel a lot of sympathy reading these posts on this website about the horrific experience with UOP both academically and financially from former students. My experience with them is not as severe as others stated on this forum, but it's still proven as a disaster. I was both lethargic and miffed about the way the instructors handled the classroom sessions. They were not helpful at all with anything. There was a lab assignment that requires citrix download in order to complete the assignment. At the time, Windows Vista was still new and my computer is equipped with it. The system had problems downloading the program so I can't complete my assignment. Therefore, I recieved a 0 for the grade. The only way 2 contact the instructor is through email b/c they would not answer their phones. If your computer is broken, you can forget it unless you can access it through your friend's. I tried my public library when my computer has been sent off for repairs, but couldn't access the axia website because of security issues. So I missed almost half of my quarter. When it comes to help, the only person that helped was my academic advisor. That is a shame because the instructors are being lazy because they will not help you. They will not help you with your answer. Financially, I was ripped off, but wasn't in serious debt. Even though the financial aid was covered 100% it's still not worth the hassle. I took 4 classes before I quit, 3 out of 4 I passed, but it was a struggle. The class I failed, well, the financial advisor notified me that I had 2 pay $875.00 in order to proceed to the next course. I had plans to quit UOP before my last 2 classes begin, so it was time for me 2 move on; $3800.00 wasted for 4 classes. I had to pay about $60.00 a month for 3 years! That doesn't sound like much, but it's still a waste of money! Don't want that on my credit. Another thing about UOP that I did not investigate on was the accreditation, so if I obtained a degree, it would NOT honor my region. Even though they have campuses, (We have 2 in Raleigh, N.C) doesn't mean they are approved by the SACS (Which is our region). Please do your research for your region because if not, your degree from UOP doesn't hold any value. UOP is ONLY accredited through the Midwest/Southwest Regions (Not accredited in ANY states on the east coast from Maine down through Florida). There are a lot of online classes through your local area universities and even community colleges! They will provide you with more support from faculty and students and programs to help you succeed without a lot of B.S. My advice to students is to read your contracts, if you are withdrawing from UOP, do it before your classes begin and talk with your financial advisor so you won't end up with a big mess later. Thanks, Jerry Morrisville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
60, Report #371173
Sep 09 2008
09:18 AM
University of Phoenix wants your money! Phoenix Arizona
I took two classes from University of Phoenix and then found out that my employer would rather I had a degree from some other school. I went to a local University to enroll but I was short on Financial aid because the University (I use that term loosely) of Phoenix had not returned the money that was disbursed to them. They received financial aid money after I withdrew from the school. I keep calling my financial counselor at Phoenix. He just won't answer his phone nor will he return my calls how convenient for them. Looking back the only time I actually talked with him was when my bill was coming due and he wanted to make sure they get paid. They also are charging me for a class and books after I withdrew from the school. They are a waste of time, MONEY! They are a joke!!! Terry CO City, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix,, Arizona
61, Report #369353
Sep 03 2008
11:36 AM
University Of Phoenix Deceptive enrollment and recruiting practices Phoenix Internet
I contacted University of Phoenix over a month ago for information on transferring credits from other schools and having an evaluation done that would tell me where I stand on getting an associates degree with them. I was called up and told They were going to enroll me in their BS Management program right away. I asked the enrollment counselor is they would like to get my transcripts first and then say that. I faxed my transcripts and received a call 2 days later informing me that due to my 20 years of military service and schools I only needed 4 classes, plus their intro course Gen300, to complete this degree. They also sent me a generic degree plan that did not reflect any of my other prior classes. I enrolled in that course and the education counselor called me to have me enroll in another course. I asked him why they wanted me to sign up for another course that I was told I wouldn't need. Turned out that they didn't have all the official transcripts in yet. I told him to call me back when all the transcripts were in, they have a solid degree plan and can tell me exactly where I stand. I also told him that I wanted to get my AA degree first and then pursue the BS degree. I was told that was fine and he would go ahead and get that plan changed for me. I signed onto the site today (3 Sep 2008) and found out they had already enrolled me in another course without my permission or consent. Sarge APO AEU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona, Nationwide
62, Report #368051
Aug 28 2008
08:10 PM
University Of Phoenix Killed my wife's and daughters education dreams Phoenix Arizona
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
63, Report #661539
Nov 13 2010
10:27 AM
University of Phoenix Disertation run-around, delays cause drop-out Phoenix, Arizona
