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26, Report #1414189
Nov 29 2017
05:08 PM
Auto Assure LLC Vehicle services department Scam Plano Texas
Do not be fooled by this company. They sent me numerous letters in the mail on bright pink paper as if it was urgent. The letter states that their records indicate that I have not contacted them to have my vehicle service contract uploaded. I do not have a vehicle service contract with them to upload in the first place. They tried to convince me to write a letter to the Chevrolet dealership requesting to cancel the extended converge that I purchased through them when I purchased the car and claimed that the dealership would reimburse me. They told me that instead I should get coverage through them. #1 Chevrolet does not reimburse you for whatever extended coverage that you purchased when you bought your vehicle. In addition, I knew it was a scam once the salesperson told me that his records indicate that my vehicle year was a 2012 when it’s actually a 2016. The salesperson became very irate when I told him I wasn’t interested. The coverage they tried to sell me cake with a $395 down payment and $171 for 18 months. That’s over 3,000 that they tried to scam me out of. When I checked online I discovered it was a scam company just lik I thought!
Entity: Plano, Texas
27, Report #1166264
Jul 30 2014
07:28 PM
Vehicle Service Department This is a fraud group Plano Texas
  This group is fraud/ scam and for a “not informed consumer “the letter looks real, therefore, spend money on a service that they would never receive.  This is not the 1st time that I have received a letter from this group. The 1st clue that there is a problem, they have no Web site or email contact.       
Entity: Plano, Texas
28, Report #1151709
Jun 03 2014
07:06 AM
Vehicle Services Department, Plano TX Pushing for extra insurance with manipulative tactics Plano Texas
This company is trying to convince individuals, even when they already have significant service coverage for their car as I do, to buy additional coverage through them with very deceitful tactics. The letter they send out uses a tone that makes one wonder if he/she forgot to do something about their car and it is conducive to call them. (No other notice will be sent his will be our only attempt to contact you about you factory warranty, which may have expired or will be expiring). Meanwhile no description of the terms of their coverage and its cost is included in the letter. I first checked the Internet and was glad to find a report in this site. When I called them asking to stop sending phony, unnecessary letters, they tried to convince me that I did need them for all the cost not covered by my service and that I would not be able to afford if something happens. This without having a clue of my financial situation. They state that their family and old parents with limited income are thankful to have this coverage as a manipulative tactic of persuasion. When I insisted that their approach was a scam all they could reply is: Your life sucks and this is why you are mad about this”, a poor and not very convincing statement that they are a reputable business.  
Entity: Plano, Texas
29, Report #1133282
Mar 24 2014
04:13 PM
Al's Plumbing Excessive Charges, total ripoff Plano Texas
I've called this company for an emergency gas Leak in one of my properties. I have to admit that technician was very knowledgeable and willing to work with the issue but after looking at the charges they performed for 1.40 hours of their time I almost had a heart attack, $1,100.00 to find a leak detection. The work consisted in pressuring the gas through the pipe line to check for leaks, 10 minutes: Charge: $440. After this they go through all pipe fittings with a spay bottle filled with soap water to check for potential leaks: $660. Keep in mind that all Repairs are not included and they wanted to charge me an extra $900 to do repairs. The reason why I accepted this was because weather was very cold and didn't want to put my tenant in a Hotel for another 2 days but, If I would've done this the savings would've been $1000 because I ended up hiring another company to perform the repairs.After all this caos I called Al's Plumbing to try to make an arrangement for reduction of payment since their rate is not AT ALL COMPETITIVE with the market . I spoke to the manager and he'd apologize for my frustration and transferred me to the boss's voice mail and as of today I never received any call back from anyone - Of Course- . My advise: DO NOT CALL AL'S PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING THEY ARE A “TOTAL R I P O F F” They are not different from any other company out there that will provide the exact same service for a fraction of the cost.  FYI: For those who ask, I ended up calling (((REDACTED))) .com very Honest, fair and excellent services.
Entity: Plano, Texas
30, Report #1369624
Apr 25 2017
03:57 PM
Vehicle Services Department they sent me a letter saying that their records show that i did not contact them about having my vehicle service contract updated. Plano Texas
I had gotten a letter from Vehicle Services department saying that I have not contacted them about updating my contract with them and that I am receiving this letter notice because my factory warranty has expired or is about to expire based on the mileage and age of my vehicle. I did not buy my car from a car dealership I bought it straight out from somebody personally selling it. I would like to stop receiving letters and phone calls from this company.
