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51, Report #1144116
Jun 12 2014
01:50 PM
Letter I wrote to US Bank Association   April 1, 2014 Regarding:  Loan Number xxxxxxxxxx To Whom It May Concern:              Recently I received a final foreclosure order from the court.  I am to vacate the premises on or before June 5, 2014.   US Bank has engaged in a number of deceptive as well as fraudulent business practices.    In fact, US Bank is directly responsible for this foreclosure.              In particular, I am seeking a remedy.   My request is time sensitive.  The details are as follows. After obtaining my mortgage in 2008 I was paying a mortgage payment of about $1500.00.  Later I received a letter from the bank telling me that they somehow failed to pay the real estate taxes on my constructed home.   Only the land taxes were paid.   I received an unmanageable tax bill.  At the time my debt and income could not support the large bill.   I contacted your bank and asked for the payments to be spread out.   I was denied.  In 2009 I had a house fire.   My insurance company paid over $50,000 to make the repairs.  I contacted the bank to ask if I could do some of the repairs myself.   The loss mitigation department agreed and I was told that an inspection would be done to satisfy that the repairs were done correctly, after which the remaining insurance monies would be returned to me.  I commenced with the repairs as did the other contractors.   All repairs were completed and an inspection was done and approved by a man named Corey.   Many months later I was still trying to collect the money.   I was told that there was no record of an inspection.  A second inspection was done and approved.   I was still unable to get the bank to release the money after countless phone calls.   This went on for many months.   My mortgage payments fell behind.   I contacted the bank over and over again.  Finally I got the bank to agree to allow me to apply the monies to my arrears as I really wanted to keep the house.  Again the funds were never released.  I called and begged ad nauseam.  At some point, within the past two years, a man who identified himself as Omotoya  took over my case in the loss mitigation department.   His phone number is 855-698-7627 extension 4183063.   Mr. Omotoya left messages on my cell phone regularly.  I would call him back and leave a message, none of which were ever returned.    I would get absurd computer generated letters asking me if the repairs were completed.   This is still happening.   In fact I recently, within the week, I got a call from the loss mitigation department (now some five years later) asking me if I had a release form from a certain paint contractor.   I was astounded.  Everything was turned in and two inspections were done over four years ago. Over the past six months I was offering to re-purchase the home as my debt was greatly reduced and my income was about to increase.   Again I offered to use the insurance monies toward a down payment.  I was never contacted. It is very clear that US Bank made no effort whatsoever to work with me on retaining this house.  Instead I was offered lip service and false promises to look into my inquiries.   This is a very sad state of affairs for people who are trying not to lose their homes.   I am formally asking for a settlement in order to avoid more stress.   My mental health and physical health have suffered considerably as a consequence of the conduct of US Bank.   I ask US Bank to return of all the left over insurance monies and that the foreclosure be removed from my credit record.   My damages are far more than this offer.   If this cannot be resolved I will seek new counsel to pursue charges against the bank.   I will construct a web site to determine if other people have been victimized in a similar way.   Perhaps a class will develop.  Further I will seek redress through my legislators.  I simply can’t believe that I am the only person that this has happened to.  Please accept this letter in the spirit for which it is intended.   I am not trying to bully or threaten the bank.   I simply want a fair and reasonable resolution.   My life has been turned upside down. Please respond within 30 days from the date of this letter.   Cordially,          
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #1375104
May 24 2017
10:39 AM
US bank US Bank, Denise Upham US Bank, robbed our money, and the manager Denise Upham helped them Corona California
