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1, Report #1404279
Oct 04 2017
08:29 PM
US Go Buy USGoBuy Overcharging shipping costs Internet Portland Oregon
I signed up with this service after seeing an ad that they shipped internationaly for Wal Mart Not realizing at the time they were not an official international shipper for them. That was just the beggining of their deception. In their ad they stated that they offered package consolidation in order to lower shipping costs. However unlike most other reputble companies they charge you for the the original dimensional weight and not the re packaged weight. They charged me $272.36 and the real shipping cost was $147.46. Which means I was overcharged $124.90. Instead of refunding the difference to my credit card they said it would be used as a shipping credit even though I dont intend to use them again. After i checked for my credit on their website the balance was zero. They originally overcharged me $30 on the dimensional weight. I tried to contact them by online chat and it was turned off. I emailed them and received no response. I figured since they had my merchandise and Im staying in Malaysia now I had no choice but to ship. I will certainally not useUSGOBUY again. I encourage everyone to stay away from them. Not only are they charging almost double the actual shipping cost, but their customer service is non existent.  
Entity: Portland, Oregon
2, Report #1179577
Sep 26 2014
08:51 PM
Entity: Brentwood, Tennessee
3, Report #1069532
Jul 23 2013
08:10 PM
go fun Gofunplaces They made us post ads, made us buy subscriptions $100/ monthly, they took my initial $500 and earnings of $2500. commissions Plesanton California
They made me pay $500.00 to join. They made us work daily posting advertisements for them, they made us buy products in their Internet Mall, we had to pay $100. / month for membership subcriptions for 8 months, they made me buy products $300.00 and they never shipped it to me. My earnings in commissions, they stole it and they dissolved their operation in the UNited States and moved everything to Hongkong.I paid my initial membership of $500. with a cashier's check they required. Thousands of affiliates lost a lot of money.
Entity: Plesanton, California
4, Report #1209655
Feb 17 2015
06:52 AM
PUSH Professional Ltd and similar - they don't pay then go into liquidation, buy out themselves and continue No payment, they owe us over 3,500 EUR PANGBOURNE Global
This company is the 3rd or another incarnation of the same one that orders translations from its providers and then after some time stops to pay. Then they go into liquidation to leave the debt behind and buy themselves out naming the new company a similar way to keep their presence in the minds of the clients and translation industry. It's the 3rd time their name contains PUSH. They have been banned from the major global translation portal for doing this due to people's complaints about their payment practices, yet they have guts to present such funny stories to the world: Unprofessional group of people led by Mr Ken Mealing that made a business model out of not paying their providers.
Entity: PANGBOURNE, Nationwide
5, Report #433512
Mar 12 2009
01:24 PM
Buy Owner Screwed us over Louisville Kentucky
In February of 2008, we paid $5,000 to Buy Owner to advertise our house to sell for us. At that time, we were also told that we could pay another fee to also have the house listed on the mls, which we did. We paid the additional $500 to have it listed. Very early on, we had realtors tell us that they had a hard time getting a hold of anyone at BuyOwner when they wanted to schedule the house to be shown. We did voice that concern and was told that it was being addressed by management. In January 2009, I started trying to get a hold of our rep. Every time I called the BuyOwner office, I got an answering service and was never contacted back. At one point, the answering service stopped answering and all I would get was a fast busy signal. On January 21, 2009, I found out that our house listing on the mls had been cancelled. We were never notified or contacted that it was being cancelled, it was just cancelled. I called the cell phone of someone that worked there and was told that the office had shut down. I was told there were no phones or internet and that because Mike Meiners had not paid his broker, the broker pulled all the listings. I was given Mike's cell phone to contact with further questions. On January 21, 2009, I spoke to Mike in the evening. At first, he told me that I was misinformed and that the listing was not cancelled. I explained that I had access to the mls and that I knew for a fact it was cancelled. Then he stated that his broker quit on him and that he was the one who cancelled it. He stated that he was working with another broker and would get the listing back up asap. I contacted him again on January 22, 2009 and questioned when the listing would be back up. I told him that we paid them a lot of money and that we were very upset with the circumstances. He stated that he would have the listing back up by the following day. On January 23, 2009, I could not get a hold of Mike. I sent him a text and told him that unless this was resolved, I would be contacting WAVE3's trouble shooter. He sent me a text back