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26, Report #1329154
Sep 20 2016
09:57 AM
OCM.COM Pissed Off Customer Internet
Received emails from this company stating purchase your linens early as supply runs out and to make sure you get the colors you want.  Rooms hadn't been assigned at that time but it was mentioned in the emails that the beds were all the same and of unusual size and this company provides the correct sizes for these particular beds in these dorm rooms.  We placed our order.  My daughter was put into a renovated dorm and the beds were not twin XL which they sent but full size.  Since we had not opened up any of these things before she was taken up on check in day, because there was no need due to the fact the company said all the beds were of the same size in these dorms and these items would fit - WE BELIEVED THEM...  Well....  Go to make up the bed before we leave her there and the mess does not fit the bed!!!!!  We had to go to Walmart and buy some full size covers for this bed!!!!  To me that's false advertisement...  How are you all selling something that you say is correct when we don't even know ourselves what the size of these beds is supposed to be...  Then you have the nerve to send these things in the CSUSB envelopes which says in advance you all should know which dorm rooms have twin XL or full size beds...  I sent ALL your mess back to you I had to buy EVERYTHING...  What is ridiculous is this cost you $24.95 to send to me a weight of 35 or so pounds; but IT COST ME $116 TO SEND IT BACK TO YOU a weight of 30 lbs!!!!  This is more than a RIP OFF!!!!  This is RIDICULOUS....  It is only right that I warn people DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY - OCM.COM....  GO TO WALMART....  They are fluffing...  There is no way it should have cost me $116 to mail back this box that only cost them $24.95 to send me when they sent the wrong mess when they said all the beds were the same size...  BE CAREFUL!!!!  THIS MISTAKE ON THEIR BEHALF COST ME AN EXTRA $91 TO SEND THEIR MESS BACK...  
Entity: Internet
27, Report #1368882
Apr 21 2017
08:22 AM
rcp services ripped off Nationwide
got 395 taken out from my account called 8773957909 number . they are a vendor cant give me any information on RCP services , i never auterized this Was told a week ago will get credit still waiting , filed dispute with my bank  
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #1397851
Sep 04 2017
09:55 PM
Avalure ripped me off finacially Internet
I too was ripped of by the Company that sells Avalure products, the same problem as the other customer had, I had too. I did not see the you need to call us within 14 Days and cancel button either. Called the company and all what they told me I got stuck with the items and all they can do is refund me 30 % and cancel my account. I am wondering how many else have benn suckered into this?
Entity: Internet
29, Report #1384943
Jul 12 2017
10:36 AM
Neutrilifteye Ripped me off
 I recently purchased neutrilifteye eye and face cream for 4.99 and 5.99, and a few weeks later got charged 85.95 and89.95, right out of my bank account that made it severely overdrawn.I called them and they will not give my money back. They said I was in a free trial and I never seen anything for a free trial.Be very careful with this company, big rip off!
30, Report #1267655
Nov 12 2015
09:38 PM
charm date RIO OFF RIP OFF Odessa Ukraine Internet
Do not get rip off by this dating service like I was I have spoke to a woman on this site for close to a year and have spent thousands of dollars keeping in contact with her i was going to Ukraine in November to get married to this girl I found out today that her profile is fake I found photos of this girl on another web site and talked to the girl on this other site she told me that charm date paid her for the photos and that was all she told me but i believe her because she did not know who I was had no idea who I was or so she told me any way and also this girl was married the name of the girl that has the fake profile Kate Javoronkova told me daily that she was in love with me and that she would be waiting for me when I got there. We even had plans on what we were going to do while I was there. It was just one big lie after another and she had to know what she was doing I will be contacting Charm Date on Friday November 12 to find out if they will do anything. I do not expect them to do anything at all as this is how they make there money.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #1116572
Jan 20 2014
12:32 AM
Hollywood contacts Rip off California California
I ordered some contacted from Hollywood contacts on the 8th was told 5-7 days they arrive still as today nothing it is the 18th. I called to find out what's going on first they hung up. Then I called again and asked what was the problem he said they were shipped. So I asked for tracking info which he stated if I didn't get one then they didn't get shipped lol I mean really which one is it, anyway that went no where he hung up. Third time I call and told them I was calling my credit card company and canceling it and then he said oh maybe ur order was in back order whatever I'm done and canceled screw them . Don't order first they're not even professional about answering the phone, like is this guy smoking weed and chillin or doing business , for real smh but there's always a scammer out there that needs money for more drugs and we supply it lol good luck and dont support their habit. Btw my credit card company did pull my money back ha so screw them and if they ever do arrive, well tough shit for them
Entity: California
32, Report #1116873
Jan 19 2014
08:52 PM
GLD Myscore rip off!!! Internet
All I was doing was looking for my credit score. Well up pops GLD Myscore. Free. Yeah right!! I really thought it was working. I was getting updates on my credit. When something happened to my credit it emailed me and showed me what was wrong.Well I was on my bank website and seen GLD Myscore, ok cool. Well, not cool. They charged me $29.95. Do you believe that crap. So when I went on their website to cancel my subscription, this site came on. That's when I knew it was a fraud.If any one know's a different way to get ahold of them, let them know their a bunch of @#%$ rip offs.