 5/23/207Around 10:17 AMLocation: US Bank3580 Grand OaksCorona, Ca. 92881  This is an amazing story. The night before, 05/22/2017 at 22:16 hours a deposit of $1,900 CASH was placed in the ATM. The machine prints a receipt stating “A machine error has occurred and we are not able to credit your account or return the money. Please contact the bank.......” We contacted the bank immediately on their 800 number, they assured us the machine will fix the problem by the morning.I knew better....In the morning, on 5/23/2017 at about 10:17 AM I walk into the branch with a great positive attitude. I waited for the manager, she comes out after a few minutes and states she was in a car accident to some other people that were there. I waited just listening even tho I was there way before them. They wanted to add 2 names to their account. Anyhow, the manager comes and says “hi”, I replied “hi”. Then she says what do you need, sound weird right? I stated “the ATM”...then she just stops me and says “Nothing I can do, why would you use a machine?”.. I immediately smiled and said “you know who I am” . She said “no, but someone called and called the other home branch and is trying to get the money”. I said are you sure it's about my account, was it “”NAME””?” And she said “yes”. I said “awesome can I tell you what's going on”, then we stepped in her office and immediate she again said in a loud voice “why do you people use the machine, use humans”. I stated “because it was at about 10 or 11 pm, you are closed and isn't that what an AMT”... and she kept cutting me off, being loud. She was so rude , wouldn't even let me finish one sentence, I said, “aren't we on Cameras, why are you so against me?” then she kind of came down, but not really. She kept raising her voice to the level of yelling. I told her “you are the manager? Why are you so rude, why wont you listen or even try to listen, this is a business account and that we need the money for our operational cost” she kept getting louder and louder, so I said” You don't know me, this is the era of social media, I will do everything to get his story out and get you fired”. She yelled “get out, DONT YOU THREATEN ME, give me your name now”, and just kept FOAMING at the mouth from being so angry and rude. I decided to just get up, I said “ I'm leaving now, you are too rude, have a good day”.Walked out ROBBED by US Bank and the manager.I kept dealing with the bank, so did other business members. No one has helped. This is going on to the THIRD day, US Bank has stolen our cash. Someone needs to discuss human behavior and actions with the manager Denise Upham. Horrible, horrible, rude person. She will cause many to feel the way we do.  
Entity: Corona, California
53, Report #93165
May 31 2004
10:32 PM
US Bancorp: ripoff US Bank, Where Your Money Is Not Safe! Nashville, Tennessee US Bancorp Aka US Bank ripoff: US Bank unsafe and unsound banking practices. US Bank Fraud, Theft, Corporate Corruption, Financial Crimes, Negligence, Senior Citizens at Risk Nashville Tennessee
On May 31, 2002, US Bank in Nashville, Tennessee allowed a $61,000 (sixty one thousand dollars) theft from a senior citizen and his family savings account by a person who had no ownership or partnership and whose name is not on the account. A federal government employee converted this money without the account owners knowledge or consent. A complaint was filed to the OCC who regulates national banks. The vice president of US Bank gave false statements to this government agency in what I believe was an attempt to cover up their gross negligence. The OCC informed that there are no laws protecting the depositors. FDIC insured is only if the bank fails. A lawsuit has been filed in Davidson County Circuit Court, Docket Number 03C1401, and US Bank by and through their attorney's have once again filed false statements. US Bank allowed a $61,000 conversion and then turned their backs on their customers now making them victims of crime. The public should know that your money is not safe in US Bank. Us Bank Fraud Victim Hermitage, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
54, Report #442859
Apr 11 2009
12:55 PM
Barclays Bank Another bank ripping us off Wilmington Delaware
I have a US Airways Visa through Bank of America. I am one of the lucky ones who hasn't had any problems with BOA until now. I received a letter today that outlines the transfer of my BOA Visa to Barclays Bank. I guess I wasn't really surprised when, while reading the fine print, I notice they're going to increase my rate from 12.9 to 29.9%!!! Although I always carry a balance, I pay on time, pay more than the minimum, and don't exceed my limit. Yet, like a lot of others on this forum, I'm about to get ripped off. They give me the option of rejecting the change in APR, but that means closing the card and losing the advantage of having an established account on my credit report. I can't wait for the economy to turn around and put consumers back in control of things. Jeanski Hamburg, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
55, Report #366734
Aug 25 2008
03:52 PM
US Government - US Bank Claimed to offer a tax refund from the US Government Other
