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1, Report #1088609
Oct 01 2013
10:47 AM
Entity: Plano, Texas
2, Report #1075472
Aug 13 2013
12:37 PM
This company has sent repeated notices. I contacted the dealership to confirm I have already paid for extended  coverage for my car up to 100,000 miles.This was added on to the purchase price of my car.  I made sure to confirm that and then called this company. When  I spoke with them she assured me my name and address would be removed from their files. In their green notice received today they say I must respond by SSeptember 14,2013. At the close of this notice they say We reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for service coverage after 5 days. They refer to it as my factory warranty.  It also menaces their warning saying By neglecting to replace my coverage ----I will be at risk of being fininancially liable for any and all repairws after ---it expires. It is obviously a scare tactic and they are counting on me not to check out what it is they are trying to do. They are offering to extend my coverage until 2017 and/or an additional 100,000 miles and Platinum Powertrain. Then in tiny print at the bottom it tells me why I was 'selected' to receive this special, limited time offer from AutoAssure because of information in my consumer data. [Way to make me feel really special??] This could scare someone who didn't look carefully at this notice into taking action that would be a total waste of money. Especially older people who might realize it is not the coverage they already paid for. Does this mean my previous dealer sold information to them or is all that info available to the public??    
Entity: PLANO, Texas
3, Report #1098507
Nov 11 2013
01:19 PM
Vehicle Services Department continually harassed me with mail regarding vehicle warranty Plano Texas
From the moment I purchased my car (with the coverage this company offered) I have been receiving regular mail asking me to update my details. At first I just did not respond as I thought it was 'Junk Mail' and it would stop.  As the mail kept arriving and looked relatively formal, I then started to become worried that the additional cover that was already included in my purchase price of the car was somehow linked to this. The arrival of the green letter had me worried that maybe I had forgotten to do something and my warranty was infact in jeapordy.  Thanks to a quick google search and finding this website I am now feeling at ease and will happily place their letter in the trash. As an non American military person living in the US I feel that something should be done to stop these morons from doing this. Cheers
Entity: Plano, Texas
4, Report #1083901
Sep 12 2013
08:34 AM
Vehicle Services Department Plano Texas Vehicle Service Contract Plano Texas
I received the same letter from Vehicle Services Department out of Plano Texas; suggeting in a threatening manner that car repair services would be revoked. I would like to know how they get a hold of my name address and exact car make and model and year even though I do not own it any more  
Entity: Plano, Texas
5, Report #1319169
Jul 27 2016
08:36 AM
Vehicle Services Department AutoAssure sells extended vehicle warranty Plano Texas
Got this letter in the mail that wanted immediate response requested stating that their records indicated that you have not contacted them to have your vehicle service contract updated........ it also said that your factory warranty may have expired or is about to.... When I bought my vehicle, we also purchased extended bumper-to-bumper for 100,000 miles or 10 years.......  the letter went on to say By neglecting to obtain coverage, you will be at risk of being financially liable for any and all high cost repairs......... I called the 800-734-7203 and asked what this letter was about, she proceeded to tell me that I need to get the extended warrenty.  I told her I already did have it and she said No, you do not.  It got ugly from there.  I don't know if services rendered are actual services or coverage.  I think this is total bunk.  I'm afraid of older people who can't catch on like they use to, how this type of crap would hook them in and they lose money for servcies that are bogus ..... I'm just a concerned citizen who wonders about this company.
Entity: Plano, Texas
6, Report #1339827
Nov 25 2016
02:49 PM
Vehicle Services Department Annoying nucience Scam company! Plano Texas
Vehicle Services Department, is a annoying telemarketing firm attempting to sell extended automobile warranties. They call numeros times a day always with a different phone number that appears to be from my state.  Their is always a new individual trying to pronounce my name.  They never mention my vehicle by brand name or model. They have no information as to mileage or status of my vehicles.  And though I do not need their questionable warranty, they cpontinue to phone me and send mail.   They never remove me from the mailing or call list.  The letters are suggestive in a threatening way.  The company is a scam preying on uninformed.
