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1, Report #1384885
Jul 12 2017
07:09 AM
Dunwoody Upholstery Reupholster Furniture Atlanta Internet
Jonathan Mukunta came to my house and provided me with a quote to have my living room set, headboard, dining room chairs and dining room table reupholstered. I gave him a total of $2400.00 for the $2800 quote he proposed. It took him almost a year to deliver my sofa set and he never returned my headboard (which cost $263.00 to replace) neither did he return my dining room table (which costs $500.00 at the time of purchase). He stated several times (even in text messages of which I have) that he would reimburse me, but he does not to pay me the full cost. He does not want to pay anything. He told me my stuff was in a storage space and he lost the storage which is why the furniture was returned. He promised to give me monies on Friday, May 5, 2017 by 4:30 p.m. and never did. I feel like he took my monies and furniture and knew he would never return all of it. I believe he has reupholstered my furniture and sold it because he continued to try to offer me to buy other furniture he had that he fixed. He does not live in Georgia. He is never here. I want to be reimbursed for the cost of my old table ($500.00) as it was solid OAK WOOD , plus the cost of a new one ($700.00) , plus the cost to replace the headboard (263.00).  To date, he still refuses to pay.  Told me I did not pay him, which was a false statement.  He told me he would re-create my table for me, but then kept backing out of it.  He also told me if I had paid his storage fee's the remainder of my furniture that he never returned would have never been lost. He is a Crook.  Be ware and do not trust him at all.  He is a liar and a professional scam artist.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #143485
May 20 2005
01:59 PM
Redd Upholstery Ripoff, Lies & Excuses; 2 months to complete mediocre upholstery job, promised in 2 weeks. Atlanta Georgia
Walter Redd picked up a sofa and loveseat from my home on 2/11/05 to re-upholster and return to me in 2 weeks. I paid 1/2 the cost of the job at that time. Five weeks later when I called for status, he said it would be soon, but refused to return calls when I made subsequent inquiries a week and a-half later. After I had someone go by his shop to speak with him, he called me and said the work would be finished by the end of the week. It was not. I then went to his shop myself and was told he didn't even have the fabric yet and that it would take a month to get the fabric I had chosen. I then took an alternate choice in fabric and he said it would be finished in 2 weeks. The shop was filthy and packed tightly with old car seats, trash, etc. and the original fabric on my sofa had been torn. Fifteen days later, after having me wait almost all day, he delivered the furniture, upholstered in off-white, but part of it was sewn in brown thread. This was not acceptable. He took it back, but said he could not return the furniture until 3 days later. Then he called back to say he could deliver the next day. I called him 3 times that day, but still didn't get my furniture. It was over the weekend so I waited until Monday to try again. During all of this time, I'd also called Mr. Redd's cell phone. He did not return calls from that phone either. I called him on the following Monday and his shop phone was disconnected. A friend went to his shop and talked to his brother, who said the furniture should have been delivered already. Finally, I had to get someone else to pick up the furniture in order to have it returned to me. It was nasty as if he never washed his hands while working on that off-white fabric. There were also spots where stiches were missing. When I finally received my furniture, Mr. Redd had kept it for 2 months. At any rate, he had the nerve to say he'd discount the furniture $90.00 (out of $1595.00), for my inconvenience. I said no and we settled on my keeping $200.00 of the cost. For the quality of his work and the trouble, lies and procastination he really didn't deserve but the 50% I'd paid earlier. However, I just wanted him out of my home and out of my life, so I didn't negotiate any further. Deborah Conley, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
3, Report #1305395
May 13 2016
11:44 AM
All american upholstery Naim Mohammed, Boyie Mohammed Boat upholstery rip off. Miramar Florida
Beware of All American Upholstery out of Hollywood Florida.   Naim and his father Boyie will give you a seasonable estimate and ask for a large deposit. After that you get nothing but the run around for weeks on end. Every person in his family was sick. One at a time. So he couldn't do the work for a month after the promised date.   At long last the job was done. Unfortunately there were unexpected costs. You have to pay more or not get your seats back.   Finally done. Not by a long shot. Literally fell apart the very next day. Will not return your calls or answer your letters.   Congratulations Naim and Boyie Mohammed. You ripped off an American Disabled Veteran.