and stated that he was going to take care of this, that he had 6 years and $900,000 invested in this company and that he was not going to screw me over. He stated that he was working with a realtor and the earliest the listing would be back up would be Monday, Jan 26, 2009. I did not hear back from Mr. Meiners after that until yesterday when he text me and asked if he could meet with me on Saturday, February 7, 2009. On February 1, 2009, I send several dozen emails to local news channels and newspapers. On February 3, 2009, I was contacted by a report with the Courier Journal. He got more details from me and also sent me a link that had information on the company and other people associated with Mike. He also contact Mike and Mike told him that his company was not closing, he had nothing to do with the mls fees and that we couldn't have spent that much on advertising because the average cost at his company is $1,500.00. My question to that, is then why did he promise to take care of the mls listing if he had nothing to do with it and why did I get an email from BuyOwner last Friday stating that the company was closing? I also contact other people associated with the company and Mike and was told the following: I spoke with David Bicker who was on the list (office 502-459-6575 / cell 502-744-4657) and he told me the following: When Mike Meiners got involved, it became a rat race Mike made things so confusing that everyone else got out Mike still owes him $20K Books are wrong Mike is all about his name NOT being drug thru the mud Mike wouldn't even call his own bookie back Don't believe a word Mike says Mike is being sued by his landlord Mike can be held personally liable Mike will take advantage of anyone It was a franchise set up as a Corporation Transfer documents were not done correctly almost a year ago They have had other issues He said that he heard thru the grapevine that the office was closing but wasn't sure I also contacted Scott Eckert (954) 771-7777 who didn't have anything good to say about Mike either. He stated that they are having their own issues with him as well and I would be good to take this public. I also contacted two of Mike's brother's. Mark said that Mike is very unreliable and good luck. Terry said I needed to talk to Mike. I think it is truly sad that in today's times, people are struggling enough trying to sell their homes with the market and the economy the way it is, but to invest so much money and have someone take that money and just walk away it is unethical. Jill Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
6, Report #1298698
Apr 08 2016
07:35 PM
Rooms to Go- Internet Sales If you live in an apartment, DONT BUY FROM ROOMS TO GO IF YOU MOVE THE WARRANTY EXPIRES FRIENDSWOODS/HOUSTON Nationwide
I purchased some furniture, a dinette set that does not support anyone/thing over 200lbs. The technician came out and tightened the bolts within the 1st month I owned it. Then I moved. My disabled son sat on a chair and it broke. When I called customer service and told them the address, they advised me since I moved my warranty was terminated. The customer service representative informed me I should have read my contract. I purchased the furniture online. I had no idea I was supposed to live in my apartment forever.......OR that the chairs had a weight limit. No where on their website is it posted that the chairs have a weight limit. I can not use any of the chairs if my guests are over 200lbs. My son can no longer sit on them and I can not return the table either that is under a payment plan. Almost $200 per chair. Im paying for something I can not use.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #335278
May 28 2008
07:00 PM
Antivirus2008, , 1-800-467-1077 got us to buy 49.95 antivirus and it is bad it wont let us go or hardly do anything on the web its not worth the trouble at all Nationwide
the antivirus 2008 cost 49.95 and is'nt worth the trouble . It will not let me hardly go anywhere on the web. And it pops up all the time. And it makes our computer run slower. the antivirus said we had 41 high level viruses and needed to purches the antivirus 2008 to disable the viruses. We purched the antivirus ran a scan and there was no viruses . Donnie moore, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1019859
Mar 03 2013
09:16 PM
LBS Loan, Buy, Sell Charged me $567 on a $500 reimbursement from IRS. Also, make me work 72 hours per week and only paid for 40 ea. wk with the understanding that I will get commission. Was not paid for the over time or Orange City, Florida
Was hired as an office administrator; however, made me work 72 hours a week and no lunch period. In order to get lunch time, I was to distribute cards. I refused, so I was not entitled to take lunch time.  Used my name to fill out taxes for clients, (I am NOT a tax preparer) and was threatened to get fired if I did not sign. At the end, I quit. I was offered commission monies for each client that came in the office. As of January 14, 2013, a total of 58 clients were seen. I was to get pay $2.00 per client. I quit on 02/11/2013; which I worked that day from 9 am to 7 pm. Also, I was to get $10 per 1040 that my name was used. None of the above, I was paid for. And my taxes were done by Wagny Vincent, which charged me $569 for a $500 refund. 
