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1, Report #1313793
Jun 27 2016
02:20 PM
zocdoc warranty/guarantee issues
I signed up with Zocdoc in Mid- November 2015 based on the information the representative (who apparently has left the company) had given to me verbally. The representative mislead and coerced me to sign the contract promising 100’s of new patients annually from the Zocdoc site, as well as a huge improvement in search engine optimization and my online reputation management. It’s been more than three months since I have signed up and paid a yearly contract of $ 3000.00 (which they insisted to be paid upfront and refused to do a monthly contract with me.) I have not received even one new patient appointment from this site since I started the contract with them more than 100 days ago. I did contact them after a month and expressed my concern but was told that I should give it at least another month for this to work. I had contacted them after the 2nd month and was told to wait again, After the 3rd months, I contacted them again and complained and they are telling me I have to wait until the end of the year and I was told that even by the end of the year, there is not guarantees of anything . Had the sale representative told me what they are telling me now (wait for a year and still there is no guarantee that a patient would make an appointment from zocdoc) I would not have signed this contract and paid $3000.00 to them. I have called and requested to get a refund but they have refused to do so .I just want to clarify that I do not necessarily blame the sales person who enticed me to buy into this contract as he was just an individual who had to follow the policies of his company. As a matter of fact, I was approached on numerous times before this by other sale . I would like to get a full refund.
2, Report #1306065
May 17 2016
11:29 AM
 This company lists products on bidder sites and doesn't fully disclose terms & conditions. After which they sign you up for auto-renewal to ship further products charging you hundreds of dollars in extra costs even if you do not order more items. When speaking to customer service reps they are rude, refuse to allow you to speak with a supervisor to resolve your issue then they hang up on you. They refuse to authorize return of unwanted and unopened products that you did not order nor will they process refunds for unordered products! I am contacting the BBB to file complaint. I notice they got over 50-60 complaints on billing and charges with BBB already!!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1372119
May 08 2017
09:27 PM
4, Report #1385118
Jul 12 2017
09:01 PM
 I did what this website told me to do and now they want me to do some survey. I did the survey and it still won't let me get my money.
5, Report #1382476
Jul 01 2017
10:13 AM
Etia.info Internet
 It's a scam and does not pay you your money. They owe me over 400.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1198793
Jan 01 2015
02:57 PM
ticketfly Ticket galaxy rip us off.
We bought 4 tickets to Black Label Society. 3 tickets were good the fourth ticket was not after standing in line for an hour and a half to find out that her ticket had already been scanned. This is a complete rip off. Cost us $100 per ticket and only three of us could go to the show. I was going with my boys and I got the bad ticket so needless to say I had to jump in a cab $40 cab ride to get home by myself I am NOT happy with these people they need to know that this is wrong and paybacks are a b****
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1057798
Jun 09 2013
10:36 PM
fastloan4me.com rip off Internet 
fastloans4me never heard of them rip my account off for thirty dollars they will pay for this. i will file a large suit agaist them asap. messed with the wrong guy.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1257206
Sep 25 2015
03:57 PM
Fyves Rip Off tennis shoes Internet
I also ordered a pair of detroit lions shoes for my husband back in April.  I contacted the company who stated that the shoes were special  order and would be on their way in about 3-4 weeks.  I tried contacting the company again, no respones to my emails or phone calls.  My order number is R1929828054 is there a way to get money back for these since I have never recieved them?  I have also contacted the bank to see what could be done.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1282141
Jan 25 2016
06:43 AM
I was recruited by Epromove on line, and eventually got hired as their shipping agent, my main duty as a shipping agent is make sure that i m home whenever the package or sometimes packages arrived at my house, and as soon as oi received the package/packages, i would log in my account, provided by Epromove, i would tell them the pacjkage /packages have arrived and i have to input where the package/packages comes from, and how much it weight, and the content of it... then i would inspect the packahge/packages, i would have to clean up the box a little bit, then to peel off the old mailing lable, after that, within a few hours later , sometimes a day later , they wwould send me a prepaid shipping lable vuia my email..i would have to down load the prepaid shipping llable and print it out and place it on the box, usually they would use the USPS. to ship the packages,,,after all that is done, then i would take the packages to the uspa in person and ship it... i would get a receipt everytime i ship it.. after i get a receipt , i went home and log in and notify thhem that the packages have been shipped ... i have to scan the receipt and email them the receipt , so that they know ut had been shipped .. i did that every day for a who;le month, i used my own money to buy shipping materials. i was told whatever money i spent on the job , they will pay mer back....also i was promised i would get a bonus for every package taht i shipped on time....theyu gave mr=e a date , telling me what date i m going to get paid...a week before my paid day... all of the packages have stopped arriving at my house,,,and then paid day comes and go  ,,,no checks was sent to me....basically , they just vanished...the account that they set it up for me, i cant even log in anymore...,. they just didnt pay me a cent for my work, they didnt even pay me for the money that i spernt out of my own pocket..not a cent... i got screwed. pplease track these scammers down and make them pay..