Entity: Miramar, Florida
4, Report #397262
Dec 02 2008
11:12 PM
Heard's Upholstery Lies, Lies, and more Lies -- No sevice renderered Prosser Washington
I brought my boat in for what was promised to be a 1 week turnaround job. On a weekly basis they told me they would get the job done that week. After 3 weeks they would give no schedule and said that if I couldnt wait come get the boat. After 4 weeks and before the long thanksgiving holiday I requested to get my boat to use over the holiday weekend but was pursuaded to leave the boat because this was when they would finally do the job. They did not. After the weekend I came and took the boat for good. No service rendered. 2 hours off from work, a tank of gas in travel, and no boat for a month during prime time steelhead season. All I got was excuse after excuse and lie after lie. Mark **** west richland, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Prosser, Washington
5, Report #220806
Nov 15 2006
05:16 PM
My lounge was picked up in August 2006 to be upholstered and returned to my premises as per the owner's promise within 6-8 weeks the LATEST...... Well, it is mid November and I have only recieved 1 recliner back.....They never return your calls and never know what is happening and it has been 3 1/2 months without a lounge. This company should have stated that 3-6 months for upholstering that way I would have chosen another more reliable company..... Vicki Deception BayAustralia
Entity: Clontarf, Nationwide
6, Report #990212
Jan 02 2013
05:12 PM
Wardell Upholstery wardell upholstery, rating Salt Lake City, Utah
They didnt give me a price up front, all i needed was a zipper replaced, new foam and a small stitch. These are the same sofa cushions (my dog likes to eat them). They told me because the holiday season it wouldn't be until the new year they could get it done. I said it was fine. They then proceeded to call me every other day since 2 weeks after that, about this and that. They completed the order early but I was ill so i told them I would be in at the time we originally talked about. But they still called me all the time. When I got there the foam had not been replaced and the stitching was poor on the new zipper. Here is the final blow a ZIPPER COST ME $50 TO HAVE SEWN!!!! They said it took their guy 45 min to sew 2 lines on my cushion. I complained but they did not care. The guy did not have the mental capacity, business acumen or desire to make his customer happy. So I placed $50 on the table and left.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
7, Report #1228952
May 13 2015
02:06 PM
Lan's Upholstery Lannie Keihn Lan's Upholstery does terrible work. Portland Oregon
If we could offer the best advice in the world with regards to taking any work to Lan’s Upholstery it would be DON’T DO IT. We do not want any other person in the Portland Metropolitan area to think that they will get any good work from Lannie Keihn of Lan’s Upholstery.  My husband inherited two antique pieces of furniture when his father passed last fall.  My husband had seen his shop while driving to work in St. Johns. The first part of November we stopped in and talked to him about re-upholstering a couch and chair we would be bringing from Central Oregon.  Lani did a good job convincing us of his many years of experience and that he could make the two pieces look fantastic. We delivered them the next week, picked out fabric and gave him a deposit. He was going to try and get them done by Christmas. He was out of town and we had little communication until February at which time he said he was working on the pieces and had the couch totally taken apart, was making repairs and that they should be done soon.  March 10, he said the pieces were almost done and we needed to discuss delivery.  Finally on March 17, he delivered the two pieces.  He was in and out in a rush.  We could tell right away he was having a hard time getting one of the couch cushions to fit.  He said they were nice and tight.  I made the biggest mistake of my life and paid him the remainder of what we owed in cash before thoroughly inspecting the pieces. After he left we saw the travesty, hack, and butcher job he did.  When we called him he claimed he didn’t work on either piece and that his helper did.  We had him over two days later to show him all of the problems.  He admitted how bad it was and loaded them back up to take them back to his shop. He promised he would make it right. He had them another two weeks. When they came back he had corrected a few issues but so many remain it is sickening.  The only way many of the problems can be fixed would require removing the fabric and starting over.  I have never seen a more unprofessional job in my life.  I have K-Mart Martha Stewart outdoor  cushions that have straighter seams than our couch.  You can actually see the old blue fabric under the new fabric in a place where they didn’t cover it.  He told us he removed all of the old fabric Why would the old fabric in the very beginning and would cover the whole thing in white fabric before putting the new fabric we picked out.   We didn’t want the old fabric that a dog slept on under our new clean fabric.  There is a stain on the new fabric on the back of the couch, there are staples showing, holes in several spots where the seams weren’t sewn.  All of piping (cording) around the cushions is totally crooked.  He broke a big piece off of the wood leg on the antique chair. It is so sloppy he should be ashamed to put his name on it.  He refuses to talk to us.  He shook my husbands hand and said he would make this right.  We knew it would cost quite a bit and were happy to pay for very old family furniture that we could have for a long time.  We are left with something we can barely look at. He does terrible upholstery and I pray no one else looses as much money as we did and ends up with something that looks worse than I could have done. His address is 3200 N Lombard. ⬅️
Entity: Portland, Oregon
8, Report #1209205
Feb 15 2015
06:06 AM
Best Kustom Upholstery Chris Munoz deciept theft refusal to fulfill contract San antonio Texas
On october 28, 2014 I turned my 2004 convertible Thunderbird in to Best Kustom Upholstery to get the roof replaced and the drivers seat fixed where the leather was flacking and falling apart.  I was told it would take 2 weeks.  Their CC terminal was down and so my mother wrote them a check for $750 for a deposit on the roof.  By thanksgiving Im getting the runnaround that the roof they got in was flawed and they had to send it back and were waiting on another one to come in.  Come to find out also that the owner had passed away and Chris was not supposed to be taking in any more buisness when he accepted my car.  There had been alot of contrsuction equipment around their building and Chris proceeded to take my car to his home where it was safe  I wasnt comfortable with that so after getting the car from him to take it for a spin (mind you it had been about a month already he'd had it) and informed him I would keep it at my parents house till the roof came in which was supposed to be later that week. he was fine with that.  Well, by the week of christmas the new roof STILL has not come in and when I could finally get through to him, I told him its been two months, I just wanted a refund.  He told me ok, he had to wait for the refeund from the place he was getting the roof from before he could get me the refund. Now his phone isnt accepting calls or msgs and he never answers or calls back and its mid february and still havent gotten my refund or heard from  him since december.