I have now been called on two separate occasions from a person claiming to be from the US Government. They call for a number that shows up as 108 on my cell phone. They are offering a tax refund of $2500.00 because I am part of a select group that the government has decided to give a refund to, just because i always pay my taxes. They say that is will be directly deposited into my bank account from US Bank. All they need to do is confirm some information from me. They then ask for the spelling of my name, my address, the number on my bank debit card and the expiration date. I immediately decided this was a scam when the person claiming to be from the us government could hardly speak English and had a strong foreign accent. I spent at least 15 minutes on the phone arguing with them the first time telling them i couldn't give them this information. before they gave up. 2 days later they call again saying this is my last chance to receive my refund, after which i promptly hung up on them. I hope this reaches some other people before they are sucked into this scam. Dojcsany Chadron, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Other
56, Report #427898
Feb 24 2009
09:47 AM
Barclays Bank - Juniper Bank - US Air Credit Card Usurious Interest Rates Wilmington Delaware
I have a US AIR Credit Card and made regular payments through my checking account. The amount is usually $50 more than the minimum to account for additional charges. The payment is automated and scheduled to arrive 10 days before due date. I made a payment of $650 one month which turned out to be $25 less tanh the balance due. When they notified me, I sent the additional money and adjusted my future payments. I was told the this is considered a late payment and they raised my interest rate to 27%. I called them but could not get any answer other than there is nothing anyone can do. I asked for the customer service manager and was told there is none there at the call center in the Phillipines. I asked for a name and phone number for someone in the Delaware Headquarters and was told they didn't know anyone there. I asked for the name of the head of the bank in Wilmington and was given a fictious name that didn't exist. To this day I have not been able to get a name to contact. I have never missed any payments in 40 years and this is the way they treated me. I had a problem with Citibank and called them and they took care of it immediately. Don't deal with foreign owned banks that are afraid to get customer service calls because they know how bad their service is. Marti park ridge, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
57, Report #1383089
Jul 04 2017
06:51 PM
Had this rebuild credit card for only 4 months, paid-in-full for 3 months, now, without warning they charge me late fees and interest, since they DO NOT SEND YOU AN ALERT WARNING OF YOU BEING LATE! In other words, they hope you forget, being a good little STUPID SUCKER OF A CUSTOMER! Like to see them rob me in person, like an honest crook! Bumns, dead-beats robbing hard-working folks, trying to rebuild their credit/lives! Put them in prison like real crooks, and see how evil they are!!!!!!
Entity: Internet
58, Report #141142
May 01 2005
07:00 PM
US BANK Overlimit Charges on Credit Card Only over my limit after they charged interest Minneapolis Minnesota
US Bank is ripping people off with there credit cards. I have never gone over my limit but they keep charging me with overlimit charges because I am over my limit after they charge finance charges. I have never had another credit card company do that before. This is a rip off. So if someone has a credit card with US Bank make sure you have plenty of money on your credit card before the finance charge hits. I am interested to find out if I am the only one with this problem. Erin Eldridge, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
59, Report #130166
Feb 04 2005
03:49 PM
US BANK ripoff legalized robbery lame duck explanations unacceptable solutions Minneapolis Minnesota
As an former bank employee once told me, we are committing leagalized robbery. Sure they can explain their rights to the nth degree.....but what about the consumers? Having fallen into the legal trap that gives the bank wind fall profits via their NSF charges, I, like so many others, complained via their 5 Star (we pretend to care) customer service guarantee. It took two emails to finally get a response that read like the miranda rights. As that former employee also stated, one of the tactics used are to make the customer feel guiltly and incompetent. Where were my rights when using a ATM, I was credited with two withdrawals, when in fact only one took place. This was admitted by one of their very own customer services reps. (who was probably fired) when she her self couldn't understand why I was double dipped. Of course they had 30 days to investigate,(talk about the fox watching the hen house) and naturally found no error on their behalf,(Big Suprise) or any reason to return the money I never received, or the resulting, NSF (wind fall) charges. All of which they had the right to do. I on, the other hand, had no rights. Yes I am a valued customer, but than again, so is the host to a parasite. I am closing my account, and encourage every other host, I mean customer, to do the same. I would consider it a privilege to be part of any Davidian class action against this Goliath. Arvid shakopee, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