Entity: Orange City, Florida
9, Report #253458
Jul 31 2009
02:52 PM
DBA Direct Buy Of Boston North does not honor 3-day contract cooling off period; did not send refund of check issued Stoneham Massachusetts
We entered into a Membership Agreement with Direct Buy North on June 3, 2007. A day later, we sent them an email and a letter, cancelling our agreement and invoking both the 3-day cooling off period for contracts and their Vice-President Mr. Bart Fesperman's letter to the Boston channel, saying they will honor new members' cancellation requests. We asked that our $490 check be returned to us. The letter was sent by Fedex and was received on June 5, 2007. Still, they proceeded to cash the check on June 8, 2007. We want a refund.Pierre Stoneham, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Stoneham, Massachusetts
10, Report #360849
Mar 11 2010
07:25 AM
They made contact by e-mail about selling or renting my timeshare's. I did respond as I had two I wanted to sell. I spoke with a Mary Ann Williams, she told me it would be $799. to sell both. I paid them that amount. In about three weeks she called me to say they had sold one of them for $17,500 and I would be receiving a check in a couple of weeks. One week later she called that I had 12 get-away's that I would lose if I did not pay to keep them, they would rent them for me, no problem. It was two weeks rent, $3588.. Dumb, I paid it on my credit card. One week later she called, they had sold the other timeshare for 12,500. and I would be getting both check's at the end of the week. To list the other six get-aways was $1794. Dumb again, I let them put this on my credit card. I have turned in all of my papers to my credit card company and they are trying to reverse these charges...still out the $799. as it is over 60 days. Dottie Bakersfield, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: S Daytona Beach, Florida
11, Report #1335741
Oct 31 2016
05:51 AM
Best Buy Scam Took my hard drive and held for ransom Alabaster Alabama
Warranty Scam? Or did Best Buy just take my personal data and hold for ransom! I took my Window 7 Desktop Computer to my local Best Buy Geek Squad to have my DVD drive repaired under warranty.  Best Buy told me because of the type of warranty (I purchased through Geek Squad), my computer had to be sent to the Best Buy Service Center to be covered and no additional charge to me.  When my computer was return to the Best Buy store, I was informed that my hard drive was replaced due to the hard drive failing a routine test. The DVD drive was not repaired and the store could not explain why the repair was not don. When I ask about my data on my original hard drive, I was instructed to contact the service center to get a back p copy.  After multiple phone calls to only be routed back to my local store.  I finally had an employee help me contact the service center.  The service center charged me just under $190.00 which I paid via credit card to have my data copied and sent to me on an external drive.  The local Best Buy store told me they did not want anything else happing to my computer, so they replaced my DVD drive using the Geek Squad team in the store.  Now I have a computer with Windows 10 because Best Buy told me they could not load Windows 7 back on my pc. And all my programs and data are on an external drive.  I have been spending hours attempting to reload what programs I can and working on an external drive fo access my media files and documents. After calling my local Best Buy store to file my complaint and attempt to receive a refund, I was only informed that Best Buy was sorry this happened, but they are now looking into was to improve the customer experience to prevent this from happening again.