Entity: San antonio, Texas
9, Report #1355346
Feb 10 2017
04:42 PM
Higman Upholstery Ron Higman Unprofessional, Lack of Knowledge, Not an Upholster, Ripoff, Liar Cortez Colorado
We took in a head rest for complete upholstery work and a swim board/engine cover to be stitched about 1 inch. When we picked up these items, this was the worst work we have ever seen. The head rest cushions were not equal in size, there was so many puckers and just very unprofessional. He had his son, stitch the engine cover when we got it back home to put back on the board form, it was four inches to short. We notified Ron Higman immediately, and he informed us to bring it back for him to repair. So we did, when we got it back there was puckers and ripples and the green color did not match the remainder of the boat. The back side had so many ripples and was not done correctly. We took it to a professional in Durango, CO and had it redone, the correct, proffessional way. We notified Ron Higman, by certified mail of the unsatisfactory work he completed and that we took these items to be done correctly and asked for reimbursement. He refused to answer us. We wrote him a letter again along with a copy of the invoice from the Upholster in Durango. He ignored us again. We took him to small claims court. They took us in to medigation, which I did not feel it was fair. So we took it in front of the Judge, Judge Sarah Law, was rude and did not listen to anything I had to say. Judge Law was upset because I did not negotiate in mediation. We had a terrible storm that day and Judge Law was unhappy with me because I wanted it to be heard in court. I over heard the Mediation Attorney's say that Judge Law was not going to be happy with me because she wanted to get back to Durango before the roads got bad. Judge Law gave us a half hour to hear us out. I had pictures, I presented all my documents and she awarded me $56.00 and would not give me my court cost. During this half hour, Ron Higman lied about everything, his work, what we said, had no documentation, no references to his backings. He stated we messed up his work to try to get a settlement from him. Which ia complete lie, we were trying to sell this boat and had a potential buyer, but wanted this minor upholstery work done before the sale. We have always taken great pride in our boat and personal belongings and are the most honest people you will ever meet. Ron Higman charged us $250.00 for his poor workmanship, then we had to pay an additional $300.00 to have this done professionally. I would not take anything to Mr. Higman, he does not know what he is doing, and is very unprofessional. I would recommend no one to this business!!
Entity: Cortez, Colorado
10, Report #1392707
Aug 14 2017
02:21 PM
Escobedo's Upholstery Does upholstery new and repairs Apache Junction Arizona
They did a motorcycle seat for me for $160 and it was the worst job I have ever seen the sewn lines didnt even match. I took it back and he acted like nothing was wrong with it and said all he could do is try to stretch it over to match. They half ass did that and then had to move the button and that left a button imprint in the center of my seat. They refused to give money back or recover it right.Ken Paulkenected@msn.comNow I know why they wanted me to pay cash
Entity: Apache Junction, Arizona
11, Report #9152
Dec 12 2001
12:00 AM
All Care MD Drapery Upholstery & Carpet Cleaners - FALSE ADVERTISING
I found the listing for this company via the MSN Yellow Pages, visited the company website and called to make an appointment for a free estimate. The man who answered the telephone sounded bored, disinterested and cranky. He was extremely rude and abrupt in his response. The MSN listing specifically notes that this company serves all of southern california yet when I asked for an estimate and the man asked where I am calling from, I replied San Diego and he retorted San Diego?!? We are not coming to San Diego. I then called the 800-number listed to complain, however that number did not go through the both times I dialed it. It is my sincere hope that this particular company falls flat in no time flat!
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #791035
Oct 20 2011
08:50 PM
Sheila's Upholstery Agustin Orozco Scam Artist Upholsterer North Las Vegas, Nevada
Angie's List recommended Sheila's Upholstery with an A+ rating. I live in Henderson, Nevada and asked for an upholsterer in Henderson, Nevada. Instead, I was given Sheila's Upholstery in North Las Vegas some thirty miles from Henderson. I decided to take a chance by hiring Agustin Orozco. Agustin Orozco came to my house to look at my seven foot sofa that is forty years old with a wood frame. It had been a very expensive sofa. I then made arrangements to drive out to his house with 18 yards of brand new high end material and gave him the material to reupholster my sofa. I also gave him a $600.00  cashier's check made out to Sheila's Upholstery. Agustin Orozco was suppose to use a soft HR foam, coil springs, piping. I didn't know him at all and believed Angie's List that he was a good upholsterer. That was on August 3, 2011. He promised me my sofa in 2 week. but it has turned into almost three months that has had my sofa. Before my sofa was finished he said, Where is my check. I told him I would pay him when he finished the sofa and delivered it to my house. He told me I had to pay him the remaining $873.00 before the sofa left his house. I told him, I gave you $600.00 without knowing you, $1,000 in high end material and my sofa. I had already bought a cashier's check in the amount of $873.00 made out to Sheila's Upholstery. Agustin Orozco told me I would never see my sofa unless I paid him first. I told him I would pay him when he delivered my sofa. I also went back out to his house and discovered when I sat on my sofa, that it was as hard as a rock because he use HR 40 foam which is very hard and cheap and he hadn't done the 8 hand-tied coil spring system. As of October 20, 2011 I still don't have my sofa and Agustin Orozco is holding my sofa as hostage. I will have to sue him which I don't want to have to do. I have all of my cashier checks as proof that I had paid Agustin Orozco $600.00 and a cashier's check for $873.00. It is obvious that Agustin Orozco has stolen my sofa and planned to steal it from the beginning. I am very upset, and I have nothing to sit on in my family room, except a very uncomfortable chair.
