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1, Report #1403527
Oct 01 2017
08:18 PM
US Weekly Fraudulent Renewal Deceptive Strong Tactics Tampa Florida
Automatically renewed subscription, and charged my debit card.  I immediately called to cancel to say that I did not want subscription.  Offered to refund all of my money if I allowed it to continue for three more months, and then call to cancel.  Otherwise, would charge for magazines I received from date of charge to present at full cover value.No wonder physical media is dying.  Stron arm telemarketers and unprofessional.Rip off and no morals.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #110253
Sep 26 2004
07:59 PM
US Weekly-North Shore Agency ripoff dishonest condescending billing Westbury New York
I paid for a one year subscription to US Weekly, but they added an additional year. When I refused to pay for the additional year subscription, they sent me to the North Shore Agency, Inc (an alledged collection agency). I received the most condescending collection notice stating, Be realistic. You don't get something for nothing... It's not the way it works and you know that. I am very confused why a magazine subscription would be sent to a collection agency instead of canceling the subscription. I even called US Weekly and canceled the subscription at the end of the year that I had paid for, and still received this letter. In response I wrote to both North Shore and US Weekly stating that if this matter was not resolved I would contact Better Business Bureau and possibly taking legal action. I am not happy about this, and I hope other people speak up also. Krista Bend, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Westbury, New York
3, Report #466189
Jun 29 2009
07:03 PM
US Weekly Magazine & North Shore Agency, Inc. charging me for magazines I NEVER ORDERED Westbury New York
US Weekly magazine started sending me notices saying I owed them $51.48 which was a surprise to me because I NEVER ordered from them. Interestingly enough, the magazine does not have a customer service number you can call. You can email or fax them which is ridiculous for a huge publication like that. Today I received a notice from North Shore Agency, INC. claiming to be a collections agency. If you call one of their numbers it's disconnected and the other one is automated and only takes payment. This whole situation sounds very shady to me. It sounds like a scam and judging from everyone's complaints on this site, I can only conclude that it is. Pinkglove Canyon Country, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Westbury, New York
4, Report #565207
Feb 05 2010
06:49 PM
US Weekly Magazine & North Shore Agency, Inc. Said that I subscribed to their Magazine after I entered in to a sweepstakes that I clicked out of when I had to enter CC info. Red Oak, Iowa
I was on a website that was offering sweepstakes for a designer purse so I decided to enter.  I did not see it advertised any where that you had to put you credit card information or subscribe to this trash mag to enter to win. Once I entered my address I clicked enter a new screen popped up asking for my credit card information so I closed out. Two weeks later I started getting US Weekly.  I do not read the mess nor do I believe in supporting it at all.  I did not open them and I saved them to send back once I got an address.  No bill no nothing came for months so I threw them away. I only received 3 mag's so I thought they were teasers. Five months later I got a collection notice from US Weekly for 51 dollars. At first I thought it was a scam. !!???. There is no way on earth that should that expensive for one, secondly I never got a bill, thirdly there was never a number or any way I could dispute the charges. Now I have a collection notice from another company all because of a stinking sweepstakes for a designer purse.   I realize it is only 51 dollars but it is the simple ethics of the matter.  Companies should not be allowed to make money this way!!!  There should be an ethics commity to govern business and bankers just like lawyers and doctors, this has simply gotten out of hand.
Entity: Red Oak, Iowa
5, Report #1228442
May 11 2015
08:33 PM
collect pros They stated that I owe $365.75 to US Weekly. I have never signed up for US Weekly nor have I ever received a US Weekly magazine.  Woburn Massachusetts
I am very pissed off about this considering when I called to resolve in I got a middle easterner that I couldn't understand. I told them it was a scam and she kept saying no scam if it were scam you couldn't talk to me send me check and this go away This is a scam and I am calling the FCC and every other federal agency that will hammer these terrorist funding scam artist.