Entity: Plano, Texas
31, Report #1306600
May 19 2016
03:19 PM
      On May 6, 2016, I received a Pink letter urging an Immediate Response for my vehicle service.  The letter goes on to indicate that I was ''selected'' ti receive a Special One-Time Offer that informed me that I needed to have my ''Vehicle Service Contract'' updated. It informed me that my warranty was about to expire.        ''Due to the nature of luxury vehicles, by neglecting to obtain coverage you will be at risk of being financially liable for any and all high cost repairs...''         I decided to call them and I asked a number of questions before being bounced around. The questions I asked were related to if this was a warranty or a service contract. I got put on hold.         I asked what the exclusions were, I got put on hold, before being told there were ''practically no'' exclusions.  When I pressed them, I was put on hold and then disconnected.        At one point, they were told me that they would be ''willing to cut a deal'' on the amount of money they wanted right then.  They pressed me for my credit card repeatedly.        The letter lets me know that ''No other notices will be sent.         Very clearly a rip-off!    
Entity: Plano, Texas
32, Report #1328283
Sep 15 2016
07:55 AM
Vehicle service department Repeated phone calls and mailings Plano Texas
 We receive letter threatening that if we do not call our auto warranty will expire. They say we own a 2013 Corvette, we are a Ford family and have never owned a Chevy Corvette, When they call they tell us they will remove us from their mailings and phone calls then they try to get us to register our current vehicle with them, our vehicles all have extended warranties And we tell them no thank you but they keep insisting when we finally get rude and I have even told them to go to He!! They still call!!!
Entity: Plano, Texas
33, Report #1108017
Dec 18 2013
01:08 PM
Vehicle Services Department SCAM - Company keeps sending me letters about a warranty for a car I do not own. I have called them lots of times to tell them I dont own the car and stop sending me letters. Plano Texas
I  have received 3 letters from this company about a vehicle we do not own.  I have asked them all 3 times for who are they getting their info from in order to generate these letter, they NEVER provide any information to me. I have told them the last 3 times do not send me any more letters since I do not own the car. Concerned that someone may have obtained a car loan in our name is the reason for repeated calls to them when letters are received.  Today I called again and the rep was aguementative towards me when I did not provide him date of birth and my social security number.  At that point I knew it was a scam and hung up. He called me back (his number is 469-366-3913) and was more of a jerk than before with the attempted scare tactic's.  I informed him the Attorney General would be notified of the complaint - he then hung up on me.
Entity: Plano, Texas
34, Report #1177136
Sep 16 2014
10:15 AM
Vehicle Services Department Address: 6400 Pinecrest Drive Suite 400Plano TX 75024-2959 Rude, uncooperative, Casey didn't have any customer service skills what-so-ever Plani Texas
 Last week I spoke to a guy named Corey that insisted that I buy a factory warranty for my vehicle because mine was expired, it is not expired. I was hesitant and Corey switched me to his supervisor and she was pleasant but wouldn't let me say no or talk for that matter. Today I called to cancel my services with this company and Casey the female that I spoke with was beyond rude and had zero customer service skills, she shouldn't even be answering a phone with her nasty tone of voice. Casey transferred me to her supervisor who was also a real piece of work and needs some serious customer service skills. I was then tranferred to a man that never identified himself and was just as rude as the two females I spoke with. I was not given a confirmation to cancel my account but I was given a confirmation that the company can use my email to send me documents to cancel my account. I was told by Corey that the cancellation process was hassel free. these jokers have some serious issues and this company is a joke. I was still not emailed with the form to fill out in order to get my money back, I will be calling my lawyer.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1390841
Aug 06 2017
08:54 PM
Automotive Services Department Plano Texas
 I got charged a ridiculous high price for an auto repair warranty that is a scam. Hopefully no one else does.