Entity: Alabaster, Alabama
12, Report #1188612
Nov 13 2014
07:21 AM
Best Buy Best Buy Stores, LP - US Headquarters Jonathan Brubaker Store Manager was super rude and unprofessional Leesburg Virginia
I have been a loyal customer to Best Buy and never hand any issues in past. I was very disappointed and felt discriminated by the store manager. On 11/12/2014 around 6:30 I walked in to: 609 Potomac Station Drive Leesburg, VA 20176 to get my phone replaced as it was not working. I worked with Geek Squad gentleman and spend over 45 minutes. He was polite but unaware of the process of replacing the phone. Later we called Geek Squad and waited another 47 minutes on the phone and no help. Geek squad asked me to call verizon and was put on hold and been waiting. After waiting another 30 minutes I requested to speak to a manager Jonathan Burbaker. I explained the situation to Jonathan and all he says sorry its Geek Squad and shifting blame to Geek Squad or to Verizon. Please note I have been in the store for over 2 hours now and still did not get any help. I told Johnathan Brubaker it is very frustrating and very unorganized way. And I am unhappy customer. Store Manager Jonathan Brubaker asked me to leave the store. This is after me on hold for over an hour. And employee leaving me hanging high and dry. Jonathan was not sympathetic or helpful. Felt like they just want to close the store and get out. Please assist me getting my phone replaced and report this incident to management so other customers don't experience the lack of service and discrimination. 
Entity: Leesburg, Virginia
13, Report #948154
Sep 28 2012
05:16 PM
US Watches Buy is a owned by a chinese person.  I do not believe it is a company at all, just an individual who put up a website.  I actually feel like an idiot because I ordered and didn't even check to see where the website was located, nor did I check for proper SSL certification to run an online store. So back to the story.  I ordered a watch.  Never got a receipt, never got a confirmation #.  Nothing. I instantly knew I'd made a mistake, so I called my bank and cancelled the card.  Then I wrote the company to the GMAIL account they had listed.  Of course no phone numbers anywhere.  Whois data brings up nothing, though I was able to track the company down to an address in china using some online ninja skills based on other web properties this individual owns. They wrote back assuring me that my order was received and would take 15 business days to arrive. 15 days later....guess what.  Nothing So I wrote again.  They wrote back that the item was not in stock...GEEZ thanks for telling me!  So I picked another item.  They expressed that they were sorry and that this would go out asap (5 business days!)...So I waited....guess what?  After this time, they said that item also was not available and that I could choose something else, but if I did it would take longer cause they were about to go on Chinese holiday.  Seriously what a load of crap!  I asked for a refund.  He said it would take 30 days to refund the money.  So pretty much they just stole the money and provided nothing to me for the purchase.  DO NOT BUY FROM THIS'll get nothing but air.
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #1404803
Oct 07 2017
11:06 AM
Buy From Us Stuart Blint Laptop refurbisher in South Spain deliberately destroys computer hard drive in fit of anger Frigliana, Spain Internet
In June 2017 initially via Internet, I bought a refurbished Dell Model E6410 laptop computer from Buy From Us ( located in Frigliana, Costa del Sol, Spain for €300 cash with a 90-day guarantee. I had problems and invoked the guarantee.On 21 September 2017 in the coastal city of Nerja, close to Frigliana, Buy From Us principal, Stuart Blint, in a sudden fit of temper picked up and slammed my Dell laptop down on a metal table in an outdoor cafe. The next day by e-mail, Mr. Blint apologised for his behavior. He told me all my data on my hard drive he installed from a previously dead laptop was absolutely gone, non-discoverable as a direct result of his temper tantrum. Full stop!!Stuart Blint and his Internet company,, refused to provide me a full €300 refund I demanded. And offered nothing but a new, clean hard drive in the damaged laptop along with a new battery I did not order!Or, Buy From Us through another Stuart Blint e-mail he sent during the first week of October, offered to buy back the now broken Dell laptop for €150. I refused, calling this offer a profound insult. I write this complaint on 7 October 2017. Buy From Us and Stuart Blint killed more than 11 years of recorded images (I am a professional photo-journalist and hundreds of documents etc.), retains my €300 plus my now defunct or dead Dell E6410 allegedly refurbished laptop computer.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #266663
Aug 10 2007
02:46 PM
Freidmans ripoff has mess up my marriage i cant seem to just go an buy another wedding ring since the one i got married with i cant seem to have because according to the sales lady that help me and my husband she lied to us. San Antonio Texas