I enrolled with the University of Phoenix to get their on-line Ed D degree in Educational Management. Things went well in classes I admit, I enjoyed them. However, I had entered the program with a specific dissertation topic in mind. When we got to the classes that were suppose to help us develop our topic with the required APA areas, I was encouraged to work with my topic.  Even the added summer sessions that were devoted to this part of the degree were positive. My Dissertation Chairman, however, ultimately was not in agreement and said the topic did not meet the criteria for the degree. I was shaken but already had over $40,000 in loans by that time so I was determined to proceed. After a delay of a few months I came up with a topic he didn't exactly approve or disapprove. We worked on it and that summer while in residence in Phoenix, which was designed to specifically focus on the dissertation, I was NOT discouraged in my topic.Yet, again I had slow going with the Chairman who would not allow me to get feedback from the rest of the committee I had assembled. To make this long story short, I did not submit my required first three chapters to the university in the required time limit. Therefore, more costs were added. Again, both in slow response from the Chairman and massive re-writes delayed me to the point of frustration. Then came word that I had exceeded the Federal limit of five years and could not proceed. I am out over $60,000. both in loans and out of pocket. What advise does anyone have? Should I contact the Arizona Attorney General. Would that even do any good. Or do I need the go the great expense of a lawyer. I am already paying back the loans to Wells Fargo bank.  
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
64, Report #771471
Aug 31 2011
12:33 PM
University Of Phoenix lies stole Phoenix, Arizona
I was promised a degree in a course they dont even have and when I transfered to a school that offers the degree program non of the credits were transferable because the UOP is not creditable so I spent a year working on nothing and 1000's of $
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
65, Report #721653
Apr 25 2011
06:55 AM
University of Phoenix axia Theyr are a rip off phoenix, Arizona
If you are a College student in need of homework help join You can also answer questions with the work you already have and earn money! The site is free to join. I have passed a bunch of University Of Phoenix classes with this sites help. I have also earned money on the site and got paid in like less then an hour after withdrawing my money through Pay pal. This site is the bomb when it comes to getting an A in my classes. I love it and recommend it to every college student out there.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
66, Report #642379
Sep 20 2010
07:47 AM
University of Phoenix- Axia Withdraw Phoenix, Arizona
I am currently a student, and time is of the most importance for me now. I am halfway through my 2nd block of classes. I am planning to withdraw. First, a little background. I started in June at Axia Online. I was very excited to start due to the flexiblity of the program. ( I have 3 toddlers, I was out of options to return to school) I started on the recommendation from my enrollment counselor. Now, I had already filled out my FAFSA before even going through the enrollment process at Axia. I wanted to be ahead of the game. They were very thrilled with the fact that I was already set up with a FAFSA, I saved them a lot of extra walk through work. Being very new to the whole situation, I started before my financial aid was processed. They explained that it takes at least 90 days for all that to get finalized. Ok, fine. I went through the steps with UoP financial aid, sent and resent documents, multiple times, and made sure they didn't have to wait on anything. I am told by my financial aid counselor that she will keep me informed on the status of my financial aid. I don't hear a thing for weeks. By now I am starting to sweat. My husband and I live on his income alone. I was up front about that when enrolling. We DO NOT have the money they would try to come and get from us. Thus, my reasons for exploring financial aid. I started classes on June 21st, and did not hear anything on my financial aid status until I contacted THEM. By this time, it is mid- August. I emailed my counselor and asked, bottom line, what am I going to be responsible for out of pocket? I was assured that I would have no expense. My aid more than covered the amount due. Great! Things were going smoothly, until one day I am on the internet and I see a link with the title, Is University of Phoenix a legit school? I never click on random headings like this, about a month ago, I did. I freaked. It opened a flood gate of complaints about the school, it's practices, and the basic wrong doing toward students. I cried about this for 2 weeks. We are not financially able to go through anything like the claims I have read. I personally to date, have not been wronged by UoP. (please excuse my previous slang statement) I will say however, I want to leave it. With all the knoweledge I have gained as of late, I can not stay there. I am a smart person, but my actions with getting tangled up with UoP have been the acts of a moron. I can not continue with my education there. What if I am one of those individuals who has this happen down the road? I can't go forward knowing I had the chance to save myself from trouble later on and I did nothing. To bring you to the present. UoP currently disbursed my first installment of financial aid covering my first 12 credits. That's how they do it. I am currently halfway through my 2nd block. Once finished, I will have done 12 credits. My questions: 1. I have decide to go to another school, since I will have in the 12 credits, doesn't that mean I have fullfilled my financial aid obligation to them for my first installment? 