Entity: Plano, Texas
36, Report #12867
Jan 30 2002
12:00 AM
Sunrise Pools Plano Texas Unfinished Job Bad Workmanship
We chose Sunrise Pools as first time pool owners and they were slow to perform, did minimal at best, and still have not provided us with an item that was listed as part of our contract. In my opinion, when it comes to fiberoptics they either mislead you on their ability and what the end result will be, or they don't know squat about what they are doing. We asked them weekly for appx one year to come out and check the fiberoptics because they weren't working properly and after many promises of coming out to check they never came out. We spent thousands of dollars alone on the fiberoptics. I believe the are not following the manufacturers guidelines and poor finish out. They are as polite as they can be, but they make excuse after excuse on why they don't come or why it's taking so long to get the job done. It took them almost 4 months to get to the point where they just stopped coming this is with constant phone calls. After additional months of consistant weekly calling asking about unfinished work, we gave up and reported them to the BBB which went no where. They didn't even go over the routine maintenance or equipment details with us and we had to fight with them to get a portion of the deck redone due to it not draining properly.
Entity: Plano, Texas
37, Report #1401137
Sep 19 2017
04:51 PM
AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES DEPARTMENT This company sent me a document through the mail indicating that, I owe them a debt towards repairs on a vehicle I have never owned. Plano Texas
 I, Yvonne Alvarado, have received a document in the mail sent in my name and residual address only to find out that the company who sent me this letter was trying to receive payment on a debt for repairs of a vehicle that is not in my possession; nor has this vehicle ever been in my possession. I would like at this time to report this company as a scandal, someone who is trying to steal your information and take your money. If you do receive this document in the mail report them immediately.
Entity: Plano, Texas
38, Report #1331809
Oct 05 2016
04:31 PM
Vehicle Services Department Continued Harassment by mail Plano Texas
     Who are these people?  I have recieved phone calls and more junk mail than I can count.  Always the same header in tiltle; IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE REQUESTED .  Always about the same item, Your factory warranty will or may have expired .      I have never had a extended warranty for my vehicle from the time of the new car purchase.  Yet I'm bombarded by this never ending trail of Open Immediately mail.  Asked the dealership at the time of purchase when asked about extended warranty, Do you believe in your product or not?     In  case anyone wonders, the last mail arrived on pink stationary. Of course the only contact number on the pink paper is a phone # , 1866-491-9998.  It does list the administrator/Obligor of Vehicle service contract as:      Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc.      6120 Ferry Rd., NW, Suite 200      Atlanta, GA 30339and      Endurance Dealer Services      400 Skokie Blvd, Suite 105       Northbrook, IL 60062    Anybody over heard of these folks either.
Entity: Plano, Texas
39, Report #10482
Jan 03 2002
12:00 AM
Plano Concrete ripped me off!
On 9/17/01 we contracted an employee of Plano Concrete named Courtney (male) to build a short length of fence for us on the side of our house in order to accomodate our dog whose only other backyard area is a tiny covered courtyard in the back of the house. The amount of $224 was given as a deposit the day the job was done (9/17/01), but he was expecting full payment. Day laborers were used and Courtney was upset that he was not able to pay them. So we rushed a check with the remaining amount of $551 the next day. The check was cashed immidiately. Fence posts were set in concrete and a string guide line was set down to determine the position of the rest of the fence slats, and the fence post slats themselves were deposited in our driveway. We were told that the concrete would have to set for a couple of days, and that he would be back to finish the job at that time. We waited a week. Nothing. We called to see what the problem was. Courtney was nowhere to be found. He was not at work and the business owners (who turned out to be his parents) had no idea where he was. We learned later that he had been in jail. So ok. We can forgive that. Everyone makes mistakes. He said he would come finish the job within the week.....he never shows up. Dallas experienced a bout of bad weather immidiataely after that time. Managed to get a hold of him again (he never EVER called us, we always had to call him) and he said that when the weather cleared up, he would finish the job. Never showed up even after several days of warm sunny weather. After several weeks of more run arounds and postponements with no delivery, we started to threaten legal action. Contacted a District Attorney, but decided that the expense of using such services would not be worth the initial price of the job. Started calling the number he gave us as a contact (Plano concrete's number) several times a day in order to reach Courtney. He is never there. Apparantly his own parents don't know where he lives, he doesn't have a phone and doesn't work anywhere. So he is a vagrant??? (although his official address and phone number is listed as the business address of Plano Concrete) This is how it has continued until the present day. His brother Wayne (who also works for Plano Concrete) says he is afraid to come and finish the job because he is afraid of what will happen when he comes face to face with us. We have no desire to cause ill to this man. We only want our fence finished so that our dog can have a backyard to run around in. A doggie door has already been installed, and he can't use it. His parents say that he doesn't work for them, but he gave us their number as a business contact, so I would assume that he worked for them at the time he agreed to do the job. This has been a continual thorn in our side for almost 4 months now. He had plenty of opportunity to finish the fence, with my husband always reachable through his cell phone. There is just no excuse for this.