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #136829
Mar 29 2005
07:29 PM
KUT RITE UPHOLSTERY - FOAM DEPOT ruined my car then tried to overcharge me for it. Flanders New Jersey
I started the ball rolling on getting my car upholstered and a new convertible top in Oct. 2004. I was quoted a price for the work. I had this in writing, thank god. I thought this was a reasonable price and the guy was very nice so I decided to go for it. I dropped off the seats and side panels to be started on and was to bring the car down when they were ready for the top. After 2 months(!) I was finally asked to bring the car in Mid-December 2004. Mind you, this is a classic car and had a brand new 3 stage paint job. I didn't like the idea of possibly having it out in the snow but it was only supposed to take a week or two. January came and went. The excuses I kept getting for the delay was Christmas rush. I work down the street from this place and saw other cars come and go while mine sat there. I couldn't figure out why everyone elses work was more important than mine. Then I got the excuse that he thought his employee knew how to install a top but he didn't so he had to wait to get someone else to come and do it. Then, without my permission, he towed the car, improperly (and damaged it) to another place to have the top installed. Finally in February 2005 after many snows the car was ready. Went to pick it up only to find that the guy wants DOUBLE the money and my car is a disaster area! Here's just some of the problems.... 1)The car was left under a makeshift canopy for the entire winter with the WINDOWS OPEN!!! The battery died and the guy didn't have the brains to either charge it and close the electric windows or call me to let me know so I could do something about it. 2)The above mentioned canopy was about 20 feet from a very busy highway and the car is covered with salt and debris inside and out. Many metal items are pitted. 3)The arm rest in the rear seat doesnt go down all the way. IT sticks up like its happy to see you. 4)Car has GOUGES down to the primer on every panel of the car but the hood! This is 3-stage paint so every panel affected will have to be sanded down and repainted. Can't just touch it up. 5)Rear bumper is damaged from towing it with a strap. A STRAP! This car should have been towed with a flat bed! 6)Windshield wiper assembly is completely missing. 7)Workmanship is poor on the door panels. 8)Convertible top has rust spots all over it apparently from metal filings left on it from somewhere. I can go on but you get the point. Art, the owner, tried to charge me for towing the vehicle elsewhere to get the top put on and pay an extra amount of money, which doubled my original quote! Had the audacity to insult me about the car and tell me what a complete pain it was to work on. He basically tried to intimidate me into paying him and tried to make it like it was my fault that he was too incompetent to complete the work he was hired to perform. He said he didn't know that I had this certain type of top and since I do he has to charge me more. HE claimed the damages where Vandalism done by those darn kids that have been hanging around since he got the soda machine. (I can't make this stuff up!) He did file a claim with his insurance company and they sent me a check, which I haven't cashed, because its not nearly enough to cover the paint job let alone the complete abortion he did on the interior of my car. I must say though, I wish I knew where he had the top done because it is beautiful. I tried to work with him about honoring his original price but he went off on me like a mad-man saying he is sick of looking at the car and if I don't pay him and get it out of there in two days, he was having it towed away and I will have to pay storage fees. I had no choice but to contact an attorney, which was money well spent. Art had to honor the original price, much to his chagrin. It would have been nice if that was the end of this but it is not. I sent a tow truck (flat bed, of course!) to get the car the following day and he gave the tow truck driver a hard time and bad mouthed me fiercely. The poor driver's dispatcher called me and I had to practically beg them to take the car. Currently I am following up with the insurance company. Nice Person SomewhereIn, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Flanders, New Jersey
14, Report #162461
Oct 28 2005
01:52 PM
Greving Bros Auto Upholstery - Matt Greving Ripoff, Terrible upholstery work San Rafael California
I have recently dealt with Matt Greving, owner of Greving Brothers Auto Upholstery and must tell you that this shop is one of the worst businesses in Marin County, BAR NONE!!! The ethics and workmanship is below standard and after reading about drug use and sales of drugs, I'm not surprised!!! I AM WARNING ANYONE WHO NEEDS UPHOLSTERY WORK IN MARIN COUNTY. DO NOT GO TO THIS LOW-LIFE, DRUG DEALING BUSINESS owned by Matt Greving. Jeff San Anselmo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Rafael, California
15, Report #370066
Sep 05 2008
10:27 AM
Elmer's Custom Upholstery, Elmer Fish Sofa smells bad, took 6 months, tried to extort more money on delivery Corona California