2. I am planning to do the offical withdraw online the day after my block ends, am I doing this right? I am looking for serious help. Please give any suggestions you may have, if you would like more info, just let me know and I will fill you in if you can help. I am trying to not owe out of pocket to UoP. I DO NOT want to make them aware of my plans in any way to leave. It is my understanding that once they learn your idea to leave, it is a domino effect with them and things mysteriously start to go bad for you as a student. I just want to leave and start over. I know that my credit may not transfer, but I will cross that bridge later. In the end, I will have some out of pocket at the new school I choose. Thanks to all who respond.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
67, Report #791510
Oct 23 2011
04:29 PM
University of Phoenix Rip Off and Lies Phoenix, Arizona
This is complaint 613 on  I am so sorry I ever trusted these people. I attend online. I went to Axia College and received my A.A. Degree in Psychology, and I did have a good experience with them. However, I transferred into the B.S. program in Business Management and this is a total joke! I am terrible at math so I asked if there were anymore math courses and I was told no. I was told the math is done. Low and behold I am in statistics and the academic advisors tell students that most of their students fail this course. Nice huh! First they say no more math courses and now they have a high failure rate in this course. Not to mention this so-called facilitator tries to fail everyone. He tells us a week after an assginment is due that other stuff needed to be turned in with the other assignment. I have a B in the course right now, but I am really struggling. All UOP does is lie, mislead, lie, mislead, and lie more. There should be a class action lawsuit agains them, and if there is one, count  me in. I was never told the people teaching were not professors. More and more I know I am in debt the rest of my life over this.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
68, Report #207111
Aug 21 2006
09:10 AM
University Of Phoenix ripoff and a mental headache Phoenix Arizona
UGH! Right now i am going threw the BS! of UOP. I am mentally tired of the whole oweing money thing! I just want to cry. And never again will i go to another college, because this has just scard me for life! It all started off with me going online and looking for a school to get into for NURSING....I said NURSING! So i filled out for more information onine for UOP...well 2 hrs later Angel Acosta calls persuaying me into joining...i specifically told him THAT I AM 7 MONTHS preguant and not working and wouldnt be going back for a while and i didnt want to pay for anything.,.i believe that i made myself perfectly clear about the situation that i was in. So he says oh, okay blah blah blah...telling me about the school. had me fill in paperwork for financial aid go print in, sign and fax back...well WHO READS THE LITTLE PRINT? if there was any??? i thought and i could of sworn that he said if i failed it would be 700 a class....ok whatever i didnt think thta i would fail a class, because how hard is it to pass 2 classes? i passed my other class with a 97..and failed the other..they deleted everything off of my outlook express so i couldnt email my teacher and ask why or anything..just a big fat YOU FAIL written to me threw email. so then no bill or nothing i got...just a collection agency calling me (v&k) harassing me and everything, well let me tell you they got a piece of me, thats for sure. gosh im so upset about the situation. So, after the harassing and everything i tried to reason with them, i said ill pay but im not working now, i just had a baby. they said to beg my mom or anyone even a neibor for the see im already in debt..and now i dont think i will ever get out. now that i refused to pay, they are taking me to court..i think they are wrong. and it hurts to know that i dont think i can continue my education anywhere for the fear of this happening again.... 1700 dollars a class is UNBELIEVEABLE! Shannon new london, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
69, Report #314057
Mar 02 2008
04:23 PM
University Of Phoenix I was scammed by UoP as well Phoenix Arizona
I unfortunately fell prey to the UoP scamas well. I have been an enrolled student since dec last year, and I thought everything was going fine. Then i got a call from an financial advisor aka scam artist. She informed me that the money I was supposed to get for my student loan was considerably lower that was expected, and that I would have to pay for my classes out of pocket. I forgot to mention that I am A vetran and was receiving the Gi bill as well as financial aid. Long story short, and it sounds like everyone elses story, is that I am now forced to withdrawl from the school because I cannot pay the out of pocket costs. I also am being told that I will have to pay out of pocket for my first class, which the student loan has already paid for.when I asked why since the class was paid for , I was told because UoP have to refund the money to my Lender. this was never discussed with me With the enrollment counselor. When I contacted my lender, I was told that I had gotten two loans. I was only aware of the one. I was also informed by my lender that they sent $2400 to UoP for my first class and UoP returned It. My lender then sent them $1800 and UoP kept it. UoP has not explained why. Uop has not explained anything to me as to what went wrong and where. they just told me there was a problem and the only solution the school offered was to take a leave of absence. I see now they did that because that way they would still get their money because i was still enrolled in the school, though not taking any classes. Speaking of classes, those are a joke too, but i will save that for another post. The whole University of Phoenix experience is a rip off and I would Not recommend UoP to anyone. There may be some good, oblivious people at UoP. To them I say you better wake up and look at how the people around you are doing business. There are more important things in life than a fat pay check through a shady practice. Aaron hampton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