Entity: Plano, Texas
7, Report #1343593
Dec 16 2016
07:44 AM
Vehicle Services department False Claims to Cancel My Vehicle Warranty Coverage Plano Texas
This company sends out Immediate Response Requested letter stating that my Vehicle Warranty is about to expire and if I do not renew with them in 5 days, I will be canceled.   I have contacted them via the phone number on this letter  some months ago to explain I had paid for/financed extended warranty insurance to up to 75k miles when I purches the vehicle and that as of today's date there are less than $30k on unit.   I requested and clerk agreed to ablige that they take me off their advertisement list.   However, he we are in December, two months later, and I get this notice again.   I own serveral cars and truck and motorcycles and travel trailer and boats and and and.  Each one has extended coverage of some sort.  It takes time out of my day to go pull that vehicle's file and look to see when the coverage is up.   What can be done to stop these people from contacting me?   Hope someone out there can resolve this for me and a thousand others who I know are dubt into siging up with them simply because they can not remember if this is the company the have a contract with.     I feel this company prays on the elderley like me who sometimes can not remember as well as we used to.   Thanks
Entity: Plano, Texas
8, Report #1328429
Sep 15 2016
07:20 PM
Vehicle Services Department Lettters about buying warranty for my vehicle sent every week. Plano Texas
Vehicle Services Department at 6400 Pinecrest Drive, Suite 400, Plano, TX 75024-2959.   Sends constant letters on pink paper urging me to buy extended warranty for my vehicle. The way the letter is written stresses urgency in contacting them to buy extended warranty coverage. They are constantly changing the names of their company, but the letter is always the same, urging you to contact them within 5 days or your rights will be revoked. They say this will be your only notice, but I receive the same letter consistantly on a monthly basis. This is obviously a grey-area kind of scam, tricking people into buying extended warranty coverage that most people will never need, and I seriously doubt they will even honor the warranty for people who do buy it.
Entity: Plano, Texas
9, Report #1381620
Jun 27 2017
11:14 AM
Vehicle Services Department (Auto Assure) Deceptive Marketing of Aftermarket Vehicle Service Plan Plano Texas
I have received numerous phone calls and one mailing from this company. Their 'records' are wild guesses and they have no concrete information. I started getting calls in 12/2016 after buying a car from a large national used car dealer. A few days after buying the car I had to bring it to an OEM dealer for an update to the entertainment system, they offered me an extended manufacturer warranty and given that the car only had 17,000 miles, I took them up on their offer. So the car is covered yet these people are first trying to sell me that it isn't and then sell me their program. 
Entity: Plano, Texas
10, Report #1156605
Jun 22 2014
08:16 AM
Vehicle Services Department Plano Texas Deceptive Mail Advertising Plano Texas
This company has a very serious, official looking mailing on green colored paper with a US/state seal like emblem at the top of the mailing next to their address which says IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED and MUST RESPOND BY.... to try and appear as though it's some kind of goverment mailing. This is deplorable. My elderly mother was very concerned by this mailing.
Entity: Plano, Texas
11, Report #1136078
Apr 03 2014
03:21 PM
Vehicle Services Department Repeat Notices Sent Plano Texas
I received several notices from this company telling me I needed to update my coverage for a new car I purchased. I threw them away, thinking it was a scam. Even after the final notice I kept receiving notices.  After about the 6th notice I decided to call the number to see what this was all about. I let the man talk for a bit about his coverage, but once he mentioned the price (ridiculous!) I said there's no way this can be real. When I told him that I didn't want the coverage or the notices, he threw a temper tantrum and hung up on me.  This operation is definitely a scam! Hopefully I stop receiving the notices!