I got an estimate to have a 1930's sofa restored. The agreement upon signing the order was that it would include labor and materials to complete the job. I made it clear that I would buy the upholstery material. This was in January 2008. It was getting close to April when, without hearing from him, and without him answering the messages I had left on his service, I went to his home (business) and caught him there. He opened his garage and I saw that he had only stripped down the sofa to the frame. No other work was done on it. I noticed a distinct odor that smelled like a chicken coop in the garage where he worked. I was reluctant to leave my sofa with him, but what could I do? It was in no shape to move and I had nowhere to take it to. I was preparing to leave on a trip in May. He said he would have it finished two weeks after the upholstery material was delivered. He had ordered an off white velvet. I made it clear that I had ordered the fabric and would call him when I picked it up. In April the fabric arrived and I immediately called him. After several attempts he called me back and picked up the material. The sofa was not finished until July 3, 2008. When he delivered it(after I had to threaten to come and get it myself), before he took the sofa off of his truck, he demanded $450.00 more than the agreed price. He would not take the furniture off of his truck. We got into a yelling match, and he stormed off. I agreed to write a check for the amount he wanted, just to get my antique sofa. As soon as he put it down in the living room, he took off like a bat out of hell. The next day the odor from the sofa filled the house. I've tried Fabreeze, but didn't help. I thought of maybe letting it sit outdoors for a couple of days, but knew that the odor would attract unwanted attention from neighborhood cats. Now it's September. The odor has subsided somewhat, but if it's sat on, the odor comes up from within the crevices of the sofa. I stopped payment on the check that he demanded, and haven't heard from him. I've spent $1400.00 including the price of the fabric for a sofa that stinks. Cjdwife Corona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Corona, California
16, Report #827958
Jan 24 2012
04:10 PM
Sheila's Custom Upholstery, Agustin Orozco, Sheila's Upholstery Does Shody Workmanship North Las Vegas, Nevada
Customers looking for a custom upholstery shop, should avoid Sheila's Custom Uphostery. The owner is Agustin Orozco. He is a cheat and a liar. He took $1,600 from me to reupholster my sofa. He gave me fraudulent paperwork stating he had paid for coils for my cushions. Instead, he used a cheap foam. Further, he put chicken feathers in the cushions you lean against, instead of goose down which was on his paperwork. He ruined my expensive material that cost me $1,000. His workmanship was so shoddy, that I could take six inches of my material in my hand from the cushions. Agustin Orozco wanted to pay him the last $900.00 before he finished reupholstering my sofa. I told him to finish the job. Instead, he held my sofa hostage for almost three months. Agustin Orozco has refused to fix his shoddy upholstery job. Angie's List recommended him. What a mistake that was to go to Angie's List.
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
17, Report #1212103
Feb 27 2015
07:33 AM
Renton Upholstery & Diego Custom Marine Diego Aguillon Cheap materials and Wrong Fit Not Custom Made Kent Washington
My son bought me a sail cover and bimini for my sailboat for Christmas. He ordered it on-line from Diego's Custom Marine & Upholstery. Paid in full before shipment in early December. Then the nightmare began:   Diego shipped in the cheapest possible way, parcel post. It took more than a moth for the shipment to arrive. I fist could't believe how extremely light the package was indicating the light weight of the materials inside. We immediately installed the sail cover. It looks sloppy due to the improper fit, but it works, so no real complaint with the cover except that it does look cheap due to the lightweight canvas used in making the cover. This cover cover ner be mistaken for a good sailmaker in Marblehead ,Mass, for sure. The real problem is the Bimini. Aside from the poor quality canvas, the tubing was made too small and does not provide any head room when in place; therefore it can't be installed. Its at least two feet shorter in height than it has to be in order to stand below it. He has refused to send me a properly made frame. I've been complaining for weeks and he has failed to send me what I purchased and that a CUSTOM MADE BIMINI SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED AND MADE TO FIT MY BOAT. This is not ricket science. If his interest was in delivering what he claims he produces there would not be an issue, but he is a ripp-off artist and should not be making anymore victims. After my continuing complaining he sent me two one foot tubes and told me to attach them to the wrong frame he made. If even this could work I would be on my way after learning a lessson that I'm hoping others will follow by not doing business with this scam artist who sounds like such a gentle voice over the phone.
Entity: Kent, Washington
18, Report #1308536
May 30 2016
01:27 PM
AW Canvas and Upholstery Dan Freeman Horrible service, fraudulant business practices! Lexington South Carolina
The worst experience ever!  Hired this company to re-upholster the seats on my boat.   After being late for our appointment by three full hours, he looked at my seat cushions and gave me a price quote of $4,800. My boat seats were old, and faded from being constantly being exposed to the sun and were cracking.  Mr. Dan Freeman assured me he would completely repair my seats within three business days with a full money back guarantee.  He removed my cushions, and I paid him a 50% deposit.  A week had passed before I spoke with him and he demanded the balance to be paid before he delivered them back to me, so I put the balance on a credit card.  After dozens of attempts to get in touch with him, he simply turned me over to collections and I have not received my boat cushions back!  He has a bad rating with the BBB and has never refunded my money and I have never received my cushions back. His offices are always closed and he is never to be found.   Beware of this fraudulent company.!