Entity: Woburn , Massachusetts
6, Report #390216
Nov 11 2008
03:25 PM
US-Xpress-Enterprises Changing rates and deducting monies from weekly settlement. Chattanooga Tennessee
Since the extended use of NAFTA related cross border loads, US Xpress has went back in several instances 2 months and recallibrated my rates on freight that was hauled into or outbound from Laredo,TX. According to them this is because now they have to-pay the Mexican drivers who start/finish the loads. I work on percentage plus fuel surcharge, this new ruling on rates, takes money from both the mileage rate but also the fuel surcharge rate. On average it shows up from 11cent to 23cen per mile rate adjustment, and always after you have completed the trip an been paid for your services. In the month of Oct this came to a total of over $900. dollars. Ron Gantt, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nationwide
7, Report #1229229
May 15 2015
02:00 PM
Us Weekly Magazine billing me for a magazine I never ordered do not have the city do not know
I have never orderd this magazine, I do not have any information on this magazine, no Account number, no address, I have no magazine subscrition information. I do not owe this money.
8, Report #1233041
Jun 02 2015
02:53 PM
Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly Florida
I  recieved a collection letter stated that I owe 249.10 for magazine, for Entertainment Weekly. I have never applied nor purchase any magazine. This is not me or this a a fraud in my name. Again I never recieved or subscribed any magazine. Please correct this and take my name off this collection department, which in fact does not give you the opportunity toeven speak to a live person. This collection came from Collect Pros . I really would like to get this corrected. Thank you
9, Report #182462
Mar 21 2006
02:09 PM
NBPI - USAPA - National Prize Weekly - CDRA - Central Intelligence Award Watch List ripoff, scam, thieves, destroyed all hopes and dreams, left us in deeper debt Las Vegas Nevada, Boca Raton Florida, Peterborough New Hampshire
I was robbed of over $500.00 through this bogus, rip-off, sweepstakes. I received numerous official looking letters and notices, including a brochure titled National Prize Weekly, stating my confirmed award of over $3,700,000.00 in cash and prizes. Each requesting a $20.00 processing or documentation fee. I was also sent an Arrangements and Dispatch notice stating all documents and dispatch instructions would be sent to me shortly after returning the signed documents enclosed with a fee. I know I should have researched it before, but the thought of having all my finacial problems disappear for good was a dream come true. Who could pass up an offer like that. Now I am in even deeper debt and because of that it has also caused a strain on my marriage and family life. I wish I could turn back time and get my money back and pay back the dishonest thieves that are running this scam, but all I can do now is work harder now, be more aware, and report it so that no other honest hard working American does not suffer the heartache, and anguish me and my family have been through. Angela Anchorage, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1407982
Oct 23 2017
11:31 AM
Wanderlust Weekly Erica Pollard Wanderlust Magazine contacted my business, conned us out of money for advertisement. lied about running feature stories and promoting business, has information due to the interview Internet
In September of 2017, my company was contacted by a lady named Erica, who claimed she worked for Wanderlust Magazine. They have an online website Which is called Wanderlust Weekly.  I write for an online travel and lifestyle magazine called Wanderlust, we cover conscious people and products around the world. We'd like to run a wellness feature on (My business), any interest? Please review the site and let me know, thanks we'd love to have you. =)    Being a small business and familiar with Wanderlust I was thrilled and honored to be featured on their site. I agreed to being a part of the feature and doing the interview. Then I recieved an email of simple interview questions about my business,  so they could run an entrepreneurial profile on me and how I manifested my vision. I answered the 3 questions, and provided pictures as reqested.         After reading what I had wrote, Erica then mentioned that Wanderlust  Magazine wanted to help me get a few projects off the ground.  Also we'd love to help support your (PROJECT 1) and ( PROJECT 2). If you like we can put together a newsletter campaign for you to get the word out, which means we'd send a series of eblasts with(my business) branding and news to our 50K subscribers over a 2 month period. You're not obligated but it's very effective, with a one time fee of $($$) to help with our costs.        I agreed to the fee and was sent an invoice from Wanderlust Magazine. Paid the fee and never heard from them again. I've emailed over and over and got zero response.     