60, Report #129411
Jan 29 2005
04:27 PM
Us Bank And I Card Services ripoff Dublin Ohio
To bring you up to date just got a letter from my bank. It stated ( US Ban did not identify an error or fraud). He told me that you guys gave out bad advice. That their is nothing they can do to get my money back. I told him I couldn't believe they would allow someone to steal money from you. The credit card could have been stolen for all I knew. He told me I would have to take this to small claims. In the meanwhile, I am getting charged for all these days that I waiting for them to help me. I will get this straighten out somehow. If you read this and know a way to help me please do. I have never been so upset at this gentlement. He told me you guys gave out bad advice. And they can't help me. They are a rip off as well. I have banked with them for 2 years now. And haven't had that much problems keeping a good balance and staying in good standings with them. And this is the service they give me> Please help me with anything you can. Thank you. Sincerely, Janelle Dublin, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dublin, Ohio
61, Report #148987
Jul 08 2005
11:51 AM
US Bank Ripoff now sends SSN, Account number over unsecured e-mail! Minneapolis Minnesota
Is nothing private or protected anymore??? In the last e-mail that I posted on here, I noticed AFTER posting that my SSN, Account number... my PRIVATE information that is only to be transmitted over secure means... was not... sending via e-mail with no encryption is the same as running a TV commercial on national TV to hackers, crackers, and the like! US Bank has potentially leaked my private information that I gave them that I was guaranteed would be safeguarded to the rest of the world. Can we say potential ID theft?? I have a feeling the press and government officials will have a field day with this!!!! Any other suggestions anyone??? See also: Shawn Apple Valley, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
62, Report #149586
Jul 13 2005
12:13 PM
US Bank - U.S. Bancorp ripoff, dishonest fee charges Minneapolis Minnesota
I made a cash deposit into my checking account after leaving my second job on July 8th of $300 dollars. The bank held the money and then charged me 6 overdraft fees for transactions that happened on the 11th and 12th even though I had deposited the money. This is absolutely ludicrous and this can not be legal. I work two jobs and I am barely getting buy, I can not afford for them to steal $250 dollars from me. Anita Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
63, Report #165399
Nov 21 2005
12:41 PM
US Bank, Rip Off, Fraud Late Fees, Checking Scammers ripoff, steals, won't cancell account Nationwide
US Bank wouldn't cancell our account because its negative, its negative because of ach withdraws we didn't authorize these chages keep coming in and we can't stop them. We can't close the account and each week the account goes several hundred more negative. They won't stop this just keep letting these come in and charge us all these fees now almost 66.00 per transaction that comes in. Now we can't stop the charges from coming in as we never authorized them. So what am I to do I wish I would of never used this bank. They lie to me on the phone there 1800 number will say one thing then the local branch will say another. If I call the local branch they only have one person for account and can never get through for days. Traci Albers is a lieing scam artist too who can't even figure out where the late fees come from herself. Never trust Traci Albers of the Highland Illinois US Bank. 11/18/05 Negative Balance Fee $7.00 -$601.94 11/17/05 Negative Balance Fee $7.00 -$594.94 11/16/05 Negative Balance Fee $7.00 -$587.94 11/16/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$580.94 11/15/05 Analysis Service Charge $0.22 -$549.94 11/14/05 Negative Balance Fee $28.00 -$549.72 11/10/05 Negative Balance Fee $7.00 -$521.72 11/10/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$514.72 11/10/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$483.72 11/10/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$452.72 11/08/05 Negative Balance Fee $7.00 -$421.72 11/07/05 Negative Balance Fee $21.00 -$414.72 11/07/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$393.72 11/07/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$362.72 11/04/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$331.72 