Entity: Lexington, South Carolina
19, Report #1411172
Nov 09 2017
07:55 PM
Juan Cruz Upholstery Los Angeles Cruz Upholstery Juan Cruz caused us 20k in charge backs Los Angeles California
This person is not ethical, he stole money by being paid for work he never made and if he did he make it every single order we paid him to make was wrong. We are designers in LA and he almost closed our business. This is a horrible business person that actually after we looked is not even licensed to do business in California. Do not do business with Juan Cruz or Susana Cruz, you will be taken 
Entity: Los Angeles, California
20, Report #130055
Feb 03 2005
07:21 PM
Greving Brothers Auto Upholstery DRUG DEALERS and LOUSY WORK San Rafael California
I was just made aware of this posting and have done business with Greving Bros Upholstery ONCE!! And that was enough!! The owners, Matt and Will Greving are dirty drug using thieves who do terrible work and will rip you off!!! Their shop is a mess and their ethics are none. They drink beer and snort drugs at night then work (if you can all it that) with hang-overs in the day. They buy and sell drugs from the shop, a bar in Novato and Matt's home in Novato. The police have been watching them along with who they do their drugs deals with and hopefully they will shut this low-life scummy business down and put those low-life scums in jail for a long time. Lonny Corte Madera, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Rafael, California
21, Report #128528
Jan 22 2005
12:44 PM
Greving Brothers Auto Upholstery Ripoff Dirty business, Drugs and Bad workmanship San Rafael California
When I went to Greving Brothers Auto Upholstery, I should have been alarmed when I observed how dirty the shop was. However, through the dirt and mess I saw some nice looking customer cars parked inside. After discussing my needs of a restoration of my vintage vehicle with Matt Greving I went ahead with the work and gave him a $1000. down to start this $3000. restoration. Matt said the materials would be there in one week and made an appointment. I went back on the day we discussed and was told that the materials were back ordered so they couldn't start the job. The back order didn't bother me, but Matt could have called me before my 20 mile drive there to let me know. Matt said he would call me when the materials came in. Week one, week two, week three went by and finally I called him and was told by Will Greving the materials came the first week after all. Not saying anything I went and dropped the car off. The shop was still a mess and both Matt and Will (who was real creepy) were both drinking and appeared drunk. I also smell pot and say a mirror with white powder on it. I am not one to judge and it was after work hours (5:30) so I overlooked it. Matt and Will promised the work would be done in 10 days. After a couple of days, I stopped by to see how things were going. I found my classic car sitting outside, windows down, wet inside from the rain, and dust and dirt all over my new paint. Worse yet, the job was not started. Matt and Will were gone and some Mexican who didn't speak very good English was running the shop. He said they decided to go hunting for a few days, so I left. After many phone calls, broken promises, and 38 days later, I was told my car was done. I went to pick it up and everything we discussed was not done, the work was extremely shabby, pleats didn't line up, seats were un-even, wrinkles in headliner, seats, panels, carpets and threads were every ware. On top of this terrible work, I found several scratches and one dent on the door. When I pointed all this to Matt, he said I should be grateful that he and his brother stayed up all night snorting $500 in cocaine to finish the work. Needless to say, I took the car without paying the balance and am going to file a court complaint against this company. Afterward in speaking to other car buffs, I was told that this was not uncommon and that the police have investigated and arrested Matt for drug sales in the past. So Car Buffs Beware of this shady auto upholstery business!!! Peter Marin County, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Rafael, California
22, Report #106522
Sep 01 2004
12:02 PM
John Benjamin Upholstery Plus ripoff This is the biggest scam artist, conman, you will ever meet. Scotia New York
This is the biggest scam artist, conman, you will ever meet. He is a liar, cheat, and thief. He doesn't have money, but likes to appear to have a lot of money by wearing gaudy jewelry and driving around in an expensive vehicle (leased). He spends his money on himself, but will buy presents for you and your family until he establishes a relationship with you. He establishes personal relationships with women immediately upon meeting them, if he feels he can benefit monetarily from them. He hates children and does not have any of his own. He will lie and say he loves children when he finds out that you have some. He enlists his friends and family to tell you what a great and wonderful guy he is. Once he establishes a relationship with you he starts his scam. He needs someone with money and credit to take care of him He is a broken down bankruptcy filer with no health insurance and no pension or retirement. He is self-employed and works with cash only in his business. He is gay, but pretends to be straight. Right now he is looking for a victim who will rent his or her house to him so he can move in and assume ownership. He will start improving, repairing the property and will save up phony receipts to sue the homeowner for possession of the property. He will try to get an option to buy on the property before moving in. He has an excuse for not being able to get credit to buy right now. Once he is inside your home, you will not be able to get him out. He has done this scam before; he has done it to a very good friend of mine. He has connections with people in power, so he will not be evicted from your home, and he will not be prosecuted for any wrong doing involving destroying your property, or destroying your life. He smokes like a chimney, has pets he doesn't take good care of, and has a very large bird that runs around the house and destroys anything it can chew on. Keep this man out of your house and out of your life. Wish someone had warned my friend about this rotten scum of the earth. Ted Schenectady, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Scotia, New York