10, Report #1176625
Sep 13 2014
07:57 PM
11, Report #1272443
Dec 06 2015
06:15 PM
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1397969
Sep 05 2017
11:58 AM
 I ordered the Ibex 30 oz. Tumbler from an ad on Facebook. It clearly started Free, pay only $6.99 shipping and handling. Hurry, limited time offer. I received the Tumbler last week on Friday and was very pleased with it, until today when an additional $39.95 was charged to my account. I called the company, I was told that it was clearly stated that this was a 7 day free trial and that I would be charged $39.95 at the end of the seven day trial if the tumbler was not returned. I have only had the tumbler since the 11th of August, which was 3 days ago! There was no clear statement that this would be a 7 day free trial with an additional $39.95 charge after the 7 day trial. I am very disgusted and want to ensure that others are not caught in this company's deceptive practices. 
Entity: Arizona
13, Report #1341904
Dec 07 2016
11:56 AM
Ourcutebabies Rip off of magazine Internet
 In 2014-2015 my daughter was placed in the magazine and I was to pay 19.99 which ended up being 29.99 for that and a blanket and a mug, none of which I received, but the money was taken off. I tried writing them they told me no such thing happened.Idk what to do still til this day nothing.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1359511
Mar 03 2017
07:56 AM
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1346078
Dec 28 2016
07:26 AM
Prize candle Rip Off Artists California
 I have ordered or bought from them in the last two years. I never had a problem. Order three candles mid November and received them. Waited on specials for the Christmas scents and ordered three more. Was charged for them, but never received them.
16, Report #1374734
May 22 2017
05:41 PM
mysurvey.com rip off company usa usa
mysurvey.com is a ripp off, everything seemed to be fine until late last year they dont respond to you, until so many emails then when they do carole adams she is rude and gives one liners with no information at all. i ve been doing survey from months and its been saying technical difficulties at the end and then also says thank you so i dont know what to believe the technical issues part or the thank you we done  the survey. then when i finally look to see if ive been earning all thse points for all those survey....I AM NOT!!!! not recording the points this is horrible, my time and my life and how many months with how many points missed?? and sometimes  the surveys are worth 50 or 100 points and one of those surveys takes 45 min to an hour to complete. f****** retards. sometimes it also says im not a member, or cvannot login or no record of that email exists but when i click on the email in my inbox it works???as well as lastly i registered as a certain name which is indeed my real name and the emails i get has a different spelling of my name (one letter is not the same), WHAT TREATMENT from CAROLE ADAM , AND SHE KNOWS ALL OF THIS FROM EXPLAINING IT TO HER , TRYING TO, THROUGH EMAIL AND SHE DID AND DOES NOTHING..... #FRAUDS!!!ps ...she is the only one you can contact and ONLY TRHOUGH EMAIL. maybe its time to get a more responssible assistant or whatever her job is, who  has respect, knows her job and is willing to help instead of taking money for free. (some job), i wish jobs were like vacations and was that easy!!!
17, Report #1393067
Aug 15 2017
08:23 PM
Euram Beware of Rip-Off! Internet
 I found an ad for an interior for a Glasair III on the internet.The ad had pictures of product for sale. A Glasair three interior that included seat cushions. They would only accept a bank wire transfer of the funds. They did not ship all items included in the ad. When I spoke to them by phone, they said they emailed me a revised picture that did not include the cushions. I received several emails from them during the transaction. None of them included a revised picture. I asked to return the incomplete order, They wanted a 20 percent restocking fee. By the time I add shipping it was not worth it.Be very careful dealing with these *** artists. Reason of review: Not as described. Monetary Loss: $12000.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1101440
Nov 22 2013
10:06 AM
CashNetUsa.com Ripped off Houston Texas
I received an email from CashNetUsa from a Daniel Gray stating I had been approved for a loan of $3500 which I did apply for previously so I believed this to be true. There is company letterhead and all so that wasn't what got me. I was ripped off once the amount to cover the 1st payment was given and the loan amount was to be dispersed within 30 minutes. Now considering it is the holidays and time for a new year I was ready to clean the slate and move forward. Everyone was more professional before the transaction of money was done. Now its let me call you back and then I supposedly can't recieve the loan because FTC has put a freeze on my account and I owe taxes. I'm like the IRS would definitely let you know when you owe them so immediately flags raised and waved. I am very hurt, disappointed and usually not even caught up with these scams but they indeed got me this time....