11/04/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$300.72 11/04/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$269.72 11/02/05 Negative Balance Fee $7.00 -$238.72 11/02/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$231.72 11/01/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$200.72 10/31/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$169.72 10/31/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$138.72 10/31/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$107.72 10/28/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$76.72 10/25/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$45.72 10/25/05 Returned Check Charge $31.00 -$14.72 10/24/05 1064 Check view $42.00 $16.28 10/21/05 Customer Withdrawal view $20.00 $58.28 Kevin linton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #165411
Nov 21 2005
02:04 PM
US BANK makes their money but fradulently charging excessive overdraft fees! Minnapolis, Minnesota and Santa Rosa, California
Wow, I should have read the reports before I ever did bussiness with this bank. I have been with US BANK for close to two years and in that time I have paid well over five hundred dollars in overdraft fees. Most of them have been charged with out reason. Most recently I was charged four fees totaling one hundred twenty eight dollars. According to US Bank these fees were charged because I had a negative balance at the time that certain authorizations and checks came through the account. The interesting thing is that the account was never in the negative or at least US BANK's website shows that it was not in the negative. In addition according to US Bank's discolurse statement any deposit that is made either at an atm or a teller after bussiness hours will not credit fully to your account, but the Bank will give you up to a hundred dollars immediately and any cash deposits made at the teller will be immediately available. Knowing this information my wife made a deposit on Wedensday November 16th 2005, this deposit now only consited of a check but cash as well. She called the 800 number to verify that the money was there and was told that it was. The next day, Thursday she deposited her paycheck through the atm, expecting again to be given the hundred dollars cash again she called in and was told that the hundred dollars was there. Apparently the information that the 800 number gave us was wrong because not only was the initial hundred dollars available but also the cash was not made available until the next day. Because of this when my wife deposited her paycheck that hundred dollars did not become available either. So we were charged four overdraft fees for no reason. When I called the 800 number to get an explanation I was told that that is just the way US BANK does bussiness. So I called my branch manager, Brandy who was very rude and told me that there was nothing she could do because I had been told that this could happen and I should have enrolled in overdraft protection, which interesting as it is is actually more expensive then there overdraft fees. I had gone in before to talk to the branch manager who was very rude and told me that it was my fault and that Neither US BANK nor I can be responsible for you not knowing how to balance a checkbook and because your account has less then a thousand dollars in it you pay for the rest of our client's accounts. He is no longer with US BANK! Hum, I wonder why? At US Bank the goal is to make as much money off of people as possible and make it as difficult as possible for people to understand what is going on. I will be closing my account and talking with my attorney about this fraudulent bank. Stuart Santa Rosa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Minnapolis, Minnesota
65, Report #163951
Nov 09 2005
03:08 PM
US Bank Ripoff, Complaint filed with Oregon Department of Justice Hillsboro Oregon
I canceled my account with US Bank a month ago - I was told this was done by CS rep - a month later I get overdraft notices for all the fees that are adding up to the tune of $407 dollars including an overdraft fee for a transfer to myself on another closed account - so they take it from my overdrawn account, put it into another account, then take it back out of that account put it back to the overdrawn account and charged me $35 for the trouble. I have gone in three times giving them this extortion money IN CASH, and they say they can not close until the next day I also request that since I have not used this account for a month payment on any charges coming in should be canceled - then charges that I have requested be canceled are going through and even though I requested a total balance due that day. somehow new charges are popping up and I end up with more overdraft fees - this has happened to me three times now and even though my online payments were all canceled by me they are going through. I have filed a complaint with the Oregon Department of Justice - the website is to fill out a complaint form if you are having the same problem with this bank - start squeaking and help stop this bank from ripping people off Dawn Hillsboro, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Hillsboro, Oregon