Entity: Internet
11, Report #15027
Feb 25 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1228875
May 13 2015
11:27 AM
Collect Pros Michael Ross Collection Scam US Weekly Magazine Carson City Nevada
Received notice from collect pros that they were trying to collect a debt for US Weekly.  Since I have never signed up for htat magazine or received a copy of that magazine I called the number on the notice to be directed to their website  Disputed the debt.  Will be sending a certified letter officially disputing the debt IAW the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (15 USC 1692g Sec 809 b).  Emailed US Weekly, they responded that there is a company in Massachusetts that has been trying to collect from customers (unauthorized).  Return address on the envelope is 311 W. 3rd St Carson City Nv 89703 with a Tampa Fl postage permit.  Address that they want me to send money is PO Box 4133 Woburn Ma 01888. I did a search on Google for that company and found many complaints about this company.  Mostly that they were trying to collect on debts that are not valid.  Reported them to the Better Business Bureau.  According to the BBB website there are 142 complaints, that the company is not physically located in Carson City Nv and the physical address is not known.  Website domains and are registered to Santrinico Enterprises Ltd in Lamaca Cyprus.  Business Mgt:  Mr. Michael A. Ross (Manager); corporate filings in some states list the following additional member manager:  H&B Capital Holding LLC, Dagit Holdings LLC, and Spyder Marketing Inc.  Alternate Business names are Collect Pros LLC, GSCM Collection Department, GSCM.  Also BBB cannot determine whether or not they have the proper licensing, bonding or registration to lawfully do business. Sending a complaint to my State Attorney General's office and to the Postal Inspector (as a complaint for mail fraud).  I've reported this business to the FTC and to the site (possible Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violation).  If you receive a collection request from this company or any of the companies they are associated with do not send them money.  Contact the company that they say they are collecting for to verify it's a valid debt.  And make sure you report them.
Entity: Carson City, Nevada
13, Report #1228357
May 11 2015
02:35 PM
Collect pros Claiming i ordered and owe $365.75 on US Weekly magazines Woburn Massachusetts
 I received a letter in the mail today saying i owe $365.75 on us weekly magazines which i have never ordered nor did i receive i have tried contacting the company by phone and all i get is a recording i got online to dispute this because it is irritating and ridiculous. This has to be a scam but i dont want it to affect my credit.
Entity: Woburn, Massachusetts
14, Report #1229861
May 18 2015
08:06 AM
15, Report #1228307
May 11 2015
01:05 PM
Collect Pros Sent me a bill for 274.05 for US weekly magazine. Woburn Massachusetts
Today I got a bill in the mail. I could'to figure out what this was all about. There is no telephone number or e-mail address, just an address I am suppose to send a check for 274.05 for something I never signed up for.
Entity: Woburn, Massachusetts
16, Report #1231567
May 27 2015
06:26 AM
collect pros claims I ordered us weekly owe $224.15 snd I never dif woburn Massachusetts
 I never ordered anything called the number given and states I ordered magazines on may 4 and eanted credit card info .. there is no wsy to speak to anyone does not give option also saved letter they sent even has a dispute w eb site which doesn't work trying to build my credit and need this matter resolved ....thank you
Entity: woburn , Massachusetts
17, Report #1231169
May 23 2015
03:11 PM
COLLECT PROS said i owed for us weekly magazine amount due: $332.50 woburn Massachusetts
Collect Pros snet me a collect notice saying I owed $332.50 for US Weekly Magazine that I did not oder. After further research, I found Ripoff Report, and read another report word for word and same dates as my notice, about another person with the same notice. I am not about to pay, am hirinng a lawer May 26 2015. I wonder what US WEEKLY Magazine thanks about this
Entity: woburn, Massachusetts
18, Report #262383
Jul 21 2007
09:05 PM
Kraftco - US Crafts beading scam promising $300-$700 weekly or your money back ripoff Gardnerville Nevada, Miami Florida
Beading scam predicated on the someone seeking self-employment income working from home. the beads are nearly microscopic none exceded 2 millimeters in size with an equally fine needle and thread. they want you to mail the Company $40 in return they send you a 1/2 oz bag of beads, about 2months after they have cashed your M.O. to make 20 necklaces in a week to get the $700. unbelievable! Occ san antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Gardnerville, Nevada
19, Report #1230966
May 22 2015
02:31 PM