i lived in san antonio,i met my boyfriend in lake charles. we decided to get married,so we were in san antonio,there at freidmans decided to go look at weeding rings,we found the perfect one other then needing it size to a 4,we both loved it,so we decided to buy it there and then since we live in lake husband only got approve for a surdden amount,so she gave us a little discount. same day we showed the ring to my son,he notice a crack on one of the bhuggetts,we immediately call our sales lady back,she said they didnt have another one there,but to go to another mall,so we did they told us it was just a fether flaws in the bhuggett,they told us they didnt have one like that one, so we call our sales lady again,she told us we could exchange it in louisianna, well it didnt happen,they turn us away since we bought it in san antonio. we call our sales lady again said to bring it back,mean while we got married with this ring,then we came back to san antonio,our sales lady at the time wasnt there but she already had told us that we would be getting it fix,this other sales lady took our ring and said we will fix the ring or exchange it for the same one,i told her i wanted that one because we already got married with that ring,and i needed it size from the beginning to a 4,she said she remember. we left the ring on july 9th 07,lady said it was going to take 3wks,we were upset with that but what could we do,my husband finally go a call on aug-3-07,from our sales lady telling us she couldnt exchang it and the ring with bhuggetts on the side couldnt get size,because the bhuggetts would not stay in the ring.remind you we are in lack charles La,we just cant go down there to the mall,so i cryed and my husband told them this was our first marriage and we got married with this ring. i then got on the phone crying telling her that i got propose and took some special vows with this ring.nothing could be done. so here we go again to san antonio,getting a credit on his account and not even a sorry,are sales lady wasnt even around. so here i am married and a broken heart with one month married and already separated from my husband because i cant seem to just understand and let it go and by me another ring. Butterfly san antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
16, Report #42918
Mar 25 2003
11:51 PM
Best Buy ripoff Horrible customer service and deceptive practices West Hartford Connecticut
Here is the short not too painful version: I bought a washer and dryer from Best Buy. BIG MISTAKE. They sold me the wrong dryer cord even though I told them twice what electrical service I had and what I needed. I had to return to the store the night before delivery to get the right cord. The wrong cord was $19. They marked up the new cord to $50. I then went to Lowes and got the exact same (correct) cord for $17. They failed to deliver on time. In fact, I had to call the deilvery center 3 times on the scheduled date of delivery and they never showed up. They rescheduled two more times. Each time, I lost time from work sitting at home waiting for them to never show up. I asked that my deilvery fee of $30 be refunded since they wasted three days of my time and lost work due to their scheduling mistakes (which the manager admitted). They wouldn't do it. They talked me into a slightly more expensive appliance because it was subject to a good rebate. They filled out the rebate form for me and gave me the receipt to file with it. That model was not in fact subject to a rebate and the energy star customer service folks were not surprised by the representation to the contrary by Best Buy. I filed a written complaint with the store manager and he never responded. They clearly don't care about customers. I will never buy anything from them again. Janis New BRitain, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: West Hartford, Connecticut
17, Report #121187
Dec 04 2004
07:52 AM
Household Bank Aka Best Buy Aka Rooms To Go Household Bank aka Best Buy aka Rooms To Go; National Ripoff. Only thing to do is sue! Irving Texas
The only way to resolve anything with Household Bank (Household Credit Cards, Best Buy, Rooms To Go) is to sue them. It will take about a year or more, tie up your credit and entitled your lawyer to 1/3 of what you win. But your credit is already messed up, right? BUT, you are entitled to three times what you owed them to begin with if they overbilled, held onto your payment before posting, promised a lower rate and lied or any other unmentioned abuse. They've done all those things to me and once my lawsuit is settled, I won't be able to talk about it. THAT is why the Better Business Bureau doesn't list them as a bad risk - anybody who ever settled is unable to talk about it. Sue them for as much as your lawyer thinks you can. What have you got to lose? God bless you in your endevour. This has been a lesson for me: credit cards and not a good financial investment - why should the companies who run them be any different? They are there to take advantage of our weaknesses. I've been punished enough. Now it's time for Household to be punished. Fayre Mesquite, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