66, Report #83519
Mar 11 2004
09:14 AM
US Bank Please Read I Have Something That May Help You! ripoff, Merriam Kansas
US Bank has treated me worse than an animal. They have done everthing that you all are complaining about. I finally got my account closed with them. I have the fax # to the Presidents office it is 651-495-8224, unfortunantly I forgot the phone number, I just have a copy of my fax confirmation with them. Fax them your problem, and what city and state you are calling from and they usually have a district manager to call you. Doing business with this bank has stressed me to the max. I am glad that I am through with them. Terether Kansas City, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Merriam, Kansas
67, Report #62656
Jul 03 2003
07:59 AM
US Bank ripoff this is flat out wrong and this is stealing Shelbina Missouri
On June 16, 2003 I went to my checking account via internet and noticed I was 500 overdrawn for a misc. debit. I immediatley called the bank and emailed them through customer service online to find out what the heck the 500 dollar debt was for because I did not make it. The man that I spoke with on the telephone stated it was done by the bank but didn't know what it was but that someone would contact me back that day. They didn't call back. As I wait to find out what is going on I recieve my monthly checking statement on the 20th of June and it is showing a 500 dollar withdrawal from my account for misc debit. I called again, No results, I am told this is internal within the bank. I now recieve a phone call back that afternoon and I am told by the bak that the adjustment department decided to take 500 dollars out of my account for a stop payment mistake that the bank had made in December 2002 and that they are real sorry for not notifying me for their decision. At the beginning of every month I recieve my daughters social security she recieves from her father direct deposit in this account. How can a bank say and do what this one is doing. I stopped payment on 3 checks on with confirmation letters for all of them dated 12/2/2002. The bank made the mistake of letting one of those checks go through my checking account in the amount of 500 dollars on Dec 12, 2002. My account once again bounced and it was investigated by the bank and the withdrawal of 500 dollars and the overdrafts and charges were reimbursed to my account. Now 6 months later they just overcharge my account without notice, don't bother contacting me of their decision and have now as of today 7/3/2003 have now stolen my daughters money that was direct deposited this morning from my account. The banks explaination is that this is how it is that they don't stop payments on checks for insufficient funds and have taken my daughters money--I NEED HELP--this is flat out wrong and this is stealing. I have yet as of today been notified in writing why this has occurred. I tried to close my account and they would not let me so they could take my daughters direct deposit on purpose. Joyce Salem, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Shelbina, Missouri
68, Report #65789
Aug 15 2003
08:16 PM
US Bank Overdraft Charges Next Day consumer fraud ripoff slow processing business demon. Huber Heights Ohio
I have personally paid an exorbitant amount of overdraft charges to US bank in the last 6 months. And this is due to their ongoing Shady Policies associated with this matter. They continue to hold deposits, and approve debit card purchases, then just rack up the charges. Let me quote my financial advisor's advice, take US Bank off the pay roll. US Bank gives you a 5 star guarantee which includes customer service. Let me tell you about my current customer service. The manager at the branch told me we hold checks for deposit for 3 business days, we will clear any withdrawals but until the check clears you will be charged overdraft fees. The district manager told me we are operating well within the banking commissions guidelines. Now, consider for a moment the current technology, we can do almost anything via computer and/or cell phone instantaneously. Yet it takes the bank 3 business days to verify via computer (latest technology) that the funds are actually there to clear for spending. Yet they can clear the checks written against my account within 24 hours. I also have another complaint, when viewing my account on-line, any transactions occurring after 4pm are posted on the next business day. But if both a withdrawal and a deposit was concluded after 4pm thus posted on the next business day, US bank processes the withdrawal pending first, then the deposit. Just another way for them to cheat me out of $33 per transaction. US Bank is shady in all their dealings, I warn everyone reading this, I will also warn everyone I associate with against this business demon. Deborah Hatton Dayton, Ohio Deborah Dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Huber Heights, Ohio