Collect Pros I just received a collection notice from Collect Pros claiming I have a delinquent account with US Weekly and owe $249.10. I have never had a subscription with US Weekly Magazine Woburn Massachusetts
I received a collection notice from Collect Pros alleging I owe $249.10 for a delinquent subscription with US Weekly Magazine.  I have never subscribed to US Weekly Magazine. Because the return address outside the envelope was from Carson City, NV but where payment is to be sent is in Woburn, MA I immediately called customer service at US Weekly Magazine to see if they even use Collect Pros collection agency.  The customer service representative told me they had received numerous calls from customers complaining of the same thing and to not contact Collect Pros because their legal dept was handling it since what Collect Pros was attempting was totally illegal.  The rep also asked me to fax the statement I received to their legal dept at: 1-813-354-3383 which I will be doing. So for any other customers who receive collection notices from Collect Pros stating they owe money Instead, call the company they are claiming you owe and find out if they know about this fraudulent activity and let their legal dept handle it for you. 
Entity: Woburn, Massachusetts
20, Report #104866
Aug 22 2004
02:02 PM
Entertainment Weekly Deceptive renewal Nationwide
Hi, I just took a closer look at the renewal cover page to the Entertainment Weekly magazine. Shaded letters on the cover said This is not a bill. No reply necessary. That struck me as strange since every magazine I have ever subscribed to would have a similar cover sheet which would say that time was running out to renew the subscription. They automatically renew your subscription each year by billing your credit card. I find this a bit deceptive because other magazines which really care about the customer require that the person make a postive action to renew. EW requires that you make a positive action to NOT renew. I know... I know... read all the fine print... Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. Life has enough challenges as it is... to continually have to read everything to protect yourself from deceptive companies and individuals is just getting to be to much. It seems that they are always finding ways to sneak in a few extra dollars at the expense of the unaware or distracted. Luckily I noticed this. When I first saw the renewal cover I thought, Hmmm, no, I don't think that I will keep this subscription. Just let it lapse. It was a couple of days later that I noticed that it required me to call an #800 or go online to stop the automatic renewal. Some may say to get with the program. These are designed to actually make your life simpler by ensuring that you always get the quality magazine that you want. It protects you from having to worry about missing out on their great product because you forgot to renew. Uh-huh, right. I would suspect that if anything, they found that most people would renew but they forgot... so if they made it automatic they could take care of those subscriptions they would have lost and they can snare in those that are used to having to take an action if the didn't want to renew. After all... read the print. It just gets tiring to have to swim with the sharks in daily life. There are those looking to take advantage of you, and those waiting to come on here and attack reporters and make snide remarks about the reporter being stupid or some such nonsense. How anyone could defend companies that use their marketing skills and lawyers disclaimers to deceive people is beyond me. That isn't capitalism, it isn't family values and it isn't integrety. Life shouldn't be about having to limit youself for your own protection from those that try to take advantage. I have tried these conveniences before... I let Verizon have access to my credit card so I didn't have to worry about writing a check each month. They didn't enter my phone plan code correctly and they charged me peak minutes for EVERY single minute used... weekends and evenings. They charged me $499 for the first month! Plus, I was double billed and it came out to $998! This was for less than 100 peak minutes used on a 400 minute nationwide plan. They wanted to prorate my future bills! Needless to say, I stopped that and pay monthly by check. I guess the moral here is that if someone is trying to do something to make your life easier... run. Forget about the fine print. Life no longer means taking for granted those things that you have always known... it now means Cover your @$$ Darren Neenah, WisconsinU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #570832
Feb 17 2010
01:53 PM, Oc Weekly Discrimination, Internet