Entity: Houston, Texas
19, Report #1102527
Nov 27 2013
06:18 AM
Backpage.com ripped me off  Internet
Dear Ripoff Report,Backpage.com ripped me off , took my money and never posted my ads.I always pay for my ads with a prepaid visa card , I never thought to check to see if my ads were posted because I never had a problem with backpage in the past so I didn't bother to check to see if they were up on their website plus the funds were always deducted off my prepaid visa so I assumed they were posted until one day I went to edit a few of my ads only to find out that my ads were no where to be found on their site .They took my money off my prepaid visa cards , over a hundred dollars total and never posted my ads. I have tried over and over to contact them by email  but they don't reply back to me , they just ignore all my emails.I personally think that is rude and terrible customer service and bad bussiness.They will not explain why they have done this to me and it makes me very angry.Backpage ripped me off with no explaination!They are now being investgated and soon will be contacted by authorities and hopefully this will finally be resolved.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1170842
Aug 19 2014
01:53 PM
Amazon ripped me off for $959 Nationwide
I sold two galaxy s5 phones on Amazon and the buyer claimed you never received the package. He then filed an A-Z claim against me which was suppose to take 7-14 days for a decision, but they decided in 4 hours which is against there own policy.  I contacted Amazon sellers support with the tracking number from usps and they told me they can show proof of package being delivered, and issued the buyer a refund,sonow im out of two phones and $959. Amazon.com is a joke. There in the business of siding with the buyer and F***** the seller over. I will never buy or sell anything on Amazon neither will all my friends and family.  My advice to you is never shop on Amazon stick to (((REDACTED))), much better and you dont have to wait 30 days to get paid like I did only for them to turn around and take my money back.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1198390
Dec 30 2014
10:32 AM
Rejuviderm Ripped off Big Time Internet
Ordered Rejuviderme and Nuvoderm on December 12th.  I never received the Nuvoderm trial sample. but was charged the $4.95 plus the full price of the product. Called Customer service to cancel and get reimbursed for product not received and was given tracking number to track package after it's been 3 weeks since ordered. Was told I can get reimbursed after I send them tracking infomation that package was never received.  The Rejuviderme was received on December 24th.  I wanted to return the product and was told it can not be returned after it's been received, even though it has never been opened and still in original package and again the full price was charged to my account.  I just want to be reimbused for both products which I am not happy with the service. 
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1156467
Jun 21 2014
08:15 AM
Tracfone ripped me off Miami Florida
 This phone was purchased as a gift to my husband & me a few years ago. It was supposed to be for emergencies. The phone was activated, and we didn't even use all the free minutes (60) that came with the phone. I charged up the phone every six months. We are older than dirt, not tech saavy, and don't consider ourselves 'phone' people. I recently had an emergency. I ordered $25.83 worth of minutes online on 5/8/14, but the phone wouldn't work. It took them TWO WEEKS to inform me that the phone # now belonged to someone else, and I had purchased $25.83 worth of minutes for a stranger. OK, then just refund my money please, I said. They said NO. In fact, a dozen people, including 2 supervisors at Corporate said NO. Where I grew up, that is called stealing. Even banks, as bad as they can be, won't even try to get away with that nonsense. When people deposit money, in error, to an account that is one digit off from theirs, the bank doesn't ignore you and say 'NO'. The bank goes into the other account and gets your money and returns it to you. It happened more frequenly before computers, when people filled out paper deposit slips. Funnily enough, the customer who got the extra minutes never called customer service to find out where the minutes came from. Just your average lowlife American who figures that Tracfone made a mistake and he/she got away with something-for-nothing. In the meantime, I am out the money. It may sound like a small amount, and, believe me, I have eaten my share of sheet in life and just moved on. But this is different. It is not even in a grey area. I WILL get my money back and Tracfone will get another black mark against their name. But they don't really care, or they would have returned my money. Tracfone isn't the best or most affordable out there. There are alot of other options. Go get an unlocked phone of YOUR choice, then shop for a SIM card, with the features you want. Most have much better pay-as-you-go prices. No one has to rely on Tracfone...they are a dinosaur. Eventually, they will say NO to you, too, and steal your money. Oh, and the phone? I tossed it into the wood chipper yesterday, after the final word from the last supervisor I spoke with, which was NO! Then I filed my claim against that lowlife company.
Entity: Miami, Florida
23, Report #1067374
Jul 16 2013
08:26 AM
FastLoan4Me I have been ripped off! Internet
I got up this morning and logged in to my bank account.  I found that this company has debited my checking account for $30.00 without my permission.  I immediately called my bank and will be filing papers refuting charges against this fraudulent company.  I've called the phone number on the check for them, ended up with busy signal.   I will be glad to learn this company (probably some person) gets caught and the book thrown at them!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1294837
Mar 20 2016
07:49 PM
Dealhound dealhound ripp off Internet
I ordered  december 9th 2015 a crochet pack  ,, worth $8.95  (free shipping) I never received this , after many times back and forward email them , i dont get response and they dont sent me , i know its only that amount , but its the idea that they take money from all those people
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1270316
Nov 25 2015
01:13 PM
Www.pandorasem.com Ripped off with fakes China Internet
 I put an order in through pandorasem.com for a bracelet and two Disney charms was going to be a gift for my daughter for christmas.Spent £65 on items. I never received a receipt email then when I emailed to see when items would arrive I need for a reply. One month after ordering items arrived in a battered box. Bracelet was cheap rubbish and two broken charms that weren't what I had ordered.I am devastated and can not get any response via email and can not find any other contact details. I hope other people don't fall for this rip off like I have.
Entity: Internet

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