Entity: Select State/Province
33, Report #1065637
Jul 09 2013
02:02 PM
BidCactus.com Rip off stay away! Westport Connecticut
I was looking on Craigslist to buy a cell phone and a person named Sharon emailed me saying that the cell phone was sold, but that she buys her phones from bidcactus.com and sells them for a profit.  She directed me to try it out because she always wins.  After registering to view items on the website I was charged $79 dollars out of my bank account with out even asking for my authorization if I wanted to do the transaction. I lost all the tokens in an hour. This site is a scam stay away!  
Entity: Westport, Connecticut
34, Report #1099843
Nov 16 2013
09:37 AM
Ezphonecash Rip off North Carolina
This company was calling me about a loan I was in dear need for I gave them all my information over the phone thinking they where not a scam company they gave me numbers and a website to go to to confirm my loan information but once I got there it was no site  just the scam reports im afriad that they will take my information and use it for many reasons what do I do? 
Entity: Select State/Province
35, Report #1170815
Aug 19 2014
01:14 PM
Beware of ICQ# 599902958 This guy wanted someone in the U.S. to assist him in cashing out his dumps. He asked me for $100 as security since people in this business tend to steal merchandise. I sent $100 to RITA OFOSU in Ghana to get started as a casher for him in the U.S. and I never heard from him again. BEWARE ! 
Entity: Ghana
36, Report #1172081
Aug 25 2014
07:01 AM
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1183802
Oct 19 2014
08:20 PM
Dermagenix Prodermagenix This is a complete rip-off! Internet
This company is a bunch of crooks!  I thought I was ordering a one time freebie and was putting only the shipping and handling charges on my credit card.  I should have known better!  When my free sample arrived, there was no receipt, shipping label or anything.  Again, I should have known better.  Lo and behold, about a month after my free sample came, I received another bottle of Prodermagenix, again, with no bill, no receipt, nothing.  Then, today 10-19-14, I looked at my credit card statement and there was a $129.00 charge on it!  Took me a while to figure out what the charge was and then even longer to find the website.  Actually got the best information from this website.  It's obvious this is a recurring charge that I did not authorize, thinking it was a one-time, free deal.  OK, so, I will attempt to call the company tomorrow, then I will visit my bank to see if there's anything I can do short of canceling this credit card to stop these payments.  This is clear deception and fraud and these people need to be stopped!!!!!
Entity: Internet
38, Report #1183166
Oct 15 2014
10:46 PM
United Cash Loans Rip Off Kentucky
 I went online and applied for a personal loan. This company called me and said I was approved for a $3500 loan. I was happy. When he ran my credit he said that I neeed to pay the equivalent of one payment up front and I would get it back.I told him I didn't have the money and he insisted that I borrow it from someone. I did that. I was instructed to go by a green dot reload card and put the money on there. So, I did it. He took the numbers from the green dot card and said he would contact me the next day when the money was to be transferred to my bank account.I called him in the morning and made sure he had the right bank information. Then he says I'll be back in 10 minutes after I process the transaction. He came back and said that he needed my husband's phone number so the bank can call and verify that it's okay to deposit the money. I gave it to him and a few minutes later the bank called. I was told that it would take 10 days for the money to be accessable. Funny how the bank rep sounded just like the guy that was giving me the loan! Furthermore, the phone number that called me back was not our banks phone number!! I called back and told the guy that I wasn't willing to do this b/c I could not wait until 10 days to get the money. I need it that day!  He tells me that I can to a Western Union to get the money and have my money in a few minutes. All I need is $298 to cover the western union. I was like I don't have that kind of money. If I did then I would not need the loan. He insists that I ask someone to loan me the money saying that I'll get the money back within minutes and then I can pay the person back. Well, that didn't jive with me.I remembered that I had applied for a loan with a local reputable place and called them to see what they could offer me. They offered me a loan that day and I went in and piclked up the money that evening. No stings attached. I was able to pay off my debt that was holding my vehichle in jeopardy. I called the guy back and told him that I was refusing to get a loan through him b/c I was not willing to ask someone to loan me $298. He was hopping mad. He told me in the beginning that he was waiting for me to tell him when to send me the money via western union, and when I asked him to give me my $156 back he said why would I give you $156 back when I already spent $600 to send you the money via western union? This company is a rip-off!!!! Do not use them! 