Entity: Plano, Texas
40, Report #1380427
Jun 21 2017
04:14 PM
Vehicle Service department Frequent repeated calls, re renewing our auto warranty. Will not stop calling, now mailing as well. Plano Texas
I wanted to do this report because we have been harrassed for over a year and a half.  We have asked repeatedly to be taken off the calling list and still calls come in. Now they are also mailing us.  The mailer had a fake bill, totaling$12,914.75 for Example of actual repair costs.  I'm sick and tired of hearing from this company and wish there were some way to stop them.  Thank you.
Entity: Plano, Texas
41, Report #1408463
Oct 25 2017
08:37 AM
Automotive Services Department Automotive Services are charging me for reparirs or damanges on a vehicle that do not own. This notice is stating that i could owe up to $12,914.75! Which is outragous because i have never purchased or owned a vehicle. Im afraid it is a scam or could ruin my credit. plano Texas
 Our records indicate you have received multiple notices and have not contacted us to update your auto file. Please call 1-877-413-6377 today. You are receiving this notice because your factory warranty will expire or ma have already expired based on the mileage and age of your vehicle. If you have updated your coverage, please call and verify. By neglecting to replace your coverage, you will be at risk of being financially liable for any and all repairs after your factory warranty expires. However, you still have time left to activate your service contract on your vehicle for it's too late. No vehicle inspection will be required. No other notices will be sent for this offer. This will be our only attempt to contact you about your expiring factory warranty.
Entity: plano, Texas
42, Report #1369937
Apr 27 2017
08:50 AM
Automotive Services Department Immediate Response to this notice requested Plano Texas
This scammer sent a bright pink notice -Immediate Response to this Notice Requested. Attention - Our records indicate that you have not contacted us to have your vehicle service contract updated. Due to the nature of this program, your ability to receive the highest level of coverage is very time sensitive. To obtain extended coverage for your vehicle, you should act immediately. By neglecting to replace your coverage you will be at risk of being financially liable for any and all repairs after your factory warranty expires....  It looks very official.  In very small print at the bottom right, is written: You may have been selected to receive this special limited time offer from Endurance, LLC because of the make and model of your vehicle.... This is a SCAM!   My car is 14 years old! I feel sorry for anyone who receives this in the mail and cannot check it out and then falls for this. This has to reported to the authorities.  Please - do a Google check before you sign anything. Check and double check. Caveat emptor. 
Entity: Plano, Texas
43, Report #1395290
Aug 24 2017
01:53 PM
Automotive Services Department Endurance Warranty Services This company has sent me multiple letters and has even called my house. I have another letter from the same company letting me know my Audi needs service, (I don't own an Audi). The mail they are sending me has my maiden name on it, (which has been changed several years ago). Plano, TX (and) Atlanta, GA (and) Northbrook, IL TX, GA, IL
 I have received several letters and even phone calls from this company. The letters are informing me that the factory warranty on my vehicle is going to expire, that I have to contact them to update my coverage. I also receive letters from this company saying I own an Audi (which I do not) that needs service and updated coverage. The house calls are always about this Audi. Some of the mail they send me has my maiden name on it. I have not gone by my maiden name in several years, so that to me is a red flag of junk mail. However, its not just once in a blue moon...its constant mail. I feel harassed by this company and worried about what information they really have on me.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1302190
Apr 27 2016
01:02 PM
Vehicle Services Department Vehicle Services Department Pushy Rip off people preying on others Nationwide
This is a company that preys off the worry of your vehicle breaking down and tried to bully you into buying the coveragee they offer. it is nothing more than a telemarketing scam to get you to pay for coverage you do not need. The guy I just got off the phone with was rude and told me I had to make a decision right then and there or I would never have the opportunity again and how would I feel if I broke down with my kids in the car. They are shady business people and I would not use them. Very pushy, very rude and when I asked how they got my information he would not verify anything. I believe my name was just sold to marketing is all. TWO THUMBS DOWN
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #812328
Dec 21 2011
11:09 AM
Venture Pools Plano TX Caveat Emptor Plano, Texas
I'm a first time pool owner. In an endless sea of used car salespeople...I mean pool sales people, I decided to use this company. I even referred a dear friend and they built a pool with this company. What a mistake I made. Talk about buyers remorse. Venture makes extremely poor decisions when picking suppliers. In 3 years, I've gone through 4 Hayward pumps. The 4th blew right after they went out of warranty.  The grout between the pool and patio is coming up. And the straw that broker the camels back....Oklahoma flag stone is chipping off in huge layers. In 3 to 4 years, there may not be any flag stone left. They will come out and stare at your problems, but in the end....nothing will be done. Let the buyer beware. I would not recommend Venture Custom Pools to anyone.