23, Report #115708
Nov 03 2004
08:13 PM
Professional Trim And Upholstery ripoff, stoled, lied, has stolen from others also Brandon, Florida
To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter requesting help from any and all possible organizations (see c/c below) in order to recover my money. It pains me to think that if I write a check for $500 and it were a bad check I could go to jail that day. But when a business takes the same check, cashes it, spends the money and has nothing to show for it, I have to take the business to court and hope I get my money back. This is not right and I will try to push for a new bill to change this practice Let me bring to your attention my problem with a business located in Brandon, Florida. I have gone through the judicial process for over 2 1/2 half years now. Where in Small Claims Court I was awarded a $2000.+ judgment, but I have never received any payment from the business/sole proprietor. There should be a law that makes the business pay upon final judgment. Yet I have lost well over $3800 trying to get my money back. The current laws protect a business owner or sole proprietor from ever having to pay any order a court has rendered. Sure I can put a lien on the business, garnish wages or just let it go. But this is not right. I am a retired Vet that has worked hard for my money and when a person or business gives false documents in the court of law and lies to the court. There is no justice there at all. This man has stolen my money and put undue stress on my life. This is my complaint: (December 1998) Initially, for the restoration of my car, a 1959 Studebaker Lark (my grandparents car that was given to me), I went to Custom Classic Inc to contract the paint and bodywork. While there, I ask the owner, if he could recommend a upholstery shop. I was directed to a shop just next door to his. (Professional Trim & Upholstery) The owner of the body shop said it would be good to keep the car in the same area for easy access. (keep easy access in mind) 4 January 1999 I spoke with Mr. Tim Boyle (owner) of Professional Trim & Upholstery, who said, Bring the car in so I can give you an estimate for the work. 12 January 1999 I had the car towed to Custom Classic Inc where Mr. Boyle came over from his shop and gave me a $3000 estimate to upholster the complete interior in original body cloth. This would include the following items: Carpet, carpet pad, firewall padding and board, front/back dash w/padding, headliner, wind lace pads, door panels, rebuilt seat frames, new padding, upholstery for all interior. During the initial request for the upholstery work, I provided reference books, pictures of seat patterns, addresses for material, and also described the material pattern to Mr. Boyle. As on the receipt I would be paying for a Complete Interior, Original Body Cloth. Mr. Boyle states he requested a deposit. On my receipt the deposit was paid in full 03/01/99 via check # 2106 $500.00 with $1900 paid via checks and cash to the sum of $2400 leaving a balance of $600. All these monies were paid over a 5 month period. Initially I requested he order material samples that I might choose from. To this day I have never seen any swatch, samples or pictures. He states the material was placed on hold and because that kind of material was so old it had to be kept in refrigerated storage to keep it from deteriorating. I don't know about you but I would not want material that had to be stored in cold storage to be put into my project car just to watch it deteriorate. New remanufactured material is available from a list of suppliers that I provided. To me it does not cost anything to put something on hold. Material will always be there and yet my money is totally gone. I can understand work not being done until the body shop starts or finishes their work. However, not having any samples, materials or proof of material purchased is uncalled for and I like most consumers would like to see something for my money. 13 July 2000 This all started when I had originally asked Mr. Boyle for a $500 refund from the $2600, which he would get back in about two weeks. This was to get the my car out of the performance shop, as stated earlier, into the body shop and his shop. But Mr. Boyle said; The money was gone because my girlfriend (Teresa Ayers) was filing bankruptcy that cost $1500. Everything was in her name. I ask him if it would cause a problem with his business. He said NO. It was that comment that prompted me to ask for a total refund and started me looking into court records where I found over 90 court records against the business, Mr. Boyle, and his ex-wife, nothing was found on his girlfriend. Mr. Boyle states I changed my mind on material he had to reorder to my desire. The only change I thought about making was to place a fold down arm-rest in the back seat, some throw pillows, and a front and back dash cover to protect the new upholstery. I have never changed the pattern selection from the Original Body cloth. Earlier he stated put on hold so I ask you which is it? The car was available to Mr. Boyle for 10 months. Again Mr. Boyle says, I went to the body shop sometime in Oct 1999 to pull the interior out of the vehicle. Remember now, the body shop has not done any work yet either. Another statement from Mr. Boyle as to why he was not working on the interior and or material was ordered is: I did not want his interior to be completed and laying around in my shop for several months. So you tell me does he have material or not? No material. No receipts. October 1999, (a full 10 months) No work had been accomplished at this point. The Studebaker was towed to Precision Engineered Performance Inc. There, work was done on the front suspension, breaks, and exhaust system. Both the body shop and upholstery shop was kept informed on the status of the car, to include pictures. 