Entity: Plano, Texas
12, Report #1113237
Jan 06 2014
10:07 AM
Vehicle Services Department RIP OFF Plano Texas
 I  received a letter from this company stating my warranty on my car had expired and they were offering me coverage to be exteneded on my vehicle. Letter stated after December 30, 2013 I could not get coverage. I called January 6, 2014 and they offered me coveraged for $4,000 over a 5 year period. When I said I could not afford it... they dropped the price and tried all they could to get me to confirm payment authorization. They said they would cover full labor cost, towing, road side assistance, rental car, etc.. and only an additional $100 deductible when I took the car for repairs. I spoke to Garrett and Michael. If that was their real names. Sound like the same person. THIS IS A SCAM. Check on your warranty before taking outside notices like this. When your warranty expires go to the dealership and see what they offer.
Entity: Plano, Texas
13, Report #1363511
May 17 2017
12:52 PM
vehicle services department loss of factory warranty on car plano Texas
i would love my name to be removed by vehicle services department for sending this false notice about my car...they are scammersanyone who receives this should report or just tossin garbage...i hope you google and find out they are deceptive
Entity: plano, Texas
14, Report #1367770
Apr 14 2017
02:56 PM
Recieved letter stating vehicle service contract was about to expire, code : A806-156785A dated 03-22-2017. I have no service aggrements on the vehicles I own.   thinking someone has fraudlently used me for their contract.  hope not. 
Entity: PLANO, Texas
15, Report #1370437
Apr 29 2017
09:06 PM
16, Report #1342810
Dec 12 2016
04:52 PM
Entity: Plano, Texas
17, Report #1355098
Feb 09 2017
12:47 PM
Vehicle Services Department Immediate Response to this Notice Plano Texas
I got a pink paper thats says Immediate Response to this Notice Requested. It also says, Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehilce service contract updated. I never contacted this office and did a search and it came up as a fraud company.
Entity: Plano, Texas
18, Report #1086634
Sep 23 2013
10:27 AM
Vehicle Services Department Vehicle Services Department keeps sending garbage to try to sell me an extended warranty on a car I BRAIN DEAD MORONS Plano Texas
 Vehicle Services Department keeps sending garbage to try to sell me an extended warranty on a car I do NOT own. They have even been so stupid as to call me about the extended warranty. When I ask about which car, they act as if I am lying to them. They then run through the stupid spiel about the car they claim I own. Telling them that I do not own the vehicle they claim I do only results in abuse at the hands of the caller.  Vehicle Services Department, as a whole, is too brain dead to get it through to their minute brain that only total idiots will do business with them. Give it up already and close your doors.
Entity: Plano, Texas
19, Report #1174385
Sep 04 2014
09:47 AM
vehicle service department 6400pinecrest drive suite 400 plano tx 75024 I've never been in Plano,Texas,and purchased a 2008 Ford mustang plano Texas
 continously sending letters to my virginia address to so call 2008 ford mustang in which I dont have.
Entity: plano, Texas
20, Report #1371016
May 03 2017
06:44 AM
Vehicle Services Department I received a pink notice with IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED at the top asking for money to have my vehicle service contract updated. Plano Texas
I received a pink slip sent 4/21/17 asking to CALL this department and pay them to cover the factory warranty for my vehicle even though I have already paid for this. At the bottom the notice says We reserve the right to revoke your elgibility for service coversage after 5 days in bold, and in fine print it says You may have been selected to receive this sepcial limited time offer from Endurance Warranty Services because of information in your consumer auto data file. I have no idea how they received my information and I am weary about calling them because I do not want them to have my phone number. Also, slip says to respond by 5/5/17; right now it is 5/3/17 and I just received this in the mail yesterday so this does not leave me very much time. The really weird thing is, when I moved to TN I registered my vehicle and they messed up the name on this registration, using my middle name as my first name. This notice also has my middle name instead of my first name, so I wonder if they received this information from the state's clerk's office where I originally registered my vehicle?