I placed an ad with after looking through their site and noticing several other websites like my own listed. The ad ran for ONE day. I will say the actual response was wonderful, but what happened was not. The next morning I got up to zero website hits, I waited an hour or so thinking maybe people were asleep, still nothing, so I then checked the links to my ads. When I did this it said they were NOT FOUND and to contact support. I immediately did so and received a response that it was against their terms of service to place the same ad in different categories. I cited that my ad was applicable Nationwide and was told it would be reviewed by the support manager. While waiting for an answer I compiled a list of all the different ads in the different states and cities comparable to mine. I listed the actual links for them and showed that MY site was exactly the same as the ones listed, only smaller. I then sent this to figuring it would automatically clear up the issue. Wrong. I received this answer in response:I heard back from the support manager.We aren't taking any new sites like this.  We may open this up in the future, but those ads will have to run in Phone & Websites. We have some traffic deals with some sites that will eventually expire (like the ads you outlined below).I have to leave the decision up to them as I am too nice sometimes.  You should see the money back on your card today.Good luck in promoting your website.Check back in a couple of months and I'll let you know if we're good to accept those again.Best,sales@backpage.comI feel that the site should have to state this OPENLY and BEFORE any payment is accepted. It is completely unfair of them to accept advertising from one site and NOT from another, especially when it is stated NO WHERE in their Terms of Service or on the site that they will not. I feel this is a clear cut case of discrimination.This has tied up my advertising $$ and my credit card company says it will be so for at least 10 days. There is NOTHING right with the entire situation and I feel the company is simply selectively choosing their advertisers under the guise of not accepting any further sites such as mine.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #165020
Nov 18 2005
01:41 AM
National Prize Weekly - Lvaap - U's Sweepstakes Advisors ripoffed twice for money Las Vegas Nevada
I am writing again to update people on the status of LVAAP/US Sweepstakes Advisors/National Prize Bulletin/ National Prize Weekly. Since the last report, we have recieved another book, outlining any sweepstakes we can enter. We have also recieved other bulletins wantig my husband and I to send them money for newsletters, and constantly ignore these. We would like to seek reimbursement from a class-action lawsuit if available to any people that have been scamed by their schemes. Even though most people realize that this is a scam, there are unsupecting people who fall prey to these type of scams. People need to be aware of this and need to start complainig of this so hopefully we can all seek reimbursement for this wrongdoing. Velvet & Geremia Portage, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
23, Report #36318
Nov 26 2002
09:34 AM
US Digest Home Employment Division home mailing ripoff promises you an make $293 to $529 weekly stuffing envelopes Centerville Maryland
I have received a mailing from these people after calling an 800 number... so before I my $45 to them to receive the The Complete Home Workers Guide which directs you to companies that you can work for to do their mailing at home. Rich Crofton, Maryland
Entity: Centerville, Massachusetts
24, Report #645810
Sep 29 2010
03:12 PM
Unlimited Sales, Inc. Sold us Country Weekly-but ended being cancelled as they no longer delivered Las Vegas, Nevada
A gal came to our door & sold us a subscription to Country Weekly 5/3/08-I have been trying to get a refund in the amount of $67.50 since January 2009 as it took that long for them to finally start sending the magazine.  Received a notice that the magazine was being cancelled in January as they will no longer deliver Country Weekly-it will be newstand only.  I have written them, I have called the number provided and I have been getting nothing but a run around.  Looked up Unlimited Sales on the internet and found a phone number in Las Vegas at 2450 Chandler, Suite 4 as listed on our receipt-tried calling them and found the phone number was disconnected.  I am still looking for a full refund.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
25, Report #1228669
May 12 2015
02:55 PM
Collect Pros I received a collection notice from this company on May 11,2015 stating that I had 30 days to pay $365.75 for US Weekly Magazine.
I have never heard of this magazine much less subscribed nor received it when I called I was told to dispute this at www.colle Collectoin Scam Woburn MaineI received a collection from Collect Pros for $365.75 for US Weekly Magazine.I was to pay this with in 30 days or dispute on line.I have never subscribed nor received this magazine.There is no web site to file a dispute either.
Entity: Woburn, Maine

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