18, Report #62376
Jun 30 2003
05:46 PM
Best Buy & Circuit City ripoff Products so bad that you need to buy a waranty because it's almost guaranteed something will go wrong. Portsmouth New Hampshire
I went to best buy, and I purchased a laptop. I should have guessed from the 15% restocking fee, that it was a mistake! Also after coming in 5 times, i never got even greeted. A simple Hello, how are you? Can I help you find anything? No such luck But I did get this Sorry we are out of stock I hear that all the time! Some BEST BUY, if you CAN'T BUY IT! So i bought the warranty, and best buy says in the fine print, (I found out later) that it's up to their discretion to repair the notebook. The monitor went in about 3 months and they refused to service it. It just simply shut off. Not broken or anything like that. They gave me my 300 bucks back for my warranty. So I went to circuit city next month for a tv purchase. The sales guy was not some punk 18 year old, and he KNEW what he was talking about. I got a 4000 tv, and he only charged me 300 bucks for an onsite warranty! If you are not buying the warranties at circuit city, go to best buy. Circuit city doesn't want VOLUME. I can see why, my tv had a slight problem and a tech came over and replaced my tv with a newer model! a new sony! the manager at circuit city told me also that if anything were to happen to talk to him. He'd take care of me. And he did!! Bottom line is. If you don't buy the warranty. Don't shop at circuit city. Because you're stupid. And stupid people shop at best buy right? Plain and simple. The prices are so good. and things happen with notebooks and tvs. Don't come crawling back saying it broke if you never bought a warranty. THAT'S WHY THEY OFFER THEM silly. So every time i hear a sales person offer the warranty, and i hear a customer laugh saying no, that's a waste. I think suckkkerrrr, if it breaks your screwed. Because your a cheap skate. I even tell em that at the register while getting a faint smile from the salesperson. Anyways i heard it acutally hurts the sales people. Buying a computer with no accesories, or service HURTS their numbers. Its better if you didn't buy it in the first place! And if their numbers aren't good, they can get fired. It doesn't matter how good they are. So blow off customers that don't buy service. Tobi New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
19, Report #608240
May 28 2010
05:26 PM
US AIRWAYS US airways offer 100% bonus buy and transfer miles, get my money, close my account, scam, Nationwide
US airway offer 100% bonus when purchase their miles again in April, they offer another 100% bonus for transfering miles I then group my family and friends together, buy miles, transfer them double them, paying my hard earnt money direct to US airways ( their agent total money I spent were over $ 10,000 I used some miles, but then when I am ready to book another flight, I found my 180,000 miles account closed, so is my brother's 100,000 miles, I then contact USairway, were advise it is being look into, for no reason, no email correspondent and no one to contact, I complainted, were then told one of the people in charge of this will contact me, but for 10 days pasted, no one contact me, this is like a scam, an airlines offer to give double miles, not by flying but by paying to buy their miles or transfer miles, they get my solid money and they closed my account, FAA should look into this anyone know any other venue that I can hit US airway hard ?
Entity: , Nationwide
20, Report #406490
Dec 31 2008
10:33 PM
Larry Miller Sundance Dodge put us upside down in a vehicle, not just once but twice! Boise Idaho
I just want to say that the people at Larry Miller sundance Dodge in Boise, Idaho are ripoff experts, they put people in vehicles with loans with rediculous interest rates....just like the housing fiasco only with cars. We leased a vehicle and we cannot now trade it to get out of this high payment because they say the van isnt worth anything now even though its a 2007 with less than 10,000 miles! They wont help us in anyway, not with refinance or maybe a trade on something less expensive. They are no help at all and are only out for themselves....BUYERS BEWARE!!!!! Terri Nampa, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
21, Report #1070176
Jul 25 2013
08:06 PM
Direct Buy Auto Warranty Sucks balls flat out LIARS and THIEVES Metuchen New Jersey