Entity: Plano, Texas
21, Report #1356985
Feb 19 2017
10:39 AM
Vehicle Services Department I received a fishing letter on bright pink paper warning me to update my (nonexistent) vehicle service contract. Plano Texas
I received a stern warning letter, printed on bright pink paper, telling me I must act immediately to update my vehicle service contract (I don't have one).  There was a deadline about two weeks away, and more warning language, to wit: By neglecting to replace your coverage you will be at risk of being financially liable for any and all repairs after your factory warranty expires.  However, you will still have time to activate your service contract on your vehicle before it's too late.  No vehicle inspection will be required.  It's easy to see how an older person, persons who are undereducated, who may be English learners -- could be intimidated or confused by such a letter.  I did read one such case in the Ripoff files where someone was taken in and did pay them some money.  My personal vehicle is a 25-year-old Jeep with 174,000 miles on it, which hasn't seen any warranty in a long time, so it was a no-brainer for me.  I hope others will be cautious when getting letters like this, and I'm also going to share this on social media.  Thanks for sharing Ripoffs with others.
Entity: Plano, Texas
22, Report #1358694
Feb 27 2017
03:09 PM
Vehicle Services Department Claiming to extend my warranty on my 2003 vehicle...I smell a scam Plano Texas
I too recieved a pink letter claiming to extend the warranty of my 2003 vehicle from Vehicle Services Department. The letter insinuates that it is time sensitive and I must act immediately. It only gives about a week to respond. Seemed very suspicious to me since it does not include the make and model of my car, or any other details. They also claim they have tried to reach me several times. On top of that it is a second had car for me. I'm 65, and seem to be a target for many different scams...However, they haven't reached a person this time that would be so niave, or uneducated about such scams. I just feel it important to report any such scams to educate those that are more easily swayed and taken advantage of. 
Entity: Plano, Texas
23, Report #1421658
Jan 07 2018
12:48 PM
Vehicle Services Department Sending a statement of repairs done to a vehicle I don't own Plano Texas
Receiving statements of repairs done to a vehicle that I don't own. Apparently I need to get coverage before my vehicles warranty runs out!
Entity: Plano, Texas
24, Report #1407756
Oct 21 2017
07:19 PM
AutoAssure, LLC Vehicle Services Department Vehicle Service Contract Offer Plano Texas
I received the bright pink letter telling me to repond immediately to obtain extended coverage for my vehicle.  My car is 20 years old and the warranty expired 17 years ago.  Everyone had a good laugh.  I hadn't received one of these extended warranty letters in years.  I don't know if they are careless about who they contact or if they have decided to contact owners of older cars.  Either way I am not going to call their 1-800-795-8169 number.  They already have my address.  I don't want them to have my telephone number too. 
Entity: Plano, Texas
25, Report #1118386
Jan 25 2014
10:33 AM
Auto Assurance Vehicle Services Department Deceptive Mailer and Lied to on Phone Plano Texas
 I was sent a flier which stated I needed to take immediate action related to my car warranty.  I just bought a car with warranty so the flier was timely and seemed related to the purchase.  The flier said I hadn't had the contract updated and gave me a deadline.  I called and found out it was a scam.First I was told they never heard of someone having a warranty like mine (because it was for 200,000 miles thus they had nothing to sell) and then I was told they get info about warranties from the motor vehicle administration because they are public records and they contact people.  I told them the MVA doesn't have or give out information about car warranties and after the rep arguing they did, she admitted they just contact people in case they didn't and send the same notice to people if they have or haven't and get you to call and then they figure it out.  She admitted this after I challenged her.  I also spoke iwth a man and he told me that almost all Hyundais only come with a 50,000 mile warranty (not accurate) and the powertrain is not covered for that whole period (alos not true).  I asked to be removed form their list last month and I was not.  I was sent  another letter.  This time I called and they had my code in the system, said I already called and wouldn't address why I am still receiving mail and hung up on me.  I would like to be assured I am removed from their list now and forever (even when I buy another car) and to get an apology for being hung up on and not having my request to be removed taken care of.
Entity: Plano , Texas

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