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #1185142
Oct 27 2014
08:48 AM
Visonworks Blinded & Rip Off Attempt Monroe Louisiana
Well... I spent a few days trying my best to locate a place that provides eye exams & glasses at a resonable cost... I pay out-of-pocket for all my vision services and do not like to spend more than I have too for glasses that I use sparingly, not for fashion... VisionWorks in Monroe, La offered a $60 eye exam and buy one, get one free for the glasses... I have to say, the eye exam was good and everything I could have asked for, I was pleased with that part... I was dialated and given a thourough exam... After which, I was given my prescription to go and purchase eyeglasses... The first thing I noticed, most frames ranged from +/- $100 - $260 this was before the dialation set in... I was eventually able to find two pair of frames for $69 on clearance sale (like I said, I wear them sparingly)... I made my selection and handed them to the lady to have the lenses put in them... After she inputed some data, she turned the screen to show me the cost... $450!!!!... My response, ma'am, I am not going to pay $450 for a pair of eyeglasses... She really tried to assure me that was an everyday normal cost for eyeglasses... By this time, my eyes were so dialated I couldn't hardly find my way out of the store... After bumping into one display, two storefront windows and making it known that they blinded me and then proceeded to try and rob me I was able to get out (with my presciption).... This company is banking on the fact that their customers do not know any better... They have no issue with performing what equals to highway robbery... If anyone actually buys their eyeglasses from this place, they get what they desereve... I took the prescription to WalMart Vison center and had a nice pair of eyeglasses made with anit-reflective lenses for less that $100... BEWARE... They will blind you then rob you....
Entity: Monroe, Louisiana
40, Report #1071404
Jul 30 2013
12:38 PM
GoDataFeed Rip Off, Data Feeds, Crooks Sunrise Florida
Worst business I have ever dealt with they stole my money will not return, do not sign up with Go Data feeds, Go Data Feeds.com is a horrible web service with a rude staff that will stele your money stay far away and dont get screwed by this company they are family owned run by 3 individuals and have no common sense they will retart a feed and no products will actually go into search engine, again stay far away from Go Data Feeds, godatafeeds.com, data feeds, 3dcart, abestweb, magentocommerce, google, singlefeed.com   Representative hat will screw, Mike, Molly Holly 
Entity: Sunrise, Florida
41, Report #1123026
Feb 12 2014
09:14 AM
jerseyworldusa Rip-off and No replys.
 I ordered a Tony Gonzalez Atlanta Falcons Jersey on 2/09/2014, checked my Visa card and the transaction went through right away. I have emailed 3 times and still haven't heard anything in return. My order says pending, and has for days now!