70, Report #304222
Jan 28 2008
11:23 PM
University Of Phoenix UOP ripoff Class Action Suit Phoenix Arizona
I am writing to attempt to get everyone together that has had horror stories regarding the University of Phoenix and begin a class action lawsuit. If we get enought people together with similar situations we can do this! I am not out for financial gain, just to recieve justice from the scam which is University of Phoenix. Now I know that all you UOP employee's will be posting threads supporting your beloved UOP. However you don't have to pay for your education (if that is what you want to call it). I was a student at UOP for several years and a student at two other colleges before UOP. The reason that I signed up for UOP was because I could work around my busy schedule. I had hesitation of starting school again because I was familiar with the time and effort that was required from my prior college experiences. Once I started classes, I quickly realized that this school was a joke. It required little to no effort to get an A in every class, all you had to do was show up and give the instructor a good review at the end of the course so they could keep their position and you get an A. I felt like I was going to the no child left behind college. I have over 100 credit hours at UOP and have a 3.79GPA and never purchased a book for any of my classes. I would have had a 4.0 but quickly realized that I could miss 1 of the 5 classes and take the little hit and still keep my 3.79 GPA. Explain how this could be in a college environment. On top of this, I got to the end of my degree program and had a very bad hardship and had to take some time off and with 3 classes remaining was told that since I had taken a break in my courses I would need 24 more credit hours to finish my degree. This all in spite of multiple attempts to appeal with the UOP appeals commitee. I am looking for any lawyer that is willing to help file a class action lawsuit and anyone that has been wronged to join me in my efforts. I am not looking for financial gains just the opportunity to be reimbursed for the 30+ thousand dollars in student loans that I am paying for and never recieved my piece of paper. In today's society, unless you are going to be a lawyer or doctor I agree that just having the piece of paper is enough to get you in the door and UOP has capitalized heavily on this idea. However where do we draw the line between capitalizm and ruining peoples lives? Please any legal councel respond and let's get this rolling. Also anyone that has been put in a similar situation please band together with me to help get some justice. If someone can sue McDonalds for spilling coffee on themselves we must be able to find a way to help gain justice on this matter. Thank you Jesse las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
71, Report #311677
Feb 24 2008
07:33 PM
University Of Phoenix Online Lied to about grant money Phoenix Arizona
I too am very unhappy (putting it nicely) with the university of phoenix's online campus. I was very upfront with them about me not wanting to take out a loan to pay for school right now and when I fillled out my fafsa and you have to check a lender to move on with the application. I told my advisor andrea that I was not comfortable doing this she said it is standard procedure and she would let me know up front how much I would be having to pay out of pocket, she stated that a I would most likely be getting grants because I am a mother of 3 and I am married... she said don't worry I wouldnt have to pay anything... Three weeks into the class after I have called every week checking on my money and making sure it is going through smoothly, the answer was always that everything was fine and that it looked good. I was not worried I had faith in my advisors I trusted them. I got a letter in the mail three days ago stating I owed $7,500 for the first year of school. I called sick to my stomach and everyone told me that they told me all of this I am so pissed off I could scream......They knew how I felt and misled me anyway.. I have been calling and working my way through manager after manager....I dont know what to do.....I have a friend who is a lawyer that says first I need to send them a letter....they just arent budging I owe them $975 for just three weeks of class which I was under the impression was only supposed to be $300....... I would love to file a lawsuit where do I sign????? Mandy sperry, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
72, Report #313740
Mar 01 2008
04:46 PM
University Of Phoenix - Axia College horrible instructors Phoenix Arizona