Entity: Plano, Texas
46, Report #1247249
Aug 08 2015
10:57 AM
credit answers Plano TX Plano Texas
  after paying credit answers $15,000 they wanted more money. They never contacted my creditors. Spoke to credit answers executive Rick Burton he also asked for more money without contacting my creditors.
Entity: Plano, Texas
47, Report #112073
Oct 29 2004
11:11 PM
Leisure plus Takes money from your checking account without permission Plano Texas
In July I purchased a supplement from Berkeley Nutraceuticals. In order to get the discount price, it was necessary to sign up for an offer with Leisureplus. I was assured I could cancel with Leisureplus at any time at no cost to me. On August 6th I received my first communication by mail from Leisureplus. I promptly called, that same day, and cancelled my membership. On September 1st, I noticed that $8.95 had been deducted from my checking account by Leisureplus. Unfortunately, the name they use when selling packages is not the same as the one they use to bill you, so I didn't recognize the deduction and just assumed my husband had purchased something. Leisureplus deducted another $8.95 from my account on September 29th, and I finally realized who they were at that point. I called Berkeley Nutraceuticals to explain the problem. I found that they couldn't have cared less. They gave me the Leisureplus phone number and told me it was strictly my problem to deal with. I called Leisureplus today, explained the situation, and demanded my money back. They claim that my call to cancel membership appears in their records, but that somehow the automated cancellation process was never completed. They say that they will now refund any money they have deducted in a prompt manner. But seeing that they are already listed on this site, I am wondering if they really will. I will keep everyone posted as to the outcome of this. Danese Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
48, Report #19828
Apr 29 2002
03:20 PM
First National Credit ALISO VIEJO California
The company sent me a pre-approved letter for a credit card with $15000.00 credit limit and 0% APR for one year. They asked for a processing fee of $43.00 for rush delivery. I have sent them a check for $ 43.00 on 02/05/2002 which they cashed on 02/08/2002 but I haven't heard from the company/bank to this date. I would at least like to get my money back. Rahil Plano, Texas
Entity: AV, California
49, Report #21058
May 17 2002
05:27 PM
Online Detective ripped off and scammed on the Internet
This site implies that you can search for people, addresses, public records, drivers records, and social security numbers. It indicates that anything you need to know that you can find with their site. What this site does is lead you to other sites that you can find yourself and the next site charges for info too. I did not find out anything that I didn't already know.The only detective work they do is to find money for themselves. Lana Plano, Texas
Entity: Internet
50, Report #12394
Jan 24 2002
12:00 AM
Bernard Haldane $6000 Rip-Off
I wish I had read the Rip-Off Report before I spent $6000 at Bernard Haldane Associates (BH). When I read the reports by all those client of BH, I could have written almost any of them myself. I feel like an idiot. Have you seen news reports where someone has taken advantage of elderly people and disappeared in the night with there life savings? That's how I feel. Studid and foolish. After I had been laid off twice in a row, I felt I needed help to get to a good strong company. I meet with BH in Dallas and fell for the mumbo gumbo sales pitch. I too was told I had been under paid and could get a better job with there help in 2 to 3 months. They had to review my resume at a staff meeting and see if they could help me. I received a call the next day stating they would accept me as a client. (What was I thinking?) I was told my resume needed work and they helped me with that. They also said my new resume would be posted on several web sites. That may be true, but I haven't been able to find it amoung the other 50,000 resumes in my catagory. (I was given a discount and was charge ONLY $6,000 by BH because I had used another agency 4 years prior.) That was 13 months ago. I have not had one company contact me due to the efforts or assistance of BH. Scam/rip-off? You bet it is! MB Texas Click here to all the others who have been victimized by Bernard Haldane Associates
Entity: Dallas, Texas

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