69, Report #107815
Sep 10 2004
11:30 AM
US Bank rip-off! Bogus Overdrafts, Misleading Information! Kansas City Kansas
US Bank Ripped me out of $363.00. On 9/7/2004, I had several transactions that I had done over the weekend that had not yet posted to my account. I will admit that I needed to add $70.00 dollars to my account for them to post. So on 9/7/2004, I went and got a $200.00 loan to cover the $70.00. When I then went to the bank on 9/7/2004 and deposited the monies in the bank. I received a receipt in return that stated that my balance was $900.00. That was good news to me because those other transactions had not yet posted and I was in the clear. I then went out and used my check card for another $40.00 worth of tractions, because I had enough money in the bank to cover it. I went home and checked my account at 12:03 am on 9/8/2004, and the monies was still in theis account. Around 8:00 9/8/2004, I checked my account again and boy was I suprised. I had 5 charges of $33.00 insufficient fund fees which totaled 165.00 plus the $70.00 dollars that I had owed prior to putting the $200.00 in the bank. And to make it even worse, the statement stated that these insufficient transactions were posted on 9/7/2004 and that I did not deposit the money in my account until 9/8/2004. That was a lie. I called and argued with the bank for two hours and they finally told me that I had to pay the monie. So I went and got another $300.00 loan deposited it in the bank to cover these charges, and then the next day what do I see the $40.00 transactions that I had did the day before had bounced plus they charged me two more $33.00 insufficient fund fees. I know that they are in the business of making money but this is ridiculas. On 9/7/2004, I had 7 transactions hit on the same day. The largest check was for $455.00, and all of the rest were under $15.00. If they would have only paid the smallest one's first then I would not be out of $363.00 right now. This is the only bank that does it like this. When I asked them why did they pay the largest one and then charge me $363.00 worth of insufficient fund fees instead of just $33.00, then told me that at least that one got paid. This bank is a ripoff. I am going to try to find some laws on this and try to get a class-action lawsuit against this company. This has got to be illegal. Dee Kansas City, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
70, Report #116243
Nov 05 2004
12:13 AM
US Bank ripoff, they kept hitting me with overdraft fees ranging from $29-$33 Roseburg Oregon
US Bank keeps hitting me with overdraft charges! They have even hit me with a $33 overdraft charge when I still had a POSATIVE balance. To top it off, they charge a $7 a day negative balance fee after the fourth day. I requested that they put a hold on the account and stop any charges until I had a day off from work so I could come in and talk to them and rectify the situation, and they flat refused. Their excuse.... it wasn't their error that caused my account to become overdrawn. I have one deposite that no sooner did the money go into the account, they nailed me with 4 overdraft fees, (another posative balance at that). Go figure. Any class action suits count me in too. Debra Oakland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Roseburg, Oregon
71, Report #93563
Jun 03 2004
06:10 PM
US Bank NSF RIPOFF It's time to actually DO SOMETHING! Bowling Green Kentucky
US Bank has raked me over the coals with the available balance overdraft fee scam and I'm ticked. I could post the details but it sounds like a story often told already. I've seen a lot of references to doing something serious about this issue but can find no info where people actually ARE doing something. If you know of a real class action suit pending or in progress against US Bank for overdraft charges (or any other bank for that matter), please let me know. Somehow I'm going to get somebody to fix these folks. If you have been screwed for overdraft charges and have documentation to back up your claim, PLEASE drop me a line. I'm going to try to compile enough case history to present to an attorney and try to get someone to pursue this. Also, if you have actually won a court decision or judgement against them, whether in small claims court or regular court, I'd like to hear from you. Be aware that, at some point, I might ask you to actually identify yourself and maybe even fax me copies of what you have. If I ask you to fax me anything, please be sure that ALL ACCOUNT NUMBERS, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, ETC ARE BLACKED OUT. I don't want to be accused of trying to harvest information for identity theft or anything like that. My only purpose will be to develop a portfolio to submit to an attorney. Please feel free to post this message on other similar boards that you may encounter. If you do so, please post it in entirety so that there will be no misunderstandings in the process. Thank you for your time and cooperation. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Don Bowling Green, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Bowling Green, Kentucky