 Let me first start off saying that I don't do any consumer reviews (hardly) at all! However my experience with this company, if you can even call it that, was so bad that it left a sour taste in my mouth.DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY. RESEARCH INTO OTHER COMPANIES AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE INFORMED BETTER.I must admit I was uninformed and I should have researched this company more before forking over my money. But nevertheless here's my FACTS not stories. (As they boldly told me over the phone.)I called about May to get a warranty for my car, I own a 2004 BMW 330ci MANUAL. I explained all of this to the sales rep and I specifically told him my main issues since it was a USED car.Me: My main concerns for gettting coverage is for my parking sensors, cd changer, the motor that works the roof, is that covered?Sales: Yes of course this coverage is bumper to bumper--------------------------------I'm not stupid I know they say that but not necessarily true, I own a Mercedes as well and I have coverage with them through CARMAX (which I think is the best ever!) However I told them specifically and in the contract it does say that they cover sensor, motor, AC, and the cd changer. Which was fine, then fast forward to now.JULY 2013I called their claims department and when I told them that there was something wrong with my CD changer and it was stuck and now its not working. The first thing the representative said was NO PROBLEM WE ARE GOING TO OPEN A CLAIM AND ORDER YOU A NEW CD CHANGER. I was told all I had to do was drop it off to a shop.I dropped it off to the shop and lo and behold my mechanic called me back saying that they are not covering anything but just the valve gasket.I called their 1 800 number and I kid you not the sales rep was so rude and unprofessional. Their claims department sucks.The repair needed for my car was CD changer, a minor wiring for my parking sensor, AC rotator, and valve gasket. THEY WANTED TO COVER ONLY THE VALVE GASKET. The one thing that I wasn't even so concerned about which was why I got this warranty. When i told the sales rep what I was assured, he laughed and said no one NO ONE would ever pay that here. I said so the coverage says that they cover those components so why is it denied. The rep then proceeds to tell me that they were specific parts that they don't cover. So I pulled the contract and told the rep that the contract ALSO DOESN'T STATE THAT THEY DONT COVER THOSE COMPONENTS. So I asked him who makes the decisions when it came to those grey areas. He couldn't answer me then. So I asked for a supervisor because at this point he keeps calling me a liar about everything that's been transpired so far. I advised him that I also work for a corporate and this is not how you should be treating customers. He scoffed and instead raised his voice to me and said that he can't help me any further. So when I asked for a supervisor he proceeds to tell me that there isn't one and that there was no one else I could talk to. I told him that a company that claims to be a corporate doesn't have a chain of command that doesnt make sense. He then proceeded to tell me (after being in a screaming match at this point for the last 15 mins) that HE IS A SUPERVISOR  and that he's telling me that he wont do anything for me.So this whole time he was just an agent who couldn't answer me on who makes the decision for those grey areas and who can't do anything about exceptions and who can't give me a straight answer, then bam 30 mins later your telling me your the SUPERVISOR. It was just such a disgrace, this business is so dispicable.TRUST ME DO NOT GIVE YOUR BUSINESS OR MONEY TO DIRECT BUY AUTO WARRANTY: they will scam you and con you of everything.The claims representative/supervisor (apparently) was George Thompson aka the rude representative/supervisor. Then the kicker, I called back a few days later and the same guy, I know because I'm really good at voice recognition not to mention they used the EXACT SAME VERBAGE. Unless of course they go to training to be told to say the exact same things. This guy now claims his name is William Nelson. Really now? I was suppose to get a call back from supposedly someone above the food chain of George Thompson and I have yet to get any. I told him to go ahead and process a refund and he said that he will email me the process to do so and did you think I got it? NOPE. Instead I got a customer survey of how they did. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT?WORST AUTO WARRANTY COMPANY EVER! NOT EVEN BETTER BUSSINESS BUREU accredited (BBB)!!Sincerely,Pissed as f*ck!
Entity: Metuchen, New Jersey
22, Report #1050633
May 13 2013
03:46 PM
direct buy of RICHMOND direct BUY now using US mail to send out FAKE parcel PICKUP notices Richmond, Virginia
DB OF richmond sent off colour green/ fake parcel  pickup notice designed to look like USPS MAIL OR DESIGNED TO LOOK LIKE USPS  notification card for Return RECEIPT Requested POST MAIL POSTCARD. POST card cleverly crafted so most of you will not see the small print that says it is from DB OF richmond  BUT IN bigger LETTERS IT HAS YOUR NAME  AND A pkg number and a PHONE number to call for p/U OF THAT ...ALLEGEDLY  'ANDROID PHONE AND TOUCH PAD ipAD'fake parcel pickup notice----- now down to doing this this I WILL DROP MY CARD OFF TO A postal INSPECTOR i know..see if they are VIOLATING ANY US MAIL NOTIFICATION STANDARDS..