I was one class away from completing my Associates in Business Management and my instructor failed me in my final 9 weeks because he said I plagarized my assignments from week 6, 8 and my final paper. At no time during week #6 or #8 did the instructor give me any inclination that I plagarized my work. He gave me 100's on each assignment and then at week #9, he went back and changed my grades to 0's and gave me a 0 on my final paper. I filed a grievance with the university and they stood by the instructor and would not overturn my F for the class so I had to pay $680 out of my pocket and retake the class so I could earn my Associates degree. Did I forget to mention that he did the same thing to 2 other ladies in my class? A total of three people that he failed and we were all due to graduate December 2007. I had no problems with the school up until now but for them to stand by such a lousy instructor!!! David Euler is the instructor and ECO 205 is the course. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cindy Cameron, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
73, Report #325831
Apr 13 2008
11:07 PM
University Of Phoenix Onlin UOP online Rip OFF Phoenix, Arizona
I took one class from UOP, then had to withdrawl due to my job. I was putting in way to many hours at work to handle even one class. I was asked to rejoin by one their represenatives 6 months later. I tried again, but due to my project load I had to withdrawl. UOP did all of the financing for the classes. In the end, they said I owed 376 dollars, and I had 4k in loans. I said there was no way. I protested this amount since day one. I called them on several occasions about the balance, and they said it was correct. I protested this through the credit bureau numerous times. They ended up charging off the balance, and making my credit even worse than it was. I admit I didn't have perfect credit, but this probably cost me thousands in interest. Not only that, but I was paying interest on the full amount they received from the government. After 3 years of payments, they sent back 2419 dollars to the government saying that there was a mistake they found during an audit. When I contacted UOP about this, they said that I was lucky they even did an audit, and I was still responsible for the interest since I was still enrolled. I said I withdrew, and haven't taken a class in over 3 years. The bean counter said I still had a web page. I said so that entitles you to keep money that isn't yours, and he replied well infact it does. I said so there is nothing you are going to do, and he replied no we do not have to, and by the way you still owe us 276 dollars? What do I do? I doubt hiring a lawyer would be cost effective. Please help! P.S. I have the copy of the money returned after 3 years 3 months. Doug Mason City, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix,, Arizona
74, Report #182021
Mar 19 2006
05:00 AM
University Of Phoenix ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I too attended UOP Online and i didnt have a problem doing the work although it took me 4 hours a day. my problem was with their financial aid department. They kept losing my transcripts. 4 times they lost it. Well since your financial aid amounts are determined by how many credit hours you already possess i was reduced and soon dropped because i couldnt pay $500 in 3 days(long notice huh). Then i was harrassed and sent bills for over $1200.00 until i finally told them that i had evidence that i had faxed to them my transcript (and still do) and that my cousin ( whom works at the local college) had also faxed them a copy of my transcript. After that they finally left me alone. Of course i was then told by the dept of education that i had defaulted on my loan (yeah right) so i refinanced it and that got that off my back. I am just disappointed because i really wanted to continue and get that degree and they messed that up for me. I am still trying to get that degree. Donna Hot Springs, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
75, Report #226042
Dec 18 2006
12:31 PM
University Of Phoenix Returned $3937.50 to lender and say I now owe $244.50 Ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I completed all core classes on October 23, 2006.I advised my academic counselor of my intentions to Clep for my electives. At the completion of class there was a credit balance of $3,937.50. After I submitted my temporary withdrawl for. The University of Phoenix returned $3,693.00 to lender and now the y say I owe $244.50 and until it is paid they will not release my credits.However, my intentions were to transfer credits for my electives to the University of Phoenix to complete the requirements for my BSHA degree. However, in all honesty from the moment I gave notice that I would not be completing my electives at $1,400.00 per class at the University of Phoenix. The situational circumstances began to get ugly. I truly believe that some of the staff at the University are embezzling stundent loan funds from students. In addition, my GPA is 3.71 and I earned those credits. However, I would like to state that when they are recruiting they do not care if an individual is college able or not. Because once they get you and your student loans you are just a notch in their belt. Therefore, someone really needs to put an end to the University of Phoenix unethical business behavior.Even though I am just one individual and the amount to many may seem small. It is the general principal of it all. The University of Phoenix have and will continue to do this to students and in the grand scheme of things this amount taken from thousands of students will make them millions of dollars. I intend to fight this no matter what. I am well aware that the University is running a business. However, Enron and WorldCom was too. Cora Rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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