10 June 2000 Contact with Better Business Bureau with no results 07 August 2000 Sheriff Detective Joe Tasto was even told by Mr. Boyle that the material had been purchased and is now stored in a separate warehouse. Yet at a meeting between all three parties Mr. Boyle walked into his shop area, pulled out two bolts of fabric, and said that is what he ordered. (a dark blue with diagonal lines and a black vinyl), they were not original material. According to the Sheriff it is not fraud or theft and Det Joe Tasto could not make an arrest. I was instructed by Detective Joe Tasto (PH# 813-247-8584) to file a civil case through small claims court and to keep him informed on the outcome. 10 August 2000 During Small Claims court, Mr. Boyle made reference to no refund of deposit monies used to purchase materials. That's fine, so where is my $1900 I had paid beyond the deposit of $500? Also where is the material, receipt, return receipt for material refunded? While working with Mr. Boyle on this matter he has done every thing possible to stonewall my refund. Also stating I will give you your money back the same way you gave it to me in payments over a year Even in mediation Mr. Boyle was given a chance to refund $1800, but refused. Another statement by Mr. Boyle was that he stored my car for a period of time and was charging me for that too. (Remember above easy access) Again this person and/or business has not stored my vehicle, research to find materials, ordered said materials, stored said materials that were said ordered, or worked on my car. He has never called me as to the inquiring about where the car was so he could start on it. This is because I kept him informed at all times. Now this is the result. 04 December 2000 Final Judgment Against Defendant for $2000 to be paid NLT 60 day from date above (04 February 2000). They are days you can find me parked near his business from 7am 8am with a sign I made (8' X 4') that states; CONSUMER ALERT! Tim Boyle (dba) Professional Trim & Upholstery 1018 W. Brandon, Blvd. Brandon, Fl 33510 Has refused to refund any of my $2400 +/- Check court cases before you do any business . I have supporting documents attached to prove my claim. Thank you again for your time and consideration. Anthony incl's Professional Trim & Upholstery receipts (12 Jan 99) Map location of Professional Trim & Upholstery Cashed checks (deposit $500 and payments) Mr. Boyle personal, business, and court information Better Business Bureau letters Small Claims Court and Mediation papers Small Claims Judgment Car information Channel 8 News could not help Channel 13 News could not help Custom Classic receipt body work agreement Precision Engineered Performance receipt new front end Suppliers to order parts, cloth material, c/c Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 218 May Building Tallahassee, Fl 32399 Contacted with no resolution Better Business Bureau 5830 142nd Ave, North Suit B PO Box 7950 Clearwater, Fl 33758-7950 Contacted with no resolution Hillsborough County Sheriff Dept Det. Joe Testo Brandon, Fl 33510 Contacted with no resolution Channel 8 905 E Jackson Tampa, Florida 33607 Contacted with no resolution Channel 10 11450 Gandy Blvd N. St. Petersburg, Florida 33702 Channel 13 3213 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Florida 33606 Contacted with no resolution Dick Greco Mayor of Tampa, 306 E Jackson 33602 Tampa, Florida 2747360 Attorney General Office ATTN: Ciceil Trainer Victim's Services 2002 N. Lois Ave Tampa, Florida Contacted with no resolution Federal Trade Commission Atlanta Regional Office 60 Forsyth St. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 US Attorney 400 Tampa St N. Tampa, Florida 33602 Contacted with no resolution Rep. Lesley Miller P.O. Box 5993 Tampa, Florida 33675 U.S. Senator Connie Mack 600 n. Westshore Blvd. Suite 602 Tampa, Florida 33609 Jeb Bush Office of the Governor The Capitol Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001 President George Bush The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. 20500 Anthony Brandon, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
24, Report #439056
Mar 30 2009
09:42 AM
Butte Custom Upholstery Owner Roy LaRue Stole My Money & Furniture Chico California
I gave Butte Custom Upholstery owner Roy LaRue 3 pieces of furniture for repair. I was required to pay $100.00 up front and he would bill me for the difference. It's been 8 months and i have not received my furniture or money. Repeated calls to him are not returned. I thought i could trust Roy LaRue since my son was dating his daughter Taylor LaRue over at Bidwell in Chico. They're no longer dating. I did a background check on Roy and found he had money problems. Several Federal, State, and County Liens were placed on his property over the years. Roy was also convicted of drunk driving in 2007 and is currently on 36 months probation. That's funny because last April 2008 I saw Roy drink a pitcher of beer at a local restaurant then drive off. I bought that pitcher of beer for Roy at a luncheon. I was not aware of his DUI probation at the time. Roy Larue should not be trusted. He steals money and furniture and he risks the lives of people by driving drunk and he disobeys his probation by continuing to drive drunk while in probation. John Chico, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chico, California
25, Report #607804
May 27 2010
06:47 AM
Certified House Cleaning Dallas Carpet Upholstery Grand Prairie CARPET CLEANERS Grand Prairie, Texas
DONT BE FOOLED BY THIS FLY_BY_NIGHT CARPET CLEANERS COUPONS...this company in the process of cleaning my carpets spilled their cleaning chemicals on my all natural teak wood floors and caused over $1,500 worth of damage. They refused to pay for the damage and claimed that I signed their invoice which releases them from any responsibility to fix the BLEACHED wood floors. WHEN IT LOOKS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE...THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. This company has NO ETHICS Consumers be ware. I am a licensed Real Estate Professional and I will never allow my clients to use this company.
Entity: Grand Prairie, Texas

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