Entity: Richmond,, Virginia
23, Report #314211
Mar 03 2008
11:11 AM
Rooms To Go Don;t buy, they do not warranty as promised Miami Florida
I have bought from Rooms to GO twice. Sadly, the second time was a big mistake. I bought 5 expensive pieces for my living room and just recently noticed that my leather reclining sofa has the tan leather washing away with their leather cleaner. I also noticed a very small hair line crack in the seat of the recliner I bought to match it. I had the tech come out once and took a few pictures and left. I recieved a phone call a few days later saying it is not warrantied. So I called the corporta enumber and had them second another tech for a second opinion. This tech was nice and polite and actually told me rooms to go needed to replace the sofa nd chair as it was not repairable. Today I got the results and again was told that was not under warranty. I called the corporate agian and said I am not paying for this garabarge and I was promised the world by their store sales manager. The only reason I bought was I was told it was warantied for 1 full year. Do not buy from them, they are liars and their stuff sucks. Andrew Miami Lakes, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
24, Report #316794
Mar 11 2008
1. Initially my credit card was declined however I did call the following day (2/22) to have it resubmitted when I was assured by the customer service agent that you would run it through right away. 2. I called back the next Monday which was 2/25/2008 and it had not been done. At that time the customer service agent stated that it was run through again and approval was gained. 3. As you can see by the email I am forwarding to you my PD was obtained from Lenscrafters on 2/25/08. However, I called once again and told the customer service agent that you already had by PD and she said it was not on file - EVEN THOUGH I HAVE AN EMAIL FROM GO-OPTIC STATING IT WAS RECEIVED ON 2/25. 4.I called one day during the week of 3/3/2008 and was told that my lenses were sent out to have the reflective coating completed. 5.I called again on Friday, 3/7/2008 and was told by the customer service agent that my glasses would ship out on Monday, 3/10/2008. 6.I called Monday 3/10/2008 to see if my glasses were being shipped and was told by Susie the information the customer service agent provided to me on Friday, 3/7/2008 was incorrect my lenses were just ordered. This was at approximately 2:30pm est. 7.I made it very clear to Susie I wanted my glasses shipped on 3/10/2008 or my money back. She assured me that she personally would talk to a manager to assess the situation and she would call me back in a few hours. about 6:30pm est I called because I had not heard from Susie or a manager and was told Susie was not available to come to the telephone but Monica would put a request in to have a manager call me. The customer service has provided to me - THE CUSTOMER -has been absolutely horrible. A resolution to this matter and the truth would be much appreciated by the close of business tomorrow - 3/11/2008, 7pm est. Jan s Manheim, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
25, Report #1079171
Aug 26 2013
01:20 PM
We spent over $5,000.00 at Rooms To Go in San Antonio Texas.Our order was from the kids and adults.We have been lied to from the start. First the sales guys tried to add extra stuff on the order... good thing we read! I did not ask for an extended warranty or mattress pad!Next our two sales guys got together to coordinate delivery same truck and day...LIE! I spent all day waiting on two separate trucks|. Our living room set came with a Best Buy card for a TV!. You have to wait 5 days for it to be active fine/.A lamp was busted when it arrived to be declined it:. No one told me to call or anything, but later that night since I had no heard from anyone I decided to give customer service a call|. Heather the CS rep said it was a good thing I did.. She also informed me she could not do anything with my order since no one closed it out?.She told me to call back Monday... It was Friday. Monday I called to reschedule my delivery and spoke to Esmie she said the best they could do was the following Monday.. I said fine.I can live without a lamp. What Esmie FAILED to tell me was that Mondays are all day deliveries from 7am -10pm no call no nothing. So I sat a waited all day! I called the best buy card still not activated.So I called customer service again spoke to galenda she told me she would get my card activated by monday LIE! Monday has come and gone and nothing! So I called back only to be informed that I have to wait an additional 5 days for the card to be activated.All they do is LIE, cheat and flat out steal!DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!
Entity: san antonio, Texas

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