Entity: Select State/Province
42, Report #1093876
Oct 22 2013
05:45 PM
bluegreen rip off artists myrtle beach South Carolina
 we bought the bluegreen sampler not knowing what we were in for. they promised someone would always be there to answer questions, they werent.  i ended up planning our vacation and after i did that bluegreen actually emailed me back. then when i arrive at the sea glass tower what they say is a five star hotel is a joke. they jumped like hungry wolves as soon as we checked in,scheduling us to try and make us buy into bluegreen set for first thing in the morning. then our room keys didnt work, three times i had to go to the front desk then the room is like a box. i stayed at the hotel blue last year for less money got their suite and it was huge plus had wifi and a better view. my bluegreen room has a lot of issues broken oven mirror looks like its never been cleaned carpet is coming apart at the seam the jajacuzzi which was the only highlight of my experience a couple jets were broke. then i find out they only give u one complimentary coffee when u can stay at a regular hotel and they provide it automatically. then we met the bluegreen salesman he was arrogant as soon as i mentioned what i thought so far then we went to his table he said he didnt care if i bought or not he did this for fun what a liar. then he showed me the deal i told him financially i couldnt do it then he said i might as well go blow my brains out if i cant go and enjoy a vacation well now i definitely said no and goodbye when me and my husband came out the shuttle that was supposed to be there wasnt we ended up walking and being grateful we didnt buy into this scam
Entity: myrtle beach, South Carolina
43, Report #1127849
Mar 03 2014
03:55 PM
Paypower Visa (Metabank) Rip Off Internet
Paypower paid an extra $325 payment to a creditor while I was using their bill payer service.  I sent in a dispute form to get the money back and they refused to do it.  They also refused to give me their mailing address so could file suit.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1088957
Oct 02 2013
12:56 PM
Acostmall www.acostmall.com/ Rip off. CA
 I ordered three things from acostmall and never received them.  They had me purchase three items through Amazon worth $49.99.  Not soon after my delivere date went by I emailed them inquiring about my order.  I found that the email address no loger exist.  I log on to a different computer and was able to send them an email regarding my order, which I did receive a response informing me that my order would be delivered again and that they had insurance on all orderes. Needless to say, I never received that order either, and yes, I was not able to send an email to them again. 
Entity: Select State/Province
45, Report #1145200
May 08 2014
07:18 PM
DO NOT waste your tiome or money  info is incomplete, out of date and inaccurate no marriage or div info for myself or my wife (this is our 2nd marriage)  no criminal records for 2 people who have long records and are currently in jail  had people related to my wife that we never heard of.  the list of issues goes on and on.  all they want is yourr $$ and they keep tryign to upsell you. 
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1149953
May 29 2014
02:29 PM
Avangate*Absolute.com Rip off LOJACK Company Internet, California
This comapany automatically chareged my credit card for  a LOJACK system on a compter that i cancelled the system on when I sold the laptop several months ago.  They said they would cancel but did not do so.    They are a Rip Off
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1248741
Aug 15 2015
12:00 PM
Npf The rip off Plainview New York
I also received a letter from N P F claiming I won 1.2 Million. I sent the $20.00 ,and then found out about this rip off after I sent my money. I feel this is wrong because people don't have money to throw away. Getting people hopes up. We'll I hope it make them happy to get over on folk, because God is not proud about this. I hope we all get together and stop this with a law suite and I can be notified threw my gmail.
Entity: Plainview, New York
48, Report #1325471
Aug 30 2016
01:35 PM
I got this product on a site that says you won.  I received the product with nothing inside the but, but, a thank you.  I tried the product for 2 days and it broke my face out, so, I stopped using it.  Two months later I received the same product in the mail.  I did not order it and I did not want it.  I checked my credit card and there was an unauthorized charge for 92.00.  I called the number on the credit card and was told I had set up an account.  I told them I did not want there product and asked how to send it back.  They informed me they do not take the product back and if I want to cancel they would cancel, but, I am stuck with the product and the bill.  The warehouse is not equipped to trake back products.  I read all the fine print and at no time was there any thing saying that I would be billed monthly.  I only found there number by looking on my credit card bill and would not have known if I had not checked it.  This company needs to get the facts straight.  I was told it was in the fine print.  There was no fine print whatsoever.  I think this wrong and it is wrong that I should have to pay for this.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1318751
Jul 25 2016
09:48 AM
eyevibe skin element rip off read fine print pacoima Nationwide
ordered eyevibe and skin element and in fine print said to call to return within 14 days from when product was sent.  Called and got reference number and mailed back.  They received Juy 5 but on July 25 I was charged $92.79 and $97.83 as they claim they didn't receive product.  Thank goodness for USPS tracking that showed when they received.  They finally issued a refund but said it could take 10-14 business days for the refund to .  Product does not work   There claim is you should try it longer.  Why so more money is spent.  Mary Cloquet, MN
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #1276833
Dec 31 2015
10:49 AM
Beautifully Tamed Rip off New York Internet
 I placed an order and I never received my item. I tried emailing them and I even tried to look up the number nothing happened... I just would like my money back for them
Entity: Internet

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