72, Report #24626
Jul 15 2002
07:06 AM
us bank ripoff victimized many consumers st, paul Minnesota
Seem us bank raised there fees, over double, without letting any one know. Being a widow and on a fixed income. I get direct deposit for my small income, well looks like the bank is going to make sure they get it all. For there new fees. that no one knew about. Why is it that the customer, has the burden of proof on them? How can companys get away with it? and we have no recource.. shirley carson city, Nevada
Entity: st, paul, Minnesota
73, Report #14756
Feb 21 2002
12:00 AM
US BANK National Association, ND VISA Payment Delay Scam
It appears that US Bank Corp of North Dakota is deliberately taking large amounts of time to process credit card payments allowing them to delay the date they mark your account as paid. This in turn allows them to charge a hefty finance charge even though payment maybe received in full. On several occasions payment sent by first class mail 10-14 days ahead of the billing due date is being credited several days after the due date. A finance charge is then excessed even though the bill is paid in full.There is no way that a first class letter sent within the US to a P.O. Box will take more than 3-4 days to reach its destination. Frank Parsippany, New Jersey
Entity: Fargo, North Dakota
74, Report #5763
Jul 16 2001
12:00 AM
Us Bank- Online Charges dispute. ridiculous impossible company to deal with
I had an account a couple of years ago with US Bank in Davis California and I noticed a couple of large online service withdrawals from AOL & Prodigy internet/chat. I called Them and was told that the money would be sent back to the bank. While this was going on, checks were bouncing, etc while I was disputing these charges and eventually US Bank closed my account for not returning the papers I needed to sign for the dispute, but they never sent them to me, and when I asked for records of my account so I could dispute it I was sent someone else's bank records for his entire account from the day he started it. US Bank did at one time reopen my account so that the money could be sent back from the 2 Internet services, but they didn't leave it open the 24 hours they were supposed to so the money never made it back to the bank. The 2 Internet services will not send the money back any other way than the was it was received by them. Ever since then I have been trying to get US Bank to reopen my account so that the Internet services can refund the money to my account and for US Bank to take care of the check bounce fees which wouldn't have happened if they didn't do this, and so that I can get off of the check write system so I can get a checking and savings account going again. This is beyond ridiculous.
Entity: Davis, California
75, Report #523312
Nov 13 2009
07:53 AM
us bank lied about closing my account mtn home, Arkansas
I recently returned from a deployment in baghdad when i went home to arkansas on leave. I joined usaa because hawaii doesnt have a us bank branch on the island. When I got home i went to the local branch walked in to the teller (keep in mind i have never closed a bank account) and told her that i needed to close my account. She stated ok i can take care of that for you. So i trusted her for the fact that she works there so she should know what needs to be done. She gave me in cash what my current balance was said everything was closed and that i was all set. So i left thinking that my account was closed and i was good to go. WRONG come to find out 2 months later there were some papers that needed to be signed to actually close out your account. apparently three days after i was in there a friend of mine cashed a check that i wrote her about 6 months before i went and closed the account. Normally it should just decline it and send it back....WRONG again...the didnt tell me account never closed and that check made me in the negative. i thought the account was closed so i never checked the website. 2 months later i get a call saying i owe them like 85 bucks. I payed them off and then something else happened would you know it they still never closed the account and an old auto withdrawl came out. and so on and so forth....I just payed the collection agency 219 dollars for something that should have never happened
Entity: mtn home, Arkansas

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